My First Romance

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I was 22. Slim. 5’8″. I had short blonde hair and blue eyes. Throughout the years I had become shy and withdrawn. I managed to get a job bussing tables at a restaurant, which I held for about a year now. Fearing rejection, I kept to myself. I desperately wanted to have friends and be liked, but by this point I had accepted that it was simply beyond my power. I had better just mind my own business and try to ignore other people. This had become difficult over the year. Most of my coworkers gave up trying to talk to me.

Katie, however, was different. She was a 26 year old server; 5’6″; she had auburn hair that she usually tied back in a pony tail. Her eyes were hazel. She always said nice things to me. Sometimes I was civil to her, but I usually ignored her when she addressed me. I look back on things now and see what a silly fool I had made of myself. This became the most obvious to me recently. Stubbornly persistent in seeking my attention despite my disregard, Katie began asking me to hug her. At first I acceded to this and didn’t think anything of it. I thought she was playing a joke on me. I then reasoned that a pretty girl would only want to hug me as an attempt at mockery. Based on that theory, the next time she wanted me to hug her I rudely refused and suggested that I was sure she was trying to make a fool of me. She was genuinely hurt by my accusation. I see now that all along she sincerely liked me, despite my unresponsiveness.

I reflected on the situation and tried to think of ways to return her affection. That is what prompted me to write this story. If I were more courageous, I would express my feelings to Katie exactly as I’ve described here. She is my inspiration. All the details are essentially true. This is the first story I’ve written, so I’d appreciate any comments. You can contact me via the CONTACT tab on my profile. I will be adding more chapters soon.


It was an unusually slow Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was only serving three tables and most of the employees were reduced to standing around, waiting for the day to end. Katie was standing at the side-station, an enclosed alcove where servers refill drinks and tally orders. I saw her from across the floor. She stood there alone, smiling to herself. This was the opportunity I had waited for so long. Conflicting emotions swelled within me as I tried to summon the willpower to simply walk over to her and tell her how I really felt. Intense fear flashed through my mind. If I go through with this, how will things change? Will my words repel her? I was keenly aware that if I revealed myself I was imperiling my relationship with her and many other people (whom she may speak to). I might become an object of ridicule. What I had now was safe! I could go on admiring her from afar and continue suffering in silence. I had never confided in anyone before, which filled me with enormous anxiety. Will I speak to her clearly and loud enough? Will she take me for a fool! Why should she like an inexperienced and timid man like me? Through these sombre thoughts a ray of hope impressed itself on me. If I told her how I felt, she may like me in return. Could I win her heart? Is it possible?

Strengthened by that possibility and rallying my courage, I crossed the floor (with bus-bin in hand) and made my way over to the side-station, entering from the back. Aware of my presence, Katie let out a faint sigh that suggested weariness and boredom. She leaned on her elbows and held her face up with her hands. She was very beautiful, I thought to myself. But I continued to hesitate and maintained my stony demeanor, pretending to take no notice of her. I quickly examined the side-station, making sure everything was stocked like bussers are required to do periodically. But my thoughts were on my real mission. I set the bus-bin down on the floor and faced the girl that I had longed for so much.

Feeling brave, I spoke to her like this:

“Katie, do you have a minute? I want to tell you something important, but I don’t want to interrupt you if you’re busy.”

Registering my words, she turned and faced me. Smiling sweetly, she looked me in the eyes. Very calmly, she asked:

“What do you want to tell me, Anthony?”

Returning her gaze, filled with the assurance that she was willing to hear me out, I said:

“I just wanted to say that I think I’ve misjudged you. Thank you for being haymana escort kind to me, even though I’ve acted like an asshole most of the time. I really think very highly of you, though. I hope you can overlook my rudeness.” After a slight pause, I made a courageous request: “May I hug you?”

Katie, her gaze still fixed on me and smiling unabated, replied in a measured voice: “Yes, you may.”

Leaning forward, I enclosed her delicate body with both my arms and gave her an affectionate hug. She wrapped her arms around my back and rested her head against my shoulder. She was so calm, so patient, and so gentle. With her in my arms, I felt contented and happy to a degree that I had never known before. When we parted, I was determined to repay her kindness with a compliment:

“I think you’re very pretty.”

Immediately tears began filling her eyes and she looked away. I felt instinctively alarmed by this and blurted out:

“I hope I didn’t frighten you?”

She looked up at me with glistening eyes and rosy cheeks, smiling broadly.

“Anthony,” she said, “you are very sweet to tell me that. You are showing me a side of you that I never would have expected. I thought you must hate me. Why have you hidden yourself for so long?”

I felt ready to tell this lovely and compassionate woman the truth.

“Katie,” I said, “you are not like other girls. You are so mature and sophisticated that I felt intimidated by your gentle attempts to approach me. I have silently admired you for a very long time, but I was too afraid to even tell you hello at the start of the day. I feel my own awkwardness so deeply and I’m anguished by it.” I felt a pang of shame for being so immature and reflexively glanced away.

