Life as a Sub Ch. 03 Pt. 04

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This is a true-life story. This part was a time in my life when I was being guided and conditioned to discover my true position and purpose in life. It was in our early twenties, so Ruth is editing quite a lot of what I have written because her memory of what happened on what dates is a lot better than mine.

As I was about to leave college to enter the job market, Bob and Claire gave us a farewell dinner party, even though Ruth had another nine months to go.

This dinner party was everything I had expected and what happened didn’t really shock me, but it was even more education that got me wondering if I wanted any other Dominants than these two.

* * * * *

Claire slumped back on the sofa and tapped her pussy with her middle finger while her hand massaged her hood and clit. Ruth immediately looked up and shuffled forward.

I could see from Claire’s face as she stared and frowned down at me, that she was not happy. Her pussy looked very red, swollen and wet and ready for sex as she stroked herself, and from that look she gave me, she was really expecting to fuck Bob, but I had really messed that up with my comment.

“It appears we need to teach the little one a bit more respect.” Claire said to her husband looking at Ruth as she spread her wet pussy lips. “I just need a little …. help.”

Ruth smiled, leaned forward and tenderly kissed Claire’s clit hood, but Claire grabbed her head with both hands and roughly pulled her face into her sex.

“Yesssssssss, that feels nice. Mmmmmmm. Get your face in there my little pussy sucker.” She commanded, her eyes briefly closed, showing signs that Ruth’s mouth on her tortured pussy was a welcomed feeling. She circled her fingers into Ruth’s hair as she spoke to her.

“Just keep me ready, while my husband deals with your rude boyfriend. Oooohh, gently little one. Don’t get carried away. Just keep me wet for my husband’s cock.”

Ruth gave a little whimper as Claire squeezed her legs together, trapping her head.

Meanwhile, Bob leaned forward and hooked his finger into one of the eyelets of my collar. He pulled me toward him. We were face to face, Bob frowning, sneering, his top lip was turned up as if he had smelt something really bad. Oh boy he looked very annoyed with me.

“Well, you have upset things haven’t you. We WERE going to TELL you about discipline at some point in your future. But you ….” He paused. “You are going to learn what it means to piss off your dominants.” He let go of my collar and wagged his finger at me. “You have forced us into this.”

I swallowed and I felt like I didn’t want to be here anymore, but I still caught a glimpse of his hard cock waving around as he moved.

“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT US.” He shouted at me, before continuing in a slightly quieter voice, still maintaining that commanding and powerful tone. “You really do have a lot more to learn don’t you my young suck boy. You had better learn quicker than this.”

He paused again. “It is not your place to ask such a thing. If we wanted you to fuck your girlfriend …. we would have told you to do it …. but it would be for our amusement …. not your pleasure. Do you understand?”

I nodded quickly as he stood up in front of me, his still erect cock in his hand, standing out from his body, proud and angry looking. He gave himself a couple of strokes to maintain that impressive hardness, his cock now only a few centimetres from my face. He was making sure I was watching and paying attention as he pushed and slid his foreskin back and forth, finally covering his cock head.

I was now faced with a crown of loose foreskin and inside, I could just see the lips of his pee hole. I couldn’t help myself; I was so tempted that I started to lean forward. I couldn’t believe that even after feeling like I had ruined the evening, I still wanted to please him by taking him in my mouth.


I have to take a quick break for readers here.

I feel like I must remind you all just why I keep going on, in so much detail, about my thoughts and feelings, especially about my fascination with another man’s cock.

Remember, I was in my late teens breaking into my twenties and I was only just a few months into my first real longer than six months relationship with a girl. Sex was like a part of breathing to me. It was so exciting, and I needed as much as I could get, especially with Ruth. It dominated my young mind, and I was so lucky to find a girl who wanted me to try everything with her.

I was brought up by very liberal and uninhibited parents in the sixties and seventies, where sex was not necessarily quiet and behind closed doors. My talks with them about the birds and bees was very frank and extremely detailed. Afterwards, I always knew a lot more than my friends at school, and I often found their understanding comical and amusing at times.

I suppose, attending an all-boys school in my early teens, not only helped but pushed me in the direction of my future lifestyle. My friends asyalı escort and I were always swopping magazines and stories, chatting about the different sorts of sex that we had found out about, and some even boasted about their experiences. This was talked about like winning trophies, but I think we all secretly had our doubts if the bragging was true or just wishful thinking.

