A Visit From Montreal

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I waited nervously by the baggage claim escalator in the airport. I’d been waiting almost a year for Marie to visit from Montreal. We’d had a very strong online relationship over the past year and she’d wanted to come down to Florida so she could go to the beach, my being here was just the perfect excuse.

I watched the people coming down the escalator, looking for her reddish brown hair and creamy skin, I could feel my heart trying to beat out of my chest from the anticipation. I glanced down at my watch and when I looked up I saw her coming down and my heart jumped from my chest and into my throat; She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen and she was here for me.

I admired her from below while she still wasn’t aware of me. Her 5’6″ frame was curved nicely in all the right places. Her denim wrapped legs flaring into hips I wanted to rest my hands on, curving back into her waist. My eyes traveled up her stomach and over her breasts. I knew from what she had told me that she wore a 38D bra and looking at them told me they were perfect. Finally my eyes moved up her graceful throat to her oval shaped face framed by her hair. Her pink lips seemed to be begging me to kiss them.

As my eyes reached hers I found her staring back at me. I was lost in a sea of green light. I couldn’t stop a huge smile from appearing on my face and it got bigger when she returned it.

I walked forward to meet her at the bottom of the escalator. As she reached the floor I took her in my arms and spun her around, away from the people crowding behind. My hands resting comfortably at the small of her back as I stared down into her heavenly green eyes.

“I have been dreaming of this for so long sweetheart,” I said as I leaned down. She tilted her face up and met me halfway. Our first kiss was slow and gentle, our lips parting slightly as my eyes closed. She brought her arms up around my neck, pulling me in as our lips parted further and our tongues darted forward, dancing together.

I slowly pulled back, smiling to myself when I heard her moan in disappointment. “It’s a little too public here for us to go further,” I whispered with a grin.

“You probably right,” she said in her high pitched French accent that always set sparks flying for me.

I reluctantly let go of her but as I turned she quickly grabbed my hand and we walked together to get her bags. It seemed she didn’t want to break contact anymore than I did.

I tried to grab both her bags off the carousel but she wouldn’t let go of my left hand so I had to settle for letting her get one. I couldn’t help laughing when we tried to get on the elevator without letting go of each other’s hand.

We had the elevator to ourselves so I pulled her close for another kiss. We broke the kiss just as the doors opened and I led her through the parking garage to my car.


The drive to my condo took about twenty minutes and we held hands the whole way while we talked about whatever we could think of to distract us from what was on both our minds. I constantly shifted in my seat, trying to hide my hard on but I don’t think I succeeded, the few times I was able to look over at Marie she was staring at my lap the way I’d stared at her body in the airport.

When we got to my condo I grabbed her bags out of the back and led her inside. I took her back to the guest bedroom and set her bags on the bed.

“Okay, this is the guest room so I’ll let you get settled in,” I said with a straight face and pretended to walk out.

I gave her a couple seconds of shock before I turned back and wrapped her in my arms again. I leaned down and began to kiss her neck and throat, tasting her sweet skin and inhaling her light perfume. Her sighs told me all I needed to know as I worked my way up towards her ear.

I nibbled on her earlobe before I whispered, “Today is all about you. I’m going to do everything I can to make you happy and show you just how incredible you are.”

I led her into my bedroom by the hand and pulled her towards the bed. I reached down to the bottom of her shirt and started to raise it when she stopped me.

“James,” she said hesitantly, “this it is what I want but…I’m so nervous.” Her eyes were still green but the emotions showing were so jumbled I wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was.

“Marie, there’s something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time but I wanted the first time I said it to be when we were together.” I ran one hand along her cheek and brushed it through her hair. “I love you.”

It seemed I said the right thing when tuzla eve gelen escort she reached down and lifted her shirt off. I kept my eyes locked on hers to show her that as much as I wanted her body, I wanted her more. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra, my hands somehow steady enough to do it on the first try. She smiled shyly as she let the bra fall off her shoulders. My desire was too much to not look at her milky breasts. Her pink nipples already hardening from her emotions capped the beautiful mounds that were big enough I wasn’t sure I could fit one in my large hand.

“You like what you see,” she asked with a giggle as I stared. Every inch of her was beautiful. I slid my left hand around from her back and slowly dragged my finger tips along the underside of her breast as my right hand slid down her back to cup her ass and pull her against me.

“I think you can feel how much I like it,” I said as I pressed myself against her, my cock straining for release from my jeans as it pressed against her stomach. I cupped her breast in my left hand, my head reeling from the sensation of holding her sexy body, I leaned down and sucked her nipple into my mouth, my lips pressing against her flesh. She gasped softly as my tongue flicked against her nipple. I gently bit down on it as it grew harder in my mouth.

I continued to squeeze her ass with my other hand as I moved my mouth to her other breast, enjoying the sounds she was making in response to my touch.

I felt her hands reach for my belt buckle and start to undo it. My cock jumped at her touch so close. I moved my mouth away from her breasts and raised my head to watch her face as she took my pants off. She had a look of determined concentration that I found adorable and I told her so.

