Gimp and Pup

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It was a fairly normal encounter during fetish weekend: Two masters sitting at the bar and chatting, their subs on leashes behind them. In this case, one of them had a rubber gimp on his leash, hands chained behind its back, a gas mask with darkened lenses obscuring its features. The other one had a rubber puppy sitting at his feet, hands locked in rubber paws, and a plug tail protruding from its butt. Both subs were locked in stainless steel chastity belts.

At one point, the master of the pup mentioned, “You know, my pup has always wondered what it’s like to be a gimp.” The other one replied “That’s funny, my gimp keeps telling me that it’s curious what it is like to be a pup.” They looked at each other. “Our boys are the same size, no?” — “You know that. We’ve borrowed gear from each other for them so many times.” — “So?” — “Let’s do it.”

The subs had been oblivious to this exchange, lost in their little fetish world. They startled as they were simultaneously dragged to the darkroom by their masters. Their masters pushed both of them into the same cabin and started unlocking their gear.

“OK, here’s the deal, boys. We’ve unlocked all of your gear. We’re gonna close the door now. You will take off your gear and then put each other’s gear on. When I open the door in 15 minutes, erzincan escort I want you both completely covered again. And if you’re not ready in 15 minutes or we catch you getting it on with each other, you know you’re gonna be punished.”

The puppy wasn’t quite sure what was happening. Just that it was locked in a cabin with a gimp wearing exactly the type of gear it had always dreamed about. And that it was expected to switch places with that gimp.

It hurried to take off its gear: The paws came off, then it took off the puppy hood and removed the chastity belt. Taking out the plug tail took a little longer, but it plopped out pretty quickly. Then it took off its knee pads and boots, before finally peeling off the sweaty rubber catsuit that it had had on since that morning.

All the while the pup watched the gimp take off its gear. The gimp’s metal manacles had already been unlocked. The gimp took off its hooded gas mask and revealed a sweaty, flushed face underneath. Taking off the chastity belt revealed that the gimp had been wearing a remote controlled electro unit attached to a butt plug, as well as to electrodes inside the chastity belt’s cock cage. Finally it peeled the rubber catsuit off and stood there sweaty and naked.

They both hurried to put erzurum escort the other’s gear back on before the time was up. The puppy grabbed the gimp’s catsuit. It smelled of stale sweat, but it had to go on. Sliding its legs into the clammy inside of the suit required some determination. But it pulled everything up and closed the catsuit’s zipper. Next the puppy pushed in the gimp’s electro plug and put on the chastity belt. It plugged the wires of the plug into the control unit attached to the belt. The gas mask came on next, hiding the pup’s face. The pup felt itself become more anonymous by the second, just a rubber gimp with faceless hood. It clicked the manacles shut just as the door opened again.

Both subs startled. They had managed to put the gear on just in time to avoid being punished. Their masters put the remaining pieces of gear on them and locked everything on: They put the paws back on the puppy, locked the puppy’s collar, and chained the gimp’s hands behind its back.

The masters looked at each other. “Well, I can’t tell that anything has changed. Let me grab my gimp, and you can grab your pup.” The gimp’s master grabbed the leash of the puppy, now indistinguishable from the gimp that had been in its place before. The puppy’s master did the same with the esat escort former gimp.

“When should we swap them back?” — “Well, it’s only Friday. I was going to leave my gimp in its gear at least until Sunday afternoon.” — “I had the same plans for my puppy.” — “So let’s just meet on Sunday then. And in the meantime I’m gonna play with my gimp the way I planned to. And you have fun with your puppy.”

The pup felt itself being dragged away from its master. Its master who had a pup on his leash that looked just like itself. At that moment it saw its reflection. It was a faceless rubber gimp, with chained hands and a chastity belt. Was it really a puppy still? Was it a gimp? It felt like a gimp. An anonymous rubber gimp being dragged around by a master.

The gimp’s master parked his gimp in a standing cage. He turned up the electro until the gimp started grinding its hips, helpless against the stimulation. He attached the gimp’s air supply to a bubbler bottle to make breathing a little bit harder for it, then he locked the door to the cage. He’d return to collect the gimp later. After all, that’s what you do with gimps. Stow them away when you want to do something else, take them out again when you want to play with them.

The pup just stood there. Or rather, the gimp that the pup had become stood there. It thought briefly about its previous life as a pup … about pets and belly rubs and chasing balls. But then those those thoughts faded. It was a gimp now. Gimps get stored and used and abused for fun. Nobody cares about a gimp.

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