Stormy NIght

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It starts out like any other evening, the sky turning from day to night, in transition with the pinks and blues on the horizon. I finish dinner, and begin to wash dishes when a loud flash of light startles me and I drop the plate back into the sink, soapy water splashing onto the floor. Laughing at how easy I was startled, I dry my hands and walk to the large patio window. Looking out just in time to see the sky light up, I notice the clapping boom that follows it. Wanting a closer look I open the patio door, stepping cautiously over the threshold. Standing out in the open, looking up, hearing the next boom and then I instinctively count, determining how far away it is by how close together they happen.

All of a sudden a voice causes me to jump. I flip my body around to the voice, and grasp my chest like it could have stopped. Squinting to see who it is, he says he is sorry; I see my neighbor as he comes a little closer. I tell him it’s okay that I’m a little on edge anyway. I find it hard to catch my breath as my eyes are suddenly glued to his topless chest, running over every sculpted muscle. Feeling my face get warmer as my cheeks turn red, I bring my gaze up to his eyes. Realizing I have on only shorts and a tank top because of the recent heat wave, I smile coyly trying to keep my attention away from his body, talking about the weather and the brewing storm. I make eye contact, then have to avert my gaze because the escort ataşehir sky lights up. Then the thunder booms loudly, startled I launch myself toward him.

He catches me, one foot going backward to keep from falling over. Looking up with an apologetic look, my eyes lock with his, his eyes a look of passion and want. He assures me that it wasn’t a problem and when I try to break the eye contact he holds me there. I lean into to him, relaxing from the safety that his arms provide, together watching and listening for more sounds of the storm. Then as our heads are tilting back looking into the now dark cloudy sky it starts to drizzle. Almost laughing at the sensation we look at each other, my lips touching his gently and then I feel his arm on my lower back while his other hand entangles in my hair pulling me to him. Deepening the kiss, my lips part to allow for the intrusion of his tongue, a moan escaping from my throat.

As if the moan was encouragement I feel his hand move from my hair over my back around my side and then to my breast over my shirt. My head spinning with excitement, my nipples erect, his hand now slides under my shirt, his fingers unfasten my bra. Tugging it and my shirt gently over my head, facing him, smiling at him, I was impressed with his bra removal skills. Not sure how he did it, but as our chests touch all that I’m aware of are the tingles running through my body and the goose kadıköy escort bayan bumps on my skin. My hand caresses every part of him, finger tips teasing his flesh, then moving it between us I undo his pants button.

Bending down so my head meets his zipper, I undo his pants, pulling them down, waiting at his feet while he steps out of them.

My eyes caught by the magnificence of his body, every wonderful inch of him screaming confidence and all man. Placing sweet gentle kisses from his ankle up his leg, to his hardened largeness, I lick once from his balls to his shaft then up to his tip. Seeing him as one big lollipop, I take him with my open mouth, my throat relaxed, and pull him in as far as I can. Stuck there, I suck as hard as I can, swirling my tongue around him, then pull back when I need air. He puts his hand on my shoulder, holding me at length then moves to slide my shorts down. Stepping out of them I feel the rain drops get harder, increasing with size, my already excited body wanting, needing to have him.

Not able to think, I take his hand and lead him to the near by picnic table, never used for anything until he sits his ass on the seat facing out with both feet on the ground. He grabs my hips and pulls me onto him, facing away from him, working my now dripping wet pussy on top of his rock hard cock. The tip pushes past my wet engorged lips and slides into me further. Using my legs escort bostancı to hold me up I suddenly slam down, my pussy is so tight around him I can feel his cock throbbing with excitement. Staying as far down as possible, my ass cheeks flat against his thighs and hips, I lean my head back on his shoulder and wrap my arms behind him, latching around the back of his neck. Using his neck for leverage, the deep growl from his throat adds to the urgency, telling me that he isn’t happy with my stillness. My lips in a gentle smile, I start to move up and down slowly, taking the time to clench and unclench my muscles inside. Hearing him grunt and his body tense, I pump harder and faster unclasping my hands behind him to lean way over in front and touch the ground.

Then, sensing almost immediate satisfaction I feel my mind wander, body tense from head to toes. I tilt my head up now to feel the warm gentle raindrops fall on my face, and I start to as my climax gets close. Feeling his release coming, I hold off so that our climaxes can happen together. His hands tighten their grip on my hips, and I know he is close. I grind into him as my wetness erupts to greater volumes, and he adds his seed to my release. His mouth trails kisses over my shoulder and neck, then his warm breath in my ear whispering “Thanks neighbor shall we get in where it’s dry?” Laughing I stand slowly, as he eases out of me, I turn to kiss him, grab my clothes and point to my place since it’s closer. I get to the patio and look back, the satisfaction apparent on my face as the sky lights up with more lightening. Reaching to open the door he beats me to it and I walk through before he does, waiting for him to follow.

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Summer Vacation

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Although my passions are ignited by and with older men, it was a younger man who would someday be an older gentlemen that led me to make an exception. Clearly he sought and needed the experience that an older woman could provide him. This story couldn’t have found a voice without him.

LovelyLadyFaire … in concert with RKK … welcome you into their world of lust and seduction. We give you “Summer Vacation” … a story of the coming of age … and ageless passion.

Layla and RKK … for your pleasure.

Turning down my street I’m headed home for a summer vacation alone as my parents are off on a cross country trip in our motor home and will be gone most of the season.

My mind is bursting with copious, thought provoking, pleasurable images of girls, booze and sex. The fortuitous circumstances leaving me virtually at liberty assure me that there won’t be anyone around telling me you can’t do this and shouldn’t do that. I’m experiencing a young man’s sexual freedom and awakening, perhaps my fantasy will actually become my reality?

I’m already semi-hard just from the scenes my mischievous kinky mind is focused on. Erotic, sensual scenarios of pure naughty unadulterated sex are streaming at warp speed. As if the powers that be were stealing into my thoughts pulling into the driveway I spot Ms. L out on her front porch sprucing up the area looking like a million. I don’t recall a time when she didn’t look put together. I’m confident that Ms. L purposely dresses to show off her lovely curvy figure, a sensuous inviting body which has long been a fantasy of mine to fuck.

Ms. L has always been so kind my favorite color is blue.” God, she looked fantastic not just good.

Layla was wearing a shimmering flowing dress that draped across her shoulders and hugged every inch of her body. Deep sapphire blue against those eyes and that hair would have made a dead man cum. I watched her move, she was graceful and quiet. There was nothing that was out of place. The dress fell just above her ankles and she was barefoot. When she moved it clung to her like a glove escort bostancı allowing me to see the cheeks of her ass and the fullness of those tits.

“Thank you Richard, you look quite handsome yourself. You’ve certainly grown into a man over the year. I might not have recognized you if I didn’t see you get out of your car. Come in, I thought we’d eat on the terrace, it’s such a beautiful night.”

I followed behind her like a puppy dog waiting to be patted. Behind her, I would give anything to be behind her plowing into her.

We walked through the living room and she had candles burning everywhere. There wasn’t a single light on and I thought how erotic she must look, her body drenched in sweat, steamy and flushed. silhouetted in glowing hot candle light after being furiously and ferociously fucked hard?

“Here let me open this, have a seat and get comfortable, it’s just you and me so no need to stand on ceremony.”

Trust me Layla, I know it’s just you and me. What would she say if I told her that’s all I’ve been thinking about for the last few hours?

“I’ve been thinking about just that very thing for several hours.” I saw her smile, of course she knew.

I stared at her hands, soft and confident as she opened the wine and poured it into shimmering glasses. I wanted those hands, her fingers gripping my cock, stroking it up and down while her tongue licked and sucked me.

“What have you been thinking about Richard?”

I’ve been thinking about fucking you. I’ve been fixated on your tits. I’ve been imagining what you taste like. I’ve been wondering how tight your sweet ass is and if I can make you scream?

“Oh, just what you said about it being just you and me, no need for ceremony.” Yeah, right I’ve been thinking about no need for anything but fucking the hell out of you.

Her back was towards me and I watched her moving. Layla was curvaceous, you might say voluptuous and you’d be right. I could feel her body seriously writhing on mine in the throes of a mind blowing fuck.

“Here you go baby, let’s toast to a fabulous ümraniye escort summer together.”

Are we spending the summer together? Was she telling me what I wanted to hear?

Layla walked slowly to me, smiling and licking her lips. Her eyes were on fire and her nipples were hard, straining against the thin fabric of her dress.

“Here you are Richard.” Take the glass fool and get it together.

I wanted to rip that dress right off and throw her on the ground, bury my still throbbing cock deep in her wet warm pussy and fuck her, long and hard, an unrelenting battering of pussy and raging, ramming cock.

When she bent down and kissed me, her tongue wet, slipping between my lips, searching for my tongue, finding it, sucking it gently, I could feel the front of my slacks warm against my thigh, cum soaked, cum was oozing from my cock.

“No need for ceremony baby, we both know what we want, don’t we? You want to fuck me, and I want you to. We have all night and the entire summer together. I’ll chase the boy in you away tonight, you’ll see the sun rise as a man.”

To say that she caught me by complete surprise is an understatement of gigantic proportions. Here was my long time masturbation goddess, her tongue dueling with mine as the passions within both of us seemed to ignite. Hearing her breathlessly murmur the words of us fucking the summer away was just throwing gas onto an already blazing fire as my cock stretched another inch at least.

As our tongues sparred, our mouths engaged in fever pitched kissing, licking and sucking face, ear lobes, and I found her neck. How often did I imagine my mouth on that neck? I pulled her gently onto my lap so I could explore some of her awesome curves, this woman’s body that I’d dreamed of for so long. The feel of her lush breasts filling my hands as our mews and moans of erotic pleasure filled the air was surreal for this young man.

Our hands roaming over each others bodies, aching to feel, caress and exploit. My desires for orgasmic pleasures are just too compelling to continue a lot of kartal escort bayan foreplay. I reached for the hem of her dress. My hand slowly inching up her legs seeking her hot wetness to feel and of course taste as she bites my lips. Mewing in her sexiest voice I heard the words I’d never thought she’d utter.

“Yes Richard … yes … I belong to you now.”

This creature belonged to me? Did I actually hear her say that? Layla had a mind of her own I was soon to realize.

“You want me, you want to feel every inch of me, taste every secret place you’ve only thought about. You’ll have me and I’ll be at your beck and call… but… tonight… I take the lead.”

Looking into her eyes I knew there was no point in my trying to change her mind, not by touching, feeling, teasing or for that matter protesting. To say that all I wanted to do was throw her down and fuck the hell out of her would be diminishing the reality of the current path she was obviously determined to follow. There was no question that she wanted control and I wasn’t about to even attempt to try and take it away from her. I’d have to be crazy to even entertain the idea.

Layla pulled herself out of my arms and stood up offering her hand. I could easily refuse to be led, get up and walk out. Who the hell was I kidding? I wanted her, she knew it. I took her hand and she turned and walked towards her bedroom, a den of sexual depravity I was more than willing to enter.

The room was barely lit; a small candle was burning on the bedside table. Layla walked to the far side of the room and turned on a lamp that veiled the room in a soft amber glow. Her skin was glistening in the radiance as she walked towards me and stopped just short of the bed.

“Lie down Richard.” I began to unbutton my shirt and she said “just as you are.” She wasn’t kidding, she was as dominant as I could have believed she would be, taking total and complete control.

My head was spinning. I couldn’t think of anything but ramming my throbbing cock into her wet pussy and fucking her like a dog humping a bitch in season.

“Much like a spirited chess match we each have a strategy that we believe gives us the advantage. You sweet Richard want to fuck me, and I want you to. Play this round by my rules and I can promise you that by morning you’ll have become a Grand Master.”

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Stranded Ch. 01

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This story is a pure work of fiction. Copyrighted © 2009 by the author. No unauthorized reproduction in any form is allowed without the written permission of the author. For permission, please contact through this site.


Everything was automated and the latest model onboard. The only exception was in the communications area-an old radio was still used. There was no satellite telephone on this yacht. Mr. Anthony (Tony) Rialto preferred it that way. He had many times told Captain Katherine Vosney that when onboard he preferred no outside disturbances.

Everything could be, and was, operated by a single person-the Captain. She didn’t mind being the only “crew” on the yacht, it was a job that paid well and she was able to put nearly her whole paycheck into savings. For a woman of only 32, she was finally near to being financially independent. At that time, she would decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

“Captain, I’ll have supper on the top deck.” Mr. Rialto informed Katherine via the intercom system. “Yes, sir. It will be ready shortly,” she replied. As she finished the salad and barbequed chicken-extra spicy, just as he preferred, Katherine started loading the dumbwaiter with dinner.