“It’s not fair. I can’t get the belt off,” she complained as she looked up at me with a pout to her pink lips.

“Good. I want you naked first,” I laughed as I moved my hands around her hips to the button on her jeans. “I told you, ‘today is all about you.’ And I mean it.” I popped the button and slid the zipper down. I looked down to see white panties peaking out and I licked my lips in anticipation. I slid my hands inside the waist of her jeans and moved them down along the flare of her hips, staring as more of her skin and panties came into view. I could see a brown patch of hair underneath and as her jeans slid down her thighs I saw a damp spot at the bottom of her panties and I could just barely smell her arousal coming from her pussy.

When her jeans reached the floor she kicked out of them and pushed them aside with her shoes. My hands began to explore around her thighs and ass, feeling her smooth skin sent shivers of pleasure up my spine.

“Lay back on the bed,” I told her. She gave me a smile filled with lust as she did. I stared at the damp spot between her legs as she spread her legs in front of me. I reached up and hooked my thumbs in the sides of her underwear and pulled them slowly up her milk white legs. The dampness clung to her for just a moment before sliding away, revealing her sex to my hungry eyes.

I growled deep in my throat as I again stared at her. The hair around her pussy was brown and it looked like she kept it well trimmed but still full. I’d never liked it when women shaved and I was happy that she didn’t. Her cunt was a deep pink, the outer lips swollen from arousal, the inner lips peaking out and parted slightly.

I pulled my desk chair over so I could sit at eye level, I wanted to lick and suck at her pussy for a long time. I pulled her legs down so her knees were resting behind my shoulders. My hands found their way to her creamy round ass cheeks again and squeezed. I could hear Marie moaning softly and whispering something. I didn’t know much French but I guessed she was begging me to hurry.

I leaned forward, and pressed my nose into her bush, just above her pussy and took a deep breath, her sweet smell filling my head. I began planting kisses around her inner thighs, slowly working my way to her center, building the pressure in her. As I got closer she put one hand on the back of my head, trying to pull me to her pussy. I smiled as I moved in and flicked my tongue out, running up the length of her cunt.

“Oh BAISE,” she yelled at the contact. I knew enough French to know that was “Oh Fuck”.

I pressed my mouth tight against her pussy, my tongue darting inside her, scooping up her juices as I tried to swallow it all, her sweet musk driving me wild. I alternately licked her full length tuzla yeni escort and chewed on her lips. I could feel her body starting to shake and the French she was moaning told me she was getting close to an orgasm.

I moved my hands off her ass and brought them around her hips. I slid my thumbs down through her soft hair until I could spread the tops of her pussy lips open. I could now see her clit poking out slightly from it’s hood, the little pink pleasure point that I knew would take her over the edge. I took a long slow lick up the center of her twat before clamping my mouth down on her clit.

Her legs gripped my head like a vice as her orgasm took her. “Je suis venue!” she yelled. “I’m cumming!” I flicked my tongue back and forth along her clit as her body shook from her orgasm.. I wasn’t sure how long I could breathe with my head held so tight but I didn’t care, I was taking my dream woman over the top.

I felt her trembling slow and her legs went limp, still holding around my head but loose enough I could catch my breath. I was still holding her clit in my mouth but I had no pressure on it, I wasn’t sure if she could handle another orgasm so quickly after that powerful one.

“Oh James,” she panted, “how you come to know to do that? I not feel like that in so long.”

I grinned up at her, letting my eyes travel up from her pussy, over her smooth stomach, and past her creamy breasts and pink nipples. All I could see was her chin, she was too tired to even raise her head.

“You mean, how did I learn to do this,” I asked as I took her clit back into my mouth and flicked my tongue over it again. I only held it for a few seconds before moving back down to the base of her cunt and I began to lick up her cum. I still tasted the sweet, strawberry like musk but with a sharper taste. I knew that if her pussy had been over the bed the sheets would be soaked through, she’d cum so much.

As I continued to eat her pussy I pushed the chair out from behind me and tried to keep myself hunched over so she wouldn’t feel any change. I took my hands away from her body for just a second to unbuckle my belt and unbutton my jeans. Before she could guess at what I was doing I planted my tongue back over her clit and brought my right hand up to her pussy. I slid my index finger into her tight cunt up to the second knuckle. She was incredibly wet and I couldn’t believe how tight she felt, I wasn’t sure my cock could fit if I tried.

I wasn’t sure we were going to take the next step or not but I couldn’t take the pressure anymore. I used my other hand to slide my pants off as quietly as I could. My cock jumped up as soon as it was free, slapping against my stomach, smearing some of my pre-cum on me.

I drove her to another orgasm with my tongue and fingers and was rewarded with a splash on my chin as she came. I couldn’t get enough of her but I knew she needed a break. As gently as I could I took a hold on her legs and slid her up and across the bed so her whole body was supported.