But hey, I was a teenager, and I wanted to know more.

Something we never chatted about though as friends, was what our parents got up to or talked to us about. Yes, we laughed and joked about hearing them have sex, but we never went into details, and I never knew if any of them had had the same sort of sex talks as I did with my parents.

I imagined they did, but I wasn’t sure, and it was a topic that was never brought up …. ever.

As I said, I was lucky enough to turn to my parents to explain things a bit better to me. It was still hard and embarrassing for me to initially bring up the subject, especially when they would smile at each other when I clumsily tried to describe the details, but, when I did get the courage, to their credit, they always gave me answers that left me with hardly any follow-on questions.

I sort of always suspected that my parents knew that I had a liking for domination, submission, and later cuckold sex, which gave me the feeling that they knew that I was naturally more submissive.

Conversations with my parents often lingered on those subjects, and my mum seemed to test me by taking the role of the submissive to my dad. And when we chatted about submissiveness, they always ended up with describing a male dominated relationship, and how the man’s cock was the focus of the sub’s world. I can tell you that my dreams and thoughts at night, always had my wank sock full and soaking as I imagined being in such a position.

Even reading my dad’s porn magazines, I constantly sought out the stories about bisexual and submissive males serving male and female dominants, and so you can see where it has all gone from there.

It goes without saying that I didn’t ever speak of such things with my mates at school because I didn’t want to come across as homosexual or weird, something at that time was a real taboo.

Which brings me to this point in my story while in college. I had been introduced, much to my complete sexual delight, to an older hedonistic couple and their friends, and thrust into a very respected Dom/sub world.

To add to my excitement and that need for humiliation, they had accepted me straight away as a male sub, and I ate up everything they did to me with complete abandon of any inhibitions.

Here I was, a young man, surrounded by sex, where I wanted to do what they commanded, for their pleasure. My dicklet was always hard because I was turned on by my dreams coming true. Watching naked people have orgasms, seeing tits, cocks, bums, balls and pussys, and, being up close to everything, well, I found it hot, and to be honest, a little sexually depraved.

Bob’s cock and Claire’s pussy was burned into my mind as a source of their pleasure, but above all, to be respected, adored, and worshipped. Bob and Claire were real and my first dominants. I was spellbound in the realm they had let me enter, and I wanted it all.


Bob briefly smiled as he quickly turned and walked away from me. I regained my balance as I nervously watched his bum cheeks wobble and clench as he walked. To my left, I was very aware that Claire was enjoying Ruth’s worshipping mouth. Purring, moaning noises from Claire drew my attention, but I was conflicted with a need to look at the girls, and what Bob was doing over by the cupboards.

He knelt and looked into the bottom of the cupboard and pulled out what looked like a table tennis bat. I swallowed as he smacked his hand with the paddle a couple of times. He placed the paddle on the floor then he looked over at me. He smiled, seeing I was looking very nervous, he then waved a riding crop at me. My eyes shifted from him to Claire and Ruth then back to him.

He walked back to us carrying the paddle in one hand and crop in the other, swishing it like a skilled sword fighter.

He stood in front of me and deliberately whipped his hips so his cock smacked against my head.

“Open.” He commanded.

I did as I was told and opened my mouth. He moved his cock to my mouth and waited for me to lean forward and accommodate his foreskin covered cock. He gently and slowly moved his hips forward allowing me to take just the head of his cock.

“Now close and suck. Yesss. Good. Now suck my foreskin back. Yesssss. That’s it. I want your tongue on my naked cock head as I teach you manners.” He ordered.

I held him in my mouth and with my lips tightly holding him, I sucked on his engorged cock head. He pulsed it, expanding it, making it as big as he could, letting me feel and lick the now smoothness and shape of it.

I felt the weight of his body touch the top of my head ayaş escort as he bent forward, and then the gentle tapping of the riding crop on my buttocks and the crease of my bum. I kept sucking feeling like I was being encouraged by his continual tapping. But then.

“Ooooommmmmm.” I tried to shout. My mouth was full, but I was able to make a crying noise as one of the taps to my bum was a little harder.

SMACK, tap, tap, tap, tap, SMACK.

I felt my skin getting warmer where he was swatting me. Each cheek was alternately receiving a harder smack. I moaned and stopped sucking as I winced with each hard smack.

