Conflicted Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: She Wet the Bed

Leslie was nuzzled against Stuart on the couch. Both of them had had wolfed down the sandwiches they’d made for lunch and wordlessly decided to take a break from intense sex with some TV. Leslie was still naked, but she’d actually found herself becoming quite comfortable with the feeling. Stuart’s ravenous attitude towards her had made her confident in herself, even if it did occur to her that pegging one’s own desirability to how much a horny teenage boy wants to have sex with you seemed like cheating. Stuart was topless, which meant Leslie was free to run her fingers over his abs and nipples absent-mindedly.

It had been surprisingly easy to find something to watch they both enjoyed; where Leslie liked crime dramas, Stuart liked action but aside from that, they seemed to have similar tastes. They flicked through some American sitcoms but decided against them mostly because they’d both seen those episodes. Eventually, looking through things the Watkins had recorded onto the planner feature, they found some relatively new episodes of the Big Bang Theory to put on.

An episode went by where they both lay together, overcome by post-sex drowsiness. Stuart put on another episode, whilst Leslie grabbed them both a glass of water to share. She returned to her comfy position next to him, nestled to the left with her right leg swung over him. She looked over to him and they kissed briefly before she spoke, breaking the half hour of comfortable silence, “Why do you hate Lewis so much?”

“Coz he’s a massive dickhead.”

“Well yes, I know that… I mean, I know you feel that way.” She quickly corrected herself because, though she wasn’t beating herself up about it, she really did feel she’d crossed a line earlier indulging Stuart by insulting her son. She continued, “But no one is… just a… a…”

“Dickhead? Lewis is…”

“Well, what I mean is, he must’ve done something to make you feel that way.”

“Yeah, he acted like a dickhead.”

“Stuart!” snapped Leslie, then quickly tempered the tone of her voice, “Why can’t you give me a straight answer.”

“Fine…” he sighed, “He’s a smug little prick, who thinks he’s better than everyone, especially me. I like to put him in his place. Bottom of the pack.”

“What do you mean?” asked Leslie. She first felt a little twang of defensiveness for her son; Stuart may not like him but doesn’t mean he was literally the lowest of the low; but then she thought about how Lewis acted, with a sense of oblivious superiority. She may love her son, but she was aware he wasn’t the most active kid, the most socially aware, or the most talented. He was clever, certainly, but it gave him, as Stuart had said, a smug air that he didn’t really deserve to carry. She found herself tentatively sympathising with her boyfriend, able to see why he might want to bring down Lewis a couple of pegs.

“It’s not one thing, you can just see him be so proud to correct people or answer questions. Even when you get things right, he has to one up you. Like in biology once, teach asked what evolution was. I said something like its stuff changing to become better at surviving, which was right. Lewis then said ‘well isn’t it’ then some fancy answer about random changes heading towards optimal blah blah.”

“Sure, I can see that but that’s just annoying. Why do you hate him?”

“Dunno, I mean the other day I gave him that shiner coz I hadn’t done my homework and he said it was really easy and I must’ve been really stupid not to manage it. Teacher didn’t care, so don’t see why he did.”

“Wow, that’s pretty out of order, but why did you punch him?” Asked Leslie, involuntarily stroking his chest soothingly.

“I…” Started Stuart.

“Yes?” Prompted Leslie, after a couple of seconds.

“Cameron is my older brother. He enlisted after not doing too well at school. He… He went to Afghanistan,” continued Stuart, his voice sombre. He stood up and Leslie’s hands trailed down his left arm until they gripped his hand. He pulled away and picked up his t-shirt that lay cast aside in the threshold between the living room and kitchen.

“Baby, we don’t have to talk about this, sorry I pushed…”

“No,” interjected Stuart, pulling his top over his head, “It’s not an unfair question. Just don’t like talking about it.”

He pulled over the single armchair and sat down in front of her. She sensed the tone was about to become far deeper and her nakedness made her felt truly exposed. However, she sat up straight and held an air of dignity, despite her sex-ruffled hair and the cum stains that spattered her fishnet tights.

“His squad was ambushed. Some were badly fucked up but they all survived. Cam came back physically well but with a bad case of shell-shock. PTSD is the official term the docs used.

