Office Cow

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[Note to fanboys: Fully aware GPU normally stands for Graphics Processing Unit and GOS for Graphical Operating System. Lighten up and have some fun with it!]

[Author’s notes: Warning! This is a Fetish story. If you need to give a lecture about faithfulness or STDs, give it to your own wife. It involves a variety of sexual activities, including same sex activities, group sex and breast fetishes. For those who don’t like these themes please move along. Constructive comments are appreciated, hate speech will be deleted.]

[The Character Becca is an homage to the wonderful new Literotica Author BeccaBonnor ( don’t miss her work or you will be missing out]

It is very freeing to work in a big tech company with offices all over the world. One advantage is after you have made the grade, if your projects turn out alright, you pretty much get left alone. Second, they can afford some really nice offices, equipment, and even invest in luxuries, because people with the skills they need are hard to come by, so they can tolerate a lot as long as the work gets done. Third, there is an almost palpable anonymity, you can be screwing Judy on the 14th floor and Becca on the 25th floor, and unless you are doing both of them together, no one needs be the wiser.

Also on my team I’ve got Debra, who I’d wanted to ‘de-bra’ before her long maternity leave. When she joined my team she arrived as 36D-26-38, maybe 5’6″. When she came back, she became an udder delight at 36E or even 36F – at least three cup sizes bigger. Debra has to take regular breaks throughout the day to use her milking machine. Her breasts are almost like very heavy bananas, nearly flat on the top slope out to her chocolate covered puffy nipples, a joy we don’t get to see anymore because she has to wear padded bras as she is almost always leaking milk. The bottom of her jugs holds all that heavy milk, bulging and straining, even in her thick bras. Her tawny hair and complexion give her an innocence that is completely at odds against her being with child – you can hardly imagine her sweet angular freckled face to have ever let a cock slip between her pale blush enhanced lips, much less let it cum between her sleek thighs. But she did, and her sweet daughter Jennifer gets to suck on those fabulous pointed teats every night.

I am glad to have her back, we are working on a series of network security upgrades for a client, and we’re going to need to start our own internal penetration tests. The tech world is pretty bawdy, having been a guys domain for so long that jokes about the things we do are pretty racy, so the women that rise through the ranks to our level can dish it out as well as take it, and Debra can, which should have given me a clue. I am glad to have Debra back on the team, if anyone can snake an opponents security hole, it is her. So she takes her laptop in to the privacy suite while she milks herself, working while she stores up bottles of bliss for Jennifer.

That all goes well until about six weeks after she is back, on a Tuesday. You don’t think about Tuesdays being very important, but they are, and this one is, at least for me. We are having a team meeting, as Debra disappears into the privacy office. She Skype’s in to join us and I full screen her, immediately pressing the record key combination on my keyboard. She is right there before us, panting, as her jugs get milked by the machine. Debra is an ardent proponent of breastfeeding in public, but I never expected the milking machine to be so pleasurable for her, nor for her breasts to be so visible through the vinyl cups of the dual breast pump. My mind wanders, and my dick gets hard, and the rest of the meeting is just a blur for me.

Wednesday morning Debra shows up in my office. “Jim, can I talk to you in the private office please?”

“Sure Debra, whatever you need.” I say as I lock my screen and follow her down the hall.

“About yesterday….” she starts to say as I interrupt her.

“We all saw exactly what you intended us to see.” I state firmly, knowing she has an exhibitionist steak, which has come out at a few of our company parties, whether Bill is with her or not.

Arching an eyebrow, she continues “… I wanted to apologize for disrupting the meeting. Everyone, including Becca and Judy were just staring at my tits and not getting anything done. I’ll choose privacy mode if it happens again.”

“Don’t bother. Eric and Ralph probably were as quick with their recording keystokes as I was, and every second of the video is probably on fifty different internet sites, including ‘MilkMaids-R-Us’. No doubt they will use it as your avatar if you choose privacy mode. Sometimes things that are done can’t be undone. We might as well start holding team meetings naked here in the privacy suite.” I sarcastically reply.

Debra bites her lip as her face goes red, and the rush of the scent of hot female pussy is unmistakeable. Did she just cum from imagining what I said happening? I turn to leave.

“Please, wait….don’t go!” Debra says as she grabs my arm.

“I’m not going esat escort to get naked with you today, Debra.” I say rather more harshly than I intended.

