I Wet The Bed

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It was a normal Monday evening, and I was getting ready to go to sleep. As was my normal routine, I logged on to check my email one last time before getting into bed. I immediately noticed an email from Daddy, and eagerly opened it. I love receiving his instructions and pleasing him.

“Hello little one. Hope you had a nice day. I want to make sure my little girl is well hydrated, so you should make sure to drink a full 16 ounces of water before you go to sleep tonight, as soon as you read this. Wear your favorite pajamas to bed tonight for me. Also, big girls shouldn’t need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, so I want you to make sure you stay in bed until at least 8 am, OK? No cheating. Talk to you tomorrow.”

As soon as I read the email I knew that what he asked of me would be impossible. I have a fairly large bladder, but I knew that drinking that much water right before bed would mean I would need to pee in the middle of the night. I knew better than to disobey though, so I chugged the water, put on my pjs, and crawled into bed beside my husband.

I woke with an urgency in my bladder at 4 am when my husband left for work. I almost got up to go to the bathroom before remembering Daddy’s instruction. I whimpered, crossed my legs, and went back to sleep.

I woke again around 6 am, the urgency even greater. I felt crampy from holding it in, but knew better than to go to the bathroom, and I once again forced myself to fall back asleep. I slept fitfully.

I woke to my alarm at 8 am, no longer feeling an urgent need to pee, and then I realized that the bed and my pajamas were soaked. I immediately began to cry at the humiliation. I wanted desperately to clean myself up, but knew that I needed to tell Daddy about my accident first.

I got my laptop and settled back into the soaking wet bed. I smelled my urine strongly and I logged on, and immediately IMed Daddy.

” Daddy, I am so so sorry, but I had an accident last night,” I told him.

“What kind of accident?” He asked.

“I wet the bed, Daddy.” I was so ashamed to have to type that admission out that I began to weep again.

“You did what?” he asked. “I can’t believe you would wet the bed like a little baby. I want pictures of the bed and of your pajamas, right now little one.” I immediately got out my camera kilis escort and took the required pictures. I sent them to him, and awaited his response.

“These are very naughty, little one,” he told me. “I am ashamed that you would do such a thing. You will certainly be punished. First you will go put on a diaper, you are obviously not big enough for real panties like a woman. Then you will put your soaked pajamas back on, as I want you to be reminded of what you have done. Then you will begin drinking water –at least 16 ounces an hour. Every time you feel even the slightest urge, you will wet your diaper and you will tell me about it immediately, do you understand?”

I shivered at this, but knew it was only the beginning of my punishment. “Yes Daddy,” I replied. I got out one of the diapers he had sent me and put it on, feeling the shame of it as I stood there wearing it. I took pictures of myself in it, as I knew that Daddy would want them, and sent them to him. I began to drink my water as I was told, and soon I felt the slightest urge to go.

“I just peeped a little bit in my diaper, Daddy,” I told him, feeling myself turn red as I typed it.

“Naughty filthy girl,” he said. “I want you to go and get your bigger rolled up scouring pad and shove it into your naughty girl hole.” I whimpered at the thought, as I knew it would hurt, but I went and got the requested item. It was a scouring pad, made for cleaning dishes, rolled up into a phallic shape, about an inch or so in diameter. I took a short video of the insertion and my cries of pain, and sent this to Daddy.

“Very good little one,” he said. “You need to, of course, post this and all the pictures to the usual site so that others can see how naughty you are.” I nearly cried again at the thought of anyone who wanted to seeing how I had wet the bed, but I did as I was told.

Before much longer I felt a tiny urge again, and once again let myself wet my diaper, and told Daddy. “See?” he said, “this is why I put you in diapers, you cannot control yourself. I want you to film yourself fucking that naughty pussy of yours with that scouring pad, hard and fast…punish your pussy for Daddy, ok little one?”