“Bring your dinner up here as well Captain,” Mr. Rialto told her. Surprised, Katherine put her own plate on the dumbwaiter alongside his and added the chilled pitcher of iced tea. Usually she took her meals on the main deck just outside of the kitchen as Mr. Rialto was a solitary person and preferred to eat alone.

“He probably wants to go ashore to one of those islands we are approaching and play his little “what if” games again,” Katherine thought with some disdain.

Mr. Rialto would sometimes sit on a deserted beach and ponder what-if’s…what if he were stranded alone?…what if he were hurt?…what if he could never again return to civilization and was condemned to life on a deserted island?

Katherine thought this habit was a waste of time that could be spent looking at the beauty of nature, admiring all the animals found in the oceans and on the islands. During his excursions she often went scuba-diving nude on the opposite side of the yacht from Mr. Rialto. The feel of the ocean sliding along her skin and seeping into her most intimate of places made her incredibly horny.

After these diving trips she invariably went to her suite and masturbated with her favorite vibrator. By the time he was ready to return to the yacht Katherine would be dressed once again in her “uniform” of blue shorts and a red T-shirt. It was a perk that he didn’t believe in having her wear an actual Captain’s uniform.

Reaching the top deck she stood for a moment and studied her boss. He was a very fit man with an incredible body. Mr. Rialto was rarely lacking in feminine company, when he so desired it. Raven black hair shaded a face tanned by the many cruises taken and framed his jade-green eyes. Katherine had heard that he was a shark in the boardroom, unmerciful in his business dealings and ruthless against any competition.

“Mr. Rialto, dinner is ready. I’ve made barbequed chicken, garlic and cheddar mashed potatoes and a salad,” Katherine said as she approached the dumbwaiter to retrieve escort ataşehir their meal.

“Thank you Captain. I’m sure it will be as delicious as usual. You are quite an accomplished cook,” Mr. Rialto said while studying the skyline. “Did you remember the iced tea?,” he inquired of her.

“Yes, sir. Just the way you like it with honey and lemon,” she replied. Katherine set dinner on the table in front of Mr. Rialto, serving his dishes first.

“I’ve been watching the radar and it looks as though we are in for a storm sometime tonight. Judging from the density of the clouds and the current wind patterns, it could possibly be a rough night,” Katherine informed him.

Mr. Rialto looked over at her and acknowledged her statement saying, “I didn’t think there would be any major storms in this area. You said the storm season ends in the spring?”

“Yes, sir. The official season ends, but rare storms still pass through when the conditions are right. There is no way of knowing when the conditions might change and build up a storm,” Katherine replied while thinking, “Like it’s MY fault that a storm is building??? What nerve! He might control his business, but Mother Nature bows to no one.

“Fine. Thank you for the advance warning,” Mr. Rialto said.

After finishing dinner, Katherine was loading the dumbwaiter when Mr. Rialto finally spoke again,

“Tomorrow we are going to be near those islands, is that still correct Captain?” he snidely asked.

Biting her tongue and cursing her father for passing on his incredible temper, Katherine told him, “Yes, sir, that is correct. These islands are known for the variety and abundance of animal life ranging from boars to deer. One island in particular also has a freshwater stream, with trout, running through it. I was thinking of doing some fishing for dinner tomorrow. If that’s all right with you?”

“That’s fine. I was thinking of going ashore on one of them anyway. We’ll just make it that island,” Mr. Rialto informed her.

“I’ll make the appropriate course corrections then, Mr. Rialto. Is there anything else you would like tonight?” Katherine asked, hiding her dismay that he would be going ashore with her. “There goes my time to enjoy nature,” she thought.

“No, that will be all for tonight. Sleep well, Captain,” Mr. Rialto replied, already having dismissed her and returned his attention to the skyline as though she were invisible.

“Man, the things that I put up with for this job! What an asshole!” Katherine fumed as she returned to the kitchen and cleaned up. After starting the dishwasher, she headed to the navigation room and plotted a new course that would take them straight by the island tomorrow. After inputting the coordinates and checking the radar again Katherine’s day was finished and she retired to her suite.

Upon entering her suite of rooms Katherine felt the calming influence of the aromatic oils she used begin to dissipate her anger.

“At least Mr. Rialto let me decorate my suite of rooms without any oversight,” Katherine thought. He had given her free reign and a generous budget which she used to personalize everything from the paint on the walls to the color of the carpeting. Katherine believed deeply kadıköy escort bayan in the power of color to change one’s mood and had used a palette of yellows, blues, greens and reds in the various rooms.

Going into the bedroom, she quickly stripped and threw her clothes down the laundry chute to be washed in the morning. Her large breasts swayed as she headed back into the living room to fix a drink. Katherine was an outdoor person and her toned, lithe body showed the work she put it through. Her legs were long and muscled, leading up to a heart-shaped ass. Katherine had well-defined arms as well-due to her past as a rock-climbing teacher. She was proud of her body and never wore clothing in her suite, feeling it was too constrictive.

Walking to the bar Katherine decided to fix a strong margarita to drink while she listened to some music and relaxed from the day behind her. With drink in hand Katherine sat in her recliner and picked up “Heat Lightening”, the latest book in a new series by John Sandford.

After reading a few chapters Katherine put the book aside and took the final drink of margarita. Her fingers glided to the pouch hanging from the magazine rack and withdrew her vibrator. Spreading her legs she laid the vibrator almost touching the entrance to her pussy. Softly sliding her hands up her torso, Katherine began lightly rubbing her nipples.

Teasing them to stiff perfection, a moan escaped her lips as she felt quivers running through her pussy. It seemed as though an arc of electricity ran from her nipples directly to the nerves of her pussy. Stimulating one caused the other to respond as well.

Glancing at her margarita glass she noticed some ice lingering in the bottom. With short bursts of breath in anticipation Katherine held the ice near enough to her nipples for the cold to cause them to visibly swell even further. Katherine watched as her hand moved the ice to her nipple. At the moment of contact between the two she gasped and involuntarily arched her back in a burst of immense pleasure. Barely able to focus through the haze of stimulated nerves she began to rub the ice in circles around her aureola, watching as the skin puckered.

Katherine sent her other hand softly skimming the taut skin of her stomach, downwards farther to her moist and waiting pussy. Her clit was standing out, straining for attention and she lightly grazed it with a finger. The result was immediate and acute-her breathing stopped as the feeling of need swamped her body and senses.

Feeling a gush of wetness lubricate her lips, Katherine moved her hand so that she could slide a finger between them. Her lips were engorged and hypersensitive, simply scraping them gently with her fingers was enough to cause a moan to bubble up. With her hips moving blindly, trying to reach the vibrator Katherine kept teasing herself. She simultaneously encircled her nipple with the fast-melting ice and rubbed her clit and lips. Katherine showed herself no more mercy than she would when torturing a sexual partner who wanted nothing more than to cum.

Katherine believed the saying, “It’s not the destination, but the journey you should enjoy” pertained to more than simply vacations. It was a belief that she escort bostancı brought wholeheartedly to her sex life, whether alone like now, or having sex with a man. She was rather dominant sexually and employed the use of cock-rings to prevent a man from cumming until neither of them could take another tormenting second of the pleasure.

In her current state, Katherine knew that she wouldn’t last much longer. The need to feel a cock inside her was too great, but still she wouldn’t give in just yet. Her only response to the increase of need was to slide a drenched finger inside the opening of her yearning pussy while using her thumb to continue rubbing her erect clit. After a few minutes of this increased torture Katherine’s breath was coming in gasps.

Picking up the vibrator, which was modeled after someone’s cock and felt lifelike, she placed just the head inside her. This intrusive, yet incomplete, feeling set off a series of spasms throughout her entire body causing her breasts to jiggle and more moans to break loose. Katherine gripped the base of the vibrator tightly and, with one swift movement plunged it all the way into her dripping pussy.

At the feeling of being penetrated and filled so completely, Katherine was unable to breathe as her orgasm rocked through her body. The recliner shook, her back arched and wordless groans fled her mouth, filling the room with the unmistakable sounds of sexual fulfillment. The orgasm seemed to rip her body apart with its force and her eyes closed against the onslaught. With her hips moving unconsciously it seemed the spasms of her pussy as it clutched the intruder would never abate.

In time, though, Katherine’s breathing returned to near normal and she was able to control the thrusting of her hips. Wringing every last possible moment of pleasure from her orgasm, Katherine finally came back down to earth–drifting slowly as if on a cloud. Reluctant to remove the vibrator just yet, she instead lit a cigarette, panting from the exertion she had just endured.

Eventually, Katherine could put it off for no longer and finally, slowly withdrew the vibrator from her still-quivering pussy. The trembling in her body subsided until she was able to think clearly. “Why am I always so horny? Most women I know can’t stand having sex. To them it’s a chore to put up with, that’s all. Me? I’d probably rape a man if I didn’t have sex at least once every day! Thank goodness for internet sites that sell vibrators and ship them worldwide!” Katherine thought with a smile. “Maybe I can talk Mr. Rialto into stopping for supplies the day after tomorrow. There are always plenty of men in port or in town who are willing to have sex with no strings!” At this thought Katherine laughed huskily, recalling her favorite port-of-call liaisons.

Getting up and turning the music off, Katherine headed to her bathroom. Emerging from the shower she toweled off and languidly smoothed her favorite lotion over her body. Getting into bed, naked and smelling lightly of sandalwood, Katherine determined to make the best of tomorrow.

“Mr. Rialto will likely just sit on the beach. I’ll have a couple of hours to fish and explore the island a bit. It may not be the ideal day, but at least I can try to enjoy it,” Katherine decided.

Curling up Katherine knew she would sleep soundly tonight.


Thank you for reading my story. Please let me know how you enjoyed it by voting and/or leaving a comment below.

Chapter 2 will be posted soon.

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Super Trooper

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Big Tits

She could hardly concentrate on her driving as she made her way across town. Amber had fun at the fantasy party, but it was all couples attending. Although, a couple of horny buggers had made passes at her behind their wives backs, nothing she would have followed up on. The guys weren’t that cute anyway.

God! She was beside herself with horniness though! Looking at all the sex toys and all the dirty talk, was enough to make a woman crazy!

Amber bought a nice, new dildo at the party. She had it stuffed in her purse, next to her in the front seat. She didn’t think she could wait until she got home, so she leaned over and pulled it out. At the next set of traffic lights, she paused to remove it from the packaging. Throwing the box on the floor, she pulled the dildo from its cloth sleeve.

What a beautiful sight! Such a work of art, really. It was eight inches long and very realistic, the colour of flesh, with veins and a bulbous head. The best feature, was the very quiet vibrating modes that this one had.

As the traffic light turned green, she began driving again. It was dark as she left the city limits, heading out of town toward home. No one would see, or even suspect the nasty thing, she was going to do on the way home. Amber’s pussy was getting wet just thinking about it.

She hiked up her sundress a little and started to remove her panties, trying to pull them down her legs as she drove. A car approached from behind as she weaved about on the road, cursing as she kicked them off her feet. “Fuck!” she muttered. “Should just pull off the road before I kill myself!”

“What the…” she looked in her rear view mirror. A police car was behind her with the lights on. Whoop, whoop went the siren. “Fuck sakes!” she stammered. Amber pulled over into a clearing at the side of the road and stopped.

She quickly reached for the box on the floor, fumbling as her seat belt prevented her from grabbing it. “Shit!” The cop was walking toward her car. She just sat up, cursing under her breath. She chucked the dildo over to the passenger floor, hoping he wouldn’t see it in the dark and rolled down her window.

“Where are you headed?” he asked. The officer was a tall good looking black man.

“Home, was I speeding sir?” she played dumb.

“Uh, no miss. You’re over the line a few times as you were driving. Had anything to drink?” he asked.

“No, nothing like that,” she giggled.

“Let me see your license, insurance and registration please.” She handed him the papers as he shone his flashlight around, missing the toy on the floor.

“Am I going to get a ticket?” she asked. He didn’t answer her.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” he said. He went back to his car, then returned a couple of minutes later. He handed the information back to her. “Could you step out of the car miss?” he asked.

Amber got out and leaned against the side of her car. “I haven’t been drinking,” she reassured him.

He looked escort bostancı her up and down for a moment. Amber noticed him staring and realized how hot she must look, poured into the skimpy sundress. The air was a little cool and she became aware of her nipples poking through the thin material, as she wore no braw tonight.

