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As always, Taryn was the first to arrive for class. It had been her habit for nearly two years now, and all the other girls in her class knew it. More importantly, so did the instructor. In a class size of only six in this specialized field, any advantage, no matter how slight could be advantageous. The job market was known to be tight, and no one wanted to be wasting their time in class meaninglessly.

Even though they all knew that they’d be competing for the same jobs, all of the girls in the class got along fairly well. The end goal, of course, was to finish the ultrasound course and graduate as a fully qualified diagnostic medical sonography technician. Everyone in the class wanted it, and knew that they’d have to do their best to succeed. So far, no one seemed to have that little edge over the others that would guarantee success. That was why Taryn was a little surprised when the instructor met her at the door and asked if she could have a few words with her before classes began. Following her instructor into her office, Taryn wondered what it could be about.

Once inside, she took a seat before the teacher’s desk and waited. The instructor took her own seat behind the desk and smiled at Taryn. “Actually, I was wondering if you’d be up for a little special project for me,” she began.

“Oh, what’s that?” asked Taryn.

“Well, you know you’re one of the best girls in the class, right?” Taryn nodded, and she continued. “You certainly impressed me yesterday in class, and I was wondering if you might be inclined to let one of the doctor’s use you as a sort of practice patient later today.”

“A practice patient? Isn’t it Rosa’s turn today?” was Taryn’s reply.

“It is, but that’s just in class,” replied the teacher. “This will be afterwards, kind of like an extra credit. I’d ask Rosa to do it, but you just seemed so much more comfortable doing it yesterday.” Her teacher looked deeply into Taryn’s eyes as she spoke, conveying an unspoken message.

Taryn slowly nodded consent as she took the instructors meaning. This could be the move that gave her the edge over her classmates. Once that issue had been cleared up, Taryn and her teacher chatted for a little while longer, both skirting around the real reason that Taryn would be the best choice for the doctor to practice on. As she sat there talking, Taryn knew what the real reason was. During the course of their classes, all of the girls had at one time or another had to partially disrobe in front of the others. That way, they could practice their scanning on each other. It had come down to a point where they would each take a turn, with one of them being the ‘patient’ of the day. Some of them were less shy about it than others, Taryn for instance, while Rosa was quite a bit more inhibited.

Usually, all the patient had to do was roll up her shirt and pants, but yesterday was one of the first times the girls had tried out a more advanced technique. As luck would have it, Taryn was the daily victim, and things seemed to go awry from the start. When they were first practicing their usual scans of her abdomen, Taryn’s shirt kept slipping down, and in disgust she had finally taken it off. Because it was just girls, modesty wasn’t really an issue for her.

Besides, Taryn was rather proud of her well toned body, and sitting around in just a bra didn’t matter to her. So there she was, sitting on the exam table, stripped to her bra when the instructor asked if she minded being the demonstration subject for their new technique. Despite a moments hesitation, Taryn had agreed to that too, and soon her pants and underwear were gone too. She had gotten a bit of teasing from her friends as they realized she wasn’t a natural blonde, but she took all of that in stride. It seemed a little strange to her, at first, to have another woman applying lubricant jelly to her vagina, then inserting a transducer probe, especially with everyone else in the class looking on, but she got over it pretty quick.

In fact, she had even been able to joke about it, saying what a sight it must have been if someone walked in, what with her almost naked, covered in all sorts of slippery looking goo, and two girls trying to manipulate a long probe inside her. That had gotten a slew of laughs from everyone, and they had shared that attitude all day. Later that night, when the girls had gotten together for a study session, they had continued along those lines. Taryn was forced to admit, at one point, that she had over a dozen different partners. While she wasn’t the only girl in the class to reach double digits, she was playfully branded as the class slut. In her own defense, she offered that she had also been the second oldest to lose her virginity, but they countered that she had fucked all those guys in less time than anyone else had. Laughter ensued, for this was all in good fun.

As those final thoughts crossed Taryn’s mind, she returned her conscious self to the conversation she was finishing with the instructor. Class was about ready to begin, and with the extra project that she had been assigned, Taryn was going to have a long day. It went quickly, though, and the only canlı bahis real highlight was Rosa’s obvious discomfort at having to disrobe in front of so many other people. Taryn snickered to herself at that, Rosa was the class angel, having shared herself with just one man, and she had beaten out Taryn for how old she had been before losing her virginity. Once that was all through, Taryn hung around after class until the instructor gave her the keys to one of the exam rooms. There, Taryn prepped the ultrasound machine and got herself ready for her special assignment. She was just about finished when there was a knock at the door.

