Guys Like Me

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Many guys like me are blessed with the urge to sniff a female crotch or two, come to that, like me – if you are bisexual, the occasional male is enjoyed too.

Like so many sexual pleasures for me the urge to sniff the sex of another is a gift to behold. I did have inhibitions about this when I was younger but as a naturist colleague pointed out to me, animals do it all the time, it is just because we as humans have become so sterile, “! mean, just look at dogs” he pointed out. But then if we as humans were that blatant I guess it would be uncouth to say the least, but wish I could be a dog just for a day, what fun I could have – and of course it would always be selective, like a girl who looks so good in tight jeans with hips that could kill – this dog would be sniffing her crotch without any hesitation at all.

But it is not just a case of sniffing at random or gaining the secret peek up a skirt – it has to be something special that draws you, that certain most times unexplainable quality that tempts the sex buds.

I have lost number of the times I have secretary craved for a girl I have fancied, going back to the early days of my youth when I discovered I was getting a swelling just by looking at girls who not so long before never budged my groin one iota.

But Julia did – and how, the first time I saw under her skirt was in the office when I was an accounts clerk, she sat opposite me busy on the telephone not realising she’d parted those gorgeous copper stocking thighs. It was sp very tantalising just to see the hint of red between. It was almost as though I was using my mind to urge her tom open more, and then she did and I was treated to the rapturous spectacle of black laced silken panties which created an immediate response down under, so much my hand went down there to squeeze for that comfort guys will know given this sort of situation and she was truly my real first inspiration which gave me that urge to seek and fuck along with all the other wonderful gorgeous attributes given to getting together with one who’s chemical reaction is compatible with yours.

She was just so beautiful and gorgeous and, well you know, words cannot always aptly describe, I really imagined I was onto a good thing and fantasised that she was giving make a show deliberately so as to prompt me to ask her out or something, because I soon realised whenever she was on the office telephone she had a habit of spreading those gorgeous so well defined thighs, I can’t count the number of times I excused myself, having gotten so worked up, to the gents to relieve myself, my imaginings going absolutely haywire thinking of what I could be doing with Julia..

But when eventually I sparked up the courage to ask her out one evening she sweetly apologised and said she was with a guy called John.. Lucky bugger! I was distraught and inhibited for some time after but came to the logical conclusion that such a girl who looked so beautiful and had it all, would not have a boy friend.

I thought ‘damn it’ though! I could still have her in my mind, and that is when the sniffing syndrome set in, I was still being regularly treated to a regular showing, be it unwittingly, beneath Julia’s desk, I came to know which colour panties she wore eon a given day, and she was always regular.

Then came the urge to sniff her seat whenever the opportunity arose but mainly when I claimed to be working late to finish something, and on my own in the office.

It started with little sniffs at first, pressing my nose into the cushioned seat to get that whiff of Julia, that sweet, sweet pussy that always hid away from me beneath those exposed silken panties.

Imagining her in her short skirt that kept, not only me, but other guys in the office happy, it seems to me sometimes girls just do it to prick-tease although I have read they do it for fashion, most girls, especially office types, wanting to look their best and most glamorous not always realising the effect they may have on a true red blooded male who tries to control the ructions beneath his belt, and then – would you believe – they sometimes accuse us males of having our brains beneath our belts not seeing to understand the workings of a guys mind.

Anyway I came to enjoy my regular sniffs and somehow, although knowing she was inaccessible , I felt akin to Julia and ankara eve gelen escort her scent – like the chemical reaction in my being mingled with hers. One hot day, after office hours, her natural scent was stronger and I placed my handkerchief between my face and her office seat to absorb the nectar of my imaginings of sweet pussy. That night, I had the most wonderful climax ever as I pressed the hanky to my nose and masturbated, and there I was under Julia’s skirt, enjoying her sweet smothering of moistened red panties, slowly licking and edging the seam across until my mouth was full of what soon became very warm and wet pussy ready for the deep fucking.

But the sniffing, the fantasies of Julia could never be enough, simply because she could never be mine. I had to discover pastures new…

I had talked a lot with Jeremy who was a new boy in the office, it didn’t take long to realise he had the same temperatures for sweet Julia as did I, his face flushed every time he saw her sit herself down and rise in the office and her shorter than short skirts created what I call ‘eyeball phobia”

We talked bout her during the coffee break.

“Shame she has a guy ” I said grudgingly, ” I could really go for that.”

“Me too, have you noticed her perfume, Pete?”

“In more ways than one” I replied he looking a little baffled. Then I told him. I don’t know why but I did.

“It is just something that turns me on” is continued. How about you Jeremy?”

He paused awhile looking thoughtful and confessed he had done the same thing, the morning before, he came in early especially.

