Take Two

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It had begun one night when Emma and Wayne were making love. As she straddled and then rode him in her usual energetic manner he had reached around and begun to play with her from behind, touching and probing until finally his finger had found its way into her anus. She was shocked at first, but then she was surprised to find it a strangely enjoyable sensation to have both a finger and a cock inside her at once, different but very pleasurable. It was something she had not tried before, but then, at the tender age of nineteen, there were plenty of things she had not tried before and she looked upon her older lover, Wayne was twenty-eight, as her bedroom teacher and mentor. He was the one to help her explore the world of erotic pleasures, or so she believed.

‘Mmmm, that’s nice.’ She had told him, wriggling her bottom a little as she descended to force him deeper, wondering at the same time if she liked it because she shouldn’t.

Wayne smiled without answering except to stab his finger as deep as he could reach, making her eyes to widen in shock by immediately triggering a colossal orgasm.

Later, as they lay enjoying a post coital cuddle, she voiced the thoughts that were unexpectedly marching through her mind. If a finger there felt that good, what would a cock be like?

‘Wayne? You know where you put your finger?’ She had asked. ‘Have you ever had proper sex with anybody there?’

He turned his head and looked at her in surprise. Actually, he hadn’t, but he wasn’t about to admit that because he wanted Emma to believe he was fully experienced in all things bedroom related, and it was something he’d often wanted to do but had never had the nerve to suggest to any of his previous girlfriends. The fact that Emma had brought the subject up herself was cause for astonished elation.

‘Just a couple of times.’

‘What’s it like?’

He hesitated while he formulated an honest sounding reply, thinking and hoping that just maybe she might like to try it. ‘Well, from a man’s point of view it’s nice. It’s tighter than a pussy fuck, and you need a lot of lube, but the odd times I’ve done it we’ve both enjoyed it.’

‘Does it hurt?’ She also turned her head to face him and was looking at him intently, her pink tipped breasts rising and falling rather more than their earlier session warranted.

‘Not if it’s done properly.’

She gazed at him silently for a minute or so, her eyes searching his face for answers to which only she knew the question, and then she rolled onto her side, her hand trailing down to find his spent and still sticky cock and to massage it hopefully.

‘Would you like to do it to me?’

The residual sensation of his finger inside her rectum and pressing against the cock in her pussy was still exciting her, and the intriguing idea of taking such naughtiness to the next level was making her heart beat quicker.

‘We’d need to use some sort of lubrication, but if you’re sure you’d really like me to.’

She felt that she was ready to push at her sexual boundaries and try things she’d never done before. It was time to be a little more experimental.

‘Yes, I’m sure. I really want to do it, if you’re careful.’

‘You get some lube then, and if you still want to next time, we’ll give it a go.’

Both the idea and the responsibility of it were going to be down to her, he had been determined on that so that if it didn’t work out, the fault would be all hers, but Emma neither knew nor cared about who would be responsible, she just wanted to try something new and just a little kinky and she was a bit miffed that she would have to wait, but her next trip to the mall was to buy a tube of lubricating gel.

‘Shall we try it?’ She asked him when they were alone together next.

‘Try what?’ He responded, pretending nonchalance as if he hadn’t been thinking about ‘it’ ever since they had last been in bed.

‘You know.’ She felt herself blush. ‘Shall we do what we said we would and do it in my bum?’

‘Oh that? Yes, why not?’

‘We don’t have to.’ She sounded puzzled and a little hurt.

‘No, no! I want to.’ He back-pedalled hastily.

‘Be careful, won’t you?’

‘I promise. Are you organized?’

She nodded with her eyes bright with nervous excitement, knowing that he meant had she bought the lube.

‘Come on then.’ He took her hand and steered her towards his bedroom, unzipping the back of her dress as they went.

‘You’re enthusiastic all of a sudden.’ She giggled, unclipping her bra as her dress slid to the ground.

‘And I’m not on my own, am I?’ He observed with a grin, watching her step out of her panties even as he unbuckled his belt.

Two minutes later she had handed him the newly purchased lube and was on all fours on the bed ready for him. ‘Are you ready?’ She asked, sticking her bottom out high.

‘Don’t you want a kiss and cuddle first?’ He asked, surprised by her eagerness. Emma was not usually a girl to go straight for the main event.

‘No, not this time.’ She looked over her shoulder at him as he kicked off his boxers. ‘I just want to do it and see how it feels.’

‘And erotik film izle who am I to argue with a lady?’ He asked with mock chivalry, only to be taken aback when she burst out laughing, a nervous laugh that showed her anxious state of mind.

‘And how can I be a lady when I’m kneeling like this waiting for you to do me up the arse?’ She asked. ‘If anybody else knew I’d die of shame.’

‘Don’t worry, nobody else ever will.’ He assured her, climbing onto the bed to kneel behind her. ‘Ready?’

‘You will be careful and take it easy, wont you?’ She asked, a little tremor in her voice. ‘I really want to do it, but I’m as scared as hell.

‘I promised you, didn’t I?’ He flipped the lube open. ‘And anytime you want, just say and I’ll stop.’

Reassured, she nodded. ‘Let’s do it then.’

There was a short pause and then she felt the cold slipperiness of lube around her anus. She shivered, partly from the sensation of sudden cold, but mainly with excited apprehension, especially when his finger tip pushed into her, rotating and sliding back and forth, making her ready for the intrusion, lubricating and opening her at the same time. This, she told herself, was what she wanted and she was going to enjoy it. She was going to experience her first taste of what in her eyes was extremely kinky sex.

But then his finger moved away and for what seemed like an age there was nothing. She waited impatiently with her eyes screwed shut and her hands clenched into anxious fists, but the expected penetration didn’t happen. She looked around, peering nervously over her shoulder, wondering if he had changed his mind and decided it was just too dirty to do, but then smiling inside at her own silly anxieties when she saw his hand go from spreading lube on his shining cock to close the flip-top of the lube. He wiped his hands on tissue and then looked back at her.

‘Okay?’ He asked, seeing her staring at him.

She nodded and set herself once more, still looking at him over her shoulder, watching him with excited embarrassment as he pulled her cheeks gently apart and stared at her anus for a few moments before he shuffled closer and gripped her hip with one hand while the other guided his cock towards her. Her heart hammered and she could feel her breath coming in short little gasps, fear and arousal fighting for dominance. She turned her head to stare steadfastly to the front and waited.

The first touch of his cock against her body brought a gasp of trepidation and she had to resist an instinctive urge to pull away, making herself push back instead as he pushed against her. This really was it, she felt him leaning towards her, the pressure against her rosebud increasing until she needed to press back harder to prevent herself being moved forward. She was scared now that he wouldn’t be able to penetrate her or that it would need so much force as to be painful. She willed herself to open and admit him and then, just as anxiety made her want to stop him, she felt her sphincter give way and open just enough for his cock to enter. The entry was unexpected and abrupt, and she heard him groan with sudden pleasure even as she gasped with relieved surprise. It had happened almost completely painlessly, with only a very brief and hardly noticeable moment of discomfort as her sphincter stretched to accommodate him. He paused with his cock head just inside her, allowing them both to become accustomed to the sensation.

‘Okay?’ He asked her again.

She nodded. ‘Yes, I’m fine. Do it.’

He adjusted his position and took hold of her hips, pushing forward so that his cock slid deeper into her rectum until she felt his body press up against her bottom. She gasped at the sensation and again he paused, intent on making sure she was comfortable with what they were doing.

‘Do it.’ She told him urgently, the forbidden nature of what they were doing making her feel wonderfully naughty and just a little smug.


‘Yes, do it to me.’ Her voice was breathless with excitement. ‘I want you to come inside my arse. I’ll stop you if it hurts.’

Her words reassured him that at least it wasn’t hurting so far and he began to thrust into her, slowly and cautiously at first but picking up tempo and power as he went until he was fucking her arse as hard as he would her pussy, grabbing at her hips and grunting with illicit enjoyment every time his cock slammed into her.

Emma could feel him sliding in and out of her, the sensation different to normal sex but without feeling so alien as to be unpleasant. In fact, she was happy to admit to herself, it was actually bloody good. She could feel his cock filling her, the close fit in her tighter passage magnifying the feeling wonderfully, as if she were being taken by a giant.

But for all that, the overall effect wasn’t exactly what she expected. Sure it was exciting and it got her going, perhaps mainly because normally it as so taboo, but she felt as if she were missing out a little. She liked it, in fact she liked it a lot, but her pussy felt empty even as her rectum felt so beautifully full. Wayne’s finger had entered her when film izle her pussy was filled with his cock, and now she missed having something in there too. She had attracted to the idea of having something in each hole at the same time and this wasn’t quite it.

‘Can you finger my pussy too?’ She asked.

Wayne tried to reach down under his cock to her, but he had to lean sideways and even then he couldn’t quite reach. All that happened was that his rhythm was interrupted and he nearly slipped out.

‘Sorry, sweetheart.’ He apologised breathlessly, taking hold of her hips again and thrusting steadily once more. ‘I can’t do both.’

She could see that it wasn’t possible, but she still felt disappointed, robbed of the complete sensation, even though it wasn’t really spoiling her enjoyment of being so naughty. It was, she thought to herself, a shame he didn’t have two cocks, one for each entrance. Nevertheless, she loved the feeling of having him inside her arse and she could feel an orgasm building steadily.

She came roughly five seconds after he did, her climax finally triggered by his cock twitching and jerking inside her rectum as he pumped his spunk into her. The exciting knowledge of what he was doing made her come explosively, a short but extremely powerful detonation that had her yelling out with surprise at its intensity before slumping forward, dislodging his slippery cock from her well filled arse.

‘A pity you couldn’t have me in both holes at once.’ She gasped, finally voicing her frustration as they lay side by side to get their breath back.

‘I’d have to split into two to do that, unless I get someone to help me.’ He joked, not realising what seeds he was sowing.

During the next few days she and Wayne tried anal sex twice more, but even though she got an illicit kick from it each time and a powerful orgasm, still she wasn’t happy and finally she decided that, just as he had jokingly suggested, two cocks was what was needed. The next week was spent persuading Wayne to go along with her fantasy, and eventually she got her way by promising him that he could count it as her birthday present in two weeks time and that when his birthday came around she would find another girl to make a threesome up for him.

For Wayne’s part, he found that he wasn’t as against the idea as he expected he should be and the thought of seeing another man with his cock up Emma was actually quite a turn on, especially as a couple of months later his own birthday would see her repaying his big-heartedness. He didn’t feel at all jealous at the idea; after all, they wouldn’t be making love in the romantic relationship sense, just being kinky. He set about finding someone.

‘I’ve found a fella to help us out.’ He told Emma excitedly one day.

He heard her ecstatic breath. ‘Who?’

‘Carl.’ He told her, naming one of their mutual friends. ‘And Debbie is prepared to be the other women when it’s my turn.’ He wasn’t going to let her forget her side of the bargain.

Emma frowned briefly. Her hastily made promise had come home to roost. Still, she told herself, at least I haven’t got to ask embarrassing favour from among my friends and it won’t be some strange girl that I don’t know.

‘There is a condition though.’ Wayne sounded worried, as if he didn’t expect her to agree to whatever it was. She looked at him questioningly.

‘We have to do the same for their birthdays.’

Emma’s mouth opened but it was several seconds before any words came out. This was something she hadn’t bargained for.

‘So you want me to go there on Carl’s birthday, and you when it’s Debbie’s?’

‘Yes.’ He shrugged his shoulders as if to say it was nothing to do with him.

Emma suspected otherwise. She thought about it for only a very short second. ‘Yes, all right.’

Why not? If she was going to be experimental, then why not take it a step or so further?

‘Are you certain?’ His eyebrows shot up in surprise.

She nodded and smiled brightly. ‘Of course. Then you’ll get the chance to stick it up Debbie’s bum, won’t you?’

‘I don’t know if that’s what they want.’ He replied seriously, missing the tease in her voice. ‘Would it bother you?’

‘No. fair’s fair. Just ask Carl around on my birthday and then you can do what you like when it’s Debbie’s.’

They made love, this time by unspoken agreement via the normal entrance. It would be that way until the night of her birthday some two weeks later. She expected to be nervous at least, if not scared stiff, but when the day came she found herself just excited and aroused. To have two men intent on satisfying her sexual curiosity was a massive turn on.

Even though they all knew each other, when Carl arrived there was an awkward silence at first while they sat looking at each other and wondering what to say. It was Wayne who eventually broke the deadlock.

‘Look.’ He announced. ‘I just want to say that whatever we do tonight is all right with me. This is Emma’s day and I want her to enjoy it.’

Carl nodded and gave them each a rather embarrassed little smile, but Emma reached across and took Wayne’s seks filmi izle hand, squeezing it gratefully.

‘Thank you, darling.’ She smiled broadly with happy relief, then paused for a moment and looked from one man to the other. ‘Shall we go into the bedroom?’

The move from one room to the other was enough to give them the momentum they needed and once the bedroom door was closed they impatiently undressed, excitedly watching each other remove each item of clothing until they all stood naked and trying to appear nonchalant.

The two men were almost the exact opposite of each other, and that somehow made it all the better. Carl was tall and relatively slim, while Wayne was short and stocky, and more muscular. He was also far more hirsute, his body covered in dark wiry hair in contrast to the scarce fine blond hair that was almost unnoticeable on Carl’s tanned body.

Emma gazed at them both, cheerfully contemplating the two erect cocks that now stood before her and wondering which she would prefer where. Wayne’s was shorter than Carl’s but made up for that by being thicker and uncut, whereas Carl’s longer, slimmer one was fully circumcised. It was girth that finally made her mind up for her, she would have Wayne in her pussy and Carl, with his slender clean cut cock, in her arse.

She shivered with excitement at the thought, knowing it was down to her now to get proceedings underway. She moved forward between the two men and reached for their cocks, taking one in each hand and gently stroking them, feeling and enjoying the difference between the two rock hard shafts. This was the first time she had ever touched two men at once, and certainly the first time she had touched someone with her boyfriend present, but it didn’t seem wrong, just exhilarating. She ran her fingers up and down the two shafts, smiling to herself at being so wicked before standing on tiptoe and planting a quick kiss on Wayne’s forehead by way of thanks.

‘Come on, let’s get started.’

She released them both, climbed onto the bed and spread her arms out across the pillows, nodding to either side for them to join her.

‘Come on, play with me and make me ready.’

The two men hesitated briefly; looking at each other to make certain each was comfortable with the other’s presence, before Wayne climbed on the bed to her right and Carl doing the same to her left. Once again they hesitated, looking at each other over Emma until, eager to continue, she placed a hand on the back of each head and put and end to the dithering by simply pushing them down to her breasts, sighing with pleasure as they each closed their lips over a nipple.

Emma was sure that with his face only inches above her heart Carl would be able to hear her it thumping with excitement at the prospect of what lay ahead. But she didn’t care, she wanted him to know how she was looking forward to having him inside her at the same time as Wayne. She squeezed the back of his head and pressed him more firmly against her breast, smiling a tiny happy smile when he answered by gently biting her nipple.

Wayne was sucking hard on her nipple, pulling it into his mouth and swirling his tongue around it, his free hand sliding down her body to seek the join of her legs. She opened them ready for him, hooking her thighs over those of her lovers to spread herself wide and exposed in invitation. She felt Carl’s fingers cautiously finding their way towards her pussy and groaned with sheer delight at what was happening. It was going to be two men touching her at the same time, two men playing with her pussy, whatever could be better than that?

Wayne’s hand was wandering along the length of her thigh, teasing her, pretending to touch her but turning away at the last moment, making her lift her pelvis in encouragement, waiting to be touched and wondering if it would be Wayne or Carl, who’s fingers trailed softly over her stomach, who would find the first. She was rapidly getting to the point where it didn’t matter who, so long as someone did. She groaned again, gripping their hair with her fingers in her excitement and pushing them harder into her breasts.

In the event both men found their target at the same time, Wayne searching and finding her entrance and then sliding two fingers into her at exactly the same moment that Carl’s tiptoed over her pubic bone and trapped her clit between two of his own. She gasped and thrust up automatically with her pelvis, overwhelmed by the naughtiness of what she was doing, impaling herself on Wayne’s fingers and trying hard not to dislodge Carl’s.

‘Oh yes.’ The words were gasped from deep in her throat as she felt the first signs of an orgasm. ‘I like that.’

In truth she did more than like it. She’d never felt anything even resembling the feelings generated by two men playing with her at the same time, each touching her in their own way. Wayne was, as always, trying to penetrate her pussy as deeply as his rather short stumpy fingers would go, ramming and screwing them into her, while Carl had nipped her swollen clit between the fork of two fingers and was very gently and quickly stroking its tip with his thumb. She could feel an unexpected orgasm rapidly boiling up inside her, a wonderful combination of sensations heat and pressure within her pelvis that were becoming stronger and stronger as it came closer to fulfilment.

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Sunny Loves it in Her Ass

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I always address my lady friends by their first names and refer to them the same way but there is one whose real name I don’t even know. When I was introduced to her shortly after her divorce, our mutual friend told me that everybody calls her Sunny and that is the only name I have ever heard or used.

