Caught Cheating

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Caught Cheating

With the windows of the old truck rolled all the way down – manually, of course, as such a decrepit beast of a truck wouldn’t have something akin to modern convenience – Fyr let the breeze caress her muzzle as she blasted down the dirt track road. The truck bumped and rattled through potholes and she laughed aloud to herself as clouds of dust heralded her passing. It was a rather backwards route to the little house she and Ropes had together, out in the back country, but still not all that far from the comforts of civilization. In other words, it was the perfect compromise.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly, her claws cut into the old, scuffed leather (really superfluous for such a truck) as she directed it on, the path narrowing. Farmland stretched out as far as the eye could see on either side, long, lush waves of crops undulating softly in the warm breeze. Yes, summer was well and truly on its way and, while not scorching hot as yet, the glow of sunlight on her scales was proving to be very pleasant indeed.

Fyr grinned to herself. She was late, but, when that would have once sent her stomach doing somersaults, she couldn’t find it in herself to worry anymore. Life was good! She was off out, coming back from town with a full load of shopping in the truck and a big tub of raspberry ripple ice cream just waiting to be shared with her husband with a movie on the new TV later.

She couldn’t have said exactly why she was taking a longer route home, however, when life was clearly so good and she had a husband waiting, no doubt eagerly, for her back at home. Then again, maybe some things simply did not need an explanation. She just enjoyed her life and needed a different way to go; that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Ropes was always saying about not letting things become stagnant with them, constantly searching for something new and different for them, whether it was a new meal or something exciting for the bedroom.

Fyr shivered pleasurably. Yes, that was it. That was exactly it. Sometimes a dragoness had to go just a little bit off the beaten path to find what she was really looking for.

Turning back onto the main road as the dirt track came to an end, she revved the engine, the beast beneath her rumbling to a greater pace. Cattle in the fields neighbouring the road lowed, tails flicking in perfect rhythm to swat away the ever present nuisance of flies. With the hottest season of the year coming, their discomfort would only grow.

She fell into a contented daze as she moseyed her way down the road, knowing its gentle curves like the back of her paw as she sped home past the familiar farmhouse, sparser and sparser as she went. Land was plentiful and they had scored an admittedly ramshackle little house and, only recently, a barn that could house horses and other animals – whatever they wanted to make their farm complete.

With daydreams taking over her mind, it was no time at all before the happy dragoness found herself pulling into their wide driveway and parking up close to the front door. The front garden was still a mess after digging up the plant beds and she made a mental note to tackle that over the weekend. There was no rest for the wicked, but, sometimes, that was exactly how she liked it.

Where was the fun in being idle anyway?

She unloaded the shopping, scooting the bag handles along her arms until she carried three on each, and staggered to the front door. The key was a fumble and she dropped it twice, grumbling with a good-natured swish of her long tail, the tip curling.

“Ropes!” She called out as she entered, barging the door open with her shoulder. “I’m back!”

She grimaced at the weight of the plastic handles cutting into her arms and wrists, sliding irrevocably down her arms.

“Sorry I took so long, dear,” she went on, fighting to adjust her load and failing as she slouched against the wall. “Can you give me a hand with these? I ended up with more than I expected.”

He must have been taking a cat nap. Fyr frowned, tilting her head to catch any note of sound – anything at all – from someone inside the house. Just where the heck was that cougar? No answer was forthcoming even as she waited patiently and she threw her weight back against the front door with a little more force than was strictly necessary, slamming it shut with a loud bang. Fyr smirked. There! Let the darn cat sleep through that!

Yet still the cougar did not appear even as she growled to herself and called for him twice more, voice rising in volume each time. She clicked her teeth together and shook her head, eventually giving up and stumbling slowly down the hallway to the kitchen, bypassing the sitting room even as her shoulders ached, arms protesting.

He must not have heard me, she tried to reason with herself, a muscle jumping anxiously afyon escort in the corner of her jaw. Darn it, has he borrowed those headphones again? He can’t hear a thing with those on!

It probably wasn’t the headphones, but putting Ropes’ silence down to an external factor soothed a little of the boiling anger in her stomach down to a slow simmer. She couldn’t blame him. After all, she could have left the shopping by the front door and ferried it down one bag at a time, or even two bags at a time. That would have been better. As it was, she revelled in her struggle, hauling the bags up onto the kitchen counter for her unpacking attention. Although her arms burned and sweat dampened the scales behind her frill, she huffed and puffed her way through the exhilaration of moving such a load on her own.

