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Hey to all my fans and my one stalwart hater (I love you just as much) I hope you enjoy this one. I think it’s one of my better paced stories and I’m pretty proud of the dialogue. Please let me know what you think via the contact information on my profile page.


It had been the worst fucking shift. Customers had been rude and mostly leaving shit tips. One asshole actually had the nerve to write on his receipt that my “big rack” had made him “forget his wallet” and he’d dashed without paying at all. Then, because the universe hates me apparently, one of the buttons on my shirt popped off and zinged across the room, rubbing in the fact that yes, I do in fact have a big huge stupid rack. To add insult to injury, I had already been trying to show them off a bit, the blouse had a plunging neckline that revealed acres of my creamy cleavage, why did they have to go off and try to show off on their own?

The damned things are just huge. Don’t get the picture? You could put a honeydew melon in each of my bra cups and still have room left over. When my tits aren’t destroying shirts, knocking over glasses and getting me creepy letters from assholes, they’re resting uncomfortably in one of my expensive-ass custom-made bras. Today’s was a white lace number, barely-present frills of fabric teasing at covering my humongous pair while actually doing very little to make that happen, serving them up and squeezing them together. I won’t lie and say they haven’t had the benefit of getting me out of a traffic ticket from time-to-time, but mostly they’re just a hassle.

But I digress. The crap icing on the crap cake of this crappy day was one of the last customers of the night. He was at least easy on the eyes, I’ll give him that. The hostess had seated him and given me a strange eyebrow raise on my way to pour his water and take his order. He was handsome, to be sure, with neatly cut brown hair and what looked like a fit figure beneath his bespoke suit. He was tall, I think over six feet though it was hard to tell with him sitting.

I don’t know why someone who looked like money would be eating in our simple diner, but he definitely was rich given that he ordered our most expensive steak, our finest red wine, which he oddly insisted we not open, and coffee. Then he did the worst thing imaginable. I didn’t see him leave when he was done, but when I came to pick up the check something was wrong.

First of all, the bottle of wine had been left behind. Maybe he forgot, but I seriously doubt someone drops three hundred dollars on overpriced Merlot and then just forgets it. I got excited when I opened the waiter-wallet (check-presenter is the official term) and saw that there were a bunch of a bills. But then when I took them out there was something else, a hotel key-card left in the credit-card holder. He’d scrawled “Room 517” on the little paper sleeve it came in.

A bottle of wine. Five-hundred dollars. A keycard. It all fit together and pointed to one inescapable conclusion: He thought I was a fucking prostitute! Just because I have big tits!

I cleared his table so angrily I broke the coffee mug when I slammed it into the dish-bin. I could have just kept the money, and god knows I did need it. I could have gone home, drank the whole bottle of wine and passed out… which is what I do most nights anyway, just with much less expensive wine.

No. This was a day where I’d had enough. I, Tessa McAllister, was 5-foot-8-inches of massively endowed, round-assed rage and the arrogant bastard who thought I was some cheap hoo-er was about to fucking pay. I passed right by the coatrack with my warm winter coat on it, told the cook I was done for the night, and stomped out into the cold December air in nothing more than a blouse, tight black skirt and boots.

Boy what a stupid idea. If the warmth of anger itself hadn’t been boiling from my core, I probably would have frozen to death! I’m sure I must have looked kind of ridiculous, stomping my way down the red carpet of the nicest hotel in town. The door man bowed respectfully as he opened up for me, but I could see his eyes glued to the twin thimbles my freezing nipples were creating in my top, if they weren’t so nicely rounded they probably could have cut the fabric.

I had one last violent shiver as I stamped over to the bank of elevators and pressed the “up” button. Some of the lobby staff were looking at me, and it took every ounce of self-control I had to not give them all the finger. The inside of the elevator was mirrored and I took a moment to try and straighten myself up a little; not that I wanted to look hot for this asshole, I just didn’t want to look completely undignified. I breathed warmth onto my palms and held them to my protruding nipples, gently, it didn’t get rid of all their stiffness but it did at least lessen it a little bit.

I held the warm hands to my cheeks so they’d be a little less red, and finally tugged my tits around in my bra a bit to make them look a bit more even. My reflection shook her head at me,

“Jesus girl, you’ve got some big ones,” she said.

