Katrina Ch. 01

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In the world of The Letters of Shanti and Joseph, Katrina became a shining star, a darling to many of our readers. We are going back deep into our older stories, to these first parts her story, the transition from a shy virgin to an important character appearing in many sexual adventures and stories. It is a long story, covering many sections over a number of volumes. Even today, years later, when she is married and lives in Perth, Australia, Katrina still appears in our blog stories regularly.

Enough from me – Susan. Time to read the story.

* * * * * * *

Katrina’s Story Ch 1.

Learning About Sarvesh & Amita.

* * * * * * *

My name is Katrina; I work for Sarvesh and Amita as the servant girl in their house. Some of you will, of course, be surprised to be getting this letter/story sent from me. Since I am the centre of this adventure, Amita thought it was very good for me to be writing it so she informed me to try it. But I must be the honest person and admitting I am very unknowing to doing a lot of writing, especially the English, please excuse what I am writing for my poor grammar and spelling.

Now to begin my story. My father works for Sarvesh in one of his businesses as the builder. Sarvesh is an important business man within this town, owning of the bank, part of the club/hotel and a large warehouse exporting business to Australia and New Zealand. He is well-known for his white suit with black trimming and he only goes by the name of Sarvesh. There is no ‘Mr’ or for that matter any other title, only one word ‘Sarvesh.’ That name makes him standout and be prominent within the business world. Amita, of course, is his lovely wife.

They live in a large white house overlooking the town and river. The house is approached through a massive steel gate complete with gate-house. As you enter within the compound, you are confronted with the impressive façade, a full three-stories tall above the front door. A building completely painted white, with yes, you guessed it, black trimming highlighting windows and doors etc. This house was designed by Sarvesh himself, designed to impress, proclaim the owner as a wealthy, successful man. Extremely important in India, a powerful business tool Sarvesh often used.

When I was seventeen and my schooling was finished, my father got me a job working for Sarvesh as well. (I’ve been with them nearly three years for now.) They were looking for somebody to help among their household staffs. This job was mainly housework such as cleaning and helping in the kitchen. Being a servant girl is usually not a good job in India, but working for Amita it is different. She is very nice for her staff and they pay good wages too. Since my family home was in another location, another town, this position was a live-in position, where I was sharing a small room with another girl in the servant’s quarters. Later when that girl left, I had the room to myself but it was still very small.

Being always at the house, it meant when there were visitors staying at the house, which often was happening, there was the extra work for me helping with the serving for the guests. I was always happy to do this and the extra money was welcome too.

* * * * * * *

One day we came to know that there were some guests coming to stay from the country of New Zealand. I am sorry to admitting I was not really knowing where this country was until I was looking onto a map.

Well they arrived. There was one couple where an Indian woman was married to a European man. I later came to know them as Shanti and Mike. (A special Hi to you Mike) They were staying with some friends at another house down into the town.

A few days later two more couples arrived and these were both European couples from New Zealand as well. They stayed at the Big House. This was a big event in the house and many of the staffs were interested in who these people could be. I now know these couples were Steve & Sharon and Peter & Jenny. Steve is an important business partner of Sarvesh, running the New Zealand operations of the business.

When they arrived, it was later into the evening, they were tired from their travelling and so went to bed early. I was not to see them until the next morning when I was helping serving the breakfast. It was interesting because these couples wanted different food and Amita was in the kitchen showing us how to prepare some of their foods. I tried some but it tasted so plain, lacking flavours compared to ours but then, I suppose they were used to that.

They were happy and joking, particularly the men. When I was serving at the table, they were speaking the English, but saying so fast and using words that I was unknowing of. It was hard to understand them but I must be the honest person and admitting, I shouldn’t have been listening. They were polite to me, even saying thank you when I placed something in front of them. Us servant girls were not used to guests doing such as that, guests usually just ignored us, too important to acknowledge us, as if we are kept unseen.