“Got the finest treatment on the NHS, but they aren’t sure he’ll ever recover fully. It was Cam’s birthday that weekend so we went to visit him at the home he’s bahis firmaları at. Hence I didn’t do my homework.”

“Baby,” soothed Leslie. She put a soft hand on Stuart’s cheek and leant in to kiss him on the lips. He reciprocated for a second and Leslie backed off immediately, seeing he wanted to continue.

“Also, my parents been on the rocks for a while. They were about to call it quits I think then Cam came back and they had to look after him. Working together staved off their break-up but my mum was always on my case to get better grades.”

“Why do your grades matter?”

“Coz she’s scared I’ll join the army too and she’ll lose both her sons.”

“Would you?”

“Join? Probs.”

“Why? When you see what…”

Stuart interrupted, “What else am I gonna do?”

“There’s so many options…”

“Yeah but I wanna go and fuck up the guys who fucked up my bro.”

“Stuart, baby… Revenge isn’t going…”

“You sound like my mum; revenge isn’t the answer; not all of them are the enemy; how would Cameron feel if you died on a stupid revenge mission; et cetera fucking et cetera.

“I get I shouldn’t for those reasons and I might just doss around for a while, but she wants me to go to uni and that ain’t happening. So some needle-dicked pussy telling me I’m not clever can take a punch to the face if he wants.

“I was so fucking happy when you first blew me, coz it proved the little weiner’s life wasn’t as perfect as he thought. Parents aren’t one happy family, coz his slutty mum is willing to do anything to ride this.”

A cheeky smile crept over his face as he grabbed the bulge in his trousers. Leslie could have been offended at what Stuart had said, but she could tell he was being playful. She could also tell it was difficult for him to admit all that. She stood up and leant over him, hands on his thighs and kissed him gently.

“I like sucking it too,” she whispered seductively and licked her lips.

She offered him her hand and helped him off the seat. Still holding hands she walked him out the living, making sure to swing her buttocks as much as she could. She led him upstairs and swung open the first door at the top of the stairs.

It was a little musky and there were a couple of t-shirts and a pair of jeans discarded on the floor. She picked them up with her index finger and thumb and tossed them out into the corridor. She walked into the middle of the room, Stuart was by the door, and stood with her weight shifted onto her left pelvis. Her left hand rested, fingers pointing backwards, on her left whilst her right hand gestured palm up to the space next to her, which was just behind a computer desk.

“This Lewis’s room?” Asked Stuart.

“I kinda still feel I shouldn’t join in your bullying of my son… Or anyone really. I got too carried away earlier when I called him… a… you know…”

“A cunt.”

“Yeah, that was wrong… but now I see why getting your way and putting Lewis down is so important to you… so Lewis’s mum is about to give you a blowjob in Lewis’s room.”

Stuart walked over to Leslie who dropped her bum to her ankles and spread her knees wide enough for Stuart to stand between them. She could see his hard-on pushing with admirable effort against the tough fabric of his jeans. Undoing his fly allowed it to spring out impressively. She didn’t waste a second before taking it deeply into her mouth. She gripped the slack on the side of his trousers as purchase to pull his hips and her head closer together.

She pushed her throat along just to the point of gagging and then back. Two strokes went by and, as she expected, Stuart put both his hands, cross-fingered and intertwined with her hair, behind her head. They synchronised their movements, her head bobbing towards his hips as they thrust into her, both working towards the goal of pleasuring Stuart and secretly humiliating Lewis. Until now, Leslie had just accepted she would have to indulge Stuart’s desires, with respect to bullying Lewis, like a timid but willing passenger. Now she understood his motivations she felt more in control of the situation. She was still following his guide but now she felt like an active participant and it made her feel closer to him than ever.

Stuart picked up the pace and force with which he was pumping her mouth but was in tune with his girlfriend, such that Leslie never felt too close to gagging. He pulled the computer chair round from behind him and released Leslie’s head as he sat down. She tilted forward onto her knees and hungrily dove onto his cock again. Now she felt there was a positive purpose to betraying Lewis there was a new sense of fun to it, beyond just the enjoyment of sex.

“Hop on, babe,” instructed Stuart, “I think these are like the ones at school.”

