Jeremy’s Journal: Country Drive

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We were in the middle of summer and the worse heatwave. Everyone Candy and I knew were trying to find new ways to beat the heat. Previously we had found the showering together pleasurable but we needed something new to do together. My uncle had a really nice cottage in the country near to a waterfall that he used once or twice a year so I asked him if I could use it for the long weekend we had coming up. Being family had its perks and after getting the keys from him, I went to Candy’s house to pick her up. She was still packing a small suitcase so I took a peek as to what she was taking for our weekend. I told her not to pack too much clothes because we were in the middle of a heatwave and I wanted her naked as much as possible (to help beat the heat) she laughed but continued her preparations.

The drive would take a few hours but I told her it was worth it. I had been to the cottage before some years before with an ex girlfriend so needless to say I was eager to make some new memories. Once we were on the road and out of the city. I knew exactly what time and which route would have the least amount of cars, it would be the longer route but I had some plans to enact on this drive. We stopped off to fill some petrol and grabbed a few things to eat and drink. As we got further into the country side I began the first step of my plan. Taking off the air conditioning, I told her the country air was better for us. I put my hand out the window and played a game of arm wrestling with the oncoming wind which got a laugh and a question about what I was doing. She chuckled at my explanation but I challenged her to do the same, which she latin sex tapes porno did.

As she continued to keep her hand out the window and playing with the wind I told her that I always enjoyed the feel of the wind against my chest so I took my T-shirt off and then looked at her with a sad look and mentioned how she would never be able to experience the same. I don’t know if she figured out what I was planning but she looked at me with a challenging look and took off her top as well. I loved having her half naked in my car. As I continued to drive I moved my hand over to her breast and I began to massage and fondle them. Her nipples became hard as I gently kneaded them. The road was empty, there was no one around so Candy lifted herself from her seat and lifted one of her tits to my mouth. As we drove, I hungrily licked and sucked every part of her nipples and breast as I could.

Noticing my erection, Candy reached her hand down my pants and grabbed my cock. As she stroked my shaft, I began to unzip her shorts and started to pull them down. She was just as horny as I was on this ghost road so she helped me take her pants off. I was happy that she had lived up to my condition of not wearing underwear because now, my plan had succeeded. I had her fully naked with her tits in my mouth, her hand stroking me to orgasm as I was fingering her wet and slick snatch. I loved hearing her moan, I found it really hard to stay on the road with all these amazing distractions so I slowed down even more.

The road was straight for a few kilometers so I put the car into cruise control and took off my lezbiyen porno shorts. Candy knelt on her seat, her ass in the air and sucked on my dick like a vacuum. I’m not sure who did it and how it happened but soon the roof of the convertible started to retract but I was too busy enjoying the experience of having my cock sucked while driving and Candy was too busy making those wonderful circles around the head of my dick with her tongue to notice either. The heat of the sun, the warmth of the wind and wetness of Candy’s mouth on my dick is a memory that still gets me hard to this day.

As Candy made those slurping and sucking sounds, she tried to see how much of my dick she could fit into her mouth. I used my hand to reach over and find her wet cunt. As my fingers felt her wetness, I flattened my palm and slowly made clockwise circles and then rubbed back and forth a few times before using my middle finger to massage the inside of her vagina. Honestly I wanted to cum, I wanted to reach our destination to fuck her brains out and at the same time I was just enjoying this experience too much. So I asked her to sit and recline her seat a little. I pulled her right leg over between my legs and began to finger her again and she closed her eyes and reached for my dick.

As her hands gripped my cock we unconsciously synched our tempo. While my finger slid in and out of her making that sloshing sound, she was stroking my cock with such force that my balls were bouncing on the seat like basketballs. I really couldn’t help it anymore. I knew we were getting closer to our destination and I could continue driving like liseli porno this for a little while longer but I was so driven by my hormones I pulled the car over. I really didn’t care if there were cars passing I jumped out the car and went around to the passenger side. I pulled Candy out of the car, turned her around, bent her over and lifted one of her legs and just speared her pussy with my penis. She let out a loud gasp/moan and I just started thrusting deeper and harder with every sound she made. I was like an animal that couldn’t process anything other than blind ravenous lust.

She raised her head and I remembered grabbing a handful of her hair and pulled it back until my face was next to hers. I was still pounding her pussy from behind and I felt her legs begin to quiver, her breath got both deep and shallow as she seemed stuck in time and frozen and then her body changed scent and she almost collapsed. The heat from my cock felt like a furnace and I could feel the cum surging from my balls into my shaft. As I inched nearer and nearer to cumming inside her I pulled out and smashed my pelvis into her ass. I continued rubbing my cock against her butt cheeks as if I was still inside her and felt my energy and cum explode at the same time. My mind was completely blank as I felt the cum rushing out my dick and being smeared on Candy’s ass. Even after I came I just continued to rub my cock on her ass. Candy reached into her bag and pulled out some tissues and wiped the semen off of her butt and wiped the residue from my dick and stomach as well.

She let me sit on the passenger side of the car and got into the drivers seat. She brought back up the directions on sat nav and drove off. I really don’t remember too much about the rest of the drive to the cottage but I do remember Candy telling me that if the drive to get there was that good…she she was really looking forward to the weekend.

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John’s Story

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There’s a chance the story John will tell you will inspire some of the other people involved to write about their version of what happened.

Stay tuned.

John’s Story

I never knew what hit me. I mean, I’ve had encounters of the sexual kind before, but this was, well. . .

I had better back up a bit. I’m John Thonth, a 42 year old math teacher at a pretty well known college. That’s being modest: I’m chair of the math department and I’m really good at teaching and research, but this story will show you I’m lousy at personal relationships.

Some women have called me a professional bachelor, others have called me worse than that. I may not be married, but I like going through the motions. The more experienced men reading this story will appreciate that some ladies are much better at those particular motions than others. This story is about one of those ladies…

I dated Jayne M six or seven years ago. Jayne is a professor in the biology department here, and she was probably one of the most attractive women I ever knew. She was a sophisticated classy lady, one any man would be proud to have on his arm. You wouldn’t think it when you looked at her, but there was a big bonus — she was as exciting and adventurous as you could imagine in the bedroom. She claimed I was only her fourth (or was it fifth?) lover, and that included her ex husband. One of them had to have been an inspiring teacher of sexual techniques, and Jayne was a good student

I thought about Jayne often. Sometimes those memories kept me warm at night when I was in bed by myself. Hell, sometimes I thought about her when whoever I was having sex with isn’t very exciting.

What happened between her and me, why weren’t we still together, you might ask. Well, that’s easy. The only thing we had in common was sex. She liked chamber music, I wanted country. She liked old classic movies, I watched the newest films. Long dresses and fine restaurants worked for her, blue jeans and local bars were better for me. We figured out we didn’t have a future together and agreed we’d just be dates and sex partners of convenience.

It wasn’t much later when we stopped seeing each other – no hard feelings – and a year after that she married a guy who I guess was a much better match for her than I was. I wished her well, and meant it. Still, when I’d see her on campus I’d remember the hot times we had and wished it was possible to go back to them, at least for a while.

It’s not that I saw her on campus much. I didn’t go there often during the summer. Hell, if you know anything about faculty workloads, you’ll know I didn’t go on campus much period — tenure is a wonderful thing.

My grad students did know I was on call for them, and everyone knew I spent Tuesday afternoons in my on campus office unless that interfered with a tee time or some other afternoon delight.

On the Tuesday before the 4th of July this year I meandered over to campus and began going through the stack of papers in my in box when I saw Jayne walking by. She waved and I asked her to join me for a cup of coffee. It turns out, she said, she was looking for the chairman of the physics department. He had a small “this is my office for thinking, everyone keep out” place in the math building. Jayne said she was working on a joint biology/physics grant. He wasn’t around, so we chatted about old times and flirted a little bit. Things were fine in her life, she said, although she did say her husband was away a lot.


“Is he away now?” It turned out he was. “Well, is there any reason we shouldn’t have a dinner together, or at least a drink to celebrate old times?”

She thought about that for a minute or two, then agreed a salad and some wine the next night would be a nice way to spend the evening.

“My place or yours?” I asked with a big smile to prove I wasn’t serious.

We agreed a TGI Fridays a dozen miles away would be a good place to meet. It wasn’t popular with people either of us knew, and Friday’s salad selections would work for both of us. It was an informal enough place so that our meeting couldn’t be classified as a ‘date’. We both knew it would be different if we had gone to one of the better restaurants right in town. People might have noticed and tongues would have wagged.

I looked forward to that quasi date: Jayne was fun to be with and we had some catching up to do.

We met around 9 the next night. It was an odd evening, there was a tension in the air, probably because she was a married woman now. That didn’t make a lot of sense though, she knew I never dated, much less bedded, married women (why get shot by a husband when there was so much legal opportunity around?)

Besides, this wasn’t a real date after teach that-bitch porno all, it was just two people who were alone enjoying each other’s company. I did some pro-forma flirting: that’s almost a reflex for me. She gave as well as she took, making it even more fun. Like I said, she was really great in bed, and playing flirting games would give me something to think about when I went home and wrapped my fist around my cock.

She asked about how I was doing and I was honest enough with her. Yes, I was seeing someone she didn’t know pretty regularly, but Joyce – that was my date’s name – wasn’t ever going to be a life partner. Yes, I still lived in the same house, but now my bed was king sized, not queen. “A bigger playground?” she wanted to know, and she was right. I didn’t tell her about the scarves under the bed that could be tied to its corners or the video cameras I installed sometime after she and I had broken up. Hey, when I’m alone I’d rather be the star in the porno films I watch!

It was natural to ask about where she lived, too. “Oh, we have a place over in the Pines.” I knew The Pines. It was a gated community with large houses on large lots, and there was a private golf course there, too.

“Wow, your husband does pretty well, doesn’t he?”

“We do pretty well,” she corrected me, “but you’re right, he makes three times what I do.”

“And he’s often away,” I added.

“Yes, it does get lonely,” she agreed

There was a quiet minute or two. I expected her to say goodbye and go home.

That’s not he way the conversation went… “Have you ever been to The Pines?” she asked.

“I played golf there once a long time ago. It seemed really nice and the houses all looked like they should be called estates.”

“They are mostly big houses, you’re right.”

“I’d like to see some of them close up,” I said, which was true enough but also a flirt and in a real way, a gambit.

She accepted it. “Would you like to see our place?”

That was a no brainer: “I’d love to.”

Jayne took the napkin from her lap, and very delibertly draped it over her dish and said “Follow me.”

I got the bill paid, and somehow my Toyota kept up with her not very aggressively driven 7 series Beamer. That was odd, years ago she was a fast driver: careful, but fast. We didn’t go to the Pine’s main gate – there was an owner’s gate that was radio controlled. The gate swung open for her, and closed. I almost expected her to just drive away, but she opened it again for me.

Their house lot was so big that when I drove into the driveway I could not see any other house, just some lights through the trees.

It was beautiful house, a fitting place for her to live, and I told her so. I got a quick tour, then we settled into the den with its big fireplace.

The den had two large sliding doors that opened onto a patio. She turned on the outside lights. I could see a pool out there, and a high wooden fence. “That gives us lots of privacy,” she said. I’d have liked to have gone swimming with her in that private pool but that was an offer she wasn’t making. She pulled set of gauze curtains over the doors – the other set looked heavy and opaque – then turned off the outside lights. The glass doors seemed to turn into mirrors and the den appeared even larger. The room had leather furniture and reeked of quality and class. The floor was slate, with an Oriental rug in front of the fireplace, and big cushions there, for less formal sitting.

That’s where we sat. We toasted each other and old times. I didn’t know where this evening was going, I was somehow all off balance all night. “I’ll be right back” Jayne said after a little while, and she left the room. I briefly thought this was going to be one of those times when the lady returns in a negligee, or nude, then laughed at myself. That wouldn’t happen tonight but when I got home I’d sure pretend it did. I’d be ejaculating into a tissue instead of where I’d have liked to deposit that protein. After all, Jayne was married and some things were not meant to be.

Then she returned.

The suit she was wearing was gone, replaced by a white robe that ended above her knees. It was made of some kind of satin that clung to everything underneath is and it was obvious the only thing it was clinging to was Jayne. This was the kind of thing men dream about, but these dreams don’t often happen. Maybe some things WERE meant to be.

I stood, wanting to take her in my arms, but she put her hand on my chest. “I want to do this my way,” she told me and then moved behind me. This was her house: we’d follow her rules and her route. We both knew how it was going to end.

I could see our reflections in the patio teamskeet porno doors, the curtains covering them just softened the image a little. I watched and felt her arms move around me, saw her hands stroking my chest and my belly, and felt them brush over my crotch. “I can feel that I have that old effect on you,” she said, cupping me ever so softly.

“You sure do.”

I stood there while her fingers pulled my golf shirt from my slacks, then I raised my arms as she pulled it up. She couldn’t get it over my head; I took it off the rest of the way. I was glad, looking at our reflections, that I stayed fit. I wanted to turn to face her but she stopped me from doing that, kept me facing our reflections. “I like watching us,” she said. One of her arms was around my chest, then other, on my belly and then I could feel her lips on the center of my back! I thought I’d explode.

I wished we were at my place, I’d have the cameras running and be able to watch this seduction whenever I wanted. “Next time,” I promised myself. Somehow I controlled myself, and both of her hands moved to my belt. I stood there, arms at my side, watching and feeling and enjoying the sensations of a beautiful woman undressing me, her delicate fingers fumbling for a moment with my belt, then with the clasp on my slacks, then my zipper. She pushed my pants down, and I helped by kicking off my boat shoes and stepping out of my slacks. I still had on boxer shorts but they weren’t doing an especially good job of hiding my erection. That erection didn’t get any smaller when I saw her hand slip under the elastic, and for sure got even harder when I could feel that hand with its magic touch stroke me. “That feels nice,” she said, “it feels the way I remember it.” Did that mean she thought about me, fantasize about me, the way I did about her?

Her hands moved to my waist and she pushed the boxers down. I could feel the waistband drag down my cock, and watched in the window’s reflection as the band slipped over my penis’s head. It – I –sprung free, exposed. She pushed the shorts to my knees and I did the rest and stepped out of them. I was standing naked in front of her, feeling her hands move onto my hips, then stop. “I remember when we were dating that you told me you would never have sex with a married woman. I’m married, are we going to have a problem?” she asked.

Her fingers moved over my cock, I had forgotten how wonderful her touch was. “I’ll make an exception to that rule tonight, if you’re willing to break it with me,” I told her. She reached under my penis, cupped my scrotum, and I could feel her lips on my back.