Composing herself, Taryn went to answer it. The door opened, revealing a tall, dark, handsome young doctor. “Hello, Taryn. I’m Leonard,” he introduced himself.

“Good afternoon, doctor,” started Taryn.

“No, no, no,” he interrupted her with a laugh. “In here, you can just call me Leonard.” His dark brown eyes sparkled as he spoke. “You’re doing me a really big favor by agreeing to help me out here today, and I don’t really stand on all that ceremony.”

Taryn was disarmed by the young doctor’s easygoing attitude. Some of these physicians could be the worst! Besides, in her experience, the one’s who insisted on the most formality were usually the most inept quacks she’d ever encountered. “That’s fine by me, Leonard.” They shared a laugh and Taryn began going over the basics of the equipment. Much to her surprise, this Doctor Leonard had done his reading on the material, and was reasonably familiar with the ground Taryn was covering. He asked a few questions, to be sure, but on the whole, he seemed to be very knowledgeable and interested in the new ultrasound machine’s functions. As his knowledge allowed Taryn to finish her basic presentation faster, they were able to get to the operational portion of the afternoon’s exercise. Without the slightest hesitation or embarrassment, Taryn hopped up on the exam table, rolled the tops of her pants down a bit, and tugged her shirt up right beneath her bra. Once again, the young doctor showed that he was somewhat knowledgeable about Taryn’s work, and he soon had a bit of lubricant spread on her belly and was operating the transducer with ease.

His easygoing attitude had Taryn relaxed, and she barely noticed that her pants and panties had slipped down a bit more, revealing just the barest wisps of her curly brown hairs. They were matted down, now, by the lubricant, and Leonard didn’t seem to really notice them. Taryn wrote that off to the fact that the young man was still a doctor, and had to be used to such things. He scanned her internal organs with an unusual degree of accuracy for someone who was so inexperienced, and Taryn decided that he could probably do a few more things with her. She angled the exam table up so that she had a better angle to give him pointers as he advanced to a new area of study, and as luck would have it, her troublesome shirt struck again. It flopped down over her belly as the good doctor was scanning her, and he reached a hand up to push it out of the way. Taryn’s hand met his, and briefly their eyes met as their hands touched. In that awkward moment, Taryn complimented him on his abilities, and as she had done in class, reached down to grab her shirt and pull it up over her head.

That move, while of no real concern to Taryn, came as a bit of a surprise to Leonard. Her breasts were not overly large, but they were very nice, and he couldn’t help but to sneak a glance at them as Taryn removed her shirt. Her white lace bra was a snug fit, giving Taryn an alluring cleavage. The slightly chilly room had her nipples standing erect, and the dark circles of her aureole were visible from beneath the lace cups of her bra. She turned quickly after she doffed her shirt, jiggling her breasts accidentally in Leonard’s face. He somehow managed to maintain his composure, and they continued along with their work, although he was definitely distracted. Despite this, he did manage to finish up the part of the mock examination that they were doing, and then the real test began.

While Leonard was clearly enjoying his unobstructed view of Taryn, he was a little apprehensive about seeming too interested. Still, there was no way for him to conduct an examination without looking at the patient, so he did manage to get quite an eyeful. Taryn was aware of that, and it certainly didn’t bother her. In fact, she disrobed for the next portion of the exam without any bidding from Leonard, it just seemed to be the right thing to do as the lesson plan progressed. As soon as the doctor had finished his last abdominal scan, Taryn stood up next to the bed and undid her pants. Without even looking to see his reaction, she slid them down her legs and off. Then, to allow him access to do an internal scan, her satiny panties came off as well. For this, she did turn her back slightly towards him, but that just gave him a clearer view of the shapely curve of her ass until the tight fitting material was removed. The look he stole just then was for pure pleasure, and he adjusted his lab coat to hide the growing bulge in his own pants. It couldn’t be bahis siteleri helped, Taryn was gorgeous!

