Finally He Knows

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Many thanks to my wonderful editor the_thinker97.

This is my first story hope you enjoy it.


Let me give you a little description about both Jamie and myself before I start the story fully, just so you have an idea what we are like.

Jamie is 27 years old. He owns his own company in property, is a little over 6ft tall, big build, not fat but solid with broad shoulders, dark brown hair which he keeps short on the back and sides and spiked on top, beautiful blue eyes surrounded by thick black eyelashes any girl would be jealous of. He has a slightly above average cock size in both length and thickness. It’s not porn star size but just perfect for me.

My name is Charley. I’m 25 and I work at a dementia care home where my Nana now lives. I’m 5ft 6 and some would call me chubby. I’m a UK size 14 with 38E breasts, big brown eyes, and brown unruly hair that never does as I want.

Jamie and I have been together for just over 10 months. Things have been going really well and about two weeks ago we brought a house together. When we aren’t working, we’re spending time in bed or christening our new place. The sex is incredibly hot. I feel lucky to have found someone who is into the same things as I am and has the same high sex drive.

During the week, I usually get home from work about an hour before Jamie. This gives me time to organize dinner, then pop upstairs, get out of my work clothes and have a shower. I enjoy that hour of down time just to unwind from work which, at times, it can be upsetting.

As it so happened, yesterday was one of “those” days. I had gone into work early and was in the process of doing my morning rounds when I found Mr. Leroy, one of my patients, unresponsive. The doctor arrived shortly after and pronounced him dead. After that, the rest of the day was hard to get through and I couldn’t wait to get home, take my nice hot shower, and lay in Jamie’s arms to forget about the day. But luck wasn’t on my side and there was a major accident on the way home. Traffic was diverted and by the time I got home, I only had 30 minutes before Jamie arrived. For once, I didn’t mind; I just needed him there. Mr. Leroy’s death had obviously hit me harder than I thought. I flopped on the sofa, picked up the phone and dialed my favourite number.

“Jamie speaking.”

“Hey babe,” I replied sadly.

“Oh sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“Oh nothing… just that one of my patients died today. I know it’s part of the job but Mr. Leroy was so full of life yesterday. I’m just feeling a bit forlorn. You wouldn’t mind picking up some comfort food on the way home would you? I just don’t fancy cooking tonight?”

“Of course I don’t mind. How about I pick up some Chinese, a couple of bottles of wine and some chocolate for later. You find something on Netflix. I’ll leave work now, Malcolm won’t mind finishing up here tonight.”

“Thank you babe. I love you” I replied feeling more upbeat.

“Love you too baby girl. See you soon.”

I decided to skip the shower until later but changed into jogging bottoms and one of Jamie’s T-shirts. Walking into the kitchen I turned on the IPod, set it to shuffle, and poured myself a glass of Rosé. With classical music filling the room and the wine running through me, I sat in the kitchen with my feet up feeling myself relax. I closed my eyes and let the music and wine envelop me.

I hadn’t heard Jamie’s car arrive or him walk up behind me, but I did feel his warm lips on my neck as he breathed me in. His hand ran down my arm to my hand where he took the glass of wine and placed it on the table. He set the food and wine down, grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet. Wrapping his muscular arms around burdur escort me, he just held me tight. It felt so good to be in his arms at last. We stood there for a few minutes just embracing. Eventually I looked up at him and he lowered his head and kissed me softly while his hand stroked my cheek. I wrapped my hands around his head trying to pull him in for a harder kiss but he pulled back and looked at me smiling.

“We need to eat before it gets cold,” he said. “Pour the wine and I’ll dish up.”

He winked, took the bags off the table and laid the food out on the counter. I refilled my wine, poured another for Jamie and took them both into the lounge. While Jamie filled our pates, I chose a film on Netflix; an action film starring Morgan Freeman.

After dinner I laid in Jamie’s arms while we finished the second bottle of wine and watched the movie. For the second flic, he chose a sci-fi movie which has never been my cup of tea, but I was quite content just lazing here with his hand stroking my hair. Halfway through the film I realised I still hadn’t had my shower, so giving Jamie a quick kiss, I dashed up to the bathroom. I stripped and put my clothes in the laundry basket. Feeling a bit tipsy, I looked in the mirror and saw that my cheeks were crimson red. My mum had always called them my drinker’s cheeks. I turned around and flipped the shower on; this was an old house and it took forever for the water to warm. I sat on the toilet and waited.

