Fancy Dress

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“A diver?”

“Yes, in a diving suit. Well, it’s a fancy dress party, so you have to wear something appropriate.”

I sighed. “Can’t I just go as an accountant or something. They’re easy to dress up as.”

Alice pouted. “Aww, and I went to such trouble to get this for you.” And then she smiled up at me, “And I do think it would look quite sexy on you!”

I knew she had a thing about rubber clothes. She had got a rubber suit for me when we went on an ‘evening out’ a while ago. I thought it was a bit odd, until the ‘evening out’ turned out to be a night at a fetish club.

I wasn’t too keen on the rubber suit – it was tight and smelly, and it made me sweat. But I can’t complain about the reaction from her – she was very turned on by me in the rubber suit, and the sex that night when we got home was great.

Actually she’s quite kinky. She sometimes gets me to wear rubber underwear under my suit when I go to work – it’s quite strange walking around the office in tight rubber shorts which no-one else can see (I hope!) And she has a small collection of handcuffs and other bondage gear which she likes to play with. There’s been a few times when I’ve woken up in the morning still handcuffed to the headboard!

“Okay,” I said. “Show me the suit you got then.”

Alice went to the spare room, and came back with her arms full of rubber.

“I thought you said it was a diving suit? Shouldn’t it be like a wetsuit or something?”

She thought. “Um, I think it’s a deep sea suit, or something. Not quite sure.”

I was quite sure, though. She just wanted me in something rubber. The ‘diving suit’ was just an excuse. But I didn’t mind.

She managed to work out which way up it went. She found what I guess was a leg, and held it out. “I’ve already put talc in it, so it should go on smoothly.”

I sighed. I knew it would take quite a while to struggle into the suit. I took my jeans and socks off, and started getting my foot into one of the legs.

She stopped me. “Not quite, you need to take everything off!” Then she put her hand on the crotch bulge of the rubber thong I was wearing. She rubbed up and down on the thin rubber over my cock, and said, “Mm, I’m looking forward to seeing you in this suit.”

I took everything off, then started again to get my now naked body into the suit. First one foot then the other, and then pulling the suit legs up my legs, all the time helped along by Alice.

I suspected the suit wouldn’t be just a normal diving suit, and I was right. As the suit came up to my crotch, I realised the rubber was much thicker than it was down the legs, and there was some sort of hole arrangement going on. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Ah yes. Well, you know what divers do when they need to… go to the toilet?”

“Um, well, as I understand it, they just piss in their suits.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Oh, I don’t want to do that! I’ll just unzip the fly when I need to.”

“You can’t do that. This is supposed to be a realistic suit, it doesn’t have a fly. Just slip your cock into this tube, and it will all be taken care of.”

I squeezed my cock into the tube in the inside front of the suit. “So where does the piss go now?”

“Up your arse!”

“What!” I looked behind me to see that the suit had a rubber shaft in it, right where my arse would be, and it had a small hole in the end.

Alice smiled at me. “You remember when we’ve played with butt plugs before, I thought you enjoyed it. Didn’t you like that day when I had you plugged with the harness?” bingöl escort

I remembered it well. She had put a plug into me, which was attached to a leather harness which she had buckled and then locked onto me. Then we went out for the day, and I had to put up with the plug in my arse all day. It really turned her on, knowing I had the thing locked into me, and she refused to unlock it until we’d had sex that evening. In the end, I didn’t get the plug out until the next morning, but by then I really needed it out!

She said, “I’ve sent you to work plugged quite a few times since then, so this suit shouldn’t be a problem. So bend over!”

She lubricated my arse and the plug as I bent over, then she pushed the plug into my arse. At first it hurt going in, then it hurt a lot more, but finally as the thick part of the plug slipped into my arse, it got almost comfortable.

My cock got hard, as it always does when I have a plug in me, but it was hard inside the rubber tube in the suit, which was making it point downwards, so it wasn’t too comfortable.

Once Alice had pushed the plug all the way in and pulled up the rear of the suit, she came around to the front. She put her hand onto my crotch, and asked, “You comfortable in there?”