I could only nod kütahya escort in agreement, staring down at a cleavage that kept me from even being able to see my feet.

I walked down the hall, going down two turns before I found myself at 517, there was nice cello music playing through the door.

Fuck knocking. I slid the keycard into the lock in and out quickly and swiftly opened the door.

It was unbelievable in there. Despite my anger I was given pause as I stared out of the giant bay windows, the lights of the city in the distance, the stars surprisingly clear from this vantage point, mountains visible behind that. There was a polished grand piano taking up much of the spacious suite’s living room and an elegant bar framing what looked like a full kitchen. The music seemed to emanate from the empty air, whatever sound system was in this place it was beautifully integrated.

And perhaps the most eye-catching thing of all in this place, there he was, standing with his back to me as he looked out that incredible window, a tumbler of scotch in his hand. He turned to face me, that handsome face in the attitude of a smile, his eyes almost imperceptibly giving me the once-over, he was ogling me to be sure, like all men did, but I had to give him credit for keeping it subtle. If it weren’t for the fact that he’d just tried to book a paid fuck, I might have thought this asshole was a real gentleman.

“I was beginning to think you weren’t coming,” he said in a velvety baritone voice. I hadn’t noticed it in the stress of the restaurant before. Something about it made my nipples take their previously fully-frozen state of hardness.


“I haven’t!” I growled, not wasting more words, I crossed the room and stood so close to him that those stiff nipples were just grazing his chest.

Then I hauled off, reached back, and slapped him!


“HEY!” he put one hand to his cheek and wrapped the other around my wrist, “What’s wrong with you!?” his demand didn’t sound angry, mostly surprised and stung.

“Let go of me, asshole.” I controlled my voice, a low, angry tone rather than the shriek I felt like making.

“If I let go are you going to hit me again?”

The pause had cost me my momentum, I breathed a heavy sigh.


He let go of me, but he was watching me like a hawk now, ready to react if I struck again.

“Look asshole, I am NOT a fucking whore!”

He blinked. “What?”

“You think you can just come through town, wearing your fancy suits and waving your money around so you can pay the first bitch you see to suck your tiny dick?”

“TINY!?” he wasn’t mad, in fact his face had cracked into an infuriatingly smug smile at that, he even laughed a little.

I was about to give him another piece of my mind, but I made this mistake of glancing down. The crotch of his loose-fitting slacks bulged grotesquely out. I couldn’t make out all the shapes I was seeing, but his package was packed with two pronounced swells sitting at his thighs’ insides, then trailing too far down that leg to make sense there was a long line with a protruding swell at its end. My mind flashed back through the evening, the hostess mouthing to me, the fact that he’d been seated the whole time I’d seen him. What she’d clearly mouthed was an oh my god! And what she’d clearly been looking at was this monstrosity my own eyes were trying hard not to believe.

“You tried to pay me for sex.” I finally managed.

“You know I could have you arrested for that.” I was still staring at his crotch, my words really just quiet and calm now.

He seemed to notice that I was spell-bound, a warm hand gently caressed my cold cheek and I didn’t pull back from it.

“Come on. Do you really think I have to pay for sex?”

He had a point. He was handsome, he was fit, and if his bulge even hinted at the truth of what was in those pants he probably could have found women willing to pay him for it.

“I… I…” I was losing my train of thought. What had I even been so angry about? Why was I here? I reached out and pointed at the leg of his pants.

“Why is that all the way down there?”

He chuckled, moving that hand from my cheek to my shoulder, rubbing the goosebumps away with warmth.

“That,” he said, “is just the tip.”

I shook my head, not understanding, not believing, not wanting to admit it could even be possible. I smiled and bit my thick lower lip as

I looked up at his face.

“Bull. Shit.” I said.

He didn’t get defensive, he just stopped petting me long enough to undo his belt, letting his pants drop to the floor with a *clank* of his buckle. The bulge that was obscene in his pants in his black boxer-briefs was downright grotesque. The obvious shape of a pair of balls the size of pomegranates rested lewdly in the pouch of fabric. What was more amazing that even though the legs of his underwear went fairly far down his leg, a big fat cockhead an a couple of inches of shaft were hanging completely out.

I marveled at him, staring a moment, and then I lara escort simply dropped to my knees. I don’t know what I’d been so mad about, but how could I have ever been angry with such an incredible, hung specimen of man.