“I want what I have in my hands, John, I want to break that rule of yours, I want to do things to you, and put this thing in me” she said, and her lips moved along my back, lower, then finally over to my hip. She moved a quarter of the way around me, and tuned me the other ninety degrees. I looked down at this woman, now on her knees in front of me. I wanted to pull her mouth onto my cock, to control her and dominate her but she wasn’t having any of that.

“Just put your hands down, I’ll do this my way,” she said. Was this going to be a tease?

Well, no.

She moved toward me, and her lips touched my cock’s head, offering it only the softest kiss. She pulled one of my arms to the front, and wrapped my fingers around my erection. “Stroke yourself for me,” she said. I started masturbating – if she wanted a facial I’d give it to her.

As I pushed my cock through my fist she opened her mouth wide and took the exposed end into her mouth.


She held my scrotum with one hand, and the other was around me, fingering my anus, then more than that, poking into it, while she blew me! I thought she was great before, but this was new. Someone taught her new tricks, tricks I didn’t know!

Could it have been her husband? I was getting a world class blow job from someone else’s wife! The analytical part of my brain began questioning my policy of staying away from married women — if they were this good, that policy was ending right now!

It was an erotic oral adventure. She knew enough to apply tight pressure around my cock when she felt me start to come so she could prevent a premature ejaculation. I heard of that, but never had it done to me with someone’s lips!

She finally pulled me down to the cushions on the floor. I was on my back, my penis was sticking up like some kind of a May Pole,. She knelt at my feet and untied the robe’s belt. She held the damned thing closed while she pushed it off her shoulders, looked at me and asked “Is this what you remember?” She relaxed her hands and the robe slid down her arms, off her breasts, off of her hands, and she was naked.

Then tecavuz porno she was beside me on the cushions, and I was lapping at her, sucking at her, feeling her arousal, feeling her needs and satisfying them.

But not for long. She pushed me onto my back, I was sticking straight up again. She got over me, put her hands on my shoulders to support herself, centered her vagina over my cock and then just lowered herself onto me. I mean, the only parts of us that were touching were her hands on my shoulders and our pelvises! I forgot how wet Jayne would get, and how she was never too tight for a first penetration. Every time I had sex with her going in the first time was like moving in the heaviest warm cream, with her just tight enough to provide ideal stimulation. Like I said at the start of this story, some women are better than others

I looked down between us, we were having fully exposed sex. I loved seeing my penis shine with her lubrication when as she lifted off me, then I would sink deep inside her when she came down.

We rolled over into a classic missionary position and rammed into each other for what seemed only a couple of minutes. She reached between us and stroked me, masturbated me, while I fucked her. That was new, too, and it worked. Oh god it worked, I came in what seemed like buckets full.

I fell onto her way sooner than usual, empty and exhausted. We somehow rolled away from each other. I was soft, wet and soft. I wanted to cuddle, to have her touch me some more, and maybe we’d have sex again, this time more slowly, like we used to.

“You’ll have to go, John,” she said, ruining my plans. “You can’t spend the night. I don’t want the homeowner’s security guys seeing your car here, people will talk and I don’t want that to happen.”

“I want to see you again,” I told her. She was even better than I remembered, and I didn’t want to give it up, even if she was married. “I don’t think so, John. Nothing good would come of that, would it? I don’t want to put my lifestyle here at risk and we already know the only thing you and I have in common is sex. That’s not enough.”

“But,” I argued, “but wasn’t it good? Weren’t we good together?”

“We always were,” she agreed, “but this was only a one night stand, nothing more. I loved it, I hope you did too, but it’ll have to be enough. Try to remember me kindly, John.”

I dressed and left. I’d remember her all right, but somehow felt hollow, used. I knew when the security gate closed behind my car it also closed her off from me for ever.

But I’d remember. Oh, I’d remember the way she looked, the way she felt. I’d wish, maybe for the rest of my life, that we would have made a go of it. I did know a little of Jayne was better than none of her. Was it Garth Brooks who sang a song talking about broken romances, but concluded he wouldn’t have wanted to miss the dance?

I’m glad I had that last dance. I was man enough to hope her husband would never find out: she deserved the life she had. And me? I was pretty sure I’d be comparing her to other women for the rest of my life.

Then something odd and good happened. Jayne brought her husband to a faculty mixer a few days ago and introduced us. I somehow never knew his name was Walter. He shook my hand, of course, but he looked at me in the strangest way. I had to wonder: did he suspect something? Did he know something? Then the answer came to me: I’m sure Jayne told him we used to date before she met him. That’s the reason he had that knowing look in his eye: he thought we shared the same woman at different times.

When I was driving home I laughed out loud at that thought. The times we shared the same woman were not as far apart as the thought — it’s not that big a difference in time, Wally! It was days, not years.

The laugh was on me, though, because tonight he was going to be next to her, and me? I would just have my memories, and my fist, and a box of tissues.

Laughter and tears aren’t really that far apart. I didn’t expect my bedside tissues would be wet with tears and that I’d be hugging a pillow, but that’s what happened.

There was another song from my youth, it was about loving the one you’re with. The woman I had been dating for six months, but not seriously, was really very nice. For the first time in my life, I began thinking about spending a lifetime with a one woman.

I’m not even sure how I came to make the decision, but somehow my phone was against my ear, and hers was ringing. “Hi Joyce,” I said, “I know it’s late, but I’d love to talk with you for a while tonight. Can I come over, or would you like to come here?”

She lived 10 miles away. In the 15 minutes it took for her to come to my house I had gotten rid of the scarves that were under the bed and disabled three video cameras. A little while later, after she got over the shock of my question and said ‘yes’ we were holding each other, connected in every way, complete.

And here’s the best part. I not once thought about Jayne.

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Joey , Amber Ch. 02

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Note to Reader: This story is broken into two versions of the same basic storyline. This story includes more fetish related material while the other version has more of a romantic tinge to it. Please read the version that most suites you or read both it is entirely up to you. Feedback is always welcome I hope you enjoy the story.

He waited impatiently in the airport terminal for his girlfriend to arrive nothing could calm his excitement. His girlfriend of five months was returning from a business trip and had been away for two weeks. Joey and Amber were a very “close” couple often having sex 2 to 3 times a day and sometimes retreating to mutual masturbation in front of each other. While Amber had been gone the couple ran up their phone bills talking for hours at night only being able to have constant phone sex. Some day’s Joey would call Amber’s mobile while she was at work, Amber would pretend it was an important business call but it would really be Joey masturbating… teasing her. However, Amber loved listening… the rush of seeing all her business associates trying to figure out why her face was so red thrilled her. In her breaks Amber would do the same thing calling Joey and masturbating for him.

This was the longest the two had been apart since they had met, as the monitors declared that the plane had landed and the people stared to move through the doors into the terminal Joey began frantically moving his head around trying to find her. When he found her doing the same thing he smiled and immediately relaxed as she ran towards him jumping into his arms and kissing him passionately. After their kiss Joey picked up Amber’s bags and they headed for the car.

The trip home was “interesting” to say the least; both were extremely aroused and as fate would have it conversation slowly drifted. “I’m not wearing any underwear,” Amber said with a cheeky smile. Amber was wearing a denim skirt and instinctively opened her legs slightly as she saw Joey’s hand leave the steering wheel and land on her knee. Slowly sliding his hand up, Amber closed her eyes, his hand finally come to rest between her legs immediately upon feeling that she in fact did not have any underwear on, his hand went straight back to the wheel… teasing her. Amber gave out a little frustrated giggle and chose to fight fire with fire, pulling her skirt up and opening her legs she gently began to rub her clit as Joey drove. This was too much for Joey for he knew that he could never beat her. Amber let out a little moan sending Joey over the edge and he pulled over. When the car had stopped her reached student sex parties porno over and immediately began pashing Amber.

They kissed for a few moments, Joey began to caress Amber’s leg getting higher each time. As he reached the top of Amber’s thigh he slid two fingers straight into the top of her wet pussy sending shock waves through her body as she bit Joey’s neck. He began fingering her faster and faster Amber was getting close as she reached over sliding her hand inside Joey’s pants rubbing him as he fingered her using his thumb against her clit. She came hard as they kissed, Joey’s fingers slowed and he placed his forehead against hers, they smiled and Joey retreated back into the divers seat, Amber followed.

Her hand was still in Joey’s pants stroking him up and down she brought his hard cock out immediately putting it into her mouth. She tickled the tip with the tip of her tongue as she gently stroked him. She began sucking harder and stroking him harder, as she took her mouth of his hard cock he came, shooting onto his stomach. After he came back down to reality she licked as much as cum as she could from his cock and stomach and Joey started the car driving back to his apartment.

When they arrived Joey grabbed Amber’s bags taking them inside for her. Amber was staying at his place for the next few days since it was an hour drive to her house and neither party felt up to an hour-long drive when Joey’s place was so close. As soon as the couple entered the apartment and Joey had put down her bags Amber ran towards him jumping into his arms forcing him down onto the bed. Amber had never been in Joey’s apartment and no matter how horny she was she couldn’t help but look around plus she loved teasing him. She explored his house as Joey just lay on the bed with a smile on his face thinking that he could get her attention by masturbating on his bed. However, Amber’s attention had been diverted to the 2 sets of hand cuffs that she found at the bottom of his bed head hidden from plain view. She slid her hand down the back of his bed immediately Joey sat up worried. Amber picked up one set of the handcuffs still attached to the bed head and smiled. Joey was worried that she wasn’t into the type of stuff he was. However what Amber did next surprised him she seductively took off all her cloths and handcuffed her left hand to the bed head and gestured Joey to cuff her right.

Joey did so with a sort of cheesy grin he had fantasized about this for years but had never met a woman who would willingly want to be submissive cuckolds porno hand cuffed and let his will be done upon her. Joey was not into extreme types of bondage however he did like mild doses. When Amber had been successfully hand cuffed to the bed head Joey blindfolded her and traced his fingertips down the entire length of her naked body. His fingers trailed down over her forehead, down her checks, over her lips, down her neck, over her chest and breasts, down her stomach, then each hand caressed down each leg. Amber began to moan as his fingers trailed her inner thighs.

He smiled and removed his cloths, knelling on the bed and cuffing her legs. Joey then when to the kitchen and found a rose that he was planning to give to Amber at the airport but had forgotten. He thought this convenient when remembering how Amber had jumped on him; he gave a little chuckle to himself picking up the rose “She will like this more anyway.” He thought to himself looking at the rose and walking back to Amber. He knelled back down on the bed placing the rose to Amber forehead.

Moving it down he placed it under her nose and let her smell its sweetness, he ran it down over her neck running it around her collarbone. Sliding it down to her breasts he ran the rose around her left nipple and then leaned down to kiss it and nibble it, then doing the same to Amber’s other breast. Moving the rose down over her stomach he circled her cute little belly button leaning in to kiss it also. He then used the rose to caress her inner thighs and over her shaved pussy. Amber’s back arched as the rose touched her clit Joey leaning in yet again and slid his tongue around Amber’s clit smiling to himself as she moaned knowing that this was only the beginning.

He put the rose on the bedside table retreating to the kitchen again to find more goodies. He took a glass from the cupboard filling it with water and ice, going back into his bedroom seeing Amber there naked was driving him crazy but they were both having such a great time.

He put the glass next to the rose and fished for an ice cube; he held the ice above her head letting the drips fall on her lips, then her breasts and lastly a few drips on her clit. Placing the ice on her forehead he let it slide down her nose, lips, neck, breasts concentrating on her nipples, then down to her pussy where he began to rub the ice against her clit. Amber immediately began to moan loudly and as she got closer Joey stopped then pushed the ice cube deep inside her Amber squealed at the unique pleasure taboo heat porno she was feeling.

Joey went to the kitchen retrieving a candle he lit it there and walked back to his bedroom. Joey knew that hot wax was one of Amber’s biggest turn on’s, he knelled on the bed again and began to drip the hot wax onto Amber’s breasts without warning. She started moaning straight away, her pelvis began to move up and down slowly as the wax dripped onto her body. He dripped the wax around her nipples and stomach, lastly he dropped one droplet from about a foot above Amber straight onto her clit, Amber screamed at the pleasure and wanted nothing more then to fuck Joey right there and then. Her clit was throbbing and her body ached for him, she began wondering weather she made a mistake but she was loving every second knowing she would have her time with him later.

Joey went into his office getting his letter opener, which was an exotic dagger; knelling beside her he used it to peel off the wax. The feel of the cold steel against her body drove her insane turning her on a lot more then she would have thought. After the wax has been removed Joey removed he leg cuffs and cautiously removed her right hand cuff, she didn’t move she just kept breathing deeply. He removed her blindfold and he opened her eyes and looked at him in awe. Her head looked to her left hand as Joey opened the cuffs.

As soon as they were open Amber leapt at him pashing him, Joey knelled with his right leg in between Ambers legs and he held her, pashing her. Amber began to press herself against his leg rubbing her wet pussy against his leg as they kissed. She pushed him down on his back kissing down his body, biting his nipples, kissing down further she took Joey’s hard wet cock into her mouth sucking it madly. He sat up stopping her and kissing her again, she just pushed him down again but this time onto the pillows where she had been laying. She knelled over his lap gently masturbating in front of him smiling, then slowly siding herself down onto Joeys cock.

She took all of him inside her as deep as he could go and then gently started to rock back and forth and in and out. She put her hands on Joey’s chest and threw her head back as she fucked him faster. Joey moaned as he begged her to fuck him, Joey then whipped her round onto her back, kissing down her neck biting and sucking it hard. Kissing down her chest he bit her nipples and kissed straight down to her clit where he began licking it fast. He slid two fingers inside her getting faster and faster until Amber told him she was getting close. He stopped and slid another piece of ice inside her followed by his hard cock.

He fucked her harder and harder, Amber began to scream as she came before Joey but not to long before. As the two slowed down Joey came to lay down beside her they looked into each others eyes and Amber Whispered to him “I Love You”.

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Just Sex

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I’m a little groggy, just barely beginning to wake up. The room is almost dark, some light coming in around the blind on the window. I realize I’m spooned up against the back of someone, flesh on flesh. I smile, remembering last night. Great sex. He ate me longer and better than anyone ever has. I had orgasms over and over. Just remembering makes me rub against him some more. And then we fucked. And fucked. Changing positions. Just terrific. I reach over his side and hunt with my fingers for his cock. A lovely strong cock. It’s erect. Hard. Feels so sexy. Do all men wake up with an erection?