If only Ropes had been there to smile and praise her. She bit her lip. There was nothing quite like that for her.

Unpacking the last bag in the cool comfort of the kitchen, Fyr huffed and put her paws on her hips. Ropes really should have appeared already, it was getting silly. She shook her head. Hadn’t he even wondered why she’d been out for so long – longer than she’d said she would be?

Pacing to the bottom of the stairs, her back to the front door where he should have met her, Fyr listened carefully. Was the cougar even home?

Something banged upstairs, a mutter eking its way down the stairs. She tilted her head to the side, forehead furrowing.

What on earth?

“Ropes?” Fyr called up, one hand on the banisters. “What’s going on up there?”

Something thumped and she swore she heard someone giggle. The hackles rose on the back of her neck, scales prickling. The sounds above her stilled, an eerie quiet settling over the house.

Ropes didn’t giggle.

But then who did?

Her heart sank into her stomach, drumming a sickening beat against her intestines. She’d never thought he’d been one to…well…do that. She wiped the back of her paw across her muzzle, eyes narrowing. Even the tip of Fyr’s tail was still, refusing to twitch back and forth as her agitation swelled to a fluttering, nauseating crescendo.

Or was he? She shook herself. She didn’t even know what was happening or who was upstairs yet and she was already accusing her husband – albeit in the privacy of her own mind – of the worst crime of passion of all. It could just be Helena up there, for all she knew!

Well, there was only one way to find out what was going on and she’d have to draw on every scrap of boldness in her body to move her feet, one after the other.

But the noises as she walked up the stairs slowly took shape in ever increasing increments, painting a picture that she could not ignore. The thump of the headboard of the bed on the wall was unmistakeable. So was the muffled moan as another fur – female, from the sound of it – turned their muzzle into the pillow. She heard her husband chuckle and steeled herself, paw on the doorknob for what seemed like far too long. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, breasts rising as she inhaled for what seemed like forever, unable to stave off the inevitable.

She had to go in. There was no other way. Yet she’d never have wanted to walk in on the scene that greeted her.

Fyr didn’t know the white dragoness on her bed, her legs hitched up around a partner that, somehow, was not her husband, but she knew far too much about her in the first second after entering the room. She was loud – that was one thing to start off with. Her claws were a funny red-orange shade that looked as if she’d painted them, but she knew at the back of her mind that they were completely natural. An aquamarine, tangled mess of hair stuck to the sweaty scales of her neck and she panted open-mouthed, tail thumping into the bed as it slunk less than sneakily around her partner’s waist. Vibrant, blue scales ran down her front over her heavy, full breasts as she let her head loll back, moaning as another dragon pushed a large, strap-on dildo into her pussy.

Fyr clenched her jaw. Now that dragoness she knew: Chemical. Crouched on the bed with her back to the foot of it, the dragoness cackled wickedly as she took the submissive female, slamming a pink dildo, which had been moulded into the shape of a dragon’s shaft, into her cunt with swiftly increasing force. The white dragoness didn’t seem to mind in the slightest, letting her hips be hitched up further as she balanced on her tail, the thick limb curling beneath her buttocks for some sense of stability. The black creature with vivid, green stripes cutting through her scales had always had a thing for her husband. She’d just never thought that the demon cougar had ever acted on it.

Now, perhaps she doubted the limits of Ropes’ loyalty. Yet there was still one deciding factor as tantalising lust sent its first tendrils into her loins, stirring up an inner fire that burned far more deeply than anger.

At the foot of the bed – her bed – Ropes sat on a wooden chair, the one she used at her dressing table, with his knees pointed out, a phone clasped in one paw to record every erotic note of the scene. agrı escort He didn’t wear anything besides his fur and his tentacles undulated gently as if they too approved of the very personal show they were getting.

It took her a moment – well, several long moments – to take in the full extent of the scene, the room that she’d thought she’d known so well turned on its head in light of the unexpected guests. The bed spread that she’d only just washed the day before rumpled beneath the submissive dragoness’ tail, creased beyond all recognition.