“Are you high?” he asked, his gaze somewhat fixed on her breasts.

“No, nothing like that,” she sighed.

“So, what’s the deal then? Are you ill or something?”

“No, I’m just a little distracted. It’s kind of… personal,” she said with some hesitation.

“Well I don’t really want to cite you if there’s a legitimate reason, that’s all.”

“You’ll think it’s stupid,” she said.

“Try me,” he reassured her.

Amber looked down at her feet, brushed her long, dark hair back and said in a low whisper, “I’m horny.”

He frowned at her, forcing back the laughter. “Horny?” he asked.

“God, I can’t believe I just said that! I’m horny,” she repeated. “There! I’ve said it! I’m so horny, I can hardly concentrate on my driving, obviously. I went to this sex party, the ones where you buy toys and skimpy clothes and things and well, it got me so excited. Guys there were hitting on me but none of them were single, but I’m single and have to go home alone and I’m just beside myself with horniness.” Shit! Just shoot me and put me out of my misery!” Amber took a deep breath. “Sorry, I’ll shut up now.”

The big black cop continued to stare at her, dumbfounded. Amber realized he might make her do a sobriety test, here at the side of the road! “I’m not drunk,” she reassured him with a smile.

He paused. Looked at his patrol car, looked back at Amber. “You’re serious.”

“Yes sir. It sounds stupid, I know. Can I just go home now?”

He thought for a second. “So, if I check the car, I won’t find any booze or drugs?” he asked her.

“Nothing like that,” she said, thinking of her dildo discarded on the floor. A car drove by slowly, as the man and woman starred at Amber, being interrogated by this big police officer.

“Ok, I’ll just do a quick check and you can be on your way,” he said, licking his teeth in somewhat disbelief.

This is so fucking embarrassing, she thought.

He aimed the flashlight into the car, scanning around, front and back. Then back to the front, as he noticed something. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door. Another car drove by slowly, people gawking! He turned to her, a slight grin on his face.

“That’s why I was driving poorly,” she admitted. “I was kinda getting into the middle of something. God! This is so embarrassing!”

“It’s ok,” he said with a hooked finger. “Come here,” he beckoned. He moved back a step as she approached, his eyes looking her up and down, making her nervous. “Put your hands on the hood.” he said.

“Spread ’em?” she teased, as she laid her hands on the hood of her Honda.

He ümraniye escort began to pad her down and Amber noticed right away, by the way he touched her, that this was not the standard way to search a person. His hands had a gentle way, as they felt down her back, pausing at her waist and moving around to her front and up her torso.

Amber’s breath caught in her throat as his hands found her breasts and he gently squeezed. She glanced up and down the street, realizing the quiet area that they were in and this big brute was feeling her up! Amber moaned, hoping that she didn’t misunderstand the situation. He messaged her breasts again and it was obvious that he wasn’t looking for drugs.

She laid her head on her hands, slowly gyrating her hips at his advances. He ran his hands up under her dress, squeezing her buttocks as she moaned. “Are you going to arrest me?” she joked.

“No, just detain you for a short while,” he quipped.

“I wouldn’t mind being detained for a while,” she said seductively.

He knelt down behind her, hiked up her dress and he hissed at the sight of her bare ass. Amber gasped when she felt his tongue on her gash, as he proceeded to tickle her twat. “Oh officer!” she breathed.

“Captain,” he corrected her.

“Oh captain, my captain!” she moaned, grinding her ass in his face. “What a nice tongue you have!”

He stood up behind her and whispered in her ear, “Well then, you’re really gonna like this!”

He opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. Amber reached back and tugged on his meat. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed as she jerked on a huge, pulsating penis and felt his large balls. “Is that your gun Captain?”

“It’s my secret weapon,” he laughed and abruptly bent her over the fender to shove his aching cock into her wet pussy.

“Uuuh!” she grunted as he penetrated her hot cunt.

He took a firm grip at her hips, as he slowly shoved in and out of her. She was wet, but tight around his very large shank.

“Holly… Shhhit! she panted. “You’re sooo BIG!” Amber started moving her ass back and forth getting accustomed to the large prick that impaled her. Her wet pussy lubricated his dong, as the well endowed cop began some serious fucking.

Amber couldn’t believe her luck, to be getting so seriously fucking reamed here at the side of the road, with blue and red lights flashing. “Oh… my… fuck!” she panted, laying across the hood of her car, feeling the warmth of the engine. “You… you… fill… me… up… sssooo good!”

“You like my cock?” he asked as he felt her ass.

“Oh yeah… fuck me… fuck me… hard!” He pounded her faster, giving her a full ten inches of thick meat, his balls slapping against her ass as they fucked.

Just then, he paused, as headlights approached from down the road. “Oh shoot,” she whined in disappointment at having to stop the good fucking.

The quick thinking cop leaned over her back and whispered, “Don’t kartal escort bayan move,” as he pulled a pair of hand cuffs from his belt. He began to put the cuffs on her, as a car load of teenagers drove slowly by, gawking.

Amber looked up and smiled at them, the cop’s quivering cock throbbing inside her. “Whoo hooo!” someone yelled. “Arrest the bitch!” as they drove by.

Once the car was out of sight, he pulled Amber up, and she turned around to see the tool of her pleasure. “That’s one honking piece of meat!” she admired. Sticking out of his trousers was the biggest baddest cock she’d ever seen! The big black thing glistened with her cunt juices.

“Here, I’ll take those cuffs off,” he said.

“No, not yet,” she smiled at him and dropped to her knees, to suck on his dick. He grunted as she put her mouth over his penis and slurped up and down on his shaft. “Oh my god…” she mumbled… “you’re so big!”

She honked up and down on his wang, licking his shaft. She could smell her scent on him as she licked and fondled his balls with her tongue. Then Amber stood up, leaning back against her car. “Take me!” she smiled and wiggled her hips.

He quickly grabbed her by the waist, picking her up as she scissored her legs around him. She giggled, then gasped as he shoved up into her. She tightened her legs around his waist, hooking one knee over his holster and the other leg he held. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she grinded her wet pussy on his enormous cock, as he banged her up against the car.

“You’re…gonna…make…me…cum,” she panted, as he drilled her. He grabbed at her tits as he thrusted up into her. “Oh…fuck!” she moaned as he squeezed her breasts. “Nice cock,” she whispered.

“Mmmm.” “Nice tits!” he replied.

“Mmmm…you’re so…fucking huge!”

“You’re so tight,” he grunted.

She locked her legs tighter around him, grinding as he rammed her aching cunt. “Oh yeah baby,” he hissed, sweat dripping down his brow.

“I’m getting close,” she moaned.

“Me too,” he groaned. He was thrusting her hard up against the car.

“Kiss me!” she stared at his thick lips with a glazed look in her eyes. He leaned in and his lips were on her’s. She loved the thickness of them. Then his tongue was probing her mouth. She moaned as they kissed.

“Oh…fuck!” she blurted. She kissed him back, hungrily giving him tongue, as she came all over his lovely cock. Then, he froze and she could feel his hot jism squirting up into her cunt as they came together. They grinded, moaning and groaning, as they shared the moment together.

Amber could hardly stand as he took the handcuffs off. “So, am I free to go?” she asked, rubbing her wrists.

“Do you think you can drive now?” he laughed.

“Oh I’m much better now,” she giggled, rubbing her crotch.

“Here, in case you ever need to call me,” he handed her his business card.

“In case I’m ever in need of the police?” she teased.

“Serve and protect,” he said with a grin. “Drive safe now,” he said as he tucked her into the car, closing her door.

Amber rolled the window down, “Thank you for the help Captain,” she said and then sped off.

The End. OK… masturbate now!

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Stranger in the House

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As I was pulling up to the house, I noticed one single light on in the upstairs bedroom. Confused, I parked the car and go out, never taking my eyes off of the window. I knew that nobody was there, but I couldn’t remember if I had left the light on before, even though in the back of my head, I knew that the light was in a room I never go into, so the light should not be on. I walked up to the door and tried to open it, but it was still locked; I laughed at myself and told myself to get over it, nobody was in my house. I unlocked the door and walked in, trying to see in the darkness; I finally found the light switch and flipped it on, and nearly fainted when I saw what was before me.

There were rose petals all over the floor in front of the staircase. I was a little scared as I walked up and looked up the stairs trying to see something, anything. I had to get a hold of myself, would a burglar put down rose petals? No, so it had to be someone I knew, hopefully. I put my purse escort ataşehir and keys on the little table next to the stairs and started to walk up; about halfway through I heard the music, coming from the left. My heart started pounding as I continued to follow the sound of the music and the rose petals under my feet. I finally made it to the door that the music was coming from and saw the light on through the bottom of the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door, and as my eyes adjusted to the light, which turned out to be what looked like hundreds of lit candles, I caught his reflection in the mirror and gasped.

Standing there was the most gorgeous man I had ever met, catching my breath I noticed that he looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place him. he was tall with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, and his skin resembled caramel so much that I wanted to lick him to see if that was how he would taste. He walked toward me, and without any words pulled kadıköy escort bayan me to him and started to kiss me. I resisted at first, but couldn’t help but start to kiss back, enjoying the taste of his tongue sliding in and out of my mouth. he lifted me up and I wrapped myself around his body, reveling in his strength as he walked me over to a stack of blankets he had set up in the middle of the room.

He gently laid me down onto the pile and stood back up and started to undress in front of me, first taking off his shirt, showing me that he did indeed work out. As he slid off his pants, my eyes widened, noticing for the first time that he was hard and ready, and quite a good size too; this was always good. He pulled me back into a standing position and I wrapped myself around him, enjoying the feel of his smooth hard skin under my hands. He pulled my shirt up over my head, reached behind me and unsnapped my bra in one swift motion, releasing my breasts into escort bostancı the cold air. He wrapped his hands around my breast and leaned down to take my nipple into his mouth, making me gasp with pleasure. He seemed to not be able to wait any longer because he had my pants off and I was lying back onto the pile of blankets faster than I could blink. He lay down on top of me and slowly slid himself into me, and I nearly screamed in pleasure feeling him fill me in a way that I hadn’t felt in months. he slid himself in and out of me in a frantic pace. I screamed in a mixture of pleasure and pain and I dug my nails into his back as an orgasm ripped through me so fast I literally saw stars.

The mystery man grunted as he came, holding on to me as though he thought I was going to float away. When he was finished he laid down next to me, and I looked at him and asked him, “Who are you?” he smiled at me and responded, “I am William, we knew each other in high school, I have wanted to be with you for years, and I met your roommate recently, and when I found out she was your roommate, I convinced her to give me a key while she was away on vacation.” I smiled, “Turns out, I don’t care.” I said as leaned forward kissing him, ready for round two.

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Surprise Visit

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We were supposed to meet earlier that day for lunch. Missing it was my fault…and I haven’t been able to get you out of my head all damn day long. I know you have to work tonight…but I took a chance and came to your office anyway. We have to be discreet, so I made sure everyone else on the floor was gone before I crept across the hall into your office.

You were on the phone as I gently knocked and opened the door a bit. You looked surprised to see me, but gestured for me to come in anyway. I could tell you were getting frustrated with whomever you were on the phone with, so I took a seat across from your big desk and tried to wait patiently.

But….we both know…patience isn’t my strong suit.

As you answer question after question for whoever it is that’s keeping you from me…I slowly make my way around your desk. I can tell you want to watch me, but you only look at me in short glances because you’re trying to stay focused. I smile as I slide in between you and your desk…facing you…rolling your chair back a couple inches. You lean back…still trying to hold your conversation. I lean down…getting my face close to yours as I whisper in your ear, “Do you mind if I sit on your desk, handsome?”

You smile and shake your head no. I interpret that as you don’t mind…so I start to hike my skirt up slowly…making it easier for me to get my ass on the front edge of it. Once I’m seated, I lean forward and pull your chair closer to me…resting my high heeled feet on the seat of your chair, outside of your legs.

Your hand goes to your forehead as you try once again to keep focused…but I can tell your caller doesn’t have your full attention anymore. I start to slowly unbutton my sheer white shirt…watching your eyes…seeing them dart over to where my hands are before looking away. Once it’s unbuttoned…I start running my hands over the lace on the cups of my bra. You can see my nipples harden as I move my hands over them again. You’re trying so hard to wrap up your conversation as I lean forward again and kiss you hungrily on your neck…trying to be quiet…as you stutter…just once…your other hand comes around me and cups and squeezes my ass.

