Exploring Marco’s penis under the duvet

Marco and I met during freshers’ fair at university. I was studying art and photography, he was studying medicine. We were both interested in joining the music society. I had seen him on campus before chatting to a few other girls. They were obviously flirting with him.

I pluck up enough courage to suggest to him that instead of joining the university orchestra, we should form a flute and cello duo. We could perform at functions during our spare time for money. My real intention was to mark him for myself and spend some one to one time with him. A handsome student doctor is a big catch. I wanted to have him for myself. Without hesitation, he said yes. I am sure that I showed too much delight on my face in response. It was quite obvious that I fancied him. I had given too much away.

We found our mutual love in Baroque music. Very soon, we built up a large repertoire and were earning good money performing at functions. Marco will tell that story later.

With so much female attention, I wanted to know whether he had a girlfriend or was sleeping with anyone. So early one Saturday morning, I went to his room which was 2 floors below mine in hall for a surprise visit to see if there was a woman in his bed. Surely, the absence of a woman would indicate that he was single, wouldn’t it?

I knocked on the door gently, there was no answer. Was he sleeping with a girl in her room? I knocked again. “Come in, door is not locked.” That answered the second question. He was not sleeping in another girl’s room. Answer to the first question was also no. There wasn’t anybody else in his room. So he was single and available, for me!

“Let’s go jogging.” Making an excuse for myself for waking him up at 6:30am. “I need another half an hour in bed” he said. I sat down next to him. His dreamy baby face was mesmerising. I started to stroke his hair.

Without realising it, my hand was under his duvet on his shoulder. He was topless. He was slim, and I had not realised that his muscles were so toned and we’ll defined. I had a good feel and worked my way across his chest. He seemed to be enjoying it. I had not seen him topless before, so I could only imagine how athletic his body was from feeling it under the duvet. So tantalising! Neither of us said anything. We looked intensely at each other. I have a feeling that he fancied me, but could not be sure.

I worked my way down the side of his body slowly, hoping that he would not notice that my intention was entirely dishonourable. I noticed him breathing heavily. I was expecting to feel his pajamas bottom eventually, but all I felt was miles and miles of silky smooth skin along the side of his long, firm muscular body. My hand went passed his pelvis onto his strong thigh. No pajamas bottom. He was completely naked! I had not seen a naked man before. Only pictures in biology text books. Being able to touch but not see made it even more erotic.

I worked my way up again, staying at one side to avoid touching his penis. Then I reached down again very slowly. His flat, toned stomach, belly button then his pubic bush. It was like a fury a****l! Still no sign of objection from him.

Fraction of an inch lower was the base of his penis. It was so broad! I heard a slight moan. That was my approval signal to explore more. My fingers travelled slowly down his shaft, going back slightly to the base every so often to try to gauge how far I had travelled and hence how long his penis is. It went on for ever! It wasn’t even fully hard. Eventually I felt a raised edge. It must have been the base of its head. Just like the drawings in the book. I ventured further. It kept on going. Eventually reached the tip. A wet slippery round end. How am I going to fit this bad boy in my pussy? I asked myself wishfully.

He let me play with his penis for a long time. It would rhythmically move every now and then. I guessed it must have been a reflex as a result of being played with.

All this time he laid relatively still and had not touched my body at all. I was wearing a tight top and even tighter jogging shorts. I deliberately let the outline of my nipples show through the top by not wearing a bra to attract his attention.

Why is he not touching me back? Is he not interested in my body? I consider my body to be very foxy by the way. Is he gay?

Suddenly, he stood up, fully naked in front of me. His body was every bit as erotic as how I thought it would be from feeling it earlier. A bit like Michael Angelo’s sculpture David or an Olympic swimmer. Broad shoulders, well defined pects, narrow waist and a flat toned stomach. The length of his penis could only be described as awesome, but then I did not have anything to compare it with. All I was thinking was how I could possibly fit my pussy round it. My whole body melted.

He grabbed hold of me and kissed me. We had done a bit of kissing before, sometimes on the lips, but this was different. Much more sensuous. He put his tongue in my mouth. His tongue touching mine was electric. That moment, I knew that he wasn’t gay and that he fancied me. He could have taken me there and then and make love to me. Instead, he put his clothes on, with a lot of difficulties because of his giant erection and said let’s go jogging. I was in a way disappointed but also relieved as I had no idea that it would go so far so quick. Although he had not said anything, I can safely assume that I could call him my boyfriend. After all, how many other girls on campus had handled his penis? None I hope!

[The top picture above is of Marco in bed, but not on the day when the story happened].

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Just a quickie

Ride share
by williacj

I’ve got the hots for Elizabeth Lopez this big titty Latina I met at el vino a bar and grill out in waukesha. I saw her at the bar one day and we talked,we hit it off really well, she danced with me twice. when it came time for bar close I was about to leave when she asked me if I wanted a ride home.

Ride share
We dropped off her close friend and we’re in the car heading toward my house. she’s telling me about her boyfriend Peso how long they’ve been together. I asked her about marriage she says she’s definitely not going to get married to him, they don’t spend much time together these days.

We park in front of my house and I tell her”thanks for the ride.

”can I see your place?” she asks. I nod and she gets out the car we walk to my door and I let her in.

we go up the stairs to my apartment and I open the door and she walks in. “you want something to drink? I offered.”Beer, water, orange juice, soda”

”so this is where you bring all the girls” she says pointing at my bed.

“i barely have company”i tell her.

”well I’m here now so you have girl on your bed.” she says.

“glad to be here with you my Liz” i told her as I grabbed her hand.

“you want to kiss me?” she asked

“yeah right” i replied.

“no,do you want to kiss?” she asked me again.

“si senorita” i nodded. She smiled and leaned up and pressed her lips against mine.

when i tried to let go she grabbed me and gripped me tighter”mmmhmmmmmmm” i exclaimed. i rolled over on top of her. i caressed her body rubbing her back and she returned the favor.

We stopped kissing and she looked at me.

“you like the kiss papi? she asked.

“si senorita mi querio la beso” i pressed my lips against hers and we started kissing again. we kept kissing for 15 more minutes eventually i reached my hands down and i grabbed her butt. i didn’t know what to expect. liz responded by rubbing her fingers across my back several times i think she was enjoying this, i let go of her reached out and squeezed her tits.

“mi gusta la liz” i said unbuttoning her shirt. I started massaging her voluptuous chest. “papi aye aye aye” she whispered as she closed her eyes and lay there as i cupped her ridiculously huge tits My goodness these things are fucking huge I say to myself as I undid her bra. she moved over closer to me and i stuck my tongue out and licked her nipples.

“aye mi amor’”she gasped i squeezed her tits together and sucked on both of her nipples working my tongue counterclockwise around them. having her tits in my face and in my mouth was incredible. my dick was leaking pre cum i want to stick it up in her so bad but i want to ease my way to the sex. I was halfway to my goal at this moment.

She squirmed as i sucked on her tits.”papi take out the dick” she demanded.”you know i like to suck dick” i unzipped my shorts and she reached underneath my underwear and grabbed my stiff stick she began working those soft lips around my dick.

“urgghhh Elizabeth Lopez ugurgghh” i gasped. she cupped my balls and sucked on my balls” mi gusta la dick papi” she says gripping my brown cock and works those red lips around my cock head and strokes it up and down repeatedly.

I reach over and grab her tits. Liz unbuttons her shirt and pulls it off and throws it on the bed. I took my tongue and ran it gently across her tits. “big ass titties” i exclaimed. there should be a law against these damn things! I had two choices fuck her pussy or suck on her tits. her boobs stood out for attention, her pussy would not be left out in the cold, either. after lapping away on those big ass tits i grabbed her legs and pulled her closer to me. ”take these off chica” I tell her. She unbuckled her belt and unbuttons her pants.