“I’m sorry.” I weakly mewed, then leaned in and placed a big fat kiss on his big fat dickhead. He groaned and ran his fingers through my hair as I kissed a second time, then moved up to give each fabric-covered ball a puckered press of my lips too, finally grabbing the bottoms his pants and tugging downward.

I could not believe his size, when he’d stepped out of the pile of clothes on the floor it swung around a little, it must have hung at least seven inches down, as big as the biggest cock I’d ever been with, and equally thick, only that boyfriend of mine had been hard, this giant prick could not have been softer.

“Tiniest you’ve ever seen?” he asked, teasing me with a little buck of his hips, the soft cock swung up and gently tapped me on the chin, then fell back down to slap his thigh, the sound audible in the resplendent room.

“Of course not, and you know it, asshole.” I said, tone soft though my words were hard. I leaned in and began to place kisses all up and down the huge rod, holding it on both palms to roll it around, making sure to cover every angle.

He groaned again and it began to stir, slowly but perceivably fattening up and getting longer. As it cleared the nine inch mark I almost started to be a little afraid, choosing to move it to the side and focus on those gigantic balls for a moment.

They hung heavy in a smooth sack, each one large enough to overflow my palm as I cupped the left one to my face, nastily smearing my lips all over the surface, tongue slipping out to worship at its crevices and creases, the sight of them was enough to make me moist, but the taste was causing some dripping into my panties, these big huge balls were authoritative and meaty, designed to be worshipped as they deserved. He smiled down at me, then lifted his cock in his own hand to give me room to work.

I focused on the very bottoms of his heavy hangers for a few moments, swabbing my tongue where they rested most of their weight, leaning up to suck on them. I’m pretty sure they were too huge to really fit in my mouth, but I tried, moaning to let him feel the vibrations as I worked my head back forth, somehow trying to cram one in. He draped his huge cock over my face then. It still had give because it wasn’t quite all the way hard yet, and even then from the balls resting beneath my chin, the shaft ran the whole length of my face, the head disappearing somewhere above my hairline. His girth was such that I could barely see around the meat log parked comfortably on my countenance.

I pulled back from all the sucking, cinching his nuts up in his ball-bag with both hands so that I could really just focus on licking them for a long while. I painted them with my tongue, coat after coat of slobber making them glisten and shine for my efforts, the big cum-tanks seemed to really throb as they churned up more and more of the fluid that was making them so heavy. His cock continued to harden above, now getting fully stiff, gently lifting from my face at times, gently tapping it down in rough little slaps at others, he howled a little from the expert worship I was paying his giant balls.

Again I pulled reluctantly away from them, beginning to beat his giant prong off in both my hands, plenty of room for a couple more if I’d had extra hands to offer. My tits were bouncing around insanely in my now slobber-stained tank-top, giving him quite the show as I stroked up and down his length, twisting my palms a little to cover more ground. I decided to give him a little bit of my filthy mind while I worked away on him.

“You like that stud!? You like seeing these huge titties bounce while I beat off that huge fucking cock? God damn, look at you, look how far I have to move my fucking hands just to cover you properly! You’ve got the biggest fucking dick I’ve ever seen!”

I pulled back from him and decided to give him a show, rocking my hips to the music in my head, spinning slowly for him, slowly working the buttons on my shirt (that my tits hadn’t bursted already )open to show him the full cleavage my push-up bra was offering. I teased, pulling first one side of the shirt open, then the other, then both at once before I finally shed it all together. I laboriously pulled one huge tit from a bra cup, then the other, letting him see the effect of the band still sort of lifting them before I finally reached back to unclasp.

The look on his face was priceless, even though he must have guessed at my size from the shape, the true vastness of my bust was clearly a bit of a shock, his jaw was dropped and his eyes were wide, they wandered from my vast cleavage to my silver-dollar-pancake sized areolas, and finally my extra-large gum-drop nipples. I turned this way and that, letting him really take in the goods before returning to my angry two-fisted hand-job. His huge balls were bouncing around like crazy, dripping some lara eve gelen escort of the spit I’d left on them from before. Now my naked tits were bouncing right along with them.

