Daniel and I

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Steven stood up. “Right, that’s me done for the afternoon, I’m going to go and get some tea. I’ll see you down the pub later, Daniel?”

He was already halfway out the door when Daniel decided to get up and see his friend off.

“Yes, definitely. Is The Duke alright with you? I have to pop in to Auntie Jen’s beforehand, I left my wallet there after the party yesterday.”

I could hear them both laughing about the previous night down at The Duke. Having turned 18 the day before I didn’t feel brave enough to join them down there without being challenged by the landlord for identification, despite Daniel’s insistence that it would be just fine. By some crazy coincidence, Daniel’s birthday had also been the day before but, as he’d just turned 21, he celebrated with a night at the pub with his mates whilst I stayed home with my friends and enjoyed a meal from the local Chinese take away.

Between the three of us, Steven, Daniel and I had decided to have a celebration of our own at Daniel’s grandmother’s house the following day with a bottle of champagne left over from the party and some drink taken from Steven’s parent’s alcohol cabinet. I took my friend Laura along in the guise that it wouldn’t be fair on Steven to the be the gooseberry between Daniel and I but the truth was that I was so self conscious around the opposite sex that to go without a friend in tow would have me reduced to a quivering pool of anxiety.

“See ya later then, mate…. Yep… About 8 o’ Clock. Yep. Bye!”

The door clicked shut and Daniel appeared around the door giving me the cheesiest smile I ever did see.

“I can not believe Steve-o only went down to his boxers. I got it all off, did you see?”

Of course I saw, I couldn’t stop looking at my new boyfriend’s body. And not just my new boyfriend’s body, my first *proper* boyfriend’s body. He was about five feet, eleven inches tall, average build, brown hair that he held in place with hair gel and bright blue eyes. It was those eyes that caught my attention in the first place. At five feet and six inches tall and carrying what my parents affectionately referred to as ‘puppy fat’ I was sure Daniel was looking at my friend and not me. Unlike my pretty, blonde and blue-eyed friend, both my brown hair and brown eyes never seemed to stand out for me, I was never the focus of anybody’s attention.

“Yeah, I saw. That was so funny!”

I tried desperately to sound as excited and amused as he clearly was but the truth is I was still so very shy despite the 2 glasses of champagne and 2 vodka shots I’d downed only a half hour earlier while the guys we’re stripping. It was easier to feel more confident with Laura sat beside me but now that she and Steven had both gone I felt more than aware it was just me and Daniel in the house alone.

I wasn’t afraid of him by any means, he was sweet and thoughtful but he was still a hormone-driven young man and as he walked over to the sofa where I was sitting, I saw his eyes glue themselves to the generous breasts that I had been teased mercilessly about since I began developing aged just 9 years old. The kind of teasing that left me wondering if I was abnormal or whether I would repulse people for the rest of my life.

But Daniel had made me feel at ease all week. He’d escorted me home from school every day, proudly draping his arm over my shoulders or around my waist, pulling me in closer and planting kisses on my head. For the first time since I hit puberty I felt normal. And now sat in front of Daniel I felt desirable. Wanted.

He stopped right in front of me, my eyes level pendik escort with his belly button. Light wisps of hair trailed downward in to the top of his tracksuit bottoms and I smiled to myself as the thought of how I got lucky enough to have this fine specimen stood before me entered my mind.

Daniel bent over and took my hands from their place in my lap and pulled me up to my feet. He planted a kiss full on my lips and pulled away for a brief second to gauge my reaction before going in again for a full on passionate embrace that ended with the pair of us falling back down on to the sofa, locked at the mouth, pulling each other as close as we could.

“Let’s go back upstairs, Baby. The bed is far more comfy than this.” Daniel said, nodding toward the sofa I was pinned down on. Again, Daniel pulled me up to my feet but this time I felt the alcohol in my legs and held on to Daniel’s arm to steady myself.

“Okay then…” I whispered.

A small voice in my head told me that if I did go up there right now, I wouldn’t be a virgin when I came back down and as I walked past the front door a million excuses to leave ran through my mind.

