Whitney’s New Filthy Fetish Pt. 02

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It had been three days since Whitney had shit herself outside of her locked apartment, and she had unexpectedly become incredibly turned on by it. Every night since she’d been pissing her bed on purpose, masturbating before, during and after and then falling blissfully asleep in a puddle of her own urine.

She’d been having so much fun exploring her new, filthy fetish. She’d been pissing herself as often as possible, even trying to lay upside in the tub to piss on her own face. Turns out she enjoyed the salty taste of her own pee.

However, much to her dismay, her bowels had been incredibly shy ever since the original incident. She barely managed to get a few tiny nuggets of poop to slip out, and only after hours of trying and then giving up and sitting on the toilet.

She was so eager to get even more disgusting in her masturbation adventures. She was desperately curious to see if she had as much fun playing with her shit as she had playing with her piss.

But why couldn’t she shit? She could feel how full her bowels were, she felt full to the brim, but every time she tried to push it out, nothing but gas.

Whitney was laying in bed, naked and drenched in urine, letting the last vibrations of her orgasm echo through her body. Then an idea suddenly occurred to her, while she’d been fingering her pussy she had been imagining the glorious feeling of the giant log of shit sliding into her bikini bottoms outside of her front door. Maybe that was the key?

That was it, tomorrow she was going to try shitting somewhere public again. The very thought of it got her excited again, she felt the tingling of excitement in her soaked pussy. She started gently rubbing her extremely tender clit, and brought her other hand around behind and started to gently circle her tight, uncooperative butthole with one finger.

The wetness from her pussy and her piss had already lubed her up nicely, so she slid a finger into her rectum. She could feel the enormous mass of feces right there, almost rock solid after so long without release.

She pushed her finger in deeper, loving the feeling of the warm shit submitting under the pressure of her finger pushing against it. God, she was loving being such filthy little shit and piss slut.

As the other hand picked up the pace on her throbbing clit, and she felt the threat of another orgasm looming, sıhhiye escort Whitney became even more daring. She pulled the finger from her ass and brought it up to her face, the light brown smears on her finger tip and under her finger nail looked so inviting that she couldn’t resist.

She used her soiled fingertip and smeared the small traces of poop across her cheek and her chin. The pungent smell of shit filled her nostrils, and the sheer nastiness of what she was doing pushed her over the edge of orgasmic bliss. She slid her shit smeared finger down to her neck and squeezed her own throat as she came, cutting of her air supply as the waves of pleasure caused every muscle in her body to clench.

Once it was done, she fell asleep almost instantly. Laying in the puddle of her piss with smears of her own feces across her hand, face and neck. And she slept better than ever.

The next day.

Whitney stepped out of the shower, cleaned and ready for the adventure she had come up with. She strode naked into her bedroom to get dressed, trying to decide where she wanted to try her little experiment.

It was warm, sunny Saturday morning in the middle of summer. Her job as a waitress afforded her flexible hours and since she wasn’t working again until that night, she’d have plenty of time to clean up again before heading to work.

She chose a pair of tight fitting jeans, her favorite bra and a light T-shirt. She decided not to wear any panties, both for ease of removal of her pants and the desire to try and get as much shit smearing as possible without anyone being the wiser.

After dressing, she left her apartment and headed for the street, intending to walk aimlessly until the pressure of her bowels became too much to manage.

After a few blocks she came upon a large, lovely park. Teams played volleyball and soccer on the various fields, people walked their dogs and a few dense patches of trees dotted the area.

“Perfect!” She said aloud to herself, and headed directly for the nearest thicket of trees and bushes. It was just up a short slope from some of the volleyball players, but far enough away that she was pretty sure nobody would call the cops on her for indecent exposure.

As she passed the players, nobody payed her a second glance, all too focused on the game. She climbed the incline sincan escort and made her way around a large tree. The pressure was building, she could feel it.

Whitney glanced around, nobody was looking at her. There were 6 or 7 spectators to the volleyball game about 15 feet away from her, all with their backs to her. She had butterflies in her stomach, the excitement of how dirty she was about to be was making her pussy so wet, she could tell without ever looking that there was a wet spot developing even through her jeans.

She unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down to her ankles, squatting so that only her ass was obscured by the tree. The chance that one of the nearby spectators could turn around at any moment and see her was a thrill unlike any she’d ever had before.

Almost before she’d fully finished squatting down, her asshole had opened up and the log of shit started dropping from her. The relief and simultaneous sexual arousal was incredible. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as the flow of poop continued, slowly at first but with ever increasing speed. Her body completely released everything it had been denying her for days.

The hiss of urine joined the crackling sound of shit, followed by low moans from Whitney as the sensations shot through her body. She hadn’t expected this, but the incredible feeling of shitting out in the open air mere feet from some completely oblivious bystanders was about to make her cum.

The epic log of shit had begun to coil under her exposed ass, as the furious jet of piss hit the ever increasing mound of thick brown excrement. It happened so suddenly that she couldn’t help but moan aloud as the orgasm tore through her.

It was the strangest feeling she’d ever had, the epic dump, the massive piss, and the mind numbing orgasm all happening at the same time. The rest of the world melted away as she relished the intense feelings of relief.

As the orgasm subsided, she fell forward into her knees. Her bladder had emptied itself completely at some point during the orgasm, but the seemingly endless log of shit was still sliding out of her wide open anus. Her fingers gripped the grass as she rested her forehead on the ground and tried to catch her breath.

Her bowels finally pushed out the last of what could possibly be the worlds longest shit. Whitney couldn’t sınırsız escort wait to turn around and admire her handiwork, but she had to wait until the feeling returned to her limbs.

She lay there on her knees, ass up and face buried in the grass until her breathing finally started to return to normal. She opened her eyes and turned her head, looking towards to the volleyball fans to see if anyone had heard her shit and cum combo.

Nobody seemed to have noticed the half naked girl a few feet away from them. She slowly stood up, but made no move to pull her pants back up. She was loving the feel of the summer air on her skin.

She turned to see what had exited her. Her jaw dropped, the mound of shit at her feet was massive, a few droplets of piss still sliding down the brown slopes of the greatest deification of her life.

Standing there, staring at her masterpiece, her hand drifted to her pussy, and she slid a finger between her wet lips, slowly masturbating as she admired her work. With two fingers inside herself, she knelt back down, bringing her face to within inches of her shit mountain.

The smell was intoxicating, days worth of waste that had been backed up in her intestines. The heat radiating from the pile hit her face as she leaned closer, taking a deep breath as her fingers continued to work her dripping wet cunt.

Whitney moved her other hand to her butt, two fingers applying pressure to her still loose asshole. They popped in to her rectum easily, and she had felt some of lingering mess still in her ass crack as she furiously fingered both her holes while gazing at her own scat.

She came again, almost tipping forward into her pile, regaining her kneeling balance at the last second. After she finished cumming a second time, she allowed herself to tip to the side, almost spooning her massive shit pile.

She brought the hand she’d used to fuck her ass around and saw the shit smeared all over it. She felt so relieved and satisfied, that delicious empty feeling in her bowels again. Not to mention the still lingering buzz of the powerful orgasms her shit had given her.

Whitney laid there for another minute, catching her breath, before finally remembering that there was a fair number of people mere feet away from her. She wiped her hands on the grass, cleaning as much of the shit off of her fingers as she could, stood on wobbly legs and pulled her jeans back up.

As she walked out of the trees nobody seemed to have noticed her at all, apparently nobody had seen or heard anything. Smiling to herself, she began the trek back home, to most likely masturbate yet again.

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