A Wheelie Good Time

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Written in British English, unfortunately I don’t have an editor so apologies for any errors I’ve missed.

Just a naughty little short as I take a break from writing my rugby series. I love cycling.

P.S. Don’t be worried if I’m behind you, on your wheel. I rarely letch at someone else’s arse in real life. Honest.



Adara watched his buttocks moving, the muscles bunching and elongating, intimately revealing every line of his body through the thin black fabric, and prayed she wouldn’t embarrass herself.

The saddle was rubbing against her and she could already feel herself swelling and getting wet, threatening to gush through the padding of the cycling shorts. She consoled herself by realising having a damp-looking crotch at the cafe stop wouldn’t be anything new to the fellow Lycra-clad cyclists; after all, cycling fifty-odd miles in the blazing summer sun meant nobody was particularly fragrant or fresh-looking. And tottering like John Wayne due to the arousal between her legs would just be attributed to normal saddle-fatigue.

Besides, bringing herself off in the loo cubicles may be her only option for relief.

If she had known, when she turned up for the regular Sunday club run, that she, as one of the slower riders, would be paired up with Gareth while the annoyingly-fast youth riders tore off, she would have spent the previous night with her vibrator. Gareth, the dark-haired, dark-eyed ex-rugby player with the body better than most Greek Gods. Gareth with the ponytail, the stubble, the broad shoulders, narrow waist and, hell, what was that expression? Mouth-watering buns of steel. Oh yes.

She was used to being dropped when the whippet-like lads upped the pace from twenty to twenty-five, but there were usually others fancying a more leisurely ride. That morning, at the car park meeting point, she had looked around the gathered cyclists and forlornly realised there wasn’t anyone of her pace there. When Gareth piped up and said he wasn’t up for a hard one, she had to restrain a snigger before her heart leapt in anticipation. When he also suggested cycling the lanes rather than the faster-but-busier main roads, she smiled in happiness. She’d temporarily forgotten that cycling together would mean having to watch his backside for at least fifty percent of the time.

Torture. Sheer, erotic torture.

Oh god, his thighs were wonderfully powerful, tanned with a light dusting of hair. She would love to feel him using that strength to thrust inside her. Taking her from behind, those wide shoulders covering her, dominating her.

She shifted in the saddle, pushing her clit into the leather, rubbing herself against it. So, so close. A tremor ran through her and she moaned, “Oh!”

“You ok?” Gareth glanced round briefly to check on her.

“Fine,” she confirmed throatily. “Just a little…bump in the road.”

He gave no sign of having heard her, and she decided that her aching loins would have to wait.

At least the countryside was pretty, the rolling country lanes bordered by six foot hedges with vast expanses of lush green fields on the other side. Sporadic gateways gave glimpses of the field’s occupants, usually sheep or horses, although many were empty or contained crops.

It wasn’t safe for Adara to spend too much time looking anywhere but at Gareth, but she managed it for a while. Well, a few minutes, until she was transfixed by the rear view of him. So transfixed she nearly missed his next question.

“Fancy winding the pace up for a sprint? Here to the next village sign?”

“Why not?” Anything to distract from his beautiful backside.

As Gareth increased the pace, Adara had to concentrate on keeping on his wheel, keeping that foot-length between his rear and her front to maximise drafting and conserve her energy for an attack. If she stayed within that limit, despite his greater strength, she may be able to surprise him and sprint past. If she was patient enough. Patience was key. Timing was everything. Like when a man thrust his hard cock inside her for the first time. That glorious feeling of fullness just when she wanted it.

Oh fuck! That moment of inattention meant she had dropped several feet off his wheel. She worked harder for a few moments to get back on as they swept around a corner. She could hear him beginning to breathe heavily, like a man who had just come.

As her imagination ran wild again, she almost missed Gareth signalling to pull over and let her take the lead for a while. Adara focussed on maintaining the speed he had set, pulling over a short while later as the burn in her legs set in. They took turns taking the wind, their only communication the twitching of arms and hands as they swapped over.

They flew around another corner and houses began to break up the hedgerows on either side. Once the village sign was in sight, Gareth really slammed the hammer down, and Adara had to hang on for dear life. Yards from the sign, with one final push with energy she didn’t know she beşiktaş escort bayan had, she pulled out and shot past him just at the right time.

“Woohoo!” she yelled joyfully, punching the air with one fist and laughing as she slowed. The adrenalin rush that came with winning swept over her, in a feeling not far off an orgasm.

Gareth came up alongside her, grinned ruefully. “Well done,” he congratulated.

“Thanks,” puffed Adara. “That was such a rush, better than sex!”

“Depends on who you’re doing it with,” corrected Gareth.

“No one at the moment, I’m single.”

“Me too.”

They looked at each other and Adara wished that they both weren’t wearing sunglasses and helmets, so they could see each other’s faces. Was he flirting with her?

She couldn’t think what to say in return and they continued cycling through the village two abreast, singling out for the odd car.

Gareth eventually broke the pregnant silence, “So, how long have you been cycling then?”

“Since last year, an ex got me into it.”

“You’re pretty good. Do you race?”

“Not yet, I’m not brave enough.” Adara grinned ruefully.

“But you plan to?”

“Once I’m fitter, yeah…maybe. I’d need to lose some weight first, most of the girls are size six to ten, I’m verging on twelve.” she looked down at her body wryly.

“Don’t lose any more, you’re perfectly proportioned as it is.”

She allowed herself a little smile, “Not great for racing though. What about you?”

“Had to give up the rugby a couple of years ago, too many injuries. Someone suggested getting a road bike and I’ve never looked back. Lost loads of bulk too.”

“Why the slower pace today?”

Gareth laughed, “Hangover from last night. You still won that sprint fair and square though.”

“You did more work on the front than me though, so we can call it a draw.”

Going slower and chatting, the heat caught up with them and Adara partially unzipped her jersey, cursing that the overriding colours of that and the club shorts were black, black and more black. Nice in winter, didn’t show stains and looked smart, but attracted heat on the hottest of summer days.

Gareth glanced over at her a couple of times, “As much as I appreciate a bit of skin, better do that up once the pace increases.”

Adara blushed and laughed, “Yeah, I’d want the only occupant of my bra today to be me.”

“Had insects down your jersey before?”

“Yeah, I once cycled through a swarm of bees, eventually I had to strip off to get them all out. You should have seen me dancing around by the side of the road just in shorts. Had a few comments from strangers passing by.”

Gareth chuckled and said something about wishing under his breath before clearing his throat, “Were you stung much?”

“A few times down my cleavage and on my…err, breasts.” Adara traced a hand to where the painful lumps had been.

“Ouch!” Gareth yelped as he went through a pothole he’d been too distracted to see. “Err, that must have hurt.”

“What, the stings? Not too bad, they had almost gone by the time I got home and found some antihistamine cream to rub on.”

Once out of the village and recovered from their exertions, they started to pick the pace up again. They had an awkward moment when neither could decide who to go in front.

“Since you beat me in the sprint, it’s your turn to lead,” eventually nominated Gareth.

Adara was quite happy and relieved with that, even cycling alongside, she had been sneaking glances at him, his strong profile and temptingly firm lips. She pulled in front of him, put her head down and began working harder.

A few minutes later, she came out of the saddle for a sharp rise, efficiently pumping the pedals to keep momentum, her hips shifting smoothly. Halfway up, she couldn’t miss the groan from behind, “You ok?”

“Yeah, just a bit of a twinge,” he panted back.

Adara gave a sigh of contentment, now she was leading, she could almost forget her companion. Almost. She was having to work harder out of the draft, but there was no actual wind to speak of. Whenever they slowed, the heat of the day would catch up with them. The sultry smells of a summer in the country surrounded them, along with suntan lotion, sweat and tar from the roads. When in the open, the heat shimmered off the tarmac, creating temporary mirages ahead. Riding under sheltering trees, the sun dappled the ground and disguised possible hazards.

Adara squinted at the road, having particular trouble. She quickly signalled to warn of a particularly large pothole in the road, and cringed as her own tyres only just missed dropping into it.

Gareth wasn’t so lucky. She heard a bang and, “Fuck!” from behind, closely followed by, “Shit! Flat! Ease Up!”

She coasted into a grassy gateway, out of the way of what little traffic there was and removed her helmet, shaking out her long brown hair. She was grateful for the little shade offered by the trees; once stopped, the heat beşiktaş escort really hit.

Gareth followed shortly, walking his wounded mount and frowning. Sure enough, his back tyre sagged to the ground, the rubber flat around the wheel. He lowered the bike onto its side on the soft grass and took off his helmet too, running fingers through his darkened, sweat-laden hair and retying it.

“That was a nasty hole, did you see my signal? It was a bit difficult to see until the last minute,” babbled Adara, she was afraid she had done something wrong. It wasn’t always possible to avoid potholes but it was wise to. You really couldn’t know how deep they were or what they contained.

“Yeah, I was a bit distracted though,” confessed Gareth. “All my fault for choosing the wrong time to…swig some water.” After partially unzipping his jersey, he crouched down to undo the quick-release skewer.

“Need anything?” she asked, trying not to gape at his strong forearms and thinking of the flash of solid, hair-dusted chest he’d just exposed. She breathed deeply, taking in the tempting scent of fresh male sweat and was grateful for the glasses covering her eyes. There was just so much masculinity. His shoulder muscles rippled under the formfitting jersey as he carefully pulled the wheel away from the bike frame.

He glanced up at her and smiled, “Nope, got it all in my second bidon, thanks.” He gestured towards the cage holding a clear bottle containing an inner tube and some tools.

The smile just did it for her, her female parts clenched once again. “I’m just going…for a comfort break,” she squeaked.

Strictly speaking, a comfort break meant the loo, but Adara justified the little white lie to herself. She couldn’t be in comfort until she’d done something to dissipate the heat gathered in her body.

The five bar gate into the field was easy to scale and she headed for a copse of trees, her body burning. Once out of sight, she knelt down in a grassy hollow, dropping her glasses, frantically unzipping her jersey and stripping it off, pulling the straps of her bib shorts down so she could shift the shorts down to her knees. No knickers to remove, her fingers dipped straight in and she moaned with relief from the direct touch.

After a hard squeeze of her boobs through the thick elastic sports bra, she settled with a forearm on the ground, her head resting against it so any noise would be muffled by the grass. Her other hand was busy between her legs, she was so wet she was squelching.

She usually lay on her back to masturbate, this position was less usual for her but she needed to muffle her gasps of pleasure. Already she could feel the coils of pleasure tightening in her belly. She could smell sweat, sunscreen, grass and herself, only missing the scent of a male. Him. Those thighs. That arse. What did he have between those legs? Would it be long? Thick? Veined or smooth?

Her fingers swirled around her swollen nub, her rhythm quickening and sighs increasing. The frustration that had been building up all morning was coming to a peak. She was so, so close but still couldn’t come. She needed something more, something…

Her frustratedgaze fell on the small hand pump in the back pocket of her jersey. Could she? It was smooth enough, long enough, and maybe just about wide enough to feel.

Sod it, she needed something cock-like inside her. She grabbed the slim aluminium tube, shook it loose from the pocket and touched it to her. It was warm, heated by the close proximity to her body and the sun. She moved it around her swollen lips, stretching the tension out before brutally thrusting it inside her.

“Ahhh,” a sigh escaped her. She thrust again, and again, moaning constantly, forgetting to keep quiet. In and out, a quick twist, squeezing it tightly with her inner muscles.

Just as her body wound up to coming, she heard something close to her, felt footsteps.

She lifted her head. Gareth was stood frozen a couple of metres away.

“I…I called but you didn’t answer…you’ve been some time…I heard noises, I thought…” The sunglasses ensured his gaze was inscrutable but he didn’t look away. “I forgot my pump. Can I borrow yours?”

She groaned with embarrassment, her head falling back onto her arm. Her body was screaming for more attention, she was just so near to coming. “Oh fuck,” she muttered.”

The pump took this inauspicious moment to slide out of her and drop to the ground. Her embarrassment was total, but that sudden empty feeling was nearly as bad. A shiver ran through her. She had been so close.

She had to take her hand from between her legs to pick up the pump. Her fingers slipped on the juice-covered, narrow tube, and she looked down at it, wondering how she could give it to him. Should she be covering herself up instead? Forgetting the pump for the moment, she began tugging awkwardly at the bib shorts caught around her calves, her backside wiggling.

Gareth’s breathing becoming louder and she risked a brief glance up. All she saw was a massive bulge between his legs. He was aroused, and big at that.

“Oh my fucking god,” she shuddered, her body clenching around thin air, wanting that flesh and blood tool inside her.

“Adara, look up.” She lifted her head further as he shucked off his glasses and met his hot eyes as. “I can help you with that,” Gareth nodded towards her and started removing his jersey. “If you want, of course.”

The rasp of the zip seemed as loud as her breathing, she frantically nodded back at him and he pulled down his bib shorts. He was fully aroused, his hard cock sticking straight out. He knelt in front of her prostrate form, undoing her bra fastening and stripping the thick black fabric off.

“Let’s have a look at you.”He coaxed her into a kneeling position facing him. “Shit, you’re hot.” He fondled himself and groaned. Hesitatingly, almost as if he was waiting for her to object, he cupped her breasts and pinched the nipples.

Her eyes temporarily lost focus with the pleasure, “Need cock,” she muttered. “Gimme.”

He was hard, so hard, with pre-come already welling up on his damp skin. Her hands were small on him, he would stretch her a fair bit more than the pump had.

She groaned suddenly, “No way you have a condom?”

“Bidon, here.” He fumbled with the tool bottle, bringing out a square of foil. “The wrappers make good tyre wall reinforce…fuck,” he swore as she roughly stripped off her bib shorts and attacked him, her legs straddling his and rubbing her wetness on him.

“I won’t be able to last long,” gasped Adara as her hips undulated, her hands moving up and down his back, barely giving him a chance to pull open the packet and smooth the rubber over him.

“Doesn’t the man usually say that?” panted Gareth as he sat back on his heels, his arms full of mostly-naked writhing female. He took control of her hips, lifting up and rubbing her against him but not inside.

Without realising, Adara began pleading with him, he lifted her up slowly and at a frustratingly cautious pace, he began slipping inside

The real thing was soooooooo much better than the inanimate pump, thought Adara, “Oh yesssssss!” she hissed.