I felt fully hard inside the tube, but I couldn’t feel her hand on the outside of the suit. The rubber must be quite thick down there. My cock felt completely isolated from the outside world – I wondered why the suit was designed that way.

She handed me a glass of water, and said, “Drink up! You want to find out what pissing in the suit is like, don’t you?” This explains why she was feeding me lots of water earlier on.

As I finished the drink, she pulled the suit around my body and then put my arms into the suit’s arms. She said, “Apparently there was a problem making the gloves for the suit, since they kept breaking, so the rubber there is a bit thicker than usual.”

I pushed my hands down the arms and into the hands of the suit. My fingers slid into each glove finger, but then I found I could hardly bend them! I looked at the glove and saw the fingers looked like solid tubes of rubber, and each of them were connected together like the toes on webbed feet, stopping the fingers moving independently.

I said, “These gloves are very stiff, it’s not going to be easy picking things up at the party.”

She feigned concern. “Yes, but it would be a shame to not wear the suit just because of the hands. Lets just see how it goes.”

She pulled the rest of the suit onto my torso, and started to pull up the zip at the back. “Breathe in,” she said, and then I felt the crush of the suit being severely tightened around me as the zip went up.

She stepped back to look at me. “There, you look very sexy in your nice shiny suit.” She gave me a deep kiss. One hand grabbed my crotch, and the other felt the plug in my arse. I put my arms around her, but couldn’t grope her since I couldn’t feel anything through the gloves.

“Ah,” I said, “I think all that water is having the effect you wanted.” I could feel my bladder wanting to expel its piss, and I was used to holding my cock to help it out, but now I couldn’t touch it. I could do nothing but stand still and think of waterfalls, and hope that all the inner tubing would work out.

I soon felt the rush of piss leaving my cock, and moments later the strange sensation of my arse getting filled with the same warm liquid. Then I realised that it wasn’t going to go anywhere – as I kept pissing through the evening, my arse bitlis escort would get more and more full of it.

I said to Alice, “Can’t I change this pissing system, or at least empty it now. I don’t want to have this sloshing around inside me all night.”

Alice looked at her watch, and said, “Oh, no, we’ve no time, we should have left by now!”

Then the coin dropped, something odd was going on. “Aren’t you getting changed.”

She said, “Just get the rest of your suit on, and I’ll tell you on the way.”

She pulled the hood of the suit up. It looked a lot like a gas mask to me. “Now, you know how divers have those regulators in their mouths connected to their air tanks? Well, for realism, this suit has one of those too. Open wide and I’ll put it in.”

This was getting beyond a joke. “Now I don’t think I can really wear that all night,” was what I was trying to say, but as I started to speak, she put her hand on my arse and sharply poked at the buttplug. I yelped, and when my mouth was open, she pushed the ‘regulator’ into my mouth.

Well, this was like no diving equipment I’d ever seen. The hood of the suit had a zip up rubber back and the front was a gasmask, with large glass eyeholes. But inside the ‘mouth’ of the gasmask there was a tube pushing into my mouth, holding it open. My tongue was caught inside the tube, which went far enough back into my mouth that I couldn’t touch the roof or bottom of my mouth with my tongue. I tried to object, but I couldn’t speak, only grunt.

She closed the zip on the back of the hood, and pulled up the other zip to meet it. Then she smiled at me, and kissed me on the gasmask, where my lips should be. “You look very sexy, you’ll be the hit of the party!”

She rushed me out of the door and outside to the car. Fortunately it was dark, so none of our neighbours could see what I was wearing. It wasn’t easy walking while restricted by the suit and with the plug in my arse, but I got into the car’s passenger seat, she got in the driving seat, and we left.

I noticed she still hadn’t changed for the party, and still hadn’t explained, but I couldn’t ask her why not, and I don’t think she would like it if I took the hood off the suit. I hope after we’d made an entrance and shown people the outfit, she’d let me at least take the hood off and have a drink.

After a time, she said, “Oh, I forgot to say, my mother’s not too well so I have to go drive over there tonight. So I’m sorry, I won’t be able to come to the party. You’ll have to enjoy it by yourself. I’ll probably stay with her tonight and perhaps tomorrow night, so you’ll have to get by on your own.”

