Christine Takes Charge Ch. 04

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Big Tits

[Since this is a continuous story, reading this segment will likely be more enjoyable if you have read the preceding chapters. There’s some dealing with bodily functions so if that bothers you, stop here. Some comments have been left after previous chapters that seem to reflect surprise when intimate bodily functions are featured: please do not proceed further if this is not to your liking.]


Christine had not related to Susie and Jim everything that happened when she took Dorothy home after their coffee.

When they reached Dorothy’s pleasant garden apartment, she opened the lock, pushed the door to allow them to enter, and appeared to head for the bathroom. Dorothy knew that she would be in danger of having an embarrassing accident if she didn’t get to the toilet soon…and so did Christine.

Grasping Dorothy’s arm in a light hold, the lithe domme softly said, “Dorothy, you will not be allowed to go to the little girls’ room until I give permission.”

Dorothy, now feeling close to being totally desperate, pleaded in a most enticing manner: “Miss Christine, please allow me to pee. I’m really afraid I’m going to have an accident very soon.”

“You will be learning better control from now on, Dorothy,” Chris intoned in her best dominant tones. “Let’s start out by inspecting you down there. Lift your skirt and lower your panties for your panty inspection. This is something you will be experiencing as part of your initial training.”

Abashed by the abrupt imposition of her new dominant’s authority, Dorothy shamefacedly lifted her midiskirt, disclosing some rather conservative white antron panties, which she proceeded to slip down over her hips. She was now showing Christine her most intimate area, her rather furry crotch, which she apparently had not bothered to trim, or as Christine saw it, even shampooed very recently.

Christine bent to peer into the soiled panty crotch. What she saw elicited a curl of her lips but delight in her head.

“Dorothy, it looks like you will need some remedial hygiene training if I am correct in seeing that your panties have both pee stains and skidmarks,” she observed with some disdain.

“Oh, Miss Christine, I’m sorry,” Dorothy responded in what sounded like a primal whine. “Sometimes I wait too long and then I’m afraid I’ll be late so I guess…I sometimes don’t wipe myself so well.” She was cringing just from having to confess to such humiliating behaviors.

“It certainly seems like you need some supervision in the bathroom,” Christine continued, “and I fully intend to provide that necessary measure to help you learn to behave like a big girl. It would be unfortunate if I found it necessary to put you in diapers, I think.”

“Oh my God,” Dorothy couldn’t help exclaiming. “Diapers? Oh, Miss Christine, I will wipe myself so carefully from now on. I really don’t want to be so humiliated.”

“Well, I think in some ways you do,” Chris answered brightly, “but believe me, if you don’t make sure you are sparklingly clean in the crotch from now on, it could happen, my dear, yes, it could.”

Christine bent down and realized that she was smelling a stronger odor than she was used to sniffing from a healthy vagina. Then she saw the tell-tale short white string sticking out of Dorothy’s hairy slit.

“Dorothy, you will always inform me when you get your period,” she said with sternness.

The now-frightened Dorothy was even more terrified than shamed; more from fear that she would lose control of her urinary sphincter than that she would be shamed involving her menstrual habits.

“Miss Christine,” she pleaded, “yes, I have my period but…I realllly need to go. Can we go to the bathroom now?”

“In future, Dorothy, I do not want to hear this kind of whining,” Chris answered, “but yes, we will move to the bathroom for the continuation of your inspection.”

Dorothy realized she would be walking in a very shaming way with her anadolu yakası escort skirt up and panties down along her thighs but she made her way behind Christine to her bathroom.

“Now you may sit on the toilet seat,” Christine ordered, “but you will not start to pee until I give you permission. I believe in punishment fitting the offense, so don’t earn yourself a pussy-whipping, missy.”

Blanching, Dorothy pressed her pubic muscles together and prayed she could keep her urethra closed long enough to avoid such awful punishment on her privates.

Chris now bent over and pulled on the white string which showed some indication that the menstrual fluid flowing from Dorothy’s vagina had bypassed the tampon and begun to emerge from her pussy, which showed indicative brownish spots and lines on her thin labia.

As what turned out to be an extremely soaked tampon emerged from Dorothy’s vagina, she clearly had been unable to retain control while Christine had surprised her by pulling on the tampon string. Suddenly a small hot jet of dark yellow pee shot out of her urethral opening and splashed onto Chris’s hand as it extracted the bloody tampon.

“Oh…I’m so sorry, Miss Christine,” Dorothy wailed. “Your pulling it out must have made my peephole open for a sec—oh I’m really sorry to have wet your hand.”