I don’t know why she is called that; I suspect part of the reason is the short blonde hair that frames her pretty, smiling face. That smiling face is probably the main reason, though, because she makes everybody around her feel good. Every time I have seen her she has been smiling, even the first time. From what I later heard, her ex-husband, who seems to be a world class asshole, had put her through a real nightmare, even causing her to question her own womanhood, but she was still smiling when we met. The mutual friend discreetly left; a few hours later Sunny was smiling even more radiantly and she has never had any questions about her sexuality or desirability since then.

I certainly never have either. Our last session of making love together was a few days ago when she called me on the telephone. “Hi, George,” she started the conversation. “Can you come over this afternoon? I want to show you something.”

“Sure, Sunny. Always glad to see you anyhow.”

We chatted briefly after that and ended by agreeing on a time but the most important part of the conversation was her asking me to come over and my saying I would. I knew she wanted me to come over to make love and she knew I knew but Sunny is too shy, even toward me, to come out and say what she wants. Now that I know her reasonably well, it seems like an endearing and charming characteristic, but somebody who didn’t know her might think of it as irritating.

At the agreed time, I rang her doorbell. Knowing what Sunny likes, I had made sure to bring Aquaglide and condoms. She must have been waiting by the door because, almost immediately, she called out “Who is it?”

“Hi, Sunny. It’s George.” There was a rattling noise as Sunny unlocked the door. When I entered, she closed and double-locked it behind me.

“Hi, George. I’m glad you could come over.” We hugged, as friends do, and I kissed her on the cheek she turned to me.

“I saw this article in the newspaper and I thought you would be interested. It’s down the hall here.”

I took off my shoes and socks and followed Sunny, who was already barefoot, to her bedroom, where I noticed the bed was freshly made with clean sheets only, the way I do when I am expecting a visit from a lady friend. A section of that day’s newspaper, folded to display an article about possible markets for aspiring free-lance writers, was on the dresser. I had already seen it in my own copy of the paper and had dismissed it as of interest only to someone who was not yet established.

As I stood next to the bed, she handed me the newspaper and stood in front of me. “This is really interesting, Sunny, and I appreciate your showing it to me. Can I take it with me? It looks like there are a lot of good tips in here.”

“Sure.” Sunny had her usual big smile on her pretty face and she was holding her hands in front of herself, just under her lovely breasts. I knew that was my cue and I took it. After I put the newspaper back on the dresser, I reached my arms out to hug her; she moved closer and raised her face to me.

This time she didn’t turn her cheek when I kissed her and for the second kiss, both our mouths were open. With the third kiss, our tongues met and became re-acquainted. She reached out to hug me around the waist and, still in our double embrace, we lay down on the bed. With our mouths locked together our hands were busy, she unbuttoning my shirt and I doing the same for her blouse. I finished first and she slipped her arm out of one sleeve so I could brush the garment off her shoulder.

Even if I had any question about Sunny’s reason for asking me to come over, which I didn’t, it would have been answered by the fact that she was not wearing a bra under the blouse. I cupped my hand under her nearest large, shapely breast and bent down and kissed her delightful pink nipple. “Just a minute,” she said.

Sunny sat up and finished taking off her blouse and my shirt. She lay down on her back, her head resting on one of the many pillows on her bed, and I resumed kissing her face, moving from her open mouth to her eyes and ears and down her throat. She knew where my lips were heading, of course, and cupped her breasts in her hands to offer them to me.

It was an offer I had no wish to refuse. I licked one nipple a few strokes and then the other. When my mouth returned to the first one it was already erect and I delighted in the feel of the hard little ridges against my tongue. Back and forth between the succulent globes I moved, caressing their nipples with broad strokes of my tongue, hearing Sunny cooing her pleasure and feeling her squirm on the bed under me.

I opened my mouth wide and drew one of her luscious globes into my mouth. My lips formed a seal and I sucked while my tongue continued erotik film izle to fondle her nipple and areola. Sunny’s movements on the bed became stronger, thrusting her breast up to my mouth, because I was doing something she really likes. When I transferred my attentions to the second of the succulent twins, she twisted her body again to give me complete access.

Besides the movements of her upper body, I could see her crotch squirming but I couldn’t smell any juices through the blue jeans she was wearing. While continuing to suck and lick her breasts, I reached down a hand to unfasten the waistband of her pants and unzip the fly. When they were open, I could smell the delightful fragrance of her pussy juices and I knew the time had arrived to kiss and lick my way down her body to pay homage to the source of the marvelous aroma.

Sunny has a delightfully womanly figure, with a soft, rounded belly, and smooth skin that felt exquisitely soft on my lips. When my mouth reached the waistband of her jeans, I stopped and hooked my thumbs into it. She raised her ass from the bed and I pushed the pants down around her thighs, being careful not to remove her panties, because we both prefer to have me strip them from her separately. I smiled when I saw the big wet spot in the crotch.

“Sunny, you are the greatest smelling woman in the world.” She smiled when she heard that because she was wearing no artificial scent at all. The only thing I could smell was her delectable natural perfume, which is far more pleasing to me, and to most men, than anything made by the finest perfumers in the world.

“Well, George, is that all you’re going to do, just smell me?” she asked.

Obviously, it wasn’t, and I answered by getting off the bed and pulling her jeans all the way off. She was wearing just her panties and the crotch was so wet that I could see her pussy lips through the fabric. I knelt between her legs, hooked my fingers in the waistband and waited for Sunny to lift her ass off the bed so I could remove her last garment. Once they were pulled down around her hips, she raised her legs high, holding them together, allowing me to pull the panties off and toss them on the floor. When she lowered her legs, she separated them and let me duck under so they ended up draped over my shoulders.

Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I leaned forward to gaze on her truly beautiful pussy. Her skin is the color of ivory and the blonde hair, that she trims so it just covers her outer lips, is feathery soft. Her inner pussy lips are usually a baby pink but just then, they were so swollen from her arousal that they were colored a dark rose and had pushed their way through her slit. Sunny’s clit, at the upper end of those inner lips, was equally swollen, and had almost crowded its way out from under its protective hood. Gently, I reached my fingers in and spread her labia until I saw her precious love hole, still another shade of pink, and shiny from the juices that were bubbling up from inside and trickling down her crotch.

Besides being beautiful, Sunny’s pussy had a truly delightful aroma. She had jokingly asked if all I was going to do was to smell her, and, of course, I wanted to do much more. If all I were allowed to do was smell her, however, I would consider it to be time well and pleasurably spent. Although the aroma was delectable, the taste of the fresh juices covering the pussy in front of me was even better, as I proved when I licked them off her thighs, crotch and wherever else they had collected. Sunny murmured with pleasure as she felt my tongue caressing her sensitive flesh, and the sound was a joy to my ears.

Eating the wonderful pussy that was in front of me was truly a treat for all my senses but the greatest pleasure of all was the way she felt to my mouth. Starting with the incredibly soft and smooth skin below her pink love hole and licking upward on her first pair of pussy lips felt as good as anything I have ever done. Slowly, to make the joy last for both of us, I caressed upward on her inner and outer labia until I reached the point where her inner lips merge to form her clit hood. I continued upward from there until I was at her mons, when I stopped and looked up at Sunny’s sweet face.

She was smiling, of course; her eyes were blissfully closed and her head was rolling from side to side on her pillow. I felt good in every way about how this sweet and lovely woman was getting so much enjoyment from what I was doing. As much pleasure as I derive from eating a marvelous pussy like Sunny’s, I get almost as much from knowing how great it feels to her.

After my tongue had sluiced her fresh juices into my mouth, I treated the other pair of labia the same way except that I stopped when I reached the junction of the inner lips. Her murmuring had turned to moaning from the intense pleasure and her pussy was fucking up into my face. Gently, my tongue stroked her clit hood and then, with the utmost delicacy, curled underneath to fondle the sweetest of sweet spots that was partially sheltering there.

“Yes! film izle Yes! Lick me there, George. You know what I want. Make me cum!” I knew what she wanted allright, and I wanted it too, but I wanted it to build up a little more first.

Peeling my lips back from my mouth, I probed into the edges of Sunny’s dripping pink hole, relishing the juices that squirted out. Starting at the bottom, I licked there, followed by one side and then the other. After I had explored all around, I pressed my mouth as tightly against the hole as I could, and thrust my tongue inside. Rapidly flicking it up and down, I tickled the upper edge, indirectly stimulating her clit.

“Oooo! Oooo! Yes! That feels so good. Don’t stop!” Sunny urged me.

I had to stop and draw back to breathe, but over and over I repeated my actions, until Sunny’s hips were swiveling under my face thrusting her legs out and back over my shoulders. She was ready to cum, I knew, and I probed my tongue briefly into the small area between her love button and the adorable hole I had just been penetrating.

Her clit was so engorged that the protective hood had been almost completely pushed out of the way. I used my fingers to move away what little remained, and drew her precious clit into my mouth and sucked on it. My lips formed a seal at the base and, as I sucked, my tongue caressed the sides and top.

“Ah! Ah! Suck my clit!” Sunny encouraged me, as if I needed encouragement. “Yes!” she abruptly cried. I’m cumming!” Her legs squeezed my head. Over and over she jammed her pussy into my face as her body thrashed on the bed. My arms stayed tightly around her thighs; my mouth remained clamped on her clit and I continued the sucking and licking.

“Yes!” she blurted out as her back arched, ramming her pussy harder than ever against my mouth. Sunny had climaxed, I could tell, and all her muscles relaxed as she sagged back onto the bed. Her legs released my head but remained draped over my shoulders. Avidly, I licked all the delicious fresh juices from her pussy, before crawling out from under her.

Knowing what we both wanted to do, I took a condom out of my pants pocket and removed the plastic cover, setting the latex ring by the foot of the bed. Next, I set the Aquaglide on the dresser and went to the bathroom where a washcloth had been draped on the sink where I would see it. After soaking the cloth with warm water and wringing it out I wiped off my face and brought it back to the bedroom. Sunny was still lying contentedly on her back but, when she saw me returning, and what I was carrying, she grinned lewdly, and got to her hands and knees. Before doing anything else, I removed my pants and underwear so I was as naked as the sweet woman who was waiting for me.

When I got back onto the bed behind her, Sunny leaned forward, pressing her face against her pillow, and reached back to spread her ass cheeks, showing off her adorable pink rosebud. I knew she had cleaned herself carefully just before I arrived because that is her nature, but I still used the wet cloth to wipe off her ass cleft. We both get an enormous amount of pleasure from what we were about to do and neither of us wanted anything spoiling it for us.

Sunny kept her hands high on her ass and my tongue started caressing her there, actually licking her fingertips. Slowly, my tongue meandered its way down the inside of one of her soft, creamy cheeks, skirting the area where I felt the puckering begin. Her hands continued separating the tops of her cheeks but I pulled them apart at the bottoms. Knowing what was going to happen next, Sunny burrowed her face into her pillow and arched her back so I could most easily reach all the places she wanted me to lick.

All around her crotch, the small area between the two holes where Sunny derives so much pleasure, my tongue caressed her, even eliciting a trickle of fresh pussy juice. I devoured this delicious dividend and continued licking, while her ass was squirming in front of my face.

“That feels soooo good, George. Keep licking me.”

It felt good to me too, licking Sunny there in that sensitive place but we both knew even better things awaited us. After my tongue had made slow, sweet love to the whole area, I licked back up the other ass cheek, just as erotically soft and smooth as its neighbor, until I was once again even with her fingertips. Sunny and I both immensely enjoy it when I lick all over her ass the way I was doing. She knew where my tongue was going next, and she was cooing happily, her face still pressed into her pillow and her back still arched for me.

Applying more pressure on my tongue, I slowly licked downward until I felt the puckering begin again. Moving even more slowly with my hands still holding apart the lower parts of her cheeks, my tongue lovingly fondled Sunny until I had completed a circle around her tight pink rosebud that is the center of so much of her pleasure. She was moaning blissfully and eagerly pressed her ass back against my face to give me the best access possible to her favorite place to be licked, seks filmi izle which was where she knew I was going next. Using broad strokes, I did what she wanted, and what I wanted too. Up and down and back and forth across, over and over, my tongue happily caressed her adorable rosebud, spending as much time there as Sunny wanted, until she decided it was time for us to move on to the next phase of our love-making.

“I really love that. I love what you do with your tongue, but more than anything, I like your cock in my ass.”

I smiled because I feel the same way. I got off the bed to go to the dresser and, when I returned, I inserted the neck of the tube of Aquaglide into her ass and squeezed in a good dollop. Sunny murmured happily when she felt the lubricant oozing inside her. Her murmuring was louder and even happier when she felt my finger go deep inside her, fucking in and out and rotating until the Aquaglide was coated evenly where it would be needed. I even made sure to spread enough all around the area where I had just been licking.

With Sunny’s ass ready, I prepared myself next, rolling the condom onto my cock and covering it with the lubricant, especially the tip that would be wedged into her. “Okay, Sunny. All set,” I told her.

She arched her back and her hands returned to her cheeks to spread them, presenting her ass to me again. I inserted the tips of my index fingers into her precious rosebud and pried it open. Holding the small opening with the fingers of one hand, I guided my cock with the other until the tip was pressed against the tight hole. With one firm thrust, I slid the head of my cock into Sunny’s ass, eliciting a moan from the pleasure she was already feeling. I moved my fingers all around my cock head to be sure there was no loose skin or anything else that would interfere with the ecstasy we would soon be giving each other. There were no problems so I gave another push and almost an inch of my hard shaft was buried inside Sunny where we both wanted it.

“Oooo, George, that feels so good. You know how much I love it.” I did know and, if I didn’t, I could have told from the way her ass was squirming in front of me, as if begging for much more.

“Not any more than I do,” I responded. Before putting in more of my cock, I wiped the Aquaglide from my fingers and put my hands on Sunny’s hips for leverage. Gently, I eased another inch into her ass. Her increased movements and louder moans encouraged me to continue.

I could tell that the Aquaglide had almost entirely liquefied so I slowly drew back until just the head of my cock remained inside, paused for a second and plunged it back into Sunny’s ass, deeper than it had been.

“Ahhhh, yes! Give it to me!”

I gave it to her, just the way I knew she wanted it, slowly backing out of her, then driving back in, deeper with every thrust. Every time Sunny felt my cock surging into her ass, she moaned from the intense joy it gave her, as it spread her tight opening and stretched the walls of her rectum. The pleasure she was getting was so great, she started rocking back to meet me. My hands on her hips guided her, but otherwise I let Sunny move as she wanted. My thrusts into her and her pushes back to me continued until we could both feel my thighs pressed against her cheeks and the fingers that were still holding them open.

With my cock as far in her as it could get, Sunny let go of her ass and rested her face on her forearms. “Just stay there and let me fuck myself on your cock.” That is her favorite way to fuck with her ass so I happily agreed, leaving my hands on her hips to steady her if she needed it.

Slowly pushing back from her hands and forearms, Sunny started to envelop my cock with her ass. Just as she was almost fully impaled, I thrust forward imbedding myself to the maximum, both of us hearing and feeling my thighs splatting against her soft ass cheeks. The extreme pleasure elicited whimpers of joy from Sunny and we repeated the combined stroke over and over.

Every time my cock plunged into her ass, I felt her cheeks against my legs and I felt my balls brush against her dripping pussy. She was so wet the juices were running down her legs and after a few more long, deep strokes, I could feel them dripping off me and running down my legs too. Sunny has described how her level of pleasure builds up when we make love as we were then. She compares it to a mountain that starts to rise on a plain, and the longer I eat her pussy or we fuck, the higher the mountain grows. When it reaches a certain height, an avalanche of ecstasy ensues and she cums. She had enjoyed one avalanche that day already, from me eating her pussy, and I knew she was getting close to another one.

I was approaching a state of ecstasy myself and my moans were expressing just how incredible it was. Besides the great beauty of Sunny’s ass, it is one of the best places my cock has ever been. The passageway was slick enough for the entire shaft to glide in easily but tight enough for its entire length to be squeezed perfectly. Pure bliss rocketed through my body every time my cock was engulfed by her incredible tunnel of pleasure. I knew I was getting close to my climax but I wanted to hold back as long as I could because I knew Sunny was almost ready to cum.

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Spontaneous Anal Suggestion Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

The Next Day

This is a continuation of my first story. Again, the characters are fictitious and names are not real people.


Any guy will tell you that there is nothing better in the world than being gently sucked out of a deep slumber, just as the first morning rays begin to dance through the blinds. A firm grip on my morning wood and a hot wet mouth gradually pulled me into consciousness. I opened my eyes to see my wife, Vanessa, only slightly less groggy, looking at back me face to face. She too had only recently awakened. I looked down at my cock to realize that it was actually her little sister who was tugging at my manhood, suckling me in a determined, but unfrenzied manner. I almost didn’t notice that her two thin fingered hands were both wrapped around my cock and her index and pinky fingers were interlocked into a golfer’s putting grip. I though that odd, but I wasn’t going to say anything to ruin the mood.

I looked at Vanessa, “Are you okay with this?”