I lean back and start unbuttoning your shirt. Your conversation sounds like it may be over soon, so I’m getting even more excited at the thought of having your undivided attention. I unbuckle your belt and start to work on freeing you from your slacks. I can feel your erection as my hand brushes over it, and feel you jump when I touch it. As horny as I am for you, I don’t want to get you in trouble…so I decide to take it easy on you until you are able to hang up. You give me a silent look of thanks as I lean back on your desk…watching your handsome face.

I can tell you’re trying hard to hide your frustration as you sigh heavily and give me an exasperated look. I smile and mouth the words “I’ll be good.” kartal escort Apparently…you took that as a challenge as your right hand starts to travel up my thigh. Your fingers feel so good as they graze the outside of my thigh…pushing my skirt up further. I close my eyes and lean my head back as your fingers move to the inside of my leg. Pushing my butt off the desk, I open my legs wider for you…loving how one touch from you sets my whole body on fire. Finally…your hand reaches the apex of my thighs…and when you realize I’m not wearing panties, you place one hand over the receiver and whisper “Why you naughty little slut.”

I just smile and nod as your hand begins to caress my very wet pussy. Somehow you are still on the phone as I bite my lip, trying to be quiet…moving my hips up and down as you run your fingers the length of my slit. Your eyes are glued to my body as I begin to breathe heavily and move with the rhythm you’ve established. Suddenly you stop…and turn your attention back to the call. I whimper in desperation…very much needing your touch.

So…I spread my legs further…lean back on my left arm…and bring my right hand down to my aching cunt. You can’t help but watch as I start to rub circles over my clit…my head thrown back…hips moving once again. You can see how turned on I am…my pussy glistening with juice as I start to go faster. It was never my intention to make myself cum like this…I just couldn’t stop once I had started. My fingers move faster across my clit as I close my eyes. I know you’re watching me…I know your cock is rock hard right now…and envisioning you fucking me in your office is too much for me to take. I’ve been so turned on for you all day, and was so thoroughly disappointed when our lunch meeting didn’t work out…that before I knew it…I was having to press my lips together to keep from screaming out as I came hard right in front of you. I didn’t notice you hanging up the phone and standing up in front of me.

Suddenly I feel your hand behind my neck as you bring my face to yours and kiss me forcefully…taking my mouth with your lips and tongue as my body was still shaking. You let me lay back and press my legs further apart as your tongue attacks my pussy like it has been starving for it. I can feel you moaning as your tongue delves deep inside me. My hands in your hair…my hips moving up to meet you as I beg you to keep going. When your mouth finds my clit, I begin to cum all over again. You’re so damn good at making me cum with your mouth, handsome. You keep at it while I thrash around…loving every second of the ecstasy you bring me.

Before I completely come down from my climax, I feel your mouth leave me. You stand up…unzip your pants…and sink your perfect cock into me in one smooth motion. You stay there for a bit…loving how tight I am around you. Me loving how you stretch my pussy soooooo maltepe escort bayan perfectly…and feel so so so good inside me. I grab your shirt and pull you down to me…kissing your mouth fully…sucking your tongue into my mouth and caressing it with my own as your hips finally begin to move. You withdraw almost completely before pushing your perfect cock back into me again…feeling every millimeter of contact.

“You like that?” Your voice is husky as you watch my eyes. “You like that big cock you little slut?”

“Yesssss…yes, yes yes yes…I love it,” is all I can manage to say. “Please..oh god…please don’t stop.”

You start fucking me harder then…grunting each time your cock fills me to the hilt. Your hands find my tits and you start to squeeze them through my bra. I arch up to it…loving how you know how crazy it drives me to have my nipples pinched. You undo the front clasp and take one in each hand as your cock fucks me faster….and faster.

“You gonna cum again, you little slut? Hmm? You gonna cum on my big cock…fucking you like this?”

“Yes…yes…I am…ohhh god I am…” I’ve forgotten how to be quiet as I can feel my climax rising again.

“Come on….cum all over my cock…cum on it now!” You’re growling at me as your eyes are locked on mine…and you pinch and pull my nipples…sending me over the edge as my pussy clenches down on you. You thrust into me again….and again…hitting the exact right spot to keep my orgasm from subsiding. I’m begging you not to stop as my hands clench the front of the desk…keeping me still. Your strong hands squeezing my breasts…your cock pounding me…I’m not sure if I will ever stop cumming.

When you finally stop…you pull me to my feet and spin me around. “Take your clothes off.” I comply immediately…but leave my heels on. I know you like me in them. You are finally naked too and I have to stop myself from staring at your amazing body as you wrap your arms around me from behind. As you kiss my neck and grope my breasts I can feel your cock between the cheeks of my ass and can’t help but rub against it. You moan against my skin as I bend over in front of you…placing my hands on the desk…sticking my ass out towards you.

You give my right ass cheek a good solid slap as you come up behind me. I yelp out of surprise, but you know it turns me on to no end when you do that. You slap the other cheek…leaving matching handprints on them as I feel my hips arching up…wanting more of it.

“What do you want? Hmm? Do you want this?” You rub your wet cock between my ass cheeks. I moan and move my hips…grinding against you. “Is this what my hot little slut wants?” You grab my hair and pull my head up as you whisper in my ear. “You want me to fuck you, don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes! I need you to fuck me…please. Please please fuck me good and hard.” My voice escort pendik is mostly moans as my whole body is aching for you.

I can hear you moan as you rub the tip of your cock up and down my slit. I’m arching back…trying to get you inside me when I feel your hands on my hips as you SLAM your cock into me. I scream as you begin to fuck me…moving my body back and forth on your cock as you grunt…fucking me deeper than anyone else ever has. You pull my hair again as your cock pistons in and out of me faster and faster. I try to say that you’re going to make me cum again…but am incapable of words before I begin screaming in pure pleasure as you once again give me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms ever. Your hands sting my ass as you slap it again…turning me on even more as you make me cum over and over. Your fingers reach beneath me and find my nipples…pulling…twisting…pinching them until I cum all over again.

I hear you moaning when you feel me cum again, and I can tell you are close too. I raise myself up and turn back to see you. Damn I love watching you fuck me. You always look so good when you do it. “Can I suck your cock, baby? Please….please let me suck your cock so you can cum for me…”

You slowly stop fucking me and step back. I turn around and drop to my knees in front of you…sliding your cock in my mouth and wrapping my hands around your ass. I feel your body arch as you slide across my tongue and I begin moving my head back and forth…sucking…moving my tongue all along the underside. Your hands go into my hair…holding my head still as you begin to move your hips back and forth…fucking into my mouth. My fingers squeeze your ass as your cock starts to go deeper in my throat. I look up at you…you’re staring back at me…my eyes beginning to water as I gag on your enormous cock. You smile and push it further…holding it there…until finally withdrawing, letting me get a gulp of air. Over and over we do this…you pushing your cock deep into my throat until I can feel your balls on my chin. I can taste the precum already as your cock is glistening wet from my saliva. You pull it out and stare down at me as I stroke it and look up at you. “Rub your pussy, baby…like you did before…cum with me when I shoot all over your fucking body.”

Hmmmmmmm…you know how hot it gets me when you tell me what to do, so I reach down with one hand and start rubbing my clit as you resume fucking my mouth…pushing it farther and farther in…gagging me with it. My fingers go faster and faster as I feel your balls tighten and your cock begin to pulse. I taste the first drops of your delicious cum as I cum myself…watching your cock shoot on my chest…my belly…over my pussy and finally back up to my mouth. Godd I love hearing you cum, handsome…and I love it even more when you paint me with it like this.

I lick my lips and swallow every drop I can before I bring my hand up take your cock…stroking the last of it onto my tongue. You watch me, smiling, as I take long licks up and down your shaft…getting every last drop.

I do love our meetings, handsome. Next time, lets not wait so long in between.

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Strip Poker

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Each year I attend a conference in my field of work that is held at a college or university campus somewhere in the U.S. These are usually good continuing education opportunities conducted in a relaxed atmosphere. The conference is inexpensive as all attendees stay in the college dorms, eat in the dining hall and generally spend 3 days on a relatively empty campus. The only negative is that mine is a male-dominated profession. The number of females attending the conference is very small and, usually, uninspiring. Few hot women enter male-dominated professions, I guess.

One year at one conference session, I found myself sitting next to a woman named Rebecca. I always strike up a conversation with a woman, especially one at least 10 years younger than me. Rebecca was a bit size-challenged and may have weighed a few pounds more than she would like, but, and I truly mean this, she had a great personality. She was comfortable with her size and it didn’t interfere with her out-going personality. We commented to each other frequently during the presentation and I spent the between-session break talking to her over coffee. Rebecca was a wonderful young woman in her mid-20’s.

Later that day, we met again at the evening cocktail reception. Each evening we have a cocktail reception with complimentary cocktails – the conference needs to spend the registration money someplace as the inexpensive college dorm rooms and dining hall meals do not eat up large sums of money. By dinner, therefore, all participants are very friendly, Rebecca and I included.

After dinner, most of the “men” break away into various poker games. Not being a good or even adequate poker player, I opt not to participate in these games. There is also a group that ventures out to the local strip club, but I had done that the previous night, so tonight was open. This year we were on a 200+ year old campus in New England and I wanted to walk around to see some of the very old, historic buildings. Architecture is one of my favorite subjects.

Rebecca asked me if I was playing poker or going to the strip club. Told her I did the strip club last night and told her about my historic building tour planned for that evening. She asked if she could come along. I didn’t see why not.

We set out walking around the large campus and she eventually asked if I enjoyed the strip club last night. I welcomed the turn in the conversation from architecture and professional matters to naked women – also one of my favorite subjects. And, since she brought it up, I admit, I was intrigued with her interest.

She asked what the girls were like at the strip club and were they completely nude. She asked if all of us who attended got laid. Obviously, Rebecca knew little about strip clubs and assumed much more went on there than I have ever experienced.

I assured her that her idea of a strip club was substantially incorrect. While this club was more liberal than many with the girls being totally nude on stage and the lap-dance booths being fairly private although only topless, to my knowledge there was no fucking going on. I told Rebecca I was able to have a lap-dance with a very pretty girl with nice B-cup tits who let me suck her nipples for the entire duration of the dance. The stripper, Crystal, even kissed me on the mouth (unusual behavior for a stripper) and told me she would love to “feel my mouth on her bottom”.

I am pretty bold when talking about sex with a woman – perhaps so I can see what her reaction is and if this might be the beginning of verbal foreplay. So, yes, I did refer to the stripper’s breasts as “tits” and didn’t hesitate to tell Rebecca of the stripper’s comment on my oral abilities that I demonstrated on Crystal’s mouth and nipples. Rebecca asked if I accepted the invitation to “pleasure the girl’s bottom”. It seems Rebecca might be as bold as me…hmmm.

I explained to Rebecca that sadly I did not orally pleasure Crystal’s bottom as she indicated that such an activity could not take place in the lap-dance booths. It could only happen in the Champagne booth area which is more private and costs $150 for 15-minutes. Although I told Crystal I would be happy to satisfy her desires if she waived the Champagne fee, she declined this offer and we parted company. Trying to act humble, I told Rebecca I thought Crystal was a good marketing person and probably less of a truly horny young woman who longed for my mouth on her bottom. Rebecca laughed.

We looked at more architecture and soon it was dark and 9 PM so we headed back to the conference area and our dorms. As we got close to Rebecca’s dorm room (we all had private rooms) Rebecca asked if I knew how to play poker. I said I kept a card in my wallet that explained what hands were better than others, but that I was not good at trying to decipher what sort of hand other players might have based on their actions during the game. So, I would have to classify my poker abilities as less than novice

She asked if I would teach her ataşehir escort bayan what I knew. I said sure, if we had a deck of cards. She said she had one with her and opened the door to her dorm suite and invited me in.

The suite had a sitting area and four bedrooms off the sitting area. I sat on the sofa in the sitting area. There were no other residents in the suite but Rebecca. With so few women participants at this conference, the women get nice and very private accommodations. She got the cards and sat on the floor on the side of the coffee table that was in front of me.

I told her we would play 5-card draw which meant that each of us would get 5 cards and then you could choose to toss up to 3 cards and draw up to 3 new ones from the deck. I put the card that was in my wallet that explained that two pair is better than one pair, what a full house was, a straight, etc. on the table. I said we would have a practice hand and gave us each 5 cards.

