Drugged Encounters Ch. 01

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Ch. 01: Stacey’s First Exposure.

Paul had been part of the initial development team of Viagra and had contributed to some of the key factors of its creation. As a bio-chemical science graduate he joint the large pharmaceutical company at the age of 24. Now 10 years later he is running his own lab, specialized in the search of sexual enhancement drugs. His lab, which is based in the local hospital of Huntingdon Beach LA, is funded by the royalties he receives due to the great success of Viagra.

Where as Viagra fixes the problem for men that become impotent, Paul now has successfully created a drug for men who are smaller endowed, which will increase the size of their penis. After the passing of animal tests the drug has moved to the next level of human tests. So far the drug boosted the penis size 25 to 30 % in 80% of the cases tested, 10% of the cases had an increase of less than 25% and the remaining of the cases had increases over 30%. With one case even setting a record of 55%.

Paul has been working non stop by him self on the project for over 4 years and besides the penis enlargement drug he has got two other creations in work. A breast enlarger for woman and a drug to increase sexual arousing for men and women. This last one has his particular interest or perhaps more of a personal one. He had been the first human to test the penis enlargement drug. Not because he had a tiny one, but he had thought that when hung larger then average he would have better sex. But he could not have been further from truth. His penis had grown almost 50% and measured now a size of close to 12″ long and 2″ thick. He was surprised to find that the woman he dated since run a mile when they are confronted with his huge erected tool.

He had started to develop the arousing drugs in case some one would be less sexual aroused then his or her partner, so they could take the drug for a boost and both get fulfillment. But now, due to his personal lack of sexual gratification, his main goal has changed. He wants to have the drug so he can get a woman in such an arousing state, that she won’t be able to resist pleasuring his oversized cock. The initial animal tests looked very promising. The dosage still needed to be perfected, but no side effects had been detected. In Paul’s mind, it was time to start with human tests, but getting that approved would be at least another year. Or perhaps some how he could start now?


Stacey was just finishing her medicines round on her ward. She had always liked working as a nurse at the small local hospital since she had started 4 years ago. Nothing much is happening after 9pm on her ward. Visiting hours are finished, and after all patients have gotten their medicine, they would go to sleep. The rest of the night is nice and quite and she only has to do her regular check up rounds and monitoring of the patients. That is why the late shift is her favorite.

The shifts are on rotation from day shift to late shift and then to night shift and followed a pattern of 4 days work and 4 off. Each shift consisting of 10 working hours, a half-hour lunch break and two coffee breaks of 15 minutes. The day shift is from 8am till 7pm, late shift from 1pm till midnight and night shift from 11pm till 10am. That way during breakfast in the morning and the meal service in the afternoon there is always a double shift to cover for the extra workload.

It was 9.30pm and time for her last coffee break. Like usual Stacey went to have her break in the small rest area located on the 4th floor. The only thing located on this second but last floor is a variety of labs. Not many of them are occupied during the evening, which makes it a nice quite place for Stacey to have a tea, read her book and relax. Just as she finished her tea and was about to go back to work, a handsome man walked into the room. While he was getting his drink from the vending machine, Stacey could not help her self looking him over once or twice.

She had seen him a couple of times before, which made her believe that he was working in one of the labs. Mid thirties she reckoned, just over 6′ with a nice toned athletic build. The 3-day stubble made him look a bit rough and his short canlı bahis dark curly hair made him look rather sexy at the same time. When he turned around with a fresh cup of coffee in his hands, he looked straight at her. Suddenly Stacey became aware that he must have noticed her staring at him and her shyness caused her face to heat up.

Just as she was about to apologize for her rudeness and leave, he asked her, “Can I buy you a drink?”

Her tea break had already finished 5 minutes ago, but at the same time she felt attracted to him.

“Sure you can,” she responded, curious to find out who this nice looking stranger was. “I will have another tea.”


Paul could not believe his luck. This healthy looking young girl just accepted a drink from him. He kind of knew her, well just from often seeing her up here sitting by herself. Mid twenties and what a hell of a body was hiding behind that nurse uniform. Her long blond hair always nicely pinned up, which gave that cute blue eyed face a bit of a mature look. He had planned to go to the cafeteria downstairs to find himself a test candidate, till he spotted a glimpse of her as he passed by the door opening of the small coffee room.

“This was even better then I wished for,” he thought to himself, walking nonchalantly to the vending machine.