“Keep sucking.” He ordered in a stern voice. “Come on. Keep sucking me. Let Mistress see you want my cock. Mmmmmmm. Yesssss, like that.”

I concentrated on maintaining my mouth worship of his cock, suckling like a baby on his thick engorged head. I flicked my tongue over his pee hole.

“Oh yes, that’s it. There is the need to suck me. Suck me to please me.” He said as he tap, tap, tapped me, then, SMACK.

He whispered into my ear.

“This is what awaits you out there.” SMACK. “There are some masters who enjoy inflicting a little pain to their subs.” Tap, tap, tap. “Others, like me, will want you to be completely compliant, and they will use a crop or paddle to make sure you know who is in charge of your life.”

He suddenly stopped, stood up right, throwing the crop onto the sofa.


I opened my mouth letting him withdraw his cock. He frowned as he looked down at me.

“Hey, hey, hey …. clean it.”

I noticed that his cock had bubbles of saliva on it, so I quickly licked and sucked them off him. As I did, I relished the feel of his smooth cock head on my tongue, and then then feel of his foreskin on my lips, all pulled back and bunched around his cock head.

He turned away from me and picked up the table tennis bat from the sofa. He looked at Claire. I too looked at her to see her eyes were slowly opening and closing but she still had time to smile and nod back at him.

“Stand up.” He said without looking at me.

I swallowed nervously, stood, and faced him, my dicklet quickly deflating, making my ball look more prominent and sticking out by the cock ring. He made a circling motion with his finger pointing at the carpet, so I turned around.

“Bend over.” Bob ordered. I did as he said. He grabbed me by the hips and positioned me so that my red bum was facing Claire and Ruth. I supported myself by placing my hands on my knees.

I looked behind me and saw his legs and feet as he sat down and then I felt a hand stroking my left bum cheek.

“Although I prefer the crop, some masters may want to use this to punish you.” He said as he circled fingers around my hanging ball, pulling it down slightly into his hand.

SMACK. I reacted by jerking up after the swipe of the paddle hit my bum. Trouble was, he still held my ball in his hand, so as I lurched up, I stretched my own scrotum.

He waited till I stopped moving. It wasn’t a very hard smack, but it did hurt, and it was loud. I felt my bum cheek getting warmer. SMACK. Another slap on my cheek. Ouch. That really hurt and I couldn’t help but make a noise as he tugged my ball down again.


He then released my ball, and I felt a hand stroke my bum again. I heard him say.

“That’s enough for now. I think you have learnt the lesson.”

He gently swiped my hip and slapped me with his hand.

“Get back on your knees

I turned and knelt, sitting on my heels, facing him as I watched him relax. My focus was back to watching his amazing thick, powerful cock wiggle and stand proud.

I don’t know if it was the punishment that he had given me, but I felt a renewed hunger to suck on his cock. This was weird because I really felt like I wanted to please him, to give him pleasure so that I didn’t receive any further punishment. I felt the warmness where the crop and paddle had hit my buttocks, and all I could remember was the feeling and shape of his smooth cock head on my tongue, and my need to make sure he felt pleasure from my sucking.

He shuffled back on the sofa next to Claire, throwing the paddle and crop on to the floor beside the sofa, then wiggled his big hard cock, to tempt me again. He looked at me with a frowned forehead, staring at me intently, making sure that I was totally absorbed in adoring his cock. He slowly opened his legs, gripping his cock in his hand and once again waved it at me.

I immediately did as he knew I would. It was like instinct, I stared at it.

“Gooooood. Keep that hunger. I like that look of want in your eyes.” He said smiling again as I swallowed just as Claire roughly pushed Ruth’s head from her sex and closed her legs. Ruth sat back on her heels.

“Now, we can have our fun my love.” Bob said to his wife without taking his eyes from mine.

Claire reached out with her foot and paddled my dicklet with her toes. She didn’t kick me; she just ran aydınlıkevler escort her toes over my shaved groin and dicklet, feeling how soft and small I now was.

“Ruth, be a dear, pull the boy’s foreskin back.” She said withdrawing her foot.