And her figure was absolutely divine. Leonard watched her bend over to pick up her panties, then she sat back down on the bed. Sure, getting nearly naked in front of a man she had just met felt a little strange, but Taryn rationalized that this was for her class, more or less, and it wasn’t really any different from the previous day when except for her bra, she’d been naked in front of all of her classmates. In private it was a little different, especially considering how intimate her contact was going to be with a total stranger, but Taryn took it all in stride. Taking the good doctor’s hand for support, she climbed back up onto the exam table and spread her legs. His lingering gaze on her crotch was noticeable, and he looked a bit embarrassed when he saw she was watching him. To break the silence, Taryn giggled mischeviously at him. “Nope, not a real blonde!” With that they shared a laugh as she drew his attention away from her cunt. She was in the process of instructing Leonard in how to perform an internal scan when suddenly, she stopped him. Leonard was just about ready to insert the probe into her waiting vagina.

“Hey! Wait a second. You can’t just shove that thing inside me, you’re forgetting a step.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he apologized. “What am I doing wrong?”

“You have to use some lubricant gel, just like you would for an internal exam,” she explained as she handed him a few small packets. “Here.”

“Um, shouldn’t you be doing that yourself?” he asked.

“Well, in class, sure,” she answered. “But in a real visit, you’ll do it yourself, so you should do it here too.” Taryn spread her legs just a bit farther apart, to encourage him, and Leonard positioned himself between them. He tore open a couple of packets of lubricant and applied the gel to his fingers. Although he was a bit nervous at how much contact he was going to have with the obviously attractive young woman in front of him, Leonard tried to distract his mind as he reached his fingers down towards her cunt. His fingers touched her outer lips, and the cold gel caused Taryn to gasp.

“Sorry, I’m sorry,” he said by way of apology. A moment passed as he hesitated before continuing. Leonard looked up at Taryn, to see what her reaction was, and she was nodding in assent. Her eyes were closed as she prepared herself for his fingers to penetrate her, but she was otherwise unconcerned. Leonard allowed himself an extra moment to let his gaze linger on her breasts before continuing. They did look lovely, even as Taryn lay half reclined on the bed. Sensing her willingness to continue, Leonard slid his fingers all the way inside her. Just as he expected, her vagina was tight, mostly because she wasn’t really in any state of arousal. If only he knew the truth about her that she had shared with her girlfriends the night before! Taryn’s grasp on the sides of the table grew tighter and tighter as Leonard’s fingers slid down deep inside her. In a moment though, they were out, and Leonard had replaced them with the long ultrasound probe.

Even as he manipulated it inside her, Taryn was able to give him comprehensive instructions on how best to use it, and how to do it without causing a patient any undue discomfort. He was generally on target with the probe, and it wasn’t all that uncomfortable for her. One thing that did surprise her was at one point when he was maneuvering the probe inside her he placed his free hand directly over her pussy. His fingers rubbed against her rather innocently, but her reaction was as if it was anything but innocent. Taryn’s entire body tensed for those few seconds, her grip against the bed was enormous. She thought he could tell how it made her feel, but just as quickly as his hand had brushed her, he drew it away. That was the only distraction that they faced, and Taryn realized that they were reaching the end of the material that she could cover. She was still a bit aroused after his inadvertent touch, and she quickly formulated a plan to see if he’d be willing to do just a bit more. While she couldn’t be sure that he was thinking along the same lines that she was, there was something about the way he was carrying himself that made her decide to give it a shot.

Leonard had just finished up his last internal scan, and once that was done, he gently slid the transducer probe out of Taryn. She relaxed a bit as the long shaft was eased out of her. Once again, Leonard used both hands on her to remove the probe, and his fingers gave her hard clit a passing caress again. Taryn involuntarily clenched her thighs together at that, startling him. He looked at her a bit apprehensively, apologizing as he drew his hand away.

“Sorry about that,” he started.

Taryn’s mind was racing, for that surely was no accidental contact. Thinking quickly, she answered him. “That’s OK, it just was a little bit of a tight fit. Tell you what, maybe if you practice a little more with lubing me up and sliding the probe in and out it’ll help out some.” She looked at him intently, to gauge his reaction, and was glad when he smiled back bahis şirketleri at her.

“I guess that would help some, do you want me to start right now?”

“May as well,” Taryn replied. Once that was said, she spread her legs apart for Leonard again, and breathlessly waited for his touch. It wasn’t long in coming. He had another packet of lubricant opened and moved the gel towards her pussy. Just as he had before, Leonard spread a little of it on her, then slid his fingers inside. Taryn relaxed a little upon his initial contact, then took his wrist in her hand.