I couldn’t resist them, I leaned in, giving his huge nuts yet another tongue bath even as I continued beating him off, slapping my hot wet pink mouth-muscle all over the big stones, but my jerking was making it a real challenge, the fat pair were bucking and dancing, slapping down onto my face lewdly. Even when I sucked at one to hold it down for the slobbery tongue bath, the other continued to assert his dominance, splatting between my eyes again and again.

When I removed my face from his balls, (an act that would always take will-power it seems) I saw to my surprise that he’d removed his shirt while I’d been down there. Holy fuck was the boy BUILT! The huge cock I was beating off was now against a backdrop of some of the most perfectly sculpted abs I’d ever seen. He wasn’t waxed smooth or anything weird, just a bit of dark hair on his broad, beautiful chest.

I leaned in and began to paint those abs with my tongue, I didn’t really move my tongue much, just my whole head as I slowly dragged it through the ridges and crevices of that washboard stomach. My huge tits were grinding against his enormous cock as I worked, it wasn’t a proper titfuck, but he was getting to feel the weight of my big girls knocking his stiff length around a little with their heavy softness.

Finally I let my licking take me back down to the main course. I began to nibble around the crown of his gigantic cock, working my big plush lips all around the corona of it, loving his soft moans as I concentrated my attention and mouth on that most sensitive part. I couldn’t believe the size of his head, it was like some kind of ornate doorknob, and probably went down over two inches of his shaft. I was having trouble even gauging his size in reality, I hoped at some point he would let me measure, but he was well into the double-digits, there was no doubt about that.

I opened wide and slurped that head into my mouth, loving the sloppy noise it made as my cheeks hollowed around, swabbing my tongue around and around it, stopping occasionally to stab my tongue into his massive cum-slit. I rolled my head around, sucking more, using my cheeks and the top of my mouth to massage at his pricktop from different angles, not caring that things were getting messy as just a little bit of drool spilled from one of the corners of my mouth.

I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands, I was pumping and massaging his balls in one moment, jacking off the still more-than-two-fists worth of cock that I wasn’t yet sucking into my mouth, I was playing with my own boobs, pinching at my nipples for him, then using them to rub into his balls and thighs with pillow warm soft titflesh.

Finally I let my hands rest on his thighs while I took a deep breath through my nose and made the impossible attempt to try deepthroating this monster.

It all happened in what seemed like an instant: I took the plunge. It was brutal, I gagged hard as his giant head gaped my throat, but leaned in more, thinking I was through the rough part but gagged only harder as his seemingly endless length dragged along the trouble-spot as it went deeper and deeper into my lurching gullet. As tears sprang to my eyes, I realized that I could NOT take this giant dick lightly. In fact I could seriously injure myself if I tried to prove I could swallow the impossible. Feeling a sense of defeat, I retreated, gasping for air wetly as his titanic cock burst from my lips, showering my face in thick slobber dredged up from deep in my body.

“Are you okay?” he asked. His voice was thick with lust, but his concern sounded legitimate.

“I’m fine, stud,” I rasped, “just… great God I think you might be too much man for me.”

He laughed, stroking my messy, wet cheek fondly, “Well I’d be lying if I said it was the first time I’d heard that.” He grabbed the wine bottle and let it rest, base to base with his cock from the top, practically balancing it save for the steadying of his hand. His colossal cock stuck out insanely past the end of the bottle by at least a few inches.

I gasped, blinking in disbelief. I was used to boys thinking being longer than a beer can was somehow great, he’d beaten a classier beverage. I don’t know if that technically meant that he or his cock were classier, of course, but it did certainly make it fucking massive.

I moved in to start sucking his cock again, but was startled as he instead seized my shoulder, effortlessly lifting me to my feet as he clucked his tongue.

“Ah ah ahhh… you got to have a go at my cock, now I demand some time with those spectacular breasts.”

Before I could protest (not that I would have, mind you,) he had me backed up to the bar, crouching a bit so that he begin to paint my tits with his tongue. The darkness outside gave me a perfect reflection from the window, I watches as he first just focused on the immense globes themselves, lolling his big hot tongue up and down, narrowly avoiding the areolas inwards. My areolas are actually fairly pale, barely darker than the huge white titmeat that surrounds them, but when I am aroused (and you better believe your ass I was by now) they get a bit pinker and a little bumpy with the tumescence of my giant gumdrop nipples.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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