My soul mate never thought to be

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Big Tits

So this started in the 8th grade around second semester and
being a normal guy I had intrest in women I loved every thing
About em well we had 7 periods of course I didn’t focus on all
Of em but it wasn’t me talking or messin around periods
All had the girl of every guy dreamed about in my classes a 5,3 105 pound blue eyed blond beauty That didn’t need any makeup to look perfect Julie. I’d always Noticed her even talked to her a select few times but it changed in april 2008 for my 16th birthday my dad uncle me my cousins went out quading well I come to say I fucked up I made to sharp a turn that my atv and I couldn’t handle and needless to say I had fractured my ankle so a cast and crutches were my future for the next 6 weeks of my life well my school being big took me forever to move none the less having a 20 pound bag to carry for the upcoming finals well me being stubborn said no to being let out early to switch classes or people helping me I was late everyday one day just being frustrated I tried to get out so quickly I fell I felt stupid Moronic for not allowing myself help. as I stayed back waiting for everyone else to leave Julie walked up and asked if she could help me caving in and admitting defaet I reluctantly said yes as we were walking/ hobbling I asked why she had asked to help because she had kocaeli escort bayan other things she could do she said I’m like you I don’t like help eventhough I need it. I had the frustration u have as I looked over I saw her face her eyes her clothes her body everything was perfect about Her Something about her made her look different but sexy noticing I was starring at her she cleared her throat then asking if there was something wrong I said no and smiled a little knowing she cought me then I said sorry I didn’t mean to stare it’s just you seem very comfortable more then when your with your friends she said yeah. How I said when your with your friends u clench your jaw right now your jaw isn’t clinched it looks realaxed she said you noticed that I said iv been starring at you every moment in school that I’m there I made her blush a little then she looked at me dead in the eyes I don’t know if I should be offended ar complemented I said I’m no creeper I just know the most beautiful girl iv ever seen is walking down the hall walking and talking to me then I noticed what made her look sexier as I looked Back in to these deep blue eyes is she had the perfect amount of eyeliner to make them pop then she said that was the nicest thing anybodys said to me she turned and kissed me and said thank you I said please don’t thank me for the kocaeli sınırsız escort truth that I felt I needed to say I rarely share my emotions with any girl I’m mainly afraid of the feeling of rejection but with you it felt like I knew you wouldn’t humiliate me and that you would instantly understand by then we were walkin into 7th world history she sat next to me at my table with my friends slowly she took my hand into hers my friends are looking at me like how n the hell are u holding hands with HER after class it was time to leave for home I hadn’t gotten a ride to my house so I sat at school 15 minutes after almost everybody dwindled out as I turned my back to leave. Julie came through the door and said hey jim wait up I can help you home I said only if you want to no obligation she said I’d love. to as we started walking she said what you said earlier made Me. feel wanted for the right reasons not only to be another peice of ass I said I’ve never seen you as a sex object I see you as a women that needs to feel wanted to be loved to be held and I wanna be that guy to do that I do Iv spilled my guts to you you haven’t run and I wanna know will you go out with me.
by this time were walking over a small bridge when I said that she. stops she turns to izmit anal yapan escort me and said there’s not a doubt in my mind that says no after that I embraced her in the way only newleyweds do and kissed her passoninantly we sat there in what seemed like ever never did anything seem so right she told me that she’s never felt so wanted so embraced so gently held by no. one or nothing but me we went and sat by the water kissing her. sitting on my lap it was the best I felt with any girl tight there I started kissing he down her neck softly breathing into her ear before continuing on down to her shirt then to each sideworking my way up back to her neck and back down by then she’s moaning uncontrolably OHHHJIiiim I feel so fucking good please don’t stop OHHHHHHHHH this time I’m pulling he top off and massaging one of her b cup breasts while sucking on the outher She moaning so low so long so in need of a realease and I was gonna do it as I start rubbing my hand between her legs she’s rocking her hips to meet my thrusts each time moaning a bit louder into my mouth as I’m doing this my buddy down stairs is very much alive inside my shorts my penis hurts against my pants but the soft humping motion is pushing me to the edge she moans a long loud breath of achievement and shakes hard and un controllably and gets in a fedal position where I hold onto her as I go through my own body hurtling orgasm she finally says oh my god that was unfuckkkkkkkkkkkking believable and we kiss to

End of part 1 feed back is appreciated

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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