Bukket Ch. 01

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It started when I picked up a porn DVD from a store. It was a DVD of cumshots compilations. I am not the type to frequent sex shops and the reason is either I am too embarrassed or lack the guts to do it or more possibly both. But this was not a sex shop. It was a simple DVD rental with a huge inclination towards pornography. The porn section was undoubtedly the biggest in the shop and the other sections were also rather suggestive. Regular films were littered with soft porn or erotic themed movies.

This was naturally not the first time I was renting an adult movie. I was not that much innocent. I had done it quite a few times when I was younger. At that time it was more for fun. Then I married and settled down and for obvious reasons the need to see other people having sex diminished gradually. At times Alec would bring such DVDs and we would both enjoy it together.

But things have changed since then and once again – I do not know after how many years – I was standing in a porn DVD rental and wishing I had the guts to take one home. When I had walked into the store I had no plans for adult movies. I just wanted a couple of movies for the weekend. But then I found myself drawn to this section. And here I was, holding a cumshots compilation in my hand.

The situation was complicated. I had gone to meet a book distributor for my book store. He was a big guy and I was the owner of a little bookstore. I wanted to cut a concession with him and had made it a point to appear like a seasoned businesswoman. It had not worked as I never even got to see the man himself and the whole communication was carried out through his secretary. I was allowed a concession, but not because of my business manners but because he knew I would not be able to afford anything higher. I was happy that I got the discount but humiliated that the man did not even allow me to enter his office and made it clear through his secretary that the number of books I would sell was so negligible that a discount hardly mattered to him. But mostly I was embarrassed with my attire. I had put on the quintessential white blouse with black skirt and pearl necklace and I have clearly seen the secretary’s smug smile when she looked at the fake pearls. Simultaneously cursing and congratulating myself, I had decided to rent movies for the weekend.

Standing in front of the DVDs I was keenly aware of how mismatch my appearance was with the situation. Albeit cheap, it was still nothing but a business attire and I had polished myself as much as I could for the interview. The whole getup had crumbled in that carpeted corporate office but here in a porn video store it stuck out like a sore thumb.

And that was not the only problem. There was no way I could pass as a starry-eyed young girl looking for some excitement. I have left that age long back. A mid-thirty woman in a business suit picking up porn DVDs?

“Why can’t she?” I asked myself. But a cumshots compilation? Now, that was way too kinky.

That I finally managed to gather the courage to rent halkalı escort the DVD was entirely due to the fact that there was a woman sitting at the counter. The best I could hope for. I had also taken three other movies. I went up to the counter and put the DVDs in front of her. The porn DVD was at the bottom. She issued the three movie DVDs without a second glance. Then she picked up the porn DVD and looked at me. My insides turned into ice and my face felt extremely hot. But the woman hardly cared. She said in a bored voice,

“This one is one of our rare DVDs. You need to give some contact information before renting it.”

Contact information? That was the last thing I wanted. Should I put it back? But that will look even more odd. But before I could do anything, she had already taken out a little printed form. She pushed it in front of me and handed over a pen. I looked down at it. They want my name, address, age, marital status, phone number and email ID. I could not believe it. “Why do you need these?” I asked her. Without saying a word she pointed at the email ID with her long painted nails. I still stood there undecided. Finally she got bored with me and turned the form towards herself.

“We will write the name as Mary Smith. Fine?” she said. I nodded. “We will leave the address blank. But we need the age.” She looked up at me. “Thirty four,” I said. And then added as she was about to look up again, “Married. But why do you need that?” She just shrugged and pointed at the contact details, “We will be needing something there Lady.” I thought about it. Phone was out of question. Finally I wrote down an email ID which was created some years ago for online chatting and which did not show my name.

Finally I was out of the shop with the DVDs in my bag. The whole affair with the form bugged me. I just could not understand why would a video store need my marital status. And why age? Shouldn’t it be enough that I am above 18? But apart from that there was something else that was not right. I could not put my finger on it, but there was something missing on that form. Somehow it did not look complete.

I came back home and changed. Then I went down and opened my bookstore. Eight months ago I had added a few tables in the store and installed a coffee machine in the hope that it would attract booklovers. It attracted lovers all right. The only difference was everybody would take a book or a magazine and keep it open on the table. I understood everything but did not tell them off. They were generating revenue after all and sometimes books were sold as well. But I hated them all the same. These young guys and their young chicks.

As I sat there I thought about what Alec would have said if he knew about the DVD. We were not living together anymore but we were still married. None of us were very keen on the subject of divorce. Alec was living in another town for the last two years and we used to meet once every fortnight or so. Somehow this strategy kept the marriage intact. Alec did not talk about divorce and I başakşehir escort was not going to be the one suggesting it. I also realized that I would not have told him about the DVD.

