Mrs. Dixie Callahan

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Mrs. Callahan not only had the nicest peaches around, her ass was worth the wait because whenever she bent over all the way to reach into her garden, there were never any panties covering her quite plump ass!

Today, I had saved the best cherries just for her freshly baked pies that made me drool more than watching her bend over.

I shielded my erection with a box of walnuts, and spoke up,

“My Mrs. Callahan, you sure do look mighty fine today! Got some of those juicy Bing cherries you love so much and they’re half off for pretty ladies like you maam!”

Mrs. Dixie swaggered over and said,

“Won’t you join me for some iced tea and warm apple cobbler with cinnamon crusted Pixie sprinkles? I know you’ve been working up a sweat from all that hard working you always do. I never even got to pay you for that last order, did I?”

I sheepishly grinned that boyish smile that she knows is irresistable to her feminine weaknesses, then acted confused about whether or not her bill was current, just enough to ante up the bid.

“If my reckonin’s right, there’s a very late and nearly overdue debt that needs to be reconciled.”

That’s when she turned up the heat, and said,

“Cart them cherries to my cookin’ stove and set down while I eryaman escort fix you something sweet for my favorite delivery boy!”

When Mrs. Dixie licked the spoon and lingered for what seemed like an eternity, my currently limp dick got stiffened quick-like, before I could hide my obvious bulge.

“Go on, now, get those cherries to the pot before that cramp in your jeans gets any worse, my sexy, delicious delivery boy you!”

My cheeks flushed immediately, making it even more difficult to conceal my embarrassingly immense package.

I desperately tried to stall for the chance to get out of there without being further exposed.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Dixie. You can pay whenever you have the time. I must be going now. I’ve got two more stops to go home and mastu…uh I mean master my math lesson.”

Mrs. Callahan hiked her thigh around my hip and mashed her body against my thickened shaft, while rubbing the head by the tips of her tiny fingers, then explored my open mouth by inserting her incredibly long tongue down my throat.

“I want to pay in full, right now, Bradley. Have you ever tasted that sweet pussy? Why, I bet you are still a virgin, aren’t you?”

My fingers were trembling from the blood pulsing at esat escort overload, ready to make me pass out, but I managed to speak.

“Why, yes maam, I guess I am a virgin, if that means I didn’t sex yet, does it?”

Mrs. Callahan knelt beside me, releasing my fully erect rod, then placed her crimson lips and velvety smooth tongue around my glistening member, going all the way to my shrinking balls.

I felt a tingling sensation that was strangely and curiously fantastic, and I wanted her to do it again.

Mrs. Dixie asked me to carry her to the bedroom and undress us both, using only my teeth and lips.

The scent of her body intoxicated me thoroughly, before the aroma took its full effect, prompting me to slide my lips through her slippery mound of awesome beauty.

She pulled me up to her head and said,

“Today, you become a man.”

Guiding and coaxing my constantly growing pole, her powerful grip upon my extension that grew with every stroke and thrusting motion she forced my happy jerk buddy to eruption of gooey, yet heavenly and delightful feelings.

Miss Dixie looked up at me and winked an eye to let me know I did a good job for my first time, but did what only she did to my new found addiction.

“Fuck etimesgut escort me like a real man, and make it harder, longer than you even thought possible!”

I knew my mission and accepted it without question or hesitation.

“Mrs. Dixie. This counts as full and balanced, with your account, and every service thereafter.”

She laughed and turned around, putting her ass up and face down, as there was no denying her my new-found talent that plunged deeper than before to crash into a place that caused a sigh, then a screaming and moaning, primal shriek of pure ecstasy, I had never known existed in women.

I had control of this oddly unbelievable and powerful sense of intense emotions running wildly as I pounded and rammed and ground her spasming flesh and bones with a force I had never tapped inside of me, a force of unparalleled calibre.

I could feel my twitching tool ready to explode, but didn’t give in to that oh, so serendipitous clouds and pillowing, cozy places for just long enough to let her have another cock bathing flood of juices to combine as one mixture, coming together at a plateau of uncharted heights and Nirvana state-like bliss.

I collapsed onto Mrs. Dixie, and whispered in her ear,

“Are you really married, Mrs. Callahan?”

A sly grin crossed her face when she said,

“Did you think I didn’t see you staring at me and my wide open, just shaved bush? You were the one who started by letting that massive mast of a cock go unattended. Come see me next time there’s a delivery, K?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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