“Especially for what” I queried

“You know, erm, sniffing!”

“Her chair?”


“Why do these women tease us so much” I said.” If only they knew Huh Jeremy?”

“Wish I could get hold of a pair of her undies” he said.

Funny he should mention that because I had found a pair in her drawer the night I overstayed, heaven knows why she kept a pair of soiled undies there, perhaps she needed to change and had meant to take them home with her, My gain. I had the most delightful and horny night sniffing and licking they were not fit to return to her desk in the morning having been well stained with my white stuff, I can’t remember the number of times I came into them, does that sound awful? well I can tell you for me it was simply an organic treat, there is something about the smell of woman that is so absolutely sensual and ravishing, to immerse oneself into Julia’s scent was heaven indeed.

Anyway I kept it dark of course and on seeing Julie in the morning scurrying frantically in her desk drawer I just had to ask her and see her reaction.

She looked up at me, face taught and said that she had mislaid something very personal, but not to worry because probably they were in the car.

“Not money” I said inquisitively, seeing what she would say.

“Not money, no, but I will find them.”

Of course I knew she wouldn’t, they were mine, they were a part of her that I could triumphantly claim was mine, this very minute placed discreetly under my pillow for more joyful things to come later

“What were you asking her?! Snooped Jeremy.

“She’d lost something personal in her drawers, I wish I could get inside hers, that would be very personal aye Jeremy!”

That night it was cock to the helm and playtime again, I had an early shower and got to bed. I turned out the light and pushed my hand beneath the pillow to pull out my bit of Julia, her image in the office very strong , having seen her bend over when she dropped some papers and reveal a good view of the same coloured red panties I had under my pillow, or right now, pressed against my nostrils as I took nice long slow deep sniffs into the crotch which had touched her sweet pussy and which was now touching my tongue as I started t lick them all over again.

I soon had a very strong climax and relished the idea that in my nostrils there remained a trace – even if so small, of her scent but having been so very sexually aroused by this woman I knew then I was madly in love with her…But Damn she was taken and that I guess was that, but I’d get to the office early the following day and scent her chair with a touch, just a touch of my masculinity, it would be easy gaziantep escort just to slip down my trousers and boxer shorts and roll my down under over her swivel chair. It would be interesting to see if in any way that would effect her stance later.

Whatever I was thinking I was unsure, but in my mind was this animal thing, and how dogs scent, although not to get me wrong, I would not go to those extremes, the pong would be far too obvious. No, just a touch would do I thought as I rubbed myself over the edge of the chair and smartly pulled up my pants again before anyone came in.

But whilst in place I opened her drawer, well you never know, but my luck hadn’t changed because there, as bold as you like, were yet another pair of gorgeous lime green panties to give make another reason to visit the Gents.

As I sniffed though and duly relieved myself I could not help thinking but why would she plant her soiled undies in her drawer again, after what had happened before? Did she have a notion that someone was on the sniff and perhaps a second placement would confirm?

I decided I’d better put them back, I hadn’t soiled them so that would be alright. But on my return to the office there was Jeremy on his knees doing you know what.

“Morning, Jeremy – carry in don’t mind me – I’ve been there and done that!”

I had a giggle to myself, here was this sad guy, sniffing the nectar of not who he thought, but oddly he obviously enjoyed because with a very prominent bulge in his trousers he quickly dashed in the direction of the Gents which gave me the perfect opportunity to replace Julia’s yum-yum panties.

So the day started, the other office staff arrived, including Julia whom looked a sexy as ever in a very sensual pin striped office style skirt and jacket which did wonders for that figure of hers.

How can you tell if a woman has had it during the night, Julia looked happy and full of confidence, I convinced myself she had which would give me more impetus for another visit to the Gents later – Damn! I should have held on to her panties!

I saw her open her drawer arrival, watched the expression on her face, was she relieved her panties were still inside of disappointed, well that thought went though my mind too – that she may just get a kick out of the notion that guys were ‘doing things’ with her undies. Maybe not, but guys think on such things, guys like me!

She closed the drawer not taking them out and I wondered if she would later, she sort of glanced around the office in a speculative manner and I just wondered then if she had sussed out what was going on and was trying to work out who the culprit was. Her eyes found mine the other side of the office and focussed on me, I felt a sort of panic inside not being able to look away, thinking somehow she may have worked it out, but then she simply returned my nervous smile and started to get to work on her laptop.

I didn’t think any more of it until later when Julia came over an nudged my shoulder.

“I am getting too forgetful lately, Peter. The day before yesterday I’d mislaid something in my desk drawer and then last night , you know what?”

She was on to me, I knew it. But how!

