Cuckqueaned by Friends Ch. 02

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Last night I finally fell asleep with the resolve to talk to Christopher in the morning, and I awoke with the same resolve. Now, the strength to actually do it was another thing. But still, I’ll try.

I had no idea what time it was, but light was filling the room through the thin curtains I had when we finally started waking up. We’d rolled over sometime in the night and he was spooning me when I woke up. I could feel his dick poking my ass, but I needed to have a real conversation with him and I wasn’t super in the mood. Also, I’m still pretty content after last night. Come on, ladies, how often do we get 4 in one go?! That was a first for me, so I’m good and not feeling particularly needy this morning, if you catch my drift. Though, if he ever moved in with me, I could definitely get used to the feel of that wood in the morning.

Christopher’s hand found my naked breast and gave it a fun squeeze, just letting me know he was awake. “Morning, Maddison.”

“Good morning, Chris.” I’d just remembered about Kayla using the nickname last night and decided to test the waters. He hadn’t corrected her, after all.

“Christopher, I don’t like being called Chris. You know that.”

“I know, but you let Kayla call you that yesterday. I thought you were gonna correct her too, but you didn’t.”

“Eh, I felt like it was just part of the game. But you know I prefer Christopher.”

“Ok, that’s what I thought.” I guess it was now or never, time to bring up what I needed to talk about. Christopher pinched my nipple once and then moved to get out of bed.

“I need some coffee. You want some?”

“I need to use the bathroom first. Actually, Christopher, can we talk again about what we talked about last night.” I sat up and watched him putting on his shorts and t-shirt.

“Oh, don’t worry, Maddison, I understood loud and clear. I won’t do anything too far. I know how much you like knowing about things too, so I’ll be honest the whole time. But I want to be clear it would just be a sort of game or something, I don’t want it to take away from our relationship.”

Was he insinuating that I was the one that wanted him to play with Kayla more? Did I, on some level? Dammit,  what is happening?! No, snap out of it, Maddison. 

“Well, actually, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with any of it. I just…”

“Maddison, your pussy didn’t lie last night. You loved it! Plus, this is just for fun. I love you and nothing with anyone else will mean anything. It’s all for you and for fun.”

“But…I don’t know…”

“Look, let’s just see how it goes. I think you love this stuff. Maybe it’s your kink that we finally stumbled upon or something. I don’t know, and I will never judge you for any of this or kink-shame you or anything. But I’m willing to dive into it with you! So if you get turned on watching me play with your friends, then I’ll do it. Especially if the sex continues to be like last night.”

“Ugh, I don’t know why I was so turned on…”

“Maddison, it’s ok. Let’s not worry about it right now. Just go to the bathroom and I’ll get some coffee.”


“Actually, in the theme of truth or dare since that’s what started all this off, I have a dare for you this morning.”

“I can’t pick truth?” I gave him a playful yet bratty smile. Fine, if he wanted to see where this goes, I’m willing to try with him. I’d never been particularly kinky before. I mean, we’d never done anything other than have relatively normal sex (I’m saying that retrospectively, as my eyes have been opened much more by now). Maybe he was right and this was somehow a new turn on for me. 

“Haha not this time. Maybe next time. I dare you to go to the bathroom without putting a top on. You can wear panties if you want, but you aren’t allowed to put a shirt on until you come back.”

“What?! First they made me take off my pants last night and now you’re making me go with no shirt?? Haha are you trying to just get me naked in front of everyone?”

“I think you’ll be wet when you get back, just excited by the chance of being seen. Prove me wrong.”

“No way! But what if they see me?!”

“You’re all girls, it’s not like they haven’t seen boobs before. Just tell them you didn’t think they would mind or something.”

“You want me to run down the hall twice with my boobs showing? Fine, but be ready to be proven wrong when I get back.” I got up on my knees and gave him a small smile, ready to take on his challenge. I have never been tempted to do anything involving being naked in front of others before, so I was quite confident this wasn’t going to make me wet. Plus, like I said earlier, I’m not horny right now.