Trying not to blow his luck he pretended he had not even noticed her and got himself a coffee. He turned around and caught her looking at his torso. He noticed how her cheeks became flushed with a pinkish red. He could tell she was about to walk out on him and was quick to offer her a drink. She accepted his offer, which was exactly what he had hoped for. A quarter in the machine and with a press on the button it spit out a cup and with some hissing noise filled it up with tea. In the same time he took the small bottle from his left pocket and emptied its contents into the cup.

The past week he had been trying to figure out what the right doses would be to have effect on humans. He knew he had to be careful and take it a step at a time, slowly increasing the doses on a test candidate. This is why he had only mixed up 5mg of the drug in some translucent tasteless fluid. This was the doses it had taken for a chimp to get aroused enough to start mating instantly. Humans have different sexual boundaries and are taught far more descent behaviors then chimps. Paul was sure that 5mg was not going to cause little to any effect on this young girl, as long as he could get her interested in meeting up again.

After handing her the potent tea he sat down next to her and with a pleasant smile introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Paul. I work in one of the labs here.”

Still looking a bit shy she replied, “Thanks for the tea, you can call me Stacey.”

Paul started to make small talk about the kind of work he did. She seemed to be interested and after she had taken the first sip of her tea he felt a relief. After taking a few more sips from her cup, Stacey told him that she worked as a nurse on the floor below.

“I always come up here for my break,” she explained. “It is much quieter then the cafeteria, which allows me to enjoy my book”

Paul laughed and said, “I am all day by himself in the lab, so to get away from the silence I usually go down to the cafeteria.”

She smiled back at which point his eyes fell on the top of her uniform. He noticed how her nipples had started to get erect and were contrasted against her uniform. Suddenly she quickly finished her tea and put the cup down. She thanked him for the tea and got up. Telling him that her tea break had been over 20 minutes ago, she walked towards the door.

“Tomorrow I will be here 30 minutes earlier then. So we can meet again,” Paul said and watched her nice firm ass walk out of the door.


What was she thinking off, she was happily married to John, yet here she was accepting to have a drink with a very good looking guy. Sure it was only tea, but she could not deny herself the feeling of attraction towards him. At least he was not trying to come on to her like most of the men she meets. Luckily he started to talk about his work and soon in her mind she was thinking that no bahis siteleri matter how cute or good looking, all guys can be boring. Slowly sipping her tea, Stacey started to feel warm inside. It appeared the hot flush on her face she experienced before when he caught her staring, now started to build up in her loins. Trying to distract from this feeling she started to talk about her own work, but it did not help much.

“Could I be that attracted to this guy to make me feel horny?” she was thinking. “What about John, I love him so much. But how come I can’t stop this raunchy feeling from building up?”

Then her nipples started sending shivers through her breast as they were getting harder and harder. She felt them trying to press through the restraining material of her bra. Surely this Paul guy noticed her state of excitement by the little knobs that were now outlined against the light blue cotton of her uniform. Quickly she finished off the remaining tea from the cup so she could get away from this guy before she would make a go at jumping him.

Walking through the corridor towards the elevator she tried to figure what she would do about the offer he had made, but her mind was muddled with sexual desires. Never had she felt this way, this hunger for sex. All she wanted was to feel her pussy getting filled with a cock or any thing really that could fill this burning sensation in her loins. In the lift she could not resist to quickly slip her hand under her skirt and rub her pussy after slipping two fingers in between her panties. This just made her realize how horny she really was. The crotch of her panties was completely wet with fluids oozing from between her well swollen pussy lips. Her little love knob felt bigger like it had ever done and the brush of her wetted finger over it caused a wave of sensation and pleasure she never had experienced before. She barely managed to remove her hand from under her uniform in time, before the elevator doors opened at the third floor.

There was no way she would be able to perform any kind of work feeling like this and therefore she headed straight to the locker room. It was almost like she was not in control of her self, while she grabbed her purse from her locker and slipped into one of the toilet stalls. In no time she had her skirt hiked up her waist and her panties down on her ankles. At fist she rubbed the silky fluid over her lips, using her right hand. It took not long before her fingers slipped between them. First one, then two and after spreading her legs wider she shoved all four of them deep inside of her. With her thumb pushed up against her clit she started to literally fuck her self. Completely beside herself, but at the same time knowing that this was what she needed.

