My Dog Sitter Ch. 02

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It was about to a quarter to eight in the evening.

I just had dinner with my brother and his family and I had to get going to be back in time for tonight.

I took a shower, packed up my things, and said goodbye to everyone.

As I drove back I felt young. I was on my way to hopefully sleep with a girl who had just turned eighteen.

The drive took longer than I wanted.

Not because of traffic but because I was extremely excited.

I couldn’t get home fast enough.

I pulled into my driveway around ten thirty.

A half hour earlier than I had anticipated.

I took a deep breath and walked up to the front door.

I quietly unlocked it and pushed it open.

The dogs were outside. Good, less attention.

I really wanted to surprise her.

The lights were all off.

She didn’t go to sleep leaving them outside did she?

I closed the door and listened for her.

I saw her come into the living room and go to the kitchen.

She was bopping around to her iPod.

I could see the earbuds in her ears.

I could also see what she was wearing.

I couldn’t believe my luck.

Paige was in a tank top and panties.

Her tank top showed the smallest bit of her stomach and it also showed she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She danced in front of the open fridge.

This was my moment.

I turned on the kitchen light and stood in the doorway.

She spun around quickly with a look of shock on her face and yanked her ear buds out.

“Oh my God!”

She clutched her chest in fear.


I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.


She looked down and pulled her tank top down embarrassed.

“I’m sorry for not calling that I was coming home early.”

She moved behind the island to keep her modesty.

“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.”

I closed the fridge and moved closer to her not giving her privacy.

“How were the dogs?”

She turned her body in my direction and replied, “They were great.”

I nodded and moved closer to her.

She backed against the counter and kept her eyes focused on my mouth then she looked in my eyes.

I got close enough that our bodies were pressed together.

She was warm, exuding body heat.

I gently took the iPod and ear buds away from her and placed them on the counter.

“Tell me to stop.”

She didn’t move.

I pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her.

I put my hands around her back and deepened the kiss.

Her hands rested on my biceps and I pressed us tighter together.

She made a small noise when I kissed her harder.

My tongue pushed past her lips and she moved her hands to my shoulders.

I lifted her to the counter and she wrapped her legs around my waist keeping us close.

Then I heard the dogs scratching at the door.

“Paige. etlik escort Go to my bed. I’ll be there in a second.”

She didn’t let go of my shoulders or waist.


I felt the tips of her fingernails press into the side of my neck as she kissed me.

She held me tightly and pressed her body against mine.

I gave in.

I held her waist and pressed it hard into mine.

She let out a moan.

She is so hot.

I trailed kisses from her jaw and her neck to the parts of her chest that were exposed.

She leaned back and let out heavy breaths.


I brought her face back to mine and we looked at each other.

“Go to my bed.”


I watched her leave and tried to piece together what just happened.

I let the dogs back inside the house and gave them their treat quickly.

I needed to get back to her.

When I got to my room I closed the door behind me.

Paige sat on the edge of my bed.

She raised off of it to meet me halfway.

I reached for her little waist and she put her arms behind my neck.

Our lips met again and again.

She got on the tips of her toes to be closer to me.

I walked her back to the bed and laid her down underneath me.

She was quick to undo the buttons on my flannel shirt.

I rested on my forearms as she kissed my neck and continued with the buttons.

When she pushed if off of my arms she pulled my t shirt over my head.

Her hands rubbed my chest and she pressed against me, smiling.

“Chest hair.”

She kissed me and explored my torso before putting me on my back and straddling my waist.

Her hands went to the front of her tank top and began pulling it up.

I rubbed her thighs and waist as she exposed herself.

She was perfect.

I raised up and kissed her neck.

I cupped her breasts and felt her nipples against my palms.

I kissed the tops of her chest and took one of her bright pink peaks into my mouth.

She pulled me close to her and gasped.


I breathed a hot breath against her skin.

The noises she made were much better than what I had imagined.

I kissed her breasts and sucked on the sensitive skin.

She whined as I lightly grazed my teeth against her.

I had a tight grip on her bottom and pressed her down against the bulge in my pants.

She brought my mouth to hers and moved her hips on mine.

As my tongue ran over hers she moaned.

I laid her back down on the bed and unfastened my jeans.

They hit the ground as did my boxers.

I crawled over her and pulled the covers down for us to get under.

Paige pulled me close to her and kissed me.

Our chests were pressed hard together.

Her breathing was ragged.

I rubbed her outside her panties and could feel ankara eve gelen escort the wet warmth that I desired.

She bucked her hips against my hand and moaned at the touch.

I pressed my mouth to hers and felt the vibrations of her whines as I slipped a finger inside her.