She grinned, “Cat’s out of the bag now.” I was a bit disturbed by her cavalier attitude, because last night she had said, this would be the only time we would have a threesome. Now here was her sister, trying to get me to cum like it was her breakfast.

I had no time to ponder this much further. That insistent teenage mouth would not be denied. What she lacked in skill, she made up for in zeal. I rewarded her efforts with a volley of hot throbbing squirts. I held Vanessa close to me as I shot my wad into her sister’s mouth.

Celeste was caught off guard by my orgasm, but she did her best to swallow it all and not interrupt the rhythm. She continued to suck and tease me, bringing about those jerky spasms of post orgasmic sensitivity.

“Good Morning, Jake,” said Celeste.

“Thank you, sweetie,” I replied.

“Nessa,” Celeste pleaded, “You have to take me to school.”

Vanessa responded, “Okay sweetie, get ready, I need to talk to Jake.”

With that, Celeste went off to the bathroom. Her feet sounded like a cat as she trotted off to the bathroom.

“Baby, I want to have a long talk with you tonight after work, okay?” Vanessa said.

“Sure, no problem.” I replied.

“Just us, okay?”


It was awkward enough with two people in our single bathroom of our tiny apartment trying to get ready for work. Now there was a third, doing her make up in mirror. I was still raging hard, both from my piss hardon and remnants of my recent orgasm. I found it impossible to piss. Celeste noticed my distress.

“It’s almost impossible for him to piss right after he comes,” Vanessa informed her. “He needs to let his hardon subside before he can go.”

Celeste seemed fascinated by my plumbing. “Can I help?” she asked. And she wrapped her thin fingers around me again and pointed me down towards the bowl.

“No I…” I started to say something, but my piss started to trickle. I put my hand on Celeste’s shoulder as she tried to guide my stream. She was hypnotized as I pissed more forcefully, the echo of the water reverberating off the tiles. I finally finished, and she gave me a shake and a kiss. Vanessa, continued to apply her mascara, unfazed by this oddly intimate exchange between me and her sister.

I quickly got dressed and grabbed some poptarts. I kissed Celeste and then I kissed Vanessa as I headed out the door. Normally, the painful slow commute on the Santa Monica was the bane of my existence, however on this day it afforded me time to mull over last night’s events. I nibbled on the poptarts as the traffic crawled.

“What was that all about last night? Why did it happen? Was this a good thing or a bad thing? Would it happen again? Did I want it to happen again? Why wasn’t I stronger? Why did Vanessa want this? Will this wreck our marriage?” were the questions that raced through my mind. I couldn’t come up with any answers.

I was so distracted once I got to work that I barely managed to make it through the day. It’s a good thing I know enough techno lingo speak to sound competent to that conference room full of coworkers who have no idea what the hell I do, only that it’s vital to the company.

“Rollout of the new website facelift will coincide with implementation of the new database protocols. I’m waiting on corporate to give me the okay to make this my primary action item as we need to delegate who will need to be onsite in order to facilitate the changeover. Once this is accomplished, we can sign off on this milestone and move out of alpha. Barring any unforeseen incompatibilities, we can go gold by the end of next week.”

It erotik film izle sounded good. Fight club had nothing on me. I just needed to avoid everyone for the rest of the day.

I ended up fake paging myself with my cell phone, so I could get out of another one of those agonizingly unproductive team meetings. Everyone assumed that there was some work emergency that I needed to deal with. Little did they know that it was my marriage that was the emergency, and my own bad judgment that I needed to deal with.

I rushed home so I could clean up the apartment. I opened the door to a candle lit apartment. I could smell my favorite dishes from P.F. Changs on our little kitchen table, which had a new lacy tablecloth on it.

“I wasn’t expecting you so soon,” Vanessa said.

“I wasn’t expecting you either. I thought you’d be at work,” I replied.

“I got off early. Let’s eat,” Vanessa said.

Dinner was silent. I enjoyed my oolong marinated sea bass as I watched the light flicker on my lovely wife. Apparently she had planned this a while. She was always good at devising a plan of action and executing it flawlessly. I was beginning to think, last night was no exception.

“Vanessa, I…” I started.

“Shhh. After dinner,” she cut me off.

So we finished our meal in silence. I had to give it to her. She put together a feast for my stomach as well as a feast for my eyes. She wore a sheer negligee under her silky Japanese robe. I felt out of place in my khakis and polo shirt, the corporate IT uniform. There was no dessert. She cleaned up the plates and took my hand and let me silently into the bedroom.

She started to undress me. Slowly and deliberately was the pace as she peeled me out of my shirt.

“Baby, lets…”

“Shh,” she put her finger to my lips.

She deftly unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor. I wiggled out of my shoes and socks, and she pulled down my shorts. My cock was at half mast and she gave it a tug and squeeze as she smiled up at me. She then crawled into bed. She had arranged the pillows in her favorite configuration. I knew what she wanted. She didn’t need to even say it. As she leaned back on the pillows which propped her upright I crawled to her on the bed. She held her hand under my chin, looked deeply into my eyes and then grabbed my head and pulled me down between her legs. She would never ask for oral sex, at least never verbally. She always would demand sex in her own style, just maneuvering me where she wanted me and instinctually I would grant her what she wanted.

Her pussy was before me. Clean shaven, looking like a sweet piece of fruit was how she kept it. When she was really excited, she looked like dried peaches, her pussy lips would pout like a child denied candy. Obviously she wanted to orchestrate our sex tonight, but by no means was the power solely in her hands. I too knew the power of tease.

I nuzzled against her lips and mound. My five o’clock shadow grazed her baby smooth thighs. I tongued her clit until it began to peek out from under its hood, anxious to come out and play. She would thrust up at me out of reflex, and I would back away in denial, only to move back in and suck her lips or her clit into my mouth. I would suck her clit into my mouth and graze it back and forth with my tongue. She would writhe and buck, but never complain. I would always release my little prisoner before the torture would become too intense for her.

Her juices flowed. I had never known a woman whose nectar was so sweet and abundant. I slowly fucked her with my tongue. Her wet folds and crevices beckoned me to explore. I twirled it around and spelled out words that would kick ass at Scrabble. I drank her in. She reached for my cock which was so hard it was smooth like a test tube. She pulled me to her cunt and looked at me longingly, as if to say, “No more teasing. It’s enough. Put the wood to me.”

I rubbed the head of my aching cock against her juicy slit. I always made sure that the waters were good before I dove in. When she was like this, I never needed to do that. It was like it was more teasing. She grabbed my hips and pulled me into her as she thrust up at the same time.

“Oh shit,” she hissed as I sunk in all the way. Her nails dug into my ass and held me deep. Her legs wrapped around me and held me so I couldn’t move. Her pussy twitched around me.

“Oooh…nnnnn” was all she said before she bit my shoulder and rode through her orgasm. She was going to try and hold back, but there was no stopping this bullet train. Her strong cunt muscles, film izle squeezed and tried to bend my painfully hard dick. She was done before I had even gotten started.

I let her ride it through and held her body tight to me as she came. I waited for her to recover before I spoke.

“That was different,” I commented.

“Sorry,” she said, “That caught me off guard.” Our mutual grip on each other eased and I was able to move again.

“It’s okay,” I replied as I began my trip towards orgasm lane. She was now wet and loose from her hard cum, but her pussy still gripped me like it had its own second wind. I thrust back and forth in a calm and regular pace. I was like and Olympic rower. She let me continue this for a few moments.

I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine. Her expression was that of love, understanding, gratitude. All the things you give and get in return.

“Jake,” she said, “I need you in my ass. Please.”

“Okay,” I was surprised by the request, but I was never one to deny it. We had practiced a lot of anal sex before we got married as a means of birth control, but we continued to do it as part of our sexual repertoire. I pulled my wet cock out of her juicy cunt and moved it down to her ass before it could complain. I felt her fingertips guide me to her wrinkled hole. As I pushed forward, she opened up, but not enough to let me in. I began the slow teasing of her ass to allow her time to relax. After she has an intense cum, it takes her a while to relax and open up.

Before I knew it, her anus flowered and the head slipped in. I dipped my fingers into her pussy to pull some juice on to me as I eased my way in. She held her ass apart with her hands for me and soon I was in to the hilt. But before I could start thrusting, she spoke.

“Have I ever told you about my first time with a woman?” she asked.

“No, I can’t say that you have,” I replied.

“I was eighteen. She was my coach,” she started. It became apparent that she wanted to tell me this story while she held me tight and my cock was a prisoner of her ass. I had relaxed by body and postponed my need to thrust.

“Anna Lopez del Fuego was the coach of my tennis team in high school. She was a taskmaster but she got results,” Vanessa continued, “I wanted to be just like her.”

I was torn with the need to get my rocks off and listen to this anecdote at the most awkward of times. But I love my wife. And I love her weird little idiosyncrasies. Besides, if I had cum, there was no possible way I could stay conscious for this story even if I wanted to. She knew this and she planned it. I had no choice but to indulge her.

“I was on my way to being state varsity tennis champ. I had to head north to face an opponent at another school. I beat her easily and my school put us up at a fancy hotel as the bus back home would not depart until morning. Miss Lopez took me out on the town. She let me wear one of her skimpy dresses as we went to clubs. She was so beautiful. Neither of us needed ID as people, both men and women were drawn to her. She had wavy black hair and eyes that made you do her bidding. She had a lean athletic body, muscled, but not masculine, you know?”

I nodded. I must have had an annoyed expression on my face. My erection had subsided a little. Vanessa must have sensed this because she squeezed my cock firmly gaining its attention as well as my own. She continued.

“We had drinks and danced. Guys were hitting on us, but she was shooing them away. I hadn’t had that much to drink, but you know what a lightweight I am. Before I knew it, we were back in her room and she had my panties down and had her face buried in my pussy.”

I was now beginning to forget about my own orgasm and listen to my wife spin her lesbian tale.

“She ate my pussy like there was no tomorrow and she ate my ass. I had the strength to resist her, but not the desire. I wanted this. I wanted to know what it felt like. I needed it and she sensed that. I never went down on her. Never once.”

I was hooked. I had never known this about my wife. I had always assumed she might have had some experience with girls, but I never knew to what extent. I never really cared to ask since, she might have told me things I didn’t want to hear. But I was now her captive prisoner.

“Our relationship, was professional, but evolved into an accomplishment/reward sort of thing. If I would win a match she would eat me out and eat my ass. Oh Jake, you have no idea how much I loved being bent over her desk. The door to her office locked, the wooden blinds drawn down and shut seks filmi izle while I spread my cheeks for her and she licked me into oblivion. I missed the smell of wood and the feel of her desk scraping against my nipples, the rustling crumpling paper in my fists as I would always come against her mouth. It would always just kill me when I would lose a match. If I lost she wouldn’t go down on me, and I needed it. I was addicted to it. If she felt I wasn’t concentrating enough, she would insert a butt plug up my ass to remind of why I needed to win. It was hard not to betray that fact to everyone watching you. You couldn’t allow yourself to walk any different. You couldn’t scratch at it. You couldn’t let the parents of the other girls know, that your ass was milking this little piece of plastic pacifier. Do you have any idea how hard it is to play tennis with a plug up your ass?”

“No, I can’t say that I do,” I replied, just utterly astounded at the bizarrely rhetorical question.

“I won Jake. I won a lot. When she was training my ass, she was training me for life,” Vanessa continued. “I learned that my success in life was based on my control of myself and my desires. It might not make a lot of sense to you, but believe me, it shaped who I am and made me stronger.” She squeezed my cock in her ass to emphasize her point.

My cock grew firm again.

“Do you think any less of me?” she asked.

“No, of course not,” I replied.

“I never gave Miss Lopez any sexual pleasure in return. She would just reward me when I performed and made her proud. Last night after you came in Celeste’s ass, it brought back so many memories, memories I had thought long forgotten. When I saw her ass twitching like that, I HAD to go down on her. I’m not gay, but I had know what Miss Lopez felt for me. Can you understand that?”

“Yes, I guess I can…” I responded.

“Then cum. You mother fucker. Fuck my ass and cum. Shoot your hot load in my ass and show me that you love me.” With that she slapped my face in a challenge.

I was shocked. My wife had just dared me to cum in her ass. The shock of her slap just made me angrier. She counted on that. She knew I would pour my anger into her defiantly tight ass.

I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. She held her legs by the back of her knees as I pounded her into the pillow.

“That’s it big boy, show mama what you’re made of…” she teased.

This dirty talk was having an effect on me. I had never seen this side of my wife and it was making me crazy. My dick was harder than it ever was in my life and I was jackhammering it in and out like my life depended on it.

I looked down at Vanessa. Her shit eating grin was making an appearance. My raw cock ached as it sawed in and out of my wife. She was loving this. She wanted this. I was a pawn in this game that was my wife’s pleasure. But I didn’t care. I reveled in this base dirty unmarital fuck pounding frenzy.

My dick was near its bursting point when I hear the giggle. The giggle that preceded my wife’s whimsical orgasms. The giggle that accompanied the kind of fucking that took place in a grassy field on a sunny day after some wine and a picnic. She was cumming.

I looked through squinted eyes at my Vanessa’s face. Her anal orgasm had contorted her mouth into a wordless “O”. Her ass clamped down me and milked me rhythmically.

My orgasm followed hers. These were the best kind of orgasms. The kind where you feel the cum just pouring out of your dick like you’re peeing, but that preceeds that forceful pump action. Like a shotgun, I sprayed her bowels. I screamed as I came. I nearly crushed Vanessa as I held her tight against me, squirting my hot seed into her hot ass. I collapsed on top of her, no longer thrusting. I almost started freaking out because I just couldn’t stop cumming. My orgasm outlasted the content of my balls as my dick heaved of its own volition spraying nothing but good intentions.

I looked at Vanessa. She looked at me like I had never seen her before. She had a look that spoke volumes about how we felt about one another. No judgments no chastisements, only love and understanding.

I had no strength left. It had all poured out of me. I used my last dregs my energy to roll us over and onto my back and pulled Vanessa on top of me, my cock still embedded in her ass.

“I love you Jake,” she said as she placed her hands on my chest and rested her chin against them. Idly she played with my hard nipples.

“I love you too baby,” was my response, I meant it, but I was on autopilot. I didn’t even have the strength to lift my head and kiss her. These life draining orgasms were occurring at such a pace, that I wasn’t sure I would live out the rest of the month.

But little did I know, there was more to come….

To Be Continued.

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Sodomy in Napa Valley Ch. 02

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“You don’t have anything opening up…?” I hear a woman ask hopelessly at Reception as I enter the main lodge for a quick breakfast. Our law firm has been hosting an all-company retreat at this luxury resort the past 3 days. The event culminated in dinner last night, and most people are leaving this morning. From the outset, I had planned to stay the weekend to enjoy the serene setting and am glad I did. I also don’t love running into colleagues at the airport. My personal time is a scarce commodity, and I guard it jealously.

As I pass Reception, reflexively I check out the person at the desk and see that it’s my co-worker Lizzie. Ah, the object of my current fixation. Our interactions at the office and on the retreat have been nothing but professional, yet somehow in the past few weeks she has wormed her way into my subconscious, and my very nasty fantasies, most of which end in me fucking her hard in her ass. Blame it on a hint of stocking top, a glimpse of a bra strap, a glint of body jewelry fleetingly espied after a meeting. Although she is much younger than me (maybe 32), Lizzie is pretty senior at the firm, so I doubt these moments of inattention and indiscretion were intentional. But the net effect is I find myself wondering if she might be as pervy as I am.

To boot, early yesterday morning I witnessed a woman getting herself off on her balcony with various sex toys. I could only see a part of her and had decided it wasn’t Lizzie. In a way, I don’t want it to be Lizzie because my head might explode. Then again, if it had been Lizzie… well, the possibilities are endless. Whoever it was, the woman brought herself off with the help of a large anal dildo… at 6:30 in the morning. Needless to say, I also got off spying on her.

At any rate, I do see that it’s Lizzie at Reception, and whether I want to or not, as a managing partner of the firm, if one of my staff is having an issue, I am duty-bound to try to help.

“Lizzie? Good morning. I thought you were catching an early flight back to Chicago.”

“Hi, Marc. Yes, I was. But right after I checked out, I get a text from the airline that my flight has been canceled! And Jonas here says there is no avail for tonight because there is a wedding party coming in today.”

“Wow, sorry to hear. Can I help?”

“Not unless you have a private jet!” she jokes. “But you know what, I will make it work. I still have my rental car so will drop it in San Fran, get a hotel there, make a day out of it. I love San Francisco.” She smiles ruefully. “The firm will reimburse for the extra night, right?”

I admire her pluck and reply, “Of course, we will. I am sorry for the inconvenience, though. That’s great you rigged a quick plan B, but no one likes last minute switch-ups.”

“No, it’s not ideal. But I’ll make the best of it!”

“Listen, I was just going to the main dining room for breakfast. Have you eaten? Even if you have, join me for coffee?”

“That sounds great! As long as you don’t mind that I’ll be researching hotels at the table.”

“Not at all. It’s totally understandable. And again, sorry you’re having to retool your weekend this way.” I stay with her as she deposits her bag with the concierge before we make our way to the dining room. As she’s giving her details to the concierge, I discreetly check her out.