“Please, no, I understand. Please don’t go I desperately need your help!” she cries, almost loud enough and desperate enough to be heard out in the hall.

“Go on. I’m listening. I’m always here to help a team member.” I say, trying to get back to professional and caring.

“I washed the milking machine last night. Must have left it on the counter, it’s not in the bag. My breasts are full, so full they are hurting! My baby needs my milk, so I can’t just squirt it out on the ground. Help me! What do I do?” Debra’s eyes are frantic.

“You brought the bottles and caps, yes?” I think I see a way out.

“Of course, right there in the bag.” she says gladly, knowing I have come up with a solution.

“Then you now get the advantage of my growing up on a farm.” I say clearly, leaving the implication throbbing on the floor between us.

“You mean to milk me, like a cow? You mean to fucking milk me!” Debra gets angry.

“Come see me in my office when you cool down.” I say firmly, as I brush past her, wetting the pads of her bra as her nipples try to cling to me. I am out the door and down the hall before she can gather herself enough to respond.

Tech guys like me are good at flowcharts, diagrams to lay out the choices before her. Since there wasn’t another dual breast pump on site, she could try to buy one at a store, paying the brick and mortar markup. That would mean time off of work, impacting our deadline, and we are behind our competition as it is, they are two milestones ahead of us. She could go home, but she lives more than an hour outside of town, and the round trip time means she’s screwed off most of the afternoon. Or she could let me put my hands on her in a very intimate way, and get back on schedule. That’s why I’m the team lead on the penetration test – give me the hint of an opening and I will own you. I knew all this the millisecond she said she left the pump at home.

Debra knocks softly at my door. “Please…. Please…” she says softly. I follow her to the privacy suite.

“What do you want me to do?” she says softly as we enter the suite, closing and locking the door behind us.

“Take three towels from your bag. Place two bottles and caps with them on the floor over there, on the other side of the table. Remove your blouse and bra, putting them on the table. Get on your hands and knees above the towels.” I instruct firmly, and am very surprised when she does exactly that.

“Please hurry. They are so full they hurt!” she begs, urgency filling her voice.

I get on my knees beside her, laying one towel folded in half on the floor beneath her breasts. I position the two bottles beneath her nipples, wrapping the towels around their base, so that if (or when!) she bumps them with a nipple, they won’t spill all over the floor.

“This is going to hurt a little. Sorry, nothing we can do about it as full as you are.” I say softly as I close my index finger and thumb as far back above her nipple as they will close, holding the bottle with her nipple right at the opening. I close, pull, and stroke downward, getting the first squirt out of her right breast to get her out of the pain zone.

“Ungh-ungh-ungh” she sobs, half with pain, half with pleasure. I repeat the motion twice, getting two more good squirts, with softer moans. I put the bottle back in the towel and move to her left side.

“Again, this is going to hurt a little. Sorry, nothing we can do about it as full as you are, but if you forget the machine again, you’ll need to get me at least a half hour earlier.” I say softly as I close my index finger and thumb as far back above her nipple as they will close, holding the bottle with her nipple right at the opening. This time I lightly stroke her nipple, producing heavy moans, and a strong scent of hot pussy. I return to first position above the teat, then close, pull, and stroke downward, getting the first three squirts out of her left breast to get her out of the pain zone.

I open my hands, putting them as close to her ribs as possible, then pressing them together flatly as much as I can, stroking them down her breast, aiming the nipple into the bottle, as my palms press together to express her milk. I repeat this for several minutes, and she is panting, just like she did with the machine. Nothing more is being expressed, I am just playing with her breasts now, so I change up to the circular nipple compression to make sure, but using both hands, it is really intense. I get some more drops out, but the real benefit is in her vocabulary.

“Fuck!-Ungh-ungh-ungh! Fuck!-Ungh-ungh-ungh!” she chants, like some kind of tribal ritual, until after several passes, nothing more is produced.

I return to her right side, using the combination stroke she likes so much right from the beginning. Debra is right back to chanting “Fuck!-Ungh-ungh-ungh! Fuck!-Ungh-ungh-ungh!” and I milk her until nothing comes out for several passes.

“Are you sure we are done?” Debra etimesgut escort asks hopefully.

“Any more would just be me playing with your breasts, and then you would owe me a blowjob.” I quip.

“That isn’t out of the question.” she says sultrily, then adds “How about we make that your daily fee for milking this office cow?”