I stood beside the bed staring down at the beautiful woman I’d just pleasured. Her red hair was fanned out under her head with her eyes closed behind her glasses that she hadn’t thought to take off before we started. Her pale skin was the same shade over every inch of her body, if we made it to the beach she’d have to be very careful about sun block or she’d burn very badly. Her tits sagged slightly because of her pose on the bed but her nipples still stood up, pointing at the ceiling. She was so tired her legs were splayed out, very unladylike, presenting her dark brown bush and glistening pussy to me. Her creamy thighs showed no signs of age, smooth skin running down to her knees and along to her shapely calves that I’d stared at in pictures for so long. Even her dainty feet were sexy to me.

“That is for me,” she asked with a deep blush in her cheeks, pointing at my cock. I wasn’t overly large, but seven inches was still pretty good I thought.

“Once you’re rested it might be,” I said with a smile as I climbed on the bed next to her.

We’d talked so many times about holding each other in bed and now we were finally doing it. She turned on her side to face me and as I slid left arm around her back she brought her leg over mine, holding me in place.

We stayed like that for around half an hour, kissing and enjoying the feel of each others bodies, not saying a word.

Eventually our kisses became more passionate, our tongues swirling together and I felt her hand slid down between us and grip my cock. tuzla genç escort I knew she wanted to take control at this point so I let her slowly stroke my shaft, sometimes circling the head, smoothing the pre-cum over it as she did. I kissed at her neck again and nibbled on her skin the way I now knew she liked.

“Marie, I need you to know, I haven’t been with anyone in a long time and you’ve already got me in overdrive. I won’t last long inside you the first time.”

“It is okay, my love. I just want feel you in me,” she said as she pressed me onto my back.

She slid her body on top of me, I could feel her breasts pressed down on my chest and her pussy leaving a wet trail on my thigh.

She kept her grip on my penis and slowly lowered herself over me. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she got closer, our bodies nearly one at last. Our eyes locked at the first contact, my head nuzzling between her wet lips. She groaned softly and bit her lip as she moved slowly down. I was in ecstasy as I felt her warm, velvet wetness grip my cock. This first penetration nearly pushed me over the edge, I never knew making love could feel like this.

I did the same thing every guy does in this situation: I started chanting in my head, “dead puppies, dead puppies, dead puppies.” Anything I could think of to slow my body’s reaction down.

After what felt like the best hour of my life but was probably a minute she had my full length inside, our pubic bones pressed tight, her thighs stretched tightly over mine.

I closed my eyes, savoring the sensation. “You feel so incredible Marie, I can’t describe it. I don’t want this to ever stop.” I meant every word.

She lifted up a few inches and then lowered herself down until she was pressed tight against me again, her face resting on my shoulder and sighed in contentment. I wrapped my arms tightly around her, my hands resting on her ribs.

I knew if I had any chance of making her cum again, I’d have to cum quickly myself and stay hard inside her. I planted my feet flat and slowly pushed my hips up, keeping myself inside her but giving myself room to move under her. I pulled my cock about an inch out and pressed back in, the only sounds now were Marie’s moans and the soft squishing of her pussy against my balls.

I began to move faster, thrusting in and out further but never letting my head leave her tight cunt. After only a few minutes I felt my balls begin to tighten. “Marie, I’m going to cum very soon. Do you want…”

“Cum inside,” she cut me off. I felt her squeeze her twat around the head of my cock and I lost all control.

I groaned loudly as I felt my cum fire up through my shaft and into her womb. Marie leaned down and began kissing me, thrusting her tongue deep in my mouth as my cock continued to thrust deep in her pussy. I’d never felt an orgasm so powerful. I felt drained but my cock stayed hard, held tight by this incredible woman.

We continued to make love like that for a while, slow and tender, our combined cum trapped inside her by my cock.

Marie’s moans grew louder and I knew that as much as I loved her, I also wanted to fuck her hard. I still had her body held tight against mine so as I thrust hard into her again I stayed pressed inside her and rolled us over.

I kissed her passionately when I had her on her back, taking full control of her now. I took her thighs in my hands and roughly pulled her hips up as I leaned back on my knees. She planted her feet next to my knees and pushed her cunt up at me as I thrust my cock down. We quickly found a rhythm and fucked hard and fast, her pussy juice squishing out and covering both of our pubic hair.

“Baise-moi,” she yelled over and over as her orgasm neared.

“You are so fucking amazing Marie,” I told her as I tried to wait for her to cum first, “your pussy is so tight it’s like you’re trying to suck my cock dry.”

I thrust harder and faster, grinding my pubic bone against her, pressing down on her clit.

“Cum for me baby, let me feel you cum on my cock Marie.”

Suddenly she reached up and grabbed my bicep as her whole body locked up. Her eyes screwed shut, her lips pealed back almost in a snarl as her orgasm broke.

As the first wave of her orgasm pulsed through her pussy, mine began and I filled her with more cum. I shot off load after load as her body gripped and released around me. I felt her juices squirt out around my cock at the same time, splashing on my balls before making a puddle on the bed.

I rolled off of her as our orgasms ended, my cock covered in our combined juices. I lay down flat on my back next to her, taking deep, shaky breaths as my heart pounded in my chest.

I looked over at her and smiled. She had a grin like the Cheshire Cat and her green eyes sparkled. “It was worth waiting,” she whispered.

“And we’re just getting started my love.”

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