OMG. Ruth didn’t even hesitate. I looked down as she reached over and without any gentle touching, pulled my foreskin back as far as it would go and then released me. Her touch made my cock twitch. It was the feeling of her touch, it was nice, but my foreskin didn’t stay pulled back because I was so soft. I looked down, watching as I twitched it again, slowly making it grow bigger and harder, but my foreskin had rolled back and got stuck on my dry cock head.

All the attention was back on me. Even though I was feeling like a scolded puppy, I was still so horny. I wanted to show them I was turned on, even if it was embarrassing.

Bob looked at Claire, then he turned to Ruth and pointed at my dicklet, giggling. “For God’s sake, get your mouth on his dicklet and wet it. It looks bone dry.”

Ruth immediately ducked her head down between my legs and took the tip of my dicklet in her mouth. I felt her hair rub my stomach as she positioned herself to get her lips over my cock head.

I felt her mouth rub my naked cock head as she sucked and pushed my foreskin back. Oh yes, that felt so good. Holding me in her hot mouth, her tongue licked along the underside of my cock. She sucked me a couple of times, then when she lifted her head, I looked down.

This time, there were little bubbles of saliva all over my cock head, so I quickly held myself and worked the wetness into my dicklet, moving my foreskin back and forward.

They let me stroke for a few seconds, then Claire touched my hand with her foot. I removed my hand and watched her foot touch and paddle my hardening cock once again.

“BOY.” My head snapped up to look at Bob while Claire now gently tapped me with her foot.

“Ruth is here for our pleasure. YOU are here for our pleasure.” He let that sink in then waved his cock at me. “Look at my cock.” I stared at it.

“Get it in your head. You are both submissives. You are OUR submissives. Understand this. Mistress and I will have sex when we want, and you will both watch …. and when we tell you, you will both do what we want …. for OUR pleasure.”

We nodded as he repeated. “Your Mistress and I will have sex and you will watch …. and you will have the honour watching how we fuck.”

I kept staring at his amazing, marvellous cock, now thinking about him and Claire fucking.

He then described what he wanted us to think about, speaking very slowly, while waving his cock in his hand.

“You will watch Mistress slide up and down on my cock …. her HOT …. WET …. PUSSY …. sucking my cock into her, and …. and you will have a respectful urge to kiss my heavy, full balls.”

I quickly looked at Ruth. She was swallowing, also staring at Bob’s cock as he spoke.

“You will both admire my cum filled balls. After a while, when we say, you will both beg me to empty them and cum in Claire.” He looked into Claire’s smiling face as is cock throbbed and expanded in his hand from his own words.

“YOU will do as we tell you …. not what YOU want to do.” Bob said to me, leaning forward and kissing Claire. She then leaned over and gave him a long passionate kiss.

“Oooooohhhh, my love.” Claire purred to Bob as she once again lifted her leg and straddled his lap. Bob was loving the attention from his wife and they both laughed. He gripped her breasts and squeezed them, kissing her nipples.

Sitting astride Bob’s legs, Claire lifted up onto her knees. I watched her hand grab him between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock over her pussy lips. She looked sticky and sloppy from Ruth’s mouth as she wiped his cock over her lips, then when she found and touched her vagina with his cock head, she stopped then slowly sank down on him.

I felt Ruth’s slightly cold but soft body as she shuffled and cuddled up to me. I loved smelling Ruth’s perfume as we both watched Bob’s cock head slowly disappear inside Claire, loving how her pussy stretched open to accommodate his thickness.

We were both now given a close up look at her gorgeous and twitching puckered bum hole. She sank down, lifted, then sank down a little more. My heart was racing as I watched, seeing Claire’s pussy lips around Bob’s throbbing cock. Oh wow, with only half of his cock inside her, she stopped, then lifted and let him slide out of her letting his thick cock slap on his stomach.

Hovering over the length of his cock, Claire looked over her shoulder and down at me, her face looking flushed with pleasure.

“Boy, hold his penis for me.” She ordered. I hesitated and looked at Ruth.

“Oh for God’s sake. Ruth, show him what to do it.”

Embarrassed, I eagerly shuffled forward and waited till Claire lifted a little more so I could take hold of Bob’s cock. Ruth shuffled up with me, our bodies rubbing against each other as we got in close to our hosts.

She kissed my shoulder. Oh wow. Just that touch from Ruth had my dicklet throbbing again. My young male mind was thinking of her skin against me, and she felt slightly cold against me, but she was so soft and smooth and …. sexy.

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