I turned mine over for her to see and she did the same. I pointed out that I had two 5s but that the other 3 cards were useless, so I would likely draw three trying to get something better to add to the pair of 5s. Rebecca had no pairs but did have 3 clubs although not in order. We consulted the explanation card and I thought she should probably draw 2 cards, hoping that the 2 she drew would either be both clubs or would make a pair or two-pairs with the 3 cards she was going to keep. She said she understood so I drew 3 and she drew 2 cards and I got nothing to improve my hand, but she ended up with a pair of 7s.

I told her she would have won, and I would have had to take off my shirt. She asked what I meant.

“Well, you have to play for something meaningful like money or the challenge is gone from the game, so we should play strip-poker.”

She looked at me for a long while and finally said OK – “go ahead and deal”.

“First, before each hand we have to say what we are betting. On this first hand, I will bet my shoes.”

She had already removed her shoes and reached to put them back on.

“Unfair”, I said, “girls already have more clothing than guys” – but I let her put her shoes on anyway. So, we were both playing the first hand for our shoes.

I dealt myself three 4s and a 7 and 10. I definately didn’t want to win the first hand as I was afraid it would frighten Rebecca away. Away to where? We were in her room! Anyway, I tossed two of the 4’s and was relieved to draw a King and ace. So, I had nothing of value and she did win the first hand. Off with my shoes.

I did the same thing on the second hand and lost my shirt. I was down to my belt, my shorts and my briefs. She was completely dressed in what I estimated was 5 items of clothing since she was not wearing a belt.

I won the next two hands and she lost her shoes and top. She had on a large bra holding a lot of breast meat. Rebecca was definitely larger than any girl I had ever been with before. I was getting excited – blood was filling my cock. I lost the next hand and while Rebecca had a look of anticipation on her face, it was dashed when I took off my belt. She immediately looked and noted that she did not have a belt in her wardrobe.

I won the next hand and Rebecca took off her slacks leaving her in her panties and bra. We were even – two pieces of clothing each, but her next loss would be more revealing than mine. I successfully tired to lose the next hand reducing me to my tidy whities, which did little to hide my raging hard-on.

“You better be careful on this next hand”, Rebecca noted.

“I think the same might apply to you.”

I won the next hand and Rebecca unclasped her bra and somehow was able to remove it and capture her ponderous breasts in her arms without revealing anything. Shy?

“I don’t think you are complying with the spirit of the game,” I said.

“We are both down to our last item of clothing; do you want to stop? She asked.

I gave us each 5 new cards. I drew one and she got wide-eyed as she drew 3 cards. Yes, I won and she had to let go of her breasts to remove her panties, but she did this while still sitting on the floor and managing to again reveal little of what mattered.

I gave us each 5 cards and she looked at me with wonder.

“I have nothing to bet with this hand,” she said.

“Well, if I should lose, we would be even – equally naked; but if I win, I will tell you what you have lost at that time.”

“Sounds risky, but go ahead” as she picked up her cards.

Her face brightened and she drew only one card. I had nothing, drew three and actually ended up with a worse hand after that. I stood and removed my briefs, freeing my cock which was pointing up at my chin and sat back down on the edge of the sofa with my legs open and facing her, my balls hanging off the sofa and my cock not more than 3 feet from Rebecca’s face. I am a bit of a flasher and this was wonderful excitement for me – being totally naked in front escort kadıköy of a younger girl and totally exposing myself to her. She could not look at me without looking at my naked cock and balls. The position itself made my cock harder and some pre-cum was oozing out of my cock-slit.

Rebecca looked at my cock and licked her lips and smiled at me. This girl was super sexy! “What’s next?”

“Obviously, I don’t know how to hide my assets like you do, but if you would like to sit where I am, I would love to eat your pussy for you.” Yes, I am bold and eating pussy is one of my favorite passtimes.

“Sounds better than another night of masturbation” she said as she stood up from her position on the floor.

She was no longer as protective of her body and kept her arms by her side allowing me a clear view of her large, naked body. I have never been with a woman her size and her nakedness was a surprising turn-on for me. There was plenty to kiss, lick and love on that body.

Rebecca’s breasts were the largest I have ever seen but they sat up high on her chest just as any D-cup would on a 23-year-old girl. Her nipples were the BIG surprise. They were long and hard, sticking out from her breasts by at least a ½ inch. My mouth was watering. Yes, there were a few folds in her mid-section and I could not see any of her pussy but what I had seen so far, I really liked.

I stood to give her my space on the sofa and as we got closer to each other, I took her into my arms and we immediately started kissing. Rebecca’s body was soft and her mouth was also soft and sensuous. Even her tongue was soft and my hard cock was very comfortable nestled into whatever it was nestled into in her mid-section.

Our kisses grew more and more passionate; our tongues dueled; she licked my teeth and the roof of my mouth; I sucked her lips into my mouth. We stood there naked, making out like teenagers for more than a half hour.

“You do have a nice mouth” she said “but you promised me more than kisses” as she moved to sit on the sofa.

I moved the coffee table away from where she was going to sit and when I turned around Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the sofa, leaning back with her legs spread as wide as possible and presenting me with the most beautiful pussy I had seen in real life. It was shaved with a perfect triangle of hair pointing to the top. Rebecca was slowly running a finger around her clit.

“I thought you were looking forward to not having to masturbate tonight” I said as I watched her play with her pussy.

“I’m just going to start and rely on you to finish. I love playing with my pussy.”

“It is a very beautiful pussy – and you certainly take good care of it. I can see why you love to play with it.”

“Thanks for noticing,” she said as she moved her hand away and offered her naked pussy to me once again. “I like men who love pussy, so I try hard to have an attractive pussy ready for them.”

I kissed her again on the way down to my knees. I wanted to stop and suck on those delicious looking nipples but her pussy was calling me. I started by kissing the inside of her thighs while resting my hand on the patch of hair above her clit. There was plenty of skin to kiss on her thighs and I covered most of it. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and I could see the moisture pooling at the bottom of it, below her hole. I never had a woman display her pussy so proudly – it was very sensuous. I could tell that she liked being naked as much as I did.

I licked my right index finger and touched her clit and ran my finger along her inner lips at the top of her pussy. Like other parts of her body, her pussy was super soft and her inner and outer pussy-lips were full and fat. I knew I was going to enjoy sucking on those, but I did not want to move too fast. When my finger again touched her clit, her body gave a small involuntary jump.

“Mmmm, my cunt likes your touch.” I stopped momentarily, and she sensed it. “Does my language offend you?”

“Oh no, on the contrary, I love dirty talk. Great sex is about involving all the senses – the sense of smell, the sense of touch, the sense of sight – which is why I am glad you did not move to turn the light off,- and of course the sense of hearing. So, please continue to speak whenever you like and however you like. My cock likes the sound of your voice.”

“And I hope you will do the same.”

I took hold of the skin on either side of her clit and held it between my thumb and index finger and slowly, but rhythmically squeezed her clit between her own skin. I massaged her clit from the tip to deep inside her body.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good. Where did you learn to do that?”

“That’s my secret,” I responded. “Pussies like to be played with” and I then started to massage the bottom of her pussy with my other hand. Her pussy was very wet.

“I love pussy. Massaging pussy is very satisfying, especially as the pussy responds to my touch and gives forth its juices. bostancı escort Every pussy is different; each one is like a flower waiting to be explored. And your pussy, Miss Rebecca, is one of the nicest I have ever held in my hand.”

“So, you like a wet pussy?” she said as I opened her hole with my fingers. “Absolutely, especially if I am the one making it wet.”

“I love what you are doing, but I want to feel your mouth on my cunt NOW.” And so, I licked the juices flowing out of her hole and licked the moisture around both her inner and outer lips. When I reached her clit, Rebecca had a strong orgasm, pushing my head into her pussy with such force I had to stop licking her clit and suck it into my mouth. I tried to look up and make eye contact with her by I could just barely see her pulling on one of her nipples with her free hand.

When her orgasm finally subsided, I licked her entire pussy clean.

“I love that you masturbate so regularly, because frequent masturbation results in a nice and very sensitive pussy that is joy to bring to its climax. Rebecca, your pussy is very, very nice.”

“That was certainly one of my more intense peaks.”

“I will make sure it is not the last one you have,” I said as I again squeezed her clit between my finger and thumb, this time using my other hand to push my middle finger into her cunt.

“Yes, finger fuck me for a while. I have to say however, that I am surprised at the ample size of your cock since your fingers are so normal in size.”

“Do you need two fingers?” I asked as I slid my index finger into her pussy to work alongside my middle finger.

“No, no, one finger is fine, but two are even better,” as Rebecca held my wrist so that I could not remove either of the two fingers working the inside of her cunt.

I stopped massaging her clit and bent down to suck it into my mouth. It was soft yet hard at the same time, bigger than any I had previously had the pleasure to suck on. Two fingers in her hole and her clit inside my mouth resulted in her second orgasm faster than I thought she would be capable of producing. My whole hand was soaked from the juices that flowed out of her cunt hole and the feeling of her clit twitching in my mouth was marvelous.

“Oh my God, I need a rest. Give me your cock.”

Since Rebecca was laying with her head on the back of the sofa, I straddled her body and presented my cock and balls to her face. She stared at my member and stuck her tongue out and I rested my balls on her outstretched tongue. She licked up to the tip of my cock but could not take it into her mouth since my cock was pointing to the ceiling as was her face.

“Let’s go to bed,” she said.

We walked into her bedroom and she told me to lay down. I did with my legs open, giving her complete access to my bottom. She bent over and kissed me for about 10 minutes and I felt her warm breasts laying on my chest like a blanket. I wanted to start feeling them, but didn’t know where to begin so I just let her have her way with me.

In one motion, she went from kissing my lips to licking the head of my cock. It was loaded with pre-cum.

“I hope you are not going to cum too soon,” she said.

She would lick and kiss my cock and then take it into her mouth – a little more each time. Soon she was putting the entire shaft into her mouth.

“I love having cock in my mouth, but I have never felt one so far back in my throat. It is wonderful feeling your mushroom head back there.”

And, she again put the entire shaft into her mouth as she held and caressed my balls.

I could tell she was really enjoying my cock and it is such a turn-on to have a girl enjoying your cock so much. Too many women suck cock out of some feeling that it is required of them and you can tell when a girl is not in love with the feeling of cock in her mouth. Rebecca was an expert cock sucker and she could tell that I was close to blowing my load, so I didn’t bother to warn her.

“God, Rebecca, your fucking mouth feels sooooo great on my cock – you can suck on it all night if you want.”

Just then I started to cum.

Rebecca let a couple of ropes of cum go right down her throat and then pulled my cock out just a couple of inches so that the next two ropes of cum filled her mouth which she then lovingly swallowed and repeated. When I finished cumming she licked the slit of my cock for the last drops and looked at me.

“What a nice cock you have.”

“I want to eat your pussy again, but could I play with your tits and nipples for a while first?”

“I would like nothing better,” she said and moved to feed one of her nipples to my waiting mouth.

It was all that I anticipated and then some. Big and warm and very sensitive because as I sucked on each nipple, Rebecca got noticeably more excited. I could smell the dampness returning to her pussy and she began to play with her clit. You can always tell when someone is very sexually excited, as they can’t resist pleasuring themselves if their partner happens to not be doing it for them at that moment.

“As much as I could suck on these tits all night, I promised that you did not have to pleasure yourself tonight, so come up here and feed my your nice, fucking wet pussy.”

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Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 5

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The sign above a doorway that read “Adult Novelties.” Inside we found racks of books and magazines, but a counter at the end of one isle caught Deb’s attention. She grabbed my hand and pulled me straight to it.

“My god! My God!” was all she could say. Then finally she said, “My god, Bill. Look at this one. It’s just like the one the guy in the movie used on his wife.”

Deb was pointing at a huge purple dildo, every bit as large as the one in the movie. “You like it? Shall I buy it for you?” I teased.

“Are you kidding? No way!” she exclaimed her hands drawn up over her mouth. “That thing would rip me in two.”

“Oh, my god!” she exclaimed again. “Why does this one have two… two….”

“Dicks?” I helped.


“Well the big one inserts into your vagina. Once the tip is in place, then you swing the shorter, smaller one into your bottom.” I explained.

“You mean up your ass hole!” She burst out.

“No. Up your ass.” I chuckled.

“No way! I’ve heard of doing that. But, not this girl.” She affirmed, “Only sluts do things like that.”

“Don’t knock something until you’ve tried.”

“Nope. No thank you. No way.”