She tightened around him as he slowly stretched her until he was completely seated within her. He wasn’t small at all, his cock was a good, thick size, and she hadn’t had anything in her for a long time. She tried to catch her breath, the erotic shudders making her arch her back and rubbing her breasts against his solid, sweat-dampened chest. Her eyes glazed over, instinct taking precedence. Her hands moved to squeeze her breasts roughly, to pull the nipples, and her hips thrust at him as hard as she could.

Somehow, he lay back, letting her ride him, it was even better for her. Her hands darted from her lips to her breasts, running down her body to the thrumming, swollen, slippery heat between her legs. She was so close, she didn’t have enough hands, she growled in frustration.

He heard her appeal, his hands moving to cover her swollen breasts, copying her actions and squeezing them harshly, tugging on the engorged nipples, bringing her upper body closer to his.

The change in angle as he pressed against her clit spurred the tsunami of sensation to break within her. She shrieked as a glorious crescendo was reached, the combination of the pleasure and pain of his hands on her breasts and the delicious pressure and hardness between her squeezing thighs. The pleasure was nearly unbearable, waves of heat rebounding through her.

The world spun as he turned her over, stretching one leg up to hammer inside her, his head thrown back and teeth gritted. As the ripples of shock quaked her, the thrusting increased the satisfaction, until it felt like she was going to come again. Her hands smoothed down his back, her nails dug into his firm buttocks and her hips circled his.

His hips jolted harder and she squeezed him as tight as he good. He yelped as he began to spurt inside her, his groans unstoppable. His upper body fell on her as tremors of bliss continued to run through them both.

It was quiet while they caught their breath. Gareth reflexively kept pushing inside her as he shrunk a little, they both enjoyed the aftershocks.

Eventually, he slipped out of her and she could feel the condom loosening, “We, we’d better…the condom.”

He took the hint, collapsing to one side, taking it off and tying a knot. She missed his weight, the fullness inside her straightaway. Her hands ran up and down her sides, to the swamp between her legs and she rubbed her tender, swollen knot as she kicked her legs out.

“Any more of that and I’ll be ready to go again,” he commented, bemused at her actions.

Adara barked with laughter, “I wouldn’t say no, I feel great.”

“Me too.”

She turned her head to meet his smiling, hot eyes, “Good.”

Minutes passed as their heartbeats slowed and perspiration dried. The wind picked up slightly, the cooler breeze leading to Adara eventually stirring. She sat up, looked around for her jersey and pulled some tissues out of a pocket. “Here,” she chucked a couple over to him as she tried to dry herself off.

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A Warm Summer’s Eve

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One warm summer night, we are out walking, talking, holding hands. We just had dinner and some wine and we are just interested in wandering around. You have on a long, sun dress. And as you were feeling a bit wild that day, you wore one that should have required a slip but you didn’t. The light in the restaurant was subdued so no one noticed. But, I did. I was sitting next to you and I was touching your leg, like I always do, when we are out. I felt the warmth of your skin through the thin material. And as I looked into your eyes, you gave me that little wink and raised eyebrow.

As we were leaving, I was holding your arm and you decided to tease me by drawing it across your chest. It was very subtle and demure and also very exciting as I could feel the fullness of your breast as my hand was squeezed against it by your movements. We leave the restaurant and as we are going down in the elevator, with a group of other people, you press your back to my front and do a little shimmy. You know that drives me wild. These small moments that no-one else knows.

While walking on the street, you stop to look at something and, then as you turn around I notice that the sun is behind you. I can see your long legs through the dress and I can see the outline of your panties and bra in silhouette. You have a wonderful smile on your face when I finally work my eyes up that far. The look on your face as I let out a slow whistle is almost wanton. You know that you are going to have your way with me tonight and there is nothing that I can kurtköy escort do to stop it. Not that I would ever want to.

As I am standing in stunned silence at your brazen actions, you slowly walk up to me and take my hand and bring it to your lips. You kiss each finger, once by one. All the while you are staring deep into my eyes and slowly unbuttoning the top few buttons of your dress. Breaking your gaze, I notice that there is a sheltered spot half way up the block with a tall brick wall surrounding the courtyard. I grab your hand and we walk, in a leisurely pace to the opening to the courtyard and we take a glance in. It is empty, except for a bench in the corner which you guide me towards.

As I turn around I realize that you had taken the initiative and unbuttoned the rest of your dress and I can see that you are wearing the ensemble I had gotten for you on my last trip. A pale blue bra and panty made out of whisper soft silk. From the back, no one would know that you are almost naked, the view is just for me.

You push gently on my chest and I fall back onto the bench. You come forward and reach out and grab my head and pull it to you. I take the hint and start to kiss your stomach. Slowly and with delicate care I taste your navel. And your rib cage. Kissing my way up to your wondrous breasts. I stick out my tongue, mimicking your nipple. And lightly touch tip to tip. You shiver deliciously as you run your fingers through my hair. Guiding me from spot to spot, I nip, kiss, touch, tuzla escort taste and you sigh contentedly.

Unable to resist anymore, I slip my hands between your dress and your body, pulling you closer. My hands are running lightly up and down your back. Softly, almost floatingly, my fingertips trace the way from your shoulders, to the V at the small of your back. You arch your back, giving me more surface area to touch and also forcing your breast into my mouth for me to suck harder.

Now I am lightly tracing my fingertips over your back, down over your bottom and to your legs. I can feel the goose bumps that I generate with the light touch. It feels wonderful to know that I can cause such sensation in your skin.

I want more contact with your skin now so I start to massage your legs and work my way up to your lovely behind. I work the muscles in your bottom, and you move closer and climb up so you are kneeling on the bench. Your panties are now next to my face and I can smell your scent. It is intoxicating. I breathe in deeply and wantonly.

As your legs are spread, my tongue darts out to trace the pattern on your silk panties. You are so wet that I can’t resist a little taste so I lean a bit forward to kiss you. You moan as my mouth touches you and I feel the heat that I helped to cause.

I start to nibble and as I want to get a better taste, I pull your panties to the side. I slip my tongue between your lips and your muscles pull my tongue in deeper. I am almost growling as tuzla escort the scent and taste are making me hungry for you. I move my tongue in and out and then slide up to that certain part that I know will drive you nuts. I tickle that little nub with the tip of my tongue and you jump a bit and then push against my face harder.

The pressure is building in side of you as I now reach one hand up to your breasts while keeping the other to help hold your bottom close to me. Your nipples are so tight and crinkly that I can’t resist tweaking them a bit more. The combination of my one hand one your breasts, the other on your bottom and my mouth are pushing you closer and closer to the edge.

You start to move your bottom back and forth, almost like you are riding my tongue. It is getting harder and harder to keep my mouth on you. But, I know that it will be worth it for you so I try my best. Your hands are still in my hair and you pull me closer to help me get you to the brink.

Just when you almost can’t stand it any longer it finally happens. Seemingly starting at your toes and the top of your head the feeling works its way up your legs and down your back to your wet, hot center. There the sensations collide and you erupt in a wonderful explosion of feelings. You shudder and collapse inward so I have to hold you tight to keep you safe. I am softly telling you that it is ok and that you are safe and secure and to let yourself go in the feeling of the moment.

After what seems like eons to you, but is only a few minutes to us mere mortals you start to recover. And as I look up, I see that your eyes are now glowing. You climb down from the bench and taking my face in your hands you kiss me deeply and passionately. Thanking me the best way possible for my helping you to feel that good.

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A Trick and a Treat

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“Man I look hot!” I thought, looking into the mirror, staring at the near replica of Elvira. I had the long black wig, the tight, long, black dress with the low V-cut front, and my high heeled black shoes. My best friend was doing my make up, as we discussed how to trick my husband Pierre tonight. We have this on-going “contest” to see who can beat the other at the best Halloween trick. I have won the last 2 and was going for a third. I’m not too quick at being fooled, Pierre knows this, therefore I get him every time.

“Why don’t you talk to his boss, and have him temporarily ‘fired’?”

“Hmm, that may be something I can go on… but he would know something was up being Halloween and all. I’ll think of something before the night is gone. I gotta hurry though, Pierre is already there helping out.”

Pierre’s boss has a yearly Halloween party for all employee’s and their spouses at the job. No kids are allowed, so therefore they can get pretty wild. Last year, they had a contest with all the women bobbing for apples… topless! It was a hoot seeing all the women, drunk and half naked bobbing for apples as the men cheered them on. I won that contest… only because I decided to take it all off, and the judges were all men. Go figure.

“Ok” She said. “What do you think?”

I turned to look in the mirror. I looked really good, and knew it would be a hit.

“It looks awesome! You did a great job!” I thanked her and left off for the party.

Most everyone was there by the time I got there. There is only about 8 guys that work there and a female receptionist. I saw Pierre’s friend Brad, and went to ask him where Pierre was.

“Wow! You look great!” That sure is a hot dress you got on there!”

“Stop looking at my tits Brad, and tell me where Pierre is” I said laughing on behalf of his embarrassment.

“Uh, he is in with Kevin getting the keg ready.” He said quickly looking away.

I found Pierre and a few of the others sitting around a table drinking beer and talking about the contest they were putting on for the women.

“Hey Babe” I said.

All eyes went to me, and half of their mouths dropped open. I had to laugh. I guess the “wonder bra” was doing what it needed to, and I felt tuzla escort like the porn star Houston in that dress. My tits were just almost overflowing.

“Well hey there!” He said getting up from his seat. “You look great!”

“Thanks, where’s the rest of your costume?”

Pierre was wearing a black cape and black boots. He held up his mask and said it was too hot to wear it, but he would put it on after he got a few beers down him. I joined they guys for a few and we all decided to go out and liven up the party a bit. Everyone was in the lounge dancing and drinking when we got in there. The lights were out, and only a strobe light flashing. I knew we were in for a long fun night, and I had a lot of thinking and planning for my trick on Pierre. I figured I would party a little and drink a lot before I made any major plans. ‘I have the whole night’, I thought.

About an hour later, as Pierre and I were dancing, he whispered in my ear for me to meet him in his office.

“That dress is making me horny, and I wanna fuck you in it!” He started kissing and licking on my neck, and I felt myself getting hotter with every touch. I finally gave in.

“You go ahead and I’ll meet you in there in a few. I don’t want us to look too suspicious. I’ll grab us a couple drinks on the way.”

“Alright, but hurry.” I said. “Don’t be too long!”

With that he kissed me, and I made my way through the crowd and down the hall to his office. I opened the door and it was all dark but the light coming from outside the window. I decided not to turn on the lights, so no one would be curious. I sat down at his desk, and scribbled him a little note for him to see on Monday. About ten minutes passed with no sign of Pierre, and I was getting a little spooked myself, so I thought I would go back out and see what was keeping him. Just as I opened the door, there he was, causing me to let out a scream. He quickly put his hand over my mouth and looked down the hall.

“Dammit Pierre! You scared the shit out of me! I didn’t think you were coming, so I was gonna come check on you.”

He closed the door quietly and led me back to his desk without a word. He motioned for me to sit up on his desk while he pulled tuzla rus escort the curtains tight, leaving a little light in the office. I pulled my dress up as I leaned back on his desk, exposing my pantyless crotch. He stood there looking at me, not saying a word.

“Well, arnt you even gonna take off that mask?” I asked with a laugh.

He moved his hands slowly up my legs, up my dress, and over my breasts until he reached my face, caressing it gently. His fingers made way to my eyelids and closed them softly, while letting one brush over my lips.

“Oh, ok” I whispered. “I’ll be quiet.”

He began rubbing my breasts over my dress, breathing heavily. I took his hand and led it to my pussy. “Start with this.” I whispered. He ran his fingers down my pussy lips and back up through the middle, teasing my clit on each run. I felt his hot breath come close and I pushed my hips forward to feel his tongue meet my pussy lips. I couldn’t help the almost loud moan that escaped my lips. He started to lick me softly, running his fingers at the same time up and down my lips, until he slipped two of them inside. He sucked my clit into his mouth flicking the end of it with his tongue, forcing me to let out small moans. His fingers twisted and turned in and out of my pussy hole, while playing with my clit, causing my body to go into great orgasmic pleasures. I felt myself cumming all over his face, as he just licked and took every bit from me.

I laid there for a bit, coming back to my senses, smiling to myself in the dark. He found my hands and pulled me up, and I sat there waiting for his next move. I felt him pull me to a standing position, and turn me around facing the desk. He kissed my neck, while pulling up my dress, and rubbing my still wet pussy from behind. I leaned down and rested my elbows on the desk, expecting him to enter me from behind, but instead I was surprised with him going to his knees, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my asshole. I was so turned on by this, at this point I didn’t care who heard my moans. He was being so kinky and erotic, and I was enjoying the moment! His tongue was soon replaced with a finger in my ass, pushing it in and out slowly. He came to his feet, tuzla sarışın escort and put his cock to my pussy lips.

“Oh yes Baby… put it in… I wanna feel you…” I said.

His hard cock slid in easily with my wetness, and he began to thrust in and out with the same rhythm of his finger in my ass. The office was filled with the sounds of my moans and his breathing. I guess it was the alcohol talking by that time, because I heard myself tell him that I want him to fuck me in the ass. What man to refuse that? His cock slipped slowly out of my pussy and up to my asshole. His fingers came to my pussy, diving them deep inside and then to my asshole, getting it nice and wet. His cock slid up and down my ass, throwing me into a frenzy, causing me to take his cock and guide it to my wet asshole, where he took over and pushed it in a little. I was so hot and horny by this time I just pushed myself back and felt him go deep inside me. He grabbed my hips and fucked my ass with such ease. I brought my fingers to my pussy and began fingering myself at the same time.

“Yes! That is so good! MMMMMM… you’re gonna make me cum Baby!! Fuck my ass hard!” I moaned. “I want you to fill my ass up with your hot cum… ohhhh, fuck my ass goooood!!”

With that, I felt his last hard thrust, pushing me hard to the desk as I felt him explode in my ass. I kept fingering my pussy, and soon brought myself to yet another orgasm. He pulled his cock out and I felt his cum drip down my ass. It felt so good and nawty. Just then the door opened, the lights turned on, and there stood my husband with a shocked look on his face. Both glasses slipped out of his hands to the floor. I quickly turned around to see his boss standing behind me with a big smile on his face.