“What if Judy and Becca find out, much less Eric and Ralph? Are you willing to make this a team activity?” I tease.

“You don’t make your fucking Judy and Becca a team activity.” she pouts, teasing too.

“That happens outside of work. We are strictly professionals here.” I say smugly.

“Like last Friday in the supply room?” she teases. I remember it clearly, Judy was feeling left out and rather horny, so she pulled me into the supply room to yank my pants down and assault my cock with her mouth. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. She is so good, when she is turned on, she can make me spurt in her mouth in two minutes flat. I think she beat that record by a good thirty seconds. Just before I came, I thought I saw motion out of the corner of my eye, then I looked down to see Judy’s picture perfect face, framed by her dark helmet of hair, like some Welsh Japanese Anime girl, as she smiles and sucks my cock, closing her lips as her own orgasm washes over her. I spurt into her mouth, and as she buries me down to the balls in her throat, cumming down her throat. We made a lot more bliss as we wrecked the sheets that night, a new personal best for the two of us. “Seems I recall your big cock spurting in her throat as she writhed into her own, strictly professional climax.” Debra taunts, the sarcasm dripping in her voice.

“C’mon, we better get back to work.” I urge.

“Not until you agree you owe me three onsite blowjobs.” Debra insists.

“How the hell did it end up being three?” I complain, much more amused than it sounded.

“One, for the one you gave to Judy. One, for your milkman services rendered today. And one for Becca, for the one you gave to Judy. I hacked her onsite blowjob server, and I am now her onsite blowjob proxy server.” Debra says with a smile.

“Besides, you know she is terrified of anything remotely close to public, and if we gave it to her, it would just go unused. You have a devious and filthy mind, Debra, and I think I love you. Tell Bill he will have to share you with me.” I say with growing awareness I have been ‘sucked in’ to Debra’s little scheme.

“I will, and after this afternoon, when you stop being a deadbeat and start paying your blowjob debts, I will inform him I have already been shared. He will literally come in his pants.” Debra says playfully.

“I didn’t know Bill is a cuckold.” I wonder even as I say it.

“He isn’t, at least in the femdom torture sense. He likes pussy as much as the rest of us, and is pretty well hung, just shy of you, in fact. Something for you to think about when you consider getting Becca and I naked together, or even Judy, you and I together.” Debra taunts as she puts on her bra and blouse.

I am literally spinning. I have just found out the hot innocent young mother I’ve worked with is in reality a bisexual MILF hotwife. I also realize that my earlier sarcastic comment about conducting team meetings naked had started a script on her Genital Processing Unit (GPU) that would not stop until she made it a reality. I did a backup check of that calculation, and realized I had misunderestimated her before, and she may have been assembling the code for that script long before I invoked it. She knew things about Judy and Becca that were not common knowledge. Did she know things about Eric and Ralph too? She knew me upside down and backwards. I knew one of the scripts running on her Genital Processing Unit involved getting my cock into her mouth and pussy, probably as hot as she is, her sweet ass too. Did she have those same scripts running for Eric and Ralph? Perhaps an airtight script with all three of us? What about the lesbian and threesomes scripts she’d invoked with Judy and Becca? Was there one buried in there about the three of them fucking me to death? I must say at this point I’m willing to die a happy man. Surely she also has threesomes with Bill scripts invoked, or Eric and Ralph, or…. all of the combinatorics are just driving me crazy. My Genital Processing Unit is now also running these scripts, parallel processing with hers. I’m barely able to pull myself out of my office for the two o’clock milking. Dazed, I walk like a death row convict going for his final walk towards the privacy suite.

She is waiting in the privacy suite, bra already on the table, towels setup with two bottles, but the guest chair is set right about where her shoulders will go. Ah, a head and shoulder rest for hands free milking. I lock the door, and she strips off all of her clothing. I can smell the sweet odor of her milk, and the scent of a well heated pussy too. I reach the checkpoint in my own genital processing script and my clothes join hers on the table, my two hour long hardon bobbing in front of me. I told her I wouldn’t get naked with her today, but here etlik escort I am.

“Someone is happy to see me”, she says as she presses her breasts into me, leaving milk spots on my chest, making the milk odor many times stronger, as she strokes my cock with both of her hands. “I’ve been wanting to do this since the very first interview for your team.”

“So have I. Since we are synchronizing genital processing scripts, when do I get your ass?” I tease.