Christine smiled and tried to calm the obviously-upset teacher, who was experiencing the early throes of actually submitting to her domme.

“Don’t get upset, sweetie,” she said soothingly, knowing that the best domes knew when to adopt a maternal tone when asserting themselves over their little girls.

“We’ll get this little situation all taken care of,” she continued in her most placid and warm tones. “Now you go ahead and finish your wee-wee,” she added, purposely using the childish term for urination, knowing it would have added impact on making Dorothy feel even more juvenile for not being able to control her sphincter.

Hearing the stream hit the water in the toilet below her, and flinching at how loud it seemed with her new dominant staring and listening, Dorothy relaxed her strained muscles and felt some relief as her pee flowed out. Of course, she also was totally shamed by the inspection thus far: the shameful stains in her undies, the obvious leakage of her tampon, and her failure to control her bladder releasing her urine before she had been given permission.

As the stream diminished and Dorothy’s face reddened as the full extent of her embarrassment became ever clearer to her, Christine proceeded to take up the matter of the tampon leakage.

“Dorothy,” she said in a lecturing tone, “I suspect you are a bit lax in your remembering to change your tampon during your period. Is this your heavy day? Or, really, what day of your period is this?”

No one had ever discussed the mechanics of her period with Dorothy before, Dorothy thought as she frantically considered how to respond honestly but without disgracing herself even more in Christine’s eyes. In fact, she recalled, even her mother had only given her some old-fashioned tabbed napkins and a sanitary belt when she showed signs of impending puberty.

“Miss Christine,” she responded in a small girlish voice, remembering to address her new domme with the proper respect, “this is my heavy day, my second day, and I guess I should have worn a pad or a liner to back up the tampon.”

“For how long had it been inside?” Christine persisted, in a very demanding way.

“Oh, probably since lunchtime,” Dorothy answered plainly.

“You should know that on a heavy day especially, you need to change every two hours or so,” Christine snapped.

“Yes, Miss Christine, I realize that now,” Dorothy said in a confessional tone. “I know that I’ve tended to be a bit sloppy about myself until recently because I was without any sex life for so long.”

“You have been behaving like ankara anal escort a careless teen,” Chris stated bluntly. “What size tampon was that, anyway? It looked quite small for a heavy day.”

Blushing furiously, although given how long and how deeply Christine’s inquiry had proceeded, Dorothy might well have been acclimated to discussing her personal menstrual situation by now, Dorothy managed to stammer, “I use Tampax slender regulars.”

Christine was enjoying the direction this was taking. Once they had ventured into so private an area as Dorothy’s period, she figured, her domination would proceed quite expeditiously.

“You obviously need to change your tampon more frequently,” she prescribed, “and I’m going to have you use at least a Super for the next day or two,” she added. “You will stop by my place before and after school so I can inspect you and see that you are using the proper protection.”

Dorothy by now was both red-faced and cringing from sheer humiliation, which had overtaken both shame and embarrassment in her continuum of abject submission.

“Yes, Miss Christine,” she answered with some thought. “I’m very appreciative of the care you are giving me despite my … misbehavior.”

She was only slightly surprised when Chris opened her purse and after combing through its contents, pulled out a Tampax which had on its wrapper the tell-tale yellow lettering of the Super absorbency.

But Dorothy was still taken aback, though she was wise enough to remain calm, when Christine bent forward and quietly ordered the submissive teacher to hold her pussy lips apart so that Chris might insert the Super tampon.

“Oh, Miss Christine, thank you,” Dorothy gurgled, “but please, I haven’t had such a big one in there for a long time, so let’s go…slow, please, miss.”

Christine enjoyed the delightful girlish pleading and chuckled to herself that Dorothy must’ve been quite something when her still-new boyfriend, Ken, whom Chris had known in high school, first got into Dorothy’s filmy panties and stuck his cock into her long-unused love channel.

Chris carefully pulled the thin string to open the Tampax wrapper, then grasped the applicator, aimed it just inside Dorothy’s held-open labia, and expertly propelled it just the right length into Dorothy’s warm and bleeding vagina. She took a few sheets of toilet paper, wet them in the sink tap, and calmly cleaned the dried blood from Dorothy’s labia and from around her pussy.

“I hope you manage to attend to your period more successfully from now on,” Christine said in her strongest teacher’s voice, “so that I don’t need to change your tampon during your inspections at my house in front of my sister and brother-in-law.”

