Leila – The First Level Ch. 03

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— This is the third part of the story and even though it can be read alone, I would recommend to read part one and two first —

The next week was probably the most confusing time in my whole life. Sure was I crazy about Leila and sure she was not just amazingly hot but also her whole attitude attracted me. And probably did I fall already in love. However even though her dominance attracted me, the thought of me being owned by her was still kind of strange for me. Overall I just missed her terribly and could not really believe how quickly I had become addicted to her.

I jerked off every evening, thinking about our two magical encounters. My mind wandered back to our time together. She was sitting majestically on her bed with me kneeling in front of her. I felt her hand on the back of my head and how she forcefully drew me closer. I could feel her warm thighs, smell her pussy, taste her sweet juices and see her magnificent body lying shivering on the bed. I could feel her slaps and hear her lovely but strict voice when I had stopped pleasing her just for a moment. And like back then it turned me on incredibly. It was strange but I wished she would slap me now. I pictured the scene of me kneeling in front of her and jerking off under her dark and watchful eyes. She commanded me to slow down. Finally she allowed me to come on her magnificent feet. I came.

Afterwards I was always a little bit more rational and dismissed the idea to be owned by her as kind of ridiculous. It was an ongoing debate with myself but deep down I knew that I was going to willingly accept her offer. It was just too tempting, So much out of the ordinary which made me incredible curious as well.

Where is this beautiful woman going to take me on our journey? How will I change and what other sides does she have?

The whole week I did not see her a single time. Even though I was sitting in the library everyday and imagining her walking in any second. I got zero done on my thesis but to be honest I could not have cared less. I had more important thoughts on my mind.

Finally it was Friday and I had made up my mind. I wanted to give myself completely to her. I wanted to be a part of her life and was willing to be owned by her. Actually the idea to be hers and to do what she wanted turned me on incredibly.

In the afternoon I rushed to her apartment, rang the bell and waited. No answer. I kept ringing and waited for ten minutes before I decided to wait in the beer garden nearby. I almost downed a whole beer and had nothing else in mind than to tell Leila of my decision and more important to see her reaction. However also my next attempt was unsuccessful and I walked a couple of times around the block. Finally –it was already dark and around 10p.m.- I rang the bell again and after what felt like half an eternity, Leila opened the door. She just wore a tight short skirt and a bra. Her endless, velvet long black hair framed the probably most beautiful face I have ever seen.

She did not take too much notice of me and just walked straight into the living room. I closed the entrance door and followed her. The atmosphere was kind of tense. She sat in the only upholstered chair and as soon as I wanted to give her a kiss she moved her head back and gave me a sign to sit on the floor. I was a little bit shocked by her coolness but too much exited to get upset about it.

“I guess you have made up your mind, right? Just one thing beforehand, once decided I expect you to stick to your word.” She looked me straight in the face with a determined expression.

“Yes I understand that. And yes I want to be yours! Leila, I realized that I need you and I am willing to do whatever you ask from me.” Like so often when I am excited I was over enthusiastic.

“I am really glad that you decided this way” she said smilingly. We stood up and kissed deeply and passionately. Her tongue explored my mouth and our kissing made me so hot that I thought my pants are going to explode. She noticed and told me to get naked.

As soon as I stood naked, erected and fully to her attention in front of her chair, she informed me that “I will lay out some ground rules which will define our relationship from now on. Kneel directly in front of me.” I did and she continued “The most important rule is that you have to obey me any time instantly and without hesitation. There will be things I discuss with you but as soon as I give you an order, I do not want you to question it. Is that clear?”

“Totally clear!”

“Furthermore obeying me also means that I can choose any punishment I think fits and you do everything to help me to administer it. Punishments do not necessarily have to be ankara masaj yapan escort connected to misbehavior.” With a wicked smile she added “Sometimes it might just turn me on. I also expect you to be naked when we are alone.”

“Yes, Leila!”

“As the first sign of our changed relationship, I want you to pick up your belt and give it to me.” She looked me straight in the eyes. Even though I knew what was going to happen, I somehow was curious about it in a good way. I handed her my belt.

“You will position yourself over the chair, push your head between my thighs and then I will spank you with your own belt. Try not to scream, even if it will be hard. Afterwards you will thank me for guiding you into this new world. It will hurt and since you are not used to it I am not sure if you can bear it. However disciplining you is not just a kick but also very important for you to physically realize your position in contrast to mine in our relationship.”

She smiled when we both got up and I slowly walked to the chair, laying my upper body over the backrest and lowering my head to the height of her crotch. She lightly pushed my head between her legs. It was a sign of complete submission. She moved me into position. I felt her warm and soft skin on my face. I was scared and super aroused at the same time. The idea that this goddess was able to bring me into this position just with her presence and a few words was incredibly sexy. The thought of a beautiful woman punishing me physically was a well hidden secret fantasy of mine since a young age.