“Before or after Becca’s? If it is before, mere days. But if you want the highest probability of snaking both of us in the dark port, you should let my Becca slutwife script fully execute.” she teases.

“Becca isn’t married.” I thoughtfully point out.

“But if you could have her 34C-26-36 chassis running a cloned version of my Slutwife 2.0 genital operating system, plus access to the original source hole for updates, wouldn’t that be a woman worth marrying?” Debra teases, as she presses into me for a quick soft kiss, leaving two more milk dots on my chest.

“But what about Judy?” I ask sadly.

“Judy will never be your wife. Judy is a size queen, and you are merely the largest cock she has found so far. You would, at best, end up an emasculated cuckold. I can’t let that happen, at least to you. I can introduce her to a big black cock I know well, and verify the GPU prediction. I may do that just to save your ass from her, regardless of what you say. Until that day, she is your slut, your toy, your trollop. On the day after, she will be his slut, his toy, his trollop. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but Becca is the only marriage worthy woman of the two.” Debra emphatically demands.

“Blowjob first, or after milking?” I ask hopefully, switching the conversation back to right now.

“Maybe before and after, but I’m planning on being too knackered after, so it better be before.” Debra says as she pulls back, swiping a dot of milk from my chest and pushing it into my mouth. I’m stunned from the taste, so much different from cows milk, reflecting on the spanish phrase “Su Madre’s leche es dulce” (Your mother’s milk is sweet), as she begins a fierce blowjob assault on my cock. Judy doesn’t even compare. She strokes my shaft with both hands in rapidly changing combinations, sometimes pulling off to lightly swat my balls, as her mouth and tongue twirl on my knob, like watching a virtuoso drum and oboe solo, but played on the skin flute. Debra changes things up when I get close, and it is clear she didn’t intend to take less than two minutes. She is making me wait, for having made her wait. Her soft lips do a ‘wah-wah-wah’ down my cock as she strokes me, but only using one hand. GPU certifies the likelyhood of her other hand fingering her clit as near 100%, particularly when she starts corkscrewing her hand roughly while sucking hard on the tip then rolling her tongue around and around the tip. She is milking my cock and I’m giving her everything I’ve got as her hips buck. Our first simultaneous orgasm. She quickly climbs back up my stunned body and kisses me, the taste of my come thick in her mouth, as she has another climax!

I roughly push her down and start in on her teats, she props her shoulder up and lays her head down on the chair, then uses her right hand to stroke my still hard shaft while fingering her still wet pussy. I know because I can hear the ‘squish, squish’ sound she is making. I use the press flat at the top, circular nipple squeeze at the bottom technique I know she likes.

Debra begins grunting “A-Ugnh-Uh A-Ugnh-Uh”, like a hotter version of the “AooGah” horn. It is the same sound she will make when her friend with the big black cock drills her doggy style, my GPU predicts with 95% confidence.

I milk her conical breasts, perfectly symmetrical as they hang below her. She milks my cock with her hand and grunts. She has more milk that she did this morning, and I instantly know she milked herself before she left and deliberately left the machine, even though I will never be able to prove it, although my genital processing unit gives the conclusion a 99% confidence.

I move around to her left side, wishing I had a camera in hand to record the perfection of her breasts. Doggy style has got to be fabulous with her like this. She has switched hands, using her left hand to pull roughly on my shaft, getting me close to cumming, as she keeps on grunting. She is thrusting her fingers deeply into herself now, as the ‘squish, squish’ sounds turn into ‘squosh, squosh’ sounds. I cap the bottles and she pulls her hand out of her cunt and shoves it in my mouth.

“Like the taste?” Debra says hopefully.

“Hell yes!” I answer, hoping this means Mr. Cock gets introduced to Mrs. Pussy.

“Well then, glad I brought you a snack!” Debra cries out as she wrangles my joystick towards her mouth, flipping on her back, and then I’m falling face down into her tawny snatch, shaved clean on the lips, which are already open wide in welcome. The vacuum suck machine clamps around my shaft, as she tries to jerk me off into her face with both hands. I get to my snack, making out with a man who has the best boat I could ever hope to ride in, as I polish his head with my tongue. I lick out the entire boat, then suck her man in the boat while tickling him with my tongue. Her hips are bucking as Mr. Cock shoots his mouth off, blabbing all over her throat. Our second simultaneous orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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