Ann’s , Katherine’s Massages

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It was going to be Catherine’s wedding and I wanted to give both her and her mom a special treat for Catherine’s upcoming wedding: a deep tissue massage. Catherine’s mom, Ann, our next door neighbor, had been talking to me about the stress both she and Catherine were under with the upcoming wedding. Plans, arrangements, changing guest lists, personality conflicts and all that went into planning a big event, that was supposed to be perfect and that was a once in a lifetime occurrence for a young woman, was causing the both of them great stress.

I offered to pay for a free massage for both Ann and Catherine. It would be at the Pine Tree Spa near our homes. Unknown to Ann and Catherine Pine Tree Spa was a massage parlor that unlike many would cater to women as well as men. I had been going there for years to receive fantastic massages and great happy endings. My wife was deceased and I was on my own and really hadn’t desired getting into another relationship. During my many visits I would occasionally be serviced by the madam, Suki. We would engage in pleasuring each other orally and then engage in intercourse. She enjoyed the sexual pleasure I provided her and the attentiveness to her needs, and so would substitute regularly for the usual girls.

On one of my visits I inquired whether women could use the spa’s services including happy endings. Suki informed me that they could but only by appointment; they couldn’t accommodate walk-ins. In that case she would line up a girl if the woman wanted to be pleasured by a woman, or she would line up one of her two men, Bae and Jin, who usually performed house calls but who could also do their work at Pine Tree. With that in mind and on my next visit after making Suki reach a climax three times I asked if she ever filmed customers. She said for a fee of $500 and for special customers like me who were regulars she could provide this service, but I had to promise to never release the video on the Internet.

She had two rooms that were outfitted with cameras that were hidden well but would provide multiple angles. When she told me which ones I remarked that she and I had been in both of those rooms and she laughed and said, “I keep memories of our times together, Mike. You bring me much pleasure on cold and lonely nights even when you are not with me physically.” She continued, “Also it’s my insurance that you won’t misuse the films you wish to keep for yourself.” She slyly grinned at me and leaning over kissed the head of my naked cock. “I want to keep our special relationship going.”

With that in mind I purchased gift certificates for both Catherine and Ann to use at the Pine Tree Spa. Ann called and made appointments directly with Suki, as I had instructed her. Both showed up together, deciding to turn their day into a combination of massage, lunch, and shopping afterwards.

Suki later told me that both Ann and Catherine showed up on time together. Suki had waived off other male customers so Ann and Catherine wouldn’t be shocked by a naked man walking in the hallway. And fortunately no men walked in during the 9 to 11 am timeslot she had arranged with both Ann and Catherine. She escorted both to their respective rooms and informed them that they would both receive table showers which would include washing their hair unless they opted out. She said both were curious what a table shower was so they both accepted. She told both to get undressed and to wrap the large bath towels that had been provided for them to cover their entire torsos.

Ann’s Massage: After Ann was undressed Jasmine took Ann to the shower room. She asked for Ann’s towel. Ann balked at first not realizing that she was going to be naked in front of a stranger in order to be showered. Jasmine explained to her that she had done this many times with many women and it was nothing to be self-conscious about. Ann reluctantly handed Jasmine her large bath towel and Jasmine told her to lie face down on the shower table which had already been warmed up with hot water. She placed a small hand towel over Ann’s bottom to at least start her off with a sense of being minimally covered.

Jasmine warmed up Ann’s body with hot water and then proceeded to lather her up with a loofah sponge. In the process she removed the towel which had been covering Ann’s butt. Ann didn’t object. This gave Jasmine a clue as to how far she could go with Ann. Jasmine continued to vigorously scrub Ann’s body with the soapy loofah. Then she did as she normally did with male customers and used her soapy, slippery hands to lather up Ann’s naked body. As she passed her hands over Ann’s pale white, naked butt and then between Ann’s legs she half expected Ann to object; but she didn’t. To comfort Ann, however, she did explain that this was all part of the sensual Asian experience of complete attention to the customer.

After rinsing Ann off she asked her to turn over on her back. She placed small hand towels over Ann’s pubic region and barely over tandoğan escort her small breasts. She then asked if she wanted her hair washed and conditioned. Ann responded to Jasmine that that would be nice.