As usual, Lizzie is very well put together, but her travel attire is definitely more relaxed than usual, even a bit bohemian. Usually her shoulder-length reddish brown hair is tied up or pinned up, but today she wears it loose. She has on a sleeveless wrap dress with a small print which helps camouflage how light the fabric is. My practiced eyes see she has a bra on, but the bra can’t be substantial because I can see her perky nipples peeking through. Over the dress, she has on a fitted denim jacket, and on her pretty feet, she is wearing open-toe sandals with a high cork heel. Casually classy, and understatedly sexy.

Lizzie has a rather boyish figure with smallish breasts, which are the perfect counterpoint to her excellent legs, slim ankles, and very sexy feet. I’ve noticed her feet long ago, when it was warm out and most women were wearing open-toed shoes to the office. At the time, I didn’t give it a second thought, but now I find myself stealing glances at them more often than I’d care to admit. Lizzie has impressively high arches and always impeccably pedicured toes with tantalizing toe cleavage. Today she sports a lighter color pedicure than her usually vampy red, and I am reminded that the woman I spied on the terrace yesterday also had a lighter shade nail varnish. It’s exciting to think it might have been Lizzie, after all…

How I would love to suck on her long toes, lick the arches and her ankles, then work up her svelte calves and thighs, all the way to her cunt and ass… The woman on the balcony yesterday had a smooth pussy, except a small triangle of hair high on the pussy mound. I wonder if Lizzie is sporting something similar. Is there anything better than running your tongue over a slick pussy and ass hole, with your lover’s erotik film izle pretty feet hooked behind your neck so you can fondle her toes as you’re eating her out? Or slow-fucking her ass in missionary with her toes in your mouth?

“Marc? Ready?” I snap out of my daydream, and we make our way to the breakfast room, with me willing my cock to stay down.

+ + +

[Christ, he’s so fuckin’ hot. All the hotter because he is oh so Mr Managing Partner proper. It was a bummer seeing that text from the airline that my flight got canceled, but when I heard Marc call out to me at Reception, his voice gave me butterflies in my stomach. He looks so sexy today in jeans and a heathered T-shirt – never seen him in weekend clothes before. I’m standing here having a calm banter with him, but I can feel my pussy stir and my nipples perking up. Thank God I have on this denim jacket as a topper over my light dress.

I’ve been fantasizing about Marc during this whole retreat and have masturbated several times a day with all my toys, imagining how he might use my body for his pleasure. Last night’s company finale dinner was especially tantalizing. He was dressed down in an open-collar shirt and after several days of great weather in Napa, he had gotten a bit of color to his naturally olive skin. I’ve calculated from his bio that he’s about 49, very fit, and foxy as hell in that nerdy I-need-my-readers-to-see-the-menu kind of way. I have gotten myself off countless times with the girthiest toy I have, picturing him bending me over and fucking me slow and deep.

It was a leisurely multi-course dinner and, needless to say, every time I escaped to the ladies’ room, I wanked off with the help of my pocket rocket. All through dinner, I kept envisioning him giving me anal missionary so I can watch his face as he stretches my tightest orifice. My fantasy often ended with him unpacking his load in my ass and then enjoying the sight of his cum dribbling out of my ass in a pretty little cream pie as I reach down to spread his semen all over my tight love box. Mmmmmm…]

+ + +

One thing I’ve learned from our drive-by conversations when Lizzie’s been at the office – she is based in Chicago and I in New York – is that we always have the best talks. We both do charity work and travel to remote places, and she is genuinely an interesting and delightful person, not to mention a consummate professional. And of course, she’s extremely easy on the eyes, head to toes. The breakfast goes by quickly, almost too quickly, with her intermittently checking her phone in an effort to snag a reservation in the city.

I sign for the check and ask, “So, any luck?”

She sighs, “No. Plenty of avail tomorrow night, but nothing tonight. Not even AirBnB, unless I’m willing to stay by the airport in Burlingame. Not exactly my style, fancy girl that I am.” She grins impishly.

“Something will turn up. It’s early yet. You can also stay here and enjoy the facilities. For what we paid as a company to have the retreat here, they shouldn’t begrudge granting you day use of the place.” I pause then add, “Another option is to go visit a vineyard. A buddy of mine is a co-owner of one up here, and I was going to drop by later. You are very welcome to join me.”

“I may take you up on that. I need to stop searching for a place for a bit. It’s kind of stressing me out.”

“It’s settled then. I was going to leave in about an hour since my buddy wouldn’t be there yet. I need to catch up on emails in my suite. There’s plenty of workspace if you have work to do as well, or I can meet you down here later.” Hand to heart, I’m not putting the make on her. I would make the same offer to a male colleague waylaid by travel snafus. (Or would I?)

“If you’re sure you don’t mind, I’ll come up. I can get ahead of some emails as well, and I wouldn’t be able to focus down here with all the comings and goings.”

“No problem at all.” We leave the dining room together and head over to the complex where my suite is. As I walk up the walkway with Lizzie, I wonder if she is feeling at all tingly, as I am. I don’t have designs on her, but not 2 hours ago, I had no inkling that I would be strolling back to my suite with the current object of my lust.

+ + +

“Wow! And I thought my suite was nice. Is this the Presidential suite?!” She joked, upon entering my place.

“The benefits of being a senior partner, I guess.” I answer sheepishly. “The view from the terrace is pretty nice.”

“Oh, may I take a peek?” We walk out together. “You know, this was my view, too. This venue truly is beautiful.” She closes her eyes and leans her head back a little bit. Gazing at her, I imagine her to have exactly this posture and expression if she were having her nipples licked, or her pussy. With the gentle breeze, the front of her dress is snug against her perky tits and her pelvis, faintly outlining the Y where her legs and her pussy meet. My cock perks up, and I am thankful to be wearing well-fitting briefs today. Mmmmmm, I would love to kneel down, lift the hem of her film izle skirt to nuzzle her pussy, run my hands up the backs of her legs and squeeze her ass. I would want her to keep her strappy heels on as I sample her this way…

“Huh, that looks like the terrace of my old room down there.” I snap out of my reverie and look in the direction she’s pointing. With a jolt, I realize she’s indicating the unit where I witnessed the woman having the wank session with her vibrator and sizable anal dildo just the morning before. I could only see the woman’s lower body, legs, and feet; her upper body and face had been obscured by the overhang. Watching her, I had also enjoyed a massive orgasm, splashing my semen all over the tiled flooring, right where Lizzie is standing, with her pretty feet and legs in her sexy hippie sandals.

As I’m quickly replaying some of the visuals in my mind, I see that Lizzie is still looking in that direction and has cocked her head a bit to one side. No doubt, she is wondering if I had seen her.

She turns to me with a quizzical expression. I was going to deflect and say I hadn’t had the chance to enjoy the terrace much, but I see immediately in her eyes that the jig is up. Lizzie is a very astute person. She also knows I’m an early riser since we had talked about exercising in the early morning, swimming for me, running for her.

A small smile plays on her lips as she slides her eyes down to my jeans and can see the now obvious bulge in my crotch, and I see likewise that her nipples are even perkier now.

“You saw me?”

“Yes, I must confess I did. I didn’t know it was you then. I didn’t have an inkling until this morning when I saw your pedicure was of the same color as that woman’s. Usually, your toenails are red.”

“You notice my pedicure shade,” she queried teasingly.

“Oh, yes. I notice a lot of things. Especially about you.”

“Like what else…?” She arches one eyebrow and half turns to face me.

“Like, that you favor expensive lingerie and wear open-top stockings. That you wear body jewelry.”

“Wow, you surprise me. You’re always so buttoned up. I thought you were all business.”

“I am all business when it’s required. And I am all pleasure when it’s time.” My voice has gotten a little croaky from desire, and my balls are starting to feel tight. She looks so good standing there, her weight favored on one high-heeled foot, one hip set a little forward, an elbow resting on the railing. I’m a hard-nosed attorney, but right now, I feel like an awkward college kid being teased by the prettiest girl on campus. I am dying to kiss her.

I throw caution to the wind and reach out and playfully hook one finger in the tie belt of her wrap dress. I expect no reaction in particular, but Lizzie reaches down, grabs my wrist and draws me toward her. With her other hand, she hooks a finger in my front belt loop and draws me right up to her and says with a low voice, her lips right up to mine, “You’ve seen what I like, then.” She flicks her tongue across my lips which sends a shock to my lower belly and my cock.

“Yes… I have a pretty good idea.” I lightly grasp her loose hair with my other hand and give her a long, deep, wet kiss. She is already pressing her pelvis firmly into mine. The good thing about our revelation is there is little room for pretense. I feel nearly light-headed with desire and anticipation, knowing that Lizzie will enjoy everything I would want to do with her, and to her.

“We’re not going to make it to that vineyard, are we?” She whispers as I kiss her jaw, neck, throat.

“One day. Not likely today,” I mutter as I stroke a breast with one hand and brace her low back with the other. She gives a small moan of assent. I shrug off her denim jacket and let it fall on the nearby chair. Almost in a trance, I untie the sash of her dress and let it open so I can appreciate her lithe body, adorned with a thin gold belly chain just below her slim waist. Her nipples are completely erect from lust and the slight chill in the air, even though it promises to be a warm day.

I unclasp her front-closing lacy bra and bend down to run my tongue on first one lovely nipple, then its mate. I go back and forth between the two, licking, sucking, and lightly biting. She has her eyes closed with her head thrown back, as she did not 10 minutes ago while appreciating the view and sunshine. How far we have come, and it’s delicious to consider how far we will soon go.

I love on her tits and nipples for a couple of minutes as I stroke her gams and run my hands up her inner thighs. I draw back upright to taste her mouth again as I lightly caress her mound over her expensive knickers, right along her clit and where her pussy must already be creaming. She is cooing her pleasure and also reaches down to take measure of my cock. She grunts deep in the back of her throat when she detects the girth of my package.

“Oh God, I want to taste your cock. I’ve been fantasizing about you for so long.”

This is the first I hear of her own yearnings. “You will, soon. I want seks filmi izle to taste you between your legs first. I’ve been thinking about that a lot…”

She’s wearing the perfect fuck-me dress. It hangs open to give me full access. I crouch down to kneel on the tiles and press my face right in her crotch. She smells amazing. Shower-fresh tinged with eau de pussy. Fuucccckk. I slowly pull her lace knickers down to mid-thigh and pause to gaze at her pussy, from the pretty hooded clit down to her inner lips just visible below her outer labia, already shiny with her girl juice. As I had seen the other morning, her pussy is waxed smooth except for a coquettish martini-glass shaped triangle high on her mound. My tongue snakes out and gives her inner lips a light lick, tasting her natural lubrication, eliciting a gasp from Lizzie. Fuck me, she tastes good.

I bury my face in her crotch and begin eating her out. In the late morning light, I can enjoy looking at her pretty pussy as I lick and toy with her clit and lightly suck on her soft lips. My cock feels strangled in my jeans so I reach down with one hand to unbutton the fly, draw my cock upright, and lazily pull on it. With my other hand, I caress the soft, wet mouth of Lizzie’s sweet cunt and insert the tips of two fingers into her velvety wetness and softly tease-fuck her with just two knuckles. She feels, smells, and tastes like absolute heaven.

After a few minutes of me feasting on her pussy, she lifts one leg to drape it over my shoulder. Both her arms are now draped across the railing, and she is fully leaning back on it for support. Luckily, I’m in the penthouse so we have privacy. With her leg draped over my shoulder this way, I have more access to her perineum and back side. I expand the reach of my tongue to explore this tasty new territory, sweeping my tongue from clit to perineum, and eventually from clit to her pucker.

She is breathing hard and whimpering little cries of pleasure. My cock is steadily pearling up precum as I languidly pull on it. I love the anticipation of the buildup, but at the same time, I cannot wait until that moment when I can finally sink my cock inside Lizzie – first her sweet pussy, then yes, absolutely, deep into her rectum.

“Mmmmm, Marc, that’s so good. Your tongue, oh my God.” She takes one arm off the railing and, raking her fingers through my hair, holds me in place to lick and suck her box. Her asshole is tight, pink, mesmerizing. I will enjoy opening up that taut aperture and fucking it later.

“Lizzie, baby, turn around. Open your ass to me.” She shrugs off her dress and lets it fall to the flooring, unhooks her thigh off my shoulder, and slowly does an about-face. Her panties are still around her mid-thigh so I draw them down all the way, and she carefully steps out of them. She shrugs off her unhooked bra as well, so that now she is standing bare-ass naked in platform heels, her perky tits pressed against the terrace railing and her pert bottom wantonly tipped open to my gaze. I take a moment to admire the sight of her puffy pussy lips viewed from behind – one of my favorite POVs.

She reaches back with both hands and lewdly spreads her ass cheeks apart so I can take in her crinkled wink. I give her one big lick, from pussy to upper crack, and she buckles slightly forward and sucks in her breath sharply through her teeth. I set to rimming her out slowly and thoroughly, alternately running my tongue up and down her entire valley, or swirling small firm circles in the delicious textured indent of her anus, sometimes giving it a wet suck. She smells and tastes amazing. The musk of her ass is a total turn-on, and I continue to pull on my pud, as my other hand trails up between her parted legs to toy with her clit.

We continue this way for several minutes, and her fingers have started working her clit as well, freeing my hand to gently finger-fuck her pussy. I can eat out Lizzie’s ass this way for a very long time, but I do want to savor her tight body in the big bed. I plan to taste all her bits from every angle possible.

I reluctantly pull my mouth off her tasty ass and slowly stand up. Cupping one hand over hers on her mound and rubbing a nipple with the other, I mutter in her neck, “Let’s go inside. Time for you to sit on my face.” She moans and turns her head to share a deep kiss, imprinting her ass hard into my crotch. My cock nestles in her crack, and I slide my engorged tool up and down her saliva-covered crevice. It takes all my will not to fuck her right then and there. But I want to wait, and I also want her to be begging for my cock.

I turn her around, lift her up to straddle my waist, and slowly walk inside. She reflexively wraps her slim legs around me, sinks her fingers in my fair, and stuffs her tongue in my mouth. We kiss deeply as I make my way into the bedroom of the suite. I gently pose her on the freshly turned bed and devour her with my eyes as I remove my clothes. She has slipped off her heels and is reclining back on her forearms with her legs demurely crossed in front of her pussy, showing off her pretty feet to me. I peel off my shirt then my jeans and briefs in one movement and gaze at sexy Lizzie openly staring at my cock. I’ve been told by past lovers that I have a nice package. It’s certainly served me well.

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She’ll Want More…

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Self Shot

Yes SNAG’s like anal sex too. It is not solely the domain of the anal plunderer hell bent on anal destruction.

Instead I would like a woman who actually enjoyed being fucked in the arse and would like me to do it again rather than just endure it.

I have to say that I really love arse fucking. I love arses in general. I love their shapes, their roundness, their sensuality and the way they feel. I love arses that have substance and shape. I’m not too keen on fat arses or flat arses, just nicely shaped ones.

Now, in order to fuck your woman’s arse we need some passionate agreement from her first. She just won’t let you get her on her hands and knees and present her arsehole for plunder. Although, I have had girls who will do that, but they are very rare. So you have to get her in the right mood.

OK, after you have been fucking and playing about for a while, you’re both pretty hot and turned on and maybe by this time she has had an orgasm or two or she is not very far away. Now is the time to go down on her. You may have already done that when you first started getting her turned on for fucking, but this is taking it a step further.

The preparation

When you go down on her this time, the idea is to blow her mind. Lick her and tease her to orgasm and then when she is in that post orgasmic bliss, gently keep on licking her and slowly move south – if she is on her back. And start licking the little piece of skin that separates her cunt and her anus. Gently lick and caress it with your tongue. At this stage is she is probably not paying too much attention if she has just had her orgasm. If she doesn’t object to you licking then continue further until you are rimming her anus. You must do this very gently, especially if you have never licked her anus before. You must let her get used to the idea that you have your tongue near the ‘dirtiest’ part of her body.

Rim her anus very gently, and if she has come down from her orgasm by now she may be starting to pay attention to what you are doing.

Remember you are trying to get her relaxed for your cock, so the more time you take the better it will be for both you and her.

I cannot stress enough about taking your time. It doesn’t matter whether you lose your hard-on at this stage, you’ll get it back when you fuck her arse.

Somewhere around here adjust her body so that it is more comfortable for you to tongue her anus, as you are going to be here for a while, so you might as well be comfortable it. I have found that there are couple of really good positions for this.

The good old 69 is a good one, because it allows her to suck your cock and distracts her a little from what you are doing to her.

Another variation is 69 lying on the side, in this position she can actually lick your arse if she wants.

For totally control though, you might want to put her on her hands and knees and put her arse in the air and head on a pillow. If she arches her back up for you then you’re halfway there – she knows what’s coming and wants it, but still wants you to take your time.

You can also have her lying on her back and put her legs back as far as they will go so that her hips flex upward. These last two are the most comfortable for the licker and will give you total control and complete access to her hidden treasures, and will nicely open her anus up a well.