“Oh my God!” I screamed. “What the fuck is going on!!”

I stood up and pushed my dress down as fast as I could and I ran to Pierre.

“I was waiting in here… I thought it was you and…”

“You what? Decide to fuck my boss? What the fuck were you thinking? That’s it, it’s over!”

He turned to walk out of the office.

“Pierre!” I screamed.

He stopped and slowly turned around…


Needless to say I was pissed off the remainder of the night. I couldn’t believe what had happened. I couldn’t believe he actually got me on a Halloween prank! But after all, isn’t the saying “Trick or Treat” right? You get a trick OR a treat. Well I got a trick AND a treat. Pierre got a treat too… the boss gave him a raise. 🙂

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A Naughty Nanny’s ‘Special’ Service

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My wife Denise and I seemed to be the typical couple in their thirties with great jobs, our own home in an upscale neighborhood, healthy twin daughters, and – at least on outward appearances – a solid marriage, but every couple has its secrets.

While I still loved her, Denise wasn’t exactly giving me what I needed sexually often as she once did. Very few positions (except anal) turned her off when we dated for over five years; back then, she was ready to fuck any time and anywhere.

Our sex life continued to be hot after we married, at least until Denise became pregnant when she was twenty-five and I twenty-seven. We’d only been married a little over two years at the time and didn’t plan to have kids. However, the first time I laid eyes on my two baby girls, I vowed to be the best father possible to them.

Denise is a excellent mother, but after giving birth to Jade and Joni, sex became rare. She had the usual excuses; a long day at work, activities with the girls, a headache, her period. I pretty much heard them all. It got to the point I considered myself lucky to get laid twice a week, with the exception of about a week before her period was due. I looked forward to those times; Denise would be incredibly horny and we’d fuck each other’s brains out just like the old days.

Between sparse conjugal pleasures with my wife, masturbation was the only other option I had to get any relief. Even though Denise had a couple of hot girlfriends I wouldn’t have minded getting into bed under different circumstances, Talia and Caitlyn never more than played major roles in my jerking off fantasies. I never considered screwing around despite having a high sex drive. Not only was I still very much in love with my wife, but also more than well aware how easily one could contract nasty diseases with multiple partners. No thanks!

I usually crept downstairs many nights long after Denise and the girls were asleep. Totally naked on the couch, I’d stroke my hard shaft to either my favorite porn or fantasies of Talia and Caitlyn. Coming was always a messy moment, so I always made sure to spread a towel beneath me and had plenty of tissues nearby. Once I’d gotten off and caught my breath, I was able to get a good night’s sleep.

When the girls turned six, Denise was promoted to a full-time position at her job and my business became more brisk, so we needed extra help. Several women of various ages applied for the live-in nanny position we advertised. We spent the next several weeks interviewing, checking references, and doing background checks until both of us considered Summer perfect for the position. Summer added that she offered special services, but didn’t elaborate what they were. Both Denise and I assumed we’d know soon enough.

My wife agreeing to hire such an attractive woman came as a shock to me. Summer was twenty-two with long blonde hair, distinctive blue eyes, round yet tight ass, and perfect 36D breasts. It didn’t help that she wore skimpy outfits, barely leaving anything to the imagination. Keeping my eyes off her was a difficult task, and Summer soon replaced Taryn and Caitlyn in my stroke fantasies.

Whether or not ataşehir escort Denise and I had sex, making a beeline to the den after everyone was asleep became a nightly ritual. Though porn played in the background, I often imagined my hard cock thrusting between Summer’s tits or her sucking me with her sensuous mouth before we fucked each other to mind-blowing orgasms.

Fantasies about our nanny became more intense after I came home one day for lunch. Denise was still at work and the girls in school, so Summer and I were alone in the house.

Or so I thought.

I heard moans coming from her bedroom, and went to check and see if she was okay. The door was ajar, and I soon caught sight of Summer and her boyfriend fucking doggy style.

“Fuck yesss,” she hissed. “Give me that hard cock. I want to feel all of it in me.”

Her boyfriend ground deeper into her, both clearly enjoying the intense, raw sex. He tangled his fingers in her hair while continuing to pump in and out of her.

“Faster!” Summer grunted. “Faster, you bastard; you know you want it!”

Kevin picked up his pace, pounding into her furiously. “Do you like getting fucked like this, baby? You like taking me from behind?”

“Yes! Ride me harder. Give it all to me!” she breathed heavily.

“Summer…God, your pussy feels so good…”

He pulled almost all the way out before slamming into her with as much force as he could gather. His hips bucked sharply as he breathed hard and bellowed he was going to come.

Both cried out as their climaxes melted into one. He soon sagged against her, both drained of energy, their breaths ragged.

“God damn, baby,” Kevin chuckled when he pulled out of Summer’s pussy. “That was hot!”

“Why thank you.” she giggled and slapped his ass.

“Need to leave after I get rid of this rubber,” he said before going into her private bathroom.

She began putting on her clothes. “Good idea; Josh should be home for lunch soon.”

Aroused from what I saw, I ducked into the master bathroom and replayed the scene I’d just witnessed in my head, replacing Kevin with myself as the one who plowed Summer from behind. I quickly grabbed a dirty towel from the hamper moments before shooting a copious amount of semen into it, the hardest I’d come to date.

I sat back on the toilet and composed myself, remaining hidden in the bathroom for several more minutes before I heard Kevin’s car pull out of the driveway.

“Josh!” Summer gasped after she came inside. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Sorry,” I replied, not letting on what I’d seen moments before. “Had to make a quick trip to the john. Guess I drank too much coffee at work.”

“Your lunch is in the microwave.”

“Thanks. Whose car was outside?”

“Kevin stopped by for a few minutes. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not; just don’t let Denise find out.”

“Right, she doesn’t want me having company while you guys are at work.”

“No big deal. You’re here alone all day, a visitor now and then won’t hurt. I’ll talk to her if there are any problems.”

I then smiled and pulled out ataşehir escort bayan my checkbook. “I also remembered today is your pay day, young lady.”

Summer took the check from my hand and glanced at it. “You are too generous.”

“Any problems with the girls?” I asked.

“Very few. I think this is one of the best jobs I’ve had.”

She took my empty dishes and put them in the sink. “I’ll go to the bank soon as I finish these and vacuum.”

“I’m hanging out a little longer if you want a ride,” I offered.

“Oh thanks, Josh! I won’t be long.”

“Take your time.”

It wasn’t easy for me to concentrate on some paperwork while Summer completed her chores. I caught a quick glimpse of her ass as she stood at the sink with her back to me and then sneaked a peek of her magnificent cleavage out of the corner of my eye when she bent to take something from a lower cabinet. Knowing I wouldn’t have much time for a second round of jerking off before going back to work, I quickly turned back to the stack of papers I needed to sign.

I finished the last form just as Summer was ready to leave. We chatted on the way to the bank before I dropped her off in front and said I’d try to be back home around six-thirty. She promised to be home to meet the girls after school and start dinner before Denise returned from work.

I sat for a few more minutes and watched her walk inside the bank. God, she was sexy!

I felt my cock twitch, which jolted me back to reality. I started the car and headed back to my business, hoping to concentrate on the work that awaited me.


Visions of Summer fucking her boyfriend never left the back of my mind well into the evening. By the time everyone had gone to bed that night, I was hornier than I’d been in a long time.

I spooned against Denise and pressed my erection into the crack of her ass. I kissed her neck as one hand fondled her right breast and the other slipped into her pajama pants.

“I want you so much, baby,” I growled in her ear.

“Josh…please…not tonight,” she moaned in protest and pulled away. “I was swamped at work and then had a conference with the girls’ teacher. I’m tired.”

“You know, it would be nice to have sex with my wife once in a while, or do we need to schedule that too?”

“It’s been a long day and I just want to go to sleep.”

I flopped on my back and sighed in disgust. “This is bullshit.”

“I’m sorry, honey. Maybe we can have a little fun this weekend when the girls are at my parents’ house and Summer goes away with her friends.”

It was going to be yet another night spent with my hand. “Sure, baby, whatever you say.”

I lay wide awake for a long time, eventually hearing Denise’s steady, deep breathing of slumber. I then slowly crawled out of bed, walked downstairs to the den, and popped in a favorite DVD, keeping the volume low enough as to not cause a disturbance.

It didn’t take long for me to stroke my cock with a steady pace while watching a busty blonde perform deep throat on a guy in his forties on the screen. I threw back my head and closed my eyes, imagining myself in the man’s place as I pumped my cock harder.

I didn’t realize someone else was in the room until I felt something wet sliding up and down my shaft. I emitted a low, guttural groan, thinking Denise changed her mind about fucking and found me downstairs.

When I opened my eyes and looked down, I suddenly noticed it wasn’t my wife’s mouth pleasuring me.

“What are you…” I began.

Summer looked up at me and grinned. “Looked like you needed a little help.”

Her tongue resumed dancing over my cock before she suctioned it deep into her mouth. To my surprise, she was able to take my entire length without gagging – something Denise was never able to do – and I loved it. I could feel her throat muscles contracting and relaxing around the head as her talented mouth lavished attention on my erection.

After several minutes of giving me what may have been the best blow job of my life, Summer suddenly slid her mouth off my cock, stood, and straddled my lap.

“Fuck me now,” she said in a low, lustful whisper. “Fuck me, Josh. I want to fuck you.”

I pulled her breasts to my waiting mouth, demandingly sucking each erect nipple. Summer’s fingers tangled in my hair and she pressed my head closer to her, slightly shifted, and spread her legs wider. She kissed me hard, our tongues probing each other’s mouths as my shaft slid deeper into her wet opening. Summer rode me with wild abandon, her face contorted with sheer pleasure. The sight of her enormous breasts bouncing in time while she impaled herself on me was one of the hottest I’d viewed in a long time.

“Does Denise ever fuck you like this?” she asked lustily.

“I’m lucky if I get any pussy from her on the weekends.”

“No wonder you’re so horny. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day I started working here. You wanted me too, didn’t you?”

“Oh…hell…yes…” I managed to get out.

“I’ll give you all the sex you want, Josh. I’ll always be ready for you.”

“Whatever it takes to get me off, baby. You look so hot riding me.”

“God, I’m coming!” she whimpered. “Harder, Josh! Fuck me harder!”

I reveled in the sensations of Summer’s body quivering in orgasm. She continued to eagerly give herself to me and bit into my skin, careful not to let her sounds of ecstasy filter through the house. I groaned and dug my fingers into her ass, my upward thrusts meeting her downward strokes.

“I love bareback so much,” she moaned. “Kevin won’t fuck me without a condom. You like the feeling of me sliding up and down your big cock? Am I as good as your wife?”

“Much better, baby,” I gasped. “Best pussy I’ve had in ages.”

“You’re everything I’ve fantasized and more. Give it to me harder and faster, Josh. Make me come again!”

She grabbed hold of the one of the couch arms, leaned back, bit her lip and impaled herself on me with quick, hard strokes.

Her latest climax sent me over the edge. “Oh, Summer, I’m going to…”

She quickly jumped off my lap, knelt on the floor, and finished me off with her mouth. I exploded down her throat within seconds and she swallowed my entire load with enthusiasm.

Summer smiled up at me and licked her lips when she finished. “Now you know what ‘special’ services I offer, but only you will get them.”

I went upstairs not long after and slept through the entire night.

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A Taxi Cab Ride to Remember

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Non Nude

When I was younger I would look forward to the serendipity section of “real” letters to skin magazines, those unbelievable stories that, upon reflection, may or may not have actually occurred in real life.

I mean I’d never thought I’d get a blow job on a train, but well, it happened…just like I had once read in a magazine. I’d never screwed my sister, but then, who would want to?

Reading those stories back then was so very exciting. Now we have Literotica, where people spin yarns of all kinds, many of which undoubtedly are based in part on real live life occurrences while others, well, are the results of active, wishful imaginations.

My buddy Steve, for instance, and I were sharing some brews when he just had to tell me how he’d banged a woman at work he’d been flirting with for years. He did her in a storage closet. No reason it wasn’t true!

Those mind blowing, out of the ordinary experiences are way too few and are way too far apart for this guy. Most of mine centered on the unfaithfulness of my fucking whore of an ex-wife, which by itself proved there are a lot of those serendipity experiences out there because she played a starring role. Not bad, except for the fact she was having them with a score of other guys, not yours truly.

Still I have had a fair share of hot experiences. The best are mere happenstance. Unplanned moments in time that you have to tell someone about – but by the same token, you can’t tell your better half, your significant other, your wife or partner. They might be innocent, or sometimes pre-meditated adultery.

I had dated a sweet, innocent girl in high school, Chloe, for months of my senior year. She was a pretty young sweetheart of a girl. We went to dances, dinners, movies and hung out together, not as a couple because we weren’t steady or anything, but we were close. She did date a couple other guys, but we had something special.

Over the months we’d kiss, hell we’d made out and let our hands wander all over each other’s clothed bodies. So much wandering that I’d had several wet dates rubbing against her or with her.

I’d asked, begged, cajoled and tried every trick in the book to have her jerk me off, blow me and even offered to lick her pussy. “No way, Rob, no way.” It wasn’t to be. No matter how I asked her in the car at Crum Creek Park among the parked cars other lovers, no actual insertion sex was going to happen.

Yet playing with those boobies covered by thick and soft sweaters wasn’t exactly a chore, and fake fucking her on the floor of her parent’s basement was pretty hot as well. We shared a lot of youth together as 18-year-olds before going out separate ways to colleges on different coasts. Oh we kept in touch, but from afar wasn’t the same. We each dated others and after a bit the being in touch got farther and farther apart.

She got married right after college to a future lawyer, working herself as an accounting manager before kids came into the picture. Her husband ultimately because a prominent lawyer, and around the holiday season I’d occasionally see them at her parent’s stately brick house.

Our ways had parted, each had our own lives, but every once in a while I’d think of her just wondering what she was up to, how she was doing.

I’d do the same for other girls I had dated, guys I’d known to for that matter, just wondering.

It was surprising when the “friend” request came in from one of those business card sharing sites.

Chloe Simpson wants to link up with you online, a friend.