“I doubt it. I’ll go get some coffee while you get the courage up to make a quick dash down the hall. Good luck!” With that he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

I got up, found my panties where they’d been discarded last night, and pulled them on over my thin legs and petite ass. If I was caught topless, that was abidinpaşa escort one thing, but naked would be harder to explain. I took a few deep breaths, calming myself down. I’d never done stuff like this before, even when living in the dorms in college. I had always reserved being naked for the bedroom. Sure, underwear in the locker room or in front of friends while changing, but never fully topless. I don’t know why I was so nervous, they were just boobs, right?!

Finally, I turned the knob and opened the bedroom door.

I was standing in just my white panties with the door open. One more deep and calming breath and I walked out. I didn’t want to run as it might draw attention to myself, but I also didn’t want to take too long. So a fast walk was what I ended up with.

Christopher was already out in the kitchen. I could hear him talking to someone behind me as I walked the opposite direction. I approached Britney’s room and the bathroom, which were across the hall from each other. Megan’s room was across from mine, so I was well past the risk of her seeing me in my current state. So as long as Britney didn’t come out right now I might be safe for this first part of the trip!

The bathroom door was unlocked, so I quickly opened it. Well, while I was right that I didn’t need to worry about Megan catching me in the hallway because her door was across from mine, I was wrong to think I was safe from her finding me at all. You see, she was already in the bathroom. It looked like she was about to get in the shower, because she was completely naked at the sink with a towel over her shoulder. 

I was stunned, looking at her cute little butt in front of me while she was looking in the mirror. After a second, she turned and saw it was me.

“Wow, look at those pretty little boobies!”

I’d completely forgotten I was topless after being shocked to find her naked except for a towel. I quickly brought my hands up to cover my nipples. I had another shock as I felt how hard they were under my palms. Why was my body continually acting this way?!

“Awe, is Maddy getting shy?” The fact she used the puppy name they gave me last night wasn’t lost on me.

“Don’t forget, I saw how turned on you were when we were pretending you were a puppy last night. I know your little secret. Now, if you don’t want me to tell everyone how much you love being treated like a pet, why don’t you lower your hands so I can see your pretty little boobies?”

Fuck me. Was she threatening me?! No, there was no way. Would it even count as blackmail? Come on, Maddison, you’re focusing on the wrong things 

“Megan, no. I’m sorry for coming in. I’ll leave you alone.”

“Oh, Maddy, you know I’m not joking. Britney is the jokester out of the 4 of us. I felt your body shiver at my touch last night, don’t pretend it didn’t happen. I watched your nipples get hard under your shirt as I pet your head as if you were a dog. You loved it, don’t try to deny it.” She walked towards me as she spoke, not at all phased by her own nudity.

I was frozen to the spot, unsure how to react. I watched as she reached forward and scratched my head behind my ear, just as she did last night. I didn’t shiver again, thankfully, but I didn’t move away or stop her either. Her hand trailed down the side of my face, down my neck, and down to my hand covering my nipple. She slowly moved my left hand out of the way, and then moved my right as well. Now I stood in front of her in just my panties, my bare chest completely exposed to her. Megan smiled at me and stepped back to look me over.

“So, why do I have the pleasure of seeing your beautiful little body this morning? Do you often go around topless?”

“Uh, no. Never. I’ve never done this before!”

“Awe, I was hoping this was something you did all the time! It would be a nice surprise to find out you were a secret exhibitionist or something.”

“What’s an exhibitionist? I’ve never heard of that.”

“Oh, just somebody who likes to be seen naked or seen doing naughty things. Maybe you are one and didn’t even know! Wouldn’t that be fun?!”

“What?! Oh my god, no! Christopher and I were just joking around and he brought up truth or dare again and then dared me to go to the bathroom in just my panties. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were in here already.” I was panicking so much that I was speaking at like a thousand words a minute. But it just felt like I was in a super compromised position. 

“Ah, so fun! No worries at all, Maddy! You should always feel free to come in when I’m taking a shower, and I’m sure you will return that sentiment for me.” Uh was she expecting me to let her in the bathroom whenever I’m showering? Nope,  and i was going to make sure this didn’t happen again too. 

Then Megan spoke up again. “Good to know you love truth or dare so much! We could have fun with that too, you know. In fact, Maddy, truth or dare?”