I hold on to it and move back a little and push him onto his back. He makes a little noise but he’s still asleep. I get up on my knees and move around to get to it. With every thing we did last night, I never tasted him. Just feeling and seeing his really lovely big thing makes me feel sexy. I lean down, holding it, and kiss it, lick the top. I get my lips over the head and lick it some more. I have to spread my jaws really wide to start getting more of it into my mouth. I love this, it’s just what sex is all about. I get a bunch of it in but can’t swallow it all. I hold on to the rest of it with several fingers.

I suck and lick and grip with my lips and slide up a little, then take it back in again. I can feel him moving. As I suck him he feels my butt, moves his hand to slide a finger into me. He reaches with his other hand and pulls on my thigh. “Let me taste you, too,” he sort of grunts out so I move my bottom and get my leg over him. I keep on holding him and sucking him and straddle him and get my pussy somewhere near his face. I can’t believe I taste very good after last night, all his stuff and mine in there. But I can feel his tongue licking me, his finger sliding back into me. I slide up and down on his cock with my lips and tongue, jerking him off as much as I can with my hand, too.

He lasts and female agent porno lasts. My mouth is almost getting tired. But I love what he’s doing to me. I’m getting so darned aroused I can hardly stand it. I lift my bottom and almost jump, getting turned around and back over him again, my pussy sitting on his big cock. I hold it and lower myself. It feels perfect, filling me. I love this. He pushes with his hips as I move on him. I use my thigh muscles to start raising and lowering on him, fucking him. This is all just so perfect. He has hold of my waist, moves a hand up to one breast to try and hold it, play with my nipple. I just keep fucking him, bouncing on him. Harder, faster.

I’m cumming. It almost hurts it feels so good, him up in me. Then I can feel him actually getting even harder and then he’s shooting his stuff up into me. I go up and down on him a couple more times then lean forward, laying on him. I have to slide up to kiss him and his cock comes out. I lay on him and we kiss. I roll off to the side. put my arm back over him, one leg up on his leg, lean my body against him.

“You quit sucking me. You don’t like that?”

“No, I do love it. But. Well, when I was a kid I used to go with my mother to the market. We would stop at the frozen pies and she’d have me pick out one. I really like cherry pie, tangy cherry pie. And I like berry pie and cream pies and more. But I’d look at them all and wonder and then pick apple. Always apple. I liked them all but liked apple best. It’s the same with cock. I like to suck a cock. It’s sexy in my mouth. But I like having it in my vagina even more. So I started sucking you. I wanted to. I liked it. But then I realized that I really wanted to fuck you, to have it in my vagina. I was also surprised you wanted to eat me. I mean, I must have been sort of cruddy, with all the stuff from last night still there. I’m not female fake taxi porno complaining. Last night you ate me better than anyone and did it for a long time, longer than anyone ever has. I loved it. So I love it but didn’t expect you to want to do it this morning.”

“You have a delicious pussy. A beautiful pussy. I could eat you forever. I think you taste better the more aroused you get, the more you cum. So I liked your taste this morning. Sexier and stronger than when you’re clean and we’re just starting.”

I lean on top of him and kiss him. He grabs my butt. “I have to go to the john. Then I think I need a shower.” I purposely crawl over him rubbing against him and head into the bathroom. I turn on the light and look in the mirror. Crap. No make up at all, my hair all over the place. I look like Hell. I sit on the john and pee. He comes in and stands there watching me, using one hand to sort of play with himself a little. “You like watching me pee?”

“You have a gorgeous body,” he says. “Lovely tits. I should have spent more time on those last night but I guess I’m like you with cocks, I’m really a cunt man . And you have a really good one.”

I wipe myself and lean into the tub to turn the water on, then the shower. I adjust the water until it’s seems right. I step in but don’t slide the glass door shut. He steps in after me. I turn to him and put my arms around him and we kiss. I get the little bar of soap and start washing him. Not his face or hair, but his body. I get down to his waist and ask him to turn around and he does. I get his back and then kneel down to wash his butt and legs and then ask him to turn again. I wash up his legs and then get to his cock and balls. I lather them a lot and feel them and play with them as I wash them. He starts getting hard. I lean to it and kiss the head. Then stand up.

He takes the soap and glory hole secrets porno does the same to me, washing me bare handed. He spends some time on my breasts, tells me how great they are, then down onto my stomach. I turn and he does my back, like I did his, then my ass. He actually kisses my ass. Then down my legs and I turn again. He does with me like I did him and starts working on my pussy. I lift one leg and get it up on his shoulder. After the water rinses me a little he leans against me and kisses me there, then licks up and down a couple times. He looks up at me and grins.

Then he stands up, holding my leg up and uses a hand to aim his cock into me. He uses his legs to push up into me. I’ve done this before, fucking in a shower. it’s sexy. Our bodies are against one another, his pressing me against the wall. I get my other leg up, sort of on his hip, so my whole body is held up by his cock in me. As he pushes up into me, he lifts me. As he pulls back, my weight drops down some and then he lifts me again. And again and again. Nothing can be sexier. I don’t last as long as him. I must cum at least twice, maybe never stop, until he finally does, too. We hold on to one another, both all hot and bothered, our bodies locked together, the water running over us.

He finally pulls back some, sliding out of me. We maneuver around a little then get out and dry each other off. Then back out into the bedroom. “I need to get back to my place, brush my teeth, comb my hair, put on something other than what I wore last night,” I tell him and start pulling my underwear on.

He says that he needs to go, too, not pay another day for the hotel room.

I’m dressed first. I kiss him and leave. The door closes behind me. Down the hall and then I’m in the elevator going down. I smile. It was a great night. Very sexy. I don’t remember his name, wonder if I ever knew it. But I have to get home. Doug’s probably getting on an airplane right now, heading home from his business trip. I need to get cleaned up, probably get a roast in the oven. I smile some more, thinking of how horny Doug will be, gone for five days. Tonight may be even better than last night. He doesn’t eat me as good but Doug’s cock is even better than what’s his name’s was.

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Son , Nudist Mom Fuck Like Crazy! Ch. 02

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Authors note: My stories “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy” chapter 1 and 2 are actually based on reality.

On the Jerry Springer show in the United States there was a show called “I refuse to wear clothes.” Where Two gorgeous, blonde nudist named Adara and Amanda actually came on stage and stripped nude and explained to Jerry Springer and the audience that they go shopping, to the bank, and to work in the buff.

Adara and Amanda are both strippers who go nude everywhere while their boyfriends film them with camcorders. I have a tape on these nudist at my house. These nudist live in the city of Chicago to boot. You see these nudist on tape going shopping, getting in a cab, walking down the street-all in the buff.

The nudist girls say the police don’t arrest them or anything they are just turned on by all of this like everyone else. So my story with a lovely, blonde lady walking around nude is based on reality.

Plus some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that a lady could not have a child at thirteen years old. Although this is not common I have heard of at least one case of this in the United States.

Some people have also written to me in Chapter one of this story that the ladies son couldn’t be away from college for a full year without coming home at least once for Christmas.

This does not happen often but it does happen sometimes. I heard of some students in my college who did not come home for the holidays and stayed the whole year at their dorms until summer arrived again. Not everyone can go home for the holidays for whatever reason.

And last but not least Boom-booms body transformation is not common but we have all seen before and after pictures of a once obese lady turning into a gorgeous, bombshell in a short period of time havent we? So It is possible, as well as it is possible a hot mother and son romping in the sack!

If you did not like chapter one of my story it’s your choice if you want to read chapter 2 or not. If you liked chapter one. Thank you and please enjoy this one too.

Plus one final note. Many of these Literotica stories are fantasies anyway. So please just loosen up and enjoy.

We arent inventing the cure for cancer here you know. I am just trying my best to sexually entertain you with my stories here. That’s all!And please read Chapter one of this story before reading Chapter two. It will make more sense. Thank you And on with “Son & nudist mom fuck like crazy.” Chapter 2.

My name is Tommy Roberts. I just returned home from college after being away for a full year and discover that my mother, Loni Roberts has gone through a major body transformation.

My mother, who was once an ugly, fat duckling had now turned into a beautiful swan in a relatively short period of time and I loved it!

My mother Loni Roberts has gone through such a major body transformation I now nickname her Boom-Boom, because of the way her massive jugs bounce up and down when she struts.

I was sitting at the breakfast table one morning staring at Boom-boom with unscrewing eye-balls as she served me a breakfast of scrambled eggs,toast and sausage with orange juice on the side.

Boom-boom was wearing a short, small, white apron around her waist that just barely covered her succulent pussy, along with “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes on her feet.

I even caught flashes of her succulent pussy as she walked briskly back and forth from the kitchen as her apron flew up.

I just could not get enough of my mothers fresh faced, tanned, golden girl looks with big ocean blue eyes.

The rest of her body looked dynamite too, as I looked down at her Enormous twin hemispheres of flesh, with wide areole and big pink nipples, slim curvy waist, fantastic ass, endless long legs, and well- toned arms.

My Mother, Boom-boom then caught me staring at her with great lust in my eyes.

“My, my Tommy dear, your pajama pants look like someone had put a baseball bat inside of them!” she giggled.

“Did looking at your mommy’s sexy face and hot bod make you do all that?” she teased. knowing full well that it did.

“Yes, it did Boom-boom and believe me my cock not only looks like a baseball bat it is as hard as one too.” I answered back smiling.

“I am sure that it is my son, but I hope you can finish eating your breakfast with your throbbing cock just aching to be relieved like that.” Boom-boom teased.

“I will manage.” I replied, as my cock grew even harder, excited over my mom’s sexy talk.

“Thanks for saluting me with your enormous,flag son. It’s sure is flattering to see you pitching your pajama pants up like an enormous circus tent over me like that! ” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she stared at my dick twitching wildly over her.

“Don’t mention it mom. Hell! I do it all the time. It’s impossible for me not to with your voluptous body strutting around the house in the buff all the time.” I answered back smiling.

“By the way Can I have some more orange juice Boom-boom?” I asked.

“Sure you can sweetie.” grup sex Boom-boom purred.

Boom-boom then strolled over sexily to where I was sitting and casually bent over in front of me as she refilled my glass with orange juice.

As she was leaning over giving me more juice, Boom-boom gave me a full moon shot of her fantastic ass as she quickly slipped off her little white apron,letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

As soon as Boom-boom did this her fantastic, firm shapely butt-cheeks and very succulent pussy were right in my face.

I was so close to her quivering pussy and ass that I could see pre-cum glistening her pussy lips.

Boom-boom then started to wiggle her ass sexily in my face.

Sweet jesus! My mother,Boom-booms teasing was just too much for any man to take!

She was ready to fuck and so was I, As my cock instantly went like rock, as I then quickly lost my pajamas and I grabbed her curvy hips, as I put her succulent pussy right into my rock,throbbing cock as I furiously began to bang away.

“Ohhh! Yes! Baby! Yesss! Fuck your mother good with that big, fat cock of yours!” she cried as I started to fuck my gorgeous, super-stacked mother more rapidly.

“Ooohh! god! Baby! Thats it! That’s it! You are starting to hit my G-spot.” she moaned as I kept pumping away inside of her.

Boom-boom was far more energetic than any busty cheerleader that I had ever dated in my high school days when she was bouncing rapidly up and down my cock like that and I loved it.

“OOhh! fuck!” Boom-boom cried as she exploded mightily in an earth shattering orgasm that rocked her whole body wildly to and fro, making her “Fuck me” Mule sandal high heeled shoes fall completely off.

“Ohh! god! Tommy! Keep on fucking me baby cause I am coming again!” She moaned pleasurably as she orgasmed even mightier.

My cock was still as hard as rock with my mother,Boom-boom still hopping up and down on it vigorously.

“Jesus Tommy, you are doing it to me again!” Boom-boom laughed excitedly as she braced herself as a gigantic orgasm rocked her whole body.

“Wow! Tommy If you keep fucking mama like this she is going to pass out in lust!”

“Won’t you give your mama a little breather from orgasming so much?” she giggled excitedly, as she closed her eyes bracing herself for another incredible orgasm.

“OOHH! baby!” Boom-boom moaned as her body rocked again in incredible orgasm.

Boom-boom did not think her son, Tommy could possibly give her still another orgasm after giving her so many already.

It was impossible, absolutely impossible. And yet..the feeling began to sweep over her. The incredible mind-blowing buildup of a storm waiting to break as she closed her eyes to brace herself once more as “Boom!” she almost exploded so hard she almost passed out on her own sons lap while still being impaled on his massive dong, as electricity raced through her body as she orgasmed wildly again!

God! Did her son know how to fuck a woman!

Boom-boom was rocking so wildly on her sons dick that it soon triggered off his own orgasm as he came just as mightily inside of her.

“Whew! that was fun honey!” My mother, Boom boom giggled as she finally stopped rocking in pleasure, as she slowly started to get off my lap.

“Yeah, wasn’t it though.” I agreed breathlessly, as I touched her fantastic ass helping her off.

“Can I please cum for more?” Boom-boom asked laughing at her own wit.

“Yes, you can and please cum as many times as you like. I absolutely insist. I replied as we both broke out laughing.

My mother then told me to finish my breakfast as I then sat down very naked with her. Boom-boom then gave me one of her sly smiles as she stared at me.

“Tommy, I know that I have given you alot of surprises already with my great body transformation and all but I still have another surprise to spring on you.” she said excitedly.

“What’s that Boom-boom?” I asked curiously hoping that it would be a good surprise.

“Well, Tommy, since I have not seen you in a year since you have been away at college I decided that we need more of a mother and son bonding.”

“What do you call what we just did together ma?” I asked as I started to laugh.

Boom-boom started to laugh too but managed to control herself as she kept on talking. I don’t mean the sex we had together Tommy, I mean a real mother and son bonding where we go on a vacation together.

“A vacation together?” I asked.

“Yes, Tommy, I have made arrangements already to go to a clothing-optional resort in the Bahamas for two whole weeks.

“Really?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Yes, really son. There is a whole lot we can do over there like going to the beach, snorkeling, wind surfing,looking at the sights, meeting people and of course fucking our brains out in one of their fancy hotels I have paid for already.” My mother said proudly.

“That sounds great Boom-boom when do we leave?” I asked.

“We leave the day after tommorow. So pack your bags.” Boom latina fuck tour porno Boom answered sweetly.

I then looked at my mother with a sly smile of my own.

“We will both be nude at this clothing optional resort anyway so why do we have to pack any bags?” I asked laughing making her laugh as well.