Katie stepped closer to me and took hold of my hands. Her warm palms sent tingling sensations up my entire arms. Feeling embarrassed by my over-sensitivity to the feel of her tender hands and apprehensive about what would happen next, I shyly looked into Katie’s hazel-colored eyes. Peering into my own eyes, she softly asked:

“Anthony, have you ever been in a relationship with a girl before?”

A sense of humiliation enveloped me like an icy gust. Katie was the first girl I had ever felt courageous enough to confide in. Could I admit to her that I had never had a romantic experience in my whole life? Will she think less of me because of that? I felt her hands tighten around mine, gently urging me for the truth. Trusting in her kindness, I replied in this way:

“Katie, I have never even kissed a girl before. How much I would like to, I cannot express strongly enough.”

Her grip on my hands loosened. Her smile faltered and she broke her eye contact with me, glancing to the side contemplatively. I was sure I had disappointed her. Now she has fully comprehended what a hapless man I was, so lacking in common life experience. There was nothing valuable to be found here. If you touch a lump of coal you’ll only dirty your hands! Bitter feelings began swelling within me. I was to suffer in gloomy silence till the end of my life. It was my destiny to be alone forever. That painful idea impaled me to the depths of my consciousness. Was it true? While I was brooding, Katie had reached her own decision. She released my hands and again looked at me in the face. Her small mouth was curled into a mischievous grin. Playfully, she asked:

“Are you ready for your first kiss, Anthony?”

Before I had a chance to react, Katie leaned towards me and carefully pressed her soft lips against mine. She held the kiss for several seconds, allowing me to relish the sensation caused by her tiny mouth. The surprise I felt at this sudden contact was almost enough to make me collapse. But a deep wave of pleasure soon replaced the initial shock. While our lips touched, I could feel her hot breath on my face. I felt an intimate connection with this beautiful girl that I had desired to be with so desperately. Was this just a fantasy? Perhaps! But I didn’t care. When she finally pulled away, I was breathless. Weakly, I said to her then:

“Katie, that was amazing. I will always remember that. Thank you.”

Katie looked at me with a satisfied smirk, and replied:

“You’re welcome, Anthony. You are very sweet.”

Moved by her kindness, I replied:

“You are very nice to me. I feel so much happiness keçiören escort right now beside you.”

Katie smiled at this in such a loving way that my heart melted. The painful anxiety I was feeling evaporated; I knew Katie wouldn’t hurt me. A simple faithfulness replaced my fears. How could I return her affection? Deeply sensible of my own inexperience, I ventured to ask for her guidance:

“Katie, I must reveal my innocence. I don’t know how to express my passionate feelings for you. How can I make you happy?”

Very gently, she moved towards me. She looked into my eyes; I returned her gaze. I trusted her absolutely. She closed her eyelids and then raised her face to my own. For the second time she pressed her smooth lips against mine. I closed my eyes, swelling with emotion as I relished this sweet angel’s embrace. Until this moment I had experienced life knowing only loneliness and disappointment. Now I wanted to celebrate my fortune, to suddenly feel the intimate closeness of another soul. I had sought that in vain for so long, that I grieved being born. Now I felt intense joy to be alive. What a pitiable creature I was, that a simple kiss could have such an effect on me!

I kept my eyes shut, concentrating on the wonderful sensations I was feeling. I felt Katie’s delicate nose next to mine, touching it. Her warm breath blew against my face, tickling it, which greatly excited me. She became my whole world. This is the closest thing to heaven on the entire Earth, I thought to myself. But then her mouth began to change shape and I felt an almost imperceptible wetness on my lips, soon becoming palpable. She was opening her mouth! I sighed involuntarily. Katie let out her own sigh. I felt a hot probing against my lips. With eagerness, I opened my mouth. She thrust her wet tongue inside me. I began sighing uncontrollably, the pleasure was so great. Katie was now breathing very quickly, tickling my sensitive face with the heat of her breath. Our tongues met, entwining passionately. Our mouths were connected, fluids passing freely between us. The taste of her mouth excited me more than anything else. Katie began softly sucking my mouth. I was overwhelmed by the experience and again felt ready to collapse. Katie reached for my hands and pulled them behind her. She pushed my open palms against her deliciously soft butt and pressed upwards, holding them tightly. I could feel her butt cheeks through her pants, which felt wonderful. Our mouths open, our tongues mating, my hands feeling her wonderfully pleasing butt, I had never been so intimate with any girl before. It was more than I could handle. I stepped back, breathing deeply. Katie looked up at me, letting out audible sighs. Her cheeks were a rosy red, as were her wet lips. She looked stupefied, as if she were dreaming. I had also lost sense of time and place. Still breathing heavily, she asked me:

“So, what did you think?”

I managed to make a coherent reply:

“That was the greatest pleasure I have ever felt. You are beautiful…”

Then I added, deciding to be honest:

“I have such a hardon right now just thinking about you.”

