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At the knock of the door I gave a little involuntary shiver of anticipation, and my cock began to stir. This should be the couple I’d been exchanging e-mails with, and we had a nasty scenario planned for the afternoon.

Let me explain. I placed an add on a web site several weeks prior, indicating I liked to film homemade porno and was willing to film or participate in almost anything. She contacted me 2 weeks later, and told me she had a fantasy of fucking a guy in the ass with a big, strap-on dildo while the lucky guy sucked a load from her husband’s hard cock. He was bi-curious and loved giving anal. She didn’t get any pleasure from it, but wanted to learn to enjoy it. Anal sex had become an obsession for the both of them, and my ad had indicated I loved getting filled. Was I interested?

Was I interested?! I’ve always had an incredibly strong sex drive and would masturbate several times a day to relieve the pressure, even when I was married and having sex 2 or 3 times an evening with my wife. When I discovered I loved her dildo up my ass and had thunderous orgasms when I did that, she said I was a pervert and divorced me.

I now sought discrete encounters with others so inclined, and participated eagerly whenever possible. I was thrilled to help fulfill their fantasy and eager to get thoroughly fucked! I responded enthusiastically, and inquired exactly what they had in mind?

I nearly blew a load in my shorts from the response I opened that evening. The e-mail was from both of them, and they indicated they read my profile and saw I liked making “home movies”. Was I interested in performing a porno script they would write?

At once I responded that would be an incredible turn-on, and was excited to see the script. I was disappointed when I didn’t get a return e-mail the next day, but immediately got hard the following day when I logged on and saw the mail icon. She apologized for not responding sooner, but they had been working on the script and the scenario got them soooo hot they kept stopping to fuck! She said her name was Dana, and included a pic of a sweet, trim lady with firm little breasts licking a beautiful swollen cock with a huge izmit escort head. I shivered in anticipation as I envisioned that 9″ monster sliding into my hot little ass! She wanted to know my e-mail address so she could attach the script and we could coordinate the porno shoot easier. She said they both were eager to see some of the videos I had put together.

I responded at once, and was rewarded that evening with an e-mail and the anticipated Word attachment. Their scenario was so hot I stroked my cock and quickly shot warm, sticky streams of cum across my chest. We exchanged several more e-mails in the following days, and now they were here!

I turned the camera on (it was pre-positioned to accommodate the first scene, their entrance) and opened the door in my robe. She was dressed in a severe business suit and carried a briefcase (I knew from the script it was full of dildos and other anal toys). She was trim and very attractive in her masculine attire, and Tom was standing next to her in slacks and an open shirt. I greeted them, and she introduced themselves as sales representatives for a line of adult products they would like to show me if I was interested.

I responded I was very interested, particularly from such attractive salespersons, and invited them in. We cut scene 1, and I remarked they were hotter in person than in the pics they had sent me. She replied she couldn’t believe how young I looked and they were eager to begin. We changed the camera position to focus on the sofa, and moved into scene 2.

As I turned the camera back on, they sat down at the sofa and she placed her briefcase on the table. “You’re a willing adult and won’t be offending by viewing sex toys or a demonstration of our products?” she inquired.

I was still standing and slowly dropped my robe to reveal a trim body wearing only a tight g-string. She gasped as I slowly turned for their benefit (and the camera), and hoarsely whispered, “Oh, you are hot!”

Tom had a big grin on his face as he remarked, “His ass is almost as nice as yours, Dana. Do you think he knows what to do with it?”

I sunk to the carpet as she smiled and opened the briefcase kadıköy escort revealing dildos and butt plugs of all shapes and sizes. “Do you see anything you like?” she inquired with a sexy smile.

I crawled towards her provocatively, swaying my ass for the camera. On my hands and knees in front of them, I gave a quick appraisal of the tools before me. With a slight frown, I replied, “You know they all look delicious, but I don’t see what I expected.”

Rising to her feet with her crotch just inches from my face, she replied, “I do have one special additional product, would you like to see it?”

Eyes sparkling and with a lewd lick of my lips for the camera I silently nodded affirmatively as her slender fingers found the zipper of her pants. Slowly she lowered the zipper, and a 12-inch, veined dildo flopped lewdly from its constraint. “Yes, that’s what I had in mind!” I exclaimed as I took the massive rubber cock into my moist mouth. As I licked the realistic cock-head and began to bob up and down at her crotch, I heard Tom groan and the unmistakable sound of his zipper freeing his throbbing penis.

My eyes widened as I watched this magnificent pecker pulse and grow as he stroked it softly. “My cock isn’t as big as hers, ” he remarked, “but I can give you something she can’t!” he teased as he waved the turgid tool wickedly in invitation.

I let the cold rubber strap-on slide from my mouth, and like a bitch in heat I crawled eagerly to my reward. It was already beginning to leak pre-cum from the swollen purple head, and I licked a drop of its sweet nectar from the slit for the camera. He groaned in delight as my hot mouth engulfed its pulsating length deep down my throat.

I marveled, as always, at the silky smoothness and warmth of the live, throbbing sliding in and out of my mouth. Tom pulled it out as it began to swell larger, and he exclaimed, “I don’t want to cum yet. Do you want me inside of you?”

I nodded my head and whimpered in wanton lust “Please fuck me with that big fucking dick!” I felt the cold lubricant pouring onto my ass-crack as Dana prepared me for her husband’s kahramanmaraş escort throbbing pole. I sighed in delight as first one slender finger probed my hot hole, then another joined to stretch me and prepare me for the pulsating cock now teasing for entrance to its dark, warm chamber.

“Oh yes, shove it deeper, ” I groaned wantonly as it slipped past my protesting sphincter. I heard him gasp as I thrust to engulf the monster deep in my bowels, and he slowly began to work the big tool in and out of my quivering nether passage. He grabbed my cheeks and began to hump my helpless hole, pounding and pistoning in and out as I rocked back and forth to meet his thrusts.

As her husband wildly fucked me on all fours, Dana quickly removed her clothes, dropped to her stomach in front of me, and lewdly presented her tight little ass to me. She looked over her shoulder at me, with excitement in her eyes and anticipation written across her face.

“You know what I want!” she declared as she cupped the back of my head and pulled my face into the treasure winking from between the luscious globes. She gasped in delight as my tongue probed and penetrated her sweet little butt-hole, sliding in and out of the entrance as she began to whimper uncontrollably.

She cried out in delight as my tongue shifted to her swollen clit. Dana howled in ecstasy as I gently nibbled the tender bud and she gushed a sweet flood of delicious nectar into my face as she exploded in a thunderous orgasm. As I licked and slurped at her juice, she bucked wildly and humped first ass hole then pussy to meet my relentless tongue.

Tom couldn’t stand it anymore, and I felt him pull out of my disappointed butt and move to position his swollen prick to my eager mouth. I grabbed the turgid cock as it exploded in my face and sent thick jets of hot spunk into my waiting mouth. I slurped and licked at the head lewdly for the camera, and marveled at the amount of sticky sperm flooding my face. I grinned for the camera and winked wickedly in my best porn-whore imitation as the magnificent penis softened in my moist mouth.

Dana joined me at his cock, alternately licking the juice still dripping from its slit and licking globs of sperm from my cheeks and forehead. We exchanged a nasty French kiss for the camera, tongues flashing and sperm dripping from both of our mouths.

She flipped me onto my back, and positioned her huge strap-on at my eager hole. “Ready for scene 3?” she inquired.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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