“Very funny smarty pants, just bring your light summery clothes, like your shirts, shorts and sandals.” Boom boom replied still trying to control her laughter.

“And I will bring mine.”

I then dropped my fork on the ground by accident and reached under the table to pick it up. When I reached under the table to get my fork I suddennly saw my mothers long, shapely crossed legs, suddennly uncross, revealing to me her very succulent pussy, which was throbbing madly with excitement.

I could not help myself as I then lined my face up with my mothers cunt under the table as I then started to eat her sweet pussy out with my talented tongue.

“OOHH! YES! Baby! Yesss! Lick my cunt baby!” My mother,Boom-boom moaned as she soon came in many multiple, earth shattering orgasms, as my cock went up like a spring hearing her very erotic moans of pleasure.

My mothers pussy was flowing copiously as I continued licking it feverishly with my tongue.

After I brought my mother off to many orgasms. She pushed her chair back and stood up as I sat first on her chair and she sat on my rock, hard throbbing dong as we started to fuck like rabbits.

“OOHH! Baby! yess! Fuck your mother good with that massive horse sized dong of yours!” she gushed as I kept pumping excitedly away inside her pussy.

“OOHH! baby!” My mother moaned as she orgasmed mightily as I kept on pumping.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long either pumping my voluptous Mother like this as I suddennly lost total control and orgasmed wildly inside of her.

After this fuck session I then sat back on my chair again as I wiped off my fork with a napkin.

My mouth and dick felt fantastic after eating my moms pussy and fucking her like that.

I knew my mother, Boom-boom felt fantastic too because she kept making the most erotic moaning sounds you have ever heard in your whole life, as she started to put the cum from her pussy to her mouth. As soon as I saw my Mom do this my cock went like rock again pointing straight towards the ceiling.

I then stared lustilly at my mother, Boom-boom, as she stared lustilly at my very erect cock. And just when I was about to mention having sex with her again she read my mind, smiling slyly.

“Later baby ok?” she asked sweetly.

“Let’s finish breakfast first and then you can take me upstairs and bang my fucking lights out all over our water bed.” she continued.

“Ok, Boom-boom.” I replied.

“Do you think you can manage to hold off your monster cock from exploding until then?” she asked.

“Yes, Boom-boom.” I replied happily.

“Well I hope your horny mama can hold off till after we finish breakfast!” she replied giggling, as she crossed her long legs sexily and shimmied her giant boobs seductively at me, as we then enjoyed a delicious breakfast together.

After breakfast was over I helped my mother clean up as I then carried her upstairs and fucked her brains out all over the water bed!

After the sex I told my Mother that I was going to take a shower as I grabbed a wash cloth and hopped right in. I was only in the shower for a minute when I saw the shower curtains part and saw my mothers smiling at me totally nude.

“You didn’t think I was really going to let you shower all by yourself without me jumping in and joining you in the fun did you?” she laughed, huge boobs heaving.

“No, I really didn’t Boom-boom”. I answered as my cock jumped up like a spring over my very voluptous mother.

I tell you my mother looked like a playboy bunny and fucked like the energizer bunny. She had an insatiable sexual appetite.

“How did you get inside the door?” I then asked.

“With my long fingernail baby! One little turn with it in the doors keyhole opened the bathroom door right up and here I am!” she said excitedly.

“Now no more talk baby! Mommy just wants to fuck!” she said as she then hopped right into my arms, with me holding her up off of her feet, as her arms went around my neck and her long legs straddled my back, as I did what she told me to do and sank my horse sized dong right into her all to willing pussy, as we then had an hour fuck session right in our own shower together.

“OHH! Baby! Fuck your mother with that horse sized dong of yours!” she moaned as she went up and down vigorously on my cock like a pogo stick.

It was great fun watching my mothers cum pour like lava down my own cock when I was fucking her.I soon returned the favor by filling my mom’s pussy up with plenty of juice!

I gave my mother multiple orgasms in the shower as she gave me several powerful orgasms with that super-tight pussy and ass of hers.

After the shower and all the fucking I put on my clothes lezbiyen porno again, as my mother stayed nude, as we finally began to pack for our two weeks vacation in the Bahamas.

The trip to the Bahamas was only a short flight from where we lived in Florida and we were there in no time.

When we got to the clothing-optional resort we quickly checked into our hotel room and unpacked all our things. After this we went to the open-air, thatched roof bar on the beach.

Even though Boom-boom and I knew this was a clothing optional resort we were both stunned at the sight of all the naked bodies, swimming and sun bathing, But I noticed that my mother’s eyes were soon busy checking out all the muscular studs at the bar.

I wasn’t immune to all of this myself as I felt my cock begin to stir over all the lovely, nude women there. Even though most of the nude ladies were gorgeous not one of them could compete with my mother in the looks and body department. Boom-booms looks and bod were that awesome!

Boom-boom was wearing a short sleeved, white, spandex top. Her enormous, round bosom and big nipples poured out incredibly. She was also wearing tight white short-shorts with sandals on her feet while I was in a blue, short sleeved shirt, white shorts and sandals.

Boom-boom and I were the only two people wearing any clothes at this clothing optional resort and we both felt a little self conscious.

Boom-boom then began to mingle, and with her winning personality and looks I knew that she would make friends easily, as I soon noticed many of the muscular studs there with semi-erect cocks.

My mother then turned and smiled at me.

“Please, Order us some drinks son, I need to go back to the room.” she said as I nodded my head.

I drooled at my mothers fantastic body as she quickly took off her sandals and started to run back towards our hotel. Her super-sized tits jiggling all the way.

After my mother left I then began to order some drinks for us as I mingled with the lovely, nude young ladies at the bar.

In only a few short minutes I noticed out of the corner of my eye, Boom-boom walk back to the bar. When I turned my head to actually look at her, every guy there turned to look too, their once semi-erect cocks turning instantly into rock,hard throbbing monsters, as we all watched Boom-boom strut in wearing nothing at all.

Boom-boom was all smiles, gargantuan tits everywhere,big-tent pole sized nipples excitedly erect, as her long, shapely legs strutted sexily making her firm, shapely butt-cheeks sway provocatively from side to side.

My mother was an awesome sight to behold. She was the best looking and best bodied female in the place and she and everybody else knew it.

Boom-boom then smiled brightily at me.

“You know honey, I feel so much better now without any clothes.”

Why don’t you join us all?” she asked sweetly as I joined the rest of the muscular studs at the bar in growing full fledged hard-ons over my mothers super-voluptous, nude physique.

The other ladies at the bar could only look on in jealousy, knowing full well that their was no way in a million years that they could arouse so many male cocks at one time like Boom-boom could with her body!

Christ! The Bahamas bar looked like the United Nations building with all the different color flags waving over her!

All the hunky guys continued to stare and hover over my mothers fabulous, nude physique with unscrewing eye-balls, their enormous one eyed monsters pointing straight up towards the sky.

These sexy, young men could not believe how extraordinary lovely and super-curvaceous my mom was.

My mom had the most sensational pair of whopping “Jahoobies” that they ever seen in their whole lives, as my mother struck one sexy pose after another for their enjoyment,as I saw pre-cum tipping most of their dicks.

Now I was the only one in the place with clothes on, as I quickly excused myself to go back to the room and told her that I would meet her on the beach in a few minutes.

And sure enough when I returned I saw my gorgeous, super-stacked mom, as nude as can be talking to six muscular, naked studs whom she conversed with on the bar, as the other ladies continued to look on in jealousy.

Instead of being jealous of my mother being drooled over by all of these very hunky guys, I was sexually turned on over it and it made me instantly hard!

I was wondering how many of these nude men were looking at her gargantuan, round boobs and how it would feel to titty fuck her. All of them I would guess.

Boom-boom then saw me and waved for me to come over as she grabbed the arm of one particular well-chiseled, ebony Adonis.

“Honey,” she said as I reached her. “This is Jimmy Rider.”

“Jimmy is a bodybuilder like you are and has actually won a MR. Bahamas bodybuilding contest.” she said.

“He is also a wind-surfing pro.” my mother continued on proudly.

“That’s nice.” I replied smiling as I introduced myself and shook Jimmy’s hand.

“Jimmy is kind enough to teach us wind-surfing dear. What do you say?” she asked sweetly to me.

Although I am not gay I could not help noticing how gorgeous and extremely, muscular Jimmy was, along with the awesome size of his dick. Jimmy’s dick was a totally enormous, horse sized dong while still in a limp state.

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Because she had grown accustomed to me bringing her roses in the morning I wanted to surprise her. I worked late nights and always came home to my woman in the wee hours of the morn. I often stopped at a nearby gas station to grab a rose to leave on her pillow. Cuddled in her bed, a gentle smile always spread across her face as soon as she smelled the soft aroma. Looking at her beautiful smile and the way she wrapped herself in those bed sheets made me want something more. I wanted to unwrap her.

I crept softly around our bedroom so as not to wake her. She knew that I would be coming home around this time, but she likely just expected me to slide in bed behind her and drift on to sleep. Not this time, My Love. I stared at my caramel skin toned, mocha locked wearing, smiling sweet thing. I wanted to unwrap her. I wanted to taste her like she was my after work dessert. And then more.

I silently dropped my bags in the corner, disrobed, and then made my way to my side of the bed. I lifted the covers to see her round ass squeezed into her white boyshorts as she gripped her pillows. I could see the curve of the lips of her vagina pressed to the bottom of her underwear. Wearing only my boxers I slid into bed behind her.

I started by gently caressing her thighs. They were cold, calling for my warmth. I felt her body relax when she felt my touch. I rubbed her legs warming her skin then slid my hands under her shirt to touch her stomach. She purred at my touch on her flesh. I leaned closer to her and gently kissed her shoulder. I then placed my lips on her neck. She crooned amatör porno a velvet soft moan. I slid my hands further up her shirt and found my way to her soft nipples. Her nipples stiffened as I tenderly rolled my fingertips over her areolas. I had in a soft grip on her left breast and then tip-toed my hand down her stomach and inside of her underwear. I could feel the warmth coming from her mound. I felt over the soft hair of her self-proclaimed “happy trail” and couldn’t follow it fast enough. I gently touched her pearl with the tip of my ring finger. Eyes closed, she opened her mouth in a light gasp. I reached my middle finger down to touch the entrance to her sugar walls. She was already deeply wet. I slid my hand out and tasted my love on my fingertips. Ripe and juicy.

I slowly pulled her boyshorts down below her buttocks, and then down to her knees. Her legs kindly obliged, but her eyes still looked to be in a peaceful sleep. Under the cover I crawled my way down to her oh so wet spot. I bit her ass as I got between her legs. A bite followed by a kiss on her left ass cheek. Mmm she tasted like candy. I ran the tip of my tongue over her soft pink asshole and down do the creamy entrance to her pussy. I slid my tongue up to touch her clit and then back down to her warm pussy hole. I sucked on her labia lips from behind. I slurped on her pussy as I drank her juices. I slipped my tongue in and out of her soft womanhood. In and out. In and out. Each glide left my tongue sticky with cream. I loved the taste of my love. She slapped her hand on the bed sheets anal porno in delight to me pleasuring her. Ironically, she stilled looked to be asleep. Either she was playing possum or deep in blissful dream.

I licked my way from her pussy up to her asshole and licked that soft twist between her bottom. She shivered at the sensation. I rubbed on her ass cheeks as I licked her hole. Then went to biting one cheek then the other, kissing, biting, kissing, rubbing. Her ass was so soft it pleasured me just to touch it. My manhood was stiff poking into the bed in wait to be inside her. It was time.

I slid closer to her in a spooning position so that she could feel my stiff manhood pressed between her ass cheeks. I kissed her shoulder passionately gently nibbling on the skin on the nape of her neck. Somewhat instinctively, since her eyes were still closed, she saddled her ass into my pelvic area slowly grinding her ass on my hard wood. I reached down and rubbed my erect tip against her wet pussy. Pressing my arrow against her clit and feeling her tender wetness, I shivered at the sensation. I wanted to be inside her. I rubbed my dick around to find the gentlest way to enter my love. Sliding inside her wet pussy was like diving into a sea of fantasy.

… … …

I stroked in and out of my love queen slowly. She curved her back and received my stroke. Her warm lips locked around my dick, her ass cheeks sheathing my shaft. I was in heaven. Her moans were silk falling into the air and wrapping me in her sensuality, pleading me to stroke deeper. Who ana breakers porno was I to not satisfy my queen? I slid deeper and deeper into her pressing against her sugar walls. Knocking on her door asking her cum to come out and play. A few deep strokes later, who was she to not oblige? I felt her warm creaminess gush onto my dick as I stroked inside her. My queen grabbed a fistful of covers in her orgasm. Her ass bounced as she came. Grabbing her soft breasts, I continued to slide in and out of her. But she stopped me.

She turned her head around to look back at me and used a come-hither finger motion to call my lips to hers. I wanted to taste her lips and she wanted to taste the sweetness of her lips on my lips. We shared a passionate kiss, twirling tongues. She sucked on my bottom lip and then used her lips to pull my tongue into her mouth. She sucked on my tongue as if she was sucking on my manhood. She reached her hand down and grabbed my dick and pulled me out of her pussy. As good as it felt to be inside her I actually didn’t want her to go down on me. Instead, she spat on her hand and rubbed her spit onto my dick. She then rubbed the tip of my dick up and down between her ass cheeks and then pointed me at her asshole. She slid her ass back to receive my dick as I grabbed her waist and pushed inside her. She gasped.

I stroked her deeply, Squeezing and spreading her ass cheeks as I penetrated her. She was awake now. Her moans were getting louder and louder as I pushed into her tight asshole. The light of the sun could be seen yawning its way over the horizon and creeping into our bedroom through our window. With my lips at her ear I whispered to her “Baby, I’m about to cum”. In her sultry siren voice she moaned to me “Come inside.” She pushed her ass back deep onto my dick. We both shivered at the sensation as I came inside her ass. Juicy.

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Seasons with Samantha: Autumn

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This is the second part of my Seasons With Sam series, as with the first part Summer this has been revised but nothing’s changed except the title and the some grammatical errors.

Story first, sex second.


Extract from the Video Blog ‘Relationships’ Part 2 by Bryce Dawltry.

There’s a song, maybe you know it, by a band called The Buzzcocks. There’s a line that goes ‘Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with.’ That’s essentially my relationship with Sam, she fell in love with me when she shouldn’t have because I didn’t love her back the same way.

My name is Bryce Dawltry and the dumbest thing I ever did was fall in love with a girl called Samantha Wyllie.

When I didn’t really love her at all.