“I want you to fuck me” she demands. i pull off my briefs and my shorts I pull Liz’s panties down and i got on top of her. i press my cock head against her pussy lips and i slowly inch my stiff dick into her warm latin crevice.

“aye” she whispered. i plant my hands by her side and hold Liz’s legs up and start taking that pussy. right then her pussy tightened around my cock i looked down at her and she licked her lips.”give it to me papi” she demanded . i grabbed her put her legs up and pinned her down to her bed as i climbed on top of her.

“I’m parkin up in you overnight’ i whispered in her ear i took my cock and pressed it firmly against liz’s pussy lips and slid in slowly.

“you feel it chica?” i asked her.

“aye chris” she whispered. i began a rockin’ up in that pussy. the bed began to urch urc urc urc urccchh as i planted my arms by her side and started stickin the dick to her.

“ohh!”she gasped.“fuck me papi mi quiero mas bebe aye papito aye” she ran her fingers across my shoulders and pinched my butt cheeks.

my ball sacks slapping against her pussy as i pumped myself into her. “I’m not stoppin chica” i grunted””i told you that pussy is mine,you’re gonna be here for awhile, you’re not goin’ anywhere!”

“ohhh mi gusta por favor no mas papito” she yelped. Liz felt that long dick up in that tight latin pussy,she was getting her innards searched. i leaned down kissed her on the lips and proceeded to plunge my dick up her pussy.

“ah..uhhhhh”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!”

‘uh-uh i’m not bustin my nut yet” I said to her” I’m not done yet fuckin you i’m gonna make you cum tonight mami”

“you like the way papi’s doing it to you?” I asked. Liz was getting fucked so hard she didn’t even respond she just lay there sweat on her forehead gripping my ass cheeks her legs spread wide.

“fuck me papi!” she mumbled. Must have been the hardest she’d ever been fucked before,that pussy was beyond wet now. she grabbed a hold of me and held on tightly”oh papito!”she stammered. Then she squirmed shook her head turned her head to one side and closed her eyes.

“you came mami didn’t you? i asked her. liz was out of breath i had gotten her off i wasn’t done yet though i pulled out.” turn your ass over mami’ i ordered. she turned on her side i parked myself behind her lifted her leg up and stuck my cock back into that hairy muff. i grabbed those titties and started rammin dick in her from behind.

liz pushed her self back against me.”aye aye ooohhh si” she muttered”umphhhhh urmmphhh ughhh shit” i gasped as i barged in that pussy. I tightened my embrace on her before working myself into her from an angle.

“feel that mamacita?” i started thrusting up in her clockwise. “ohhhhh si ohhh chinga mi mas”she moaned”papacito por favor no mas!” i gradually began to increase the speed of my thrusts.

“uhhhhh papito no mas please ohh aye ayye papito si papi! “ she cried. the bed began to squeak softly as i pumped my dick into her. she turned her head to the side unable to take the pounding. i slowed down and Liz ran her fingers across my backside and my ass

I pulled out and got back on top of her“mas mami?” i asked.

Before she answered i started deep stickin that hairy juicy cave of hers, balls slapping loudly against her pussy lips. her toes curling up every time I pumped it inside her deep. “umpmmmmmm por favor papito!” she cried out. i kept rammin that pussy i felt myself cumming I don’t wanna stop fucking this lovely latina. i know i was getting her goods, seeing her moan feeling her pussy lips grip my cock was amazing. I grabbed her tits and started working my tongue around those big brown nipples. I was going to blow my load soon but i was going to make her feel every inch of my wrath.

“ohh shit liz” i grunted. “I’m gonna bust this nut” i felt a tingling sensation in my cock head and i buried my face in liz’s clevage. “ummphhh liz fuccccccckkk shit!”I gasped as i held onto her. I gripped her tightly as I erupted sending my hot warm cum spewing deep inside her pussy canal i held onto her emptying both nuts in her warm pussy.

I let out a extended muffled groan and lay there in between those huge tits of hers before i lifted my head to see Liz laying there breathing hard.

“whew damn it Liz” i exclaimed.” fucked the shit out of you didn’t I?”

“i don’t know papi” she muttered.”you tell me.”

I rose up off her and wen i pulled out my dick had a stream of cum dangling from the tip. she reached inside of her pussy and scooped up a thick gob of cum onto her fingers.

“you fucked me good with the dick,best dick ever!”she says licking it off her fingers.

My first time ever fucking a Latina woman and man did it feel incredible! i never imagined we would end up in my apartment and I’d be parked in between her thighs with my dick in her hairy Latin pussy.

“thank you so much Liz” I said as I lay there trying to catch my breath.”thanks for the ride home”

Just a quickie

Steve’s fiancee Jessie graduated last Saturday.

Jessie is a tiny blonde, small-chested but with an incredibly curvy ass and a nice thigh gap. When swimming at my cousin’s apartment last July, she was my horsey partner in the pool and the way she tightly held her shapely beige legs around my neck had my dick as hard as fuck underwater. Jessie had little problem with the ways my hands touched all over her when I steadied her upon my shoulders, so I enjoyed touching her all over in her bright red bikini. It turned out that her family acted like assholes and didn’t attend her ceremony, and both she and Steven were rightly bummed, so their plan was for her drinking buddies from the bar to show up at their trailer and have a serious house party. I caught up to them three hours later. Though it was night, it was four-twenty. The party had gotten rowdy, three bottles of Dickel whiskey had been polished, and turns out that I was the only person in a room of eighteen people that had smoke.

Jessie was pretty shitfaced, and kept after me to “roll another one.” Steve appeared embarrassed as the drinking continued. As there was no walls in the trailer dividing the den from the kitchen, I was surprised to see Jessie retching in the sink while still holding her beer and red cup. Steven went for her hand to take the beer and with a surprising turn toward him, Jessie lit him up with a slap across his face. He looked stunned and angered. I took that as my exit. As I was walking toward the door, Steve yelled and asked me was I leaving. Acting as if I saw nothing, I said, “Wraps,” and grabbed the doorknob. Jessie, now wearing a tee-shirt and tight, little blue booty shorts, ran over from the kitchen to the front door and leaped. I caught her by her thighs and I admit that I also had her ass cheeks in my hands. While looking up at her, I watched Steve and he seemed pretty disinterested and was making another drink. As someone had left to pick up two more bottles of whiskey and two cases of beer, he poured out the remains of the bottle in his cup. Slowly, I let Jessie down but her hands remained around my neck. This awkward position meant that she was pressed against me. I leaned down to put her feet on the ground and inhaled her mix of sweat and lingering perfume. She begged that I would come back, but I was gone for certain. I kissed her forehead and felt I won the night.

I went back to the house to burn in solitude. I got pretty faded and lay upon the couch to call it a night. It must have been around four in the morning and as I was leaving from a piss, I could hear voices animated in an argument outside the house. Steve and Jessie had shown up. They were both a hot mess from the tone of their arguing. I heard a car door slam and walked toward my front door. Jessie was pounding on the door with the side of her fist, I guessed that Steve was in his car. I quickly let her in.

