My Lesbian Friends

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This is a continuation of my very real life fantasy of living with a lesbian couple and being dressed up as one of them. (See my earlier story)

My lesbian girl friends are Becky & Janet, both in their early 20’s and they consented to accept me as a 3dr lesbian in our home, as long as I dress and act as one of them. Due to a botched surgery I am not able to attain or hold an erection so I am safe in their eyes. The big rule is that my male parts are to remain out of sight to them.

Becky is 23, blond with 36-B breasts and long tanned legs all the way from her head down to her sexy toes. Her lover is Janet, and Janet is just a baby at 21. Janet is a brunette and has 36-A breasts. Small but very nice and they stick straight out without any sagging and the nipples are a little puffy. They are both around 5’7″ and although not fat, they wear a dress size medium to large, waist size is 32 to 34, how convenient, that’s my size too. They like frilly, colorful clothes, trying to dress like 14 to 16 year old giggly girls.

We go to the thrift stores regularly and they pick things out and have me try them on right there in the booth, then take them home and wear the new outfits.

Although I promised not to interfere with their lifestyle or sex life they have told me that I am encouraged to watch them anytime they have sex as it is a turn on for them. Me too! Sometimes they let me join in as a 3rd lesbian lover.

I am a longtime “CD” and really like to live full time in fancy, frilly feminine clothes.

Last week at the thrift store, they bought for me a young girly outfit. A frilly T-shirt that said “Naughty Girl” across the front and a knee length skirt that flows out when twirling. I dressed up when we got home and added a 36-A set of breasts to add to the outfit. Janet added a pink bow to my hair and the results were amazing. I looked like a 12 year old in this outfit kızılay escort with my knee socks and shiny Mary Jane shoes. Janet called the neighbor girl (also a lesbian) and invited her over. Susan arrived and brought her lover, Mary, too.

The 4 of them had me walk around, sit down, serve them lunch and do other things so they could see how I moved.

Get 4 lesbians together for any reason and you can bet that at least one of them will start getting that feeling. Susan, one of the neighbors, (both 19), went to the kitchen for something. After a minute, Becky followed her into the kitchen and found her with her skirt up and she was rubbing herself off on the armrest of a chair. Becky immediately reached out for her boobs and squeezed them. The neighbor then reached for and began rubbing Becky’s crotch. The others heard the groans and went to investigate. The 4 of them ended up on the bed, as usual, and were naked and soaking wet with sweat and girl cum.

Mary had had a baby and was able to express milk from her breasts. She had served the other 3 girls some milk each and it was running down all the breasts and tummies and onto the crotch areas too. What an erotic sight. They were exhausted and I was told, as always, that it was my job to clean them up. I licked the milk and private fluids from 3 of them. My T-shirt was soaked and smelly.

Mary had been pregnant and had her baby only a week ago. She offered me a taste of her breast milk. It was very tasty and I wanted to drink all day but she interrupted and said she needed her tummy and crotch cleaned. She allowed her breast milk to run down her tummy and into her panties. She said that my outfit was very erotic, made her very horny, and made her crotch burn to be fucked by my face. I got down and ready to put my face into her and she grabbed me behind my head and literally rubbed me into her hard for a kolej escort minute. Becky and Janet grabbed me and turned me onto my back, my head near the corner of the bed and tied my arms down, then tie my legs in a spread eagle. Mary then ripped off her wet panties; thrust them under my nose and the squatted onto my face. She was literally raping my face. I could hardly breathe and there were lots of smells, (some good and some not so good), to suck in. What I did not notice until I opened my eyes was she was still bleeding from having the baby and I was being bathed in a combination of her blood, cum, and urine as she continued to hump my face harder and harder.

What I did not know was that Janet, Becky and Susan were kissing her and sucking her tits. One of them was using a breast pump to express milk, for later.

It seemed like forever that Mary humped my face. She humped my mouth, nose and everywhere else. She humped front to back, up & down, side to side. She kept it up for what must have been 10 minutes. When things got dry and I thought she must be empty, she would suddenly flood my face with fresh fluids.

While still being raped in the face by Mary, (and enjoying it immensely), Susan did something I did not expect. She flipped up my skirt and molested my manhood. As I said earlier, I am unable to get a hardon due to a medical problem. Susan began licking and sucking on me through my panties till they were dripping wet. Then she pulled my panties down and sucked me into her mouth. I can feel this and since I can’t cum, the feeling just goes on and on. Between Susan sucking and Mary fucking my face I am about exhausted and when Mary finally climbs off I can see how messy she is. Wow!

Becky takes some pictures and tells me they will be back in a while to untie me as they are going take a shower first. Becky comes back wearing a towel and unties me. She maltepe escort tells me that the others want me to join them in the bathtub. I strip down except for the panties and bra, as these are my lezi requirements. As I enter the large tub, the water is off and Mary tells me to lie down in the middle with 2 of them on each side. Janet tells me they voted and agree that I should get a shower too. Starting with Janet, each girl stands over my head pees like there is no tomorrow. The other girls squat down and using the pee, rub me all over. This goes on until all 4 have drained their pee all over me. I offer to pull the drain plug to drain the tub but Becky orders me to not drain it. I am to sit there and wait.

I wait for about an hour. The 4 of them come in and add to the pee in the tub. Janet has brought me a sandwich for lunch and tells me to eat it there and stay in the tub longer.

A while later they come back with 5, one gallon milk jugs. They explain the they have all called their female friends and explained that they have male in a tub of urine and would they like to help fill the tub up. Well, some of those girls call others and between all of them here is 5 gallons of female hormone containing piss. They have me stand up and they pour it over my shoulders and I use my hands to rub all over as if taking a shower. The last gallon is poured directly over my head. There is about 3 inches of piss in the tub. I ask if I can drain the tub and take a shower and they tell me no. That is when the doorbell rings and 2 girls carry in 4 more gallons of pee and we repeat the previous scene of pouring it over me. This goes on for the rest of the day and into the evening as all the girls that were part of “Project Urine” have continued to piss in and pass the bottles till full. By 8pm I am literally sitting in 6 inches of PeePee and it smells. I lay back and immerse myself into the yellow liquid. Using a wash cloth I “clean” myself. By now I actually enjoy the smell and the predicament I am in.

After 12 hours I am allowed to pull the plug and take a shower. What a great erotic way to spend the day. What will my next adventure with Janet & Becky be?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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