Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 03

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The morning arrived, shafts of sunlight pressing in through gaps in the thick curtains. I awoke, half in and out of sleep. I had been dreaming of the ‘Kitty Litter’ and of a pressing need to return for another outdoor pee with other girls from the University. In my dream I had been denied my intent, always turned around before I could reach the spot by the tall spreading oak that had been designated an outdoor loo.

I slipped a questing finger between my legs, seeking out the warm wetness of my love tunnel. I penetrated, pushing upwards with my middle digit whilst thinking of the boys I had fucked during my arrival into sexual maturity. Suddenly I recalled where I was – in a room shared with another!

My eyes snapped open, terrified of turning over in my bed to discover Sandra witness as to my masturbation. My thoughts rushed back to our activities the day before and of seeing her wonderful shaved pussy sending out a stream of hot piss, both in the Kitty Litter, and then later over our bedroom carpet.

Sandra was not in her bed. I sat upright. The doorway to the bathroom was open, with no sound issuing from within that might indicate her presence. I groaned. I wanted to return to my dreams and of finally reaching the Kitty Litter so I could pee out in the open whilst watching all those other girls doing the same. A glance at the clock revealed that it was ten minutes after ten. Panic rushed to claim me before I realised that today was a Sunday and as such, no classes to attend.

I lay back on my pillow, staring at the plain ceiling whilst wondering where Sandra had gone. Presumably to breakfast, I mused whilst recalling the sight of her peeing pussy and of the wonderful firm roundness of her hidden boobs beneath her flimsy nightshirt.

I definitely wanted to fuck my roommate!

I was shocked at my own thoughts. The memories of the boys who had shoved their hard dicks into my pussy were dissolving away and all I could think about was Sandra’s piss.

Maybe she would let me sample her pee?

I toyed with the fantasy of placing my mouth up to Sandra’s hairless pussy lips just as she started to have a wee, tasting her hot flow as she squirted her piss into my mouth. Until now I had never contemplated what a thrill could be gained from the fetish known simply as ‘Watersports’ but now it was threatening to become a consuming passion. I fought with my bedsheets, seeking egress. My hormones were raging, all thoughts of breakfast banished by a more pressing desire. I really needed to pee!

I went to stand on the spot of carpet that had received a hot drenching from our pussies the night before. It had been such a thrill to allow my piss to spray over the carpet; so naughty and disgusting and yet somehow so erotically enticing.

I gave thought to having another wee over the same spot. I dropped down onto my knees and slowly raised my nightshirt, staring as my mass of pubic hairs came into sight. My pussy slit had a clear aim over the carpet and I bit my lip as I became torn between the need to pee again versus the risk that a damp puddle on the floor might create.

I clambered up from my pee stance. My thoughts returned to the Kitty Litter but knew that I wouldn’t be able to dress and reach it in time. Desperate to start letting out my pee I wandered around the large room desperately seeking for a place I could have a naughty piss beşevler escort yet not leave any obvious evidence of my crime.

I slid open one of Sandra’s drawers in the unit by the door, lifted up one of her panties and placed it against my muff. I really wanted to pee over it but knew that it would never contain all my pent up piss. I toyed with the idea of about turning and placing my bottom over the open drawer before simply starting my toilet and peeing all over her clothes.

Guilt won out. I closed the drawer and eyed up the metal bin by its side. It would make a wonderful receptacle for my piss! Not wasting a moment, I grabbed the bin, carried to the middle of the room between our two beds, plonked it down, about-faced, squatted over it and let loose with my much-needed piss.

A wonderful sensation of relief started to build as I emptied my toilet shower into my make-shift potty. My yellow stream washed over the tissues and scrunched paperwork inside, staining them with a deluge of hot piss and I watched on entranced. My gaze was firmly locked on my flowing stream as it exited my pussy lips. Part of me wanted to squirt harder and to send my hot piss fountaining over the edge and onto the carpet. With an effort, I held back against the temptation!

Slowly my piddle into the bin came to an end. With just enough pee still left inside for one last little squirt, I rose from my pee squat over the bin and rushed to Sandra’s bed which I quickly mounted before going to stand on parted legs in the middle of her ruffled sheets. I then slowly raised my nightshirt upwards even as I allowed the last of my piss to rush down to my pussy lips.

My wee over Sandra’s bed only lasted a few wonderful seconds, my hot golden shower pattering downwards to make a small damp stain. Having finished and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl I clambered off and used a corner of her top sheet to wipe myself dry. I then turned my thoughts to what I was going to do with the day.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not stop thinking about the Kitty Litter and the ability to squat and pee in the outside world whilst those around me went about their business. This gave me a wonderful idea. Quickly dressing in a thong and my body clinging jogging outfit I decided that I would go for a run. I had a wash and cleaned my teeth before proceeding to top my bladder up with as much water as I could drink. Once full, I then headed off.

It was a glorious day, not yet too hot. The sky was a peerless blue and I felt good to be alive. I did my first lap, keeping it short to bring me into sight of the infamous spot where all manner of university females could ‘water their pussies’. My pulse was up and not just from running. There was a group of girls up ahead, milling about. I slowed my pace, mentally focusing for them to move into the Kitty Litter and get on with the act of pissing in public. I felt as though I had Jedi powers as three of the girls did just that, detaching from the larger group and moving into place.

I slowed my pace again, pretending to be out of breath.

A set of bare bum cheeks came into view as the first girl dropped into her pee squat. I was almost upon them. Trying to pretend as though I had no interest was incredibly difficult to do. The other two girls had undressed from their lower attire, one with a shaved pussy nestled between büyükesat escort her enticing thighs, the other with a semi-shave triangle of pubic muff hairs. She was a redhead there being no question as to her natural colour. She caught me looking even as she started to pee, a thick stream of slightly yellowed piss squirting from the base of her love lips and beginning to rain over the pebbles between her parted thighs.