She was animated and mad that I left the party. Jessie began to berate me about the party, being wasted, her brother’s being losers because they showed up to the party empty-handed and left, and that Steve was weak. I really wasn’t trying to hear that shit. I told her to lower her fucking voice. In a mix of complaint and tears, Jessie told me that she was hurt that I left her, that she regards me as someone different from other guys she’s met, and that she just wanted to be loved. I told her that I honestly couldn’t handle all of this at four in the morning, and that everyone should just get some sleep. This seemed to have made her angry and she raised her hand. My reflexes reacted and I grabbed her wrists, pressed her against the wall, and asked what the fuck was wrong with her. We were standing in the hall across from the bathroom and my body pinned her to the wall while I held her hands above her head.

She tried to struggle from my grasp and kept moving against me. I knew she was wasted and didn’t want her to hurt herself. She looked up at me and wailed, “You left my fucking party! You’re my friend and you don’t love me.” I let go of her hands and without even thinking, I reached down and pulled the blue booty shorts to her knees. She placed her arms around my neck. My dick was raging hard and stuck out of my shorts. She ground her hips on me and I held her on the wall and removed my boxers. I could feel her nipples stiffen underneath her tee shirt and when I reached underneath to grab her breast, she moaned loudly. It was then I remembered that her boyfriend and future husband was outside. By then, I felt my dick brush the plump lips of her pussy.

I went inside her. She had not showered and she smelled of sweat, beer, and now, her sexual scent. She grabbed my neck tightly and yelled, “Fuck.” With a mix of lust and fury, I grabbed her ass tightly and thrust deep into her pussy. She got so wet and I I fucked her in a frenzy expecting Steve to open the door at any moment. We fucked for maybe 20 minutes. The combination of her smelling like a bar pick-up, the immediacy of the sex, and the knowing that we could be caught all flooded my mind and in between thrusts, I could feel cum surging through my cock as if it were rising from a straw. I pounded her harder and heard a double thud as I realized that her head and her body were both hitting the wall. She moaned as I flooded her pussy with my load.

I raised her off my dick and some of my cum leaked from her pussy and hit my foot. Though everything else seemed like a dreamy haze, this awoke me. It was as if time slowed down when I met her thrusts and enjoyed the unfamiliar movement of a new lover. Now, I watched as she picked up her shorts and walked into the bathroom. I heard the sink open and went and sat on the couch. After a few minutes, I no longer heard the faucet. Jessie came out the bathroom looking as if she awoke from sleep. Without a word, she came me a brotherly hug around my shoulders and walked toward the door. I reached for the doorknob thinking that maybe I had misjudged the situation. She put her hand over mine, slid to her knees, pulled my cock out of my boxers, and slowly sucked my dick down her throat until she gagged. She rose from her knees and said, “I always wanted to see if I could handle one that size. That’s just a quickie for now but I’m going to put that fucker all the way down my throat.”

I opened the door and Steve had lain down in the front seat of the car. When Jessie opened the passenger door, Steve rose, looked surprised that he arrived at my house, and said he didn’t want to drive over but he wouldn’t be satisfied. I told him I understood while he scolded her that she had woken me up and that I didn’t want company in the middle of the night. He started the car seemingly oblivious that he had been parked at my house for almost an hour. I watched them drive off, all I could think of how mind-blown that I was, but the memory of what had happened made me hard and I could feel cum against the front of my boxers.

Amazing year!

Pleasing The Black Lawn Man

Got a new lawn man in the spring, Had been searching for one and seen a guy one day with his truck a few streets over so I stopped and asked him if he taking on any more in the area, he said yes and would pass over later and look at it .I told him it was a small yard and he said ok….

He stopped by an hour or so later and gave me a good price .I invited him in and he come inside ….Would you care for a drink I asked him yeah some water is fine and asked if he could use the bathroom sure it right down the hall there I said…..

His name was Albert just call me Al he said…..He was about 6 ft 2 dark skinned med build with short black hair he was 42 he said …So how long you been doing lawn work I asked him OH Bout 10 years now he said and worked for himself…..Cool I said hope to see you next weekend then I said he scheduled me for saturday evenings..Ok will see you then he said Leave a check or cash under the side doormat he said in case I was not at home when he comes every week.. I noticed he was fixing the front of his pants with his hand in the driveway and he seemed to have a nice big softie bulge in there…….HHHHhhhmmmmm I said to my self and started to get turned on a lil by him…….

So the following saturday he came about 3 pm did the yard and we had some small talk and that was it………..He came again a few more times and then another time when I was home a few weeks later he pulled up and I seen him go to the back side of the house I went to the window and cracked the blind up and he was unzipping his pants right in front of me he looked around and seen no one and out popped his cock it was like a big soft black snake hanging there, He started to piss just dangling it there and I was watching getting all hot at the sight of it…He stopped shook it with one hand and zipped up and went back out to his truck. I was like damn that was fucking sweet looking I had to do something I wanted to see it again….I heard him start up his lawn stuff and he was doing the front…..

I went to the bedroom and got a black thong and put on with a white t shirt and went out back on the patio and made like I was messing with the plants and doing some clean up stuff…..He then came in the back side gate and started doing the back yard…..I stood up and bent over one of the plants as he came thru exposing my backside to him , I turned around and waved to him and he looked pushing his mower and looking at me….I kept doing what I was doing and noticed he was looking at me with glances…I was still piddling around in the thong and shirt the entire time he did the back and he finally finished and came back thru the gate shutting it….Wanted to make sure your gate was shut good with you out here in your swim suit he said…….Oh no It’s not a swim suit I told him It’s a thong I use to lay out and get some sun in I said…..Oh you was laying out huh ….Yeah for a lil while earlier I said as I lied to him……

Well you look all hot and stuff Al I said …you got some more lawns to do today…..Nah I ‘am done fo todays he replied……He was looking at me in the thong and shirt ……You want to come on inside and cool off and I will get your check I told him …Ok might do that he said as he followed me inside…I got my checkbook and bent over the counter as he was looking at my ass in the thong I was kinda excited knowing he was looking also….You gots a water he asked….In the fridge I said help yourself I told him and there’s beer if you want one also….He opened the fridge and said mights have a beer instead…….I finished writing his check as he sipped his beer ,you want to take a shower and sit down awhile I asked him…..Well I don’t know uh what you all about ? he asked What do you mean Al I said….
Well you up in here with yo lil ass all outs and stuff and In the back yard make me think you wants something..he said. Kinda smiling at me……..Well I did see you wee wee out the window on the side before you started the grass I said…..
Oh you was lookin huh…Well yeah but I did not mind at all I told him…..So what you wants to see me in yo shower ? he smiled again ……No not at all just thought I would offer it to you smiling at him…. So I take it you into men then huh ? he asked……..So I came out and told him ….well yeah I said……So whats you like doing with men he asked ? Well I would have to show you if you were up for it I said….You like to give heads huh ? he asked……Well yeah I do and after seeing you outside peeing it turned me on….Thats all good with me he said ,I thought you mights be a sissy with what you got on he replied…….Well you did have a nice looking cock from what I seen I told him….So you wants to suk me in the shower thats all good he replied . I could tell by now that Al had gone down this road before and he had me hot and starting to leak precum…..Gonna go lock up my truck and stuff and come back in, now you all discreets and stuffs huh he asked….Sure it’s between me and you….OK he said.