I couldn’t speak, but if she’d look in my eyes she would have seen that I was mad that she’d got me into this gear and then was going to leave me on my own in it. But, once I thought about it, I realised that it was probably for the best – this way I could take the hood off and enjoy myself without her complaining.

Eventually the car stopped outside the building where the party was. Alice said, “Hold on, I think you have a thread loose.” She pushed me down so she could get to the back of my suit, to sort out whatever she had spotted.

In pushing me down, she’d put my head down close to the door speakers which were currently blasting out some loud music, and as a result I couldn’t hear what she was doing, but I’m sure I heard a metallic rattling sound. This made me suspicious, especially since a rubber suit shouldn’t have any loose threads.

Then she pulled me back up, hugged me, and said, “You bolu escort have a good time at the party, and I’ll be thinking about you while I’m gone.”

I got out of the car, where fortunately no-one saw me, and no sooner had I closed the door but Alice drove off into the night.

I found the door to the building, and I knew that the party was in Flat 5 so I found the intercom. No sooner had I pushed the button than I realised I wouldn’t be able to speak!

A voice came crackling through the intercom, panting. “Hi, you here for… oh yea.. here for the… ooo yea, do that again… for the party… oh fuck yea… whatever.” And then the buzzer sounded and the door opened.

In the harsh light of the corridor I felt silly in the rubber suit. I found the flat, and gave a muffled knock on the door with my rubber clad hand.

The door was opened by a completely naked girl! She looked me up and down, and said, “Wow, great suit!”

A man’s voice in the distance shouted, “Hey, get back here, I’m still horny!” and she turned and left.

I was baffled, but I walked in, closed the door, and looked around for either Steve or Mary, who were hosting the party.

As I was stood in the hall, a guy walked past, also naked and with a semi-erection. When he saw me, he pointed and said, “Hey, come find me later on. I gotta fuck you in that rubber gear!”

Now, I don’t know Steve and Mary that well, and I only know what Alice told me about this party, which was nothing, but I didn’t expect naked people to be wandering around. There was definitely something odd going on…

Another girl came up to me as I stood there. She was only wearing high heels, but was otherwise naked. As soon as she saw me, she said, “Oh, cool fetish gear!” She stroked her hands up and down my front, saying, “Oh, love the feel of it, so sexy”, and, “hot kinky boy”, and, “I’m gonna have a piece of you!”

Her hand found my groin, and she stroked it trying to find the bulge of my cock. But the rubber down there was too thick – neither of us could feel anything. She said, “You hard in there? I can’t feel anything.”

In fact, I was getting hard, since she was a sexy girl, but my cock was trapped pointing downwards with no room to expand. I would love to explain to her how horny she was making me, but I still couldn’t speak.

She frowned, saying, “You the strong silent time then? You got something kinky going on inside that hood too?” She felt around the back of my suit, fiddling with the zips, then said, “So where’s the keys then?”

The keys? I turned to a mirror in the hall so I could see my back, and I found that the hood zip was locked to the other zip on the suit with a padlock! I pulled at it, but the zips weren’t going to open without the keys.

She looked at my frantic tugging, and said, “Whatever turns you on. Later.” And walked off.

I heard a voice, saying, “From what Alice told me, that must be Jon in there.” It was Steve, also naked. “She said that the orgy wasn’t her thing, but she’d send you along and you would be quite a surprise. Well, you sure are a surprise!”

He checked over my suit. “She sure is a kinky one. Secure padlock locking your zips together, chastity crotch to stop you having any fun, buttplug to stop you just in case you want to have some fun up there, nice secure gagging hood to stop you using your mouth for anything, and thick gloves to make your fingers not much use either. You know, you’re about the worse person to have at an orgy!”

“We set up the spare room ready for you. Alice said that you’d need to stay for a while until she got back, but she didn’t say how long. Well, I guess you can come along to watch the orgy, although I don’t suppose you can join in much.”

I figure I was the only person at that orgy who was really fucked!

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