Chapter 6: All The Evil.

It had been almost a fortnight since Bryce and Sam had been together and they were thinking about what to do after the summer. When they returned home they told Mary and John about their plans to find an apartment together, they were a little scared about letting their daughter go but they knew there was no-one better than her cousin to protect her.

Ever since they came back Sam and Bryce hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other, alone with Mary and John at work they had resumed their lovemaking session from the Lake House. At least it was lovemaking for Sam, she was overjoyed to have finally found someone she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, Bryce on the other hand, still couldn’t see that far into the future.


I loved Sam, I always have but I wasn’t in love with her like she was with me and I hated it. I wanted to feel the same way, to hold her in my arms and know I wouldn’t see anyone else but I didn’t.


With help from Sam’s parents Sam and Bryce managed to find a few good apartments but with the rent and deposit resting on their shoulders they had to get jobs, Sam managed to get a waitressing gig down at a local cafe while Bryce had his friend Jonathan Moreno put a good word in for him at the town’s hardware store.


I’ve mentioned Johnny before, said he was my best friend, we’d known each other since primary. I was one of only a few people that knew about Johnny’s past, he doesn’t like to talk about it since it was a difficult time for him, still is. He’s the oldest of three children, he has a brother, Vincent, who was two years younger than him and a sister, Lori, two years younger than that. Their mother ran out on them when Johnny was 8 leaving them to grow up with an abusive and violent father, when he wasn’t using Johnny or Vincent as a punching bag he was doing unspeakable things to Lori. There was one night, when Johnny was 17, that is now referred to as ‘All The Evil’ that everything kicked off, fed up with how his father was treating him and his siblings, Johnny tried to stand up to his father, it didn’t go well. Johnny ended up nearly getting the shit kicked out of him, his father would have killed him if not for Lori attacking her father with a hammer, it wasn’t fatal but it got his attention. Johnny was drifting in and out on consciousness and it took him a good ten minutes to regain composure, when he did he saw his father assaulting his sister in a way no father should ever do to their daughter. He managed to pull him off her but then the beatings started again and this time Lori was stuck, traumatised on the floor. By a stroke of luck he managed to grab the hammer Lori had used and hit back, only he hit back several times, by the time he fell into unconsciousness from sheer exhaustion his father was dead and his head destroyed. When Johnny woke two days later he was told Vincent had run away, no-one knew where he was, Lori was in psychiatric care for what her father did to her and would remain there for several years and that he was to be questioned over the murder of his father. Johnny wasn’t convicted since it was self-defence but now, with no parents, a missing brother and a sister two steps away from being a vegetable, it was only Johnny. He has nightmares about ‘All The Evil’ which keep him up at night, we use to meet up in the city centre at about 1, 2 in the morning and mess around.


Bryce was starting his first day at the hardware store, it was a Monday so it was mostly quiet. When he arrived he found Jonathan and another boy messing around in the kitchen area of the store, Bryce didn’t recognize the boy but he approached them anyway.

“Bryce, how you doing?” Jonathan welcomed his long time friend.

“Alright Johnny, not much happening though.”

“Ah it’s Monday morning, most cunts are at work, it’ll get busier this afternoon but not much. Oh Bryce this is T.J. Gallagher, a friend and fellow worker, T this is Bryce Dawltry, he’s been through a lot with me so treat him well.”

Bryce and the other boy shook hands. “T.J., that stand for something?”

“Tyler, but I forget what the J stands for, Jacob or Jarvis, something beginning with J a. Your surname’s Dawltry right?”


“You any relation to Caleb Dawltry, around your fake hospital porno age, brain problems, has a sister called Billie?”

“Yeah he’s my cousin, our fathers were brothers. I don’t see much of them though.”

“Shame really, Caleb’s a good friend of mine, I actually dated Billie for a while.”

“Well you probably know them better than me. Shouldn’t we be working here?”

“Fuck it.” Jonathan spoke up quickly. “The bosses know there ain’t much to do in the mornings they don’t give a fuck. I need a smoke I’m going outside.”

T.J. and Bryce followed Jonathan outside to the garden area of the store, Jonathan takes out a cigarette and lights it. “So how was your holiday with Sam?”

“Uh it was good, not much to do but nice to get away, just the two of us.”

“Who’s Sam?” Asked T.J.

“My cousin, although she’s more like a sister to me.”

“Lucky, I’ve got a sister but she’s more like a ghost the amount of times I see her. I take it you’re pretty close then.”

“You fucking bet they are.” Jonathan chipped in with a lecherous comment.

“Fuck off Johnny. I love Sam alright but she’s still my cousin.”

“Well sorry Bryce but I assumed since you weren’t with anyone you might succumb to temptation all alone with that hot piece of ass.”

“JOHN. Seriously stop that.”

“Lighten up Bryce. You know I’m only joking.” Jonathan turned to T.J. “I like to tease Bryce, he hasn’t had any action in so long it gets funnier the longer he waits.”

“Fuck you Johnny, it’s only been seven months since I broke up with Paige…”

“Still funny.”

“…And I’m not seeing anyone else on my own accord. I’m done with relationships for a long while.”

“Oh god not this again. Be warned T you get Bryce started on relationships he’ll go on and on.”

“Really, what’s your problem with them?”

Jonathan threw his hands up in defeat and walked away.

“Relationships only hurt people, no matter what you do you’ll only get hurt or hurt someone else. They never work.”

“You’ve never been in a fucking relationship.” Jonathan yelled across the yard.

“What about Elizabeth, what about Paige?”

“A real relationship, you went out with them just to fuck them they don’t count.”

“Don’t count my ass.”

T.J. chuckled “You really are Caleb’s cousin aren’t you? You share the same cynicism as him. I have to disagree with you about relationships though, I’m actually getting married next month.”

“Married? Let me guess, you knocked her up after one date so you’re doing the ‘right’ thing.”

“Almost, we’ve been together seven years, I knocked her up two years ago, we have a daughter and I’m doing what I want to.”

“Seven years? So you’ve been with each other, since… how old are you?”

“Almost 20.”

“Since the start of high school. How the fuck did you manage that?”

“Relationships work when you want them to.”

Jonathan came back, he threw his finished cigarette on the floor. “We’re done for break, the first customers are here. Get to work.”


T.J. was a mystery to me, he went against everything I thought about relationships, he was proof they do work. He became a close friend at the store and even introduced me to his fiancée and daughter, he really did seem to have a hand on everything. More than I did anyway.


Around the middle of July Bryce and Sam were invited by Sam’s band-mate Rachel McCormack to her cousin Daniel’s party, not having anything else to do they decided to go to it. They arrived around the middle of the party, most people were already drinking, drunk enough to dance without care but not drunk enough to fall over each other. Sam left Bryce to talk to Rachel and more of her friends so Bryce spent the night chatting with different people he knew around the house, one such person was a massive surprise.

A girl’s voice behind Bryce caught his attention. “You seem familiar. Have we met?” Bryce turned around, there he saw his cousin Billie Dawltry sitting by a table.

Bryce hugged Billie “Hey Billie, God I haven’t seen you in years.”

“You should visit more often.”

“I know but I’ve got so much free time I don’t have time to do anything if you get me.”

“I know, so what you up to these days?”

“Not much you know, taking a year out before starting Uni, not much else happening.”

“You sound just like my brother.”

“How is Caleb by the way, how’s he coping with the brain problems.”

“Well, he’s coping. He dropped out of school as well as soon as he heard about his brain and started writing, he’s quite successful but he still has headaches.”

“At least he’s surviving. Is he here?”

“Nah, Cay’s not a big fan of parties, too many people faking sympathy.

“So you here alone or..?”

“No actually I’m waiting on my friends, I came here with a boy in my Uni, Vincent Moreno.”

“Vincent? I know him, well I’m friends with his brother, he hasn’t heard from Vincent in ages, he ran away after Johnny killed fake taxi porno their father.”

“That explains a lot actually, Vincent’s always been a little odd.”

“Well it was nice catching up, but I’ve got to get back to Sam.”

“Oh is Sam here? I’ll have to catch her before she leave.”

“I’ll send her over your way. Nice seeing you again.”

“Same here cuz.”

Billie and Bryce hugged each other quickly then Bryce left back to Sam, she was with Rachel McCormack and a shy girl, Leanne Martin — both of whom were in Sam’s band — and another boy Bryce didn’t recognize.

“So, little brother, who was the girl you were chatting up?” Sam asked with just a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“That was our cousin, Billie.”

“Billie? I haven’t seen her in years. Remind me to talk to her before we leave.”

“Sure.” Bryce turned to the new boy. “And who are you?”

Rachel spoke up. “This is James Morrison, he’s a close friend.”

“Rachel helped save me from myself a long time ago. I owe her everything.”

“Really? You two..?”

James and Rachel looked at each other embarrassedly. “No.” Said Rachel after a few seconds too long. “No there isn’t, we’ve been friends a long time but we’re not planning on going further.”

“Well we’ll see.”

“JAMES. Don’t say that.”

James looked at Bryce with a look reading ‘You get what I mean?’ Bryce only nodded. Rachel turned to Sam.

“So did Rent-Boy leave you a message as well?”

“Yeah, it fuckin sucks.”

“Who’s Rent-Boy?” Asked Bryce.

“Marcus Renton.” Answered Sam. “Remember that bass player I told you about, the one that broke his arm?”


“Him, he was in our band but he phoned us a few days ago saying he can’t play anymore. It’s a sad thing because he was one of the best bassists’ we’ve ever had. But we can use Leanne until we find a new one so it’s not all lost.”

“Why’d you call him Rent-Boy?”

“Mostly to piss him off but also because he’s gay. Don’t worry little brother, he’s open about it and doesn’t mind the jokes but we do enjoy ripping him.”

The girls laughed and drank in memory of the friend, now gone in a figurative sense.

The night went by quicker than Bryce had expected, he, Sam and their friends drunk, danced and laughed with each other, Billie joined them for a while — Vincent oddly nowhere to be found — before leaving to wait for her friends. After a few hours the party was winding down, most people were too drunk to do much else except fall down and sleep, the gang of five hid in the corner. James reached into his pockets and pulled out a small bag full of a leafy green substance, immediately everyone knew what it was.

“Jesus James. Where the fuck did you get that?” Bryce asked, shocked at the bag of weed in front of him.

“I use it as a substitute so I always have some on me.”

“Substitute for what?”

“Coke.” James didn’t even blink, he just openly admitted that all while rolling a joint. “I told you, Rachel saved me, a lot of shit happened to me when I was younger. After my brother killed himself I got caught up in a bad crowd and one thing led to another, I don’t like to talk about it.”

Rachel put her arm over James’ shoulder, she obviously knew about his past.

“I have a friend like you, Johnny Moreno, his past was pretty shit as well.”

“Moreno? I knew a Moreno in my bad days, cunt called Vincent.”

“You know Vincent?”

“Knew him, he was with me the whole time I was high, helped me pay for my addiction. But despite his so-called friendship it was what he did that made me realise I’d gone too far.”

“What’d he do?”

“Got a girl fucked on drinks and drugs then fucked her unconscious body in an alleyway.”

“Jesus. Honestly though I’m not surprised, Johnny’s always warning me how bad his brother is. I think I heard he’s here but I haven’t seen him.”

James put down the fourth and final joint. “If he is I want to avoid that motherfucker like the plague.”

Putting the past behind them the gang each took a joint from James’ stash, all had hits apart from Rachel, like Sam she was from a Catholic upbringing but she wasn’t as liberal as Sam was, as the weed got to their heads the conversation turned — again for Sam and Bryce — towards religion.

“I’ll tell you where I stand.” Said James in the middle of the conversation. “I’m not religious, no fuckin way, but I do believe everything has a purpose, so many things happen, good, bad, great, shit, so many things happen that I can’t just accept that it’s all random. Everything happens for a reason, good and bad it’s still a reason. For example, my brother killed himself so that I would fuck up my life and I would fuck up so that I would finally realise how important Rachel is to me.”

“My dad shares the same view.” Piped in a blushing Rachel. “Only he believes it’s all the work of the Lord.”

“Nice to see the good reverend has some sense, I don’t buy that everything is the work of some old bastard in the clouds. family stroke porno But I also can’t acknowledge that everything is for chance.”


James ramblings had a profound effect on Sam and me, maybe everything does happen for a reason, Sam had used the same logic during our first time together saying that God had made it so we should fall in love. Admittedly I was still sceptical but I was starting to see what she was thinking.


After a few minutes of mindless chatter another girl, Natalie Adams, the girlfriend of party host Daniel, came up to the group looking worried.

“Hey guys, Rach, have any of you seen Danny?”

“What the hell has my brain-dead cousin done now?” Rachel sounded furious at Daniel.

“I don’t know Rach, I can’t find him.”

“Sorry but we haven’t seen him.”

“Right, thanks.” Natalie left in a hurry to ask more people where her boyfriend was.

“I swear my cousin doesn’t realise how lucky he is to have a girl like Nats. Flaming tard that he is.”

“That’s not a nice thing to say about your family.” Leanne spoke one of her few lines of the night.

“I don’t care Leanne, Daniel’s a fool, I’m surprised this relationship has lasted this long with him at the front of it all.”

“He’s got a good girl beside him.”

Everyone looked at me, Sam especially, my comment seemed to have struck a chord with her. Rachel shrugged her shoulders. “I guess.”

Suddenly there was a loud bang from upstairs, everyone still conscious in the house looked towards the stairs. Natalie came barging down and out the house, her eyes filled with tears, a half-drunk Daniel came bounding after her, nearly tripping as he tried to get trousers on in a hurry and also went out the house. They were followed by a nearly naked girl called Katie, a well known slut, everyone had a good idea what had happened and rushed out to follow Natalie and Daniel.

“Get the fuck away from me Daniel.”

“Nats, slow down will you, I’m sorry alright it was nothing. Nats I was drunk I thought she was you.”

“How could you think I that bitch, at what point did you think I became plastic.”

“Nats I was near unconscious on the bed, she said nothing and I assumed it was you I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact that you fucked her.”

Natalie said nothing else, she just turned and left Daniel standing in his driveway with an audience for his lowest moment. He slowly turned back to the house, Katie made her way through the audience and walked towards Daniel.

“Oh baby, you don’t need her. I’ll take good care of you.”

In that second something in Daniel snapped. He punched Katie in the face, breaking her nose.

“You stupid cunt, you’ve ruined the best thing I’ve ever had because you couldn’t go five minutes without someone fucking you.” Daniel looked up and saw the shocked crowd. “Shows fucking over, fuck off home all of you.”