When she is enjoying being rimmed, erotik film izle then you slowly start to flick your tongue around her tight opening and dip your tongue in just a little bit. She may jump at this; mostly it will be surprise at how good it feels. Start pushing your tongue into her anus. Make you tongue like a small cock, but not too hard. You want her to like something going into her arsehole. Slowly start insinuating your tongue into her anus, paying special attention to how she is relaxing. If you can feel her anus relaxing then it is working. Also, your tongue is a lot more sensitive than fingers and so can give a much better idea of how her anus is relaxing.

When her anus is nice and relaxed with your gentle tongue fucking, you can then increase the pace with your tongue and start tongue fucking her arse a lot more aggressively. Your tongue is a lot smaller than your cock, so the invasion is not so extreme for her to cope with. Do this for sometime, until you feel she is enjoying it. If she doesn’t seem to be into it yet, then slow down and maybe go back a step to gentler tonguing.

Once you can slip all your tongue into her arsehole then she ready. Then I’d start pushing as much saliva into her arse as possible, making it good and wet. I have tried this and it works. You don’t need as much or any lubricant if you can get her anus wet with your saliva.

The penetration

Here is the moment of truth. Her anus is open, relaxed and wet just waiting for your cock. You probably would like to just shove it inside right now, but you must restrain yourself. You haven’t achieved your goal yet.

The technique that I use next is also important. Remember what you are working on here. You just don’t want to get your cock in here arse.

You want her to enjoy it enough to want you do it again and again, and not just be a once-off uncomfortable experience.

This technique involves having only a partial hard-on.

It takes some practice and control not to have the fattest hard-on when you are so close to achieving your goal, but try it’s worth it.

OK, when you have your cock just hard enough to penetrate without flopping away, but not so hard it’s like rod of steel – somewhere in between – (we’ll assume your girl is on her hands and knees), move up behind her and put your cock to her anus. You may need to go very slowly here. She may have enjoyed your tongue and really wants you to arse fuck her, but she’ll also be aware that it may hurt and your cock is much bigger than your tongue.

Start by rubbing your cock-head around her anus and see if you can feel how relaxed her anus is with your cock. If she is still relaxed and it seems that you can slip your cock in easily, then SLOWLY, press it into her hole. She may tense up a little; this is normal, press on slowly and keep an eye on what’s happening.

You will the visual stimulus is important as we go on. Remember to control your erection; don’t let it get too hard.

Keep on gently pushing into her anus until you feel the head slip past her sphincter. When you have got this far STOP and let her get used to it.

You will be able to feel how tight her anus is around your cock, but still don’t let your cock get hard yet. When her sphincter has relaxed, then you can slowly start moving into her arsehole proper. Again, go very slowly, maybe only a millimetre at a time is all she can stand. film izle Let her guide you. You must always pay attention to what she and her body are saying.

As you start to penetrate her arse watch what you are doing. Observe your cock stretching her anus and see how much cock you have in her arse. As you push into her use this visual stimulus to get your cock fully hard. This way you will be both penetrating her anus and stretching her anus with your expanding cock.

When you have bottomed out at the deepest you can go give her sometime to get used to it.

Then you can very slowly start to withdraw your cock, until only the head remains inside her arsehole.

Slowly push back into her anus until all of your cock in buried in her bowels. When at it’s deepest you should flex you PC’s muscles to make your cock throb in her arse. This should enjoyable for her, but it is also stretching her further.

Keep slowly fucking her arse for a couple of minutes and slowly start building up the tempo, so that you can start to fuck her as if you were having a lazy fuck with her. Don’t start slamming it into her it can still hurt.

Yes all this takes time. But it will be worth it.

Constantly monitor her reactions and only proceed to more aggressive fucking when she is ready.

After sometime you will be able to fuck her arse quite freely.

At this point you could probably fuck her quite hard now.

Bear in mind that if she is not used to arse fucking then it may get uncomfortable quite quickly.

When you are sure that she is into you having your cock in her arse, now is the time for you have fun. Usually it’s better to get it over with pretty quick. Now I go into fucking mode and really start to enjoy the feeling of fucking her arse.

Firstly I just start by slowly fucking her as deep as possible. Making myself aware of every single sensation her arse is giving me. The tight ring down at the base my cock and the warm wetness of her bowels. I can even feel the small ridges in her anus where arse muscles are. It’s sort of like fucking a ribbed condom, but much nicer and HOT. I push my cock the deepest into guts and throbbed my cock there for a while. Pumping up my erection. With this done, I withdraw down to my head. I grasp here hips and pull her back onto my cock and start fucking her so that I may cum. It doesn’t take much until I can feel my balls begin to swell and my prostate start to swell and tighten, I can feel my mind leaving my body until only the sensations of my cock in your arsehole give me. Then I can feel my body come back through the top of my head and through the veins in my body as a blue light which collects at the point of orgasm and explodes from the top of my head and down my spine and through my cock and out as blue light sperm into her bowels. I pull her closer and embed my cock in her while it pulses and fills her guts with my cum.

I hold for a second or two and feel the throbbing of my cock and the pulsing of her anus around it.

She is usually shaking quite a lot by now. It has got her hot but not got her off yet. I roll over onto of her and we roll into a spooning position with my cock still hard in her arse. Quite often my cock will remain hard for quite a while after I have cum in her arse. Slowly I soften, but still stay in her arse – my cock is about 7” and when it’s soft it is 5” and so when my cock softens in her seks filmi izle arse there can still a lot cock in her. She wriggles her arse and bends her head around to meet my lips and we start gently kissing. I reach around her and feel her breasts and as she grinds her hips back onto mine, pushy my cock in further, her breasts push out to fill my hands and our tongues dance a tango.

In an instant she has hopped off me and is working her way down my body with her tongue. She passes my nipples and gently licks and bights them, making me jump.

She rims my bellybutton.

Keeps moving down.

Arriving at my throbbing cock lying on my belly. She doesn’t use her fingers and slowly starts running the tip of her tongue up the length of my cock and down to my balls again. She presses her tongue down and speeds it out and gives my cock and tongue bath, when she gets to my cock head, she licks around the shape of it’s head and across my pee hole. She then picks it up with her hand slips it into her mouth. I can feel her tongue flick and rotate around my cock head as she pushes it deeper into her mouth, her tongue fucking my cock.

The cock that had just been in her arse.

Now I can’t guarantee that she will do it, but it has happened to me several times. There’s no telling how dirty the two of you get now that you’ve licked her anus and fucked her arse. Be prepared, if you do this properly, you’ll have your girl wanting you to fuck her arse and maybe even demanding it. That’s happened to me too!

Anyway, back to the story. He she is sucking my cock into her mouth. I can see how dirty the scene is and it starts to get me hard instantly.

I start to fuck her face and fill up all of her mouth with my cock.

As can’t take all of cock, it’s too big for her, but she’s done what she came, got me very hard. She rolls me onto her back and moves down and sits above my cock and holds it with her hand and lines it up with her cunt.

She just drops straight down onto my cock, all the way to the base. When I am all in her, she wriggles around a bit then starts rubbing her clit up and down across my pubic bone. She starts off slowly, soon quickens and she really starts grinding her clit into me.

Pushing all of my cock into her, she starts moving faster and faster up and down and suddenly her whole body starts jerking and then going almost rigid and she freezes on my cock. I can feel her cunt contracting tightly on my cock. I can feel her heartbeat through her cunt. She doesn’t stop, and keeps on fucking my rock solid cock, grinding her clit into my pubic bone harder and harder. She slips over into another body shaking orgasm and jerks wildly in ecstasy. She doesn’t slow her assault on my cock and then explodes into the biggest orgasm of all. Her whole body is wracked by convulsions, as she grinds her cunt over my cock, and then she collapses down onto my chest the at the very peak of her ecstasy. I wrap my arms around her trembling body as she continued spasming on my cock. I can feel her hot tight cunt pulsing around my cock.

Her body is hot and sweaty as she gives over all her weight to me. I stroke her back and run my fingers through her wet hair. She is breathing hard and heavy, catching her breath and enjoying the bliss.

We lie together in each others arms, my hard cock still in her cunt, her cunt still pulsing around my cock.

We drift off to sleep with me still inside her body and smile across my face, knowing that this was going to happen again.

So there you go guys. It does work. This is a true story… it happened to a friend of friend of mine. Well, ME actually.

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Sex Ed

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP my screaming alarm wakes me an hour before my favorite class. Why is it my favorite you may ask well, because of the teacher, Professor Moore. Professor Moore is not only a wonderful teacher who makes every subject he teaches fun and interesting but also he is also gorgeous! He is only about 8 years older then my 19 and the youngest teacher here, he has the clearest most intelligent, and bright blue eyes I have ever seen, and his slightly long blonde hair makes him irresistible. All the girls think he is sexy and I must admit I am no exception. As I get out of my bed and I am in a bit of a naughty mood. So as I choose what I will be wearing today I think about giving Moore a bit of a show. I finally decide on a silky low cut blouse with my sexiest lacy bra that barely covers my beautiful, perky D breasts. I decide upon my tiniest mini skirt that does little to cover my lovely ass as well. I go without any panties just to see what happens and to give myself a bit of a thrill. As I look in the mirror I am satisfied with the way the shirt hides just enough but also shows enough as well. I admire how easily my eyes glided down over my breasts and down my flat stomach to my narrow waist and over my luscious ass and I decide this will do.

As erotik film izle I take my seat in the third row slightly above the podium in the middle of the class I remember that I have no panties on and I sit a bit more cautiously. As the class begins and he begins his lesson I wait for his eyes to sweep the room and I slightly part my thighs as his eyes travel to my seat. I stare at his face for any hint of a reaction and I am rewarded when he looks and I see his eyes widen and his mouth fall slightly open in surprise. Then I see the lust fill his eyes as he looks away from my pussy and up to my face where he sees me watching him. Throughout the rest of class I continually flash him glimpses of my pussy and I see the look of lust grow.

Finally when class is over as I am packing away my things my pen rolls of my desk and onto the seat of the desk in the row below me so after packing up all of my things and after everyone else had left I go down to retrieve my pen as I slid around to the front of the desk I decide I will give one last show, so I bend over the desk and I exaggerate so that I know my skirt has ridden up my beautiful ass and I am giving quite a show and I finally grab my pen.

As I am about to stand up I hear footsteps behind me film izle and suddenly I feel hands on my hips I gasp and turn to see that it is professor Moore and I can now also feel his bulge pressing into my ass. He leans down to whisper into my ear “see what you do to me.” I respond by grinding my ass into his bulge. He moans and whispers “oh god I want you so bad…” I then spin around locking him in a hot and passionate kiss. As we kissed I fumble with his belt buckle then slowly undo his pants and pull him out. I can feel his throbbing hardness and slowly I slide down and kiss the head tasting the salty precum then I engulf him in my mouth as my tongue swirls around the shaft my head is bobbing when suddenly I feel him tighten as his orgasm overcomes him then I feel the jets of cum explode into my mouth I suck greedily until there is no more.

I stand and he kisses me tasting himself in my mouth. Then he bends me over the desk and begins to roughly finger me pushing his fingers in and out in and out. Then I feel him guide the tip of his again hard cock into me and I feel him push as he fills me his fingers travel to my clit and as he rubs it he begins to thrust deep inside of me. He feels so good inside of me that I can barely control myself enough to keep seks filmi izle from crying out. My orgasm finally sweeps over me with waves of pleasure then I feel him tighten again and so I whisper “Don’t come inside me…” he grunts and pulls out then I feel the tip of his cock slippery with my juices against my asshole. I moan my approval and push back slightly and I feel him slip inside of me. I again rotate my hips so I can get accustomed to his girth easier. Finally I can feel my body accepting this intruder and I begin I to rock back and forth causing more of him to enter me. He begins to thrust as well while his fingers plunge in and out of my leaking pussy and his thumb is rubbing my clit. The combination of all of these stimulants causes another orgasm more powerful then the first the wash over me. Moments later I feel him tighten again and this time I can feel his seed spurting into my tight ass. After his orgasm he collapses with his still twitching cock buried inside of my ass.

After another few minutes pass he rolls off of me and stands, he begins to straighten himself and helps me up as well I can feel the come slowly begin leaking from my gaping hole and I grab some tissues from my bag and wipe away the leaking come. We both look at each other with expressions of satisfaction on our faces as he says “…well I guess I will see you after next weeks lesson.” I nod with a knowing smile and as I walk away I can feel his eyes watching me, and I can hardly wait until next week.

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Big Dicks

I winced as the tip of the very realistic dildoe pressed against the opening of my ass. Twelve inches long and almost two inches in diameter this was the largest object I had ever attempted to experience anally. Even though the fake cock was greased, and I had already used my fingers to stretch the anal opening, its entry was difficult. Inward then back out; each time pressing a little deeper while I pushed outward as if having a bowel movement. Gradually, the anal ring relaxed, but not without discomfort; a discomfort that eased only when the dildoe began to back out. On an inward shove I realized I had pushed the cock-head way past the sphincter. I was still feeling the discomfort of stretching, but I now knew the only barrier that remained was length; a question answered quickly as I pushed until the dildoe’s base pressed against my butt cheeks.

I questioned the best way to relieve the uncomfortable pressure; continued back and forth movement or full entry then try to relax. In both cases the urge to take a shit exerted its influence. After full consideration of the problem it seemed the movement option was best. I could feel the dildoe sliding past the anal ring and the pressure changes on the prostate. After a few minutes of this continual in and out movement my anus relaxed and I enjoyed pleasure, but not the pleasure I sought.

The presence of such a huge rod in my rectum, while feeling good from an anal perspective, did not allow satisfaction for my cock and balls. Of the things I had available to aid masturbation; fuck-films, magazines, and the stories from Literotica nothing stimulated me to an erection. My mind was excited. My ass was feeling good, but my poor cock was left wanting and feeling deprived.

After close to an hour my frustration reached its limits, and I removed the dildoe. The feeling as it exited my anus was exquisite, much like the passing of a huge turd. Immediately, the pressure on the anal ring was released and it began to collapse; not fully, but I knew very soon it would close completely. As pleasurable was the feeling of the dildoe sliding in and out of my bowel exit point the lack of that pleasure was just as pleasant. The removal also eased the barrier that prevented an erection. In a few moments my cock stood tall and proud as my hand stroked up and down while I read a good beat-off story on the computer screen. For another hour I indulged my sexual being stroking to the edge then backing off only to return again and again. To enhance my pleasure I reached around my backside and inserted a formidable, but smaller dildoe into my ass. With this added stimulation I finally pushed myself across the threshold and raced toward conclusion. With powerful, rapid, up and down strokes my hand slid along the cock shaft, and when I crossed the threshold of no return the pace of those strokes increased. Harder and faster my hand stroked until at last I drove myself over the edge into an explosive orgasm spewing my man juices onto the computer screen. I came, then crashed in relaxation so complete I was able only to watch the cum drippings slide down the monitor face; what a way to begin a long weekend.

“I never knew you wanted it that way.” said the soft feminine voice of my wife Cheryl. Her words startled me out of my euphoria, and I jumped up like a little boy caught doing something wrong. “You’ve stuck your fingers in my ass often enough, but it never crossed my mind you wanted someone to fuck you there. I’ll have to think about that. I’m going to the grocery store; see you later.

Cheryl turned and in a moment I heard the front door open and close. My body still felt wonderful, but my mind was in turmoil not knowing how to react to getting caught jacking my meat while holding a shit-coated dildoe in my hand. What was Cheryl thinking? What would she say next? As confused as I was, my body seemed to like the idea of Cheryl watching me cum on the computer screen; my dick was getting hard in record time. The temptation was great, but I decided to clean up the room and take a shower.

Cheryl said nothing when she returned from the store. She talked about other things, but said nothing about what she saw me do in front of the computer. Matter of fact she said nothing about the incident for almost two weeks, and I was so concerned that she had caught me beating off that I also said nothing; why wake a sleeping dragon? The situation changed on Saturday morning.

“Hope you have nothing planned for tonight. I’m taking the kids to Mother’s for the weekend.” With that Cheryl told the kids to get in the car, and then she left.

I was unsure as to what erotik film izle she had in mind, but she did not seem angry. Patience is not one of my virtues so it was difficult waiting for her to return, and even though I kept myself busy with yard work I was tense with anticipation. Just before 6 I heard her pull into the garage.

“James, come with me. I would like to talk with you about something.” I followed her to the den where we each sat in our favorite chairs.

“What I saw the other day surprised me. I never imagined you liked anal play so much. I know you have played with my asshole quite a bit through the years, but the look on your face as you pushed that cock in and out was unbelievable. You really like getting fucked in the ass don’t you! Tonight we are going to find out just how much you like it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. You are mine tonight, and your ass is getting fucked anyway I see fit. Are you up for it? Never mind, I see you’re already up.”

My cock was hard, as hard as I can ever remember. Her pronouncement was both definitive and vague. I knew she planned to fuck my ass, but I did not know how, or for how long.

“First thing for you to do is take a shower, and shave your face, pubic hair, and asshole. When you’re through get in bed, and put on this blindfold. If I am not there I will join you shortly. There are some final arrangements I must attend to. Oh, and by the way, when you hear me coming get on your stomach with your butt up in the air.”