“Well I left my laptop running and my cam wasn’t switched off after my online conference with Head Office yesterday.”

“Oops!” I remarked trying to be casual.

But Julia started to chuckle. ” I must be truthful, I left it on purposely because of a phantom knicker stealer.”

I tried to look surprised and astonished announcing ; ‘I wonder who it could be?”

“Come, take a look, Peter” she whispered. It is all recorded!”

By this time I knew she knew, I walked over to her desk and she quietly twisted the screen around so as nobody else could see and played the recording..

As bold as you like the cam had picked up everything, the sniffing , my removing the panties, taking a quick sniff and ‘vamoose!’ my cover was well and truly blown.

At first she looked angry saying she knew about Jeremy too, but it was me who had stole her panties and I had sort of resigned myself that this would be a police matter and my name would be spread over the local papers and I would be instantly dismissed and so on.

But to my dismay she whispered that she was flattered, that on losing her ankara gerçek resimli escort first pair of panties she’d purposely planted the second to get results.

“You are in the wrong job, Julia” I said – not having taken in what she’d just said about being flattered, “you ought to be a detective?”

“Well I have certainly detected you,. Peter, and your credentials – you were certainly displaying providence there! Look, I want you to stay late in the office tonight, I have something to show you.

By that time what she’d said about being flattered had sunken in and I was unsure about what would happen, but she just told me to chill and return to my desk and we’d talk about it later…

And every time she encountered me in passing by in the office she gave me a very alluring smile and a certain wiggle of her anatomy that made my spine shudder and my groin rumble. Me thinking well it can’t be bad, she’s not going to report me or anything like that.

Three hours to go and it would be home time, but not for Julie and me, she had something to show me whatever that was.

Thee hours up and almost everyone had gone, except Julie and me. Jeremy was hovering awhile, maybe hoping for another sniff but said he had to go when I gave him the wink.

Julie came over to my desk, me still in my swivel chair looking up at here – now why would she want to kiss me on the forehead, because that is what she did.

“Of course I guessed it was you, ” she said – “you sad person you, what a waste.

I thought I was in for a rollicking and in defence I said that Jeremy had been doing it too.

“I know,” she said, “but I’m not interested in the antics of Jeremy, it is you who turns me on.”

“Turns you one, you mean…?”

“That I’m not cross with you?”

“Well, yes, you certainly have reason to be, but I just can’t help it, you have the effect on me, Julie.”

“Apparently so, but who’s complaining?”

“Huh? So you are not mad with me?”

She turned herself facing me and planted herself on the edge of desk my close to me. “You are one Dick Head!” She pronounced with a slither in her voice like now I was really for it!

“I’m sorry, right. It just happened, Julie”

“Shush!” she said. “Just listen will you – I have had the hots for you ever since you started last month, I have tried everything to spur you on, but nothing was forthcoming.”

“Well you did say you were with a guy?”

“John, you mean. He is useless, I told him that when I dumped him last night, he has no spunk and has no idea what a girl likes.

“And so you think I have, Julie?”

“the proof is in the pudding!” she glowed


“Well you certainly made plenty when you were all alone in here, thinking no one would find out,” she chuckled.

I must have shown embarrassment, not knowing if to be resolute or back standing.

“You are beautiful, you are my sort of guy you idiot, can’t you see what I am trying to tell you Peter?”

My whole world came together, she wanted me, she really did.

“You are really up my street so before we go home to my place how about it?”


“Don’t keep saying ‘Huh’ – look I shall make it more plain for you …

She turned to face the desk again, bent over, lifted her skirt to reveal blue silk panties which looked a real treat.

“Not get sniffing, boy” she said. “Get my drift?”

I didn’t need a second prompt, there it all was just waiting for me and the girl I adored ready to give it to me.

I took it slowly like a good quality red wine, that is what she meant to me, she was the woman of my dreams and Wow, those dreams were now reality.

“That is so nice. Peter. I think I can fall in love with you big time.”

My mouth, my tongue and my nostrils damp with her nectar urged me to take her, she wanted that, she even downed her panties and gave them to me to stiff as I downed my trousers, with her help, and got to it no messing.

Fucking Julie that night, over the edge of the desk, with the taste of her in my throat, was heaven on earth, we were like rabbits fucking away, we were soon there simultaneously and I felt her deep pussy cling on like it didn’t want to let go.

Her fuck was out of this world, I wanted more.

“Not before you sniff me again” she chuckled, “Well you are my sniffer extraordinaire – now get to it!”

I couldn’t believe my luck and I was there again, sniffing and sucking her ripe wet fresh fucked pussy for all I was worth.

And there was a lot more to come that night. Well I am that sort of guy you see, and finally I got my sort of girl!

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