I closed shop at 8 p.m. and came back upstairs. I had dinner and then switched on the computer to check my mails.

I found the following mail:

Dear Mrs. Smith, I am writing from the video store you visited today. As you were informed by our employee, you have rented a rare DVD. We would be much obliged if you could give us a short feedback on the film. This would help us in expanding our stock. Sincerest Regard, Rob Jonas

I sat motionless for nearly five minutes and read the mail nearly ten times before I could accept the fact that a video store was really asking feedback on a porn DVD. Both intrigued and confused, I got up and put the DVD on the player. I flopped down on the couch and made myself comfortable.

The film ran for nearly an hour. I had very mixed feelings while I watched it. It was after ages that I was watching porn alone. And on top of that this was not the usual pornography. At times I felt it very repetitive and at times I liked it. Some of the shots were quite interesting. I could see the semen running down the girls’ bodies. At times I almost felt like something stirred inside me. But then I was going without sex for more than a week now and after all this was porn. After the film got over I ran it again and watched some of the interesting shots once again. Finally I took it out of the player and planned to watch it once again tomorrow before I return it.

As I got up, I remembered the mail. They had asked for feedback. I did not see any harm in dropping a line as feedback. I wrote,

It was quite interesting. Thank you.

Not two minutes passed before my computer gave a signal. I have got a reply!

Thank you for your feedback. Would you like to watch more films on the same topic?

Would I? I wrote,


Reply was immediate.

If you come to the store tomorrow, you would find another DVD with the lady at the counter.

Not knowing what to say I just wrote: Thank you.

I visited the shop in the afternoon. The woman at the counter gave me a cursory glance and took out a DVD from under the counter. I gave back the old one and took the new one. No questions were asked.

Once again I switched on the computer after dinner and a mail was waiting for me.

Nice to see your interest in this art. Watch this film for half hour and then tell me how you like it. Be truthful. Please.

I put on the film and started watching. It was same as yesterday. I was feeling a bit more excited than yesterday but the reason was not the film. It was entirely due to the mails. After half hour I paused it and sat in front of the computer. I thought what to write. He had asked my true opinion. So I wrote:

It is like the other film. I think I like it.

Reply was instant.

Do you like cumshots?

Did I? I must kadıköy escort bayan be! Or else why did I pick up these films?

I believe I do. Although I must say I do not find the films something very special.

The reply came instantly.

Imagine yourself in that scenario. Watch the rest and tell me. I will wait.

I thought about writing a reply and saying I am done with it. But finally I thought about giving it a try. I looked at the paused screen. A woman was kneeling on the floor looking up. The man was holding his dick in his hand. I tried to imagine myself sitting like that looking at the dick. I pushed play. The man was stroking his dick and the woman was looking expectantly. Could I look like that? Then the man came. Three streams of white ejaculate landed on the woman’s face. My face? The man rubbed his dick on her face. Now her face was smeared with the jizz. Next scene. The man came straight into the young girl’s mouth. She swallowed half of it. She licked her lips. In one instant the taste came to my memory. Yes the taste was the biggest turn on for me. One big reason I enjoyed cumshots. That and the feeling of drying semen on my skin. But I got so few cumshots in life!

After 20 minutes the film ended. I came back to reality. My heart was beating like a drum. My skin was almost glowing with heat. I could feel the adrenalin flowing through my veins. After how long? How many years?

I got up and sat down in front of the computer. What to write?

Thank you! It was unbelievable! Can I keep the DVD for one more day?

Reply came:

You can keep it as long as you want. Come down to the store tomorrow. There will be more for you.

My reply was short.

I will. Thank you.

When I went to the store the woman gave me a strange look but did not say anything. Silently she gave me a package of DVDs. I came home and counted them. There were seven. And there was a mail waiting.

Seven films for seven days. I will be away this week. Write to me next Saturday.

As I went through the days I realized how much addicted I had become. Throughout the day I would only keep looking at the watch. Twice I closed the shop one hour earlier than regular. Then I would sit down on my couch and put on the DVD of the day. This time there were many variations on the same theme. One film was only about guys shooting their jizz on boobs. In another the women were forced to suck the dick. Sometimes they almost gagged. In another they swallowed and licked every drop of cum that landed on them.

This was getting more and more difficult for me. Alec was away and would not be able to meet me this fortnight. I had no way of relief. But I was almost always thinking about sex. On top of that I had to endure the lovebirds in my store every day. They were all in their early twenties and they thought their only duty is to get cozy with their partner at every opportunity. I still could not say anything as they were my customers. Money matters.

On the Saturday I was ready for his mail.

Apologies for the long absence. Hope you have enjoyed the films.

I was totally frank this time.

They were wonderful. Thanks! Can I get more?

This time the reply was not the usual.

Meet me tomorrow at 3 p.m. Come to the store and ask for me.

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