Clicking though, I saw her photo, smiling in a business setting, and of course I clicked yes.

That led to being able to see her business background and her mine, and over time we exchanged hellos and how are you doing notes.

Nothing untoward, just old friends reminiscing and talking about our families, our worlds and the things we were now doing with our lives. She gave me a shoulder to cry on when Nancy Jean was doing her Blowjob Queen imitation, sucking off guys behind my back that I’d ultimately found out about. Chloe advised me to kick her ass out, but gracefully, which ultimately I did. I’d counseled Chloe ongoing part-time so she could spend more time with her kids, especially since her hubby was a prominent lawyer and they didn’t need her salary.

We saw each other a couple times over holidays when they flew in – first class – from the coast, and actually had dinner once when her hubby was speaking in Wilmington at a conference. It was worth the hour drive, as she was just like I remembered, only more mature and, well, pretty.

Statuesque I’d say. She worked out a couple times a week and did yoga as well.

That night she smiled and kissed me on the cheek when the night ended, and I watched longingly as she strode into the lobby of her hotel and presumably tuzla bayan escortlar into the arms of her husband. Still, it was great seeing her, discussing the good old days, jobs, kids, politics and the economy.

Our friendship continued and we’d regularly e-mail and we made a habit of talking at least once a month. Texting was out – no reason to get our spouses reason to suspect anything, because there was nothing happening between us but friendship!

In a lot of ways we were like old friends chatting, mostly about work, friends and our relationships. Chloe was very helpful with my problem of Nancy Jean, and when she hit me that Charles, her husband, was, possibly having an affair with his executive assistant I tried to be supportive.

Her situation was different than mine had been. I caught Nancy Jean in the act. She merely suspected Charles was straying, but there were late nights and excuses for not making love when he arrived home – even when she dressed inappropriately appropriate for the occasion. In her case, he was the huge main breadwinner and she was on a pre-nuptial agreement that was crucify her, not him, if they split up for any reason.

They continued on, living life, humping on Saturday nights, and traveling royally to this vacation place or that. Always looking good, always being perfect.

The rumor and innuendo phase ended when she was doing the laundry and accidentally found lipstick streaks on his boxers. How he could have been so stupid one can only surmise, but she knew lipstick and she knew his boxers and putting two and two together didn’t take CSI. The man was cheating, getting his whistle blown, by someone who wore crimson maestro on their lips.

She looked the other way or was merely resigned at the fact of his transgressions, made the best of it, and I helped her navigate those shark filled waters to remain sane.

It wasn’t that she and I weren’t inappropriate at times, as we’d disclose intimate details about our relationships when there were intimate details to disclose. She’d talk about how Charles loved going down on her and then banging fast and furious without regard to her orgasm. I’d laugh and complain when my current lover did this or that, or even give her the details of my naughty behavior with Nancy Jean who regularly called on me to help ends meet. That was fine with me, as long as the end of my cock met her mouth!

Chloe was very interested in Nancy Jean from an almost serendipity story angle. I’d tell a tale, embellish when I could, and smiled to myself when I believed Chloe was actually Jilling off to my stories. She particularly liked those centering on Nancy Jean coming to my office to plead for an increase in my monthly stipend to supplement her teacher’s pay.

Those naughty calls were exciting for me as well, as I knew I was an incorrigible jerk “making” Nancy Jean suck me off in the office with my secretary right outside the door. But also so very exciting because Chloe got off on the differing ways I’d humiliate my serial cheating ex-wife.

Chloe and I’d trade naughty stories, and every once in a while we’d talk on the phone about those high school days, doing, well, phone sex about rubbing each other off on the basement of her parent’s house.

Thinking about it always brought a smile to my face from the fond memories.

All of which brings us to the present, as a couple months back Chloe emailed to say she’d be in Philadelphia with Charles as he would be speaking at a another hoity conference. One thing led to another and we agreed that we’d meet for dinner on the night he’d be sequestered with co-workers and competitors in the conference cocktail party and dinner.

Believe me, I had no false expectations about the night. Dinner and a walk or something, and I was not even remotely thinking “anything” naughty would happen. Just two old friends getting together and having a nice night out.

She met me at the restaurant Moshulu, a legendary Scottish sailing vessel, the world’s oldest and largest square rigged sailing vessel still afloat. A fixture on the Delaware River just off Philadelphia’s Society Hill, I felt it would be an away from prying eyes location for a fun dinner. It was that and more. Her husband was across town at his convention so the coast was clear. She just said she was visiting some high school friends for dinner while he listened to droning on speakers.

Sitting at a table next to a window overlooking the river I glanced twice at the woman who stepped into the dining room and stopped, looking around. The first look was, well, wow, what a pretty woman. The second one ignited my brain into realizing the woman in the striking black dress was Chloe.

We hugged and sat, enjoying wine and the view of the river in a escort tuzla bayanlar half moon booth. It was noisy in the restaurant so I slid my ass over toward her and we sat side-by-side where we didn’t have to speak loudly to hear each other.

The food was good, the company better, and the night flew by quickly. We talked about today, but focused heavily on the past where we’d trade stories about the people we grew up with and what they were doing now. About people we’d dated, and there was of course some innuendo about the two of us doing naughty things in the car or basement floor. She even joked that she should have “given it up” for me back in the day, and I explained that then I’d have been her “butt boy” forever.

We laughed.

I smiled when I noticed a guy at a table across from us kept looking at our table. He’s start at Chloe’s legs, which I surmised were encased by black pantyhose.

After dinner we walked the outside of the ship, enjoying the night, and we hugged. She kissed my cheek and we walked arm and arm from the vessel.

There was no wait for a taxi and I told the cabbie where we were heading, but to take a circuitous route along the riverside, Market Street, and the parkway to the Art Museum before heading to her hotel.

The cabbie, a grizzly looking guy wearing a Phillies cap, wasn’t the type to give a street-by-street description of the City. Rather he’d answer questions as we went, but truthfully there were not many. We held each other close in the back seat, two old friends, until that spell was somewhat broken when Chloe’s hand moved from my thigh to my crotch.

At first I was going to say something, but thinking better I just sat there as she began stroking my dick thought by pants along the ride along Delaware Avenue. She looked at me and smiled, and I bent over and kissed her cheek.

Moving back she kept stroking as the cabbie discretely watched the action in his rear view.

When Chloe leaned over and whispered, “Take it out,” I thought I’d cum in my pants. Maneuvering around, unzipping and slipping my dick out of my underwear, Chloe gave a little gasp as it sprang to attention. “He likes me,” was her whispered statement. “It’s so nice.”

Nuzzling against my neck, Chloe stroked my dick as I wiggled to her touch. It was incredible. Her hand moved with a bit of practiced precision and elicited all kinds of sensations, all of which made me want to blast. We were stopped at a red light a block from City Hall when I said I was getting close, and she backed off.

The spell was nearly broken when her smart phone started ringing the theme from the LA Law television series, saying it was her husband. She apologized as I noted the cabbie looked astonished that the girl jerking me off was going to take a call from her husband. I just kept thinking it was a dumb fucking phone not a smart time given the timing of the call and the breaking of the spell.

“Hello Charles. Yes, great dinner, just leaving the restaurant…in the lobby? Okay, but it will be 20 minutes or so. Yes, I love you too. Hope the dinner was good. Mine was great…bye.”

Chloe clicked her phone to ensure the line was disconnected, smart girl. Thinking the mood was broken and the hotel was next stop, I was resigned to a highlight reel of her actions over the last few minutes that I could replay when I whacked off.

“How far are we from the hotel?” she asked.

“About seven minutes,” replied the cabbie. “We can still circle the Art Museum and be there in 15, no problem.”

Chloe looked at me, reaching over and stroking me once again. “Let’s do that, and, uh, keep your eyes on the road!”

“Yes mam,” said the cabbie, winking at me when she wasn’t looking. It was as if she and he knew something I didn’t. But I soon found out.

Stroking my cock back to full erection, we slowly drive up the Ben Franklin Parkway toward the Rocky Statue at the Art Museum. I mentioned to her that her ministrations felt great, but she slowed, looked at me, and said emphatically, “You haven’t felt anything yet.”

While that registered, she slipped even closer, lowered her head, and began licking my mushroom. Round and round she went with her tongue, wetly licking my dick while stroking from the base upward. It was an incredible feeling, but not as incredible as when those lovely lips encircled my cock and slowly made their way down the shaft and then back up.

I groaned without knowing it at first, and then looked forward where the cabbie was adjusting his mirror for a better look. Soon we had circled the museum and the cabbie pulled to a stop, not at a light but across from the Art Museum steps.

Chloe was working my cock, up and down all the while stroking as I moved in cadence with her movements. The gebze escort girl could suck cock, and I was receiving the benefit of her practiced charm. She alternated quick hand strokes with slow mouth magic, then reversed the sensation. On her knees in the back seat now for better traction, I reached over and played with her ass while enjoying the mouth music.

The cabbie had given up all of his ignoring façade and was now turned around and watching the girl work my bulging cock. His eyes were riveted on the action as I slowly lifted her black dress and displayed her dark panties perfectly set off with four garter straps holding up black stockings and not pantyhose. The gap between stocking tops and panties reflected ever so white in the moonlight, and that view got me hotter.

Holding a hand on Chloe’s head to guide her, I was in heaven. She worked feverously on my dick, bringing forth wonderful sensations. She was a great cocksucker and I merely watched as she savored my well worked cock. Soon I pointed to the cabbie’s hand, lifted mine, and he replaced with his moving her head for me.

Unbelievable! If she knew, she didn’t say anything, as she merely kept sucking my cock.

Suffice it to say, this kind of action doesn’t last long, and soon I whispered that I was going to cum so she could move off my cock as I blasted.

My words just slowed her sucking and she firmly tightened her lips around my dick. The explosion that followed was full of a series of spurts that came from deep within me, more than I can remember cumming in ages. My dick jerked as she played with it, sending sensations throughout.

All the while she stayed affixed to my cock like glue held us together.

When I came out of my orgasmic state I motioned from the cabbie to get us going, hoping Chloe didn’t have a clue to my ungentlemanly actions of having a stranger hold her head with my cock in her mouth. Seemingly oblivious she cleaned my cock as we made our way over the bridge toward 30th Street Station and the exclusive hotel.

My cock was spic and span cleaned when Chloe arose and sat back in the seat, adjusting her dress, garters and stockings that had been somewhat unaligned in the backseat action.

There had been no words between us since the act as we both seemed to luxuriate in the after sex sensations. As we approached the hotel the phone rang again. Chloe said she’d be there in five minutes and hung up, kissing me on the cheek and saying it had been a wonderful night. She thanked the cabbie as well for driving safely and taking good care of us.

“I forgot to wear my seat belt,” she admitted, and both of us laughed.

We were the fourth cab in line at the front of the hotel and Chloe insisted on jumping out, saying Charles might get the wrong idea if she saw her and a guy in the cab. She strode across the way to the front door, never looking back but walking with a bit of a sway that was oh so very hot. The cabbie inched his way forward, as there wasn’t a way around the other cars.

“Oh my God,” said the cabbie.


“She is kissing him; she’s kissing her husband after sucking your cock!”

Looking over, she sure was. One leg lifted in the perfect movie pose, his hand held her ass while he was trading spit and cum with his wife. My cum.

I mean, she couldn’t have swallowed it all, right?

We drove back toward the PATCO line where I’d be whisked back to New Jersey, the cabbie and I talking about the ride with him trying to get more information on the mystery wife who had sucked my dick. He couldn’t believe it was the first time it had happened – I said she’d never blown me before – he smiled and said she must have done it in a car before because she was so, well, practiced.

Whatever, it was such as serendipity situation I just had to write about it.

Oh, and the cab driver got a $40 tip in addition to his free porn show.

EPILOGUE – Chloe called me upon her return to the west coast. We spoke for a while before she admitted that Charles was overly amorous that night when they went to their room.

“I don’t know what got into him, but I was so hot after kissing him with some of your stuff still in my mouth I’d have humped a camel!”

She related that they’d met some of his friends for a half hour or so, his hands roaming her stocking covered legs, before heading upstairs.

Upon entering the room he bent her over the writing desk, lifted up her dress and slipped down her panties quickly, slipping his dick in and fucking her fast and furiously until he shot a load faster than he had in months.

“It was great! I kept thinking it was you…in the backseat of the cab…and the cabbie was watching.”

I said for her to hold that thought, that it was a “date” and we’d have to do it.

She said she didn’t know if she could follow through that far – full sex – but that she “wanted my cock in her mouth again in any event. I love your big dick.”

Smiling, I contemplated the future, glad I’d gotten that cabbie’s number. He was a keeper as well. A driver who could watch and not crash must be worth a good tip.

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A Visit From Montreal

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I waited nervously by the baggage claim escalator in the airport. I’d been waiting almost a year for Marie to visit from Montreal. We’d had a very strong online relationship over the past year and she’d wanted to come down to Florida so she could go to the beach, my being here was just the perfect excuse.

I watched the people coming down the escalator, looking for her reddish brown hair and creamy skin, I could feel my heart trying to beat out of my chest from the anticipation. I glanced down at my watch and when I looked up I saw her coming down and my heart jumped from my chest and into my throat; She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and she was here for me.

I admired her from below while she still wasn’t aware of me. Her 5’6″ frame was curved nicely in all the right places. Her denim wrapped legs flaring into hips I wanted to rest my hands on, curving back into her waist. My eyes traveled up her stomach and over her breasts. I knew from what she had told me that she wore a 38D bra and looking at them told me they were perfect. Finally my eyes moved up her graceful throat to her oval shaped face framed by her hair. Her pink lips seemed to be begging me to kiss them.

As my eyes reached hers I found her staring back at me. I was lost in a sea of green light. I couldn’t stop a huge smile from appearing on my face and it got bigger when she returned it.

I walked forward to meet her at the bottom of the escalator. As she reached the floor I took her in my arms and spun her around, away from the people crowding behind. My hands resting comfortably at the small of her back as I stared down into her heavenly green eyes.

“I have been dreaming of this for so long sweetheart,” I said as I leaned down. She tilted her face up and met me halfway. Our first kiss was slow and gentle, our lips parting slightly as my eyes closed. She brought her arms up around my neck, pulling me in as our lips parted further and our tongues darted forward, dancing together.