Nobody was going to argue with him, everyone headed off home their own way. Rachel and James decided to walk back on their own, Leanne had an uncle nearby so she would head there and have her father pick her up, Bryce wanted to say goodbye to Billie but he just missed her leave with Vincent. That just left him and Sam to drive back.

“You good to drive?” He asked her. “I’m still a little zoned out from the weed.”

“No problem little brother.”

Sam gladly took the wheel of the car, the price for a drive home was that she would tease Bryce endlessly about his being a lightweight when it came to weed, she obviously being far more tolerant to it. Bryce took the teasing with a pinch of salt and joined in the laughter with Sam, however he found his eyes drifting down to her chest where he could see the edge of her bra cup. He thought back to the party and wondered if Sam had undone a couple of buttons.

The house was surprisingly quiet when they got back, Sam headed into the kitchen and found a note on the fridge from her father.

‘Sam, your grandpa’s in the hospital, nothing serious just a fall he had. Your mother and I are going up to see him and make sure he’s safe. We don’t know when we’ll be back, most likely tomorrow afternoon. Don’t stay up late and make sure the house is clean by the time we’re back. Dad.’

A wicked though was born in Sam’s mind; with the house to themselves for the next several hours her and Bryce could get up to some mischief. Smiling impishly she turned round and looked at Bryce, no words were spoken but Bryce could tell from the note in her hand and the look on her face what she was thinking. Sam dropped the note, ran up to her cousin, grabbed his face and kissed him hard, it had been so long since she’d had the chance to show him her love she was determined to make up for that.

Bryce himself was having a change of heart, all the guilt he’d had about stringing Sam along washed away, he shared her love, he had been a fool. Before Bryce noticed Sam had dropped her trousers and was starting on her panties, Bryce thought it stupid not to join her. He pulled down his trousers and boxers down with one move, his already hard dick waiting for the go-ahead from Sam. Looking down at her cousin’s excitement the smile on Sam’s face grew, she took Bryce’s cock with her hand and guided it towards her pussy, already dripping wet, she had hated how long they’d had to wait more than Bryce.

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Self(ie) Motivation

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“See? I told you.” Bella shifted sideways and made room for Vince as they peered through the gap in the curtains. Her twin brother hadn’t believed her at first, but now there was no denying the evidence as they watched the scene unfold.

There had been whispers about Glenda Willis ever since she and her husband Mark first moved into next door seven months ago, but mostly it had been put down to wishful thinking by the men, and sour grapes from the women. Sure, she liked to flirt and waggle her ass when guys were watching, and she wasn’t afraid to show as much tit as was legally decent, but on the rare occasions anyone dared ask about her rumoured dalliances, she merely flashed them a saucy grin, refusing to confirm or deny. There were also those who suggested that if Mark spent as much time with his mouth on his wife’s big nipples as on the neck of a bottle, there would be nothing to gossip about.

Then a few nights ago Bella has been making out in the dark of an adult movie theatre, or more accurately she had been looking alternately at the action on the screen, and the action around her whilst her date fondled her boobs and tried to insinuate his other hand into her jeans. Suddenly she pushed him away and sat bolt upright in her seat. Further along the row, her profile intermittently lit by the flickering screen, Glenda Willis was slouched in her seat with a man’s face buried between her not quite naked breasts, and his hand under her skirt. It was impossible to see who she was with, but from the slight build Bella knew it sure as hell wasn’t her bull of a husband. After a couple of minutes the guy raised his head and whispered to Glenda, and the pair rose and headed away along the row in the direction of the exit.

Consumed by curiosity, Bella thought fast. “Oh damn,” she whispered urgently to her date, the lie coming easily. “My monthly just started. Give me a couple of minutes.” Grabbing her purse she headed towards the rest rooms, and slipped out through the side exit, just in time to see her quarry climb into a cab. Running to her car, she slid behind the wheel as the cab purred past, and she eased into the traffic a couple of cars behind. She had no idea where they were going, but she just had to find out who Glenda was with, so she followed. To her surprise she realised they were heading towards their home, so she eased off the throttle and took a short cut through the back streets, knowing that taxis always took the longer route to ‘pad’ the meter. She was pulling into the double driveway behind her brother’s car when the cab turned the corner, and she dashed into the house and straight to Vince’s room.

“Quick Vince,” she panted, “Glenda just brought a guy home. Let’s see if we can see who it is.”

Hastily tucking the glossy magazine he had been looking at under his pillow, he followed his sister outside in time to see a single light come on in the main bedroom of the house next door. Hidden from the road by a flowering cherry plum tree, the pair peered through a narrow gap in the curtains to see their neighbour’s visitor sitting naked on the bed, with his back to the window as he watched her remove her bra before stepping out of her panties, her mouth slack with lust as he pushed a finger into her vagina.

“Holy shit, look at the size of those tits.” Vince whispered. “Those nipples are fucking enormous.”

Bella felt a nagging suspicion as she watched, a suspicion that was confirmed moments later when the couple exchanged places. The watching twins gasped in shock to see the grinning face of Rick, Glenda’s twenty five year old son. Apparently he had escaped his wife for a while, and now he was eagerly mauling his mother’s tits as he jammed his cock into her pussy.

“Fuck, that is so hot!” Vince panted, tearing feverishly at his sister’s jeans, pushing them down to her knees along with her panties. Eyes riveted on the erotic action inside the room, Bella braced her hands against the window frame, grunting as her brother’s cock drove into her wet pussy. This was even better than the first time they had fucked, just over a year ago on their eighteenth birthday, and she pushed back as her orgasm crashed through her, sending her cum pouring down the insides of her thighs. All too soon it was over, and Vince was pumping his cum into her cunt as Rick collapsed on top of his mother.

At home ten minutes later they sat grinning at each other. “Christ, that was awesome,” Vince whispered. “Everyone figured someone was fucking her, but nobody could have imagined it was her own son.”

Bella nodded. “Yeah, it was a bit of a shock.” She looked at him for a moment, then, “Would you do it with Mom?”

He shrugged. “Sure, but it’s never gonna happen so it’s not worth thinking about. How about you with Dad?”

“Yeah why not? I used to think about it a lot before you and me started fucking. Remember a few years ago when they went to that club every month until about three years ago?”

Vince had a vague recollection of a period of around six months, when his twitter porno parents had a night out every few weeks, but at the time he hadn’t taken much notice. He nodded uncertainly, wondering where this was leading.

Assuming that he knew all about it, Bella continued. “Well when they came home I used to stand outside their door listening to them talking. Dad would tell her which women he had fucked that night, and she told him which men had fucked her.”

Her brother gaped at her stunned. This was the first he had heard about it. Their oldies had always seemed so proper and respectable, so it was hard to get his head around the idea of them acting like that. “You’re kidding aren’t you? How come you never said anything?”

“I figured you already knew. Anyway afterwards I would lie in bed playing with myself, and imagining mine was one of the cunts he stuck his cock into.”

Vince sat shaking his head in disbelief. “I’ll be fucked.”

His twin giggled at his unintended pun. “Maybe you will at that. Mom may not be as unattainable as you think. Come to that, Dad might not be either. If we work it right. We’ll just have to change their attitude towards incest.”

The thought of his mother spreading her legs for all and sundry was giving him a hard on, and grabbing Bella’s hand he dragged her to her room. This time as he thrust into her, in his mind’s eye it was his Mom he was fucking, his Mom’s tits in his mouth as she heaved up to meet him. When they finished they put their heads together, and by bedtime they had worked out a rough plan on how to help each other achieve their aim, agreeing that patience was the key.

The next day, Saturday, they both had a chance to lay the groundwork. Vince and his father were cleaning the pool ready for the summer, and the women were busy spring cleaning the house. Trying to keep his voice neutral, he asked “What do you think of incest Dad?” As soon as the words were out he knew he had the answer. From the way Kevin stiffened and avoided his eyes it seemed clear that he had thought about it before now.

“What made you ask that?” he muttered.

“Oh I dunno really. I heard on the grapevine that Rick next door was giving it to Glenda. I mean everyone reckons she’s getting it somewhere, so that could be the answer.”

His father relaxed visibly, so Vince knew he had at least partially taken the bait, and his reply seemed to confirm it. “Anything is possible I suppose. I can’t say I’d blame him if he was. The way she puts everything on display would give the Pope a hard on. Anyway, they are consenting adults, so what they do behind closed doors is their business.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” It seemed significant that he hadn’t actually said he was against incest, but it was better not to push it. Vince knew Bella was almost certainly having a similar conversation with their mother, so having sewn the seeds the only thing to do was wait. And hope. He let the matter drop, and started packing away the pool equipment, before heading in for lunch. As they took their places at the table, Bella flashed him a grin and a conspiratorial wink, which he returned with a discreet ‘thumbs up.’

Nobody said much during the meal, and although he told himself it was only his imagination, Vince had the feeling that his mother Jenny was studying him thoughtfully when he wasn’t looking. What was more, he had definitely never before noticed Kevin looking at his daughter the way he seemed to be now. Wishing he could read his parents’ minds, but relieved that they couldn’t read his, he looked from his mother to his sister. The memory of how Jenny’s image had superimposed itself on Bella when they had fucked yesterday made his cock stiffen, and he pushed away from the table.

“Come on Sis, I need a hand getting the pool chairs out and dusted.”

Her thoughts appeared to mirror his own, and without the customary protestations she followed him outside. Out of sight of their parents, she turned to face him, the glint in her eyes matching the gleam in his. Her arms entwined around his neck, and she leaned back against the fence behind the shed, pulling him to her as he pushed his cock up through the leg of her micro shorts. “Oh god,” she gasped as she pushed back at him. “What did you say to Dad? Did you see the way he was looking at me? He looked ready to swallow my tits, bra and all.”

Her brother laughed without breaking his rhythm. “Yeah I noticed, but that was all down to him. All I did was ask him what he thought of incest, because I’d heard that Rick was sticking it to his ma.” He gave a final thrust as he pumped his cum into Bella’s cunt. “I wish Mom had looked at me the way Dad was looking at you though.”

She adjusted the crotch of her shorts over her cum filled hole. “Give her time. She’s not as outgoing as Dad. It will take her a while for the idea to sink in.”

They distributed a few plastic chairs around the pool and returned to the house just in time to catch the tail end of a conversation. “… not suggesting xhamster porno you do anything Jen. All I’m saying is I heard that Rick is screwing his mother. I don’t even know if it’s true, but if it is it sounds kinda hot in a weird way.”

“I can see how a man might think it’s hot Kevin, because let’s face it most guys have different moral standards, but I’m not sure I could do the incest thing myself.”

“Yeah, fair enough hun. It’s your call, but remember you felt much the same about swinging before you tried it, so you c…” He broke off when the twins entered the room, so anything else he may have been about to say went unsaid.

Vince hid his elation at what he had managed to hear. Unknowingly, his father had been pleading his son’s case, so that might help in the future. More importantly, his mother hadn’t actually rejected the idea. She had only said she wasn’t sure.

In the course of the next couple of weeks he worked on her patiently, complimenting her on her general appearance, and initiating the occasional not too improper ‘accidental’ contact. She had flinched away at first, but by the end of the first week she accepted it provided it wasn’t too blatant or intimate. Almost imperceptibly her acceptance morphed into expectation, still within limits, and he eased off a little to allow her time to start missing the odd touch here and there.

The first overt move didn’t come until the weekend. Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny, and Kevin’s suggestion that they have an afternoon poolside barbecue was met with enthusiasm. His added suggestion that they invite Glenda and Mark was less enthusiastically greeted by Jenny, mainly because if it warmed up enough for swimming, she didn’t want her own modest figure compared unfavourably with that of their slightly younger huge busted neighbour.

It was as she was knocking on Glenda’s door to ask her and Mark over that Jenny realised her real problem. The difference in their figures was just an excuse. What really concerned her was losing Kevin. If what she had heard was true, a woman so desperate for sex that she did it with her own son would hardly draw the line at stealing another woman’s husband, especially when her own husband was usually too drunk to perform.

It wasn’t the thought that Kevin might fuck Glenda that bothered her, it was who she was and where she lived. In the half year they were swinging before the novelty wore off, they had both fucked more people than they could count, but that didn’t matter because most of them they never saw again, and the rest they saw once a month at most. This was different. They saw each other most days, even if it was only over the fence between the houses. If Glenda discovered what a great fuck Kevin was she might want more and more, and he was not the sort of man who could turn it down if it was served on a platter.

Glenda accepted the invitation readily, but it took the lure of free booze to persuade her husband, and when the pair turned up Jenny fought to hide her resentment. Mark had changed into casual slacks and a polo shirt, but his wife was an eye popper, in a bikini top that looked at least two sizes too small to contain her voluptuous breasts, and bottoms that barely covered her mound. The effect wasn’t missed by anyone, least of all by Vince who stared openly. To Jenny’s surprise and relief, after a brief appraisal Kevin looked across at his spouse, rolling his eyes to the heavens.

Mark took a seat beside the spa end of the split pool, and nodded his thanks when Vince handed him a beer before dropping into a chair beside him. Minutes later Bella emerged from inside the house, wearing a somewhat less revealing bikini, and suddenly feeling overdressed for the occasion, Jenny went inside and donned a modest one piece swimsuit. Abandoning his futile attempts to strike up a friendly conversation, Vince took a pull of his beer and studied the three women. Bella and Glenda were undoubtedly eye candy, but there was something appealing about his Mom’s demure outfit that kept drawing his eyes. He quickly sought the the pool when he felt a stirring in his groin, and after the cool water calmed him a little he climbed out, looking guiltily at his mother, who smiled in amusement.

Unable to meet her eyes he shifted his gaze to his father, hoping he hadn’t noticed, and breathed a sigh of relief to see his Dad hunched over in his chair to conceal a growing erection as he stared at Bella. Jenny saw where her husband was looking, but she couldn’t feel too resentful because if he was admiring his daughter, at least he wasn’t ogling the big titted slut from next door. Besides, she herself was having trouble keeping her eyes off her son’s cock, outlined under his wet shorts, not that there was any harm in looking. This was something else she could blame on Glenda. If they hadn’t found out that Rick was screwing her — it was strange how idle gossip had become fact in her mind — it would never have occurred to Jenny to look at her own son in that way, xnnx porno and she was pretty sure that Kevin wouldn’t be drooling over their daughter’s pussy. At least she didn’t think he would be.