And, just like that, Fyr found herself again, snapping back to reality as her paws clenched into fists. Sure, they released again a moment after her claws bit into the palms of her paws, but that was more than enough to remind her of what she was doing and why she was there. The picture of her and Ropes on the bedside table mocked her with its perfection. They had been so happy.

So why was Ropes just sitting there with a smirk on his stupid muzzle watching Chemical fuck another dragoness?

Fyr bristled, showing her teeth in a rare fit of anger. Answers! She damn well deserved answers and quickly too! Just what the hell were they all doing in her bedroom? What was Ropes on letting them in there? And had he even cheated on her? Was he cheating? One thought chased the other, snapping at its fellow’s heels with such speed that she could not cling onto any single notion to investigate further.

Swaying as if suddenly taken ill, she placed a paw on the door frame to steady herself, blinking rapidly. But there was no amount of blinking that would clear her vision as that strap-on sunk deeper and deeper into the writhing dragoness.

“What’s going on?” She finally said, voice wavering to a higher pitch. “Why are you… Ropes? Ropes, what are you doing? Why are they here?” She hesitated. “What have you done?”

Glancing back briefly, Ropes showed his teeth in a feral grin, holding up the phone a little higher, presumably for a better shot of Chemical ploughing the white dragon. Chemical – Fyr’s lips twitched as if she wished to snarl at the cursed dragoness – laughed and threw her head back, the green mane of hair spilling down her back.

“Hi, darling, I didn’t realise you’d be home so early,” Ropes said, turning his attention back to the scene under his nose. “Why don’t you join us? I’ve got a seat right here for you.”

He patted his thigh, though Fyr’s eyes dropped to the hard cock jutting up from his crotch like a signpost to a turn that she wanted to take. The dragoness shook her head, mind still reeling.

“I… No. I don’t.”

She flushed hotly, looking down at her toes as heat crept down her neck.

“Ropes…” Her voice took on a pleading edge. “Let’s go. I can’t watch this.” She paused. “I can’t watch you.”

“Then join them.”

Fyr gaped at him even as the cougar reached out to her, his fingers waggling invitingly. She closed her mouth and shook her head, resolutely curling her fingers around the edge of the door as if it could anchor her exactly where she was. If she just held on to it tightly enough, she didn’t have to step forward and enter the scene that her husband was apparently enjoying so much. That was if the trickle of pre-cum oozing down his shaft was any kind of giveaway.

“I can’t! Why would you even suggest such a thing?” She snapped when she finally found her voice, though her voice did not convey all that she wanted it to, the derision. “Come away! Send them away!”

The cougar purred, leaving his paw outstretched towards his wife as he kept his attention on Chem.

“This is Marinelle, or Mar for short, if you like. You’re gonna be seeing a lot more of her around here.” Ropes grinned. “Trust me.”

“I do trust you,” Fyr muttered. “I’m just not sure if I like it or not.”

“You’re not running away screaming,” Ropes observed, switching the phone from video mode to camera, snapping pictures from various angles. “If you really hated it, you’d be snarling in my face right now. You almost did, but not quite.”

Fyr started, eyes wide.

“You saw that?”

“Of course I did. I’m your husband, I know you.”

“Clearly I don’t know you all that well.”

Ropes rolled his eyes at that, huffing and flicking a single tentacle in her direction.

“Just sit and watch, honey, enjoy the show. I am.”

As if to add her agreement to Ropes’ words, Marinelle – or Mar – moaned loudly, clinging to Chemical as the dragoness’ hips sped up. Scales met scales in a lewd slap of dragon-flesh, the dragoness’ juices making it perhaps too easy for Chemical to pound her stretched cunny like a rampant male. The dominant dragoness also seemed to be enjoying her fun, digging her claws into Mar’s hips as she thrust. Fyr couldn’t help but notice that she glanced back at Ropes every few thrusts, making alluring faces and shooting him long looks out of the corner of her eye.

Fyr grimaced. She could never give Ropes looks like that. No, she was more used to being in the very position Mar was in, on her back with her legs spread for a nice, hard cock. She wasn’t so sure she would have akdere escort wanted Chemical to be the one fucking her though, even if the dragoness had a rather nice figure about her. She supposed she couldn’t be picky when she was being roped into a situation against her will.