I went to the bathroom and got some towels ready . He came back in the side door took off his shoes and came into the bathroom …Nice big shower you got he said…..as he started to remove his shirt and pants ….I could not wait to see his full cock…..He was down to his undies as he turned around and his big soft bulge was packing the front of them ……Damn I said that looks like a snake coiled up in there as I went over to rub his crotch come on get it he said…..Come get some of big Al he said…..Big Al i said laughing a lil….as I rubbed his crotch he was getting bigger and bigger till he pulled down his undies and his big prick hit me in the face…….Damn I said you really are Big Al …I tolds ya its big he said….I stood up and got my hand on it as he reached in to get the shower going…

Once the shower was going he got in and I followed him in naked also…..Reaching for some soap I rubbed his big black cock as he rubbed his arms and chest with soap also. His cock was long and curved upward with a dark head it was about 9 fully erect and about 4 in round he was long but not too fat and had a nice tight set of balls on him .I got down and put him in my mouth and started to work on his prick it was nice in my mouth as I worked one of my hands around it also and started sucking him more and more rubbing his balls with my other hand…The water in the shower was running down off the front of him and had to stop at times I told him to turn around so the water was at his back…I was back on my knees on front of him and had him back in my mouth and both of my hands on his asscheeks……AHHH YEAH SUCK THAT DIK…….he said .Having his black shaft in my mouth was such a turn on….

After about 12 mins or so the water was cooling down and we were about out of hot water I told him….Ok we can get out he said….So he exited the shower and I turned off the water and we were drying off….You gots a bedroom we can go to….Sure Big Al I said…Right down the hall this way I led him…..How you like that dick he asked…..Love it I said….I turned on the lamp on side the bed and he got up in the middle of it as I got between his legs he was a lil soft again as I got his black snake up and going again ….Jerk it and suck them balls he said…..spending some time on his ball sack he arched his ass up more and I followed his seam right to his asshole with my tongue…..OOOhhh Yeah lick dat ass he said….

I told him to get over with his ass in the air doggy while I rimmed his asshole and jerked on his cock from behind he liked that and was moaning in pleasure…Oh yeah yeah there ya go suck it lick he said……He stopped after awhile of this and said…Let me fuck yo mouth …. I leaned my head off the side of the bed aways as he stood up and pointed his long prick at my mouth….Oh put that big black cock in my mouth I said….Oh Yeah suck it bitch he said..He was now fucking my mouth with short strokes…I reached back and gripped his asscheeks as he was ramming my mouth and had me gagging a lil bit at times…..Take all that dick he said right in yo mouth……..my eyes were watering and he went in and out fucking my mouth good…I was slurping all out my mouth and making his dick wet…My own prick was wet from the excitement…..You bout ready fo this cum he asked……stopping for a second taking his prick out my mouth I said yeah whenever you want baby….Ok suck it gonna come in a minute…..Inserting his hard black prick back in my mouth my lips were working him as he went in and out he was going deeper and his cock got really hard and my hands were back on his asscheeks anticipating his sperm delivery at any moment…..He was moans of pleasure as he was in and out my mouth……Oh yeah keep sucking here it comes just keep sucking he said bout to bust all in yo mouth….AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH shit he said as I felt his thick dose of dick juice fill my mouth ….Oh keep suckin it he said….as more filled my throat as went down….AAAAHHHHHshit dat was a good nut there he said… Getting up and turning over I got his prick back in my mouth and sucked him till he went limp ….AH shit dat was good…Well I know what you abouts now he said….Well I hope you enjoyed it Big Al I said…as he went to the bathroom wiping off his prick with the towel…..

Back in the bathroom i sat on the toilet and took a piss as he got dressed…Don’t forget your check on the counter i told him….Oh Yeah ok I won’t he said……So what else you do I noticed you got a nice ass he said….I’am into anal too at times I told him ….Oh yeah might have to try some of that on ya one day he said… You got a tight ass ? he asked
I got off the toilet and bent over and spread my cheeks wanna feel it I said…..He took one of his fingers and rimmed around my asshole poking it in a lil……Yep that ass is tight gonna have to try it out next times he said…

So after he left I was still hot so I got one of my black rubber dongs and went into the bedroom and got off thinking about Big Al’s Black cock up my butthole next time….I cleaned up and went outside later on and one of the neighbors was outside and said hey I seen your lawn guy was here today your lawn looks so good he sure took a long time on it today ……I replied back yeah he sure worked it over good…….

Girl’s Gym Gyno 2: Alessandra 2 (pix)

Alessandra feels fond of her freshly found friend, the elderly erotically experienced gyno, whom she frequently visits.
Alessandra opens up to him. First foremost in sexual spirit. She would love to meet a tasty teen great girl like herself.
Alessandra admits with a big blush she does pleasure herself often, imagining to make love to a lesbian like she feels.
Alessandra says she is still a virgin, as she does not dare to insert her own fingers inside her soft silken pretty pussy.

Alessandra can not hide her arousal and excitement. Not only in her face. She hardly needs a bra with her little titties.
Alessandra notices how his eyes slowly shift focus from her face down her neck, stopping at her hardened nipples.
Alessandra feels how he simply sees through her, undressing her, not only underneath her clothes, but right inside.
Alessandra almost starts to tremble, when he finally addresses her with his soft deep dark slowly hypnotising voice.

Alessandra, it is time for your intimate inspection. We will check your bare bodily beauties. Step out of your shoes.
Alessandra, stand right in front of me. Begin by unbuttoning your blouse, baby. Do not hide your pride in those two!
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Home Coming Queen to Hooker (Pt 2 the Team)

I say mom and dad how about we all go back to our place order room service for lunch and make plans for the wedding in two weeks and we need to find you a little black dress for the reunion on Saturday the one good thing is it’s at the Hilton. I say Sally how about you go with your mom and your dad and I can go in our car and your dad can drive. Sally smiles at her dad he says what are you grinning about she says you’ll see we walk outside, John asks which car I say the red one, the only red car is our Lambo, he looks at me and says really I smile and nod, he says go ahead and start lunch without us I say we won’t be too late it will run out of gas in half an hour. We cruse around for twenty minutes and my phone rings Sally says how long you going to be I’m hungry I say order me what ever your having, I ask her dad what he wants to eat he says a burger and fries she says I got it, I say we are on our way back now. We get back have lunch Sally asks how many guys will you have standing with you I say four one married three single. That includes the best man, he’s been with me thru buds, sniper school, and on every mission, I have ever been on. Sally asks and guest I say including Doc thirty-one to five including their ones. I say knowing the guys I work with I would not recommend any k**s under 16, just saying. They all laugh. Sally asks the three single guys in the wedding party what are they like, I say contrary to popular belief they are all college educated, white, smart and good looking. Sally says I need to make some calls and catch up with some of my friends from high school and college, I say why don’t we have a mixer I’ll get my guys up here you get your friends and see who hooks up with who! Doris says that’s not a half bad idea, Sally says see I told you he was smart! John says I have some things I need to take care of at home you all don’t need me here do you, Doris says no honey, John asks Sally can you see that your mother gets home she says of course daddy and gives him a hug and kiss. Then I say we are really going to need help if we are going to pull this off in two weeks! I call down to Don tell him we are starting to put together our wedding for Saturday in two weeks and I would like to use their reception hall down stairs is it was available. He said boy you live a charmed life we are booked for a year in advance, but we just had a cancelation for your date, then Don says we have a wedding planer on staff would you like to meet with her I say god yes is she available now! Don says I can send her right up. A few minutes later the elevator door opens and we interduce ourselves her name was Sara Whitestone I immediately did the tactful thing and turned her over to Sally and Doris, Sara says before you sneak away can you at lease tell me the style of tux you want, I say none we will be wearing dress whites, she says OH a Military Wedding they are so beautiful and romantic, Sally says my Gary is a Navy Seal, Sara says oh that’s a very special wedding indeed, I say Sally tomorrow we are flying to Va. you need to meet the whole team, how long will we be there I say we will be back tomorrow evening. Sara says my husband was a Seal, Sally you need to understand your not just marrying a Seal you are becoming a team member, you will be trained in self-defense and including firearms. Then she says please don’t let this scare you, you will not find a more loving or supportive group of people in the world.