“That’s not too bad, but you’re leaving a lot of area uncovered,” she corrected. “Why don’t you try it again and this time, get it all over me.” He looked at her quizzically, knowing what she had said, but still waiting for a final confirmation on what he had just heard. “You know,” she continued, “I’m sure you’ve done it before.”

That last comment actually made him blush for a moment, but it did send him the right message. Leonard removed his fingers from Taryn’s pussy, applied more lubricant to them, and slowly started to rub her. This time, his fingers danced their way over her cunt, spreading the thin gel all over her. He eased his fingers over her clit, stopping to rub her a bit gently on the way. Taryn sighed and cooed in response, causing Leonard to momentarily linger. Then he was off again, easing his well coated fingers over her pussy lips and then just barely inside her. She managed to keep her thighs apart, although every fiber of her being wanted to clamp them shut, forcing his fingers deeper. Taryn couldn’t however, keep from clenching her cunt tight around his hand as Leonard’s gently probing fingers delved in deeper.

Leonard felt her squeezing her pussy tight against his two probing fingers, and he responded by deftly adding a third. He thought he might have heard a tiny squeal of pleasure coming from Taryn, but he couldn’t be sure. Nevertheless, he continued to slide his fingers in and out of Taryn’s wet pussy. Surely she was lubed up well enough by now, and not just with the gel that Leonard was applying. Even though Taryn was still laying on the exam table, she was writhing a little as she felt his gentle fingers easing in and out of her.

As smoothly as he had started, Leonard carefully slipped his fingers out of Taryn’s pussy. She was very wet and ready, and in keeping with their ‘lesson plan,’ Leonard reached for the transducer probe again. Taryn looked the long probe over, and silently nodded her agreement to him. She braced herself back against the table, reaching down to spread her pussy open to take it. Leonard’s hand intercepted hers, gently pushing it back. Then, as he used his own fingers to move her pussy lips aside, he slid the probe inside her in a way that its designers had never intended. Keeping two of his fingers busy stroking Taryn’s clit, Leonard glided the long shaft of the probe in and out of Taryn’s pussy. While it wasn’t as thick as a man’s cock, it was definitely hard enough, and the long shaft gave her tremendous amounts of pleasure. By twisting his wrist, Leonard was able to slide it into Taryn from a few different angles, all while massaging her clit with his hand.

At times when he had the probe slid nearly outside of her, he’d sneak a finger back in, just to feel her body’s reaction. Taryn was doing a good job of keeping quiet through all of this, but her shuddering hips and the squeezing of her pussy belied her pleasure. Sweet smelling pussy juices were dripping out of her cunt as well, lubricating the way for Leonard to do more to her. Soft gasps escaped from her lips as Leonard continued to work her over. He was keeping a finger pressed inside her pussy with the probe now, and rubbing her clit with his thumb. The sensations were driving Taryn wild. Her own hands had found their way up to her breasts, and she caressed them through the lacy material of her bra. While doing that, her perky tits popped free of her bra, laying exposed for her hands to play with. As Leonard thrust the probe in and out of her pussy, gaining momentum, Taryn rolled her nipples between her fingers and squeezed her breasts harder and harder.

Leonard’s fingers were sliding deeper and deeper into her pussy along with the probe, and she was feeling the onset of an incredible orgasm. Just as she thought a little more stimulation of her clit would do it, his fingers found their way there, stroking her hard little nub. Taryn bit her lip to keep from screaming aloud and she grabbed the sides of the table tightly. Somehow, she managed to keep her legs spread apart for Leonard as she came, clenching her pussy tight around his fingers. Sweet juices gushed out of Taryn’s pussy, drenching Leonard’s hands as he continued to finger fuck her. Her back arched and she wriggled on the table, trying desperately not to scream too loudly. She couldn’t suppress several short gasps as she thrashed wildly from side to side as Leonard finished her off. He slid his fingers inside her one last time as she writhed, feeling the heat from her pussy growing more intense as she came. His own cock was rock hard by now, and throbbing inside his pants. Taryn had her head tilted back as she enjoyed the final moments of her orgasm, and she certainly didn’t look like she’d had enough. In an instant, Leonard positioned himself between her legs and quickly undid his zipper.

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