I slowly pulled back, smiling to myself when I heard her moan in disappointment. “It’s a little too public here for us to go further,” I whispered with a grin.

“You probably right,” she said in her high pitched French accent that always set sparks flying for me.

I reluctantly let go of her but as I turned she quickly grabbed my hand and we walked together to get her bags. It seemed she didn’t want to break contact anymore than I did.

I tried to grab both her bags off the carousel but she wouldn’t let go of my left hand so I had to settle for letting her get one. I couldn’t help laughing when we tried to get on the elevator without letting go of each other’s hand.

We had the elevator to ourselves so I pulled her close for another kiss. We broke the kiss just as the doors opened and I led her through the parking garage to my car.


The drive to my condo took about twenty minutes and we held hands the whole way while we talked about whatever we could think of to distract us from what was on both our minds. I constantly shifted in my seat, trying to hide my hard on but I don’t think I succeeded, the few times I was able to look over at Marie she was staring at my lap the way I’d stared at her body in the airport.

When we got to my condo I grabbed her bags out of the back and led her inside. I took her back to the guest bedroom and set her bags on the bed.

“Okay, this is the guest room so I’ll let you get settled in,” I said with a straight face and pretended to walk out.

I gave her a couple seconds of shock before I turned back and wrapped her in my arms again. I leaned down and began to kiss her neck and throat, tasting her sweet skin and inhaling her light perfume. Her sighs told me all I needed to know as I worked my way up towards her ear.

I nibbled on her earlobe before I whispered, “Today is all about you. I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy and show you just how incredible you are.”

I led her into my bedroom by the hand and pulled her towards the bed. I reached down to the bottom of her shirt and started to raise it when she stopped me.

“James,” she said hesitantly, “this it is what I want but…I’m so nervous.” Her eyes were still green but the emotions showing were so jumbled I wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was.

“Marie, there’s something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time but I wanted the first time I said it to be when we were together.” I ran one hand along her cheek and brushed it through her hair. “I love you.”

It seemed I said the right thing when tuzla eve gelen escort she reached down and lifted her shirt off. I kept my eyes locked on hers to show her that as much as I wanted her body, I wanted her more. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, my hands somehow steady enough to do it on the first try. She smiled shyly as she let the bra fall off her shoulders. My desire was too much to not look at her milky breasts. Her pink nipples already hardening from her emotions capped the beautiful mounds that were big enough I wasn’t sure I could fit one in my large hand.

“You like what you see,” she asked with a giggle as I stared. Every inch of her was beautiful. I slid my left hand around from her back and slowly dragged my finger tips along the underside of her breast as my right hand slid down her back to cup her ass and pull her against me.

“I think you can feel how much I like it,” I said as I pressed myself against her, my cock straining for release from my jeans as it pressed against her stomach. I cupped her breast in my left hand, my head reeling from the sensation of holding her sexy body, I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth, my lips pressing against her flesh. She gasped softly as my tongue flicked against her nipple. I gently bit down on it as it grew harder in my mouth.

I continued to squeeze her ass with my other hand as I moved my mouth to her other breast, enjoying the sounds she was making in response to my touch.

I felt her hands reach for my belt buckle and start to undo it. My cock jumped at her touch so close. I moved my mouth away from her breasts and raised my head to watch her face as she took my pants off. She had a look of determined concentration that I found adorable and I told her so.

“It’s not fair. I can’t get the belt off,” she complained as she looked up at me with a pout to her pink lips.

“Good. I want you naked first,” I laughed as I moved my hands around her hips to the button on her jeans. “I told you, ‘today is all about you.’ And I mean it.” I popped the button and slid the zipper down. I looked down to see white panties peaking out and I licked my lips in anticipation. I slid my hands inside the waist of her jeans and moved them down along the flare of her hips, staring as more of her skin and panties came into view. I could see a brown patch of hair underneath and as her jeans slid down her thighs I saw a damp spot at the bottom of her panties and I could just barely smell her arousal coming from her pussy.

When her jeans reached the floor she kicked out of them and pushed them aside with her shoes. My hands began to explore around her thighs and ass, feeling her smooth skin sent shivers of pleasure up my spine.

“Lay back on the bed,” I told her. She gave me a smile filled with lust as she did. I stared at the damp spot between her legs as she spread her legs in front of me. I reached up and hooked my thumbs in the sides of her underwear and pulled them slowly up her milk white legs. The dampness clung to her for just a moment before sliding away, revealing her sex to my hungry eyes.

I growled deep in my throat as I again stared at her. The hair around her pussy was brown and it looked like she kept it well trimmed but still full. I’d never liked it when women shaved and I was happy that she didn’t. Her cunt was a deep pink, the outer lips swollen from arousal, the inner lips peaking out and parted slightly.

I pulled my desk chair over so I could sit at eye level, I wanted to lick and suck at her pussy for a long time. I pulled her legs down so her knees were resting behind my shoulders. My hands found their way to her creamy round ass cheeks again and squeezed. I could hear Marie moaning softly and whispering something. I didn’t know much French but I guessed she was begging me to hurry.

I leaned forward, and pressed my nose into her bush, just above her pussy and took a deep breath, her sweet smell filling my head. I began planting kisses around her inner thighs, slowly working my way to her center, building the pressure in her. As I got closer she put one hand on the back of my head, trying to pull me to her pussy. I smiled as I moved in and flicked my tongue out, running up the length of her cunt.

“Oh BAISE,” she yelled at the contact. I knew enough French to know that was “Oh Fuck”.

I pressed my mouth tight against her pussy, my tongue darting inside her, scooping up her juices as I tried to swallow it all, her sweet musk driving me wild. I alternately licked her full length tuzla yeni escort and chewed on her lips. I could feel her body starting to shake and the French she was moaning told me she was getting close to an orgasm.

I moved my hands off her ass and brought them around her hips. I slid my thumbs down through her soft hair until I could spread the tops of her pussy lips open. I could now see her clit poking out slightly from it’s hood, the little pink pleasure point that I knew would take her over the edge. I took a long slow lick up the center of her twat before clamping my mouth down on her clit.

Her legs gripped my head like a vice as her orgasm took her. “Je suis venue!” she yelled. “I’m cumming!” I flicked my tongue back and forth along her clit as her body shook from her orgasm.. I wasn’t sure how long I could breathe with my head held so tight but I didn’t care, I was taking my dream woman over the top.

I felt her trembling slow and her legs went limp, still holding around my head but loose enough I could catch my breath. I was still holding her clit in my mouth but I had no pressure on it, I wasn’t sure if she could handle another orgasm so quickly after that powerful one.

“Oh James,” she panted, “how you come to know to do that? I not feel like that in so long.”

I grinned up at her, letting my eyes travel up from her pussy, over her smooth stomach, and past her creamy breasts and pink nipples. All I could see was her chin, she was too tired to even raise her head.

“You mean, how did I learn to do this,” I asked as I took her clit back into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it again. I only held it for a few seconds before moving back down to the base of her cunt and I began to lick up her cum. I still tasted the sweet, strawberry like musk but with a sharper taste. I knew that if her pussy had been over the bed the sheets would be soaked through, she’d cum so much.

As I continued to eat her pussy I pushed the chair out from behind me and tried to keep myself hunched over so she wouldn’t feel any change. I took my hands away from her body for just a second to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my jeans. Before she could guess at what I was doing I planted my tongue back over her clit and brought my right hand up to her pussy. I slid my index finger into her tight cunt up to the second knuckle. She was incredibly wet and I couldn’t believe how tight she felt, I wasn’t sure my cock could fit if I tried.

I wasn’t sure we were going to take the next step or not but I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. I used my other hand to slide my pants off as quietly as I could. My cock jumped up as soon as it was free, slapping against my stomach, smearing some of my pre-cum on me.

I drove her to another orgasm with my tongue and fingers and was rewarded with a splash on my chin as she came. I couldn’t get enough of her but I knew she needed a break. As gently as I could I took a hold on her legs and slid her up and across the bed so her whole body was supported.

I stood beside the bed staring down at the beautiful woman I’d just pleasured. Her red hair was fanned out under her head with her eyes closed behind her glasses that she hadn’t thought to take off before we started. Her pale skin was the same shade over every inch of her body, if we made it to the beach she’d have to be very careful about sun block or she’d burn very badly. Her tits sagged slightly because of her pose on the bed but her nipples still stood up, pointing at the ceiling. She was so tired her legs were splayed out, very unladylike, presenting her dark brown bush and glistening pussy to me. Her creamy thighs showed no signs of age, smooth skin running down to her knees and along to her shapely calves that I’d stared at in pictures for so long. Even her dainty feet were sexy to me.

“That is for me,” she asked with a deep blush in her cheeks, pointing at my cock. I wasn’t overly large, but seven inches was still pretty good I thought.

“Once you’re rested it might be,” I said with a smile as I climbed on the bed next to her.

We’d talked so many times about holding each other in bed and now we were finally doing it. She turned on her side to face me and as I slid left arm around her back she brought her leg over mine, holding me in place.

We stayed like that for around half an hour, kissing and enjoying the feel of each others bodies, not saying a word.

Eventually our kisses became more passionate, our tongues swirling together and I felt her hand slid down between us and grip my cock. tuzla genç escort I knew she wanted to take control at this point so I let her slowly stroke my shaft, sometimes circling the head, smoothing the pre-cum over it as she did. I kissed at her neck again and nibbled on her skin the way I now knew she liked.

“Marie, I need you to know, I haven’t been with anyone in a long time and you’ve already got me in overdrive. I won’t last long inside you the first time.”

“It is okay, my love. I just want feel you in me,” she said as she pressed me onto my back.

She slid her body on top of me, I could feel her breasts pressed down on my chest and her pussy leaving a wet trail on my thigh.

She kept her grip on my penis and slowly lowered herself over me. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she got closer, our bodies nearly one at last. Our eyes locked at the first contact, my head nuzzling between her wet lips. She groaned softly and bit her lip as she moved slowly down. I was in ecstasy as I felt her warm, velvet wetness grip my cock. This first penetration nearly pushed me over the edge, I never knew making love could feel like this.

I did the same thing every guy does in this situation: I started chanting in my head, “dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies.” Anything I could think of to slow my body’s reaction down.

After what felt like the best hour of my life but was probably a minute she had my full length inside, our pubic bones pressed tight, her thighs stretched tightly over mine.

I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation. “You feel so incredible Marie, I can’t describe it. I don’t want this to ever stop.” I meant every word.

She lifted up a few inches and then lowered herself down until she was pressed tight against me again, her face resting on my shoulder and sighed in contentment. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, my hands resting on her ribs.

I knew if I had any chance of making her cum again, I’d have to cum quickly myself and stay hard inside her. I planted my feet flat and slowly pushed my hips up, keeping myself inside her but giving myself room to move under her. I pulled my cock about an inch out and pressed back in, the only sounds now were Marie’s moans and the soft squishing of her pussy against my balls.

I began to move faster, thrusting in and out further but never letting my head leave her tight cunt. After only a few minutes I felt my balls begin to tighten. “Marie, I’m going to cum very soon. Do you want…”

“Cum inside,” she cut me off. I felt her squeeze her twat around the head of my cock and I lost all control.

I groaned loudly as I felt my cum fire up through my shaft and into her womb. Marie leaned down and began kissing me, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth as my cock continued to thrust deep in her pussy. I’d never felt an orgasm so powerful. I felt drained but my cock stayed hard, held tight by this incredible woman.

We continued to make love like that for a while, slow and tender, our combined cum trapped inside her by my cock.

Marie’s moans grew louder and I knew that as much as I loved her, I also wanted to fuck her hard. I still had her body held tight against mine so as I thrust hard into her again I stayed pressed inside her and rolled us over.

I kissed her passionately when I had her on her back, taking full control of her now. I took her thighs in my hands and roughly pulled her hips up as I leaned back on my knees. She planted her feet next to my knees and pushed her cunt up at me as I thrust my cock down. We quickly found a rhythm and fucked hard and fast, her pussy juice squishing out and covering both of our pubic hair.

“Baise-moi,” she yelled over and over as her orgasm neared.

“You are so fucking amazing Marie,” I told her as I tried to wait for her to cum first, “your pussy is so tight it’s like you’re trying to suck my cock dry.”

I thrust harder and faster, grinding my pubic bone against her, pressing down on her clit.

“Cum for me baby, let me feel you cum on my cock Marie.”

Suddenly she reached up and grabbed my bicep as her whole body locked up. Her eyes screwed shut, her lips pealed back almost in a snarl as her orgasm broke.

As the first wave of her orgasm pulsed through her pussy, mine began and I filled her with more cum. I shot off load after load as her body gripped and released around me. I felt her juices squirt out around my cock at the same time, splashing on my balls before making a puddle on the bed.

I rolled off of her as our orgasms ended, my cock covered in our combined juices. I lay down flat on my back next to her, taking deep, shaky breaths as my heart pounded in my chest.

I looked over at her and smiled. She had a grin like the Cheshire Cat and her green eyes sparkled. “It was worth waiting,” she whispered.

“And we’re just getting started my love.”

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A Valentine’s Day to Remember

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She was 5’5 and had the perfect body with measurements of 36-28-35. She had the perfect perky C cup breasts to die for. She was down to earth and had a heart as light and bright as her pale blonde hair. Her eyes were between a sea green and an ocean blue. Every female envied her and ever male wanted her.

That didn’t matter to John though. Elissiah was his. They had been together for as long as he could remember and he wanted her since before then. You see Elissiah was the new girl next door, and John was just a geek. Both were 7 years old when they first met. They became friends immediately. As they got older and started dating they remained friends and gave each other advice and were there for each other during all the break ups. At 16 started dating and were still together when their prom came around. John was so in love with Elissiah that he bought her a pink corsage and a box of chocolates for their prom. It was something he had done since their first date. A small box of chocolates and a flower of some sort.

Now all these years later, he intended to do the best thing ever for Elissiah for Valentine’s Day. He had no idea what it would be as he always topped himself. The best yet was last year. He got her a dozen red roses and a dozen yellow roses, for best friends and the deepest love. He got her a 2 pound box of chocolate and a bottle of wine. He took her to dinner and made the slowest sweetest love to her that night.