The memory of Katie’s pretty face, wet mouth, and her warm cushiony rear had made me harder and stiffer than I thought possible. My erection strained painfully against the inelastic fabric of my black trousers. Katie rested her hands on the crotch of my pants and softly moaned. She lustfully whispered:

“You must find me very exciting.”

In earnest, I answered:

“More than you know, Katie. I think you are the most pleasing woman on the whole Earth. I only wish I could give you as much pleasure as you give me right now.”

Katie stared into my eyes. Her entire attention was fixed on me. In a low voice, she said:

“Anthony, I am so horny… How would you pleasure me?”

I wanted to excite this beautiful girl that I fervently craved for. I said:

“Katie, I would do anything you wanted, if it gave you happiness. I would suck your small toes, letting you savor the feeling of my warm mouth on your delicate skin. I would greedily eat you out until you screamed with pleasure. If it pleased you, I would happily lick your small asshole…”

Katie giggled at my explicit description. Her cheeks seemed to glow brightly and her hazel eyes had dilated like enormous saucers. She was irresistibly kızılay escort alluring. Smiling seductively, she said:

“You aren’t as innocent as you claim, if you can tell me that. You make me so hot right now.”

Wanting her to understand my feelings, I protested my innocence:

“Katie, you are the first girl I have ever felt so passionate a desire for. I have never felt such sincere feelings of love for anyone else until now. If I could gratify your desires, whatever they be, I would feel the greatest contentment of my life.”

Katie’s pretty eyes began sparkling with tears. Moving slowly, she lifted her face level with mine, staring into my eyes. She kissed me gently on the lips. This sweet and loving gesture gave me the greatest joy of all. The budding love I felt for this affectionate woman was blossoming within me. Her nature was so gentle and caring, I thought to myself. We were emotionally engaged, which was far more pleasurable to me than a mere physical attraction. I basked in her tenderness like a plant basking in the light of the sun. I felt dizzy with happiness.

Katie slowly pulled back and our lips parted. Full of loving admiration, I looked into her kind eyes. Looking into mine, she smiled warmly at me. In a soft voice, she said:

“Anthony, no one has ever said such nice things to me. I urgently want to be with you…” Hesitating, she added: “I have an idea.”

Not yet appreciating the meaning of her words, I very simply asked:

“What is your idea?”

Modestly, Katie replied:

“How would you like to lose your virginity tonight?”

A wave of emotion blasted me once I understood what she had in mind. I starting second-guessing my own ears. Had she really just made such an offer to me? Would this wonderful dream vanish as soon as I opened my eyes? Doubt started creeping into my mind. Every hope I held during my life had been disappointed. Was I so lucky to have my greatest hope finally fulfilled, or would my desperate wishes be foiled like every other time? Scarred by such painful heartsickness, I didn’t trust my senses. I resolved to determine if I heard her correctly. Very deliberately, I asked:

“Katie, are you saying that you will take my virginity tonight?”

Gently, she answered:

“Yes, Anthony. You are a very sweet man. I want to take your virginity.”

A rush of excitement washed over me, like the thrill of a roller coaster. I was not imagining this. Katie was offering to gratify my most agonizing desire; to soothe my aching pain. I felt the most extreme gratitude for her sincere love, like a man whose desperate prayers to the All-mighty had been answered, rescuing him from catastrophe. Reverently, I said:

“Katie, there is no woman as sweet and caring as you are. If you would do this, my happiness would be complete.”

Smiling smugly, she replied:

“Then, we’re agreed. Tonight will be one for you to remember!”

She sighed, and added lustily:

“I hope you don’t mind doing those things you said earlier, about how you would make me happy. That was extremely hot.”

I retorted enthusiastically:

“Whatever you want, I will supply. I will pleasure you exactly as you like. You are extremely beautiful and I’m indebted to you for the kindness you’ve shown me.”

Smiling sweetly, Katie held out her arms. I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her body. She wrapped her extended arms behind my back. We lovingly hugged one another. I felt such exultation that my eyes began watering. “Katie,” I whispered, “you are a very special woman.” Katie’s embrace tightened; she whispered back: “You are very nice to me, Anthony.” We finally released each other. In a subdued voice that exuded disappointment, I said:

“Well, Katie. I guess we better get back to work.”

Katie, revealing her own dissatisfaction, replied:

“Yes, Anthony. I wish we were somewhere else.”

But then she grinned at me and said:

“I will take your virginity tonight. If you can wait till then, we will have so much fun.”

“Katie,” I said, “the thought of being with you tonight makes me frantic with excitement. I only wish it could be sooner.”

We leered at each other lustfully. The thought of her warm and soft body around me made me ache with yearning. I desired so badly to be with her right now. I was sure she felt the same way. Confirming our plans to each other, we reluctantly got back to work. I gathered up my bus-bin and resumed bussing tables. But my thoughts were dominated by anticipation of the coming night. Oppressed by one thought, I was hot and bothered the rest of the day. Tonight, Katie would take my virginity.

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