“Yes Daddy,” I said nervously. I pulled my diaper again down to my knees and turned the camera on. I pulled the pad out, kıbrıs escort and cried out in pain as it dragged roughly against my pussy. I realized this was going to hurt more than I thought, but I knew I had to do as I was told, to please Daddy. I began to fuck my pussy as ordered crying out in pain as I did so. I tried to be as quiet as possible, but I could not control myself. The pain was intense.

When I thought I had done enough to please Daddy, and my pussy was completely sore and raw, I pushed the pad back fully inside of me, pulled the diaper back on, and turned off the camera. I sent the video to Daddy and uploaded it to our usual BDSM porn site.

“Mmm, this pleases me, very much,” Daddy said, and I grinned at his praise. I continued to drink my water as I was told. The next time that I wet my diaper, Daddy made me lick it, tasting my own filthy naughtiness. I hated this utterly, but did as I was told. The next time I did so, I was required to sniff and lick the bed where I had peed the night before, reminding me of how much of a baby I was. It was awful.

“Daddy, I wet myself again,” I told him after a bit longer.

“Good,” he said. “Now I want you to take out the scouring pad, roll it around in some tabasco sauce and put it back in.” I pleaded for his mercy, but he remained firm, reminding me that I was being punished. I got out the tabasco, and turned on the camera to record my pain. I pulled down the diaper, pulled out the pad, poured the tabasco generously on it, and then with a nervous wince, pushed it back inside of me.

It took a few seconds for the burning to set in, but once it did it was very intense and nearly unbearable. My breath became ragged from the pain, and I began to whimper. The burning was intensified by the rough scouring my pussy had taken earlier. Daddy had certainly done that on purpose. I slowly got my breathing back under control, pulled my diaper back up, and sent the video.

“Oh yes, little one, this pleases Daddy. Your pain pleases me very much. You needed this punishment, you do understand that , right?” I told him that I did understand, and was thankful for his discipline. The next time I wet my diaper, Daddy had me scrub my nipples harshly with a different scouring pad and then apply the tabasco there as well. It burned so badly. The next kırıkkale escort time, he had my harshly scrub my poor clit, and then apply it there. I screamed at the pain.

The next time I wet the diaper, it was so full that it began to leak, wetting my pajamas and the bed anew. I told this to Daddy. “So filthy you are,” he said. “Ok, here is your final task for now. I want you to put the soaking wet diaper on your head, so that the wet part is on your face. I want you to smell and taste your own naughtiness. Then I want you to make a video. You will once again fuck yourself with the scouring pad still inside you. You will then cover the much smaller rolled up scouring pad in tabasco and insert it in your asshole, then fuck yourself there with it while continuing to fuck your pussy with the other. The pain will be very bad. You will probably cry. I want to hear this on the tape, little one. I want you to do this for at least 3 minutes. You will then remove both pads. You will smack your pussy very hard ten times with a wooden spoon. You will then tell me on camera that you are very sorry for wetting the bed and that you will be a good little girl and not let it happen again. You will beg for my forgiveness. When you have done all of this, you may clean yourself and the bed up.”

I gulped at his instructions. I had never had anything rough in my ass before, or tabasco sauce there. I had no idea how much it would hurt. However I followed Daddy’s instructions to the letter. Even though the pad I put in my ass was much much smaller, it hurt far worse than the one in my pussy. I cried out loudly as it entered me, and again as the burning started. I fucked myself with both pads hard and fast as I knew would please Daddy, but the pain was too much for me. I was crying loudly the entire time, and those three minutes felt like an eternity. When the time was finally up, I removed the pads and smacked my pussy hard. I loved smacking my pussy with that spoon, as it felt right to be hurting myself in that way. I wished Daddy were there to pull me over his lap and spank me hard with his belt. I then begged Daddy’s forgiveness.

I sent him the video and posted it, and then cleaned up the awful smelling bed. As I put on fresh sheets and pajamas, I thought about how lucky I was to have such a good Daddy, who took such good care of me and punished me harshly when I was naughty. I spent the rest of the day reading the comments on my pictures and videos, blushing in humiliation as all told me how filthy I was. But Daddy was pleased with my punishment, and that was all that mattered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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