This year he had bigger plans. He was going to surprise her with a huge puppy shaped balloon, 2 dozen red roses, half a dozen yellow roses, and rose pedals sprinkled on the bed. He was going to light candles and place them all around the room. He made a mix of the sweetest songs, her favorite ones.

When she came home from work he swept her into his arms and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. He took her to the bathroom where he had a bath run with scented oils in it and candles all around. He put her down and slowly undressed her and placed her in the tub. He bathed her and washed her hair. He smiled as she moaned with delight. He loved spoiling her in every way possible.

When he was done he wrapped her in a towel and carried her to their bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and started massaging her from her neck to the bottoms of her feet. Once he was done he handed her a pink and black silk robe to put on, and tuzla escort bayanlar he walked out of the room. He came back with a tray of roses, strawberries, and then she noticed; the tray was actually the biggest box of chocolates she had ever laid eyes on.

He sat next to her and fed her strawberries dipped in chocolate and kissed her nose with every bite she took. He took a beautiful rose and trailed it along her jaw, over her lips, down her neck, and to her breasts. He kissed her everywhere the rose touched. He stood up and removed the chocolate dip and the roses, leaving the single rose, strawberries, and box of chocolate. He went to the closet and pulled out a chest. She looked at him quizzically but never said anything, only smiled.

He opened the chocolate and gave her a bite, as she bit into it there was something in her mouth; she pulled it out and was confused as she watched him smile. There was a piece of paper in her chocolate that had a message. She read the message and it said, “Another”. He fed her another, this time the paper read, “Robe off” so she removed her robe; he also undressed at this point. She offered him a chocolate and his paper read, “Kiss” and he leaned over and kissed her. With a smile she let him know she was excited, he decided to give her another and it read, “Scarf”. She was looking at him with a raised eyebrow and he pulled a scarf out of the chest. He tied her hands to the head board. He pulled out another chocolate and it read, “Right breast”. He placed a chocolate on her nipple and told her not to move. He walked out of the room and came back with a bucket and a towel. She was giddy with anticipation.

He gave her another chocolate and it said, “Ankles high”. She had no idea what that meant. She soon came to understand as he brought out some soft rope and began tying her ankles to the same post her hands were tied to. This spread her legs to an almost uncomfortable position. He told her to choose a chocolate and she chose the one in the bottom right corner of the box. That one said “left breast”. He placed a chocolate on her breast and had her choose one last chocolate. Her choice was the very middle of the box. The last chocolate said, “Strawberry”. He pulled out a strawberry and she opened her mouth, awaiting the fruit she watched him trail the fruit down her neck, across istanbul tuzla escort her stomach, down to her pelvis, and felt it being pushed into her freshly shaven pussy.

Her eyes got wide and he just winked. He removed the remainder of the chocolates and removed one last chocolate letting her know that this was his pick. The chocolate read, “begin”. He picked up the bucket and pulled out a piece of ice. He started at her forehead and rubbed it down her nose to her lips. He rubbed it over them until her mouth opened, and she stuck out her tongue. He rubbed it down her chin onto her neck and continued the path to her belly button. He left the ice there and kissed back up the trail the ice had made. He then removed the chocolate from the right breast and the paper inside it said, “Remove strawberry”. He winked at her and grabbed the other chocolate, knowing it would fall once he removed the strawberry from within her. The last piece of chocolate read,” candles”.

He slid down her body and slid his tongue all around her labia making her squirm and moan. He licked across her slit and barely flicked her clit. He placed his mouth over her slit and sucked to remove the berry. He ran his tongue around her clit and back over her slit tasting her juices mixed with the strawberry juice running out of her. He placed his mouth over her opening one last time and sucked the strawberry out. He slid back up her body and shared the pussy juice covered strawberry with her. He then removed another piece of ice and grabbed what was left of the one in her belly button and slid them both over her nipples and down her tummy across her pussy lips.

When he heard her moan he slid first one then the other into her hot pussy. He held them there with his finger while he returned his mouth to her clit and licked her into an orgasm. Once she came her finger fucked her pussy feeling the ice melting. He slid his tongue over her clit and replaced his finger with his tongue. He tongue fucked her and lapped up all her juices from her asshole to her pussy. He slid a finger into her ass and another into her drenched pussy making her moan louder than before.

They had never experimented with anal, but he was planning on it tonight. He placed another finger into her tight, wet, slit. He kept finger fucking her ass and pussy as hard as he kartal escort could. He grabbed another ice cube and pushed it ever so gently into her ass. He licked her clit while finger fucking her towards another orgasm. Just before she came he stopped and grabbed another item from the chest. He placed it on her asshole and turned it on. It was a golden egg that vibrated unmercifully. She had never felt anything like it before. He shoved 2 fingers back into her pussy and began slowly licking her clit again, making sure not to let her come but to bring her close to an orgasm.

Right when she was ready to peak he shoved the egg inside her ass and turned the vibrations all the way up. She was unaware of the slight pain she felt due to the orgasm building within her. He shoved another finger in her pussy and finger fucked her almost violently. She thrashed as much as her restraints would allow and screamed with pleasure. Still he did not let her reach her highest peak. He reached over to the night stand and grabbed a glass of wine that had been sitting there all night and slowly poured it over her clit as he lapped it up. He made her come once more. He then placed his cock in her mouth and poured wine over his shaft for her to suck and lick off. She finally had enough and just sucked his cock down her throat .She sucked his fat cock like there was no tomorrow. He kept shoving it deeper down her throat gagging her. He would pinch and twist her nipples every time she gagged. He couldn’t hold back any longer, so he blew his load down her throat, making her swallow every drop.

He grabbed a dildo from the chest and went back to work on her pussy. The dildo was at least an inch longer and 2 inches wider than his cock. He played with her opening until he was able to slide it into her pussy making her gasp. He licked her clit and all around the dildo in her pussy driving her crazy. He was getting hard again and decided it was time to remove the golden egg. Once removed he placed it on her clit and pushed his cock into her tight ass while she was in the middle of the strongest orgasm she had ever had. He pounded her with his fat cock and the fat dildo and leaned over to bite her nipples, and kiss her mouth. She tasted of strawberries and he tasted of pussy. He came in her ass and slowly pulled his cock out. He placed the egg back inside her ass, and began untying her. He left the room once more and brought back a real box of chocolates, a dozen roses, and the biggest puppy shaped balloon he could find. He kissed her on breasts, her neck, and her lips and simply said, “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

He knew next year he had to top this one, and he was already working on the perfect plan.

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A Swan – Not an Ugly Duckling

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Beverly is a Beautiful Lady

Some people are raised in strict, loving and conservative homes. Some conservativeness is lasting and binding on young members of the family. Some conservative views, especially on dress, gender and sex are extreme — compared to today’s news and morals.

I was raised that way. My Mom wore her hair in a bun, and she wore ankle length dresses and skirts. She never wore makeup, and worked hard in an assembly plant in Georgia. Mom was a strict Baptist all her life. I’ve followed in her steps.

I always buy panties on sale, in a discount store, and with three or more in a pack. They’re plain white and waist high with a reinforced crotch. My bras are plain white, full-figured, and also bulk packaged. I buy my bras a size too small in chest and cup. My breasts are full, but the bra, always worn with a loose fitting top, holds them firmly in place against my chest. I’ve heard people comment that it was too bad that I didn’t have larger breasts.

My skirts are higher than Mom’s were, but still several inches below my knees. My skirts are always oversized, too, and I never wear pants. My hair is in a bun like Mom’s was. A bun is easy to wash, easy to set, and doesn’t draw attention t me after the first glance. I never wear makeup, and I work as a teller in a bank.

I’ve never been married, and only had a few dates — never a steady. I’ve never made love, or petted. I’ve never seen a man’s body except in billboards or on TV. I attend Church twice a month, and I’m lonely.

My desk is closest to the coffee machine in the bank. The newer girls and a few guys are the front counter tellers. I spend most of my time at the desk. People congregate around that coffee machine and they tend to distract me, although I try to ignore them. I hear all kinds of things from them as I work.

I hear about their dates, the new loves in their lives, the conquests they make, and their families and yes, even their sex lives. The young ones are the worst, but many of the older gals and guys are involved, too. Some have lovers in addition to husbands or wives. They don’t even know I’m around — but I am.

I have one good friend at the bank, and we talk at work and on the phone from home. She is a few years younger, but very competent. She’s also, marginally more sociable than I am. She’s had a few steadies, and even almost married twice. She tells me all about her dates and I always listen attentively. She uses a lot of “You know” in our talks. I told her several times when we first met, that I didn’t know, but she still asks. Last week the bank hired a new guy. He’s a good worker and handsome. He also introduced himself to me — walked right up and said “Hi! I’m Dave” bold as you please. What could I do, I said ‘Hi’ and went back to work. He’s been on my mind a lot lately.

I asked my friend if she thought a guy would ever ‘like’ me, and she said that if I dressed up they might. Three nights ago she came over and the discussion continued. She said that I was too quiet and that I had to dress more provocatively. She also said that I should get my hair done, get some nice heels, a tight dress, and sexy undies. She said that if I needed them, I should pad my bra. She also said that I should buy and learn to use some makeup.

You can’t imagine how insulted I was. I wanted to ask her to leave — but I didn’t. She used the makeup from her purse to show me some things about its use. She even told me what ‘colors’ to use and what part of my face I should emphasize as well as how to emphasize it. And then, she demanded that I release my bun. I did, and the hair cascaded over my shoulders. She took a hairbrush from my dresser, brushed my hair to straighten it, and then told me that I should always wear it that way. I listened attentively, and when she left I took a hot shower and washed it all off. While I was in the shower I decided to shave my legs (I started doing that after getting into Poison Ivy when I was about nineteen) — nobody ever sees them so I’ve never shaved them often. As I reached the top of my legs, I noticed the long black hair at my crotch and shaved it for the first time ever — what’s gotten into me?

When I’d finished my evening’s ablution, I wrapped a towel around my body and went into the bedroom. As I passed the dresser’s mirror, I caught just a glimpse of myself. I returned to the front of the mirror and studied myself. Would I look better in makeup? Would the guys like me better that way? I dropped the towel to the floor and studied my body. My breasts are not small I told myself, and if I wore clothes like some of those other girls, they’d see that I wasn’t small. I studied my body, turned and studied my profile, and then I turned around and picked up a mirror to look over my shoulder at myself. I thought my ass was fine, in fact I thought it better than many I’d seen. I reached around and with one hand pulled my cheeks apart — they were nice, too.

When I turned back around, I examined tuzla bayan escort my freshly shaved pussy. It had been the focus of my attention many times in the past when I felt life passing me by. I placed a finger on each side of it and raised it. It felt good and I stopped for a moment feeling how close my hand was. I moved back and sat on the edge of my bed and then lay back upon it while I brought my feet up to rest on the edge of the mattress. I spread my legs further apart and my knees spread. Slowly I began to slide my fingers back and forth along my pussy. I hadn’t done this in a very long time, but there was something arousing about its nude softness that I wasn’t used to.

Slowly I used two of my fingers to spread my lips and brought the third finger inside. I felt so good, and the warmth of the feeling radiated outward. I began to explore myself and found great pleasure. After a few moments I felt myself climax, but I wasn’t through yet. I brought my stronger right hand in and raised the fingers of my left to my mouth. I could smell the sweetness, and as my fingers entered my mouth, I began to suck them while imagining this all being caused by a nice man. He would stroke me like this, and I would shudder. He would place my fingers in his mouth and lick them clean.

Then he would feel the want to taste me and drop onto his knees on the floor at the side of the bed. He would lower his head to my naked pussy and begin with his soft tongue and lips. I would climax instantly, but he would ignore it and continue. Slowly he would warm and lubricate me with his tongue. He would raise his lips to my clit and suck gently while his tongue flicked and rubbed it. His hand would come up and his educated fingers would enter my pussy. His fingers would bend and find my sensitive G-spot and begin their work. In moments I would cum and then with his mouth I would cum again. He would quickly suck the juice into his mouth and run his tongue through it, savoring the taste. Now I climaxed on the bed, and my mind returned to my dream. I asked myself “Can I find him?”

Spent and feeling the best I have in months, I stretched out on the bed and began massaging my sensitive nipples. He would do this, too. He would bury his face in them and tweak and fondle one breast while sucking and licking the other. He’d be able to switch from one breast to the other so fast that I wouldn’t lose an instant. He would be able to make me cum just by attending to my breasts.

When he was through, and my body had begun to cool, he would lie atop me and let me slowly guide him in like this. And then he would begin to fuck me. He would be a magnificent and slow lover. He would know every part of my body and how to make love to it. After a moment, he would grab both of my cheeks and roll on the bed and put me on top. I would bring my knees up and back and rock on him while he thrusts and strokes me. His — cock??? — Mmmm yes that sounded nice. His cock would make love to me, and I would drive him out of his mind by loving him like no other lady ever had or will again. I filled my sheet with cum, and laid in it until I could catch my breath. I wondered again if I would ever find him, and if men would ever look at me greedily, wanting my body. I put a towel to cover the wet spot on my bed, turned out the light and slept better than I had in months.

As I listen to the gossip the next morning, I hear that the new guy is single and probably available. Two of the girls decide to compete and see who gets him. It’s as if they’re playing a game. You move, now it’s my turn. I’ve heard of it before, I mean I’m thirty four and I’ve heard a lot of things from other people, but this is the closest I’ve been to seeing it for myself. Don’t they care what he thinks?

As I left that evening, I had to go to a department store for a wallet. Mine was falling apart. As, I walked past the makeup counter, I noticed a saleslady demonstrating the selection and application of makeup. Should I keep on walking? Yes, but I was drawn to watch and listen. After her demonstration, most of the ladies walked away and left me standing alone, like an idiot. The saleslady spotted me instantly and hurried over. She asked if I’d seen their new line of cosmetics, and I said no. Before long I was getting my own demonstration, and she was applying some of it to me. I don’t now why I didn’t tell her to stop and then walk away, but I didn’t. Before long she produced a mirror and I looked. I couldn’t believe how differently I looked, and just then two high school boys walked by and whistled at me. I bought the cosmetic kit — it was expensive, but…

When I left cosmetics and walked to the accessories area, I passed more interesting items. A mannequin was displaying a bra and panty set. It didn’t leave much to my imagination, but again I was curious. I asked how much the set was. It was expensive. I asked the lady if she though they had my size. When she asked what size tuzla olgun escort I didn’t know what to answer, so she escorted me to a dressing room and asked me to partially undress. When she came back, she commented that I was a lot better ‘developed’ than she’d thought. She measured me and left and returned with a set. My hair is very dark and long. She told me that I would look best in either black or scarlet. I couldn’t wear something scarlet, could I? I chose black, and after I paid, I asked if I could wear it home. She was delighted to let me.