I send a text to all ST4 members Team including spouses and significant others Team meeting @ family center 10:00 am tomorrow lunch provided IMPORTANT! The text goes out to all the team members and their wives. Within seconds I get a text back from my best buddy’s wife Pat Seaman it says whats up? I know I can’t avoid her, for the last four years the three of us have been really tight I’m their son’s god father I just ask are you home she says, I say can I skype you she says yes, I say give me a minute. Sally looks over at me I say I need you in the office for a few minutes, she follows me in and asks whats up I say I’m about to skype Pat Seaman my best buddy’s wife I’m their son’s god father. I crank up the computer and Pat’s face pops up on the screen I say hi Pat she says whats up Gary you finally find a woman. I say now what have I always told you about that, she says I know you holding out for your high school crush Sally I say meet Sally, Sally moves into view beside me and holds up her ring Pat says holy shit she is real and beautiful and that ring is huge and this is huge well hello Sally! Then Pat says you are engaged to one of the nicest guy’s in the world Pat yells DEAN GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW I say Dean is there he comes in view Pat says Dean meet Sally he says you mean the real Sally Gary’s Sally Pat says yes and he put a ring on it! Dean says wow but Gary I gota tell you she is beautiful, and I would have held out for her too! Pat asks so how did you two finally hook up Sally says Gary rescued me from my pimp! Pat says we all have our skeletons, Dean asks is he still breathing Sally says yes but he won’t d**gging, r****g and turn out another coed that’s if he ever gets out of the hospital. Pat says is Sally going to be with you tomorrow I say of course ok I’ll let all the girls know, I say we are getting married Saturday after next and Dean your on tap for best man, Sally says Pat I know we have just met but would you be my maid of honor they both say of course, then Sally asks one other big favor will you be god pairents to our baby, Pat says well when you get pregnet of course Sally says according to our Doctor he knocked me up last night Pat says how would he know that, Sally said well when we were having sex I was ovulating and he penetrated my cervix and ejaculated directly into my womb, when we had sex the next two times my cervix was closed up and he could not get back in it was closed up tight. The Doc said it will hot open back up for nine months. Pat says wait, for him to be able to penetrate your cervix he would have to be really hung Dean have you been holding out on me, Dean says well let’s just say Sally should be a very lucky and happy woman. Pat says Dean we will talk about this later you been holding out on me. I say I’ll talk to you all in the morning. Sally goes back to planning the wedding with her mom and Sara.

I call Dave, he says tell me it was you that spent a months’ worth of royalties on a wedding ring set, I say I did but your my agent not my manager so why are you looking at my finances who do you think you are my personal assistant, no Gary I’m sorry you don’t have anyone else looking after your finances, I say I do now I just hired a personal assistant for us, Dave says oh ok I say don’t sound so down it’s you with a substomatal increase in salary of course! Dave says Gary I don’t know what to say I say, say yes, he says yes, yes of course but wait you said us, I laugh and say us me and my fiancée Sally. I say you’re a step behind guy you’re in SOHO how long will it take you to get here so I can get you caught up Dave says about 20 depending on traffic. I say ok I’ll see you in 15! Dave gets there in 17 minutes I walk him in and say everyone this is this is Dave Foster he is our new personal assistant, Dave this is my future mother-in-law Doris Parker, our wedding planner Sara Whitestone and of course my fiancée Sally Parker Dave says it’s a pleasure to meet you all and if there is any thing you need just let me know and he gives them all his card. I say Dave and I are going into the office, so I can catch him up on whats going on. If you need us for anything you know where we are.
Sara looks at Sally and can tell she is upset about something and asks whats bothering you honey. Sara says Gary has three groomsmen I need bridesmaids for and I don’t have any friends to ask and no way to know who is still out there weather or not they married or available what am I going to do Sara says of course you do thru social media Facebook and Classmates.com. Sally says whats social media? Sara yells Gary! Doris pulls out her cell phone and calls John, she tells him to go in Sally’s room get her senior year book and get it here fast John says yes dear! Sally says my room is still in place she says of course I always knew you would come back to us Gary has thrown a bit of a hitch in my plan but maybe my grand daugther can use it when she comes to visit! I walk in Sara says take one of your extra laptops, and I know you must have one, I say six, she says any way set it up for Sally and open her a Facebook and Classmates accounts, how long I say twenty minutes.

I go back in the office grab a laptop off a pile of them and start setting it up but continue talking to Dave and say ok today is Tuesday for the rest of the day we are in wedding planning mode. Tomorrow morning, I need a private jet to take Sally and I to the base in VA. We need to be there by 10:00 am. We will be coming back tomorrow evening but there will be seven of us. We will need a limo to bring us back here we will need three very nice single rooms and a suite, make sure they take the mini bars out of the single rooms. Ok now Thursday morning Sally and I will be settling on this town house I’ll need a lawyer for that Dave says I’m a lawyer I say great give yourself a raise. We are going to need an office for you in this building or the office building next door I want you closer and if you want to pick yourself out a suite here it will be a hiring bonus. Midday Sally will be need help putting together a gathering for some of the wedding party members Thursday evening here, so we need a caterer Sara should be able to help with that. Friday morning Sally and her four friends will need spa treatments here and get dresses from the spa and boutique down stairs. We need eight additional tickets for the class reunion Friday night. The reunion is here so tickets should be easy. Next week is going to be all wedding prep you will have to get with Sally and Sara for that. I know this is going to cost me a years’ worth of royalties Dave broke in maybe only 3 months’ worth game sales have exploded I say WOW great give yourself a raise we may need to hire you a sexy assistant, he said I already have one my wife I say great give her a raise and you two are invited to Thursday night and of course the wedding.

I say walk with me as we walk out to the ladies. Ok baby here is your very own laptop we just need to finish setting your Facebook account Oh and Dave we need to get Sally a car, Sally says I’ll need to get my drivers license back first it expired! I say Dave then he cuts in I’ll find out what we need to do to get her license back! Ok baby you need to write an opening statement!
Sally wrights;
Hello Sally Parker, here back from the dark side! I spent the last five years of my life in a very dark place. I was rescued by my white knight Gary and we are getting married in two weeks and I would love to share my special day with some of the old crowd from high school I also have three all expenses positions for any of my old girl friends that are single as brides maids for three of my fiancé’s single Navy Seal Team members. So, message me back or contact me at our penthouse in the Hilton. Really would love to catch up with the old gang and reestablish old friendships! PS We will be at the reunion on Friday~