I left it at that and we looked around a little while longer. She stopped to look at some of the more hard-core magazines and was amazed to find naked men as well as women. They were sealed in cellophane so she couldn’t see much, so I bought a couple for her to peruse.

After leaving the Adult shop we returned to the snack bar. We had finished our drinks while in the novelties shop, so I asked Deb to get two more while I went to the bathroom again. When I ducked around the corner, I slipped back into the Adult shop instead of the bathroom. I was tempted to buy the two-headed anal penetrator, but discretion being the better part of valor, I settled on a twelve-inch latex look alike that was somewhat thicker than myself. After paying, I put it in the bottom of the bag with the magazines and returned to the snack bar just in time to catch Deb coming out of the line.

Upon returning to the car, even before I had the car door shut, Deb shouted, “Well, get them out! What are you waiting for?” she joked, but was really excited about looking through the pictures.

I put the bag on the floor. As I pulled the magazines out, I carefully pushed the bag under the seat with my foot so she wouldn’t see the other surprise. I was saving that for later. She took one of the magazines out of the wrapper; cuddled up under my arm and opened up to the first page to find a big-breasted blond sucking a good sized cock. The guy had his head back, eyes closed in apparent ecstasy, while the gal was looking up with an apparent smile on her face.

“Doesn’t she look proud of herself?” Deb commented sarcastically.

“Wouldn’t you, if you had a big cock like that in your mouth and had him so obviously satisfied?” I asked.

She didn’t comment verbally, but probably rolled her eyes. She flipped through a few more pages without comment, until she got to a page with a very muscular guy holding a girl by her hair as she sucked him off and she said, “Nice chest.”

“Yeah. She sure has.” I returned, knowing what she really meant.

“I’m talking about the guy, silly.” She came back.

“I know.” I admitted. “But if I had said that about the girl, you would have had something to say about my comment.”

“Of course. It’s alright for me to do that, but not you.” She said with a smile.

“That’s not fair.” I whined.

“So! Who said things had to be fair?” She kidded.

“Speaking of things not being fair. How come we can share a mag like this – that’s far more pornographic and is almost entirely pictures, with no redeeming literature – but you don’t like me to read Penthouse?” I inquired, half jokingly and half serious.

“Well, first of all, this is probably a one time event. It’s something for me to experience once and I’ll probably never want to see one again. It looks to me like once you’ve seen one of these, all the rest are probably just about the same. You know, different faces, same poses.” Deb spoke casually, thumbing through the pages slowly.

“Second, the nude modeling in the Penthouse type magazines is demeaning to all women.”

“And this isn’t?” I interrupted.

“That’s my third point. At least here it is equally demeaning to both sexes, although more so to females, because they are almost always depicted in the subservient role. Yuck. Another cum shot?” and she thumbed quickly to the next page.

“So, you’re saying the girl should always be on top.” I suggested.

“Yeah, that would be a good start. And finally, you said it, we are sharing this. You normally read – look at the Penthouse by yourself.” She concluded.

“Well, from now on we will always share the Penthouse.” I suggested. “Alright?”

“Yeah, right.” She gave me an off-hand comment and continued flipping.

“Oh, my god! She exclaimed, looking at a girl on all fours, taking a really thick cock up the back kartal escort door. “How could she possibly be taking that? That’s got to be killing her!”

The girl was looking over her shoulder and smiling back at her man, so I commented, “Well, it can’t be too bad, she’s smiling.”

“I think that’s a grimace.”

“Well you will never know for sure unless you try.” I sort of recommended.

“You’re probably right. Maybe some day, but certainly not tonight.” And to show that conversation was over, she started flipping through the pages again.

A few pages later, there it was. Another large breasted brunette had her ass in the air and was being rammed in both openings with a double dildo. Deb just looked, almost awe struck. The dildo was almost all the way in. After several quiet seconds she finally said in a whisper of total amazement, “So, that’s how it’s used.”

I started to say something, but one hand came up and covered my mouth, while the other one started flipping pages again. Her next stop, a few pages later, was a three way. Large breasts hung down from a brunette, who was on all fours. One male kneeled in front of her with his cock in her mouth, while the other took her from behind. The later was bent over her far enough to reach and hold on to her breasts.

Deb didn’t say anything, just sat there looking at it. Finally I asked, “That getting to you?”

“Yeah.” She whispered. “I’m not sure why. But that is really… really… I don’t know….”

“Hot?” I ventured.

“Yeah.” She whispered again slowly. “And I really don’t know why. But, as soon as I saw it I felt something stir deep inside and between my legs.”

“Should always follow your intuitions, you know.” I advised. “Kind of like always going with your first answer on a test.”

“Yeah, but it’s, ‘only go with your first answer when you’re unsure.’ ” She argued. However, I noticed that her hand had dipped under the hem of her skirt. “And change it if you know it is wrong.”

Before I could come up with a counter, she moved on to the next page. Same girl and guys, only now she is riding one and the other is just starting to penetrate her back door. On the next page they are both inserted to the hilt.

“Well, what do you think of this action?” I asked tentatively and reached under the hem of her skirt as well. “Let me do that.”

“No way!” She protested and I quickly withdrew my hand. She grabbed it and pulled it back between her legs and continued, “Not you. Her! That has got to hurt. There can’t be any pleasure in that at all. Besides, doing it with someone other than your mate is bad enough, but with two guys, that’s… that’s just… just… slutty, I guess.”

“I don’t know. If she gets a lot of enjoyment out it and it is okay with the mate. Why not?” I contended.

“Well, then why don’t they show her smiling, then?” Deb argued back. The girl was facing away from the camera in both pictures.

“Maybe she is. Turn the page. Maybe they have a different camera angle.”

Sure enough, head on. Her head is back with her hair flying as if she had just thrown her head back. She is biting her lower lip and looks like she is in the throws of an orgasm. The guy that was behind her has pulled out and is cumming all over her back, while the guy underneath has his head up, sucking on her breast.

“See! She looks like she is in pain to me.” Deb said smugly.

“Or in ecstasy.” I countered.

“Yeah! The ecstasy of relief; now that, that guy is out of her ass.” She countered right back and quickly turned the page; but for her, the next page wasn’t any better.

Now the girl was lying on the guy below her, locked in an obvious open mouth kiss. The other guy was in her pussy right along with the guy on the bottom. Both were jammed into her to the hilt.

About this time the second movie started, she closed the magazine and cast it over her shoulder into the back seat. I whispered into her ear, “She must have been enjoying it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been kissing him like that.”

“Then she’s a slut.” She said with a huff to indicate the end of the conversation.

The movie started with a panoramic view of a beautiful seaside harbor. Slowly the drone of a plane could be heard. In the next frame a commercial seaplane could be seen skimming along not far above the ocean, moving away from the harbor as if it had just taken off. Deb had curled up under my arm again, apparently a little up set, but content to snuggle. Her hand was already undoing my shorts and reaching inside.

The camera closed in on the plane until you could see the pilot (Male) and the co-pilot (Female) through the wind screen, and then panned inside the cockpit. The copilot, a buxom blond, wore her hair all rolled up on the top of her head. She wore a halter-top that barely covered anything. Her nipples were hard and pushed visibly into the material.

The pilot was a large handsome man in a tank top and shorts. He had the copilot take over, stood up and moved to maltepe escort bayan a position directly behind the copilot. Bending over he began to kiss her on the neck and his hands reached over to squeeze those large ripe melons.

She squirmed and giggled a little, finally taking a hand off the joy stick and pushing him away, saying, “Can’t you see I’m trying to fly this thing?”

“Why don’t you get some altitude, put it on autopilot, and I’ll give you a real joy stick to play with.”

“Maybe later.” She put him off. “Why don’t you go initiate at new stewardess?”

“Umm, sounds like a good idea.” he said letting go and turning towards the back of the cockpit. Opening the door he signaled to the stewardess, another large breasted blond. When she arrived he asked. “Are the passengers all taken care of, Miss Albright?”

“Yes, sir.”

He took her by the arm, guiding her into the cockpit and closed the hatch. Turning her gently he leaned her into the bulkhead and kissed her hard and long. She returned the kiss passionately. His hand pushed her halter top up exposing a large, perfectly rounded breast. He squeezed and mauled it at will and she just moaned into his mouth.

Finally breaking the kiss, he said. “This is your first day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir.” She replied.

“Have you been initiated into the mile high club?” He asked with a smile.

“No, sir.”

“Well, there is no time like the present.” sounding more like an order, than a comment.

She leaned over to look out the window, giving the audience a great view of her hanging breasts and said laughingly, “It doesn’t look like we are a mile high to me.”

“Not a problem.” He said with assertion. “Brady, take her up to five zero.”

“This is beginning to get a little depressing.” Deb whined softly.

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve all got these great big breasts and look what I got.” She almost cried, opening her blouse. “I can’t even start to compete.”

Grabbing one, I bent over and kiss the nipple and said, “They’re lovely. You know I like them just the way they are. I told you earlier that anything more than a mouthful is a waste.”

“Yeah, but you also admitted you would like them if they were bigger. Just look at her! I can’t compare to that.” She exclaimed, frustrated.

By this time the pilot had pulled down his shorts and was sitting in the navigator’s chair. The stewardess had knelt down and taken his growing appendage into her mouth. As her mouth moved up and down his shaft it grew steadily bigger and bigger. Although not as big as the exec’s in the previous picture, it was a close second.

“Look at the size of him. How do you think I feel?” I said. “Her breasts are maybe twice as big as yours. But, he’s at least three, maybe four times the size of me. So what! Just enjoy watching them and enjoy what we have to share with each other.” I tried to console and leaned forward again, taking the other nipple into my mouth.

Deb pulled me tighter to her breast with her right hand and moaned her contentment. Her left hand reached down inside my shorts and began lightly stroking my cock. After a few minutes I straighten up, leaned back into my seat and began watching the movie again, while Deb continued to slowly apply her ministrations to my hardened cock.

By this time the stewardess had stood up and straddled his lap and was riding him at a slow, but steady pace. She leaned back, holding herself from falling backwards by grasping the pilots shoulder with one hand. With the other she slowly undid her hair and let in fall. As it cascaded sensuously down over her shoulders the pilot grasped both breasts and began fondling them roughly, pulling on her nipples from time to time. The stewardess shook her head several times sending her hair flying. When she stopped, it covered her shoulders and breasts uniformly in a golden arc around her upper body.

“Level at Five Zero, Captain.” The copilot announced in a very calm, professional, business as usual tone.

“Good. Go ahead and put it on autopilot.” He commanded.

“Autopilot engaged, Sir.” She returned in the same tone.

The copilot got up out of her seat, turned toward the screwing couple. In very slow and sensual movements she ran her hands over her body and then removed her halter-top. She slowly stepped forward to the couple shoving one of her huge breasts into the pilot’s mouth. Wrapping an arm around his head she pulled him tight into her bosom.

The pilot sucked one of the copilot’s breasts and then the other, while continuing to screw the stewardess. His hand trailed down her belly and undid her shorts. As they fell away he began to play with the copilot’s moist pussy, while all three of them moaned and groaned to the drone of the airplane. Every so often he would take his fingers from her pussy and lick them. About the third time he offered them to the co-pilot who sucked them in immediately. The next time he offered them to the stewardess, who sucked escort pendik on them with great zeal, moaning as she did so.

Finishing and still bouncing up and down on the pilot’s cock, she complimented the co-pilot by saying, “You’ve got great tasting pussy juice. I hope I get a chance to eat it for myself sometime.”

“Ummm, I can’t wait

At this point, the stewardess leaned forward a little and took the copilot’s free breast into her mouth as well. The pilot while still sucking in the co-pilot’s left breast, intensified his work her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clitoris and his fingers lunging deep inside. The copilot moaned louder and louder until apparently she had an orgasm. She leaned into the pilot and slowly slid down his side until she sat on the floor with her head resting on his hip.

The stewardess and the pilot now intensified their thrusting until she apparently had her orgasm. She collapsed forward into the pilot’s arms, until she recovered. Slowly she raised off of him and knelt on his other side.

The two ladies now began to take turns sucking his cock, until he came all over their faces and in their mouths. Deb moaned with her usual aversion to the scene. As the scene continued with the three crew members getting dressed and returning to their duties; Deb let go of my cock and turned to face me.

“Sit back a little.” She commanded, “I want to show you what I learned in the first show.”

As I moved to my side of the car and turned toward her, very slowly Deb licked her lips sensuously, cupped here right breast with her hand and brought it up to her mouth. She licked around the nipple a couple of times, while her free hand reached down, lifted her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. As I leaned and started to shift towards her, she dropped her breast and held out her hand, saying, “Sit back and relax a minute. I want to show you how I’m going to stimulate you enough to get you up at least three more times tonight.”