The first blow almost caught me by surprise. Adrenalin shot through my veins. I did not scream but it hurt like hell. However I had not much time to think about it since the second and third blow already hit me. Where did she take this strength from? The blows rained down on my virgin bottom and I learnt that daydreaming about a sexy spanking and actually receiving one are two totally different things. I lost count when we were close to 20 but it was not even half by then. Although I really tried not to scream, finally it was impossible and I started to beg loudly.

“Leila, … ahhh … please, please stop!” She continued. The first spanking she gave me was apparently something she wanted me to remember. She was breathing heavily and her body was shaking lightly from the hard physical work. However her crotch felt incredibly hot. My eyes were focused on her beautiful feet moving around slightly while her arm relentlessly moved up and down. I got super hard, even though it hurt like hell. My head between Leila’s sexy legs, feeling her warmth while she showed her complete dominance just triggered every submissive feeling in my body.

Finally after I almost lost consciousness, she stopped. My butt burned like fire and I was pretty sure that it was rather blue and black than red. However my dick did not let any doubt that deep down inside I wanted it. She stepped back and I dropped to my knees and lowered my head. I started sobbing and thanking Leila.

“Thank you! … thank you for showing me the way into our new world.” I was super submissive and started to kiss her feet. We just started to go down the new path and I was already completely hers. Completely.

The whole scene lasted almost a minute and I would love to have a picture of it. The divine woman standing, my belt dangling from her right hand down to my naked and defeated body cowering at her feet, was the ultimate vision of Leila’s natural place. It was the first step into my submission and I realized that this was everything I ever longed for.

She sat on the chair and I continued to kiss her feet, mumbling words through my sobs. “I am yours! Thank you Leila for teaching me.”

“It is okay now, baby. You took more than I expected. I am very proud how eager you are to go down this rocky road. Come to bed and I apply some cooling cream.”

I followed her to her room with my head lowered. I was not sad or scared I just had the inner feeling that a lowered head was appropriate for my new position. It was something I almost did automatically.

I lay down on my belly and she softly rubbed the cooling cream on my burning cheeks. My cock pushed against the sheets and I could have come straight away. I was already fantasizing about jerking off.

“Jack, I really love how obedient and at the same time manly you are.” I did not feel really manly at this moment but she continued “You do not behave overly submissive in public. That’s good. I want a strong man who only turns into my submissive when I say so. That is dominant power. I like your strong and well defined body and at the same time your mecidiyeköy escort submissiveness.”

I was not the football player type but I had a well defined body with visible muscles and no fat. Her words gave me a good feeling about her caring part.

“Leila, I have the feeling it is not your stunning appearance which trigger the urge deep down inside me to submit to you. It is your natural confidence which makes it impossible for me to not drop to my knees and kiss your feet.” She giggled

“You are cute and I want you to know that I still want your caring and gentleman part.” She continued more seriously “I want to talk and discuss with you. I want you to hold and console me when I am sad. I want you to be strong and protect me if necessary. After all we are starting a relationship which is just a bit out of the ordinary but I do not want a masked, leather-wearing worm who does not talk. I want a submissive partner but not to turn you into a freak!”

“This is exactly how I feel, Leila. I am so glad that we both see this the same way.” She smiled at me warmly and we had a few seconds of mutual, non-verbal deep understanding. Everything was clear without a further word necessary. A strong bond was created within these seconds.

Then she turned serious. “Sit and look me in the eyes!” Even though my butt still hurt like hell and the cooling cream was still all over it, I hasten to obey. “I want you to be perfectly honest with me. After our first date you gave me the promise not to touch yourself. Did you keep it?” I gulped and answered shyly, “Almost… The fourth evening the temptation was so strong that I started… but I stopped because I felt guilty. I am very sorry, Leila. I did not want to be disobedient, it was just so tempting.”

“Jack, it is not about you touching yourself but you not obeying me and breaking a promise. I will not just let you get away with that! But I will deal with it later! Just remember that I am good in getting the truth out of men.” The last words sounded like a threat. I knew that I was in trouble and not knowing how my punishment looked like made it worse but also more exciting.

“Since this is somehow the official beginning of our relationship I want to introduce you to one of my favorite rituals. For me it is the most gentleman-like and thrilling sex position to please a woman.” My mind was racing, are we really going to have sex, will she really allowed me to enter her beautiful pussy with my dick.

“This will be the first of many times you will serve your queen this way.”

She blindfolded me and made me lay down on the bed. Quickly were my hands and legs cuffed to the posts. I was about to explode. I could feel her breathing close to my face. Her hot, full lips came slowly closer to mine and she gave me a passionate kiss. Then she moved to my ear and whispered, “I am going to sit on your face and not just sit on your face but ride it. Try to just focus on my pussy you are so crazy about. Forget about your pain or your breathing. Everything will be fine. All what should matter to you is to please me. And don’t get nervous if it takes a while.”