After a few minutes, I saw the steam rise from the shower but I wasn’t ready to move just yet. I leaned back against the toilet and closed my eyes, the cool air in the bathroom swept across my skin. I took a deep breath, felt my nipples harden and goose bumps coat my skin. I opened my eyes as Jamie walked in.

“Are you getting in the shower babe?

“In a minute, I’m just feeling a bit merry from the wine. Why?”

“Well, I really have to wee and you’re sitting on the toilet.”

“Oh… heh heh, I don’t want to move yet so if you need a wee that much maybe you should go on me.”

He looked at me a bit puzzled. I couldn’t believe I’d just said it out loud. Maybe the drink had made me more daring but for years I had had a secret; and that secret was that I enjoyed watching and reading stories about people peeing on each other. It really excited me; I’d get so wet and horny and eventually I had to make myself cum. I’d never experienced it first hand and never thought I would. I had assumed that it would just be a dark fantasy of mine. But here I was, asking the person I love to pee on me.

“Umm babe, just go and have your shower and let me have a wee.”

“No, pee on me,” I replied giggling.

I leaned forward running my hands up his legs, looking up at him as I did. He looked down at me somewhat perplexed. My hands had just reached the buttons of his trousers, when suddenly his hands stopped mine.

“Are you sure you want me to wee on you love, I really really have to wee and there will be a lot there?”

“Yes I am, please,” I replied. I leaned back on the toilet again opening my legs and placing my feet either side of his.

Jamie still looked unsure, but undid his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxers. He took his flaccid cock in his hand. I bite my lip and looked at him before moving my gaze down to his cock just in time to see the stream of pee leave him. It sprayed on my stomach. My hand moved to where it landed but then it stopped. I look up at him.

“Don’t stop, I want you to cover me,” I said.

“Get on your knees then.”

I did as I was told and I looked up at him as he started to wee on me again. This time a jet of hot pee landed on my breasts. bursa escort I ran my hands over my boobs rubbing it in. It felt so good. He aimed higher; up to my neck, then to my chin. I automatically opened my mouth and he started to wee in my mouth. At first I was unsure of the acidy taste, but I swallowed what I could. I was getting so turned on by my man pissing all over me that I moved one hand between my legs and ran my finger over my very wet slit. My clit was very swollen and I rubbed it hard.

His stream started to wain and I moved my head towards his cock, closing my mouth around it and letting the last bit run down my throat. Once he was finished, I swirled my tongue around his slit then removed my mouth and looked up at him. One of his hands remained on his now semi-hard cock, the other moved to the side of my face.

“Oh my god Char, that was so wrong and so dirty, but you looked so hot on your knees while I relieved myself on you. Please tell me you felt the same.”

I stood up, grabbed his hand and placed it between my legs, his fingers teasing my wet slit.

“You feel how wet I am? I’ve wanted this for so long but have been afraid of what you would think.”

With that he pulled me close and kissed me hard. His hands moved down my back to my full round bum and grabbed it hard, pulling me up so my stomach ground against his cock. His lips moved down to my neck, nipping, biting, sucking; driving me mad. He was hitting all the right places and it felt fantastic. Finally, I could take no more and grabbed his head pulling it away.

“Oh God please, please…”

“Please wait Charley,” he interrupts.

“I need you so much, I need to feel you please.”

“Get in the shower; put your hands on the wall.”

I did as he said. Jamie stood behind me, pressing his body against my back. I could feel his now very hard cock against me. The hot water splashing around us felt amazing. He continued to kiss and bite my neck as his hands worked their way towards my breasts. He rolled my erect nipples between his fingers, when squeezed them. It sent an electric shock right to my pussy. I moaned and involuntarily bucked my hips back. His mouth moved to my ear.

“How much do you want me, hmm?” He teased.

“Oh god Jamie, I want you so much, please.”

“Don’t take your hands of the wall. I want to try something with you but not straight away.”

I knew what he wanted and it is something we had spoken about before. I had always been a little afraid but I could not deny him anything that night.

I nodded my head in agreement.

