Daddy Entries Pt. 01

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No one really understands me. Yet I have you, Daddy.

You understand me. Perhaps that’s why I lie awake at night waiting for you to walk through the front door. Anxiously waiting for what I know will come by having you home, and with me. There goes the lock on the door, and your footsteps fill the foyer, and I throw my covers to the side and tiptoe out of my room to hide at the stairs.

I know if I’m caught here, I can get in trouble for not listening to your orders to be in bed by a set time. But I just want to see you.

I watch you remove you suit coat and hang it in the hall closet, before undoing the three buttons on your suit jacket to carefully lay it over the mantel. I crouch down lower and lower to the ground, holding onto the small spindle railing watching you. I don’t know what your thinking, or if you are planning to come up and get me, and it’s slightly frustrating to see you take all your time down stairs instead of hurrying upstairs to me. I bite my bottom lip as you go out of sight, the sound of rushing water filling our kettle tells me I’ll have to wait longer because your going to make yourself a cup of tea. Come off it, do you really need that cup?

I move slightly down the small hallway, almost in front of your door trying to keep my eyes on you, and I find you again. Reading the evening newspaper, and removing your waist coat. Newspaper and tea? Daddy! I think pouting weighting my options.

If I go downstairs, I could be get a spank. If I stay here and be caught, I could get a spank and be sent to my room. But I just want to hold you. I’ve missed you all day, at school and then at home being alone and having to wait is like being on pins and needles. So against my better judgement… I go down stairs.

I haven’t even hit the foyer when I hear your strong soothing voice. “Hello Princess.” You don’t sound upset or displeased, and when I turn to face you, I can see you are smiling. Did you want to see me to? I wonder and rush into your waiting arms.

“Hello Daddy.” I whisper into your chest feeling goosebumps run along my skin as your fingertips dance down my back over my thin nightgown.

You smell of coffee, pine, and a subtle hint of your musky cologne I love so much, and this is all I want to do. Hold you. Be near you. However as your lips press to the top of my head, my wants change. I want to undress you and beşevler escort have you really in my hands. I press my body closer to yours, but you miss it as you go to make your tea and sit down at the table. I can’t hide my displeasure.

I kneel at your side and wrap my arms around your strong leg, resting my cheek on your thigh. I know I’m not allowed to sit on your lap without permission, and you know this is how I ask for it. I feel awful for being so needy, and know I should be stronger then I am being but I don’t want to. I need you. Anything will down.

I feel your fingers run through my hair, light and calming. You ease my panic away and my arms loosen around your leg. “Come here, little girl.” You say and suddenly I’m afraid to look at you. It displeases you when I’m upset and I’m upset for no reason.

I get up from my stance and move to sit in you lap, but you spank me playfully, and say. “Three.” I smile turning to face you and straddle you resting my head on your chest. Your hand strokes up and down my back slowly. Your head gently rests on mine. I hear your heat beat slow and steady.

Nothing is said just this slow repetition, and it makes my panties damp. How something so soothing can cause this is beyond me but I begin to wiggle my hips about your lap. My bottom pressing onto your thighs as my lady parts ache to be closer to you. I hear your sigh, and I know that you can tell I want to play, but the real question is will you?

I hear the news paper being folded and put down, then I feel your hands cup my bottom, lifting me up ever so slightly and pull me closer to you. My bottom rests in your hands at the top of your mid thigh, but my aching is directly over your crotch. “Daddy…” I whisper sitting up my small hands running up your chest and around your neck. “Daddy, I want cock.” I whisper in your ear wiggling still in your hands. “I want cock in my princess parts.” I whisper closing my teeth over your earlobe and I shiver as I hear you moan. “Can I have your cock, Daddy?”

I hold your hips with my hugging knees using the very tips of my toes for leverage as I slide my bottom away from your hands then back in them. “Is that what you want princess?” You whisper. “I haven’t punished you for not being in bed like I asked, why should I reward you?”