She gave me another kiss and shortly after I could smell the odor and feel the warmth of her holly vagina. She did not lower herself immediately but teased me with moving up and down. She made me crazy. All I wanted was to kiss, lick and suck her wonderful hole. Her legs pressed on my ears and with the blindfold on I could only follow my other senses to find her. I moved my head up as far as my bonds allowed me to and was able to place a couple of light kisses on her pussy. I tried to lick and suck but she moved further up, driving me even crazier. She lowered herself a little bit, just enough that the tip of my nose entered her. She stayed this way for a while and then lowered herself further. I moved my nose back and forth and up and down in her. I tried to touch her with my tongue but she was just too high above me in any sense.

“Leila, please, let me worship you. Please let me kiss you!” Finally she showed mercy and sat fully on my face. I felt her weight on my face and how her hands took a firm grip of my head. She drew my face closer. I inhaled her scent completely and felt like in paradise. I started slowly sucking on her clit and my tongue moving eagerly up and down her vulvar. The pressing of her hands and legs showed me that I did everything to her satisfaction so far. But she wanted more and wanted it harder. Suddenly she pressed me down hard and rubbed her pussy forcefully over my face. With this she sent me straight to a parallel universe. I just lost myself between her thighs and was mersin escort flooded with endorphins. I sucked and licked her like it was my only purpose in life. She held my head still, pushed herself slightly up and grinded my face with her pussy.

“Just hold still now. Don’t move!” Her hands almost fixated my head completely. She pulled herself closer on my face and then vigorously moved herself back and forth. Her wet clit rubbed all over my face and her juices were running down my throat. She spread her legs slightly more and in this way made me hear again. Her pussy almost swallowed my face completely. I could hardly breathe. Her moaning got louder and louder. Her fingers pulled harder on my hair. Suddenly she broke into an enormous orgasm. She screamed loudly and her body moved widely. I had the feeling she is going to ripe my face off. I was so excited that my arms and legs pulled strongly on the bonds just to touch her. Her upper body felt backwards on my belly, giving me some more space to breathe but her magnificent, hot and juicy pussy was still placed on my mouth.

Her body was shaking and I would have loved to hold her in my arms right now. “Kiss me softly and get all my juices. Suck and swallow them all!” she moaned. I placed one soft kiss after the other on her hot flesh. My mouth eagerly drank every last drop of her creamy juices. It made me incredibly hot. “Slower!” My tongue moved in slow motion along her lips and my mouth only touched her softly and was hardly moving.

She lit up a cigarette and enjoyed me softly pleasuring her.

Suddenly she moved up and sat on my chest, removing the blindfold and looking down at my content face. She smiled at me satisfied and watched me carefully while inhaling the smoke. We just watched each other for a while.

“Please let me touch you!”

“I like you in bondage. You look so vulnerable.” She brought her head close to mine and I tried to move my head as far as possible to give her a kiss. A centimeter was missing. I tried harder and was finally able to touch her lips at least slightly. She moved her head down and we kissed passionately. She tasted salty.

“How did you experience your first beating?”

“It was very painful … but also arousing. I don’t know if I liked the pain but I just loved the power you had.”

“It is the best” her eyes blazed like they went through the whole situation again. Then she continued with a slight shiver in her voice “it is the best… the power exchange. I did not need any force to make you comply even though you knew I was going to beat you. You just took it obediently.” She smiled satisfied.

“Since we know now that you are in complete control, you do not have to beat me too often, do you?”

“Don’t try to pressure me!” She answered warmly but seriously at the same time. “You have to accept my dominance and that means that I decide. I want a caring but not a standard relationship. You have to accept that even if it is painful.”

“Of course!” I answered hasty.

She suddenly changed the subject “I will leave you now like that and go out with my friends. Don’t worry only girlfriends” she added smilingly. “Think about everything what happened and especially think about me!”

I was a bit confused. “Leila, when will you come back?”

“You will see. You have to learn to not ask about everything I do.” With a swift move she jumped off me and went to the bathroom.

Half an hour or so later she walked wet and naked back into her room, ignoring me completely. She just looked stunning. Her wet hair looked like a thick black waterfall running down to the lake of silk soft skin. All her movements were gazelle-like. Finally she stood in front of me dressed with a colorful half long, not too tight dress.

“How do you like it?” Now she was the sweet girl with the cutest smile in the world, hoping that her boyfriend likes her taste and is stunned by her looks.

“You look amazing! I would love to go out with you for a couple of drinks.” I said in the hope I might be allowed to join her.

“You will be in my mind all the time. It will give me a huge turn on when I am with my girlfriends, knowing that you are securely bound to my bed, and waiting for me.” She gave me a kiss on my cheek and brushed with her cheek over her mouth. I smelled her exquisite perfume.

She grabbed my dick and stroked it for a while. The horniness built up quickly. She felt that I was close to coming and stopped. My pleading eyes did not change her mind. She gave me a light kiss on my lips and whispered “Wait for me” with a smile.

And off she was. Leaving me behind, bound to her bed, lying in the dark. My thoughts were racing: What had just happened? Suddenly I felt my bruised butt again and I almost instantly felt her hot tights on my cheeks as well. I was horny, confused and contempt at the same time.

— Since I am not a native English speaker I would be grateful for feedback on the content as well as on grammar, use of vocabulary and spelling. Thank you —

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