After only five minutes of vigorous massaging her inner vaginal walls and clit, the first orgasm hit her. That burning feeling she had felt, now just seem to explode inside her whole body. Sweat drops appeared on her forehead and the top of her chest and she could feel her legs starting to buckle. Lucky she found the toilet seat behind her and sat down on it with her fingers still sliding in and out of her soaked pussy. It was like she could trace the electric shock coming from every nerve which was connected to one of her ergo zones. Causing this tingling sensation to run from her neck to her areolas and then to the very tip of each erected nipple. It shot further down to through her spine towards her bellybutton, till all of these little shocks exploded right at her clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhh,” she sighed, as she could not keep her self from being quiet any longer.

“Ohhhhhh fuck I’mmm cummming!” she uttered as wave after wave of complete ecstasy washed over her, like no other orgasm she had experienced before.

It lasted close to five minutes which left her completely exhausted. But surprisingly she did not feel satisfied. Her pussy was way too sensitive to be touched again, so Stacey started to feel up her breast with only using her left hand. The other one was covered with silky pussy juice, which she decided to clean with her mouth. While her left hand had found the buttons of her top, she began licking of the moist substance. It bahis şirketleri was the very first time in her lifetime to actually taste herself, so she started a bit hesitant with one finger.

“Hmmmm,” she softly moaned, surprised by the sweet taste.

It tasted so good that quickly the other fingers followed. Sucking and licking them till no taste of her pussy was left. By this time the top of her uniform was wide open with her breasts released from her blue laced bra. Her right hand followed suit of kneading her breast and stimulating her nipples, sending more little shocks down her spine and creating a hunger in her pussy again. Using her full hand she started to feed the hunger. Her pubic hair was glistering with little drops of moist, making her fingers wet. Her mount was wide open and with no effort her four fingers drove back deep inside of her.

“Ohhhhhhh this feels so good,” she heard her self say and pulled them back out to bring them back up to her mouth for another cleaning.

After repeating this action a few times her red lips and all the way down to her chin was shiny wet.

“Why can I not stop myself from feeling and acting like this?” she thought, which was directly substituted with, “I need something to go deep inside my pussy.”

Stacey found just what she needed inside her purse. A narrow spray can with deodorant. She fed the can of about 1 1/2 inch thick and 8 inch long easily in between her moist and parted lips. With long motions she started pumping it in and out. Making sloppy sounds as the can forced more juice out each time she pushed it all the way in. She could feel it to start running down between her bum cheeks. Using her other hand she reached down to collect the rich liquid so she could eat some more of it.

“Where has this desire to taste my own fluids come from?” popped up in her mind again.

Knowing how raunchy it is, she started to feel even naughtier. Her next hand filled with the substance, she brought up to her chest and smeared it out on both breasts. Again she repeated this a few times till they were also shiny wet with her cum. More then fifteen minutes she was fucking herself with the spray can while continuously rubbing her clit, breast and nipples with her other hand.

Panting the whole time, “yessss, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, yessss!”

It took considerably longer this time to reach her orgasm, but finally she came for the second time. It was even harder then before. Her body was shaking all over for way over five minutes. The can deep inside of her and her hand rubbing over and between her pussy lips the whole time. Till the point she actually fainted.

She was out for not more then a few seconds, but when she regained conscious it was like she was waking up from a very long horny dream. A little confused she found herself sitting on the toilet and realized it had not been a dream at all. She looked a complete mess. Her uniform top wide open with her bra unclasped hanging from her shoulders. She could smell the sex odor coming from her exposed breast, which were covered with pussy cum. And lots of it. Looking down she noticed her panties lying on the floor.

“Ohhhhhh my god,” she said with a shock, as she realized that this can of deodorant was stuck all the way inside of her.

With a sigh of relief she slowly removed the large object from between her pussy lips and cleaned her cum from it, using some tissue paper, followed by wiping her breast clean as well. Licking her lips she got another taste of her own sex, only now it made her feel disgusted and horrified.

More questions arose in her head, “How could I have gotten so raunchy to lick my own cum and cover my breast with it?”

She cleaned up as much as she could and dressed herself half-decent. She did not bother putting back on her panties, which were wet and lying on the dirty floor. The state of them made her feel even sicker, so she threw them in the little bin in the corner. Coming out of the stall she looked at her watch. 11.15pm. surely that couldn’t be right, but the clock on the wall displayed the same time.

“Have I really been getting myself off for over an hour?” she thought to herself worryingly.

Quickly she washed her face with some cold water. But even after she got all cleaned up and her uniform straightened she still was feeling embarrassed and filthy.

Next encounter in chapter 2….

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