“What?! Not right now, Megan. You’re naked and I’m aktepe escort just in my panties! I’m just gonna go. I’m sorry for interrupting…”

“No, Maddy. I told you I would keep your little puppy desires a secret, but this is my price. I get to play truth or dare with you whenever I want. It can be another part of our little secret. So, truth or dare? I mean, unless you want me to tell everyone you get turned on when people pet your head…” 

She was reaching out to pet me again. Fuck me. Fine, she has me trapped. Dare seems like a stupid choice right now. So truth it is.


“Awe, guess I’ll save my dare for later. Let’s see. Maddy, you’re standing in front of me, arms at your side, showing me those little boobies, only wearing panties. With all that, are you turned on right now?”

“What?! No!”

“Maddy, I’m going to give you one more chance to tell me the truth. I’ll check your panties, and if they are wet like I suspect they are, I’ll know you lied to me…”

She was going to check?! It’s like she was trying to completely take control of me. This couldn’t possibly be turning me on, could it? I was suddenly very aware of a dampness in my panties. Fuck me.

Now there is a whole new issue: do I tell her the truth or keep it a secret.  If I tell her, who knows what she is going to do with that information.  She might use it against me, or even think it means she has permission to keep doing stuff to me in the future. So I should lie, right? She won’t really check, right? That was an empty threat, for sure.  I look at her face, and her excitement and desire is immediately evident. Yes, she will 100% use a lie as an excuse to take my panties from me. That would leave me completely naked.  Nope, can’t lie, way too much risk. 

“Uh, ok. Well…yes. Yes.”

Megan’s eyes lit up at my confession.

“I knew it! Ok, that’s enough for this morning. That was a big confession. I’m proud of you Maddy.” She reached over and pet me behind the ear again. Why was that such a turn on?! “Im gonna hop in the shower. Do your business and be on your way. We’ll play again later.”

She flashed me a smile, looked at my almost naked body from top to bottom one more time, hung her towel on a hook, and got in the shower. I was still mortified at the whole situation, but I really had to pee. I quickly used the toilet and washed my hands, trying to get out as quickly as I could.

I didn’t run into anyone in the hallway, and I could still hear Christopher talking in the kitchen. I sat on my bed, lost in thought about how quickly everything was spiraling out of control. I laid back in the bed, taking deep breaths, trying to calm down. I was sure Christopher would be back shortly. I was wrong.

My mind was racing, going over everything that just happened. I don’t know why my body kept reacting the way it did, especially with Megan and the way she was treating me. And where was Christopher? Maybe I should get dressed and go find him? I could hear him talking earlier, but it had been quiet for a bit now.

I was laying on the bed for about 20 minutes before he finally opened the door. When he came in, he had a big smile on his face, and it changed to a smirk once he saw I was still in just my panties.

“So, how did it go? Did anyone see you running through the place topless?”

I had decided a few minutes before he came in that I needed to be honest with him. I was dreading that he would do stuff with my friends and that he would not be honest with me, so I had to show the same level of honesty back.

“Well, yes. Megan was already in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower.”

“Ooo, fun! What did she say when you walked in almost naked?”

I told him about the exchange. I hadn’t memorized every word that was said, so I paraphrased the conversation, but he got the gist of it.

“Sounds like you and Megan are going to be having fun kinda like me and Kayla, possibly Britney too.”

“What?! Did something happen?”

“Yeah, it’s been a fun morning for me too.”

“Christopher, I don’t know if I’m comfortable with this.”

“Here we go again. Maddison, we do not have to do any of this. We can continue going about our lives without anything changing. But we both know you want this, or at least want to see what this develops into. Here, let’s run another experiment. You’re going to lay down with your hands above your head while I tell you my story. No touching your pussy allowed. We both know you’re going to be so wet when I’m done that my dick is going to slide right in without any resistance. Now, lay down so I can tell you about my coffee.”

I knew he was right.  Even if this felt slightly overwhelming, it was still so thrilling and sexy that I wanted to explore it at least a little. I didn’t resist him as he peeled my panties off and laid me down spread-eagle on the bed. He smiled at me as he began his story.

“Well, when I walked out, the first thing I saw in the akyurt escort kitchen was Kayla as she drank her morning coffee. She was still in her pjs from last night, just standing in the kitchen.

