Her Feet

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This story was part of a, I guess I might call it a chastity challenge. I allowed an online friend to control my masturbation for an entire month. She could determine when I could or couldn’t touch myself, how I did it and when I could or couldn’t cum. She would occasionally send me challenges which may or may not affect how much I got to do to myself.

The following story was the result of one of those challenges. She asked me to go somewhere in public and write a foot fetish story. It was supposed to be a chore for me because she knew I didn’t have a foot fetish. Also, I think to make sure I didn’t just cut and paste a foot fetish story from elsewhere on the internet she had a specific set of words I needed to include. These were the words:

* Dick or penis

* Toes

* Cum

* Lick

* Rub

* Fuck

* Squish

* Coffee

* Owl

* Purple

The following was the story I produced.


Her Feet

So, this one time I was out to dinner with my girlfriend, her younger sister and their parents. Young sis had just graduated with a degree in environmental science. I was sitting across from her and my girlfriend. Their father was next to them and next to me was their mother.

Now, I think my girlfriend is very sexy, but if my girlfriend is sexy her younger sister is a goddess. I was so happy to be sitting across from her at dinner and was sure I’d be thinking of her next time I fucked my girlfriend. She is just perfect. Big eyes, beautiful dimply smile, curvy, great round perky breasts. She was wearing this black cardigan over a t-shirt with a graphic of an owl saying, “Whoooooo are YOU lookin’ at?” The large eyes of the owl were bulging as they were perfectly placed over her breasts just begging to be squeezed. It took a great effort not to stare.

I’m afraid I was probably making a fool of myself a little. I kept trying to make conversation with sis. I kept asking her questions, trying to appear that I had an interest in environmental science or whatever other topic got her talking. We were all drinking and I think I was even starting to get a little flirty. At least as flirty as I could get with my girlfriend and her parents there.

I was dimly aware that I was being a little insensitive to my girlfriend. I thought I could just make it up to her later but she decided to extract a little punishment at the table in a way she must have known would be devastating to me.

You see, I should explain something about my girlfriend and me. I’m a bit of a submissive and she’s a bit of a dom. In the bedroom we do what she wants when she wants. And that’s not usually a problem. If I want to fuck but she wants to eat each other out, I’m OK with that. Sometimes I don’t get to cum but even that’s ok, I’m never denied for long. It’s usually if she has a really great orgasm, she just wants to stop but she’ll often tell me I can go jerk off in the bathroom or I can do it in the bed next to her as long as I don’t wake her.

The only thing that’s a problem is she’s got this thing about feet. Or actually, I guess, hatay escort I have this thing about feet and she doesn’t. In bed I used to try to give her feet some love: rub them, lick them, kiss them. I could never get much time down there before she’d say, “That’s enough.” On rare occasions I’d actually get to rub my dick on them but that would almost always result in her pulling her feet away. “Gross,” she’d say.

It’s weird to complain about that I know because when she would make me stop it was almost always to drive my cock deep into her pussy or to get sucked on. It’s a limitation I’ve grown to live with. But still, I wish I could fuck her feet.

She knows about my interest though and that’s why she decided to take her revenge in this way. As I was chatting up her sister I felt something run up my leg and along the inside of my thigh. Up and down it went. I looked at my girlfriend and she looked back at me with a strange, non-flirty look. It was almost indifference. She was intending for me to suffer, not to enjoy this.

I was already substantially hard by the time her toes reached my balls and slid up along my cock. In a panic I looked down into my lap and there they were, five purple toenails on five perfect toes. She must have been getting drunk also, to make such a brazen move as I sat next to her mother. I quickly threw my napkin down on my lap. That made her grin a little.

I flushed red and suddenly had no idea what I was just talking about. I looked down at the table, at the silverware, at the dishes smeared with the remnants of our appetizers. One delicious toe ran along my cock making it want and need. Then the toes slipped under my crotch and started lifting my balls and playing with them.

It was so awkward trying to continue conversations with this going on. I’d start to talk, “So where do you think you’ll,” and then up my dick she went “Look for wo-wo-woooork?” and then I’d fake a cough like that’s what made it difficult to speak. Everyone probably thought I was getting drunk. Everyone but my girlfriend.

Finally I needed to get away. I needed a break and a moment to think. The bathroom was the place. To get there I awkwardly shifted sideways, away from the table, and stood holding the napkin to my lap as I got up. I held the napkin there until I was completely faced away from the table and then I tossed it back behind me onto my chair. The rest of the restaurant could see how hard I was but I didn’t care.

In bathroom I tried to settle down. One thing I didn’t want to do is cum in front of the whole table. But, on the other hand, I’ve NEVER gotten to cum under my girlfriends feet. Standing there, considering my options, is not getting me any softer. I had to concentrate on other things until I was soft enough to return to the table.

It did not take long after returning before her foot returned. Up my thigh but this time she pushed her toes under my thigh and retreated. “Hmmm,” I thought, “maybe I’m getting a break.” Then I realized she had shoved something under my thigh.

I tried to retrieve it as inconspicuously as possible. It was a hurma escort note. She must have written it while I was in the bathroom. It read:

“I’m going to try to make you cum. If I can’t you can have me anyway you want.”