* * * * * * *

Now sultanbeyli escort to the first event within my story. This can be found in the Letters Books which I will be getting to later. Amita has not allowed me to read this letter yet until after I have made my story, and told my account of what happened, then she says I can read.

One night, Sarvesh and Amita suddenly changed their plans and went out with their quests for their dinner and evening. I heard Amita telling the cook that they would not be having the meal she cooked but to keep it as they would be eating it in the next day, when all the visitors would be visiting the Big House.

They had given all the staffs the holiday for the weekend and even paid for some of us to stay at a comfortable hotel in the town. The instructions were clearly for us to clean up for the evening before we went with the vans into the town.

I had my bag packed and was just to leave in the van with the other staffs when suddenly Sarvesh and the guests arrived back at the house. Three cars had come through the gate. Amita asked if I would mind staying back to help her serve some drinks and some Indian snacks for everyone. She said, later she would call a taxi for me to go into the town to my hotel room.

I was willing to help her so I stayed as the van left. It was a bit amusing to see the faces looking from the van, trying to see what could be going on.

Amita and I were making the various drinks. I was not sure on these as I do not take much alcohol myself so she was showing me. To my surprise Sarvesh was also helping too. I had never seen him working in the kitchen before. In fact, now I think about it, I cannot ever remember even seeing him within the kitchen areas although we often saw Amita there. Once we were ready, we each had a tray to take out. I knew everybody was at the main swimming pool so I went out first. Amita then Sarvesh followed behind me.

As I entered the pool area, I heard the splashing and the laughing so I knew they were doing the swimming. But I was shocking when I looked because everyone there was without their swimming clothes. They were all totally nude swimming in the pool both the men and also the women as well were nude without the clothing too.

What was more of a shock to me was the man I now know is called Mike was standing up high on the diving board and he was completely nude too. When he saw me, he jumped into the water but I had seen him before that. Yes, I had viewed his naked body and even clearly seen that private part too.

Across the other side of the pool, two women and a man were standing. One of the women white and the other of Indian. The man was also of being white too. They also saw me and were with the rush to enter the pool and hide their naked bodies below the water.

I didn’t know what to do; I just stood there with the tray in my hand until Sarvesh took the drinks from me to put on the table. He then told me quietly to return to the kitchen. As soon as I was out of sight, I rushed back to the kitchen not knowing what to think. I could not believe anything like this could ever happen. They were all naked! How could they do that?

Soon Amita joined me and she sat down beside me. She was very calming with her words explaining to me about their different culture and I was not to worry or be upset in anyways by what I had witnessed.

I told her it was more the shock on seeing but I was fine now. She smiled and patted me on the shoulder. Another strange thing she had never done before. Amita told me a taxi was due soon to take me into town. She did also was with warning me not to tell any person what I had witnessed because in India many people would not be as understanding as I was of what I had just seen.

* * * * * * *

It was only a few days later and all our visitors were still at the Big House. I knew mostly they were playing games outside or sitting near the pool. For some reason, I cannot remember what, I went into the kitchen. And there he was. The European man I had seen a few days before on the diving board. He was talking to the cook and asking her about Indian cooking and Indian spices. And she was telling too about the many different things of cooking.

He looked around as I entered and smiled at me. I was embarrassed to find him there and I left the kitchen as quickly as I could. The cook said later I should have stayed and talked to him because he was a nice man. Maybe I should have. Maybe it was rude of me to be rushing off like that but like I am saying, I was embarrassed at seeing him. I was thinking the last condition I was seeing him in.

* * * * * * *

The next event came later that same day, an event Amita tells me this is also among the Letters. In this event I am again serving drinks around the pool. But this time they were all sitting and they were all dressed into their clothes of course. I had to serve a drink as specified to each person. When I came to give Mike his drink, he said he was sorry for the other night. Like the cook said, I think tuzla escort that because he was showing concern for my feelings, just an ordinary servant girl, that he must be a very nice man. Maybe he also realised how embarrassed I had been in the kitchen at seeing him earlier too.