I say all you have to do is hit post and your up and running. Give it a few hours and let’s see what happens. John comes in with her year book, Sally starts looking thru it and a tear runs down her cheek, her mom says whats wrong baby she says Bobbi Dennis, oh yes you two were inseparable I wonder what happened to her? I say honey you have the answer right in front of you, see up there the box that says search just type her name and hit enter if she is on Facebook depending on how active she is you will know all about her, Well look here you have a friend request from Bobbi, Sally asks what do I do I say accept her request go to her home page and read whats happening in her life, I help her to get to her home page and she starts paging thru her post, appearently she is not married, then the house phone rings it’s the lobby for Sally saying there is a Bobbi Dennis down here requesting to come up, Sally says yes please send her up. Her mom and dad go down the elevator to go home for the evening. I can see how excited Sally is and say to Dave and Sara why don’t we go into the office and give them a few minutes to catch up! In the office we hear two high pitched screeches then crying, Sara says how sweet, Sally is like a girl just graduating from high school I say she as had a big chunk of her life taken from her, so you are perty close. Dave says Sara can you help us with some room reservations she says of course, she pulls out her tablet, then Sally calls me, and I walk out and put my arm around Sally and Bobbi says damn Gary you have changed! You have no idea the crush Sally had on you in high school, I say believe me the feelings were mutual. Bobbi says so Gary what are your friends like Sally giggles and I say Sally slide your laptop over to me Facebook is still up so I type Harry Butler and push enter and say here you go Bobbi and Sally crowd their heads in front of the screen as they page thru his profile and pictures Bobbi says can I have him! I say I remember you from high school and your personality I know all the guys really well that’s why I showed you Harry because you two are I believe very compatible! She says when do I get to meet him, I flip the computer screen to Skype then Harry’s face comes up on the screen he is only wearing a pair of work out shorts and is covered in sweat. He says hay Gary did you find me a woman for the wedding, I say yep meet Bobbi he say what you sucker I’m all sweaty I don’t even have a shirt on Bobbi gets in front of the screen and says hello Harry nice to meet you and don’t worry you look fantastic to me! You can see Harry blush I say Harry meet Sally this one’s mine! Sally says nice to meet you oh WOW Harry says sorry for the dress I wasn’t expecting Gary to have a woman with him much less two beautiful women! I say thanks for warming Sally up for me for later Harry says your sleeping with both, Sally says NO HE’S NOT! Bobbi says I’m waiting till you get here Sally says BOBBI, she says I’m not getting any younger when you have a single guy as hot as Harry you don’t play hard to get! Sally says BOBBI again Bobbi says when are you coming up, I say tomorrow night I have a very nice single room with a king-sized bed in it for him! Bobbi says I’ll warm the bed up for you till you get here! Harry says deal! Sally asks do you all do what we do in the morning I say yes of course. Sally says oh Bobbi I have a real susprise for you Thursday morning!

Bobbi and Sally find two other girls that are single that were more than happy to be bride’s maids for Sally and of course dates with a pair of hunky Navy Seals! I take the girls out to dinner Bobbi says I’ll see you tomorrow evening, Sally says with a smile well definitely Thursday morning! We head up the elevator Sally is holding me tight I say how are you holding up baby, she says I feel like I’m getting my life back but most importantly I have you, I love you so much OH BABY I have gained 10 lbs.! I reach down and grab her butt cheek and say yep a bit more meat there! We head stright into the bed room toss our clothes into the hamper Sally walks over to me puts her arms around my neck and says do you like my body baby, I tell her I love all of her, then pick her up and lay her on the bed and kiss her belly and say honey our little baby is growing in there and I kiss her again she looks down and smiles at me and says want to try for two! I climb between her legs, she reaches down and strokes my cock and asks do you think if Pat knew your size, she would have given you a mercy fuck? I said no but it would have been hell she would tease to no end accidently rubbing up against me every chance she could she would drive me crazy, fortunately our lives finally merged before she found out, now she will just have to wonder what my real size is, and I come out on top! Sally pulls me in her and says your on top of me now kiss me and make love to me and she wraps her arms around my head and she wraps her legs around my thighs it’s like a big snake wrapping around its pray I don’t know how she does it but it feels so damn hot! She says faster baby Gary I love you so much yes right there baby right there don’t stop I feel her pussy tighten on my cock and she sets me off I start pumping load after load of cum in her and it just makes her cum harder, Finally we are both exhausted and I roll off of her and pull her into my arms I say Sally I love you so much, hold me baby then Sally says oh shit and jumps up and runs to the bathroom, I follow her she is sitting on the toilet with her legs spread wide and she is looking between her legs. I say is everything ok she said you pumped about a quart of cum in me and it started leaking out I didn’t want us sloshing around in cum all night. She said come here and she grabs my cock and licks and sucks it me all clean and says we taste so good, I say really lift her up and take her in the bedroom lay her on the bed and burry my tongue in her pussy sucking out juice out of her, she says make sure you get the outside of my lips too baby. Ok baby I’m clean come up here beside me, I pull her into my arms we kiss a nice long kiss and say we really do taste good together, Sally says we are just good together period, speaking of which mine was susposed to start today and it didn’t! I reach down and pull the covers up and Sally cuddles in against my body.

The next morning Sally wakes me up blending her power shake, she’s already dressed in her workout clothes, I walk out bare assed naked give her a kiss she says damn your hot you should exercise like that, I say I do every evening, she says yes you do oh and still no period! I say I gota go get dressed we need to get to the airport by 8:00. Sally asks will we be having our morning bedroom exercises, I said that’s a susprise Sally looks at me with a weird look and I go get dressed and we head to the gyn do our hour work out Sally has a bounce to her step, I say whats got you so perky this morning. Sally said life our trip meeting the team our baby your susprise for me, knowing the man between my legs is the one I have wanted all my life and he loves me with all his heart and soul, I’m the luckiest woman in the world! We go up get our shower, I start getting dressed Sally looks at me again with a strange look and slips on a pair of yellow lace pantys and matching bra, a yellow sun dress and a pair of strappy sandals. Sally says I’m all dressed. Sally text Dave telling him to please see Bobbi is let into Harry’s room and have a womans small exercise suit put in the room in the top dresser drawer. I look over her sholder as she types, and she has an evil grin on her face, I say why the grin she says Bobbi is not a morning person!

When we go to the airport, I turned in the Lambo, and we were taken to the private plane section of the airport. We entered the hanger of our charter plane were introduced to the pilot and co-pilot, we were taken in the plane shown the amenities the bathroom then the back bedroom and told we would be cursing at 10,000 feet and our flight time would be just under an hour. They asked us to take a seat and strap in we would be taking off directly. We felt the plane move forward out of the hanger, enter the runway, the engines roar the plane jumps forward, rapid acceleration, the feeling of being weightless, and then rapidly climbing, then the feeling of leveling off. Over the speaker the pilot says we have reached our cursing altitude please feel free to move around the cabin. We unbuckle I grab Sally’s hand and pull her back to the aft cabin and say susprise, she looks at me and we both say at the same time MILE HIGH CLUB! Sally and I are both nude in no time flat I burry my face in her pussy she says hurry baby we only have an hour! In no time flat her pussy is flowing like a river, she pulls me up on top of her spreads her legs and pulls them up on my sholders and says take me big guy. I burry my cock into her in one push Sally cries out and cums squirting all over my balls! I wasn’t expecting that but kept sliding my cock in and out of her, I bent my head down and took a boob into my mouth Sally arches her back, shutters and moans oh yes baby oh god yes baby love me I start to bite her boob she says carful baby my dress is cut low , so I move to and gently bite her nipple I feel her pussy tighten around my cock she digs her nails into my back and yells OH YES GARY, but I just keep pumping her sweet pussy Sally holds on to me tight pounds her sweet pussy into me hard as she can and tightens her pussy around my cock and says fill my pussy baby fill me full I feel my balls tighten, my cum surging up my cock and exploding deep inside her pussy. Sally pushes me off her and runs into the shower, I walk into the small bath room and we hear the pilot say we will be landing in fifteen minutes time to get desent back there! Sally says how does he know, I said they felt the plane rocking, she says no they didn’t, I say hurry up I’m coated with your pussy juice giggles, and climbs out give me a kiss, I jump in the shower, and hear the hair dryer running I wash off real quick, grab a towel and Sally is putting on her makeup on, then we hear 5 minutes please buckle up I run and grab our clothes Sally pulls her pantys up and pulls her dress on over her head she throws her bra in her day bag I pull on my cargo shorts t-shirt and polo shirt as we feel the plane descending we sit down I put on my sneakers and Sally her sandals we strap in just about the time the tires hit the runway. And the plane rapidly slows to a crawl. The pilot says we will be five minutes to the hanger, time to make any last-minute adjustments Sally reaches into her bag and hands me her brush and says fix your hair I say put on your bra I can see stright thru your dress! I come back hand her brush and make up bag as I see us pull into the hanger. The co-pilot comes back and says you earned these and puts a pair of wings on Sally and I, then he opens the door and extends the stairs.