“Well, you know what your doing.” I proclaimed, leaning back and pulling open my shorts to reveal my already hard appendage, proving my point.

She placed one foot up in my lap and rubbed the front of my cock with the ball of her foot. In order to do this she had to bend her knee, exposing her dripping wet pussy completely. With the fingers of one hand she spread the lips of her pussy wide apart. The fingers on the other hand started rubbing her clitoris furiously. She kept her eyes in direct contact with mine with a knowing smirk all over her face. Occasionally she would lick her lips suggestively.

After several minutes of this, the sensations got too much for her. She bit her bottom lip while her eyes slowly closed. A moment later her head rolled back and she began to spasm. Her hand moved even faster for a few moments and then she closed her thighs together tight around it, tucked forward and then jerked back against her pillow again, where she trembled until the spasms wore off.

When she finally opened her eyes again she smiled sheepishly, but quickly regained her composure. Her free hand returned to her left breast this time and pulled it to her lips. She promptly began teasing the swollen nipple with her tongue. Then she sighed, “I think it’s time you got over here and start sucking on these.” She removed her hand from her crotch and using both hands she lifted her breasts in an offering to me.

I leaned forward sucking on one, taking in as much of it into my mouth as I could. I cupped the other in my hand, beginning to massage it as roughly as the pilot had in the movie.

Deb moaned her satisfaction and confirmed it by pulling my head tighter to her breast and squeezing my massaging hand even harder than I was squeezing her breast.

“Yes, baby! Suck your heart out.” She moaned, “Show me how much you love me and my breasts, honey. Suck them hard!”

Encouraged by her words, I did just that. I sucked in harder, then released and sucked her breast in again. Letting go I concentrated on her nipple, sucking it like a baby, until the areola around it wrinkled up hard and tight, her nipple extending a good half inch. While doing this I worked my knees to the floor in front of her and my body between her legs.

I switched to the other breast, beginning by sucking in as much of it as I could as well. “Oh, yes! Baby. Give them equal time.” She moaned again. “Don’t forget my pussy, honey. It’s running hot and needs a little attention.”

I had no intention of forgetting her wet pussy, I just hadn’t gotten that far yet. Now concentrating on her nipple and causing that areola to wrinkle as well, I slid a hand between her legs. She was as hot and wet as she said and my fingers slid right in. First one, then two and finally a third.

She moaned even louder now, her one hand really pulling my head in tight while the other dragged my hand roughly all over her breast. In response I pulled the tips of all my fingers together and pushed them in as far as they would go.

“Oh, yes!” she responded. “Give it to me, baby. Finger fuck my pussy.”

I pulled them out a little and thrust them back in, penetrating a little deeper. Pulling them out I thrust even harder, stabbing still deeper. Again and again I gave it to her harder each time.

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Strangers Meet Ch. 03

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This is the 3rd instalment in the series… I have no idea how many there will be, but I think reading parts one and 2 is necessary to appreciate exactly what is going on in this part. Enjoy!


When Katie pulled up outside her house about 20 minutes later, she was disconcerted to see her neighbour standing on the doorstep apparently waiting for a taxi. Katie’s top was still pulled down and her skirt had hiked up, showing her stocking tops. She tried her best to cover up, but had to compromise by pulling her coat around her before scurrying to her own door and unlocking it as quickly as possible.

Dan followed her in, and as soon as the door was closed and locked, pushed her up against the wall in the entrance hallway. They kissed passionately as Dan removed her coat and threw it on the floor, then pulled up her skirt and roughly squeezed her buttocks. She had been in a state of arousal for hours now, they both had, and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back so that he could kiss and bite her neck and shoulders, moving down toward her swollen and heaving breasts, biting her nipples and still kneading her arse. Without saying a word, he pulled her down onto the floor, and kneeling between her legs, removed her soaked thong and quickly pushed his tongue into her aching pussy. Katie moaned and ran her fingers through his short hair, gently pulling his head closer before he moved back up her body kissing and biting her everywhere.

“You were so fucking sexy tonight Katie” he groaned, “I can’t tell you what a turn on it was to watch you with those guys, seeing you sucking that man’s cock was amazing, you dirty bitch.”

Katie ataşehir escort bayan just smiled and pulled his head toward her and kissed him. She was beginning to think that maybe she could fall in love with Dan, where else was she ever going to find another man who not only found her so sexy, but loved seeing her fulfilling her own fantasies?

“Katie, I want to see you doing all kinds of dirty things, sucking lots of cocks, being fucked by lots of men, licking pussies, having men cum all over you… I don’t know where to start or where it will end, all I know is you’re a dirty little whore and I love it.” Dan rolled over onto his back and pulled Katie on top of him, still kissing her, before pushing her to sit up on top of him. “Look at those fantastic tits Katie, no man could resist them, and the rest of you is so fucking sexy too, you’re such a horny bitch, I could fuck you all night!” with that he pulled her back down and began sucking on her nipples, biting and pulling on them, as his fingers explored her wet pussy. It wasn’t long before he pushed her off him so that he could take his clothes off, as Katie lay on the floor watching him and tweaking her nipples.

He lay beside her and pushed her arms above her head. “You know what I’m going to do now Katie?” he asked. She just looked at him and shook her head no, she had no idea, but she didn’t care what it was by now, she was sure she was going to love it. “I’m going to fuck you, very very slowly, and then I’m going to pull out of you and cum all over those fantastic tits and on your face! And the next time we go out, I’m going to get as many men to do that as possible, so that you’re completely covered in it like the dirty whore you really are.”

Katie escort kadıköy could feel her pussy beginning to twitch as he spoke to her like this, the feeling of his cock filling her, along with the dirty words and images he was filling her head with were almost too much, but then he pulled her hands further above her head and said “You almost made me cum then Katie, you’re going to get a red arse for that one. I decide when I cum, not you. I’m going to fuck you now, and then when I say so, you’re going to play with that gorgeous wet pussy while I wank over you.”

He moved very slowly inside her, one of his hands still holding hers above her head, the other gently squeezing her breast as his tongue circled her sensitive nipple. Katie was so turned on by now, her head was in a whirl, and she couldn’t think straight, her only recognisable thought being how horny she was and how much she wanted Dan at that moment. The fingers of her right hand snaked down toward her pussy of their own accord, gently moving on her clit as Dan continued to move gently inside her. She only began to think (almost) rationally again when his teeth clamped down on her nipple and he looked up at her warningly. “Did I tell you to do that Katie?” he growled.

Katie bit her bottom lip “Oh shit” she thought, “now I’m in trouble!”

Dan moved so that he was properly on top of her again and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He spanked her once, hard, and said “I tell you when to do that Katie, and that wasn’t the time. Now I’m going to fuck your arse.”

Katie stiffened slightly, she knew that anal sex could be wonderful, but it was a long time since she’d done that, and never in this position. She also had a feeling that he wasn’t going to give her any bostancı escort time to find her lubricant and that scared her more than anything. She should have known better though. Dan may have been in charge, but he was also extremely considerate of her comfort and enjoyment. The events of the night so far meant that Katie was already extremely lubricated naturally, and Dan used this to ease his passage into her tight hole.

He moved almost imperceptibly at first, gently pushing himself into her, but giving her muscles plenty of time to relax around him. Katie felt every move, and was grateful for Dan’s gentleness and obvious consideration. When he was finally in properly, he paused for a few more seconds, both of them looking the other straight in the eye, before beginning to thrust very gently into her still tight arse. By now Katie was totally relaxed with the situation, and told Dan she was ready.

He knew what she meant and began to pound into her, taking obvious pleasure in her shouts of ecstasy, even though it had been a long time, she remembered now just how good anal sex could be, and was glad that she had trusted Dan enough to allow it. She still felt sure that if she had declined he would respect that.

He took her right hand and guided it to her clit, and it was only moments before she felt her orgasm approaching. “Oh, god, Dan, I’m about to cum!”

“So am I, sexy” he replied as he pulled out of her and his hot thick cum shot all over her tits. A few drops made it to her chin, and she licked them up before reaching down to pull her breasts to her mouth, licking as much cum off them as she looked Dan in the eyes.

When she had licked as much as she could reach, Dan laid down gently on her and kissed her deeply before whispering into her ear, “You really are the horniest woman I’ve ever met Katie, and next time that happens it wont just be MY cum on those lovely tits.”

Katie smiled to herself and hugged Dan closer, wondering just when and how many it would be….

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Susan, Josh and I

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Susan is Josh’s best friend. She has been for a long time and I guess its fair to say that the friendship is mutual. Or was. I’m not sure where they’re at now as I haven’t spoken to or seen either of them for nearly four years. The complication with the friendship was my arrival, though none of us realised it until after the event. Until then the three of us got along just peachy. I was in love with Josh who was my boyfriend and I loved Susan, as cliched as it may sound, like a sister.

I know, I can hear you thinking, you let your boyfriend have a female best friend?!! I did and really it was never an issue. I lie a little here, it was an issue for a short time after I realised that I had fallen in love with Josh. And after the event. But over the course of a few days it was an issue I considered, and considered at some length, before deciding that in fact it wasn’t and issue. And it wasn’t! Really!

You see, Susan and Josh had been best friends since their mid teenage years. When I met them, and in fact I met Susan first, they had known each other for ten years. They acted like, and were often mistaken for, brother and sister. They could be unbelievably cruel to each other, as only siblings and loved ones can be, then show such love and compassion as to reveal the true depth of the bond that existed between them.

Of course their was a bond between them, pent up sexual frustration can be mistaken for that! You are a cynic aren’t you, dear reader? You who don’t believe that a man and a woman can have a truly platonic friendship. I want to tell you how wrong you are, but as you will see, perhaps your cynicism is not misplaced at all. Though, right now I have to accept full responsibility for what happened. I made it happen, me alone and so I broke the bond of friendship.

Susan wore her hair shoulder length and blonde back then, though she confided in me that her natural colour was somewhere between “mousy blonde and crappy brown.” She said it with a smile and I laughed. She was able to make most people laugh or at least smile and the day we met was just one of those days.

I live in Melbourne, Australia’s second city, a city of great cultural charm and personality. I was born here and although I have lived in other cities, Melbourne is my home in every sense of the word. I worked for one of our larger cable television providers in their public relations department. As all Australians, and no doubt anyone who has ever visited this great city know, the weather here is somewhat unpredictable, turning from rain to sunshine and back in the course of a few hours. “Four seasons in one day,” is the saying.

It was one such day in spring of 1997 when I stepped off the tram and made a bolt for the shop awnings to escape the pouring rain. The weather man had promised no rain today and foolishly I had believed him leaving my umbrella at home. Why would a native of Melbourne believe the weather man? you ask. The week had been glorious and he had promised more of the same, I guess I wanted to believe. As fate would have it, the decision to leave my umbrella at home led directly to me meeting Susan and through her, Josh.

I stood under the awning with a few others, all of us desperately hoping for a break in the rain to allow us to scurry home. We offered each other weak smiles of acknowledgment, but little else, the rain was so loud against the tin shelter that it was almost deafening. Finally, with a sigh, I realised that standing here was a futile waste of time, so I turned to walk into the rain. As I did, the shop behind me caught my eye and I was drawn toward it. It had been a lunch type café, but was now under new management and had trendied itself up and become a licensed premise and offered continental style dinners. As soon as the door slid shut behind me the ambience embraced me, a gentle warmth, some background music and the chatter of the patrons replacing the maelstrom that surrounded the footpath.

Edging through the crowd I was unable to find a seat and eventually made my way back to the door, staring out at the rain which, if anything, seemed to have intensified. I watched as one of my fellow tram travellers dashed into the rain and in a matter of seconds his dark suit was soaked through.

‘Do you want to sit with us?’ At first I ignored the question, thinking it was to someone else, but I turned when a hand touched my elbow lightly. It was Susan, though I didn’t know her name at the time, and she stood there with a slight smile. She turned and indicated with a nod of her head, a square table against the wall where Josh sat, watching us intently. He smiled as our eyes met and I smiled back.

‘Oh, thanks, but that’s okay, I don’t want to intrude on you and your…’ I trailed off, unsure as what to refer to the dark eyed man with the tousled dark hair. Boyfriend, husband? I envied her at that moment, he had a look that was just the right combination of boyishly handsome with kind kartal escort eyes that attracted me intensely.