Vince was feeling rather smug as he stretched out on a garden lounge. Through half closed eyes he could see his Mom struggling to keep her eyes from wandering to his dick, and over the rim of her glass Glenda was enjoying the same view. He watched as Jenny took a long drink. ‘That’s the way Mom,’ he thought. ‘Get a couple of drinks down you and I’ll step things up a notch.’

Kevin stood up suddenly and moved towards the pool. “Oh well, I’ll just have a quick dip, and then I’ll start the barbecue.”

“Good idea,” Jenny retorted ambiguously, suspecting that he was more concerned with subduing his stiff cock than with cooking. “Come on Vince, I could use a hand fetching the steaks and stuff from the kitchen.”

He allowed her a couple of minutes before following her inside. Covering a platter of steaks with a tea towel to keep off the flies, she picked it up with both hands and held it out. “Here, take this to your father.” Ignoring the platter he reached past it and brushed his palms across her breasts. She looked down at his hands in shock. Every other contact in the past two weeks could have been passed off as accidental, but this was blatant and she felt she had to say something. “Vincent! I’m your mother!” She tried to sound stern, but she was unable to keep the tremor out of her voice, and

with a faint smile, he took the platter from her nerveless fingers and took it out to the barbecue area.

Jenny struggled to regain her composure, then followed with the salads and cutlery, knowing she had to avoid being alone with him. Not because she didn’t want him to touch her again, but because she did and it was wrong in so many ways.

After they had eaten Bella put her own plan into action, wandering around taking candid snaps with her smart phone as everyone took to the pool. When she decided she had enough to suit her purpose, she casually placed the phone on the chair beside her father’s and jumped into the water beside her brother. Glenda chose that moment to climb out of the pool, and stand grinning down at the expression on Vince’s face as he gaped for an instant at the wet fabric clinging to her mound in a perfect camel toe, before she turned away in search of another drink.

Seconds later Bella nudged him as their father heaved himself from the water and collected a fresh drink and returned to his chair. “Keep an eye on Dad.” she whispered. It took a few minutes for Kevin to notice the phone, then he picked it up and began scrolling through the snaps. He flicked through almost disinterestedly until suddenly his eyes widened, and he looked sharply towards the pool. “That’s the one!” Bella giggled. “I took a selfie when I was getting changed.”

Realising he had been caught, their father hastily put the phone back on the seat and made a show of looking round for his beer. The image of his daughter standing before her bedroom mirror, with the camera held below her firm breasts, naked as the day she was born, with her pussy as bald as the day she was born burned into his brain. He hunched over again to hide his erection, not daring to move for several minutes, until it subsided enough for him to risk standing and drop back into the relief of the cold water.

As dusk fell and the temperature dropped, one by one everyone transferred to the warmer water of the heated spa. Figuring it was time to up the ante, Vince slid in between his Mom and his sister, and under cover of the steam of the spa he slipped his hand down to cup Jenny’s sex. She froze for an instant, then pushed him away. “No Vince,” she protested in a quavery whisper. “Your father …” He withdrew his hand immediately and she sighed, relieved that he had given up, but disappointed that he had given up so easily.

About ten minutes later Bella nudged him. “I need to pee.” As she climbed from the spa, the pressure he had been trying to ignore in his own bladder became too much. He knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on until his sister finished in the toilet, so he sneaked into the shadows between the shed and the fence.

“I wish women could do that.” The slightly slurred voice startled him as he was shaking the last drops, and he turned to see Glenda close behind him, swaying slightly on her feet and peering at his cock.

“Do what?”

“Pee standing up.”

He stared openly at her large boobs. “There are plenty of things women can do standing up.”

“Oh? Like what?”

“Where’s Mark?”

She shrugged. “He went home ages ago. Now like what?”

“Like this.” He pushed a hand inside her bikini top and tweaked her nipple.

“Hmmm, OK. Anything else?” She leaned closer, pressing him against the fence, and lifted one leg slightly as he tugged her briefs aside and thrust into her. “Oh god yes!”

She clung to him as fucked her urgently, seeking release from the tension that had been building up all afternoon. “Fuck, I needed that!” she gasped as his cock exploded inside her. “Thanks babe.” She kissed him lightly. “I’d better get home now. Say thanks to your folks.” He watched her totter away on even shakier legs, then returned to the spa.

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In the Week of The Dark Moon

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I am always horny in the week of the dark moon. I can’t help it, it’s my nature. I simply have to deal with it, even if it gets me into trouble…

My husband, bless him, knows this and tries to accommodate me the best he can. Take the other day for instance…

We were enjoying a rare day off with each other. It was a Tuesday and we had nothing to do except be at home together. I slept late and then had a long leisurely bath while he pottered about downstairs. I lay back in the hot bubbles and closed my eyes, soaping my body idly as I relaxed, smoothing the slippery lather over my legs and stomach with my hands. As I lay there dreamily with my eyes closed, my hot soapy hands started to gently massage my breasts, stroking the soft heavy fullness of them. Feeling their weight, pushing them together, stroking the erect rosy nipples it wasn’t long until the familiar dull ache of arousal flowered deep with in my pussy. As one slippery hand played with my nipple, the other one found its way downwards, eager in its quest to touch, tease and rub my now throbbing clit. My index and forefinger took a sneaky dive into the depths, wriggling cheekily as my hot juices coated them. I groaned to myself, imagining a huge rampant cock filling me. I clenched my thighs together, trapping my hand as I clenched and unclenched my muscles and rocked against it the friction causing me to come immediately, my body spasming and trembling, my breath coming out in shirt sharp gasps into a final high cry as I climaxed into my first explosive orgasm of the day.

I finished my bath and walked into the bedroom, a naughty little smile playing about my lips. I dressed carefully in a short full skirt, push up bra and oversized pink shirt tied up at the waist but unbuttoned. I’ve always been proud of my cleavage and I had every intention of showing it off that day!

I went downstairs and kissed my husband good morning, pretending not to notice the long lingering look he gave my uplifted bosoms peeking out from the shirt. As the morning progressed those little kisses and long lingering looks were happening rather a lot and, as I caught his eye for nth time that morning his intentions were abundantly and arousingly clear. As I felt my pussy get moist and the excitement start to build the doorbell rang.

We both groaned at the same time, the sexually charged tension broken. ‘Shit!’ I swore ‘I forgot the man’s coming to fix the boiler today’ Damn! My husband let him in.

When the boiler man was left to his stranded teens porno own devices out in the front porch where the offending boiler lived, we pushed the door to into the house and tried to carry on normally, playing on our devices only a few feet apart. It didn’t take long, however, for the tension to build again. He kept stealing glances at me, and after each glance, just a little bit more breast got uncovered as I made subtle moves and readjustments to make it so… Finally, he groaned wordlessly, threw his phone aside and made a grab for me, I leant forward , practically causing my escaping breasts to succeed in their bid for freedom, and eagerly turned my face to his ‘I want you so bad’ I said huskily. Snapping, he groaned again, roughly grabbing the back of my head as he captured my mouth with his.

Kissing me fiercely, hungrily plundering my mouth with his tongue, his breathing coming out as gasps as he pulled my whole body into his so I could feel his hard firm arousal pushing into my groin. Totally forgetting that there was anyone else in the house, I whimpered as his hot moist mouth left hard damp kisses down my throat, making their inevitable way to my eager and waiting breasts, finally clamping down on the erect point of my nipple.. sucking and nibbling firmly and urgently it wasn’t long before my man’s attentions were causing the most stimulating of messages to race down the between my legs. With a sheer moan of pleasure I threw my head back and, as I did, I caught a movement by the door. My heart lurched briefly, Oh My Gods, the boiler man!

But I was feeling soo naughty by this time…

I closed my eyes and pretended I didn’t see him. I was aware of him silently standing there, clearly not knowing what to do so I decided to have a little play. I kept my head and neck back so he got a proper view of what was happening to magnificent breasts… then, very slowly, I brought my head up and opened my eyes. Looking directly at him, I could see our visitor was immobilised, his mouth slightly open with a slightly confused look in his eyes. This did not detract from the fact that he was a rather attractive young man, tall, blond, muscly, nice blue eyes… mmm I thought to myself, you’ll do.. ‘Hi,’ I said sultrily… I stroked my husband’s head as if to say it’s ok I’ve got this. He slowly let my nipple go and looked around at the bemused and, I noticed with some satisfaction, rather aroused plumber…

I stood up, smiling and holding student sex parties porno his gaze, I walked towards him, my finger on my lips as he was about to speak.. ‘shh’ I whispered as I stood in front of him. Still holding his gaze I watched the last remnants of confusion disappeared to be replaced by something else, interest, a glimmer of excitement even. My breasts, which had completely escaped their confinement by now, started to ache with desire as his gaze fell on their splendour. I could feel his arousal as I gently took his finger and started to kiss and lick the ends. Running my tongue around his tips, naughtily emulating fellatio, I never took my eyes from his as they widened in obvious lust I gave two of his fingers an extra lubricating with my mouth before guiding them onto my waiting erect nipple. I let his hand go and watched as his fingers started to caress, gentle at first then more urgently cupping my breast as his breathing became quicker and more ragged with each stroke. In the meantime, it might be wondered what my husband was doing during all this. Well, he’d only stripped off to his boxers and was quietly sitting in his chair, watching his wife be groped by a complete stranger. I stole a glance over, he seemed to be enjoying himself so it only seemed right to carry it on…

I focused on the rough feel of the young man’s hand as it tantalised my by now throbbing nipple. ‘Would you like to suck it/’ I whispered on his ear. Without further ado I grabbed his shoulders as his head shot down to claim my nipple. It felt divine.. and so naughty as I saw my husband stroking his erection. The plumber’s blonde head bobbed up and down as his tongue and teeth sucked and nibbled driving me into a frenzy. I grabbed his head deeper into my breast, ‘Harder!’ I hissed and as he obeyed, the sight of my husband taking his huge erect cock out of his boxers and masturbating sent me flying over the edge, shrieking as wave after explosive wave of mind blowing orgasm tore through my body, leaving me shuddering and shattered. I leant onto this surprising young man as though my legs would buckle as his mouth finished its tortuous work.. I was spent, or so I thought.

Well, of course, that wasn’t the end, I now had two extremely horny men to contend with.

When I came to, I realised that they were both watching me, as though waiting to take their cue from me. The rush of power that gave me, knowing I held two gorgeous men in my thrall, was heady submissive cuckolds to say the least!

With that in mind, and ignoring my husband for now, I turned towards the young man and, holding his gaze once again, I walked towards him. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I, so very gently, felt the bulge in his trousers. My fingers traced the outline of his rather impressive erection and settled at the tip, slowly caressing it. I felt the shockwave go through his body. I unzipped his flies and was gratified to note he went commando as his massive swollen cock sprang forward out of his flies, quivering and screaming for attention. It was beautiful. I leant forward and flicked the tip of my tongue around his swollen helmet, tasting his precum as I delved into the dimple..

I stood up and he sighed in disappointment. I took his hand and guided him over to stand next to the chair that my husband was sitting in. I put his hand on his swaying cock indicating that he masturbated while I knelt in front of my husband’s erect cock, taking it in my mouth while our visitor wanked as I sucked and nibbled, teased and tortured, stopping just before the point of release, My husband’s shakes and moans slowing as I then turned my attention to the very aroused young man next to us. His cock was long with a decent girth and suddenly I realised I wanted him to fuck me. I badly wanted him to fuck me. Hard. My pussy was dripping and twitching, crying out for that beautiful cock to fill it. I groaned, mid lick, just as he started to shake with my mouth’s relentless attentions. I looked into my husband’s aroused face and he looked back, understanding and agreeing to what I wanted immediately. Gods how could I not love a man that spoiled me so much…

I coyly looked up into this stranger’s face and said ‘Please fuck me’, and as I knelt in front of my husband, feeding his bursting erection into my mouth, that gorgeous young man did just that. His rampant cock slipped in and filled my pussy from behind, pumping into me hard as I deep throated my husband’s cock, moving in rhythm with each thrust. In unison, our mingled cries gaining in volume as each orgasmic sensation became more overpowering than the last, we finally, all three together, egged on by each other’s ecstasy, climaxed. Mind blowing climaxes that finally ended in that no space between sheer pleasure and pain… shuddering and disconnected, floating in a peace filled mist… until sleep either takes over or, in this instance, gentle realisation of what had just taken place!

Well, you might imagine some awkwardness after this naughty but spontaneous moment but no. We all literally smiled at each other, got dress and carried on with our day. He’d even managed to mend the boiler!

And he told me he’ll be back to check on it very soon…

We can’t wait…

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Showing His Mother Off Pt. 01

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A trilogy of stories first issued when I was NewForester. Now re-issued…hope you enjoy. Thanks. Rockycoveboy!


Showing his Mother Off…and Taking Control. (Part 1)

Annie worked hard for her family…she seemed to never stop, and at the end of most days, she was whacked out and always enjoyed flopping into bed with nothing more on her mind than a good night’s sleep. She was only 39, with 3 children, but every day seemed to be filled with either her work job or running about after her children, especially her eldest son who appeared to take part in every college activity that was on offer.

Luckily, Annie’s husband was a long distance truck driver, often away for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, so Annie didn’t have to worry about him too often, although she always looked forward to him coming home, so that she could enjoy, if only briefly, some wonderful love making that had been pent up for both of them for some time.

Otherwise, Annie was a taxi, she was a cook, she was a clothes washer, and she was chief adviser to all her teenage children’s problems and needs. Whooooooo! Life seemed so hectic and there never seemed any time for a life of her own, with her friends, or even for a quick look down the shops for some retail therapy.

The only good thing about this lifestyle, Annie thought, was that all this rushing about kept her figure in great shape. She didn’t seem to have to work at her body, but tried to eat the right foods and get some exercise whenever the opportunity occurred, but, by God, what a superb figure she had.

She stood only just over 5′, but she had magnificent breasts, about 36DD, accentuated by a slim waist and a hard curvy ass, and her shoulder length blonde hair ensured that she attracted attention wherever she went. She didn’t try to be sexy, it just happened naturally, and she always noticed men checking her out, watching her figure sway as she went to work or dropped her son off at one of his activities.

The attention was nice, but Annie had never wandered once in her married life. She loved her husband, and looked forward to him coming home from each trip, but she just didn’t have time for anything else, least of all coming on to other guys…no way!

Her eldest son, Junior (he was christened Denis, but everyone called him Junior, now) had just turned 19 and was certainly a handsome young man. He was in all the sports teams at college, and was bright and engaging, over 6’tall and muscular with a shock of fair hair, popular with the girls, and he was now a source of immense pride to his parents. If the two girls grew up like Junior, then Annie and her husband would have cause to be really proud.