As we walk down the steps Sally whispers I hope they like me, as we clear the stairs Pat comes running over hug Sally stands back holding both her hands and says damn your beautiful I’m jealous then hugs her again give her a kiss on the cheek and whispers to Sally is he really hung Sally says oh yes, Pat asks how is he in bed, Sally says it’s better with him than I ever dreamed it could be, Pat asks and at the end Sally says flood tide! Pat grabs Gary and says you picked a great one she is going to fit right in, Dean walks over, and I say Dean this is Sally, He pulls Sally in his arms and buries his tongue in her mouth and she kisses him right back, Pat says shit to and buries her tongue in my mouth. Pat pulls back and says those damn wings are poking my boob then she looks at it and says holy shit you nasty k**s Sally says what, Pat says laughing did you read those wings Sally says no, Pat says it reads Mile High Club Member! Dean says I don’t think they have a ribbon for that one Bro. I say whats Harry doing over there sitting in the limo talking on the phone, Pat says he has been talking to some woman named Bobbi for the past two days I think they were having cyber sex last night! They are Skyping right now, Sally marches over sits on Harry’s lap takes the phone from him and says Bobbi you little hussy why are you teasing this poor guy, she says I’m just warming him up for tonight! Sally says they know to let you his room, I’ll call you when we land. Bobbi asks how is he in real life, Sally says hansom and hot Bobbi says and Sally shakes her butt on his lap and says you won’t be disappointed! Then she says look what I got and turns the phone to read her wings, Bobbi says no you didn’t Sally says oh yes, we did! Then she says ok you can go back to your foreplay. Oh, Harry I’m Sally, Gary’s fiancée and gives him a big kiss, Bobbi says did that bitch just kiss you Harry? Sally walks back over to us, we are about rolling on the floor, Pat loops her arm thru Sally’s and says we got things to do and people to meet and we all get in the limo and head to the team’s family center on base.

Sally is interduce to the entire sixteen-member team and their family’s by Pat, who warns the guys she can give as good as she gets. After an hour Pat says ok guys to give your straining eyes a rest over the fresh meat, us women have meet and train her to keep you all in line, oh and guys you are baby sitting and if one our k**s comes home with four letter words in their vocabulary your all-in trouble! The women all go into a separate room. The CO’s wife Nancy Probst started off by saying welcome to ST4, Sally said thank you. Now you need to understand we all know everything about everyone in our team oh and by the way congratulations on joining the Mile-High Club, but much more importantly, your pregnancy, your beating your d**g habit and breaking away from that dark time in your life, also congratulations on your determination to go back to college! You will find no snobs or judgmental people here we support each other 100% and more importantly our guys 200%.

Now for the reality in life our guys have the most dangerous job in the world! They only go on the most dangerous missions, in the most dangerous places in the world. Every mission they go on they are shot at and in turn they shoot back more often than not hitting what they shoot at. The pressure and stress they are under is unimaginable! In turn when they are on deployment it’s our job to support each other so we don’t think about the knock on the door from an Officer and Chaplain! Our guys have three modes, Down time where they are now, they could be nervous, jittery, and just plain bored, it’s our job to keep them all entertained flirting, teasing and general playfulness is encouraged for any team member, as well as sholder to cry on a reassuring hug all approved NOTHING BEYOND. The next mode is during mission prep they are going to be supper stressed just be understanding sooth them as much as you can. The last is post mission, they are going to be tird a bit jumpy just hold him and let him know how much you love him! Seal teams work with Delta Force Teams and provide back up for each other, at home Seal Teams tend to try and keep a low profile so as not to attract any attention, why you ask because our guys are living targets for every nut out there looking to impress some terrorist group. At times we are totally exposed like Friday night where four of the team members will be exposed and your wedding in two weeks when the entire team will be there in dress whites. During these times our companion Delta Force members will provide security. One last down side the team will always come before you or your c***dern, it has to their lives depend on it, that all being said your not going find a truer, nicer, supportive grope of people anywhere. We watch each other’s k**s, the older k**s cut everyone’s lawns when the guys are deployed. When you go back college to complete your accounting degree any help you may need, I’m a CPA and will give you as much help you ask for, we take care of each other. So, Sally this is us and what we are all about have we scared you away.

Sally says I have been in love with Gary sence we were in the eighth grade. Unfortunately, at that time we were both too shy to act on our feelings. My pairents loved me dearly but due to their jobs were never there for me. When I went to college, I had no support structure at all. I fell into depression and was friended by a man that turned out to be a pimp, that started five years of d**g use and occasional prostution. The night Gary and I reunited I tried to flag him down as a customer, Gary being Gary recognized me from school and thought I was trying to flag down a taxi. When he stopped and called me by my name and asked me where I needed to go and I relized it was him, I was crushed, told him there was a mistake and I got out, he started to pull away, my pimp grabbed me and started to beat the shit out of me for not getting money from Gary. Gary saw this kicked the shit out of him with one punch and a kick, picked me up off the ground and gave me all the love and support I truly wanted especially from him, when he picked me off the ground my life became complete. So, for right now I need to be number one in his life, after we get married everyone knows things change so the team can come first and I’ll just get fat, oh wait I’m knocked up of course I’ll get fat, but I know I’ll have all the love and support anyone could ever need. There was a grope hug and one of the lady’s asks is Gary really well Sally grins and says yes, he is the woman says I’m jealous, Nancy says one more stop to see my husband in his office this is an official visit.

We walk into Colonel Jayson Probst office, Nancy says Colonel this is Sally Parker Specialist Gary Bakers fiancée. He stands up shakes Sally’s hand, asks his wife to please wait outside and asks Sally to please sit down. He says Miss. Parker I need you to understand as a ST4 member Gary is exposed to very sensitive information, we work with the CIA, FBI, NCIS and local law enforcement agencies, depending on our mission. Our team members are forbidden to discuss any of our missions with anyone not directly involved in the mission. Inevitably you may overhear or see something classified. As such I need you to sign this non-disclosure secretes act document, before he could blink Sally grabbed the document and his desk pen and signed the document. The Colonel said no hesitation Sally says not a second Gary is my life and ST4 is Gary’s life and ST4 has been great for him, I mean just look at him! The Colonel says Gary reported to me about you shortly after he disabled TJ prompted me to contact two 3 letter government agencies who working with local law enforcement developed a dossier on him and his organization. One of them have an undercover agent placed in his organization. He says do you believe in angles? Sally says I have never given it much though why would you ask? TJ had sold you to a grope of South East Asian human sex traffickers and was set to turn you over to them the night Garry rescued you. Needless to say, they aren’t very happy with TJ having paid him for you and not received anything for it. Well as it turns out the country the South East Asian human sex traffickers are from is part of a multi-national consortium fighting human sex trafficking and they have arested all the traffickers in their country and issued warrants for TJ and his entire origination. We have intelligence TJ intends to take you back at your wedding! But don’t worry there will be four swat teams and two full Delta Platoons protecting your wedding. Sally gee just what a bride dreams of a wedding at an armed encampment, he says believe me they will be completely discrete, Sally says how can you make 100 people disappear? Well you have had four Delta team members shadowing you sence the day after Gary rescued you. You also didn’t know your ex client that accosted you at the restaurant tried to a***** you at gun point when you went to the bathroom, he was dispatched by Gary and Delta cleaned up. I will promise you this no one will touch a hair on your head and your wedding will be beautiful and go off without a hitch. Now I believe we have luncheon to get to and if I leave my wife sitting out in the hall much longer, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

As we walked out Nancy joined us and we walked back over to the family center, where I was finally reunited with Gary, he asked are you ok I reached up gave him a big kiss said thank you and I’m overwhelmed, Pat comes up behind us and says it’s all down hill from here after lunch you will be taken to see your base housing, it’s right next to Dean and I! Sally asked what happened to the family that lived there, Pat look at Gary and said the husband mustered out, for a civilian job. Now let’s eat they bring Sally a double hamburger with all the fixings, a huge pile of french fries a one-quart chocolate milkshake and a huge piece of apple pie alamode.

