Multiple Melia Ch. 06

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Cum Panties

I heard the crunch of tires on stone as the car pulled in front of the house; my pulse quickened a bit, knowing who and what the car was carrying. Melia and I had made it to her bedroom by this time and had been standing together, kissing passionately; she picked up on my excitement and smiled through the kiss.

“This is going to be a night you will never want to forget, even if you could!” she gave my bum a playful pinch, and pulled me to the bed as the front door closed.

I heard padded footsteps of bare feet approaching the end of the hallway and did a double-take as two gorgeous young women stepped into the room! I was breathless, the luckiest man on the planet.

“OOhh, damn, Melia, you said he was cute, but….Mmmmhmm…” the petite asian with the small breasts and hips said. From Melia’s description of the girls, I guessed this was Natalie, or Nat, as she preferred.

“Oh my god, and he likes all of our…little games? Wow, will we have fun tonight! And tomorrow…hell, we might just keep him as our own collective play-toy!” teased the other young lady, dark complected as well, but slightly taller with bigger breasts and hips; I surmised her to be Laura.

Nat and Laura had brought two larger bags with them, which they dropped on the floor when crossing the room. I was mesmerized as these beautiful ladies approached us; Melia tightened her grip on my lower back and ass, as if afraid I would pass out-a real possibility! I was soon surrounded by tiny beautiful ladies who had the nastiest of intentions, and I felt six hands caressing and inspecting my body. Nat, on my left, must have noticed my eyes about to pop out of my head and sought to calm me some.

“Don’t you worry, honey, we girls are going to take real good care of you!” she slapped my ass playfully. To Melia she asked “So, he liked your strapon treatment?”

Unable to resist any longer, I croaked out “Oh god, yes!” making all three of them giggle and rub a little deeper; Melia was licking my neck while the new ladies were inspecting my hard cock and checking the tightness of my ass.

“And Melia?” said Laura “Kim is pretty excited, but is tied up for a while-and not in the way he is going to be soon…” indicating me “but she asked that we have him ready for her by the time she gets here, so, how much work did he have so far?”

I was a little lost, not knowing what they were talking about, and having too little blood in my big head to think too clearly; I was happy to live in the moment, for the immediate future. With a loud sucking noise and a groan from me, Melia let my nipple slip from her mouth so she could answer.

“Well, he cums like the energizer bunny-I was afraid he would wear me out-and I thought everyone would be pleased if I shared him…He still needs much work though-he only got the smaller one in so far. We must help him practice before Kim gets here, or else…”

“Well, then, we don’t have time to waste!” Nat said as she dropped down to her knees, taking my cock into her mouth.

Melia kissed me deeply through my grunt and groan; I felt two sets of hands behind me-one, Melia’s, pulled my cheeks apart while the other set put pressure on my taint and rubbed the inside of my thighs. I felt Laura’s tongue on my ass while at the same time, Nat took me deep into her tiny throat. If this was heaven, I planned to lie a saintly life from then on!

I Soon felt Laura slide a finger into my ass as she made big love bites on my ass cheeks; combined with Melia’s kiss and Nat’s deep throat skills, I was nearing orgasm already! All three ladies sensed this and all backed off at the same time.

“Melia, I think we should fuck him!” Nat said.

“OOhh, can I go first girls? Please? ” Laura asked like a kid playing with a new toy on Christmas.

“OK, Laura, you get him first, but you have to start with the ‘small’ one-that way when I get into him, it’ll be like losing his virginity all over again!” Nat was getting excited!

I was putty in their hands, to do with as they pleased, especially as I watched Nat and Laura get undressed. Melia led me to a cushy armchair, instructing me to put my knees on the cushion , then bend over the soft arm, then straddling my head tightly between her legs and pushing down between my shoulders with both hands to hold me down.

“I don’t think he’d fight us, ladies, but we are moving to bigger cocks, so I’ll make sure he stays still.” Melia told the others.

My ears pricked up when I heard her say ‘bigger cocks’ and I flinched involuntarily, which earned me a smart spank on the ass; “Now, you better be a good boy and take everything we give you or you will be hurting when Kim gets here! So, just relax and let us fuck you, and you will be rewarded.” Melia chastised. “Are you about ready for him Laura?”

“I’ll be there with balls on, in just a moment, hun. He giving trouble or just anxious to be filled?” answered Laura.

“Just anxious, right baby?” Melia asked rhetorically.