I couldn’t believe how brazen I was being. But, I brushed out my hair again, put on my new bra and panties and thought they looked okay — bikini breezy and daring, and revealing, but okay I guess. The saleslady again approached and asked if I’d like to try on a dress or skirt. Why not? — I may as well be damned and branded as a hussy, but I was covertly enjoying myself. I would never wear these things out of my apartment, but what was wrong with wearing them inside occasionally?

The dress she had me try on was black, low cut on my bosom, and the hem was only a little below my buttocks. She told me that I looked good and led me to a mirror outside the dressing room. As I was looking, I turned and tried to see myself from different angles. As I finished, and started back to the dressing room, a light applause rippled through the air. I turned to see where it was coming from and almost fainted. There must have been more than twenty five people standing and watching me. Some of them were ladies, but most of them were men, and one of the ladies asked the clerk to see the same outfit that the ‘model’ was wearing. I blushed deeply and almost ran to the dressing room. I sat in the small straight-backed chair for a long time — totally embarrassed.

It seemed a long time before the clerk came back to ask if I was alright. I tried to tell her how embarrassed I was and she just laughed. She said that I’d gotten more attention than any ‘showing’ they’d ever had. She said her manager came over and wanted to know what the fuss was about, and some guy told her how great their model had been. The store sold six similar dresses while I was in the dressing room, and then the manager came in and asked me if I wanted a part-time job. She volunteered to give me any dress that sold more than five copies after I showed it. What was happening to me?

Well, I redressed in my regular clothing and carried my new purchases out to my car. I lost track of time and must’ve been on autopilot all the way home. I went into my apartment and locked the doors. I cried for awhile and wondered if I could take everything back to the store. It was Friday night about six. About seven thirty my friend from the bank called and asked to come over. When she got there she was concerned about how I looked. I explained what had happened, and she thought it was not only funny, but was neat. She said it was the first time she’d seen me in makeup and that I really looked nice.

She wanted to see me dressed up, and after trying to change the subject, I finally agreed and went into the bedroom to change. Nosey her, she followed me in and watched while I put the stuff back on. As I finished and turned back around, she let out a low whistle and wanted to know which store I’d bought it in — she wanted one, too. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me and told her so. She wanted to bet that she was right. She dared me to find out how people reacted to the new me. I don’t bet, but her idea was intriguing.

She’d just bought a new mini-cam video camera. The thing was only half the size of a hardback book. She volunteered to go into a store behind me and film reactions to what I was wearing, and let me watch it afterward. She even dared me to leave off the bra and panty set, wear only the dress and high-heels. She would loan me the heels, and she wanted me to accidentally ‘flash’ the men in the store. She showed me how to do it without being obvious.

That night I made love to myself longer, slower and more thoroughly. I thought about walking out in public without a bra or panties and I was wet and thoroughly enjoying myself. My bed had another wet spot, larger, this time.

I don’t normally wear high-heels, but these were only a little over two inches high and they were comfortable. The next morning, Saturday, she came over and helped me dress. Then she checked her camera and we got in her new Honda CR-V. She laughed at the men in the street as they watched me step up into the Honda. She even got a couple of seconds of their faces on video, and she showed them to me that night.

We drove to a grocery store and I agreed to buy nothing that required refrigeration because we wouldn’t be home until later. She double-checked my makeup and we got out of the car. She got out first, walked around and had the camera mostly hidden while she filmed the area as I got out of her CR-V.

I walked into tuzla otele gelen escort the store, scared almost speechless, but feeling inwardly thrilled at the adventure. My friend followed me by only twenty feet. As I walked, she said later, no one even noticed that she had her camera out and was filming. Every male cashier and box boy, every man standing in line, and even some of the female cashiers and clerks along with all of the male clerks stocking the shelves, stopped what they were doing and their eyes followed my every move.

I stopped to get a grocery cart, but had trouble pulling two carts apart. Four men rushed to help me. I thanked them and two clerks asked if they could help me find anything. As I walked past a stack of potato chip packages at the end of an aisle, I stopped and picked one from the flavor at the bottom of the table. As I bent over, I let my skirt ride up as my friend had shown me. My legs were together, but those guys still got a show. As I stood again, I bent over to place the package in the very bottom of the basket, and those guys got a view from two perspectives. The first was of my breasts and the second beneath my skirt at the edge of my cart. I was getting very wet from the male attention I was receiving — even the realization that the girls were watching me added to the dampness factor.

As I turned, my friend was grinning from ear to ear and flashed me the victory sign. I was starting to get a ‘high’ from the act, the acceptance by my audience, and the thrill of knowing that men liked what they saw. This had never before come remotely close to happening in my entire life. I felt power now, and liked it. I confidently strolled through the market aisles and whenever I saw a decent looking man I paused and looked at the shelves. Depending on my mood, I would then bend over for something on the bottom shelf, stand high on my toes and reach for something on a top shelf, and then after retrieving an item I would face the man and bend deeply over the edge of the cart to place the item in the bottom. Sometimes I would stay bent over while rearranging items in the cart, and let the guy get both a deep view off my cleavage, but also of the bared cheeks of my ass — with maybe a taste of mystery above the start of the cheeks. I hoped he couldn’t see how wet I was — or maybe I really hoped he could — I was confused by the attention.

We traveled the store and sometimes gave and filmed a show to the same guy more than once. Finally, tiring of the game, I waved my friend over and we pushed the grocery cart to the side of an aisle and left as quickly as we’d come into the store. After we were safely back in the CR-V and driving away, we broke into uproarious laughter at the episode. I took some tissue, turned away and wiped myself dry.

Next, we went to the mall, and innocently repeated the show for nearly every man walking through. I was now being more creative in my show. One time I raised my leg and rested my foot on a brick flower enclosure in the center of the mall. When I raised the foot, the bricks were so high that my knee raised the skirt above the level of my crotch and several men sitting along the side of the mall gazed appreciably and excitedly at my shaved mons.

The entire day was spent traveling and showing, and I was amazed at the attention I drew from men and women alike. My friend, while driving late that afternoon, asked if I didn’t think it would be fun to have all those guys lined up and wearing no clothes, dicks at attention, and us walking the line selecting who we wanted to be with. Eventually I had decreased the wetness factor between my legs, and could go longer without the tissue.

I was silent for awhile. Finally she asked why I hadn’t answered, and started to repeat the question. I was embarrassed, and stopped her. Finally, I apologized and slowly explained that I’d only ever seen a man’s penis in pictures — and only a few then. I told her that I dreamed about them and was fascinated by them, but I’d never actually seen one. She had trouble accepting this at first, and wanted to know if I’d ever slept with a man.

I told her that if I had, then I certainly would have gone looking for the penis — and probably studied it thoroughly. She didn’t believe I was a virgin. After a few more minutes of silence, she asked if I’d ever seen an x-rated movie. I told her no.

Now, she had an idea, she was going home and then we’d drive over to my apartment. I had not idea what her ‘idea’ was. When we got there, she ran inside for just a minute and ran back carrying a black plastic bag that she tossed into the rear seat.

When we finally got home, I told her to make herself home and I’d be right back. It was after eight, and I wasn’t going back outside tonight. I carefully removed my clothing, folded them and put them away. Then I put on only my long white terry cloth robe and returned to the living room. I asked if she was hungry and she assured me that she was — we hadn’t eaten all day.

I fixed some sandwiches and decapped a couple of cokes and returned. She was sitting on the couch with the TV on and a remote control in her hand — talk about a couch potato? When I’d set the stuff down and sat at the other end of the couch, She turned and asked if I wanted to watch a movie.

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A Reply to Aunt Jane

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Sweet Aunt Jane,

My fantasising never ceases.

At any time of the day my mind is liable to drift in to that wishful mode whereby you and I indulge in the most outrageous sexual acts imaginable. Take this morning in bed. There I was, my stiff cock pushing between Margaret’s bum cheeks through the thin sensual material of her nightdress, when my mind wandered to thoughts of you, and a lovely, erotic fantasy developed involving the three of us, and a lady called Toni that you had invited to visit.

The scenario and aspects of its content excited me to the point of losing my self-control, which in turn led to passionate and furious sex with my wife, and eventually her asking me what had made me so horny.

I hope you feel satisfied knowing that, not only are you giving me pleasure through your scurrilous and wanton pictures and emails, but that indirectly you also give pleasure to my wife, when I fuck away my frustrations on her!

Anyhow, back to my fantasy.

The scenario opens with you and Margaret chatting in the lounge over a glass of wine … and looking so, so sexy and desirable. You, Jane, are wearing a close fitting grey dress complemented by red stockings and red stiletto-heeled shoes, leading me to wonder if your lingerie beneath the dress is red, too, because you’ve told me many times that you love wearing this colour underwear.

My lovely wife Margaret is wearing a cream satin blouse with a very full green skirt; the muted sheen of the material is highlighted by glossy, seamed black stockings … stockings I want to run my fingers up and down.

The figure of a blonde-haired woman in her thirties appears. It is Toni. She is dressed in a tight pink skirt and jacket, the buttons undone far enough to display the cleavage of her eye catching breasts in their lacy black support. There is much hugging and kissing between the three of you and I’m introduced to Toni.

Within seconds of our meeting you all head for the stairs, and Toni, who seems to have taken charge of the gathering, orders me to follow on in a few minutes to join you all in the bedroom. Those few minutes waiting are agony and when I consider enough time has elapsed, I too head for the stairs, my hand stroking the erection which is forcing itself against my trousers.

I enter the room to find the three of you kneeling on the bed stripped to your lingerie, all outer clothes discarded haphazardly on the floor as if removed in a hurry. To my absolute delight I find that you are indeed wearing red lingerie, which contrasts sublimely to Toni’s all black satin and lace ensemble, the full-length slip clinging provocatively to her body. The delicate satin straps of the slip are disarranged from her shoulders and hang loosely down her arms, affording Toni a sluttish appearance.

But my eyes are drawn to her voluptuous breasts and the deep cleavage created by her bra, a valley dramatically enhanced by the accompanying twin orbs of her tits and in stark contrast to your own modest, but none the less beautiful, matronly proportions.

Then I’m aware of you and Margaret fondling Toni’s breasts, pulling her dark brown nipples away from their dark brown areolae. The nipples are aroused and have become rigid extending from each breast and demanding to be sucked. Toni has her head thrown back revelling in the bayan tuzla escort attention she’s receiving.

One of her hands is stroking the red lace covering your pussy depressing it between your labia; the material dampens and appears darker. This is obviously frustrating you because you yank aside the panties to allow Toni contact with the moist flesh of your pussy lips, a pussy free from pubic hair.

I watch transfixed and when Toni reaches up with her spare fingers to undo Margaret’s bra, my own hand automatically resumes stroking the bulge in my trousers.

Margaret has chosen mauve, silk lingerie to thrill me with, a colour that seems to add even more whorish promiscuity to the scene on the bed. She shakes the mauve bra free, leaving just a half-slip and those glossy stockings adorning her body.

“Don’t be shy, Peter,” Toni whispers to me. “Take off your clothes and join us. Margaret tells me you love dressing up to fuck her and that you look rather inviting in lingerie.” I don’t need telling twice. I relish any opportunity to indulge my fetish for wearing frivolous underwear and to feel the soft satin and nylon kissing my balls and cock.

So, searching out stockings and suspenders from my closet I pull them on, together with a satin slip but no panties; temporarily satisfying my erection, as it nestles achingly amongst the folds of soft material awaiting the touch of female fingers. But the more impassioned and aroused I feel watching your sensual activity, the more open and urgent my cock stroking becomes.

The seductive tableau taking place on the bed is accompanied by the background sounds of rustling lingerie and the rasping of nylon stockings, providing further stimulus for my aching cock, to say nothing of the bouquet from three different perfumes assaulting my nostrils.

Suddenly, Jane, your frustration becomes vocal and, crying out that you require deeper satisfaction, you fall onto your back, open your legs wide and demand that Margaret and Toni please your pussy. They do your bidding.

I move closer to the bed.

Margaret and Toni soon have your juicy labia spread wide and I watch as your pussy is teased and pulled by two sets of feminine fingers, fingers whose brightly painted nails flash hither and thither in their pursuit of your clitoris. Your cunt becomes wetter and wetter and the squelching sound emanating from it acts like an aphrodisiac, the pink flesh shimmering with moisture. Margaret looks up.

She fixes me with her eyes and motions me closer still.

“You’re always telling me how you want to taste Jane’s juicy pussy.” She says. “Well, now’s your chance, come and suck on her clit, fill your mouth with her honeyed juices.”

Margaret and Toni adjust their positions in order to accommodate me then resume sucking your nipples, as I scramble between your thighs and haul your red panties to one side.

My fingers hold open the tactile, fleshy labia that stand guard at the ambit to your exquisite tunnel and my tongue plunges deep in to the pink, yawning crevasse beyond them. I taste the excitement fizzing on my tongue making me desperate to feel my cock inside you.

Your clitoris is now fully aroused enabling me to nibble and suck on the excited nub of flesh. And, as my teeth gently rake the engorged pendik escort prominence, you utter a cry of protestation, which is ignored. Eventually, I feel myself becoming drunk on the sweetness from your vagina; the cloying, perfumed aroma being exuded is making my head spin.

“I need to fuck you, Jane.” I tell you this in no uncertain terms while i stroke my cock.

“Fuck me, eh? Which of my holes do you want to slip that cock in to, Peter? Do you want it in my pussy, in my arse or both?”

Decisions! Decisions!

“Sit astride me first, I want to play with your tits and suck your nipples.” I answer. “Then I’d like to slide it up your tight arse.” So there is more shuffling as we adopt our positions with you finally straddling my thighs. What joy there is in talking dirty to the woman you’re about to fuck!

