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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 67 – Small Gains.

When we woke up on Saturday morning, I fed the troops first and then I asked them what they wanted to do next. 

“Are we gonna ride the four-wheelers today?” Brady asked. 

“Yes, we can certainly do that,” I agreed. 

“So when are we gonna do it?” Reece followed. 

“We could do it whenever you want, because I can work my schedule around it.” 

“How ‘bout we do it after lunch,” Glen suggested, “cuz me and Brady have challenged Reece and Kota to play Fortnite first and then we’re gonna have a basketball game.” 

“That works for me, but it seems that you’re leaving Jamie out.” 

“Nah, we asked him if he wanted to play either of those with us and he said he didn’t,” Dakota replied. 

“Yeah, I’ll just watch TV until they’re done,” Jamie concurred. 

“Ok, as long as you’ve all agreed.” 

Once the other boys went upstairs to play on the PS4, Jamie headed into the family room.  After I started a load of laundry, I went to spend some time with him. 

“Would you like some company?” I asked as he looked up at me when I entered the room.  He was sitting on one of the chairs this time.  

“Yeah, but I’m only watchin’ cartoons.” 

“That’s fine, I don’t mind,” I replied.  I wasn’t planning on actually watching it with him, but I didn’t want him to be alone, especially after the discussions we’ve had about the other boys having their friends over more than Aaron. 

“Can I sit on your lap?” 

“Of course.  That’s what I was counting on.” 

He gave me a huge grin as he leaped up and let me sit down on the chair, and then I helped him get situated on my lap.  He quickly leaned his head back on my shoulder so our cheeks were touching, and then he focused on the screen again.  I wrapped my arms around him and merely focused on him, as I tried to consider what might be going on in his mind.  When a commercial came on, I finally spoke. 

“Why didn’t you want to do those things with the other boys when they asked?”

“Cuz there’d be uneven numbers, so I’ll wait ‘til Aaron is here too.”

“I’m sure they would have switched in and out with you so you could play with both groups.” 

“Yeah, I know, but I didn’t wanna do that.  It will be more fun when me and Aaron can challenge them, just not in basketball.  We’re too short to play against those guys.”

“What if you and Aaron split up with one of the other pairs, and that way you can guard each other?” 

“Yeah, I never thought about that.  I guess we could do that, cuz it would be fun playin’ against Aaron.  Thanks for tellin’ me that.”

Our conversation ended once his show came back on, so I merely used my arms to give him a brief hug as a sign of my love for him.  I got a kick out of how his body shook when he giggled at the action on the screen. 

I left him briefly during the next commercial, so I could work on the laundry, and then I returned to join him once I was done with that.  This is the way we continued even after the other four came racing down the stairs on their way outside to play basketball next, and nothing changed until I had to go out and start working on lunch. 

I held off calling the boys in to eat until after they had finished their basketball game, and when they came to the table those four were laughing and joking around. 

“So who won?” I asked as we were eating. 

“We won a game each,” Dakota answered. 

“Ah, I didn’t know you played more than one game.”

“We weren’t gonna, but Kota wanted a chance to get even when they lost,” Glen announced. 

“That’s cuz we knew you guys just got lucky,” Reece countered.  “That brick you threw up at the end of the game should have never gone in the basket.” 

“Hey, I just have the touch,” Glen shot back. 

“Yeah, and then I blocked Reece’s shot that would have tied the game,” Brady pointed out. 

“Yeah, you really surprised me when you did that,” Reece admitted, “but we made up for that in the next game, cuz that one wasn’t ever close.” 

“We just got some bad breaks in that game,” Glen responded. 

The boys continued eating while they were talking, but when the conversation ended I asked a question.  “So do you still want to go out on the four-wheelers next?”

“Yes!” they all shouted back. 

“Ok, then when we finish up here we’ll all have to go change.”

It wasn’t long after that before we were heading upstairs to put on our riding clothes, and when we came down I checked the oil on each of the ATVs first, and then I took them outside.  We put on our helmets, goggles, and gloves before taking them over to the storage tank so we could fill up the gas tanks, and then the boys asked a question. 

“We was all talkin’ earlier and wondered if we could do somethin’ different today?” Glen stated.  “We’ve been followin’ the same path every time we do this and we’d like to try somethin’ different this time.”

“I own quite a bit of land, but there aren’t many options for how we can do this, but I guess I can change things up a little.  However, it will mean that Glen and Dakota will have to drive first, if that’s ok with everyone?”

They agreed it was, so I told them what we were going to do.  “We’ll go in the reverse direction this time, so just follow me.”