The anticipation zonguldak escort had me on edge, nearly more than I could stand. Not being able to watch the ladies added a wicked new sense to the scenario-especially since I had no idea how big Laura’s cock would be or how she would use it. Gentle, rough, fast or slow? And knowing that I had no way of escaping-that I had no choice but to take what they gave me…wow. And who was this Kim they warned me about?

My thoughts were interrupted by the added weight on the chair as Laura got herself into position behind me. I could hear her stroking her lubed up cock, but had no idea of the size. I jumped as she poked my bum with two lubed fingers, earning another hard spank from Melia, making me call out.

“Oh, you were right, Melia, he does need a lot of work! This cock is quite a bit bigger than my fingers or even your cock. Nat, maybe you should restrain his arms so he doesn’t struggle too much when I put it in.” Laura was calling the shots at the moment, taking charge in the excitement of it all.

I felt the soft vibrations of Nat’s footfalls as she walked around behind Melia, snuggling in close to her to get a hold of my arms. Out of curiosity, I held my arms where they were, making her work a little to restrain them where she wished. The reaction was swift.

“OHH, Melia, he is a feisty one-he’s fighting me!” Nat told on me.

SMACK! I yelled out as both of Melia’s hands slapped down on my ass! I could tell she was excited because the back of my neck was rubbing against her wet pussy; I could feel some of her juices running down to the front of my neck and she was grinding on me ever so slightly, giving her just a little friction, pacing herself.

I heard a voice close to me. It was Nat “Sweetie, we are going to fuck you soo good, no matter what, so we can do it the hard way if you like, but either way, you will be our little play slut while you’re here…maybe if you relaxed and let us do whatever we want, you might enjoy it. But it’s up to you…”

With those last words, my resolve left me, and Nat pulled my arms up over the arm of the chair, folding them around Melia’s legs and holding them tight. I was totally exposed and completely helpless, nervous about what was about to happen but also quite hot to experience these three ladies.

“That’s what I like to see! Melia, can you do me the honor of spreading those bare cheeks for me?” Laura was becoming very assertive…I was starting to like it!

“Now, baby, just try to relax…I’m sure you’re wondering how big I am right now…and I’ll tell you that my cock is a weee bit bigger than the one Melia used on you…just relax and I’ll make this as painless as possible, but it really is for your own good…ready for me?” Laura asked sweetly.

Before I could form any words, I felt the head of her tool brushing against the inside of my cheeks, even with Melia spreading me open! Her cock must be huge! I got nervous, clenched myself closed, attempted to squirm, only to find what I already knew-I was at the mercy of these three vixens!

“Just relax honey,” Laura soothed “arch your back and relax that hot ass of yours baby…I think you might just enjoy this!”

Then she was pressing on my hole, putting more pressure into her cock as she leaned into me. She felt huge, making me wonder if she could fit at all. And this was ‘starting small?’ My god, I was not sure if this one would go in, let alone a bigger one!

“My, my, my, but he is a tight one girls! I have to be gentle, get him stretched out a bit…” Laura laughed in a high but sultry voice “and he’s already going to be sore when Kim gets here…He’ll have to sleep on his belly for a week after she has him!”

She pushed harder, finally jamming the head in, stretching my ass wide around her huge cockhead. It hurt quite exquisitely, causing me to scream out in pain as I renewed my attempt to struggle; it was cut short by another inch being forced into me-this time I froze, sucking in my breath but unable to move, only squeezing Melia’s legs tight in my arms, putting downward pressure on her pussy on the back of my neck, eliciting a thrust of her hips in response, giving friction and pressure as my body was being pushed back onto the strapon in my butt.

“I told you it’s easier to relax…if you didn’t squirm I could’ve waited a minute to push deeper, baby…” Laura taunted “Ladies, his ass is so tight! Looks so fucking hot with my cock partway in! I can’t wait to have it all in him, but he needs to relax!”

I heard Nat ask me “Baby, you seem to be hanging on real good-can I trust you enough to let your arms go? I can help you relax.”

“YYy-yyes, you can…AHHhh, my god!” I stammered as Laura slid more into me.

Nat tentatively released my arms. She must have given Laura a sign to test me, to see if I’d live up to my word, because Laura slid another inch into me; I had learned my lesson and accepted my fate, and so only squeezed tunalı escort Melia’s legs tighter. I was beginning to enjoy being dominated by these three.