My heart sinks. No, Daddy. Don’t punish me like beylikdüzü escort this! I think tightening my arms around you. “Daddy I went to bed…” I whisper. “I did. I laid in bed until you got home.” But then I feel you tap my shoulder, the dreaded signal that tells me to get up, and I know you will not wane from punishment you never do. I get up from your lap hands in front of me, head bowed. I don’t cry. You don’t tolerate crying. I use to cry about being punished but not anymore. Now I pout.

“Five…” You say looking at me with hard greenish blue eyes, yet there’s still a hint of love as I drape my body over your knees. I feel you lift my night gown and then lower my panties, my hips lifting as you push them down to my legs.

Then you spank me. The action makes my bottom tense, and then relax only to be hit again. The sting starts. You continue my punishment waiting until I relax before spanking my bottom again and I’m on the urge of tears by the six spank when you surprise me by running your finger down my slit feeling how wet I am. I become hopeful. Will you touch me Daddy? Please touch me? I think, only to be answered by a quick merciless spank.

That hit goes straight from my ass to my clit, and I whimper my knees hugging my legs close. I trembled in your lap as you cup my sex removing your hand slowly by dragging your fingers a crossed my moist slit again, and then my spanked again. This time I cry out loudly lifting my bottom, my hands holding the outside of your thigh as my shaky breathing lands on your pant leg. More. Please more. I think and you spank me twice more without touching my sex.

You don’t say anything for a moment, leaving me with an aching feeling. Your thinking, and it’s making my sex drip more. You can see how much my princess parts want you in them. You can smell how much I want you in me. You can hear my sticky hole smacking softly, begging you to fill it. Then your hands on my back, I wonder what your going to do, hoping you will give me some of your delicious cock, forcing myself to stay still as he think.

“I’m not giving you cock tonight.” You say softly, and I bite my trembling bottom lip in disappointment, until I feel your hand on my pussy. My eyes shut in surprised as I feel two fingers slip through my sticky slit, and grab my soaked lips. Your fingers bilecik escort don’t touch my clit or my box. You just massage my pussy lips and it eases the aching I have for you.

Your hand resting on my lower back moves and you spank me again making my clit throb. I hear your throaty groan as you lean down to kiss my ass breathing in my sweet musky perfume, before I feel you enter those two fingers into my hole. I close tightly around those two fingers hugging them and thanking them for entering my aching pussy.

You chuckle deeply stroking my ass in appreciation before spanking me again, causing my pussy muscles to clinch around you almost push your fingers out. You wiggle your two fingers into me some more loosen me up using your thumb to stroke my clit gently. I circle my hips slowly, licking the teeth and trying to contain myself from drooling down the side of your pants. “You’ve been a bad girl, princess, but I will give you a small treat.” You tell me.

Then you curl you fingers slightly and press down on something in me and move your hand in and upside down “come hither” motion. It feels amazingly, but it gets better as your hand picks up speed, your fingers rubbing that spot over again making me moan and whimper in your lap. I bite your leg gently, I have no idea what you are doing to my little pussy but I love it.

My pussy smacks and makes pleasure noises as you go even faster inside me, slowly but surly becoming too much for me to handle. I try to run away but you press your hand on my back and refuse to leg me go as I beg for you to stop and shake in your lap from the building tension. “Daddy, Daddy, Oh Daddy please!” I whimper and you spank me.

“Let go princess.” You encourage as my hands grasp your thigh my hips bucking to your and as my mind tells me not to listen, but your hand. Daddy your hand it doesn’t stop. I scream in pleasure pushing back on your hand, and slightly on my feet as a gush of fluids leak out.

“That’s it Princess.” You whisper as my breath hitches in my throat, I’m drooling down the side of my face. Daddy you have never done that to me before. “Such a good little girl squirting for Daddy…” You whisper as I creep off my high and rest back in your lap still trembling.

“Get up, darling.” You say calmly and I straighten up on wobbly legs. You kiss my exposed stomach, and then look you at me. “Give me your panties and go lay in my bed…” You instruct and I do as you say, no goodnight, or kiss just a quiet “Yes Daddy” as I head to your bed to lay down still bewildered by what had just happened.

I lay in your bed and become overwhelmingly sleepy as I curl up to a pillow on your bed. I love you Daddy. You are so good to me.

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