Cold Water

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Moonlight shone through the large window overlooking the city from the building’s position at the top of the hill. It was dark where I sat in the center of the room. Though I was naked, I was warm. The square carpet sample under me acted as protection from the dank cement floor below. The building had once been an office for a now retired accounting firm. The office furniture that had used to populate the room was held in a tight group against one wall of the room. The cement floor was an unending grey ocean as I looked upon it from my small carpet island. The wall opposite the office furniture had three pieces of other furniture against it; an old olive green couch, a three-legged wooden night stand, a metal locker, and a mini fridge that sat in front of the couch. There was a phone, cassette player, and an alarm clock on the night stand. And upon the couch sat Ms. June, the most beautiful redheaded woman I have ever seen. She sat with her feet up on the fridge reading a thick novel.

Ms. June was the only one in my history of sexual partners who understood the process behind my cold water fetish. All others had abandoned ardahan escort the quest because they wanted immediate results. Ms. June stood out from other partners because she was perfect. She knew how to mix pleasure and pain perfectly. She was just rough enough and made it just as enjoyable for me, as it was for her. In the past I’ve been with partners who ran it their own way and had no patience for my pleasure. While the sex was good, the show they were running just wasn’t anything I was interested in. Ms. June understood every step of, and was never annoyed by, my many fetishes. She was patient with the steps it took for me to get off and would do everything she could to help me get there. Ms. June was completely selfless. The cold water fetish had very specific directions to follow and Ms. June never grew tired of the process, in fact it was one of her very favorite methods.

Ms. June sat nearly naked on the couch; she wore a thin white tube top that had one lazy strap and black lacey panties. She wore no bra, make up, or shoes. Her toes were painted deep purple.

The cassette player artvin escort on the three-legged table in the corner suddenly switched on and began to play soft slow violin music. With careful hands Ms. June dog-eared her page and laid it on the night stand. She looked up and smiled at me. I smiled back and stood, I could already feel myself growing as she rose from the couch. She opened the fridge and removed a tall pitcher of ice cold water and approached me on my carpet island. She put the pitcher down at our feet.

“Hello, Mr. Shine.” She said sweetly looking me directly in the eyes.

I returned eye contact and replied, “Hello, Ms. June.”

She glanced down at my growing member and cupped my balls with both hands. “I see you’re already excited to see me, huh?”

I nodded quickly.

“So, you’re ready for your treatment then?”

I nodded again.

Ms. June bent down and removed the cover from the pitcher. She dipped her fingers in then rose so we were face to face again. “Mmmm. The water is chilly, Mr. Shine. Care for a dip?” she asked sexily.

I was speechless, arousal ataköy escort tangling my vocal cords together as if they were snakes loving as if they were humans. So I just nodded again.

She brought the pitcher up slowly and let the tip of my dick just barely touch the surface of the water. I shivered and smiled then took one step closer to Ms. June. She let me put my entire erection into the freezing liquid. “Ahhhh… That feels ff- ah, fantastic, Ms. June.” I whispered urgently. Ms. June showed her bright white teeth with a wide smile, “Wow, you really like this water, don’t you Mr. Shine?” The teasing was perfect.

“Ahh, y-yes. Yessss I do.” I hissed into her ear

She dipped her fingers into the water then pulled them out, dripping. She flicked water at me playfully then lowered her entire hand into the water. Once again, she removed her hand and laid it on my bare shoulder.

The water ran in tiny streams down my back and chest making me shiver with delight. I bit my lip.


“Oops, looks like you bit your lip Mr. Shine!”


She put the pitcher on the floor. As she walked back to sit on the couch with her book she said with mock frustration, “You know what that means, Mr. Shine; Another thirty minutes until you can appreciate me!”

Fuck me. Another half hour. God Damnit, Shine, why couldn’t you hold it together?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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