“Good boy!” Laura said with a pat on the ass “I told you it’d be easier if you relaxed…”

“OOhh Laura! His ass does look hot stretched around your thick cock! I was beginning to worry I wouldn’t get to play with him…” Nat said “because my cock is even bigger!” she added quietly.

Nat reached underneath me, grabbing my cock to take my mind off of my ass a bit. “Girls, he must really be enjoying this-his cock is very hard right now!”

I moaned; with the added stimulation, it was all beginning to feel pretty good. I was still excited that I had no way to resist these ladies, but I began to feel more comfortable. Laura took advantage, pushing deeper. Hell, just how big is this thing? It seemed endless!

As if reading my mind, Laura informed me “Easy baby, it’s almost all in-you’re doing great!” as she gave one last hearty thrust and I felt her hips contact my bare ass. Finally! “There, baby, the hard part is done for now; just relax and enjoy your fucking…”

My cock was so hard it hurt as Nat stroked me. For a moment, Laura held still, letting me adjust to it all, while Melia rubbed my back, down to my ass, and leaked her juices all over my neck.

I felt Laura pull out a few inches, then slowly push it back in, holding still for a moment before sliding back out, a little further this time, setting up a nice slow rhythm, but building steam quickly. I heard someone’s ragged breathing, almost hyperventilating, and realized it was my own and consciously calmed myself, grunting each time Laura drove all the way into me.

“You Ok, honey?” Laura slowed down and I tried to catch my breath to answer her “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were beginning to like it…can you take it harder?”

“He’s nodding his head yes!” Melia commented “He’s speechless on cloud nine! Give it to him good Laura!” Melia set me up!

I hadn’t nodded my head, but was about to suffer the bittersweet consequences! I heard Laura ask Nat to look out, then I could feel Laura changing positions, placing her feet by my knees and crouching in a froggy position, starting slow but deep and forceful.

“Now you are gonna get the fucking you need honey!” Laura said as she plunged her whole length into me. When I cried out she said “Well, if you’re going to scream, let me give you a reason!”

With that she fucked me. Hard. Deep. Long strokes. The world seemed to blur from my perspective, nothing seemed real while at the same time it was all too real. She may have only fucked me good for a minute or it could have been an hour-I was in a daze. I began to feel not just filled, but a certain pressure also, beginning inside me but extending all the way to the head of my hard cock; it was a cross between a full bladder and orgasmic tingling. Melia, still straddling my neck, had been riding me-not only preventing me from sliding forward, but also pushing me back onto Laura’s cock, helping her to fuck me harder.

Suddenly, with a great force, Laura slammed into me and stayed deep, grinding on my bum. I became aware of the fact that I was not the only one breathing heavily-both Melia and Laura were out of breath.

“Such a good boy!” Laura panted “I think he earned a treat, how about it ladies?”

“I think so to.” Melia said simply.

“Awww…but when do I get my turn?” Nat complained.

“Soon enough, Nat. Soon enough.” Laura consoled her.

I felt Laura pulling herself from my ass, standing up straight, then onto the floor. I liked the sound of ‘a treat,’ but had I been thinking more clearly, I would have sensed the setup. These girls were far too mischievous to give in that easily, but I was game, anyway.

Melia let me sit up, finally, and as I stretched my neck and back, I gawked at the strapon that Laura was removing-it was big-very big; about 8 inches long and quite thick! Jesus, and this was the smaller one? Well, I had plenty of time to worry about the next size up, so I focused on getting my treat.

“Since you let me do you so well, I will return the favor, but only in my pussy.” Laura explained

Laura placed two pillows under her back, raising her hips off of the bed, spreading her legs to show me the beautiful bald pussy she had for me. She was making a show of herself, making sure my attention was all on her. She made a ‘come here’ gesture with her finger and I stumbled closer. I had all but forgotten about the other two ladies and I would sure pay for it.

“Gonna fuck me good I hope?” Laura smiled deviously.

As I inched closer to her pussy, I noticed Melia place herself on the bed, opening her legs to rub her pussy. “I will enjoy watching you fuck my friend…make me cum too!” she egged me on.

I rubbed the head of my cock up and down Laura’s pussy lips, getting from her a couple gasps, and then I began pushing into tunceli escort her, intent on fucking her as hard as she did me. I had to go slow because of how tight her pussy was, my over stimulated cock was ready to pop just from putting it in! But then, I was still pretty amped up from her hard fucking too. My body let out a sigh as I nestled in as deep as I could go.