His hands left my breasts, one moved down to my stomach and the other moved to between my shoulder blades. With a little opposing pressure from his hands I was bid to bent over slightly. He grasped his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy, spreading my lips and coating the head with my juices. He pushed the head in then stopped, grabbed my hips, and slammed his cock deep in me. I moaned loudly, my pussy gripped tightly around his cock as he paused inside me. I moved myself on him encouraging him to start thrusting. This earned me a crack on the side of my ass. I yelped.

“Don’t move.”

Jamie started moving out slowly before thrusting into me hard. Each time he did, it pushed on my G-spot. I moaned a little louder as he got quicker, harder. His hand moved to my clit rubbing it hard. I wanted to move with him but refrained. Instead I threw my head back in ecstasy.

“Oh God, I feel my orgasm approaching already,” I said. “Yes, yes don’t stop, I’m going to cum, yeees…”

Four more thrusts and I came undone. Screaming, my pussy clenched hard on his cock as I came hard. My juices dripped çanakkale escort down my legs and covered his cock. As my orgasm subsided, he took long slow thrusts. He leaned down and kissed my shoulders.

“Are you ready baby?”

“Yes, yes I think so,” I responded breathlessly.

“Bend a bit and push your bum out more.”

He began kissing my neck just below my ear. I leaned my head to the side to give him better access. I was still shaking from my orgasm as his hands caressed my body. They moved across my breasts, and down my sides. One arm wrapped around my stomach, while the other moved across my bum and between my legs, rubbing from my clit to my tight puckered little hole that has never had more than 2 fingers in. He did this a couple of times, before he pushed his fingers into my sopping wet pussy, swirling them around, coating them. Pulling them out, he started massaging my little hole, making it nice and wet. He pushed a finger in but I naturally tensed up.

“Relax baby, it won’t hurt if you relax, I will go easy, ok?”

I heeded his advice and concentrated on his lips at my neck. I started to relax as his finger moved gently in and out of me. I started to enjoy the feeling and began bucking back onto his finger. Soon another finger joined and he was pushing in faster, opening and closing them to try to widen me. His fingers disappeared and then I felt the head of his cock at my entrance. I took a sharp breath in as realisation dawned on me. I felt a little afraid but tried to calm myself. The hand that was on my stomach moved to between my legs and was now rubbing my clit. Jamie pushed the head of his cock into my bum and stopped.

“You OK baby?”

I nodded my reply, and focused on my breathing.

He slowly pushed in, it burnt and I grabbed his thighs to stop him until I grew accustomed to it. After a few moments I gave him the go-ahead and he pushed the rest of the way in. He stopped, my anal muscles clenched tightly on him and I tried hard not to push him out. He pulled out gently and I gasped at the strange sensation. It wasn’t horrible but it was different. I was almost scared I was going to follow through. He pulled half way out before pushing in again. Each time he did this he got a bit quicker and I was really starting to enjoy myself. My moaning proved it.

“Bloody hell babe, you’re so tight, it’s amazing.”

He grabbed my wrists pinning them above my head and started slamming into my now stretched bum. He was now almost pulling out and thrusting deep into me so his balls slapped against me. Each thrust brought me to a higher state of euphoria. My pussy juices were running down my legs as I was being brought closer to another earth shattering orgasm. Jamie’s moans were becoming more of a growl and his thrusts more rigid and urgent. I knew he was close too.

“Harder, please make me cum,” I whispered.

“Yes baby cum with me, oh Christ yes.”

One, two, three more hard deep thrusts, the world was spinning around me as my orgasm came crashing down on me with such power I lost all senses. I felt Jamie slam into me one more time before he moaned aloud and released his sperm deep inside me. My orgasm was so powerful that my legs gave way and we both sank to the bottom of the shower. His arms wrapped tightly around me holding me to him. His cock was still buried deep inside me twitching, my body was still convulsing uncontrollably. We laid there under the jet of hot water, sweating and breathing hard as we came down from our orgasm. I had never experienced anything like that before.

Eventually he pulled out and soon after a large blob of cum fell out.

I looked up at Jamie lazily and smiled; he swept his hand over my hair and kissed my face all over before kissing my lips. Finally, he spoke.

“I think I might have to wee on you more often if we end up like that. That was incredible.”

“I think I’ll let you do it all the time. Thank you for being amazing.”

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