We got on the ATVs, started the engines, and I led them over to the driveway and began to follow it.  About halfway down I turned lara kendi evi olan escort to go across the lawn and then I angled toward the gap in the tree line so we could cross into the next field.  We did the same thing when we reached the opposite end of that field and crossed into the next one and we continued that process until we reached the last field.  I then slanted across that field and headed toward the trail at the top, and when we reached there we stopped to change drivers.  Before we started out again, I made a comment. 

“Brady, I allowed Reece to cross the stream when you weren’t here, so I’m going to let you try doing the same thing today.  Just take it easy when we get to the stream and go slowly as you enter it, and then give your four-wheeler a little gas when you reach the other side, but not too much.  I’ll have you go last so you can watch how the rest of us do it first, and then you can try.” 

“Thanks,” he responded as a big grin formed on his lips, and then I got back on my ATV and we started off. 

We covered the area between there and the stream fairly quickly, and then we slowed down to cross it.  I went first, Jamie went next, and he was followed by Reece, and then I watched as Brady took his turn.  He nearly pulled a Jamie when he hit the opposite bank because he gave his ATV a little too much gas, but he never lost his grip on the handlebars and managed to keep it under control.  Even though Brady maintained his composure, Glen may have to change his underwear when we get back to the house.  I’ll also have a chat with Brady about what he did as well, but there was no serious damage done. 

Now that we were all across the stream, I led them down the trail, but I didn’t take the turn leading back to the house when we reached that location.  Instead, I continued going down the trail until we reached the road, and then I pulled over and got off my ATV so I could speak with the other drivers. 

“We’re going to cross the road and follow it back until we reach the driveway.  It’s not that far, but each of you will have to stop and look both ways before you cross it, and I want you to wait if you see a vehicle coming in either direction.  When we reach the driveway, I want you to do the same thing before you cross the road again so you can turn into the driveway, and then we’ll follow it up to the house.  Any questions?”

“Yeah, why are we crossin’ the road.  Can’t we just ride back on this side?” Brady asked. 

“No, you’re driving a motorized vehicle so you can’t drive into traffic.  You have to drive on the same side of the road as everyone else, but you’ll be riding on the shoulder of the road, rather than on the pavement.” 

“Oh, ok.  I was just wonderin’.”

There were no other questions, so I got on my ATV and went first.  Luckily, there was no traffic while we were doing this, and when we reached the house the newest drivers were thrilled. 

“That was wicked,” Reece announced.  “I never thought we’d be able to ride along the road too.” 

“Yeah, that was really great,” Brady added, “and I know I screwed up when crossin’ the stream, but it won’t happen again.  Glen told me what I did wrong.”

“That’s good, but I want to speak with you about it a little later, and you all did quite well today.”

The boys were all off their vehicles now and already taking their clothes off.  Once they were naked, they shook their clothes off, and before we went inside I made a comment. 

“Reece and Brady just put your clothes on the washing machine again.” 

“Yeah, we know,” they both replied. 

When we went inside, we dropped our clothes off in the laundry room first, before heading upstairs to shower.  Since those two had already seen me naked, I took my underwear off and left them in the laundry room before following the boys up to my bedroom.  I was surprised to discover that the other three had let Brady and Glen shower first. 

“We thought we’d let Glen clean up first, cuz we thought he prob’ly shit his pants when Brady lost it comin’ outta the stream,” Kota explained, and then he and the other boys laughed.

“Yeah, that was almost as bad as I did,” Jamie concurred. 

“Seeing no one got hurt, it was a good learning experience for Brady,” I responded. 

“I’m glad that didn’t happen to me,” Reece added. 

“Yes, you almost went in the other direction and nearly didn’t make it out of the stream, which is ironic.” 

“Why do you say that?”

“Because when I was teaching you and Brady how to drive across the slope on the lawn you did just the opposite.  You were the one who went too fast making the turn onto the lawn, and then again when you made the U-turn before coming back.  Brady, on the other hand, went too slowly on that first turn and nearly came to a stop, even though he did a little better on the U-turn before starting back.” 

“Yeah, I never thought about that,” he agreed.

When Glen and Brady came out of the shower, they walked over to me before heading over the Glen’s room to get dressed.  “Ok, so whacha want to tell me?” Brady asked. 

I’m not sure if he thought doing this naked would soften my response, but I wasn’t planning on being harsh with him about what he’d done.  “I think you know what you did wrong.  I told you to give it a little gas, but not too much, and that’s exactly what you did.  Just be thankful you didn’t get hurt, and now you can use it as a learning experience.  I’ll be watching you closely when we go out tomorrow and I hope you’ll do better.” 

“Yeah, I will.” 

“And Glen, should I soak the underwear you were wearing before I wash them?” 

“Not you too!  The others have already given me crap about that.” 

