My Next Trip Pt. 01

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As I stepped to board the plane I realized I could not remember anything that happened since passing through security at the airport. Not long before planning this business trip we had found each other, likeminded people, longing for acceptance and a sense of wholeness.

She had read my thoughts clearly as if through clairvoyance she had been able to feel my response, though we had met only briefly to speak to one another I listened to her voice, nodded silently and confirmed impishly that I understood what it was that was required of me. For the weeks leading to that trip I could think of nothing else.

Before hopping into the limousine I felt the unusually light weight of my bag, for the first time I was not bringing my casual clothes, I was not bringing shoes other than my black leather lace ups I wear into the office. My shoulder pack carried in it documents I would sign on the plane, my phone charger and laptop. My travel suitor bag contained a couple ties, dress shirts, socks, my grey suit and 5 pairs of panties – she had been very specific about not packing any additional items and that I was to wear a pair of purple panties under my suit when I boarded the plane.

I was also not allowed to check my bag, insisting that it accompany me on the plane. My mind raced through those ankara olgun escort contents again as I took the printed ticket from the machine and headed for the security line. There was a considerable crowd shuffling through the small lanes that zigzagged across the cold linoleum floor to the screening area, I could feel goose bumps formed on my legs against every strand of fabric in my suit pants, feeling the coolness from the ground shooting up my naked legs and buttocks reminding me over and over how secure it felt to be wearing the thong and how exposed I was to the mixture of materials.

“It’s ok sir, you can move in this line” the security officer spoke to me telling me it was ok if I entered the somewhat empty priority line, often vacant at this time in the morning. As I entered stepped forward planning carefully how I would place my items on the table I overheard the chatter behind me, two female flight attendants had joined the priority line and were very busy talking about some changes in their recent contracts. I placed my garment bag on the conveyer belt first removing my shoes and emptying the laptop from my shoulder bag to place on the table. I had forgotten to take the shoulder strap off of the garment bag and it snagged as I struggled with fitting my ankara ucuz escort shoes between the laptop now placed in a cart and the bag and quickly leaned over the table to remove the strap somewhat embarrassed.

I was a flutter, the contents of my bag about to be exposed to the prying eyes of the security screeners, I stared with my heart pounding beginning to sweat as it went through the machine and it stopped. I did not hear what the security official was saying to me as they checked the boarding pass in my slightly trembling hand – “would you please remove your belt sir” were the words that came out of his mouth. I jumped up on edge now removed the belt as quickly as I could and heard an abruptly audible gasp behind and paused for a moment, realizing as I had extended to move things around on the table my shirt had lifted at the back and in removing my belt while lifting my jacket slightly the ladies behind me were given clear line of sight to the top of my now visible purple panties.

Lifting my shoulders I drew the jacket and shirt over my pants peering back quickly to notice the two women staring at me. I quickly turned and followed the signal of the officer at the other end of the line, made my way undetected through the line and stopped to gather my ankara yabancı escort things as quickly as I could. The first of the two attendants made her way through the metal detector and started to collect her things. I noticed her calves in her stockings, straining as she peered into the conveyer machine to see her bag coming next. I noticed how her tight skirt hugged her round hips as she leaned to collect her things off the table and turned before she could notice my stare. Her friend had just come through and I was eager to avoid direct eye contact with either one, only I had forgotten to take back my belt.

I had already picked up my garment bag by the handle with my shoulder bag secured over my other arm I began walking away and heard her calling me. I was 15 to 20 feet away when I realized she was talking to me, the second of the two attendants holding up my belt was walking slowly toward me pulling her carry-on with wheels behind her with one hand and holding the belt toward me with the other. I stood frozen taking her in as she approached, her makeup expertly applied over her pinkish cheeks, highlighting her bright blue eyes, her crimson coloured lipstick highlighting her slightly parted full lips. I reached for the belt with my free hand and pulled it from her as my shoulder bag clumsily fell from my shoulder. I apologized and she giggled as she walked away. The other attendant whispered something and they both started laughing, I then for the first time noticed the throbbing within the restrictive panties and the familiar feeling of sticky lust slowly spreading its way through the material.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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