I slid it in and out amazed at the tightness.


She dug her nails in my arms and arched her back.

She was loving this.

I was loving this.

I pressed another finger in and she cried out.

I kissed and sucked on her nipple while I fingered her.

She threw her head back and I sucked harder.

Her hands pushed my head against her body.


She was so wet and warm.

I had to taste her.

I stroked deep inside her and felt her hymen which made her shudder.

I withdrew and kept a distance from it.

“Paige, have you ever done this before?”

Her eyes were closed and she shook her head.

Opening her eyes and with heavy breath she brought our mouths together.

“I want you. Please, I need you.”

She kept me close to her, moaning with every kiss.

How could I say no to her?

She was my own personal goddess.

Her skin flushed, a light layer of sweat coating her body, she was perfect.

I held her gaze as I brought my lips across her salty, warm flesh and planted wet kisses down her stomach.

I took the waistband of her panties and brought them down her slender legs.

She smelled amazing.

I spread her legs apart and kissed her thighs.

From the inside to where they connected to her hips.

She took a sharp breath as I pressed my face into her and whispered her name.

I kissed the wet skin and held her hips still.

I flicked my tongue against her swollen clit and blew cold air onto it making her sigh.

I drew my tongue from the top of her core, down.

I felt her struggle against me.

She was so vocal.

I pushed my tongue into her entrance and groaned inside her loving the way she tasted.

That made her moan my name.

Her back arched as I moved my tongue deeper and brought her hips closer to my face.


I put my palms against her ass and groped.

Her lower back came down to the bed again.

I rotated my shoulders to get her legs over them.

She pressed down on me and my tongue went deeper.

I moved it in and out of her.

She whined as I let my tongue roam when it was away from her sweet center.


I brought my lips around her most sensitive spot.

Her hips bucked and she cried out my name.

I knew she was close.

I couldn’t help myself from torturing her.

I kissed against the wet skin and brought my mouth up her body.

In the darkness I felt her hands on my face.

She brought my mouth gaziosmanpaşa escort to hers and moaned at the taste.

As we kissed I positioned myself between her legs.

She kissed the side of my neck up to my ear.

“I’m on the pill.”

Her arms went across my shoulders and she kissed right under my chin, down the center of my neck, and the top of my chest.

She didn’t have to tell me twice.

I gripped my erection and pressed it against her.

I pushed my mouth on hers and slid past her slit.

Every time she exhaled she made a quiet noise.

I felt the heat of her on the tip of my hard cock.

Her hips moved down and she pressed her fingers into my back.

I kept moving forward.

When I moved the head in, she felt tighter.

I brought my mouth to her heated skin as the noises she made became higher and higher.

I kept pushing myself in and then I felt it.

I groaned next to her jaw at the way she felt.

I watched Paige’s sweet face as I withdrew to go back inside her and take what marked her virginity.

She had her face turned to one side with her eyes closed and bit her lower lip.

When I pushed in to take her, her eyes opened wide and she made a hesitant throaty whine.

Her hands squeezed around my forearms and she pushed me away.

I expected this and pushed against her force getting deeper.

She winced as I kept going slowly in and out of her.

Her tightness and warmth made me whisper her name.

Her whimpers turned to sounds of pleasure after mere moments and I got deeper inside her.

Her arms looped around my shoulders and she was breathy.


I picked up the speed.


She let out a quiet gasp.


“Cum for me, Paige.”

She pressed against my shoulders and cried out my name again.

“Cum for me.”

I felt her get even tighter around my throbbing cock.

“Dean! Yes!”

I kept pumping inside her deep and fast.

She raised up and pressed her body to mine.

“Mmm! I’m going to- UH!!”

I felt her orgasm.

It squeezed all around me.

I deepened my thrusts for her.

I felt myself about to cum.

Paige was moaning with every exhale.

It drove me over the edge.

I kept pumping into her and it happened.

I squeezed my eyes shut, balled my fist, and held my breath as I came deep inside her.

I was as far as I could go.

She was so tight!

I released myself in her.

It jetted out of me deep in this willing girl.

She laid underneath me smiling as I fought to catch my breath.

Her warm lips leaving me vibrating as she put them on my jaw.

I felt the ability to move and slowly withdrew from her not wanting to leave.

She pulled kisses from my mouth as I pulled out.

We laid on our sides facing each other.

She traced her necklace and I let my hands travel across her naked body.

We exchanged kisses and we both felt the lure of sleep.

She rolled over and placed her back against my chest.

I held her small frame in my arms and smiled into the back of her shoulder.

My plan worked.

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