Dorothy blanched at the thought of this intimate act being witnessed by Christine’s family members and in her small voice pleaded for her domme to trust her that that would not be necessary.

“Dorothy,” Christine now lectured by way of summing up the situation, “you clearly have been very careless and childish in your personal hygiene. Not only did I find shitty skidmarks on your drawers as well as pee stains, but you obviously haven’t been in the habit of attending to your menstrual cleanliness. If I know Ken—and I recall him a year ahead of me in high school having his pick of the most attractive girls—he would not be pleased with a girlfriend he intends to wed who cares so little for cleanliness in her most intimate places.”

Now she smiled at her sub, knowing that the effective domme always keeps changing her tone to make sure the sub is off-balance and to instill affection and eventually worship in her mind.

“You will need to let me know what is happening with that relationship, of course,” she said in a rather matter-of-fact kind of way. “For example,” Chris said very plainly, intending to shock the submissive Dorothy a bit, “when did you and Ken last screw?”

Dorothy ankara anal yapan escort responded as expected, with a quick reddening of her face, but retained enough presence to respond, “We made love three nights ago, Miss Christine. He’s a lovely man and you’ve made me realize that I’ve been very negligent in my personal hygiene, something I intend to rectify, for you and for him.”

“Do you use protection when you fuck?” Christine said, as if she hadn’t heard Dorothy’s confession.

“Uh, yes,” Dorothy said, “he puts a condom on because I’m just back on the pill just now.”

“Very good,” Christine commended her with a smile. “I’m glad that was the case, not because I’m worried about your getting pregnant, but because otherwise I suspect I would have found cum stains in those nasty panties of yours.”

This cutting remark did make Dorothy come close to shedding a tear of embarrassment.

“Oh, Miss Christine,” she almost wailed, “I’m very grateful to you for taking charge of me and I can promise you that you will find a very clean woman when you next inspect me.”

Chris understood from that admission that Dorothy was now well initiated into her subservient role and that she could readily be brought home, not just for inspections, even public ones if Chris felt that was in order, but for some inclusion in the domination activities with Susie and Jim, as well as the sex.


After hearing Christine relate the account of her initial panty inspection and toilet control of the submissive teacher, Susie let out a gasp of both excitement and fear.

“Wow, Sis,” she said with much deference, “you are such a cool dominant, isn’t she, Jim?”

Jim had been sufficiently typical of his sex to be embarrassed when Christine had described the intimate supervision Christine had employed with regard to Dorothy’s period. He did enjoy having sex with Susie when she was “on” but that didn’t extend to discussing such matters openly—even with his wife.

Susie’s need for embarrassment and even humiliation had proceeded to a higher plane, though, and she felt an itch in her pussy as she exuded juices stimulated by Chris’s graphic account of her dominance of Dorothy.

“I guess you will be inspecting me again, Miss Christine,” she said in an almost playful way.

Christine’s face brightened as she saw how Susie was coming along so well as a true sub.

“Yes, Susie,” she answered with a note of strictness in her voice, “do stand up and lift your skirt for me. Then pull down those panties for your inspection.”

Susie duly complied with what previously would have been seen as a horridly shaming order and bent over, exposing her cute buttocks to Chris and Jim, with her pouchy vulva peeking out between her slightly spread legs.

Christine moved behind her to view the lowered panty crotch quickly, seeing that it was quite unstained and even clean after a long day at work for Susie. Then she told Susie to hold her labia apart and Chris looked into the pink folds of Susie’s vulva. Satisfied by what appeared to be a clean cunt, she moved back behind her sister, who was still bent over in her embarrassing stance.

Now Chris wet her finger and slowly inserted it into Susie’s tiny anal rosette. Susie let out a small cry but suppressed any more reaction. Soon Chris, who had pressed her finger quite deeply into Susie’s rectum, withdrew the finger and brought it to her face. She immediately smelled the result.

“Susie,” she said sharply, walking back in front of her now-shame-faced younger sister, “you will in future make sure you are clean inside and out. Look at this brown smudge on my finger.”

The statement and order shocked Susie, as she saw the traces of her own shit on Chris’s extended finger.

“Oh Miss Christine,” she said with a cry, “I will do just what you said. I’m sorry for soiling your finger.”

“You will indeed, Susan,” Christine intoned. “I wouldn’t want to have to schedule you for a nightly enema session to clean your naughty insides. And you should know,” she added, looking straight at Jim, “that girls with dirty bottoms will not be allowed to have sex, even assuming that their husbands would want them in bed with them, knowing that they failed to keep themselves clean down there.”

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