On this occasion we also had a very unusual request. I remember that we did have some unusual items to prepare. We had to make ice-cream cones. I had never done this before and they had to show how we were doing it, rolling the ice cream and placing it on cones. (I later discovered this was so one of the women could demonstrate licking the ice cream cone in such away as she would lick a male penis. But I knew nothing of this at that time. Should I be calling that The Cock?)

Amita had brought the cones, a box of ice cream and a funny shaped spoon too. She asked us to make double scoop cones and she showed us a picture of two balls of ice cream on top of the cone. We tried but we were unable to make the balls. We asked Amita and she tried but she couldn’t show us either so the cook suggested that maybe one of the Europeans would know.

Amita agreed and soon she arrived back with one of the visitors. To my surprise, Mike was with her. I was trying again to make an ice cream ball as he stood watching. With my lack of knowledge of how to do this and my shaking hands, I was making a mess of it.

Then Mike asked softly, “Are you having trouble?

I just nodded to acknowledge that I was. Not sure what to say.

He explained. “One trick was to dip the scoop into water first. Then twist your wrist as you rolled the ice cream onto the scoop.”

I looked back at him a bit confused.

“Here let me show you,” he said.

He stepped up behind me and reached around to take my hand. It was like a shock he touched me like that but he held my hand firmly. Then he was guiding my hand and we made a perfect ball. But I was also noticed that his body touched against my back and his deep voice close behind me, his breath close to my ear as he explained what we were doing. I could smell his scent too. He then stood back; my hands were trembling but I made another one myself. I also felt strange in the area between my legs, like a feeling I had never felt strange before.

Mike and Amita left then and I showed the cook and another servant girl how to do it. I was standing watching them but I was still thinking about that man so close he was touching me. The cook noticed me distracted and asked if I was not feeling well. I said I wanted to lay down for a while and rushed off to my room. Even there I could still feel his strong hand holding mine. His body against mine and his voice softly telling me how to make the ice cream ball.

When I got back to my room, it was like I had wet my panties. I did not realise until later that this was the first time in my life that I had become sexually aroused, had sexual feelings for a man, sexually turned on by a man. And it was with a man I never knew. A man from a different culture and a different country. At the time I couldn’t understand or believe how my body was responding, why it was behaving like this.

So that is my first times I came to know of some of the events found within The Letters Books but even at that time I did not know there was any such book. After another week, our visitors left to return to their own country and life within the Big House returned to normal and continued as ever it was.

* * * * * * *

After nearly a year later, we were involved in a very large occasion up at the house and I came to know that two of Sarvesh’s friends were leaving India to live in New Zealand. This was a very big good-bye function which many important people from the town were invited also because this man had been head of the biggest tourist attraction in the town, The Game Reserve. I now have come to know that this couple was named Joseph and Lizamoa.

I remember that before this we were very busy preparing and afterwards there was a lot of work to do as well. I also remember they had to employ in extra staffs to help.

After that we began to get these days off regularly. Some of the staffs wondered why but I was sure that they wanted us away so they could have a private party with their guests. I also suspected there would be nudity swimming within the pool. Of course, I never told anyone what I thought but just said how nice it was for them to be giving us the time off too.

This didn’t stop some of the staffs being suspicious and wondering why this was happening and what went on in the Big House when we were away. There was often some talk of it but I was never part of that. I just thought it was unkind, kind of cruel how they talked about our generous employer in such a way.

* * * * * * *

About a month later I was doing the cleaning in the master bedroom. I thought they had both left in a hurry to attend some event in the town. When I was in the room, I noticed a very large photograph album open on the bed. I know there are many photographs and albums around ümraniye escort the house but I had never seen this one before.

I had to move it to straighten the bed sheets and when I did, I looked down at the open page. There were photos of two couples at the seaside on the beach. They were wearing clothes but what attracted me was who they were. There was the Indian couple who recently had left for New Zealand. Joseph, I think his name was and his wife I now know is Lizamoa. Also, in the photos were the New Zealand couple Mike and Shanti, the New Zealand Indian girl married to the white man.