It was while Annie was watching Junior at one of his baseball matches one Sunday afternoon that she realised quite suddenly what a handsome and attractive young man he had become. There was always a big crowd for the games at the diamond, and Annie watched from the stands as her son played in the hot afternoon sun. My God, she thought, he’s suddenly a man, no longer a boy, and as she drove Junior home after the game, she gently teased her son about him being the man of the family each time his father was away working.

‘You know, young Junior, you’ve certainly turned into an adult now, haven’t you? I could see all the girls watching you run around the diamond…I’ll have to keep my eye on you now, won’t I?’ Annie laughed. ‘You’ll soon be telling me what to do, just like your father does.’

Junior blushed and smiled back at his mother, and for the first time ever, Annie thought she caught her son glancing at her stunning breasts and then down at her thighs in the short skirt she wore. Junior quickly moved his eyes away but it had sent a shock wave down Annie’s spine and there was silence for a few seconds. Did he now see her as a woman…she certainly saw him as a man, but she quickly put the thoughts to the back of her mind as she continued the drive back to their home just on the outskirts of Atlanta.

Back home, Junior’s two sisters were still not home, so he went out into the yard to sunbathe in the late afternoon sun. Annie got some coke and ice in glasses and joined him, and she had changed into one of her smart bikinis. It was the most natural thing to do, but as she handed the coke to Junior, she realised straight away that her 19 year old son would have to converse and sunbathe with her while she was wearing this black garment that left little to the imagination.

It was halter neck, with scooped cups only just holding her fabulous breasts in place. The material pushed her breasts up and together, and her bronze flesh was so sexily on view. The bottom wasn’t a thong, but it was cut so high on her thighs, almost to her hips, that her wonderful legs were on show in all their glory, and her superb bottom was clearly outlined in the clingy material. It was all Junior could do to keep from blatantly ogling his mother as she moved around the yard.

It had been a year or two since Junior had realised what a superb figure his mother had, fake cop porno but she was his mother and most of the time she was dressed only in normal household clothes, jogging pants and baggy sweaters, but every so often she wore something that revealed her wonderful figure and made Junior just take a second look that lingered just that little bit longer.

Today was one of those days!

He was only in his trunks, and when Annie came and sat in her lounger only a couple of feet from his own, Junior gulped and made a point of keeping his eyes on the pool just a few yards away. His mom had big sunglasses on, so Junior didn’t know whether she was looking at him or not, so he tried very hard not to ogle her body, although the temptation was immense.

He couldn’t handle his mother’s fabulous figure in that stunning bikini, so he jumped in the small pool and tried a few lengths, just to take his mind off the flesh sitting next to him, but each time he swam back towards the patio, he couldn’t help looking at his mom on the lounger. She was on her back, with her head facing up, as though asleep, so Junior swam lazily through the water, watching her legs and the gap between them where the black bikini was tight against her vagina. He also watched the mounds of wonderful flesh encased in the bikini top, trying to spill out as his mother breathed in and out.

Even in the water, Junior could feel his cock stirring at the stunning sight, and wondered what he could do in order to get out of the pool in a decent state. So he thought of his father briefly, and how he loved going fishing and to the games with his father. His cock seemed to calm down so Junior got out of the pool quickly, and shook droplets of water over his mom when he reached his seat.

Annie shot up with a start, shaken out of her slumber by the cold water.

‘Junior, Junior, you little…,’ she yelled. ‘I’ll kill…,’ and she struggled to get up from her lounger to chase her son. They ran round the pool, Annie chasing her son, and him laughing at her efforts. He watched her tits moving like melons as she ran, and eventually, Junior let her mother catch him. They gently grappled by the pool’s edge, hand to hand, Junior obviously being so much stronger than his mom, but he would never hurt her in a million years.

Annie tried to push her son in the water, and as they overbalanced, Junior held his mother’s wrists and they both fell in together, a huge splash of water washing over the sides. The pretend fighting went on in the water, but Junior was concentrating more on the wonderful body in just the tiny bikini that was so close to him!

As they fought, his hand went onto her tight ass, he had an arm round her waist, and his mom was trying to dunk his head underwater. He picked her up in the water, his hand still on her bikini bottoms, feeling the wonderful hardness of his mom’s ass, while his other hand went round her back to lift her up, his fingers coming to rest under her armpit and on the bikini top right over Annie’s firm breast.

It all appeared totally accidental, and neither Annie nor her son said anything, but the moment was electrifying. As Annie protested meekly at being soaked in the water, and Junior kept pretending to throw her, he still held her breast firmly as his arm held her aloft, and he still kept her up by holding the shapely ass in his other hand. In return, Annie kept her balance by putting both hands around Junior’s neck and there the two stayed, just standing in the pool, trying to ignore the moment, but finding it almost impossible.

‘My, young Junior,’ Annie broke the ice. ‘You’re a strong young man, now, aren’t you, holding your Mom so firmly in your arms.’ She didn’t remonstrate that his hand was over her breast, nor that she could feel his fingers tightly over her bottom and, in fact, she was quite enjoying the moment. It made her feel tingly, it brought a guilty thrill to her body that had never been there before. Her son was touching her, albeit over her bikini, and Annie didn’t really want the moment to end.

Junior, for his part, was enjoying feeling his Mom’s body, and he could see directly down the bikini top to admire the stunning tits that were only just being held by the black material. He thought he saw the mound of a hard nipple pushing the top out, but looked away quickly, as though it would burn his fingers. He was also getting excited by having the mounds of flesh of her bottom in his grasp, but he didn’t really know what to say next. He could feel his cock begin to throb again in his trunks, but he would never dream…or would he…of taking liberties with his Mom, and he just smiled and tried to be complimentary.

‘And you’re so beautiful, Mom, and it’s easy to hold you here. You don’t have an ounce of fat on you, do you?’

‘Wow, son, you are a flattering young man…I bet you say that to all the girls,’ and Annie just reached up and pecked her son on the cheek, while he took the opportunity to have an even better look down the front of his mother’s bikini fake hospital porno top. His cock grew a little more!

Suddenly, the atmosphere and the moment were broken by Junior’s two younger sisters charging through the house and coming out into the yard.

‘Hi you guys,’ one of them shouted, and Junior threw his Mom out of his arms and straight into the water. Whatever was happening in the pool was gone with the arrival of the girls, and Junior’s hard cock soon wilted in the water and he was able to clamber from the pool to join them all lazing in the loungers in the yard.

Annie got some food and more drinks which they all had at the side of the pool, there was some more swimming, but Junior still enjoyed the sight of his Mom moving about, glancing as often as he could at her shape, the breasts, the flat stomach, the legs, the awesome ass. He didn’t want the scene to end and, suddenly, he had an idea.

He went to his room and retrieved the digital camera that his parents had bought him for Christmas. He had taken loads of photos with it since the winter, and knew just how to work it properly.

‘Hey, I’m going to take some pictures, just to remember this hot afternoon in the yard.’ Girls being girls, his sisters tried to hide their eyes, or turned the other way as Junior snapped away at anything and everything. He took pictures of the pool, he took his sisters playing in the pool with their Mom, he took the back of the house, but most of all, he was going to take pictures of his Mom!

He clicked away, without trying to appear too obvious, but he got Annie bending over, he got her in the pool, he focussed and got her head and shoulders, with the fabulous breasts in close up, and then he threw caution to the wind.

‘Mom, will you sit still for a few minutes, and let me take some pictures of you…you’re never still Mom, so just stay there.’ Annie just smiled and sat back in her lounger.

Luckily, Junior’s two sisters were in the pool as he took the first picture of his Mom. She was laid on the lounger as Junior went ‘click.’ One knee was drawn up and Junior ‘clicked’ again.

‘Will you sit up, Mom, and just look at the camera.’ Annie smiled again and sat up, her knees bent and her hands round her knees. ‘Click’ and the camera caught those wonderful breasts again as Annie leaned forward. A couple more like this and Junior asked again.

‘Would you stand up now, Mom, please.’

‘Oh Junior, haven’t you got enough of me, now,’ Annie teased. Junior didn’t want to push his luck, but Mom stood up and her son ‘clicked’ almost non stop for the next minute or so. He took her whole body in a few frames, he panned in and got her top again, he got Mom to turn round and subtly ‘clicked’ away at her legs and bottom, in fact he took any part of her that he could focus on.

Annie felt excited again at her son taking pictures of her, as she well knew that was the only reason he had brought his camera to the yard, but her daughters splashed out of the pool to join them, and it was time to act properly once more. But for Annie, she knew the effect she was having on her son…and it brought a nice tingly feeling into her tummy! Junior took his camera back to his room and they all had another drink in the yard.

Later in the evening, after the evening meal, Junior made an excuse and went to his room to post the pictures to his computer. He had no qualms about what he would do. Any picture that did not have his Mom in it, he just deleted, and he was left with about 30 digital pictures of his Mom in that fabulous black bikini. As he studied them in detail, Junior felt the stirrings in his shorts once more.

Not wanting to be embarrassed by nosy visitors, he saved the pictures, knowing that he could look at them later, when he came to bed. Wow, he thought… Mom looks so hot, and I’m going to enjoy looking at these pictures for ever!!

Later, after they had all gone to bed, Junior opened his computer and brought up the pictures again. He was able to study them in peace and quiet, not having to worry about being disturbed. He played with the pictures, zoomed in, zoomed out, inverted, cropped, and just admired that fabulous body that was his Mom. The bikini looked as though it had been painted onto her body, it was so figure hugging and tight, especially when it was wet, and he could feel his cock growing in his shorts once more.

He was torn between love and respect for his wonderful Mom, but the sexual appeal of her stunning shape was gradually getting to Junior. Although he caressed his cock as he admired the breasts, the legs and that shapely ass, he just couldn’t bring himself to jack off completely, thinking somehow that that would just be an insult to his loving Mom…but, by God, it was a difficult decision!

It wasn’t helped by the fact that he knew his father was returning for a few days tomorrow. What would he say, how would he treat Junior if he thought his grown up son was jacking off to pictures of his own mother? Never mind! fake taxi porno Junior closed down the pictures, knowing that he would be able to look at them any time he wanted, and he went to sleep with a smile on his face.

The next few days, father was at home, and it was great. Junior spent each day at college but in the evenings, he tried to pack in as much activity as he could with his dad. They went fishing in the warm evening sun, the family all dined together round the pool, his sisters romped with their father and it was just one big happy family.

Junior didn’t even think about his Mom in a sexual way, it just wasn’t right at that time, especially when she was doing the housework in her baggy shorts and sweat shirt. However, he did notice that on one evening, she was wearing some short shorts and a hot T shirt, and then she went out for the evening with his Dad. He knew what they would probably be doing when they returned, so Junior went off for the evening with some friends and the wicked thoughts never crossed his mind again, and he flopped into bed and was asleep before taboo visions of his Mom could take over.

And then Dad went away again on Friday morning.

‘Take care, Junior,’ he had said. ‘You’re the man of the house, now, so look after your Mom and sisters. See you soon!’

He had said, ‘You’re the man of the house, now!’ The same words his Mom had used. Had Mom been talking about him to Dad? If she had, what had she told him? Junior tried to put the thoughts to the back of his mind. The next few days would reveal his Mom’s attitude.

On Saturday morning, Junior went to the gym for a workout, and then he had a swim in the pool. His Mom was downtown at the mall when he got back, and his sisters were playing in the yard. Mom returned and they all had lunch in the sun. Mom still had on her baggy shorts and a sweat shirt, and then she asked Junior.

‘Your sisters are having a sleepover tonight at Jodie’s. So what are you and I going to do, big boy?’ and Annie laughed jokingly at her son. Junior suddenly thought about being alone with Mom for the whole evening, and his mind was working overtime at the possibilities! Perhaps absolutely nothing would happen…after all, he’d only taken a few slightly risqué pictures of her, hadn’t he, completely innocent, and his Dad had been here for 4 days…but he became more and more excited at just being alone with his Mom.

Could he persuade her to wear something sexy for the evening? Could he persuade her to pose for his camera again? The butterflies started, and Junior was in turmoil for a few hours. At about 6.30, Mom took the sisters to the other side of town to Jodie’s and he was waiting in the yard when she returned.

‘Gee, Junior. I’m whacked tonight. Did you have anything in mind for the evening? Do you want some food?’ He quickly thought.

‘What about visiting Pizza House, Mom. You know you like pizza, and it’ll save you cooking? I’ll drive and you can have a drink if you want.’ Annie smiled a wonderful grin at her son.

‘Wow, that’s kind of you, honey. It’s been ages since I visited a Pizza House. Shall we go now?’

‘Only on one condition, Mom…you’re not going like that, are you? The baggy shorts?’ There was a pregnant pause as they both looked at one another and grinned, both working out what the other was thinking. Annie knew what her son was getting at, and wanted to just embarrass him a little, and see Junior fluster.

‘Oh, and what do you think I should wear then, big boy, to go out with my hunky young man on a date?’ She was right, Junior blushed a little as he knew his Mom was teasing him, but he wasn’t going to waste this offer, no matter how much courage it took.

‘Well, Mom. Can we say you’re my date, and can you wear something that’s…well, you know, Mom! You know you look hot when you want to, and…and…!’

‘You want your mother to wear something hot to go on a date with her son, do you? Well, I don’t know about that…I might embarrass you, Junior…you might think I’m too old to wear something ‘hot’ to a Pizza House, and…’ He interrupted her.

‘Mom, you’re not 40 yet, and I think you’re as sexy and as beautiful as any woman I know. You’re never too old, you’re just teasing me now! Pleeeeease Mom. I’ve seen you in that hot bikini, so why not just get something nice out of your wardrobe, and I’m sure you’ll look fabulous!’ Annie grinned again and ruffled her son’s blonde hair.

‘Well, I’ll go and have a shower and see if I can think of something suitable.’

Junior fidgeted waiting for his mother. He was only in jeans and a Tshirt, but he looked reasonably smart and butterflies ran round his stomach as he could hear his Mom in her bedroom. After a few minutes more, Junior could hear Mom coming along the hallway. He tried not to let his eyes pop out as he turned to greet her. Only his ‘adam’s apple’ moved in his throat!

Annie looked fabulous! Her blonde hair was brushed seductively behind her ears, she had added mascara and some light lip stick, and her outfit…well, Junior thought she looked a million dollars. She wore a tight, black, denim skirt and some black high heels, and the skirt ended three or four inches above her knees. Her bronze legs looked superb and the way she moved in the heels was getting Junior’s cock twitching already.

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