Pat tells Sally she has made a whole lot of women at the e club very unhappy. They have been hitting on him sence he got here I mean two of these women are playboy quality women, I’ed ask him why he didn’t take some of them out he always said he wanted a chance with you and had a plan to approach you at the class reunion, but fate intervened and put together forever, I really think you two were ment to be together!

Gary is like family to Dean and I but can you tell me the situation between Gary and his pairents? Sally says oh my you don’t know, Gary was 18 when we graduated from High School a week before graduation his pairents were killed in a horrible auto accident caused by a drunk driver his pairents car burst into flames and by the time the fire department was able to get thru the traffic there was nothing left except the shell of their car. There were no remains left, witnesses had reported there were two people a man and woman in the car. Gary inherited their home, he sold it and used the money to put himself thru college. The rest you should know.

I walk over to interduce Jeff Perkins and Adam Myers the last two single Team members who would be in the wedding party. Pat jumped up pulled me into his arms gives me a big kiss and says baby you know we all love you! Dean says what the hell bro, I say I’m innocent, Sally says no you aren’t, or I wouldn’t be knocked up and we aren’t even married! By now the whole hall is gathered around laughing Dean says see Sally you have led our innocent little boy astray, Sally says believe me there is nothing little about Gary! Pat wiggles her body against Gary and says I can confirm that, I’m like six shades of red and I lift her off me and hand her to Dean and say control your woman the crowd goes WOOOOOOOOOOOO! I interduce Jeff to Sally not wanting to be out done by Pat she puts her arms around his neck and gives him a big kiss with no tongue and says nice to meet you thank you for being in our wedding party. I’m almost afraid to interduce Adam, I say Sally dear this is Adam the last member of our wedding party he got the same treatment as Jeff, I just shake my head.

I tell Sally we need to be saying our good buys we need to stop buy see our house load Pat and Dean’s stuff, then go by the barracks pick up Adam, Jeff and Harry’s stuff and head to the plane and head North. We pull up to the house and went inside, it was spotlessly clean freshly painted white walls, nice kitchen new appliances, living room, dinning room, three bed rooms, the master had an on-suite and walk in closet, there was a full bath in the hall to the bedrooms. The house was furnished with desent furniture at least the bedroom and living room furniture were new. Dean and Pat had packed all of Gary’s belongs from the barracks and moved them into the new house, Gary grabbed his dress whites we loaded them into the limo and headed next door to Dean Pat’s house Pat showed Sally around we all grabbed a bag and headed back to the limo. A short ride to the barracks Jeff, Harry and Adam run in and grab their bags we load everything in the limo and we head out to the airport. Pat and sally are sitting next to each other whispering to each other. I ask Dean what do you think they are plotting, Dean says I’m not sure but the way they are looking at us and grinning I’ll bet it involves sex! Sally is in fact telling Pat about the plane’s layout and the cabin in the back with the bed but warned it was a very short flight!

The limo pulled into the hanger we loaded all the bags into the plane and we boarded, the pilot, and co-pilot boarded and asked Sally to show everyone the planes amenities after we were at cruising altitude, Sally whispered something to them and they looked directly at Dean and Pat and smiled. They say everyone please be seated we will be taking off shortly! As the plane movies out to the end of the runway the engines wind up the plane lurches forward jets down the runway, lifts off and rapidly climbs then slowly levels off. The pilot announces we have reached our cruising altitude of 10,000 feet you may unbuckle and move freely around the cabin, please enjoy your flight. Pat unbuckles grabs Deans hand and drags him into the back cabin. Harry asks whats that all about, Sally says maybe she’s air sick!
Harry moves off by himself and calls Bobbi, Sally says he has it bad and he hasn’t even met her yet. Jeff says who are the women you have picked out for Adam and I, Sally said Sandy White and Denice Tucker. Sally asks Gary to get his laptop out and pull up Facebook, so the guys can see Sandy and Denice’s profiles. As we start to pull up Sandy’s profile, we hear a loud moan come from the aft cabin Jeff says AIR SICK! We all bust out laughing, as we go thru their profiles, we see they are just about twins, they were roommates in college and they in fact share an apartment today, they had the same major, they are both athletic like to run and hike and they are both hot! The pilot announces we will be landing in fifteen minutes, from the back cabin we hear Pat say WHAT ALREADY GO FASTER! Sally says been there done that, we are all bust out laughing again, I turn about three shades of red! I say lets Skype them I say so Garry calls them, and they respond at first all they see is Sally they say whats up girl, Sally says we are 10,000 ft in the air getting ready land, Sandy asks are you bringing our dates with you? Sally says you mean these two guys Gary moves the lap top back, so Jeff and Adam are into view one on each side of Sally, Sandy says OH MY GOD DINECE THEY ARE GORGEOUS! Adam says DAMN JEFF THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL! The guys each kiss Sally on each cheek and say thank you, Sandy says damn Sally you always come thru, which one was is mine! Sally says that’s totally up to you four, BUT they are sitting here in cargo shorts and a t-shirt wait till you see them in dress whites Friday at the reunion, they say we don’t have tickets Sally says of course you do Sandy says how are going to get our collected shit together by then! Sally says I got you covered, your already have an appointment at the Hilton Spa for Friday morning they have a boutique and they are going to take care of all of us from head to tail, Sandy says I’m not sure we can afford that, Sally says Gary has us covered! Sandy says I didn’t know Seals made that much money, Jeff says we don’t! Sally says ever herd of the video game Black Ops 1, She says of course Sally says Gary is the developer and author. The Pilot announces Sally get everyone to their seats and buckled in please! Sandy asks what air line are you on, Sally says it’s a private jet, listen we need to run see you tomorrow evening, informal shorts or jeans are fine. Then Sally yells PAT GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE WE ARE LANDING! Then we hear Pat say OH GOD YES DEAN! We feel the plane begin to descend, a minute later Pat and Dean come stumbling out of the aft cabin tucking in and pulling on their clothes, they grab the closest seats and buckled in. After we had landed and had taxied into the hanger, the pilot came back and looked at Pat and Dean and pined their Mile-High Club wings on them and says it’s obvious you two have earned these! We loaded all our bags into the limo, and off to the hotel.

Pat, Dean and the guys are on the floor below us, Sally tells Harry there is work out clothes in the dresser for Bobbi, Gary says work out in the gym at 5:00 for everyone don’t be late, Pat asks Sally if she will be there, she says of course. When Harry opens his door, he yells HONEY I’M HOME, then I hear Bobbi yell I’M IN THE BED ROOM BABY!