I headed to Daniel’s bedroom while he took care of locking the doors downstairs. As I sat down on his bed my stomach was doing flips and my pussy was getting wet. While I was a virgin and generally shy around the opposite sex, I was by no means frigid. I had been sexually aware of myself for a long while now, frequently masturbating with phallic-shaped objects for the last 8 years at least. I knew how to get off, how I liked it and often treated myself to it whilst home alone.

It wasn’t long before Daniel had made his way up to the bedroom, he was still topless from the stripping earlier and his tracksuit bottoms made no secret of the incredibly generous package he was concealing inside them. He was raring to go already.

He took a seat beside me on the bed and kissed me again, his left hand cupping my cheek and his right hand on my shoulder gently pulling me towards him. My cheeks flushed slightly from not knowing where to put my hands before I made a quick decision to place one one on his thigh and the other on his chest. He felt slightly clammy, I briefly allowed myself to think maybe he was as nervous as me but remembering his enthusiastic striptease earlier wasted no time casting doubt on that.

Daniel mirrored my hand on his chest by placing his on mine which then slid slightly over to the uppermost fastened button on my shirt and unfastened it then went on to unfasten the rest. In a rare display of initiative, I swung my legs around to get myself in to a kneeling position and Daniel followed suit, taking the opportunity to peel my unfastened shirt over my shoulder and toss it on the floor. Face to face and still kissing, Daniel slid his hands around my waist and rested them on my ass and pulled me in closer. I could feel his hard cock pressing in to me as his tongue explored my mouth.

Taking his hands from my ass, he placed them over mine and guided my hands to the drawstring cord holding his tracksuit bottoms in place.

“Untie them, Baby…” He breathed in to my mouth.

I had to break the kiss completely to look down to where my hands were, a mixture of the alcohol from before and the anxiety of I was doing and what was about to happen made simple tasks seem impossible.

Ah, success!

“Now take them off for me. Please.”

My head was swimming from excitement and vodka as I thumbed at the waist band before pulling them down to the knees he was still rested on. I wasn’t surprised anadolu yakası escort to find he was wearing no underwear, he’d obviously not put them back on after the strip. I stared wide-eyed at his cock, fairly certain that all the inanimate objects I’d used to get myself off in the past were not nearly that big.

Daniel’s hands at the button of my jeans snapped my attention back to my current situation. I looked back up at him, straight in to his blue eyes.

“It’s OK.” He soothed. I hadn’t told him I was still a virgin, maybe he had sensed my nervousness and made the assumption. Maybe he didn’t know at all. Maybe I was thinking too much and…

Daniel had unbuttoned my jeans now and had his hands on my hips inside the waistband. Oh God, how was it possible to be to excited yet so terrified all at the same time? The hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stood on end as his hands ran down my thighs pushing my jeans down to my knees. His right hand moved to the inside of my right leg just above the knee and he ran his hand all the way back up the inside until his thumb met my panties.

A shiver ran right through me as Daniel’s hand turned to cup my crotch. His fingers brushing at my pussy entrance through my underwear and the heel of his palm pressed up against my clitoris. Without fully realising it, I began grinding down on to his hand and he responded by pushing upwards.

After a few delicious minutes we pulled each other in close, locking lips again. Daniel’s cock now pressing right up against my mound. There was absolutely no denying my readiness for this, my pink panties with a glitter heart-shaped motif were soaked at the crotch.

I laughed nervously when Daniel moved my panties to one side and confirmed that I did indeed feel “very ready”. Taking my lead from him, we both removed our bottoms fully and he guided me down on to my back while he stayed up on his knees.

Self consciously I had kept my legs bent. Daniel placed a hand on each of my knees and pulled them gently apart, exposing my pussy and the giveaway wetness that proved my wanting. He touched my pussy and covered his fingers in my juices, paying special attention to spread it all over my clit. As his fingers danced over it, my back arched involuntarily, silently begging him to press harder on me as he had done while we were kneeling.

Daniel had positioned himself between my legs to gain full access to my sopping wet pussy. Using two fingers now, he spread more of my juices over my clit and began to pay it more attention. I pushed myself up on to my elbows to watch what he was doing to me. He trapped my clit between his two fingers and squeezed them together causing me to call out.