‘He’s just a friend,’ she smiled. ‘Seriously,’ Susan added, turning back to me, ‘no matter how annoying we are, it has to be better than standing out there!’ I laughed and let her lead me to the table.

‘I’m Susan,’ she held out her hand and I was pleased to feel a firm, but feminine grip. Too many women offer the dead fish, as I call it. ‘And this is Josh.’ He tried to stand, but the gap between his chair and the wall was too narrow and he sort of half crouched.

‘Hi Josh,’ I said, accepting his grip and holding it a moment longer than I had with Susan. His eyes seemed to look into me and I was glad that Susan had insisted on me joining them. ‘I’m sorry to intrude…’

‘Not at all,’ he countered, returning to his seat as Susan and I sat on either side of him. As we did a waiter took away the fourth chair without pausing to ask. ‘I guess we’re not allowed any more guests.’

‘I haven’t been here before,’ I said, looking around.

‘Only been a week since it re-opened,’ Susan replied, ‘and so far we’ve been here every day. The food’s great…’

‘As is the service,’ Josh interrupted as he successfully signalled a harassed looking waitress. ‘Drink?’ he asked me.

‘Uh, yes,’ I said, glancing at theirs, relieved to see that they were drinking the alcoholic variety.

‘A merlot,’ I said to the waitress.

‘A bottle of Grant Burge in fact,’ Josh amended my order. ‘And we need an extra glass for…’

‘Oh, sorry,’ I blushed. ‘Alexandra.’ I recovered my composure as the waitress pushed away through the crowd which seemed to have swelled more since my arrival.

The rest of the evening passed in a comfortable blur of wine, food and conversation. I have no recollection of when the rain stopped, which should have been my cue to depart, but when we stepped into the cool and fresh air, cleaned of it’s big city smog by the cold front that had swept through, the streets were drying and only a few puddles remained to remind us of the downpour. It turned out that they lived only a few blocks from the café, as I did, albeit in the opposite direction. We shook hands and parted and during the walk home I reflected on my new found friends.

They both attracted me, but in very different ways. Josh, as I said, appealed to me in looks, but also in personality. I had no idea why he and Susan weren’t together, nor had ever been. They liked each other a lot and I knew a few married couples who had made the lifelong commitment based on a lot less. Susan’s slim figure and shoulder length blonde hair and hazel eyes (which I’ve always thought meant a mix of colours too difficult to define), made her an attractive person too, but I’ve never looked at women that way, except perhaps in the “is she prettier than me?” kind of way. But she was good humoured, compassionate, observant of others without being unkind, (even to strangers, which I admit can be fun at times!). I found myself thinking that had I been a man, she was the kind of woman I’d want to date. Of course, I was only thinking that to try and assess why she and Josh hadn’t dated each other.


The friendship grew between the three of us, but it was six months before I finally made a move on Josh. I wasn’t sure how things would stand with Susan, for despite what she said they appeared to me as a couple would. But it was Susan who gave me the all clear, when she started dating Matt. He was a professional footballer, tall, very handsome, very fit, but as they say, “dumb as a box of hammers.” He was fun enough to be able to recognise his intellectual shortcomings and that made me like him.

One Saturday night, at the town house that Susan and Josh shared, the four of us had dinner, a process that I discovered had Susan cooking while Josh entertained. I left Josh and Matt talking sport and wandered into the kitchen to assist Susan who was bustling around, scraping dinner plates clean and readying desert.

‘How’re things going with Matt?’ I asked. As you can gather, I now felt exceptionally comfortable around them and thought nothing of such an intrusive question.

‘Okay,’ she said, smiling up at me, pausing to use the back of her hand to brush away a lock of hair that had fallen across her eye. ‘The sex is great!’

‘But he only rates an okay?’

‘Yeah.’ Susan put down the plate and looked at me. ‘I’ve come to realise that there’s a use by date on toy boys.’

‘Are you going to break up with him?’ I must’ve looked a little incredulous because she smiled and shook her head.

‘Well, I kind of want to, but he’s sooo sweet, its going to be hard.’

‘Yeah, I know what you mean,’ I nodded sympathetically. ‘But he’s going to realise soon enough if you don’t like him.’

‘Maybe,’ she said. ‘I think I’m treating him differently already, but if he does notice, he doesn’t let on. He keeps maltepe escort bayan touching me, and I must admit that once we’re in bed…’ She smiled a little self consciously.

‘Lucky you,’ I feigned a scowl.

‘Well, that’s your fault. Why the hell haven’t you sent any signals Josh’s way? I thought you liked him?’

I stood there stunned. I knew that I liked him, but out of respect for Susan I had fought to keep any sign of that attraction hidden. And believed that I had done a very good job.

‘He likes you too, you know,’ she added softly.

‘He does?’ The words came out partly choked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was standing here with Susan encouraging me to make a move on her best friend. I was about to argue when I realised that it was what I wanted, and according to Susan, what Josh wanted as well.

Normally our dinners ran into the next morning, but that night, just before twelve, Susan dragged a willing Matt upstairs and Josh and I were left together.

The next ten minutes were perhaps the most awkward I could recall in my adult life. Josh and I attempted to engage in small talk as the sounds of Susan and Matt’s sexual activity drifted down the staircase. Matt was a loud man and we could hear his moans of encouragement. Finally we fell into silence, entranced by the sounds above.

‘Oh yeah,’ came Matt’s hoarse whisper. ‘Suck it in.’ I felt my cheeks flush and looked over at Josh, only to meet his eyes and have him look quickly away. At the same time I felt a sliver of excitement arc through me.

‘God Susan, that feels good.’ I swallowed and reached for my glass, desperately trying to think of something to say. We heard Susan’s giggle turn to a moan, accompanied by the sounds of flesh slapping together.

‘Christ, have they got the door open?’ Josh muttered. I almost choked on my drink then began to shake with laughter. Josh joined in and suddenly we were in fits. What made it worse was that we knew that if we could hear them having sex, they could hear us laughing. Realising our predicament, Josh stood and grabbed my hand, dragging me into the kitchen and kicking the door shut with his foot. For a minute or two we stood there laughing like children until we were back in control.

We continued to chat and drink and the whole time my mind raced over ways to indicate that I was interested. In the end, as he began to stack the empty glasses into the dish washer, I simply walked up to him and kissed him on the mouth. I felt his body tense against mine, then he relaxed, his mouth opening to permit my tongue access and we stood in the darkened kitchen kissing, with ever increasing urgency. I knew that Josh’s room was upstairs at the opposite end of the town house to Susan’s and that there was no way that she or Matt would hear us, or us them, but I was reluctant to break the kiss to move to his bedroom in case Josh suddenly decided that this wasn’t a good idea. As it transpired, Josh was thinking the same thoughts so we had sex for the first time right there in the kitchen.

I felt like a teenager as my hand rubbed him to full erection through his pants. I stopped moving long enough for him to pull my shirt open and fumble my bra catch undone. His mouth closed on my nipple and I let out a long sigh at the warmth of his tongue. I was naked by the time I had wrestled the buttons on his fly open. He pressed his body against mine, one arm around my shoulders to support my weight as his fingers manipulated my clitoris, snaked inside me, stroked my labia and finally transported me into a climax. I was weightless and his ability to make me come standing up excited me in a way that I hadn’t been for a long time.

I had barely recovered when he lifted me onto the cold granite bench and closed his mouth over me. His tongue traced dainty patterns around my clitoris and teased me with small darting excursions inside me. I found myself holding my breath and repeatedly had to release it in an explosive gasp. Finally I grabbed the back of his head, mashed my sex against his face and forced him to make me come under threat of suffocation. My second orgasm was the best, a long series of waves of pleasure that emanated from his tongue and mouth, up through my body. I collapsed back across the bench, my head hanging down the other side as I slowly recovered my equilibrium.

Josh gently took my ankles in his hands, slid me towards the edge of the bench and smoothly entered me. I gasped at the penetration, at the feeling of his heat spearing into me and attempted to clamp my thighs shut. His hands held my legs apart and I writhed in pleasure as he languidly thrust in and out of my compliant and willing body. I looked up to see that he had simply pushed his jeans open and was otherwise fully dressed. I dropped my head onto the bench and savoured this man who was taking me to places of pleasure I had almost forgotten existed.

Feeling my third escort pendik orgasm approach, I wanted him to release too. I looked at him, flashed my eyes and then looked down along my body to where we were joined.

‘Fuck me Josh,’ I whispered. He hesitated for a moment and I saw his eyes widen, in surprise at the profanity no doubt. Most men want their women to be sluts in the bedroom but are often surprised the first time they find that she actually can be.

‘Faster,’ I encouraged. He complied and soon the sound of our bodies slapping wetly together filled the kitchen. We were still both conscious of Matt and Susan’s proximity as we came, mine a short sharp climax a moment before Josh. The veins in his neck stood out and he thrust once into me and I felt his hot semen pour into me. Between each spasm he would thrust in and out of me and I watched through my own pleasure as with teeth gritted and narrow eyes, he emptied himself into me.

It was good, as first time sex usually is. It was the first sexual contact with another person that either of us had had for some months. It was the first and last time that I let Josh come inside me without a condom, it isn’t something I would normally do but the months of sexual frustration simply overruled common sense. I guess that’s why there’s more than a few pregnant teenagers out there!


It took six more months before I said those three little words to Josh. In the meantime Susan had given Matt the boot, not because she finally overcame her inhibitions about dumping a guy who was “soooo sweet,” but because she caught him playing around behind her back with a few adoring fans. It made the dumping so much easier.


I was always conscious of Susan and made sure she was included in everything we did. Well almost everything! It came to a head just before I lost my job, when Josh, for our six months anniversary booked us into Mietta’s, one of Melbourne’s most exclusive and romantic restaurants, with first class tickets to Miss Saigon. That day at work was the second worst day I had, with client complaints mounting over programming changes we had made. I hadn’t agreed with the fairness of the changes and had said as much and now felt that the huge volume of complaints vindicated my opposition. The Sydney head office called me just before lunch and ordered me onto a plane for an urgent meeting. From the tone of the call I understood that a “no” was not going to be tolerated.

Flustered, I had to immediately ring Josh and tell him that I wouldn’t be back that night.

‘Oh, that’s a bummer, can’t you put the meeting off a day?’ He was clearly disappointed at my news, and I felt butterflies in my stomach and the thought that our anniversary meant so much to him too. Such moments are often a girl thing and pass unnoticed by the men in our lives, so I was very happy to know that the man in my life shared such feelings.

‘I can’t do anything, the situation here is a bit out of control,’ I replied.

‘Okay,’ he replied. ‘You’ll be home tomorrow though, right?’

‘Yes, absolutely,’ I promised. An idea struck me. ‘Why don’t you take Susan tonight, you guys haven’t done anything without me for, well I don’t know how long its been.’

‘You’re kidding right?’ I could hear genuine disbelief in his voice.

‘No, not at all. You guys are best friends and I have no doubt that Susan wants to talk to you about where we’re heading and that sort of stuff. She’s been single for a while and might be a little lonely.’

‘This is our anniversary,’ he said slowly as though I had forgotten.

‘Yes, I know that silly. But it would be a shame to waste those Miss Saigon tickets and bookings at Mietta’s aren’t exactly easy to come by.’

‘Its my anniversary with you,’ he said again. ‘I’m starting to think that you’re obsessed with Susan, you’re not using me to get to her are you?’

‘Ha ha,’ I replied sarcastically. ‘I’m not going to be the one to come between two great friends…’

‘And you aren’t. If anything you’re compromising our relationship for the sake of Susan. And Susan is a grown woman who can take care of herself. We’ve always known that once one of us ended up in a serious relationship, that things would change, but we also know that our friendship is way too strong to be broken by such a change. Hell our friendship has changed as often as we have, that’s why its lasted as long as it has.’

‘Oh.’ It was all I could think of. ‘Its just that…well I don’t know what I thought Josh. Its so rare that a man and a woman can be close friends without things eventually…well you know.’

‘Yeah, I know,’ he agreed. ‘And we’ve discussed it. Often. We’ve both thought about it. But we know that sex would change our friendship forever. We agreed that we don’t want that to happen.’

‘Oh God Josh, I’m sorry, its just that Susan and you invited me into your lives and I don’t want to be a home wrecker.’

‘And you’re not! And Susan doesn’t think so either.’

‘Well take her to dinner tonight and reconfirm that…for me if not for you!’

‘I’ll think about it,’ he said. ‘I’m going to miss you,’ he said. This time the butterflies were accompanied by my heart skipping.

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