As directed, I shaved everywhere and every hair so that my face, cock, balls, and asshole were perfectly smooth. Cheryl was not in the bedroom so I put on the blindfold, laid down, and was just getting flattened out when I heard her coming. Immediately, I repositioned myself so my ass was facing up and toward the door.

My ass was up, my dick hard, and my balls were hanging low when Cheryl entered the room. She said nothing, but I could hear her walking around from one side of the bed to the other. At last I sensed her very near, and then I felt her hand caress my buttocks.

“You like fucking yourself in the ass don’t you? Why didn’t you ever say anything to me? Are you ashamed, or did you think I was too precious? Never mind. It doesn’t matter. You like ass fucking, well tonight I am going to fuck you. When I get through you will either love it even more, or you will hate it entirely.”

With that her hands left my butt and she stuffed some pillows under my stomach. The big surprise was she then tied my hands to the headboard, and tied my legs to the bed rails so that I had very little movement in any direction. I was at her mercy.

The next feeling I experienced was Cheryl rubbing KY into my asshole. It was cold and I jumped, but then it warmed as her finger move in, out, and around in circles stretching the sphincter. It was very pleasurable and I began to relax and enjoy the sensations. After a moment the pressure on the sphincter increased as a second and then a third finger joined the fray.

“There is shit in you. I can leave it there and see what happens, or you can have an enema. Tell you what. I am going to dig some of it out then leave the rest. That okay with you? Good.” She said all this in a nonchalant manner and without waiting for an answer from me.

I felt her fingers probing and wiggling which ended as she withdrew pulling out a large turd. Cheryl repeated this action several times before she said I was clear of all the shit she could reach. She applied a warm washcloth to clean me, reapplied the KY, and without further warning jammed four fingers into my ass.

“My hands are pretty small. How do you feel about the entire thing going up your butt?”

Again without waiting for me to agree, Cheryl slowly began to move her hand in circles stretching the opening while at the same time applying gradual inward pressure forcing her hand into my body. I was tight, but between her pressure and my relaxation techniques I at last felt her knuckles pass the opening. All of a sudden I felt fullness unlike any I had ever felt previously. Her entire hand was inside my ass. Nothing I had ever stuck up there compared to the feeling.

The pressure and fullness felt amazing, but not near as amazing as when Cheryl began to stretch my rectum by spreading her fingers. The feeling was bizarre and indescribable, and that feeling became even more so as her arm began to slowly move upward into my colon. All the while her fingers were opening and closing, brushing the walls of my intestine.

“Does that feel good? Am I doing it right? Is your film izle cock hard?”

The answer to the first two was yes, but my cock was soft. I do not know what you have heard or experienced, but I have found while anal is pleasurable it does not cause erections.

Cheryl slowly withdrew her arm until her hand was near my prostate. She then made a fist and rapidly pushed it inward. With a fairly rapid pace she repeatedly moved in and out of my asshole. The feelings she was giving me were intense, and I think I might have come, even though I was limp, had she withdrawn a bit further so that she bounced on my prostate. However, that was not the case, and while the desire was there I was unable to reach climax.

At last Cheryl tired of her game. With a plop she withdrew her hand. “Want to lick it clean? I didn’t think so, but thought I would ask.” She departed to the bathroom and when she returned she shoved her hand under my nose to show it was clean.

“That was fun, but there has to be more. Why would guys like it if that was all there was? I intend to find the answer to that question. Never fear dear there is more to come, much more to come.”

I heard her rummaging off to the side then felt her moving on the bed between my outstretched legs. “Your hole has closed. Do you think I ought to stretch it, or can I just shove something in there?”

She gave me no time to answer as a hard blunt object pushed against, and past the anal ring. The object was not as wide or long as Cheryl’s arm, but it was wide enough to provide that well filled sensation. It slid in with ease as she had lubed it completely.

Her actions were slow and deliberate as she push inward and pulled outward at a slow methodical pace. The feeling was much different from her arm as the blunt end stroked my prostate. I discovered new feelings as the stroking evolved into pounding. My cock was not hard, but oh my God did I feel good. Cheryl could sense something was happening to me, and just before I felt like I would explode she stopped.

“That’s enough for the moment. You rest. I’ll return shortly.”

I could not believe she could leave me hanging like this. I was on the edge, ready to explode, but I heard her walk away closing the door as she departed.

How long she was gone I do not know, but when she returned she was not alone. By the noise around me I could tell there were at least two and maybe more people in the room.

“There are other people with me. Don’t try to see them, or figure out who they are. You do not know them, and after tonight you will never meet them again. They are going to help with your anal adventure.”

With that another dollop of KY went into my ass and was rubbed around making sure I was very slick. As that was completed a change was made to my position as I was forced up on to my hands and knees, and the pillows removed. It was then a hand wrapped around my cock. It was a hand other than Cheryl’s because I know her feel. It began to stroke back and forth rapidly bringing me to full erection. Only then did a mouth, a mouth that also was not Cheryl’s, join the hand. I am sure of this because a different mouth began to kiss mine, and this was Cheryl’s mouth.

Cheryl broke the kiss and shifted so her back was against the headboard. She then swung her left leg across my body so that my face was between her legs. In other words my lips were in position to kiss her nether lips, oft times referred to as pussy lips. My lips dove to meet hers. The hairless cunt pressing into my face had a delightful aroma, and was extremely wet. She lowered her butt to the bed my face never losing contact with her crotch.

I was now eating a pussy while someone sucked my cock and played with my balls. It was wonderful, but I knew there was something more to come.

That something arrived, and the arrangement of sensations became more intense as a hard, blunt object began to press against my asshole. This did not feel like any dildoe I had ever experienced. It was hard yet soft. What’s more it was warm. I knew this was a real cock entering me when I felt the legs and pubic hair collide with my backside. A man was sliding his cock into my ass and getting ready to give me an authentic fuck. He was not huge, and my dick responded to the sensations and the situation. My dick was hard! If it was possible for my dick to get any harder I do not know how it could have happened.

The cock remained still for a moment then Cheryl spoke. “Are you ready?” Never moving my mouth from her cunt I nodded my assent. The suction on the head of my cock increased, and the alien cock seks filmi izle in my ass slowly withdrew before it plunged into the depths of my rectum.

Pleasures and sensations as I have never experienced before zoomed through my body. The sweet taste of Cheryl’s cunt flowed across my tongue. A sloppy blowjob including caressing of my balls filled the senses in my groin. While at the backdoor a live, warm, hard dick plowed my backside stroking in and out constantly applying pressure to my prostate. The array of feelings was almost overwhelming, but not so overwhelming that I lost track of what was happening and where.

Cheryl eased my face from her crotch. “You licking my clit is fun, but I want you to concentrate on you. This is all for you. I can get my physical pleasure another time. Does it feel good?”

All I could do was nod as the cock in my ass repeatedly stroked past my prostate constantly increasing my urge to ejaculate. At the same time the character of the pressure on my cock altered as what I felt sure was a woman took me deep into her throat. So deep and so intense were the feeling that I almost came, but the duo eased their assault and my urges receded.

I do not know how many times or for how long this pattern was repeated. The couple, over and over again, took me up and down like a yoyo bringing me to the edge of orgasm then dropping me to a lower level. Then the pattern changed. My cocksucker increased the tempo of both her mouth moving up and down on my cock and of her hands as they massaged my balls and the shaft of my dick. At the same time the man began to pound me with hard, deep, fast strokes. I knew there was no stopping my climb to Nirvana.

With a huge surge of feeling I began to cum. The sensation as the sperm was forced from my prostate along the tube to the end of my dick was almost painful. When that precious man-fluid erupted it entered into a warm mouth that never once released its grip from my prick. While that was happening I also experienced the unique feeling of a man discharging his seed into my ass. His powerful thrusts accompanied the shooting of his hot cum deep into my bowels; a feeling that unless you have experienced it is indescribable.

At last I experienced the satisfaction I had long sought. I came as a result of anal stimulation. Proof of my orgasm was further delivered in another, and unexpected way as my head was jerked up and I received a full mouth kiss: a kiss, during which all of my man-juice was forced into my mouth. At first I thought it was simply spit, but the slimy consistency and distinctly different flavor told me I was tasting my essential essence. It was a pleasing experience.

The lips pulled away from mine and a deep male voice asked if I liked the taste of cum. I was in shock; a man had kissed me after obviously sucking my cock to orgasm while another man had fucked my ass. A second deep, male voice whispered in my other ear “You are one tight ass. If you ever want to do this again ask your wife to call me.”

The two people got off the bed, and I heard water running in the bathroom. Cheryl, who was still at my head, pushed my face into her pussy. “My turn! I am so fucking hot! You better suck my pussy good. Get busy on that clit!”

I licked and sucked like I have never done before. My tongue laved over and around Cheryl’s clit repeatedly causing her to squirm and shudder. On the way to her climax I periodically swooped down to swirl the folds of her cuntal opening then returned to focus my attention on her clit. If I could have reached her asshole I would have pushed my lingual member into that orifice also, but it was not possible in her present position.

The oohs and ahs emitted from Cheryl’s mouth told me I was doing a good job. She grabbed my head in her hands directing my movements, and when she came for the final time it was with a loud wail and convulsive quake, followed by her body’s complete relaxation. While this was happening I never heard the two men depart.

A short while later Cheryl untied me, removed my blindfold, and I dragged myself to the shower. I carefully cleaned myself, and then allowed the warm water to run soothingly over my abused asshole. It was the culmination to a most thrilling evening, but it was not the end of Cheryl’s plans.

“How’s your ass?” she asked as she opened the shower door and joined me.

“Its a little sore, but its feeling good.”

“Did you like what happened this evening?”

“It was surprising, but yes, I liked it.”

“That’s good because I am planning a few more evenings similar to tonight’s. My imagination is running wild. I hope you’re up for it.”

With that Cheryl grabbed my cock, spun me around, and jammed two fingers in my ass. For just a moment she stroked in and out, then stopped and walked out of the shower.

The End

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Roni Gets it in the End

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They called us the ‘Dynamic Duo’ only because we both are named Ron, well I’m Ron, and everyone calls her Roni, which is short for Veronica. However, our names are about the only thing we have in common, as I’m an ‘Old Married Man’ as everyone kids me and she is single and in fact, had just broken up with her boyfriend. I bumped into her in the break room and the first thing I said was, “you sure looked pissed off.”

“Well thanks for the compliment, no you’re right I am pissed. You know I threw out that no good boyfriend of mine. Well I just got off the phone with the locksmith and because it going into the weekend they want to charge three hundred dollars just to change the locks on my front door.”

“That’s outrageous, listen, I’m not busy if you want, I could drop by and do it for you after work.”

Roni said that would be great but insisted on paying me for my time.

“I couldn’t take your money but how about a home cooked meal. With my wife at her sisters helping to take of her new baby I getting tired of a life of fast food.”

I told her, at lunch we could run down to the hardware store and purchase locks and then we’d be all set for this evening. After work, I went home changed and grabbed my tools. The thing is Roni had always been a secret fantasy of mine, I mean she was young and pretty but it was her ass that turned me on, and I think she knew it. I can’t tell you how many times she has caught me staring at her yet she didn’t seem to mind, at least she never said anything to me about it.

I rang her doorbell and heard her call ‘Come in’ and then ‘I’m in the kitchen’ after laying my tools down I went to find her. She was there dressed only in a large tee shirt, it must have been the boyfriends as it came down to her knees.

“It sure smells good in here; I was hoping you could cook.”

“You do know my name is Veronica Compari and being full blooded Italian means I can cook. It also means my good looks come from my genes.”

There was a pitcher of martinis on the counter and it looked like Roni was already well into her second. She offered me a drink and I said I had to wait until after I did my chores, and with that, I went to install her new locks. It was an easy job and I felt that even dinner was too much pay, although I did hit one snag I needed some lubricant. I went back to the kitchen just in time to see Roni leaning over the sink draining her pasta. Her tee shirt was pulled up exposing that beautiful ass of her with both cheeks exposed. I thought oh my god she isn’t wearing panties and then she moved just a bit so I could see just a hint of a thong buried between them.

“See anything you like?”

Caught again, but erotik film izle just like at work she just smiled. I asked her for some WD40 but she didn’t have any then I said how about any kind of oil.

“How about olive oil my dad says olive oil fixes anything.”

I thought, why not and took the bottle with me to the front room. It was just what I needed to ease in the shaft of the last lock and just as I finished she brought in the pitcher of martinis for us.

She told me she was getting tipsy and it was now my job to listen for the timer to announce when the chicken was done for our Chicken Parmesan. We both had another drink before I heard the timer and then we dined on a delicious meal while we drank a great bottle of wine. By the end of dinner, I was buzzed and Roni was drunk.

We went to the front room and she brought out coffee, Italian style, black and strong along with some Canoles, which she admitted she did not make but purchased at her neighborhood bakery. She sat next to me on the couch and as I had my arm over the back, she snuggled right up next to me. She told me she was sad about her boyfriend but that he was a creep and she had to get rid of him. Then out of the blue,

“Ron what do you think is my best feature?”

“Don’t tease me Roni you already know, it that fine rear end of yours.”

She stood up unsteady and then leaned over and shook it at me,

“You mean this big old thing, I…”

Before she could finish I leaned over, pulled up her shirt, and kissed each cheek.

“Ron, can I tell you a secret? I love anal, god don’t tell anyone I know a girl isn’t suppose to like it back there but it feels so good. When I was a girl, well you know we Catholics aren’t allowed birth control so I started letting the boys do my back door so I wouldn’t get preggers. Then I started to like it even when I starting making them wear rubbers.”

This girl was driving me crazy; my cock was so hard I thought it might burst.

“Roni can I tell you a secret? When I make it with my wife, I fantasize that I’m making it with you. It’s always doggie style in my thoughts.”

“That would be cheating and I could never do that, but…”

“What, but what? What are you thinking of?

She didn’t answer only giggled, and then she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. As we walked by the table, she grabbed the bottle of olive oil.

“I know I’m being naughty but if you do me in the ass then it wouldn’t be cheating would it?”

I didn’t know if her logic was correct but I was no mood to argue with her. Then I had a sobering thought,

“Roni I don’t have any condoms…”

She giggled again as she put her film izle fingers to my lips and shushed me,

“Silly, we don’t need them, you’re married I know you’re clean, besides I want to feel you naked in my ass.”

She climbed on her bed and got on her knees, and then asked me to take off her panties. Next as she leaned forward, her ass cheeks spread. Her little sphincter puckered into a pout. She passed me her bottle of olive oil, then giggled once again,

“Like Daddy says, olive oil fixes everything.”

I dipped my finger in the oil, and then pushed against her puckered rosebud. It slipped inside her so easy it almost felt like my finger was being swallowed. I began to massage her rectum and she in turn kept pushing back as I finger fucked her bum. I pulled my finger out and tore off my clothes, she kept telling me to hurry she needed me now. As for me, I was so excited I was afraid I might cum before I got inside her. I got behind her and put my cock to her ass and she pushed back impaling her ass on my cock. She begged me to fuck her harder and I began an assault on her rectum with my balls slamming up against her with every stroke. She screamed she was cumming and I was right behind her, spewing my load deep inside her.

I woke up beside her in the morning; we were spooned like honeymooners, with my chin nuzzled in her neck and my arm around her holding her boob. When I moved she woke up and although she complained of a hangover she seemed to have no problem that had I butt fucked her all night. We were a mess but the bed was worst, there was olive oil, cum and god only knows what else all over the sheets. I wanted to take a shower with her but she said she had too many private places to clean up and sent me off to the spare bathroom to shower by myself. After I finished my shower and got dressed, I heard her shower still running so I went off to the kitchen. I found the coffee and then the makings of breakfast so I cooked us some eggs and toast put it on a tray and took it to her bedroom.

As we ate she told me how good our night felt and I told her she was my first anal. After breakfast, I offered to help her strip the bed linens. We pulled off all the soiled sheets down to a rubber sheet over the mattress. I looked at her and she grinned,

“Back home I use to wet the bed even when I was teenager so I got used to sleeping on these. They keep me warm plus when I get kinky like last night, I don’t ruin my mattress. I pushed her on the bed,

“And you bounce higher.”

She laughed at my joke but then said,

“Do you think you can go another round?”

She spread her legs to me exposing her hairless cunt and I bent down to lick her seks filmi izle clit. She grabbed my head, and said,

“Hey no cheating, you get back door only.”

She lifted her spread legs over her head exposing for me her puckered hole. As I first I kissed her tiny rose bud it felt almost like it was kissing me back and then I stuck my tongue deep inside her and my nose naturally went inside her cunt. She grabbed my head to hold it in place as she humped me until she climaxed. I reached for the olive oil and poured into her crack. I rubbed it into her ass and onto her cheeks and she implored me to stick it in her. I shoved my cock deep into her bowels with one stroke; she moaned and began to hump me as I stayed still. I put my finger in her pussy and I could feel my cock through the thin membrane separating her two openings. It felt so good I put two fingers in her, and then I grabbed the olive oil and poured some on her belly. I let it trickle into her and I began to massage her clit. Everything was so slippery I kept grabbing her clit and it kept slipping out of my grasp. I worked the oil into her pussy first with two fingers then three and then all four fingers. I folded my thumb into my palm and forced my whole hand inside her. I looked at her and she looked like it hurt so I asked her if she was in pain. She was gasping for air and the words rushed out as she said,

“Yes, no, well yes it hurts but don’t stop it feels so good.”