“Oh my God, Daniel!”

“It’s OK baby, I’ll be gentle.”

“No, you don’t have to be gentle… I mean…”

I trailed off, suddenly shy again.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” Daniel urged.

I laid back down again and looked at the ceiling, not wanting to catch his stare.

“I like what you’re doing to me, don’t stop. And you don’t have to be so gentle, it feels really good.”

Daniel went back to my clitoris, rubbing it and pinching it between his fingers and occasionally dipping back down towards my hole to keep me lubricated with my own juices. I couldn’t help but call out with lust every time his fingers brushed over my opening without exploring the inside of me. I wanted it so much and Daniel knew it. He also knew exactly what he was doing.

“You’re so ready baby. You’re so wet.”

And yet for another ataşehir escort few minutes he fucked with my mind and not with my pussy. Bringing me to the very brink of orgasm and gently deflating me. And again. And again. All with the clever use of two fingers and my own personal brand of natural lube.

Feeling that familiar tingle in my hips for the fourth time, my back arched and I pressed my mound in to Daniel’s hand, silently urging him press harder on my clitoris. Instead he dipped back down toward my pussy and lubed up his skillful fingers once more. Lingering at my opening for longer than before, I got up on my elbows again and looked at Daniel. He caught my glance and locked on to me with his eyes and he pushed his juiced up fingers right inside me as far as he could and stroked as much of the inside of me as he could before pulling them out again and repeated the delicious process over and over.

Unable to hold myself up any longer, I fell back as my first orgasm from somebody else crashed over me. I felt completely inhibited and called out to Daniel, to Jesus, to God with each wave of pleasure.

The orgasm subsided, leaving a throb in my pussy as a reminder of what had just happened. Daniel looked suitably pleased with himself too and crawled over me and put a long and lingering kiss on my lips.

“That sounded like fun, baby.”

Another nervous laugh escaped me.

“Yeah… Wow!”

Daniel’s hard cock now was pressed between my mound and his pubic bone. It slipped nicely between my outer lips and Daniel was now grinding it against my sensitive clitoris. He kissed me again, presumably to distract me from the longer grind downward he took which set his cock free from between us so it could slide nicely down to the entrance of my still throbbing pussy.

My eyes gave me away as a flash of anxiety made it’s way through my entire body. Daniel must have realised so he kissed me again and pressed his cheek against mine.

“It’ll be OK baby. Ready?”

I nodded, my arousal taking over fully now.

“Yes. Please, Daniel. Now.”

Having been masturbating with inanimate objects for a few years, there was no pain. What felt strange to me was the warmth of a real flesh and blood cock filling my pussy. Daniel held his cock inside me for a while, kissing my head and making sure I was ok. I obviously hadn’t told him about my years of pleasuring myself and but I considered it in that moment. Instead I just nodded. So he withdrew fully and then re-entered a little harder.

“Oh my God, Daniel yes!”

Daniel took my encouragement as a sign to treat me a little less delicately and began thrusting in to me at a good pace, withdrawing fully with every stroke and pushing slowly and firmly as far in as I could accommodate. He positioned himself so that his pubic bone pressed firmly up against mine, my swollen clit taking the full force of the friction we created. It wasn’t long before I could feel a familiar ballooning sensation as my pussy went in to spasm and I started orgasming for the second time.

“Oh shit, oh shit baby. It feels like you’re sucking me in.”

Daniel was very obviously about to cum. His breaths were short and he started to call out.

“Oh my God. Baby, I’m coming… I’m coming…”

“Me too..!”

My pussy clenched around Daniel’s cock, milking every drop from him that he could offer. His cock swelled and throbbed with every wad he left inside me. Then his arms relaxed and he sank down on top of me, breathing hard.

“…Fuck. That was amazing.”

Daniel spoke in to my shoulder where his head was rested. I was too scared to speak, overwhelmed with emotion and not wanting to give my secret away. I turned to face the wall as a tear rolled down my cheek and seeped in to the pillow. I closed my eyes and drifted off in to a light sleep with Daniel still inside me.

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