OMG. She wants me to cum under her feet, which is what I’ve always wanted. Of course if I can hold off I guess I can cum on her feet in comfort and privacy.

Throughout dinner she rubbed and poked and tickled and teased. It felt like heaven but I had to keep shifting to avoid her so I didn’t get too close. It was especially enticing to be able to look at her goddess sister while feeling my girlfriend’s beautiful foot running up and down my cock.

After dessert it was getting quite late and I was beginning to think I won. Then my girlfriend suggested a round of coffee before we all head back to her parents place where we were staying.

Over coffee she tried a new tactic. She placed a foot directly on my dick but didn’t move it. Oh GOD that was torture. I tried grinding against it to get a little friction but her foot was too light. The alcohol had made me more bold and I reached a hand under the table cloth and slid it around the top of her foot and pressed it to me as I tried grinding against it. It was so exquisite. My dick was rubbing the sole of her foot through my pants while my hand held it. I could see my girlfriend was pretending nothing was going on. She didn’t even look at me so I could stare intently at her sister.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do that long before I had to stop so I wouldn’t cum, frustrating the hell out of me.

Finally her father announced that it was time to go and we all got up from the table. I awkwardly shoved fists into my pockets to disguise my erection and walked out very close behind my girlfriend.

Back at her father’s, it had been a long day and my girlfriend decided to shower before bed. Her parents said good night and headed to their room at the opposite end of the house. Good. They would not be able to hear what I was about to do to their daughter. I had another drink in the living room to give her time to finish in the bathroom.

When I finally entered the bedroom she was on the bed, on her stomach still in a towel. And hanging off the edge off the bed, side by side, those two beautiful tormenting feet. The feet that were all over my crotch all evening. The feet that I had earned. The feet I was going to have.

She was clearly leaving them on display for me although she acted nonchalant, flipping through a magazine. I stripped to my underwear, as is my custom before bed but instead of climbing into bed beside her, I climbed on top of her. I straddled her ass and started kissing her cheek and neck. “What’s gotten into you?” she teased.

“Shhh!” I said, “you’re getting yours.” As I kissed her I reached under her to cup her breasts. At the same time I started to grind into her towel covered ass with my cock.

I was only willing to do that for a few minutes because of what I put up with all night. I started sliding down her body. My right hand moved from her breast, down ığdır escort her side, and under her hips. As I searched for the opening in the towel to finger her, my dick started sliding down along the valley between her thighs.

As my knees passed the end of the bed I straightened up and sat on her ankles. I pulled my dick out through my boxers.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“I’m doing what I want to do,” and I pushed my dick down onto her softly wrinkled soles. “You were so sexy tonight,” I continued. “It was driving me crazy to be sitting across from you.”

“Hey, I don’t really like that.”

“It’s what I want, it’s all I could think about all through dinner”

“Don’t!” she said and tried to pull her feet up but I was ready. With one hand I held her ankles and the other held her knees. She probably could have wriggled away but her effort was not her best.

“Stop!” I said, “I deserve this. And frankly, you deserve this too after what you’ve put me through.”

Finally she relented, “Alright you weirdo.” She stopped struggling and held her magical feet together and let me hump and hump and hump away. I wasn’t going to last long now, “You know there will be a price to pay.”

I knew what she was referring to. I was going to have to eat my cum. It’s not something she makes me do often, just when she wants to make me show her just how much I want something. It’s not something I usually enjoy but frankly, the fact that I would be eating it off her feet drove me crazy. Just knowing I was going have to do that pushed me over the edge and I came, spurting load after load all over her soles.

The sudden lubrication made her feet feel twice as good and my now wet dick started to squish between her feet which I quickly pushed together with my hands to get the last of my waning orgasm.

Pump, pump,… pump… pump… and I was done.

I slumped to my knees at the end of the bed, head hanging, catching my breath. “Get slurping foot fucker,” she said waving her feet side to side. In my post orgasm reverie my enthusiasm for eating my cum had waned but I knew I had to do it. Licking all up and down her soles and in between her toes was great through. I think I was starting to get horny again and I was sorry when I could not find any more cum on her feet.

“Alright, Enough!” she said. “I’m going to bed.” Then, looking back at me she added, “and you should go wash your face.”

I was tired but I got up to head to the bathroom. The hallway was dark and I could see light coming from under the bathroom door. “Great,” I thought. “Someone’s in there.” I thought about seeing if I could find a downstairs bathroom but it sounded like whoever was in there was almost done.

Suddenly the door opened and I was temporarily blinded by the light. Holding my hand up to shield my eyes I saw little sis. Of course, who else would it be? She had also decided to shower before bed and was now standing there before me in just a towel. Seeing me she beamed, “I hoped you’d come looking for me.”

Confused, I didn’t know what to say.

“You really held your own at dinner,” she said and dropped her towel. That bulgy-eyed owl was nowhere to be seen. Only shapely young nudity. And all the way down at the bottom, 10 purple toenails on ten perfect toes. “Did you come to collect your prize?”

Can I go for round two? I think so.

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