“It’s because we all felt you might have crapped your pants, because we thought we would have if that had happened to us if we’d been in your place.  It looked kind of scary.”

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“Yeah, it was kinda scary,” he agreed. 

“And I don’t understand why they think Glen woulda shit himself and not me, seeing I was the one who screwed up.”

“It’s probably because they knew you were too focused on making sure you didn’t wreck for that to happen, but Glen had no idea how it was going to turn out.” 

“Oh, ok.  I didn’t think about that.” 

When they left to get dressed, Jamie came over to speak with me, since Reece and Dakota were still in the shower.  “Can I shower with you again?”

“Of course, little man.” 

“Thanks, and I decided it wasn’t all bad that Aaron wasn’t here this time, because I got to do all the drivin’.” 

“Yes, you did.”

When Reece and Dakota finished up and had gone over to Dakota’s room, Jamie and I entered the master bath.  We ended up washing each other as usual, but I paid a little extra attention to his genitals and rectum this time, hoping it would make him feel better about Aaron not being here.  After we finished up and dried off, we got dressed and headed downstairs.

“Ok, what does everyone want to do now?” I asked once we were all together again. 

“Let’s play a game,” Jamie suggested. 

“What do the rest of you think about that idea?”

“Yeah, we can do that,” Dakota agreed, and then the others added their support as well. 

“Ok, and since there are five of you, your choices are Monopoly, Clue, Ticket to Ride, Trivial Pursuit, or UNO.”

“Trivial Pursuit is prob’ly hard,” Glen commented.  

“I don’t think so, because it’s the family edition and designed so the entire family can play.  It won’t be easy, but it won’t be super hard either, like the genius edition.”

“Let’s give it a try then,” Brady suggested. 

Seeing it was his friend who wanted to do this, Glen didn’t argue about it, and when everyone else agreed I went to get the box.  I got to join in the fun as well, and the first thing we discovered was that there were question cards for kids and other cards for adults.  The questions were also in several categories that included geography, history, entertainment, arts & culture, science & nature, and sports & leisure, so it would put all of us to the test. 

Seeing the boys are competitive and there were six of us playing, they wanted to split into teams.  Eventually, it was decided that Glen, Brady, and Dakota would be on one team, and Reece, Jamie, and I would be on the other.  I was concerned at first about how Dakota was going to react with both Reece and I being on the other team, but he seemed to relish the idea of competing against us.  Seeing this took away some of my concern, we got started. 

The game was nip and tuck most of the way, but eventually the other team was victorious.  I did fairly well, but not great because my questions were a lot harder than I expected, and Jamie and Reece also missed a couple of questions each, which resulted in our loss.  When the game ended, the other three did a little victory dance and some trash talking, but it was all done in fun and no one got upset.  However, Jamie and Reece immediately called for a rematch, which was fine with me, so we agreed to do it after dinner. 

Now that the game had ended, I went to do some more laundry next, and then I began working on our evening meal.  While I was doing those things the boys disappeared, and I think they all went upstairs to play video games, including Jamie this time because he wasn’t in the family room.  I didn’t see them again until I called them down to eat, and they were still trash talking, but this time about playing the video games. 

“I’m surprised you guys are still friends,” I joked after listening to them carrying on for a while. 

“We don’t really mean it.  We’re just havin’ fun,” Brady replied. 

“Yeah, we’re just givin’ each other a little crap, but we’re not serious,” Dakota confirmed. 

“I’m certainly glad to hear that,” I confessed.

After we finished eating, we cleared off the table for our big rematch.  It was even more competitive this time, because my team didn’t want to lose again and the other team wanted to beat us for a second time.  When the dust settled, though, my team won this game bringing us even.

“Ok, what do you want to do now?” I asked. 

“Let’s see what on TV,” Reece suggested. 

Once the other boys agreed, we went into the family room to check out the channel guide.  We quickly discovered there were a few different college football games on, and even though I didn’t expect they would want to watch one, they did.  I soon discovered it was so they could pick up some tips for when they got to play touch football against each other, so this was like a video session for a high school or college team.  Their competitive nature caused them to mentally take notes while hoping to improve their team’s chance of winning when they finally got to play. 

When the game ended the boys decided to turn in, and I assumed it was so they could mess around first.  However, they assured me it was so they would have more time to do other things before we took Brady home tomorrow.  That was fine with me, and since they had all showered earlier after riding on the ATVs, they went straight to their rooms. 

I wasn’t surprised when Jamie followed me, since he was the odd man out this weekend.  “Can I sleep with you?” he asked after I’d entered my room. 

“Of course.”

“And can we do the other stuff too?” he asked in almost a whisper. 

“Sure, we can do that too.” 

