I Came to Visit You

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Just as Jamie stepped out of the shower, her cell phone rang and she ran to her bedroom. She picked it up just in time to see the Caller-ID display the name CJ Scott.

“Hey! What are you up to?” Jamie answered.

“I’m just driving home, I figured I’d give you a call and see what you were up to. If you’re not doing anything tonight, maybe you’d want to go out to eat or to a movie or something?”

“Yeah, that’d be great! Wait! My parents and sister went with Ali to her volleyball tournament in Toledo and they won’t be back until Wednesday! Do you just want to head over here and hang out or something…CJ, are you there?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, sorry James, I just got caught thinking for a minute. That’d be great. I can be over in about 20 minutes. That sound ok?”

“Yeah, sounds good. I’ll see you then.”

“Alright, bye.”

Now Jamie Sullivan and CJ Scott were in love and had been since the end of Jamie’s junior high years. But because they were both really busy and had no time for each other, they denied their feelings for each other. Now, Jamie’s senior year of high school was over and she couldn’t wait to be at college with CJ since he was a full two years older than her.

CJ had been home a couple times this year, and during those few times, the two of them had become very close and had finally opened up and accepted each other’s love. Not quite 20 minutes after they hung up, the doorbell rang and held an echo throughout the house.

“Oh my God, it’s been way too long!!” James exclaimed as she leaped into his arms after opening the door. CJ was a good looking guy. He was about 6’3″, short dark brown hair, and deep brown eyes to match his mysterious personality. His physique was that of an athlete even though he played no sports. He had always been shy, and the only person he really opened up to was James. Jamie on the other hand, was a very cheerful person that always had a bit of a secretive side to her. She had light brown shoulder length hair and emerald green eyes. She stood at about 5’7″ and was built as an excellent swimmer like her would be.

Both CJ and Jamie were virgins, although pendik anal escort they had played around with each other before. When Jamie had toured the University campus a couple months before, CJ had pulled her aside for half of the day. That little time together was spent exploring each other’s bodies and doing almost everything except actually having sex. They would have both lost their virginity that day, except since it was the first time Jamie had seen CJ’s dick (a whole 7 ¾ inches), she was too frightened.

“It’s so good to see you James! Did you just get out of the pool or something?”

“Oh, the shower actually.”

“Man I wish I could have been there” CJ replied in a joking manner. As he set her down, he bent over to remind her of the passionate kisses they had been missing since the last time he was home. As they broke apart, James told CJ that she had ordered some pizza (Taco, their favorite), and thought they could eat while watching a movie. He said that sounded great and about thirty minutes later, they were downstairs in the theater watching Armageddon. After falling asleep wrapped tightly in CJ’s arms, Jamie awoke only to find out it was nearing 9 at night.

“CJ…CJ…Wake up! Its almost 9 o’clock and you haven’t even been home. your parents must be freaking out by now!!”

“James, relax. I didn’t tell them I was coming home.”

“WHAT? Why not?”

“Because I came back to see you. Now how about we go take a dip in the pool, what do you say?”

“OK. Lets go.”

As Jamie led CJ out the back door and toward the pool, he suddenly spun her around and latched his lips onto hers. She responded by kissing him back and slowly slid her tongue into his mouth. CJ worked his way onto her neck and to each of her ears. As he nibbled on her earlobe, he whispered “I say we both strip naked and the first one into the pool wins. GO!”

They both pulled back and frantically ripped off their clothing. They jumped into the pool at the exact same time. But when Jamie surfaced, she didn’t see CJ since it was dark out and the only light was coming from the waterfall pendik bayan escort over by the hot tub. At the same time as she felt CJ’s lips lock onto her neck, she felt his two strong hands come from behind her to grab onto her tits.

Jamie’s nipples were already cold from the unexpected temperature of the water, but CJ’s touch added to the sensation. “Oh God CJ!” Jamie moaned. One of CJ’s hands reached down to play with James’ clit while the other still fondled her boobs. James reached back to stroke his dick. Once again, CJ spun James around and lunged out to suck in one of her nipples, while rubbing the other one. His other hand went father down until he dipped a finger into Jamie’s tight pussy. James still had a hold of CJ’s cock and continued to pump it while she tried to hold back her moans.

“God James, you’re so wet!” CJ exclaimed. He thrust his finger in and out of Jamie while his thumb was running circles around her clit. James started to return CJ’s thrusts and she was soon on the brink of her first orgasm of the night. She cried out and her knees buckled, causing her to fall against CJ and almost pushing both of them fully into the water.

As Jamie regained her composure, she was once again aware that they were still in the pool. She looked up at CJ and whispered “Why don’t we take this upstairs to my bedroom.” They both climbed out of the pool and headed through the door and up the stairs, not bothering to stop to pick up any of their clothing or reach for a towel.

When they were finally into Jamie’s room, she was all over CJ in a seconds flash. She threw him onto the bed and climbed on top straddling his stomach. She leaned over and kissed him quickly on the mouth and started to work her way down his body. Her tongue flicked both of his nipples and trailed down towards his cock. Once she was there, she opened her mouth and sucked in the head. He let out a long moan once she did this, which boosted her confidence even more. She swirled her tongue around his head for a minute or so before going any further. At last, she went down and it seemed his entire shaft slipped pendik bayan escortlar down into her throat. She continued to bob up and down for what seemed like an eternity before he responded. “Oh James, if you keep that up any longer you’re going to get a mouth full of cum.”

“Well, I better stop then. I want you inside of me when you cum.”

“Are you sure James? I’m completely content with how we are. I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t want to do.”

“I’m positive. I’m ready.” And with that, CJ rolled Jamie over onto her back and reached for her draw where he knew she kept a couple condoms. “You don’t need those. The week I got back from visiting the campus, I went on the pill.” He looked her in the eye and gave her one more kiss before he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit. Finally, he put it at her entrance and started to push.

Jamie let out a little moan. CJ pulled out a bit and started to push in a little farther. After doing this a couple times, he finally reached her maidenhead. He leaned down placed his lips onto hers at the same time as he jammed his dick deep into her cunt. “Aaaaahhhhhh. Ouch. Just wait a second CJ. Just wait.” A single tear slipped from the corner of her eye. CJ couldn’t believe how tight and wet she was, and even though he wanted to pound her, he knew that it would hurt her even more. As much as her pussy throbbed, the pleasure took over the pain. She started to move her hips a little around CJ’s cock, and he got the idea. He slowly pulled out and in one smooth thrust, he was buried to the hilt. She let out a long moan, one that wasn’t pain, but mostly all pleasure. He continued his movements and she started to buck back at him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Pretty soon Jamie was crying out her orgasm and begging CJ to fuck her faster and harder. CJ obliged but only for a couple minutes before he started to feel the familiar signs of his own orgasm. “Oh God James, I’m about to cum.”

“Please CJ, cum inside me, please.”

“I love you so much James.”

“I love you too.” And with that, CJ gave one more hard thrust into James and shot his load deep inside of her pussy. The twitching of his cock only set Jamie off again. She screamed out that she was cumming and her whole body clenched down onto CJ’s dick and milked him dry. They eventually came down from their high, rolled onto their sides and fell asleep together with his dick still inside of Jamie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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