Out of interest I turned the page and there were the same two couples again but this time they were nude. I could even see that there were other people on the beach also nude. I was thinking, ‘So this must be what Amita was telling me about how the culture was different in New Zealand.’ Staring at the picture I was wondering how people were even willing to share bathing together without any of their clothes.

I must have been standing there for a few minutes, in my day-dream when suddenly I heard someone behind me. I looked and Amita was standing there watching me. I am not sure but I think she may have been there for a while.

“Misses!” I gasped in the shock at seeing her.

“Oh, I’m sorry Katrina. We left that out by mistake.”

She reached to take the album from me and then caught sight of what I was looking at. She saw the large photo of Mike and Shanti standing together nude, facing the camera.

She smiled. “I see you’re looking at Mike again.”

I did not know how to answer. I had been caught with their most private things. I knew I was in serious trouble. I was expecting her to be angry and I knew I would most probably lose my job because of this.

But she did not appear as angry. Not closing the album, she looked down at the large photo of Mike and his wife together. I saw a slight smile on her face and for a moment she looked to be thinking a distant thought. Maybe a memory from sometime she had been with them. Suddenly she came back to the present, looking again at me before her eyes drifted back to the photograph.

“He is a handsome man, isn’t he? They make a handsome couple.”

I did not know how to answer so I just nodded my head.

She closed the album gently, almost lovingly and placing it back on the bed. Then she turned to me with a smile. I was confused. Was she angry – no, it did not appear like it! Well maybe upset with me – no, not that either? She must have seen the worry look on my face.

“Do not be worried,” she told me. “I will speak to Sarvesh.”

“Will he be angry with me? Will he be taking my job away?”

“No! No! Nothing like that.” she replied as she placed a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t be worried. Nobody is going to lose their job.”

I managed to give her a small smile as I looked at her but I was worried.

She must have noticed tears in my eyes because she handed me a handkerchief. “Here now, wipe those eyes and go on with your work now. That’s a good girl,” she told me gently.

As I finished my work in the bedroom, I saw Amita take the large leather album from the bed and place it in a cupboard, locking the door. I had sometimes wondered what they kept in that cupboard and well, now I knew.

* * * * * * *

That night I was sitting in my room thinking about what had happened. I was surprised about her reaction to me. Not upset, not anger, only her usual loving kindness. But I then remembered that she said she would be informing her husband.

With The Master, it would be different. Yes, he was always nice to me but then I never really got to talk with him much and never did anything wrong. But he wanted things done his way. He was a good boss but I knew could be tough when he needed to be. I knew a friend in the bank within our town who told me this too. I thought Sarvesh would see things differently. Once I had witnessed him angry with a staff member who was a driver. That man had used a car for a personal reason and Sarvesh had become very angry at him. There were loud angry words and Sarvesh had quickly finished his employment in the house.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door then our cook put her head inside. “The Master is asking for you Katrina. He wants you to go to his office. You better go right now,” she said with a worried look.

“Was he looking for me,” I asked.

“Yes, he spoke with The Misses as soon as he came home and then she came straight to me asking for you. Nobody has seen him after that. He went straight into his office. This is trouble if I’m not mistaken.”

“Oh!” I replied.

Then still looking worried she asked, “What has happened Katrina? What have you done?”

Not wanting to talk about it I lowered my head so she couldn’t see my face then I said, “I will go there now.”

I slipped on my jacket. Luckily, I was still wearing my uniform too. Smoothing my hair quickly, I went upstairs to the office on the ground floor. Employees and staff hardly ever went into the office and only one was allowed to clean there. For the rest of the time, it was always kept locked. Anyone being called to Sarvesh’s office usually meant something serious was happening. Normal instructions to us came from the House Manager. Tonight, he was asking to talk directly to me. I became scared!

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