She stood up and watched him reach under the seat of the computer chair. There was a click and the left arm rest went limp. He did the same for the right arm rest and pulled them both off of the chair. kaçak iddaa He pulled down his jeans to his mid-thighs and held his dick upright. Leslie moved forward to straddle him but first she pulled his t-shirt off and cast it into some corner of the room. She felt the rigid tip slide gently into her pussy and all the way to her cervix by the time she was sitting comfortably atop him.

They began kissing as Leslie’s hands found purchase on the back of the chair. She locked the heels of her stilettos around two of the spokes that held the chair wheels. Using her whole body grip of the chair, she rippled her spine, swinging her pelvis forward and back across Stuart’s lap. Stuart had aggressive enthusiasm on his side but, right now, Leslie’s experience was driving the show and she knew how to get herself off.

Bringing herself to a climax she managed to pant out some words to her teenage boyfriend, “Just remember this whenever you think Lewis is being smug. Fucking his mum’s mouth and… oh fuck…” she was interrupted by her own wailing, barely managing to finish her sentence, “and making… cum… in… fuck… his room…”

Leslie collapsed onto Stuart; post-orgasmically twitching as she lazily pushed and pulled her hips along the length of his thighs. She was enjoying listening the harmonious deep breathing as she gyrated away, waiting for Stuart to deliver his load, when he grabbed her by the buttocks and stood up. She ‘eeeked’ nervously then felt a wave of fresh arousal hit her as she realised again that she’d bagged a strong, youthful teenager who was naturally talented at sex.

He plodded to the computer desk behind the couple and rested Leslie on its edge. Still inside her, he used both hands to clear away a lot of stuff and then dropped Lewis’s laptop to the floor, where the carpet hopefully cushioned its fall. Stuart wrapped his arms round Leslie’s back tightly. Leslie reciprocated, also grabbing him with her calves, locking their two bodies together. Stuart was thrusting into her as fast as he could, literally grunting with each pump. Leslie could only manage a breathless gasp, in equal time to his groans.

Through vigorous moans, Stuart spoken broken words, “Tell me… how… Lewis isn’t… great… how much better I… am… what… you’d say to… his smug… face…”

Struggling equally with her words, she panted back to him, “Stronger… funnier… better… to… be around… god… fucking hell… can’t imagine he’d make… a fuck… married woman… into… uh… a… slut…”

“Fucking little twerp… probably will never… lose his… virginity…”

“Even… if… huh… he… was… did… then… never make… someone… feel as good… as you… are… fuck…”

She’d always felt that her own orgasms were nice to have, not a necessity to chase like men do theirs. Intimate, emotional, romantic were all ways she’d have described sex just a few weeks ago. What she had with Stuart though was rough, aggressive, exhausting but it was also passionate, fulfilling and it left her no room to feel anything other than completely satisfied, even with the pain of being pounded over and over. This was how she felt sex was supposed to be. It was perhaps ironic that having dutiful sex with the boy that treated her like a toy felt more like a mutually pleasurable act than ‘making love’ to her husband ever did. All these thoughts fired through her head as yet another climax erupted through her wearied body.

Seemingly without even trying to focus on her, this boy could bring her wave after wave of pleasure. He pulled out of her and gestured for her to get on the floor, which she did in a dazed manner. He was stroking his hard-on at her; the tip was pointed right at her, demanding she grab it. Leslie obliged, swapping Stuart’s right hand for her own, and then proceeded to vigorously pump away. It took seconds for sperm to spray at her open mouth and hit her tongue, which was out and eagerly awaiting. As he had already cum earlier, a couple of times, the spunk wasn’t as viscous so a few globs splashed onto her tongue and most dribbled down onto her chest. It was still enough to make her look and feel messy, dirty and completely sexy.

She used her hands to clean up a few of the bigger splodges that had landed on her chest but she thought she’d wait until she got back to the kitchen, where she had left a hand towel she’d used to clean up earlier, to properly wipe herself down

Stuart put his t-shirt back on and spanked Leslie’s bottom. He reached between her thighs and pulled the marker pen out from her nylons. Though she was still a little worried about how she was going to wash it off, she smiled at him and turned around. In a faux-ditzy manner she stuck her bum out and curved her lower back, presenting it to him. She felt him finish the tally and slip the marker pen back into her nylons, followed by another spank to her butt-cheek, right where the first one was, and it caused her to squeak. She kissed him on the cheek and then kaçak bahis the couple walked back down the stairs hand-in-hand.