Slowly, she crept to Ropes’ side and leaned against him. She flinched as his arm snaked around her waist, his other paw still clasping his phone to capture the scene. Mar clung to Chem’s arms as the larger dragoness fucked her, moans louder and louder by the second. Even Fyr had the stomach to smirk a little, narrowing her eyes wantonly at the fucking pair.

“She really does look like she’s enjoying herself there, doesn’t she?”

She peered at Ropes out of the corner of her eye, expecting him to agree and perhaps even be a little proud of her for taking the first step towards accepting just what was going on in their own bedroom. After all, it wasn’t as if Ropes was cheating on her – or, at least, she hadn’t caught him cheating on her yet – and it was kind of hot to see two ladies enjoying one another.

Her moment of braveness, however, was not to be seen as the cougar’s eyes remained firmly fixed on the pair before him, a low growl rumbling up from his chest as his cock twitched.

“Did you not hear me?” Fyr snapped petulantly, shifting away from him with all the grace of a disgruntled female. “Or are you too busy staring at your phone to pay attention?”

Ropes flicked his eyes up to her, one eyebrow raised, though his attention was not on her for long.

“It would be rude to not pay attention when they’re putting on such a lovely show for us,” he murmured, a hint of reproach in his tone. “Why don’t you watch too? Were you not enjoying it too, my dear?”

Fyr parted her lips and closed her mouth again, shaking her head. She couldn’t blame him, not really. There was not much arguing with a horny male and even she was having some trouble focusing while the other dragons grew louder and louder, the sharp smack of Chemical’s hips against Mar’s scales echoing through the small room that should not have housed four horny furs.

“Why haven’t you ever recorded us?” She muttered, leaning into him against her will as his arm tightened around her waist. “I might look good on film too.”

Ropes smirked.

“You do, darling, only you just don’t notice it, not really.”

Fyr baulked, pulling away to give her husband a hard stare.

“What do you mean?” She flinched. “You’ve recorded me already? What? How? When?”

Ropes laughed, giddy with lust.

“Your ‘O’ face is particularly enjoyable, my dear, though you do usually find yourself dead to the world while that’s going on.”

He winked and pulled her in closer, paw slipping between her thighs to press his knuckles up against her pussy lips. Even as she tried to pull away, Fyr moaned and rocked into his touch, cheeks burning. How did he always manage to control her so easily? The cougar did something to her that no one else could. And she didn’t want anyone else either.

But she wanted the dragons on the bed. Fyr blushed and bit her lip, her torso tipping forward towards them even as her hind paws remained very firmly rooted in place. It would have been so easy to step up to the bed, stretch out on her side and beg the dragoness to take her next, but she would never have done it. Fyr groaned inwardly. Too prideful by far, she was. Ropes, however… She’d known her husband for too long to not know that he would have loved to see it. Fyr shivered as Mar whimpered, gasping on the edge of climax. Perhaps Ropes would even like to see her wearing the strap-on, taking another dragoness nice and deep.

Reality shimmered, blurring into fantasy, and she was on the bed before she realised that her body had taken charge, her knees hitting the familiar comforter with a gentle jolt. She would have stepped back and laughed at herself, but Ropes was already there, nuzzling up to the back of her neck as he bent her over the bed. Guided by his strong paw, Fyr whimpered as he relieved her of her trousers, making short work of her rather demure panties with his claws.

She hadn’t liked that pair all that much anyway.

Rope nibbled her frill, eyes glimmering. The green-striped dragon cast Fyr a look back over her shoulder, shoulders tense. For a moment, Fyr felt a thrill of victory. She was the one that her husband wanted and not her.

The cougar in question licked and kissed the back of her neck, not bothering to remove her shirt as her breasts hung down into the soft fabric, full and heavy.

“Eager one, aren’t you…”

Fyr shook her head, but the whine that slipped from her lips told a different tale. Her head fogged over, resolve wavering and not helped in the slightest by his hard cock sliding back and forth against her pussy lips. How had she gotten so wet? The dragoness flushed, heat spreading down her neck as she pushed back against Ropes, the scent of sex and sweat rendering her helpless. He just had to fuck her and everything would be as it should, the need would simmer down and she could enjoy what was going on without, at least, having to think about the fact that she just couldn’t take her eyes off Chemical. The lines of muscle rising beneath her scales called her in like a siren’s song and she ached to know what they would feel like beneath her questing fingertips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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