He quickly closed the door and rapidly undressed, and I was still taking my clothes off as he streaked across the room and leapt onto the bed.  He was sprawled out and waiting for me once I’d finished removing everything except my underwear. 

I didn’t even have to ask what he wanted, and since lara rus escort he was lying lengthwise, not crosswise, on my bed, I took my place at his feet.  He automatically lifted his legs and made it easier for me to push his feet beside his head, and then I attacked his cute little butt.  He began moaning and sighing, which let me know how much he was enjoying it, and I did that for a few minutes before I stopped. 

Once he lowered his legs, I attacked his scrotum next, and then I sucked him off, just like he wanted.  His butt was bouncing up and down on the mattress as he was sliding his penis in and out of my mouth, and after a couple of minutes of that frantic action his penis erupted and sent its sweet contents down my throat.  As soon as he was completely drained, I let him enjoy the afterglow as I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and empty my bladder. 

Jamie came in before I was done so he could do the same thing, and then we went out and got back into bed together.  He cuddled with me as he normally did, and as soon as he was comfortable he spoke. 

“Thank you, Dad.  That was great and I love you.” 

“I love you too, little man,” I responded before I kissed the top of his head and gave him a little squeeze. 

Sunday morning was unusually hectic.  First of all, the boys got up early since we went to bed early the night before, and after we ate our breakfast the boys told me they wanted to go out on the four-wheelers next.  I knew they would want to do this, so we got ready and the boys announced that they wanted to do the same thing we’d done the day before, and I was happy to oblige them.  Brady did much better crossing the creek this time and he had a huge grin on his face when I looked back to check on him, and it was obvious that we were all pleased for him. 

After we got back to the house, the boys began stripping as soon as they’d turned off the ignitions, and after taking their clothes inside, we headed upstairs to shower.  The other boys let Glen and Brady go first again, but this time it was their way of rewarding Brady for his accomplishment.  When he was done with his shower, he came over to speak with me.

“See, I told ya I could do it.” 

“Yes, you did, and I was very pleased and impressed.” 

“Thanks, that means a lot to me.” 

When Reece and Dakota emerged from the shower a little later, Jamie and I went in to take our turn, and once we were done I went downstairs to take care of a couple of duties.  The first was to wash Brady and Reece’s clothes so they could take them home, and then I went out to fix lunch.  When that was ready, I called the boys down to eat. 

“Man, this weekend was awesome,” Brady told me in between mouthfuls. 

“Yeah, it was,” Reece concurred. 

“And it’s not over yet,” Glen pointed out. 

“No, it’s not, so what do you boys want to do when we’re done here?” 

“Let’s play another game,” Brady offered. 

“Do all of you want to do that?” 

“Yeah, we’ll do that,” they agreed.

“Monopoly, Clue, Ticket to Ride, or UNO?”

“Let’s play Monopoly this time,” Brady answered. 

“Is that ok with the rest of you?”

It was, so I went to get the Monopoly game.  As you probably all know, it takes a long time to play and when it was over I’d won. 

“That’s not fair,” Jamie complained.  “You’re older.”

“Yes, I am, and I’ve played this game many times, so I had more experience as well.”

“Let’s do it again!” Dakota urged. 

“I’m sorry, but we don’t have time to do that.  I have to take Brady home now.”  I heard a collective groan after I said this.  “Brady, go get your things and I’ll grab your clothes out of the dryer.  The rest of you grab your jackets and head out to the SUV.” 

They all did as I asked and I drove Brady home.  His father came out to greet us when we arrived.  “Did you have a good time?” he asked his son. 

“Yeah, it was terrific.  I got to drive the four-wheelers again and this time I got to drive across the creek too, and we played lots of games and did other stuff.” 

“Fantastic, so take your things inside while I chat with Eric.”  He waited until Brady was out of earshot before he spoke again.  “You don’t know how much I appreciate you doing this for him.” 

“It’s not a problem and he’s a pleasure to have around. I hope your weekend went well too.”

“It was a little chilly in the house, but bearable.  It was also worth putting up with it to make sure Brady is getting a chance to get away from his mother now and then.” 

“And I look forward to seeing him again the weekend after next.” 

“Yes, the big Halloween party.  He is looking forward to that too.” 

“And so are the rest of us and we’ll pick him up after the football game.  Speaking of that, the other two boys will be staying with us all weekend long and going in with us to school on Monday, so do you think Brady might be able to do that as well?”

“Yes, that will be fine and I’ll cover for him again.  We’ll see you at the football game.”

He then went back into the house and I got back into the driver’s seat to take the rest of the boys home.  When we got back to the house I fixed dinner, and then we watched television until we went to bed.  It had been a busy, but very enjoyable weekend.



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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