She screamed but not in pain, she screamed she was cumming. I came too, once again filling her rectum with my sperm

Latter after cleaning up again, I told her how enjoyable anal was with her, how good it was to be able to enter without hurting her. She laughed and said that was because Chet, her ex-boyfriend had a huge cock so he kept her all stretched out. She said that Chet talked her into a three way with a friend of his and she had the friend up her ass and Chet in her pussy. I asked how she liked it and she said she felt so full and each move was like an electric shock to her g-spot. She said she just kept cumming the whole time.

After that weekend, my marriage was never the same. As soon as my wife came back, I tried to talk her into some backdoor loving but she said no way that her back door was an exit only. I’m not sure if that was the only reason but not long after, she moved out, and went to live with her sister. I think she was happier there and her sister being a single mother and, all was glad to have her. Of course, the first thing I did was call Roni. She had transferred to another floor, and I hardly ever saw her any more. I was shocked to find out she had gone back to Chet and in fact, he asked her to marry him and she had said yes. I teased,

“I don’t suppose you’re ready to cheat yet.”

“Ron you know what I say, it ain’t cheating if you only do anal.”

I rushed out and bought rubber sheets and a gallon of olive oil.

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Red’s Scottish Trip Ch. 05

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Author’s note:

In this chapter, I have finally succumbed to the many comments (mainly but not all from North America), which I have received about my ’embedded dialogue’ writing style. So this one is full of ‘quotes’ to denote dialogue. Ach – (sighs) – life’s full of compromises! I hope it makes it easier for some of you to read.

The story so far.

Red, a thirty-something Canadian divorcee, has booked a tourguide for the start of her Scottish holiday. He is Sandy, a fifty-something Scot who was recommended to her by a friend. On the first day there is sexual chemistry between them as they explore the area round the city of Glasgow. It is not all sex. There is history, architecture and much else as well as hot sex too!

In this Chapter, the first part of Red’s holiday adventure in Scotland draws to a close. It stands alone, but you may find it easier to follow the developing relationship between Red and Sandy, if you read the previous four chapters first. Many thanks to my kind editors for their help throughout this story. Very special thanks to Plainly_Jane for your help with this one.

If you have enjoyed the tale so far, please let me know. If I get enough appreciative comments I’ll follow it up and let you have the story of the rest of their time together. That would pretty much make it a novel.


Red woke to what sounded like heavy rain outside. She tiptoed to peek through the curtains. Saw rainwashed tenements with unremittingly grey clouds above, rain drumming off the grass and paving of the backyards. She shivered, grabbed her gown, and went to brush her teeth, then headed to the kitchen to make tea.

Sandy was stirring when she returned to bed with the tray. He rubbed sleep from his eyes as he watched her pour tea and place his mug beside him. Then she slipped from her gown and her beautiful form was in bed beside him again.

“Hey darling, thanks for my tea. What a lovely way to waken up!” He kissed her nipple, sucked briefly so it grew under his lips. Then he got out of bed and moved to the bathroom to freshen up for her. She was sipping tea when he returned to bed and he took the mug from her hand and nuzzled into her warm excitement. When he bent his head to kiss her mouth, he felt her deep sexual response.

They cuddled and luxuriated into each other. She felt his arousal; felt too his fingers part her thighs to touch her dampness. “So baby,” she whispered, “what have you planned for my day?”

“Well, I’m afraid I haven’t planned very good weather,” he responded. “Looks like an indoors day, unless you really like getting wet?”

“Sandy, you get me wet all the time. And you know I love that!” Red gasped as his teasing fingers slid into her soaking cunt, stroking up her vagina walls as he moved on top of her and kissed her welcoming mouth softly.

“Right now I don’t want to move out of this bed, my sweet,” he whispered. “But at some stage we may want to get up, and since it’s so awful outside, I suggest we visit the Burrell Collection and Pollock House.”

Her fingers were stroking his hardness. “That sounds good lover,” she replied softly, “but it’s only seven and I don’t imagine they open for a while. Right now I need a loving fuck.” He gasped as her fingers tightened on his cock.

“But,” she continued, “this time I need to be in control,” and she squirmed round so he was on his back. Straddling her thighs over his face, she bent to take his prick in her mouth. “Lick me out, tourguide. If you make me cum I’ll give you a nice surprise.” And she licked round his cockhead, sucked him between her lips, as she felt his tongue begin its exquisite journey of exploration.

“I just don’t know why this is so,” Sandy said, lapping into her as his finger probed her wetness. “But I could bury myself in your taste and scent forever darling.” She squealed as his finger brushed her g-spot, and her teeth closed on him involuntarily.

“Sorry baby, but you made me do that!” she whispered.

“I…I quite liked it lover,” he gasped. “I want you to do whatever you want to me. Anything…AHHH!” — as her sharp teeth sank into his rod again — “anything that gives you pleasure.” His lips pursed tight on her clit and her shudder told him she was going to cum on him soon. She wriggled her hips hard on his face.

“Fuck my face darling,” Sandy urged Red. “Take me for you. Use me for your pleasure.” Her hips were bucking faster on him now and his face was dripping with her delicious cunthoney. She had stopped sucking him as she focused on her own pleasure, and he was glad. At that moment, what he really wanted was for Red to use him as her sextoy. He concentrated on giving her every pleasure he could, trying to read her body’s increasingly urgent movements on his face, to anticipate what she needed.

He moved his head up a fraction, tongue wetting her perineum as his mouth moved into her sweet bumcrack. He felt her tense as his fingers pulled her cheeks wide so his tongue could probe her anus. She shuffled erotik film izle onto her knees a wee bit so his fingers could continue working her cunt, whilst his tongue probed her sphincter. Once his tongue had penetrated her tight ring, he moved one hand to finger and pull on her tits as they dangled invitingly over his stomach. As he squeezed and twisted the nipples, her hips became a frenzy of facefuck for him. His tongue was shaken from her fast-moving arse and he became a receptacle for her lust as he felt her orgasm build.

Truly this was what he was intended for: just to pleasure this amazing woman. With one final downward thrust of her hips on his face, she groaned deeply as her orgasm swept her being. She shuddered to collapse on him, nerves twitching all over. He ran his fingers lightly down her sweaty back. “I love you from the core of me Red,” he said hoarsely.


Presently she stirred on top of him. “I could live like this forever,” he whispered, “crushed under you with your sex on my mouth.”

She moved round and lay beside him. He kissed her mouth and they settled, bathed in each other’s sex and sweat.

“That was so amazing Sandy.” She licked into his neck. “No other man in the world has ever allowed me to just let go on him, use him for my pleasure.”

“Well, it was high time it happened lover. I rather suspect you’ve allowed others to use you selfishly. In fact, I know you have, with me. So maybe it was just your turn? I wonder, do you have any idea how wonderful it was for me, knowing I was giving you that pleasure? We have another fortnight Red: plenty of time to explore how we can be good for each other. But now,” he glanced at the bedside clock, “it’s nearly eight, and we have some art to discover together.”

Her fingers wound possessively round his cock and she rose on an elbow to kiss his mouth. “But lover, what about you?”

He smiled. “I’m fine darling, just suffused in joy, being with you. I’ll probably need to give you the most selfish fuck you ever had, later. Meantime, let’s get showered and grab some breakfast. Then I’ve things to show you.”

* * *

It was nearly ten as Red drove off the busy suburban road and under a railway bridge. Suddenly they were no longer in a big city, but in eighteenth-century landscaped parkland. A long rhododendron-lined avenue with huge ancient hardwoods towering above, and squirrels scattering off the road before them. A lazy river wound to their left. They passed a tree-studded field with a herd of Highland Cattle grazing. Red squealed at the sight of the young calves and pulled onto the verge, camera in hand. “Ohh Sandy, aren’t they just heavenly?”

Then she parked at the gallery, not on the usual sheet of unsightly asphalt, but on some sort of grid which allowed grass to grow through it, so it looked as though the many vehicles were parked on greensward.

She was entranced by the setting, and the care for the visual environment. He pulled her to him as they left the car. “I love you because you care, Red.” And grinning wickedly at her, he added, “because you’re the best fuck in the world!”

As they passed the shelter-belt of deciduous trees, the Burrell Collection Gallery opened before them. It was a long low modern building, part traditional red sandstone, part aluminium and plate glass, sculpted into the parkland landscape. “Oh my goodness, Sandy,” Red exclaimed, “what a lovely building!”

“Isn’t it?” he responded. “It’s twenty-something years old now, and it still looks as fresh as the day it opened. It was built by the City Council to house a collection which had been bequested to the people of the city many years previously. I have many criticisms of our city council, but this is NOT one of them. I’m glad you like it Red. Wait till you see what’s inside.”

The huge red sandstone entrance was a bit like going into a cathedral, she thought. As they wandered into the gallery she noticed entry was free.

They went past the giftshop and into an atrium, a sculpture-park on their right. She drew him by the hand as she admired the Rodins and other works in the beautiful setting. They wandered through a medieval archway set in the wall, and were faced with a long diagonal gallery containing, successively, Chinese, Egyptian, and other early Mediterranean sculptures and ceramic artefacts.

A window-wall allowed the gorgeous parkland outside to almost enter the building. “Sandy, it is just totally gorgeous,” she whispered, so awed by the place that she couldn’t raise her voice. Sandy led her through medieval tapestries and displays of knights’ armour. Red lingered over the tapestries, understanding from her passion for quilting and embroidery, the enormous amount of work their weavers had put into them, many centuries before.

They emerged through the labyrinth, to a gallery on the south side of the building. Rain was still beating down outside, though the sky looked a bit brighter. “How d’you feel about a wee break for tea or coffee?” Sandy asked. film izle “There’s still quite a lot you haven’t seen here.”

“You anticipate my every need, tourguide,” she smiled up into his eyes. They descended a long straight concrete staircase to the café area below them. The stairs were narrow, she noticed, and mentioned this to him. “Hah!” he laughed, “trust my observant lover!”

“Waddya mean?” she asked as they made their way to the serving-area.

“I mean, that staircase is the one terrible design-fault in this wonderful building,” he explained. “Apart from one wee lift, it’s the only way in and out of the café. At busy weekends, the congestion gets terrible, families queueing to get up and down. I suppose every beautiful building has to have one fault,” he smiled.

They put their tea and cakes on the tray and Red insisted on paying. Then they moved to a table beside a south-facing plate-glass window overlooking wet parkland.

“So tell me Sandy — as I know you are dying to — what’s the story behind this amazing collection?”

“Umm. Well, in my view, it’s not such a pretty story, despite the wonders of the collection,” he replied. “William Burrell was a Glasgow shipowner and trader, end of the nineteenth, beginning of the twentieth century. At the height of the British Empire, when Britain literally dominated the world, commercially and militarily. Unlike many of his contemporary capitalists, he had some taste and culture. He used his immense wealth, and his shipping interests, to assemble here in Glasgow a huge range of cultural artefacts from all over the globe.”

Sandy took a sip of his tea and continued. “Today, I’d call it cultural rape. He was obsessed with building his collection, and he didn’t mind where and how he got it. I suspect there are quite a few dark stories behind it all.”

“On his death, he became philanthropical about it. He left it in trust to the citizens of Glasgow, and many years after he’d done so, the City Council eventually got round to housing it properly, and putting it on display for the public. It is, as you are learning, a most wonderful collection, and several generations of this city’s kids have grown up appreciating a bit more about the world beyond these shores, because of it. But my presbyterian and socialist upbringing won’t allow me to forget how it got here: a bit of cultural rape by an over-rich and obsessed man.”

Red gave Sandy a lightly teasing grin. “Hey, I wish you’d just lighten up sometimes Sandy! What does it matter, now, how it came to be here? What matters to me is, it’s here, and I am relishing it!”

“I know that Red. In many ways I’m glad it’s here too. It helped my kids expand their horizons when they were growing up. And me, too. It makes it easy, if you grow up knowing it, to understand the world doesn’t stop at the shores of our wee country. And that older civilisations, which ignorant racists think are inferior to ours, have a lot to teach us today.”

He glanced at his watch and drank the last of his tea in one gulp. “There’s more to see here. And we still have Pollock House to look at!”

* * *

They moved up the narrow flight of stairs and he showed her into elaborate reconstructions of the rooms of medieval mansions, set carefully into the design of the gallery. Furniture hundreds of years old, fireplaces, doorways, windows, all carefully dismantled, he explained, and moved hundreds of miles to be reconstructed many years later inside this fabulous building.

Red was beginning to understand the wealth, and the cultural obsession, that had enabled this to be done.

Finally they moved up another flight of stairs to the art collection. Red was so overawed by the experience of the place, she could no longer begin to take everything in. But in the softly-lit room containing the Degas collection she lingered, peering at the delicate pastels of dancers, shivering at the blatant sexuality the artist had captured. She realised that in Degas’ time, this must have been truly revolutionary art, this revelation of, celebration of, womens’ sexuality.

“I see Degas turns you on darling,” Sandy murmured, his arm round her waist. She turned to him, kissed his mouth: “Yes he does lover. He must have been quite a man, to capture that, at that time in history. And to dare show it!”

They were alone in the dimly-lit gallery and Sandy pulled her roughly to him. “I need to fuck you so hard now,” he growled, his hand sliding under her jeans, fingers probing her damp warmth.

“Sandy, you can’t, not here!” She protested, but feebly. She was excited as well, and welcomed his fingers probing her depths.

He drew back, panting. “I know lover. I just wanted you to be aware how much I need you.”


Red lingered in the shop before they left, purchasing a few cards for her children and for her friends back home. The rain had stopped by the time they left the gallery. “It’s only a bit over half-a-mile to Pollock House Red, and the weather’s lifting. Want to walk through seks filmi izle the park?” Sandy asked.

She nodded consent and he guided her along woodland paths, alive with the sound of birds, till they emerged onto a wide grass avenue lined with stately old trees. At the foot of the avenue was a driveway leading to the back of a mansion. He’d taught her enough by now that she knew it was Georgian, late eighteenth or early nineteenth-century. They wandered down the avenue holding hands lightly, breathing wet rainscent from the trees and flowers. He showed his card at the entrance to the house and they entered, a huge staircase before them, down in the middle, up at the two sides.

He turned her to him and kissed her lightly. “Down is lunch,” he said, “up is the house. Which way first, lover?”

She pulled him to the central staircase, downwards. “This girl’s getting hungry, tourguide,” she said. “Let’s get some lunch!”

They wandered down a long subterranean servants’ passageway, and there at the end was the restaurant. It had obviously been the kitchen of the old house, and copper implements hung on the walls above kitchen-ranges. It reminded her a bit of the kitchen in Culzean Castle and, as a waiter found them a table, she said so. “It’s very similar Red,” he agreed, “around the same period too. Now,” as the waiter handed them menus, “what do you want for lunch, lover?”

They ordered their meals and the waiter left their table. Red glanced round before slipping her hand up his kilt and fondling his penis. “Fuck baby,” he gasped, as he straightened to her touch. “Don’t do that, or I’ll bend you over the table and fuck you right here, in public.”

She smiled, her hands slipping down his thighs to innocently tickle his knees. “You know that’s just what I need baby,” she whispered, leaning over the table to kiss him. “After I’ve had my lunch!”

* * *

They wandered through the gorgeous old house after they’d eaten, moving through a succession of rooms which had been the home of a rich family until sixty years previously. The library was particularly stunning for Red, but as they explored further she couldn’t make her mind up which room she liked most. Sandy pulled her to a halt before a portrait of Oliver Cromwell.

“He was the leader of Britain’s first, and sadly brief, Republic,” he told her. “Would a King or Queen ever have allowed a court painter to show a wart on their nose? Cromwell did! I love the guy, just for that one fact. But I know he was a bastard too, just in case you think my political prejudices get in the way of reality.”

She smiled at him and pulled his face down for a kiss. “I’m just beginning to understand how you work Sandy. It’s part of why I’m growing to love you honey. Strange as you certainly are, in my ignorant Canadian eyes!” She swallowed his tongue forcefully, then slid away from him as she heard others enter the room. She looked at her watch. “It’s nearly five honey. I think they’re going to close on us soon?”


It was a sultry evening as they left the house, swallows and swifts swooping for insects above as they moved through formal gardens to the river-bank. But the rain held off, and Red pulled Sandy up the path by the river towards the signposted stable-block. As they entered the archway, a couple of huge Clydesdales were being urged into their stables for the night. She left him and ran to chat excitedly with their grooms, a young woman and man in their twenties.

Sandy hung back and rolled a cigarette. He lit it and inhaled, his eyes following what he thought were swifts darting above him. As they flittered under the eaves, he realised they were house-martins, not swifts. Ach, he was getting old!

Red had told him she loved horses, and he was happy to wait as she moved about the beasts, getting their grooms to pose as she found the right angles for photographs.