Over the four hours that had passed since they had messed around in her son’s room, Leslie and Stuart watched TV, dozed and, of course, had loud, uninhibited sex. They were in the dining room now, Leslie having just finished her microwave meal and Stuart was on his last few morsels. Having finished first, Leslie was under the table, her head bobbing along her boyfriend’s shaft.

She blissfully sucked away until she felt two strong hands grip her shoulders and pulled her upwards. Stuart pushed his plate away and then patted the surface of the table behind Leslie’s buttocks. She kissed him on the cheek and gestured for him to move along one place. She shimmied on to the table and spread her legs invitingly.

“Why here?” asked Stuart.

“I think you know why,” she replied with a smirk, as her natural lubricant dripped onto the polished wooden surface of the dining table; she was sitting at the spot that her son normally dined.

“So this is his seat?” asked Stuart, smirking back at Leslie as he pulled out the chair that was by Leslie and sat down in front of her.

She nodded at him with a bashful smile. Leslie was enjoying indulging Stuart and enjoying the taboo guilt that came along with it. She felt his index and middle fingers slip inside her and roughly stroke her, aggressively and without finesse but still pleasurable. He sucked her right nipple as he bashed around inside her and she began to gasp and writhe. She felt him release her nipple and lick all the way down her body until his tongue found her vulva.

It was the first time Stuart had used his mouth on her and, based on what he had told her, the first time he had ever gone down on someone. Though it felt good, she really could tell he was inexperienced. Something felt strange though, not physically, but it just seemed different to have her boyfriend focus on her pleasure. It was nice but she’d started to become used to the idea of being a plaything.

Her status as equal sexual partner lasted only a few minutes though; Stuart seemed to get bored of pleasuring her, perhaps even frustrated by his own lack of experience, and leant back in his seat, displaying his proud erection. Contrary to everything she had felt about relationships until meeting Stuart, she became excited again at being a toy. Curiously, the psychological feeling of being objectified caused a physiological enjoyment that was even better than the direct stimulation of the physical act.

Leslie straddled Stuart, facing him, as he sat on the dinning chair and practically jumped onto his shaft. She started with her shoes firmly on the floor using them as anchors to help her grind along his lap. She quickly found this pace too slow and shifted her weight backward, lifting her feet off the floor. She drove her feet back towards the ground, throwing her hips forwards and bucking violently. They kissed eagerly despite Leslie’s pre-orgasmic gasping, making more and more noise as she approached climax.

They stopped kissing when Leslie began screeching, immodestly declaring her orgasm. She was still thrusting hard as her orgasm waned, when a loud crunch snapped across the room. The back of the chair separated from the seat and collided with the wall behind. Stuart’s cock had partly slipped out as the chair came apart but when the back hit the wall the force drove Stuart back into Leslie and it felt as if she had punched him in the cervix.

The back of the seat slipped to the ground, taking Stuart along with it but Leslie was left standing, if not somewhat winded. The both burst out laughing before Stuart stood up, politely declining the hand that Leslie had offered him. He kissed her on the lips quickly then picked up the two parts of the chair.

“What are you doing?”

“Fixing the chair. Half the fun is knowing he’ll be sitting here for dinner this time tomorrow.”

“Half?” she replied, eyebrows raised.

“Well I didn’t get mine.”

Leslie dropped to her knees and brushed her hair out of the way ready to take him into her mouth.

“Wait, I have another idea.”

“I’m too sore for sex, even without the whack to the gut I just got…” she said, edging closer.

“Something more different than that…”


“I wanna fuck you in the ass,” he said matter-of-factly.

“Oh… wow… um… well,” mumbled Leslie.

“I thought you might be reluctant about bum sex… but…” said Stuart, walking into the corridor and returning with his bag. He dumped his backpack on the table and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and a pack of condoms.

“It’s fine. I’ve come prepared.”

Leslie was overwhelmed by how quickly this had escalated. She nervously paused before responding, “Fuck, baby… I’m not sure… I’ve never…” she started saying before he interrupted her with a kiss, “OK… let me have a shower first…”

“Sure babe, take your time. First though,” he said, pulling out his phone, “If you’re gonna go scrub up, don’t want to lose our tally. Turn round.”

“Oh, uh, baby, I’m not sure about photos. You know; internet and all…”

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