A flashed smile that wonderfully highlighted her many freckles was my reward. I am not even sure if I managed to smile back. My hormones were raging. Her companion was also pissing, an even thicker stream of hot piss ejecting from her shaven cunt and decorating the ground with her hot golden shower. I ran on, still not yet ready for a pee of my own and too embarrassed to contemplate the idea of squatting down beside the pissing girls and asking politely if I could join in with their fountaining relief.

The corner of the nearest building neared. I rounded it into cool shade and collapsed with my back to the brickwork. My heart was thudding, my hormones in overdrive. The third girl had been squatting and peeing with her back to me yet I had managed a good look at her perfectly round butt cheeks. I could have fucked each and every one of them — they had all been gorgeous!

I came to my senses. I had one hand pressed between my thighs, applying pressure to my pussy slit. I was so turned on that I gave thought to rushing back to my room for a much-needed masturbation session

‘No, I won’t until I’ve another pee of my own in the Kitty Litter,’ I told myself.

A sound of approaching footfalls from around the corner jerked me from my ponderings. It was another jogger but not one of my fellow students but rather one of the teachers, a most attractive woman with a firm and wonderful butt!

She had given me a warm smile as she had passed and my gaze was lingering on her bum cheeks. I was so horny that I set off again, pacing myself to follow in the teacher’s wake whilst keeping my gaze on her rounded behind whilst fantasying about what her pussy looked like.

Did she shave, did she use the Kitty Litter, would she be bold enough to pee in front of her students?

I was still mulling over these thoughts coupled with a mental image of her naked body when she slowed to allow me to catch up.

‘Hello there. You must be new? It is nice to meet another fellow runner. My name is Mrs Mahone but you can call me Wendy that is unless you are attending one of my classes in which case, I am Mrs Mahone.’

‘I am Lesly,’ I smiled back feeling my cheeks flush with embarrassment at the erotic thoughts I had been having about her.’

‘Come on, let us run together and you can tell me something about yourself.’

We ran on, a much bigger lap than my first. Fortunately, I could handle the pace. Wendy appeared to be most forthcoming about herself and we were well on our way to becoming best buddies it seemed when our racing footfalls brought us in sight of the Kitty Litter. I could feel my cheeks flushing again. I really needed to go but the outdoor piss spot was devoid of girls answering the call of nature. This put me in a really awkward situation.

‘Err, Wendy, I don’t mean to be rude but I really need a wee. Will you excuse me and maybe we can do this again?’ We were practically on top of the Kitty Litter çankaya escort and I could even spot several damp spots on the ground where some of the local residents had peed.

‘Then we are in the right place,’ Wendy slowed and then spun around to run in reverse whilst facing me. ‘Have you not yet been introduced to our special outdoor toilet?’

I couldn’t believe my luck — it seemed that the Kitty Litter was indeed a well-known and accepted place where one could stop and water the ground with your pussy!

‘Err, yes,’ I replied sheepishly after taking a very quick look around. There were students everywhere, going about their business, walking either in pairs or in small groups or sitting on the grass and chilling out whilst enjoying the sunshine.

‘I wasn’t sure if teachers really allowed it?’ I managed to say.

‘Nonsense. Come on. I need a pee myself. Let’s have a leak here and then continue on our run.’

I was in heaven — my second day and already I was going to get to see a mature woman have a pee in front of me, not to mention with hundreds of witnesses!

My heart was racing as we broke off from the path and onto the pebbled ground around the tree. Nobody gave us a second glance as we started to clamber out of our sports gear and reveal the sight of our pussies that any moment would be watering the ground with our hot piss streams.

I was incredibly turned on, my nipples hardened and an obvious giveaway to my new found friend. I suspected that Wendy was aware of my racing hormones as she dropped into a squat opposite me. I stared at the wonderful mat of pubic hairs nestled around her pussy slit, desperate to witness the first sight of her golden shower bursting into the morning sunlight.

I could feel my own piss racing down to my lower lips, my need to pee overwhelming with intensity. A soft hiss and pattering from the ground announced the start of my toilet, my thick piss stream jetting from my pussy and covering the floor with a deluge of hot urine.

For the briefest of moments I thought that Wendy was not going to join me, but then my fears were washed away as the attractive teacher started to pee. Her pussy lips parted, a completely clear stream of piss leaping from her muff and forming a short arch to the ground between her parted legs. A growing stain started to grow across the pebbles she was pissing over, a similar stain to the one between my own legs as I continued my toilet.

Here I was, miles away from home, squatting and peeing in the open whilst surrounded by hundreds of fellow students and watching a teacher having a wee with me!

It was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best moment of my life. The feeling of relief building in my bladder was no comparison to the thrill I was getting, trying to capture and retain every second of seeing Mrs Thorne having a leak.

All good things come to an end. My supply of pee started to dwindle. Wendy’s stream was likewise ebbing, our hot pussy showers spent, the Kitty Litter having been treated with another dousing from female pussies.

I desperately wanted to same something clever to Wendy. She had such an amazing smile (not to mention, tits, bum and pussy) that I wanted to be her sex toy and to undertake her every whim. I made to stand from my pee squat when suddenly everything went dark as something was slipped over my head. Shock saw me staying completely immobile whilst my brain struggled to comprehend what was going on. A presence arrived by my side and a giggling voice whispered in my ear.

‘It’s best that you don’t struggle Lesley. Now that you’ve got use to using our Kitty Litter, it’s time for your initiation!’

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