“She was talking to Britney, standing on the other side of the kitchen. As soon as I walked in, they both smiled and said good morning. Then Kayla made a comment about last night. She said ‘it sounded like you two had a great time after we all went to bed.’ We all laughed and they made it clear they could hear us, especially you because you were quite loud.”

Fuck. Of course I was loud. I have a hard time controlling myself when I’m that turned on, just in case it wasn’t obvious through this whole story. To be clear, Britney and I shared a wall so it was understandable that she could hear me, but Kayla was on the other side of the condo! OK, I’m going to have to remember that I need to be quieter in the future. 

“Kayla then said ‘were you two that turned on after wine and pizza? Or was it from playing truth or dare?’ Well, then Britney started guessing too, ‘Ooo, maybe it was from all of us basically flashing you?’ She winked at me afterwards.”

Great, now Britney was starting to flirt with Christopher too. And what’s with all the winking?! 

“I decided to stop their guessing and just tell them the answer.”

“You told them?!?!”

“Haha not the whole truth, Maddison, that would take the fun out of our little game. No, I told them having panties, bras, flashing boobs, and a girl to cuddle with during the movie were all big turn-ons for me. They took that as a compliment.”

“Of course they did. Now they are going to think you are attracted to them. Hopefully they don’t try and do anything though, I would assume they respect you as my boyfriend.”

“Actually, I wouldn’t hold out on that one. You see, once she thought I was attracted to her, Kayla really started to lay it on. She started flirting and complimenting me. Eventually Britney and Kayla started asking more specifics about what I found attractive with both of them. They started asking whose boobs I liked more, standing closer to me, playing with their hair. Kayla even pulled her pants down to flash me her ass, asking if I liked it.

“Holy shit, you’re joking, right?! This is just for the sake of the game, right?!”

“Ha! Oh, no no no. Not joking, though.” Fuck me, that smirk was too much. I know he is going to prove himself right, I can already feel the heat building in my crotch. Then he continued with his story. 

“I told her, of course I liked it. It was a perfect ass. She then looked at me expectantly and said, ‘hey, I showed you mine, now you show me yours'”

“She wanted you to pull your pants down too????” it’s like every word out of his mouth was just making my post more desperate for his dick.

“Yup. Well, I didn’t want to give her everything she wanted that easy. So I just told her, ‘no, my girlfriend is the only one that gets to see what’s in my pants’ She said, ‘Oh, I’ve seen it once already, but I want to see it closer. Maybe I should’ve asked last night when I was your girlfriend.’ We all laughed at that and I decided you’d been waiting for me long enough so I came back. She didn’t want me to leave, but I told her I would hang out here the rest of the day.”

She admitted to seeing him naked and they all just laughed at it?! Christopher was playing with my roommates already, I hadn’t expected it this fast. And Kayla was being really brazen about my relationship with him.

“Your friends got me super turned on, now let’s see if they got you wet too.” He crawled on the bed, and his hand slid between my legs.

He just smiled at me as his finger easily slid in. He didn’t even say a word as he moved between my spread legs and let his dick slide in. Just like he predicted, there was no resistance at all. I felt like I would orgasm within seconds!

But then he surprised me by pulling out and getting off the bed. What the fuck?!

“Now we both confirmed how much you want this. So, come on, let’s go hang out with your roommates.”

“I’m naked, dripping wet, and desperate for your cock and you want to go hang out with my roommates?!”

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it.” He had a cheeky smile as I sat up and hugged a pillow to my chest. I was trying to figure out how to get him back in bed.

“I mean, you could just stay here in bed by yourself while I go out and have a fun day with your friends. But you’ll have no idea what is going on out there. Your imagination will probably run wild.”

“Ugh, fine.” I threw the pillow at him and got out of bed. He was right, I couldn’t stay behind. I threw on some comfy clothes, figuring I could change if we decided to go out and do something.

We walked out to the main area, but nobody else was there. We decided to just hang out for a while and cuddled on the couch to watch Netflix. We made it most of the way through an episode of one of our favorite shows before anyone joined us in the main area of the condo. Kayla had changed clothes, and I had a hard time imagining it wasn’t to show off for Christopher.

“Awe, if it isn’t the happy little couple. You two are so cute.”

“Haha, thanks, I guess.” It felt like she was teasing, but it sounded kinda like a compliment.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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