“Ooohh, baby, you do want to pay me back, don’t you?” Laura whispered in my ear “That feels really good-your nice thick cock…mmmhhmm…but you know, you aren’t as big as Nat!” And she sprang the trap on me!

Laura brought her legs out and hooked her heels hard inside my legs while reaching under my arms to grab my shoulders, effectively restraining me again! Oh god, not again! This was my treat? I glanced accusingly at Melia. She smiled.

“Yes, sweet cheeks, I knew all about this part of the plan! Hell, we talked about it before your flew into town! And it is for your own good, if you want to be able to handle Kim when she gets here. So, relax, and make it easier on yourself.” she told me matter of factly.

Betrayed! Plotted against! How could I be so damn lucky? Fucked senseless by three gorgeous women, with another one yet to arrive! Then Nat walked around to where I could see her…holy shit! If I thought the last one was big, Nat was huge! She did have a smaller framed than Laura, but that just made her bigger cock look more immense. I gulped in anxiousness as I watched her stroke lube onto her dick. I thought maybe since she is a smaller lady, she won’t be able to fuck me as hard…I can hope.

“Oh, yes, honey! It’s my turn to do you!” Nat breathed hot and heavy.

My ass clamped shut in nervousness again, making my cock stir in Laura’s pussy. She responded by rocking her hips with a soft moan and squeezed her own muscles, sending a ripple up and down her pussy and my cock.

“At least you have my pussy to distract you this time! I think you’ll like my pussy; I do kegel exercises every day, so I can really…” Laura rippled her pussy muscles, massaging my cock without any thrusting movement. I was so hot I could have cum right then, but knew I would be in big trouble then.

I felt Nat step onto the bed, then come closer on her knees. “Are you ready baby? I hope so because…” and she was pushing into me. Even after being screwed hard with a big strapon right before, Nat had a real chore gaining access to my hole; to her credit, she took her time, inching slowly deeper. When Laura sensed I was uncomfortable or hurting, she massaged my dick with her pussy a bit. Laura then let go of one of my shoulders and turned my face toward her own, drawing me into a deep kiss; which was exactly the combined distraction Nat needed. I squealed through the kiss as Nat slid completely into me, bumping my ass with her hips, as deep as she could go. I never would have imagined I would be taking a 9+ inch strapon substantially thicker than my own! I was to filled to move, the experience so intense, the head of my dick felt like it was going to shoot right off!

“You Ok, hun?” Nat asked.

“Ohhh, Aaahhh, my god!” I managed “When is it your turn?”

“I thought you understood, honey-this is our turn!” Nat giggled, gently grinding into me.

“Th-then, ahh, when is it my turn?” I grunted “Oh, fuck. Wow!”

“This is also your turn silly!” Nat teased “And, fuck? That’s just what I’m going to do!”

Nat pulled out partway, then gently pushed back up into me, getting me used to her bigger cock, going slow until I relaxed enough for her to fuck me deeply, then increasing her speed as I adjusted.

“Are you ready to be fucked real good? Ready for my big cock to pound your little ass?” Nat asked huskily.

“He’s ready Nat-fuck him hard! Don’t stop until he cums! I want to feel him squirt in my hot pussy! I know he has to have a big load worked up by now, and I want it! Fuck him!” Laura yelled from under me.

Nat moved into a froggy position, pushing down on my lower back with both hands and gained speed quickly until she was really slamming into me. My god, how intense! She was a smaller woman, but fucked harder and faster than the other two! She used her hips a lot, thrusting hard, so she used less energy, but my god, how she fucked me!

Laura was working her vaginal magic on my cock while Nat was hitting every nerve in my ass and bother were growing more enthusiastic by the second. The tingling from the prostate stimulation had spread intensely to envelop my cock and balls, but was now spreading all over my body, especially up my spine, towards that sensitive spot I think everyone has on the back of their necks. I knew when the tingles hit me there, I was going to lose control.

“YES! Fuck him Nat! He’s gonna cum! I feel his cock swelling! Make him cum!” Laura screamed, close to orgasm herself.

Nat took her advice, fucking harder yet, really pummeling my ass, while that shivery tingle worked up past my shoulder blades. My breath quickened, became ragged, and my body started to shake, goosebumps bursting out everywhere right when Nat grabbed the back of my neck with both hands, pulling herself as deeply inside of me as she could, grinding hard, stirring her humongous cock around in a circle, working every nerve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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