“Hey Sandy,” she shouted, “get over here! Sharon says you can sit on this beauty, and I wanna pic of you!”

He stubbed his cigarette and folded the butt in his sporran, then moved over the courtyard towards her. “You think I’m going to get on THAT beast, just for you to get a photo?”

“Yes honey, you certainly are!” Her excited face closed with his doubtful one and she kissed him. “This is Sharon and Alex. And these beauties are Princess and Monarch. Sharon says Princess likes men in kilts, and she’ll be very quiet if you sit on her a moment. Um, Princess that is, not Sharon.”

The young lassie had the grace to blush at Red’s crudity. She was a sparkling and comely wee blonde, bulging out in all the right places, and Sandy allowed himself a momentary fantasy with her before she said, “There’s a mounting-stone over here Sandy, and for some reason Princess DOES like guys in kilts. So come, mount her for Red.” She burst into giggles as she realised what she’d said, but guided the towering mare to the mounting-stone.

He used to knew horses well enough, and moved to Princess’s face to stroke her nose and chat to her. His fingers searched in his sporran for the end of a tube of polomints and he laid one on the flat of his hand, proffered it to her. Princess looked in his eyes and bowed her nose, graciously accepting his offering.

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Her lover had been so naughty lately. Even though, she knew it wasn’t really his fault, he had been spending way to much time away from her. He knew when he didn’t spend time with her how horny and mischievous she got. When she had too much time on her hands she would think of ways to get even for his lapse of attention to her needs and he knew she was a very needy lady.

He had a business trip planned today that he could not postpone, even knowing he was going to be “in for it” when he finally got back home that evening. He could see the determination in her eyes as he quickly kissed her soft lips before reluctantly pulling away and heading for the door.

“I promise to hurry home as fast as I can and will spend the whole evening with you doing anything you want,” he promised as he stopped at the door and kissed her again.

This time the kiss they shared was lingering and his tongue played a teasing game with hers in a promise of things to come. He playfully cupped her generous buttocks and pulled her into him, letting her know by his hardness that he still desired her and didn’t really want to tend to anything but her. She offered him her full wet mouth and melted into his arms. She could feel herself getting wet and knew it was going to be a tuff day alone. He finally extricated himself from her clinging arms and dashed out the door before she could persuade him to stay and play instead of doing what he had to do that day.

She leaned against the door frame, as she was still feeling a bit weak in the knees from the heated kiss they had just shared and watched him run down the walk to the car. She had always admired his sexy ass, his nice muscular legs, and his broad chest, but seeing his butt cheeks bounce a bit as he was leaving her triggered an idea for her revenge.

She waved and called out to him as he was backing out of the driveway. “See you tonight, hon and remember your promise, of anything I want.”

He seemed to have an aversion to normal mundane sex, so she took this in to account when she started to plan her revenge for his neglect of her in the past week. She quickly decided this was going to be a night of butts, no buts about it! She closed the door, chuckling to herself and started making preparations for their promised evening together.

She decided to have everything ready when he got home, including herself. After getting everything ready in the bedroom for later, she puttered around the house some, doing a few chores and day to day housework. It was past lunch time before she realized it. After eating a sandwich and enjoying a diet Pepsi, she had a smoke break before heading off to get herself ready. In the master bath she turned on a radio station that played oldies and lighted a few scented candles to set the mood. She got her bath water run, extremely hot the way she liked it, and added rose scented bath salts, bubbles, and baby oil to the mix. Once her bath water was ready and steaming, she got her medium sized butt plug out of her toy bag and her enema bag from under the sink.

After laying a towel on the floor along with her plug she filled the bag with very warm water and hung it on the hook on the wall and allowed the tubing and nozzle to lay on the towel in readiness. She decided on her smallest vibrator and quickly got it from her toy bag along with some KY jelly and tossed them on her towel, too.

She stripped off her clothes and lay down on the towel, turning on her left side, and drawing up her right leg, allowed her to reach back and put a dollop of KY on her tight anal ring. She pushed her finger in and out a few times, trying to loosen up the muscle before taking the nozzle of her enema bag and shoving the lubricated tip deep into her bowels. She could feel herself stretch a bit to accommodate the ½ x 8 inch long apparatus. She eased it in and out a few times, enjoying the feel as it grazed her anal muscles.

Reaching over and up, she clicked the release clip and felt the warm water start to rush into her bowels. This felt ever so good and she just lay there enjoying the sensation, rubbing her belly with one hand to keep from getting cramps. It didn’t take but a few minutes before the bag was empty and she eased the nozzle out, replacing it quickly with the lubricated butt plug. This would keep the liquid from releasing before she was ready and help stretch her anal ring a bit more in preparation for tonight.

She turned onto her back and opened her legs wide, placing her feet flat on the towel near her hips. The 4″x 1″ tapered butt plug and the water in her bowels were making her feel pleasantly full. She took a finger and reached down to her dripping wet pussy and slid it up and down her puffy lips, then rubbing her engorged clit, sending a jolt of desire rippling through her body. Her stomach was rumbling a bit as the water in her bowels was really starting to work, so she took the vibrator and eased it between her lips, entering her vaginal walls, and stroked it in and out a few times.

Her bodily fluids quickly lubricated it erotik film izle and now it would be plenty wet enough to do the job at hand. She alternated sliding it into her sucking pussy and then letting it vibrate a few seconds on her clit. It took only about 3 times before her insides started to heat to the boiling point. Her orgasm sent waves of heat rushing out to her extremities and then chill bumps back washed across her shoulders. Her vaginal walls were clutching for something to hold onto and her anal muscles were clamping down on the butt plug. Her face flushed and her labia and clitoris turned a bright red from the blood rushing to that sensitive and stimulated area. She lay there in the after glow of her orgasm for a couple of minutes, catching her breath and letting her heart beat slow.

She made sure the butt plug was seated firmly before rising and sitting on the toilet. She pulled the plug out and expelled her bowels and liquids, till there was nothing left. She wiped herself carefully before getting into the still steaming tub and just lay back and enjoyed the heat relaxing her further.

When the water got a bit cooler, she shaved her underarms, and her legs. She stood up and turned the shower jets on and washed and conditioned her hair before finally getting out and wrapping her head and body in big fluffy towels. She was singing along with a song on the radio as she combed her hair and applied scented lotion to her body. After drying her hair, she quickly cleaned up the mess in their bathroom and went to her drawer to find something provocative to wear.

She decided to generously lubricate and re-insert the butt plug to help keep her stretched for later. She finally decided on a pair of thong panties made of black shear material and a push up black lace bra. Glancing in the mirror she noted her 38C breasts nicely rounded and almost pouring out of the bra and her white ass cheeks contrasting with the black panties. Putting on a blue silk robe to cover herself modestly she went to put the finishing touches on the dinner she had put in the crock pot earlier that day.

She knew it was almost time for him to return so after setting the table and lighting the candles she quickly dried and styled her hair and added a few spritzes of Navy perfume to her body. Dashing back to the kitchen she set the crock pot full of roast beef, onions, potatoes, and carrots on the table along with a salad. She barely had time to get it all set when she heard the car pull up in the drive way and went to the door to greet him.

He could see her standing there at the door as he walked up the walk and smiled brightly to see how fresh and pretty she looked. He quickly gathered her into his arms and smothered her in a big hug and passion filled kiss.

His cock instantly got hard when she whispered to him, “Dinner is ready, and your punishment for ignoring me all week is going to be my dessert.”

“Oh, is that so,” he quickly responded before nuzzling her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe.

Scrunching up her neck, she giggled before breaking away saying in a teasing tone, “Oh yes, you are the dessert I have been planning on and craving all week and I might as well punish you while I take what I want from you.”

He was thoughtful as he followed her to the dining table, wondering what she had in store for him. So far his sexy lady hadn’t failed to keep him on his toes and very satisfied in bed, but he was a bit uneasy about that funny sparkle in her eyes. Something told him he might be in for more then he bargained for tonight. He had to adjust himself before sitting down. His cock was still hard, and just trying to figure out what the evening would unfold was keeping him aroused.

He noticed her smiling as he wriggled around trying to get comfortable and realized she was enjoying his discomfort.

He smiled back at her trying to seem normal and complimented her on the nice dinner she had prepared, “Everything looks and smells great, sweetheart.”

She just smiled even more. “Go ahead, hon, and eat your meal, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for your punishment later.”

Knowing there was no use in trying to ask what she had planned or trying to change those plans, after he had promised the evening was hers to spend as she wished. He never went back on a promise if it could be helped, so he decided to take her advice, filled his plate, and started to eat his dinner. She joined in and they quickly washed down their meal with iced tea and light banter about what had transpired on his business trip that day. She was the first to finish and lay down her fork. He noticed the gleam in her eyes and stalled through another small helping of roast beef that he didn’t really want.

“It’s no use stalling, “she laughed, “you are not going to get out of what I have planned for you tonight.”

He finally pushed his plate back and she could see the light bulb go off in his mind. “Hey wait, don’t I get any dessert?”

She quickly responded, “Nope, you have film izle been bad by neglecting me all week long while you have been working and bad boys get punished and do not get dessert.”

Shrugging and smiling sheepishly he got up from the table. “Oh well, I had to give it a shot.”

She put her hand on her hip in a mock stern voice and told him, “Go to our room and get out of your clothes, I want you naked and on your face in the middle of the bed when I get in there. You have exactly 20 minutes before I finish clearing off the table and doing the dishes and then I will be in there to administer your punishment.” She didn’t even wait for a response but turned to take the plates off the table.

Oh shit he thought, what the hell has she got in mind? His mind started gong 90 miles per hour wondering what she wanted him on his stomach for. Surely she wasn’t going to treat him like a kid and spank him. He had smacked her ass in the throes of passion before, but not as a punishment. The thought kind of excited him and he had to shift and jiggle his hardening cock again before he could manage to walk to the bedroom. He glanced at the clock and decided he had time for a quick shower. Not wanting to be late for his punishment, he stripped and jumped in the shower in record time.

Getting out of the shower, he brushed his dark hair, brushed his teeth, took a quick leak, and splashed on a bit of cologne. He glanced at the clock again and realized he was still going to have 5 minutes to spare before she would be in there expecting her pound of flesh for his misdeeds. He was still a bit damp from the shower but decided to lay out on the bed anyhow and let the ceiling fan, over the bed, finish drying him off. He had passed thru the bedroom so quickly on the way to the bathroom that he hadn’t noticed the things she had evidently done that day while he was gone.

He stopped cold when he saw the restraints attached to the foot and head boards and the items layed out on the bedside table. His eyes got bigger when he saw the small and medium sized vibrators, KY jelly and oils all lined up. He could feel his stomach start to flutter and his heart race almost out of his skin. It raced through his mind to go back on his word and tackle her first thing when she came in the room, but he admonished himself for even thinking that. Resigning himself to what ever fate she had in store for him, he lay down across the bed on his belly and tried to relax, but all kinds of naughty thoughts kept him from total relaxation.

He was still wondering what she had in store for his punishment when she walked in the room and started lighting more candles. After she had about 8 lit, she walked over to the bed and asked him ever so silkily, “Are you ready for your punishment, darling?”

He had his head turned and had watched her movements around the room, so was ready when she asked him, and nodded and quickly said, “As ready as I am going to get, I guess.”

She smiled that wicked grin of hers and quipped, “No, sweetie, not quite,” as she took a pillow off the head of the bed and told him, “slide this under his belly to make it will be more comfortable for you.” She giggled a bit to see his eyes widen at the veiled threat in her words.

He did as she instructed him. “Are you sure about this,” he almost whined.

“Oh yes, very sure, now stretch out your arms and let me attach these scarves to keep your hands from interfering with what you have coming to you.”

It took a few minutes for her to secure his arms amid his protests and slow compliance. “You know you don’t have to tie me up, don’t you?”

“Yes, dear, but I want to, just in case,” she quietly yet firmly explained as if to a child.

He was bursting with curiosity and finally asked, “What are you going to do to me that you think I have to be restrained?”

She didn’t answer right away but told him as she moved to the foot of the bed, “Now your feet dear,” and proceeded to tie each ankle to the foot board. He was now on his belly, arms and legs stretched out and restrained and his midsection was propped up on a pillow. His head twisted and turned trying to see every move she made.

She stood back and admired her handy work, and noted how lovely his ass looked and how his balls and cock kind of dangled off the edge if the pillow and how she could see his tight brown hole peeking at her through his butt cheeks as he twisted and turned.

“OK, OK, let’s get this show on the road,” he mumbled, “the suspense is killing me.” “Now that you have me all trussed up like the proverbial sacrifice, what have you got planned for me?”

He strained to watch her every move as she walked over to the bed and reached down and stroked his ass with feather soft fingers. She laughed to see him craning his neck around to see her and wiggling around at her least touch. “Don’t you worry, lover, I am going to warm that nice ass of yours up in no time.”

“Christ,” he muttered, “I haven’t been ass whipped since I was a kid.”

She busted out laughing seks filmi izle and then asked him contritely, “Who said anything about an ass whipping?” Her laughter bubbled over again as he butt cheeks immediately tightened and tensed.

“OH NO YOU DON’T, ” he almost sputtered.

Still laughing she walked around to the head of the bed and slipped a dark scarf around his head and tying it in back, very effectively blindfolding him.

“Hey now,” he yelled, “this isn’t fair!,” and proceeded to try to dislodge his blindfold, but to no avail.

“Come on honey,” he tried cajoling her, “Let me up now, this has gone on far enough. I promise not to ignore your needs any more.”

She almost felt sorry for him but then decided to let him suffer a few minutes more, remembering how lonely and horny she had felt while he was off tending to everything and everyone but her.

She smacked his butt cheek with her open palm, causing him to jerk in surprise. “Now stop it, you promised, are you saying you are going to break your promise to me,” she asked.

“Well, ahhhhhh, not exactly, but…”

“NO, buts about it, Mr. I always keep my promises,” she mimicked. “Are you going back on your word, Yes or No?”

“Well, not exactly, but…”

As soon as he said ‘but’, she let him have another smart smack on his other butt cheek, “It is very simple,” she said, “Yes or No, which is it going to be?”

“Damn woman, No, I am not going back on my word, but remember pay back is a bitch!”

“Good, then I can get on with warming your ass up.”

He sighed and mentally and physically resigned himself to whatever she decided to give him as his punishment. Being in the dark, so to speak, really made it difficult for him to cope with what that might be, though. He lay real quiet and tried to discern what she was doing by the sounds she was making, daring not to think of his vulnerable ass and the 2 vibrators he had seen on the bedside table. He tensed up again just thinking about it, but tried to relax again, knowing it would be even more painful if he was tense.

She watched his body tense and relax, tense and relax as she got the bottle if cinnamon oil ready. It was kind of exciting knowing she had the power and permission to do what her heart desired to him at this moment and also knowing the only thing in her heart was to give him pleasure. She smiled wickedly to herself knowing he didn’t know what was in her heart right now, though.

Pouring the cinnamon oil in her hands and keeping the bottle within reach, she rubbed it onto his butt cheeks, massaging gently at first, and then a deeper, harder massage. She let her fingers splay out and her thumbs would run up the crack of his ass, opening his cheeks a bit more with each up stroke.

He could smell the cinnamon oil wafting through the air as she massaged his back side. This odor was gradually mixing in with the scented candles, but the perfume and scented lotion on her body was noticeable when she got closer to him. He could hear a bit of rustling and guessed she had slipped off her robe to avoid getting oils on it, but soon she continued to massage him. He was starting to relax when her fingers got a bit close to his forbidden hole and he could feel the cool air on it as her thumbs eased apart his cheeks during the massaging strokes. This felt really good, but his ass was not supposed to be probed and prodded, and certainly Not with a vibrator, he thought to himself.

It hurt when the doctor shoved a finger up his ass during exams. He figured if a finger hurt like hell, then a vibrator, even the smaller one would probably rip him open. Next he felt one of her thumbs graze his tight ring, and he gasped but tried not to jerk or move, hoping it was an accident and she would just keep on massaging. The butt massage felt really good, he thought, but he wasn’t sure about going any further.

Mentally shrugging, he knew there was no way he could stop her if that was what she had in mind, short of yelling loud enough for the neighbors to hear and call the cops, but no way would he want the cops breaking in and finding him like this. He figured he would rather hemorrhage to death from having his asshole ripped out then to have anyone see him in this predicament.

She was teasing and tormenting him and loving every minute if it. She was deliberately getting closer and closer to his precious asshole, knowing how funny he was about it. She knew if he would let her, she could bring him such pleasure. She spread a bit of oil on his thighs and massaged them, then ran her hands all the way up, cupping his cheeks one time, then on the next run would let her thumbs push between his oily butt crack, letting them slide across his sensitive hole. She continued this for about 5 minutes, letting him get used to the slight invasion.

She next added oil to calves and started to massage them, working on the tight muscles. Finally his feet were oiled and massaged from toes to heal and back. She paid attention to each toe, massaging them firmly, and kneaded his insole and heal. Taking her time she started making her long run, again, this time starting at the foot and running her hand up to caress his butt cheeks on the first go round, and thumbing his crack on the second.

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