Toni joins the action and, grasping my cock, slips it easily between the lips of your velvet labia while Margaret strokes my balls. I gasp with uncontrolled pleasure as your vaginal muscles clench on my shaft temporarily halting any movement. You lean forward and dangle your perfect round breasts in my face. I grab a nipple with my teeth and nip it hard making you cry out once more.

You release my cock and I begin to move in and out, slowly at first before upping the tempo to a steady rhythm, and while all this is happening, Margaret teases your rear passage and licks my cock.

We continue fucking in this manner for several minutes. But then I’m aware of something else happening. Toni is on her knees shuffling up to your rear. I try to concentrate on pleasing you, Jane, but your breasts are pushing into my face making it difficult for me to breathe and I’m also wondering what Toni is going to do.

Then, suddenly, I hear you gasp and straighten up. You swear.

“Fucking hell, Toni, that beast is never going to fit in there!”

“Oh, I think it will, sweetheart. There’s enough juice coming from your pussy to oil it for me.” I sense Toni’s fingers collecting your wetness from the base of my cock and, I presume, working it into your rear-end.

Now, I assume from your outburst that Toni is wearing a strap-on dildo and is trying to fill your arse with it. So I let my mind wander and try to picture the plastic cock working its magic on your rim in its attempt to push further.

Then the reality sets in and I receive the biggest surprise of my life.

Somewhere in the mists of my lust and desire I hear Margaret speaking to Toni.

“Before you fill Jane’s backside with that thing, I think we’d better let Peter in on our little secret.” She says.

“Yes, I agree. I suppose it’s time I revealed all.” Toni replied. “Move around the bed so he can see everything.”

So Margaret shuffles in to a position on her knees alongside my head. Then I am aware of Toni presence, still looking gorgeous, standing before Margaret and lifting the lacy hem of her slip to stocking top level. But there was something not quite right about the scene and then I realised it was the strap-on dildo standing proud beneath the shiny material.

Now, remember all this was taking place as I was fucking Jane, so my brain wasn’t too focussed on what Toni’s little secret was or how she and Margaret were going to reveal it. I surmised it was going to be Margaret tuzla kendi evi olan escort sucking the dildo, but as she ran her hands under Toni’s slip to lift it higher, the surprise was soon obvious!

Toni had a cock!

A hard, thick erect cock and my wife was about to take it in her mouth! Toni looked down at me and smiled.

“This wasn’t what you were expecting, was it? Nice black lingerie and lovely firm tits yes, but a chopper too? I can hear the cogs in your brain whirring, trying to figure out what to do.”

I was speechless, well you can imagine my shock, but it seemed you and Margaret already knew about Toni’s individuality. How many times before had the pair of you been acquainted with her thick cock, I wondered?

Naturally, this revelation had brought a halt to my endeavours with you, but you didn’t see it like that and swiftly resumed moving your pussy up and down my waning erection. I say waning, but within seconds it regained its former glory and was I swiftly picking up the tempo again and, strange as it might sound, the spectacle of Margaret devouring Toni’s cock added much spice and assistance.

“I had no idea.” I whimpered.

“Does it make any difference that Toni has a cock?” Margaret wanted to know between mouthfuls of cock. “That she’s a he and he’s a she, so to speak. That they can both fuck and be fucked.” To add emphasis to Margaret’s point of view, Toni removed her breasts from the black lingerie and proceeded to fondle them.

“I don’t think it does.” I reply.

“I’m pleased to hear that, Peter, so how about I shove my cock up Jane’s arse and we both give her something to remember? Jane has always boasted that double penetration is a fascination she wants to indulge in, so let’s satisfy her fascination! Let’s fill both passages for her!” Toni declared.

I look up at Jane, her mature tits bouncing with the effort of satisfying me. “I think she’s going to enjoy that, Toni,” I answer. “Aren’t you darling Jane, two hard cocks fucking in unison!”

Toni’s thick girth is eventually successful in pushing a path through your rim and filling your rear passage, making you squeal with delight. But her cock is dominant force making my pussy fucking heavy going, but we both do our best to please each orifice for you.

I watch your facial expressions and hope that what I’m seeing there is pure enjoyment and not pain. But it’s not until I hear you groan with satisfaction that my concern is happily laid to rest and take to fucking you with a vengeance.

The elation and thrill of our joint sexual endeavours begins to take its toll and when Toni announces her imminent climax and withdraws her cock, I turn my head to watch her ejaculate over Margaret’s face, positioned precisely for this moment.

The emotional frenzy of seeing this incenses me and a few strokes later I’m cumming in your pussy, filling you with my cream. You flop forward onto my chest panting hard, as I watch Margaret sucking and licking at the spunk on Toni’s cock.

But it appears that my wife isn’t satisfied with a single cum-load. She wants more. So pushing Toni aside she searches out your pussy from behind and, snuggling her face up to your vulva, begins to lap up my own hot, creamy cum oozing from within the folds of your cunt …

Jane, what do you think?

Should I feel disturbed?

Was it eroticism?

In reality I fucked Margaret with the urgency of a teenager!

It was such a powerful fantasy, full of colour and voices … and the thought of fucking you, darling xx.

Tell me what you think.

Please write soon, my darling xx

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A Scary Movie

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I really hate scary movies, and here he is, dragging me to another blood and gore fest. At first I was irritated that he wanted me to go, but I realize he just wants to spend time. I think he enjoys watching me jump, and cover my eyes. It amuses him. The movie was obviously popular. The line for tickets was long, stretching outside the door and people were talking amongst themselves in the chilly evening air. Their breath rose above their heads in puffs of smoke. Taking my hand, he pulled me closer to his body as we arrived at the end of the line. His arm draped casually around my shoulder, turning me towards him. His other hand slipped inside the open front of my jacket to slither down my side and around my back, pulling me up against his warm body.

I lifted my green eyes up to him in question, and he brought his warm full lips down on my neck, suckling oh so gently, his teeth barely grazing my skin. My eyes drifted closed and a smile parted my wet lips as his mouth moved across my skin, sending delicious chills over my body. My nipples instantly hardened, pressing against the scratchy fabric of my sweater. Knowing I would be wearing a heavy jacket, I hadn’t bothered with my bra and now wished that I had. His hand moved even lower, cupping my ass, his middle finger moving slowly against my crack as we pressed together. I had to resist the terrible urge to moan out loud. Someone coughed, and we broke apart slowly, his eyes lifting to see the line was far ahead of us, and the people behind were getting impatient.

We strolled in, our hands linked, and my pussy was wet, tingling inside the tight thong and jeans I had worn. I ached to feel his finger sliding in me, his palm caressing my clit. He paid for the tickets, and we got a drink to share. The ticket taker took the tickets from my hand, and we walked down the hallway to our theater, his hand resting lightly on my ass. A cool rush of air brushed my hair back as the door opened, and he propelled me forward, around the corner to stare up. The theater had stadium seating, and the middle was already crowded. Unsure of where he wanted to sit (he was picky about his movies), I waited until he nudged me forward, and then began climbing the steps. Each time I stepped up, he was right behind me, his index finger teasing the crack of my ass playfully. I growled a reproof back at him, and stopped midway up the stairs near a pair of empty aisle seats.

Shaking his head, he grabbed my hand and pushed upwards, until we were in the topmost row, where none of the seats were taken. He pointed with his chin, not saying a word, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling in the dim lights, to the back corner. I nodded and walked ahead down the dark path. escort bayanlar The lights up here were so dim I couldn’t see the floor of the theater. I made my way to the end of the isle and plopped down in my seat ungracefully, glaring up at him. The screen was tiny, but that was to my advantage as I wouldn’t be that close to the gore fest. I shrugged out of my jacket and leaned against him, holding his warm hand. His thumb rubbed across the bridge of my hand, causing shivers to shoot down my spine as the previews began. With the widening of the screen, the theater became even darker, until the gloom where we were sitting was complete.

The nearest person was about twenty feet away, and I began to concentrate on his body against mine as the movie started. He was warm, so warm pressed up against me, his thigh against mine. I inhaled, smelling the heady sent of his deodorant, gel and clothes. Sighing, I leaned a little closer, my chin resting on his shoulder and nibbled on his neck. He turned his eyes to mine, a smile parting his lips, and his hand left mine, moving slowly against my upper thigh. I licked his neck slowly and playfully, biting, and his hand slid all the way up to feel my warmth, his index finger rubbing softly against my crotch, making me squirm. Sighing in pleasure, I leaned back away from him, spreading my legs a bit so his fingers could feel the folds of my pussy through my jeans. He turned more towards me, the look on his face playful as he rubbed firmer, trying to part my pussy lips with his fingers. My mouth opened to let out a soft moan when a light cough interrupted us. We both froze and looked up.

The figure was standing a couple feet down the aisle from us, and I relaxed when I realized it was one of his friends from school. Chris let out a soft laugh as his friend walked closer, a wicked grin on his face. I smiled politely, this was one of his friends I didn’t know well. It wasn’t until the guy was standing beside us that I realized John’s fingers were still firmly pressing against my pussy. I squirmed uncomfortably as the friends eyes glanced downwards, and fixated on the scene before him. Chris gripped firmer, massaging me playfully, and I stifled the urge to close my legs as his friend moved even closer.

I opened my mouth to object, but Chris put a finger against my lips, and I smelled the subtle sweet aroma of myself on his hand. He then reached down, and unbuttoned my jeans one snap at a time, his eyes watching. I looked down as my yellow satin panties were exposed, but I knew that his friend was watching closely also. He whispered against my ear to lift my hips, and I did as I was told. The cool theater air brought gooseflesh tuzla anal escort to my skin as he jerked my pants down around my ankles quickly, leaving my thighs and legs nude and uncovered.

In the hazy light from the picture, you could see the wet darker spot where his fingers had pressed and played with my pussy until it soaked through the fabric. His hands reached down to spread my thighs further, exposing my entire thong covered pussy for both of them to see. He rubbed his index finger against the fabric, pushing down until my lips were outlined on either side by yellow panty. After getting the material good and soaked, he brought his hand back up to my mouth, tracing my moist and parted lips with my own juices until they sparkled. I was breathing heavy, and flicked my tongue out to taste myself.

A sound grabbed my attention, and I looked up to see the friend unzipping his jeans very near to my face. Looking at Chris in confusion, I began to close my legs but his hand on my thigh stopped me. His hand was forceful on my tender thigh, and I shifted uneasily. He tugged on my hand, and I had no clue what he wanted. My eyes flitted back to his friend, who now had a very hard cock out of his boxers, and was staring fixedly at my soaked panties while his hand moved slowly up and down the shaft of his dick.

The situation was awkward, but making me very hot. Chris reached down and unzipped his own pants, pulling his cock out of his boxers until it stood straight in the air, the tip leaking a tiny amount of precum on the beautiful head. At the sight of his cock, my mouth watered and I began to lean over, wanting to have him in my mouth. He shook his head with a laugh, and reached out, grabbing me by the hips and lifting me up into his lap. I landed with a soft thud against his body, and suddenly his heated and hard cock was rubbing in-between my ass cheeks, pressing against the scanty material covering my soaked cunt.

He gently stroked my back, from my neck down to my ass cheeks, pushing me forward just a little. I leaned up, resting my elbows on the seat, and felt his fingers now stroking under my panties, against the wet folds of my pussy, spreading my lubrication all over my pussy and ass. Sliding the strip of material aside, he eased his dick into my wet hole, humping his hips up, trying to force himself inside me all at once. I bit my lip, about to groan, when a hand in my hair jerked my head to the side.

Opening my mouth to protest, I was shocked when another heated dick was forced against my lips. This one was smaller than the one pushing into my cunt, but no less eager for me. He drooled precum all over my lips and chin, escort tuzla bayan and after tasting the salty sweetness of him, I eagerly let him push past my lips and into my warm welcoming mouth. I groaned around his cock as Chris shoved the rest of his dick deep inside me, pushing against my cervix with the tip. He let go of the base of his dick and put his hand on my shoulder, bringing me back to rest against him with his cock fully inside me, hot and hard, my bare asscheeks pressing against his thighs and lower stomach. He leaned forward, his tongue caressing my ear lobe, and told me to suck his friend good while he fucked my pussy, and that I was to take both of their cum deep in my body. Not to waste a drop. Leaning back, he put his hands on my hips and began moving me slowly up and down his cock, my pussy lips spreading and gripping his shaft.

The cock in my mouth drove into my throat as his friend came to stand right in front of me, and his hands fisted in my hair. I gagged as he shoved it deep in my throat, the head bouncing against my tonsils, and tried to shake my head to get him away, but Chris grabbed my ass with both hands and squeezed hard, fucking his hips against me, driving his cock hard into my wet pussy. I began to bounce in earnest, my face quickly becoming covered with spit and precum as his friends cock slipped out of my wet lips a couple times while I drove my tight cunt down on Chris’s cock. Chris’s hands were lifting my hips up as his dick slid in and out of me, and his friends hands were pushing down on my head with each thrust, pushing me roughly down on his cock. I was in heaven, and soon began to cum. My cunt fluttered, and I moaned with my mouth full of cock as I came on Chris’s dick, my pussy contracting and squeezing him deep inside. His breathing sped up, and I felt his dick spasm inside me, and begin pumping his seed into my fuck hole.

His friend looked down at my panty covered pussy as we both came, and my eyes rolled back as he began to cum as well, his cock spurting cum against the back of my mouth and into my throat. It was salty and hot, and I let it flow down my throat easily before swallowing, relishing the taste. Chris’s cock gave one last jerk as he finished emptying himself inside me, and I slid back against him, breathing hard. His friend pulled his dick out of my mouth and Chris told me to lick it off, nice and gentle, so I did, bathing it with my tongue from balls to head. He then put his dick back in his pants, said goodbye to his friend and went back to his seat.

It wasn’t until then that I remembered where we were, and looked around nervously. No one seemed to have noticed our activities so far up in the theater and I turned to grin at Chris. He laughed and I eased off him, quickly moving my panties back into place to catch the cum that was leaking out of my pussy. After pulling my pants back on, I leaned over and quickly licked him dry, savoring the mixture of our cum and returned to my seat to watch the rest of the movie.

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