Jasmine spent a great deal of time massaging Ann’s scalp and relaxing her. After applying conditioner to Ann’s hair she proceeded to lather up the loofah and to lather up Ann’s body. Starting on her feet and her legs she moved up to Ann’s naked hips, her torso, and her shoulders and arms. She then set aside the loofah and began to work the same areas with her bare, slippery hands. When she reached Ann’s hips she folded the towel so it exposed more of Ann’s smooth white belly. Then she moved up and folded the towel over Ann’s breasts so that it only covered Ann’s dark brown nipples in a thin lateral strip. She worked her hands around Ann’s breasts massaging Ann’s breasts until she simply removed the strip of cloth and worked her hands around Ann’s whole bare chest. Moving her hands down to Ann’s belly she rolled down the strip of washcloth until Ann’s whole groin was naked. She lathered up Ann’s black pubic hair and then adjusting Ann’s legs out she worked her fingers down between her legs on either side of Ann’s dark pink pussy lips. Jasmine said that by this time Ann was thoroughly into the pleasurable sensations of being touched and washed in this way. Her pussy was beginning to show it; it was opening up.

Jasmine finished by rinsing Ann’s hair and body off, toweling her off, and escorting her to the dry sauna. She left her there for Bae to come get her.

Bae came to take Ann back to her room ten minutes later. Ann was startled at first since she had been sitting naked in the sauna, but Bae turned away until she could replace her towel around her torso.

Back in Ann’s room all could be seen on the video:

Ann was led by Bae who was holding her hand as he guided her to the massage table.

“Please, Ms. Ann, lie down face down. Keep towel around you.

Ann laid face down, placing her face in the hole in the table. Now Bae loosened the towel up and said, “I replace cold towel with warmed towel.” With that he whipped off Ann’s towel so for a moment she was completely naked and then laid a heated towel in the middle of her back and folded it open so it covered her body.

“Are you, OK?” Bae asked.

“Just a little uncomfortable that you’re a man and you can see me naked.”

“No worry, Ms. Ann. I am professional and see both men and women naked all time. I’m professional; you should no be self-conscious,” he reemphasized. He then asked, “Would you like me to use lotion or oil? Both are warmed up so you be fully relaxed. It your choice.”

“Lotion, please,” said Ann a little tentatively. Her being seen naked by first Jasmine, and then twice by Bae had disconcerted her. She appeared uncertain how to receive such intimate attention; on the camera this showed as her fidgeting and adjusting her body and face positions on the table.

Bae started with her shoulders and neck and soon had her fully into the great massage he was giving her. As he worked his hands down, he gradually rolled the towel covering Ann’s torso down to her waist, just north of her butt. His hands seemed to fly around her upper body, ensuring that no part of her was left untouched for very long. A damp sheen of sweat started to show up on his skin as he feverishly worked Ann’s body.

Now, leaving her back uncovered, he moved down to her feet and as he did so he removed the tank top he had been wearing. His stringy muscular physique was now very evident. Ann, with her face buried in the massage table and feeling totally relaxed, didn’t notice that Bae had removed some of his clothing.

Now he worked her feet, her ankles, her calves, and, rolling the towel up to just south of her butt, her thighs. He separated her legs ever so slightly so he could work his fingers in between her legs. He refrained, however, from getting too intimate with his touch…for now.

Next Bae began long strokes along the left side and then the right side of Ann’s whole body. In order to do so, he rolled up the towel so her hips were exposed now. He also curled his hands around her chest so his fingers just touched Ann’s breasts and around her hips so his fingers passed over her groin. On her thighs and calves he encircled his fingers around them and massaged her muscles deeply. Her legs parted more and as Bae vigorously worked her upper thighs and her butt the towel was pushed north so the cheeks of her butt were now visible. Although she probably wasn’t aware of it, her pussy was now probably visible to Bae.

Now lotioning up his hands he slid his fingers under the towel and grabbed each of Ann’s butt cheeks and rubbed back and forth. Ann at first reacted to such intimate touching by lifting her head up and looking at Bae. Noticing that he was shirtless didn’t help. He reassured her, “This all part tunalı escort of massage. If you no like, Ms. Ann, I stop right now.” He paused and held his hands up, “I’m professional and no want to offend.” Ann backed down and said quietly, “OK. I’ll try this for at least a little while.”

Bae soon had her enjoying the thrill of his hands deeply massaging her butt muscles. Like most married persons she had gone without a sensual touch that just focused on her for a long time. “The room was private; this was a legitimate massage. What could happen?” I’m sure she thought to herself. But as Bae continued his massage of where no man had touched other than her husband, Bob, the towel was now pushed up off her butt and onto her lower back. The beautiful white roundness of her back side was clearly visible to the cameras in the room. Her butt was rounded like a younger woman’s but wider like a woman whose hips had been pushed out by child birth. She had little dimples at the tops of her butt cheeks. The crack of her butt curved down between the twin globes of her fanny and terminated in a bush of dark black hair covering her pussy.

Back and forth and in a circular motion Bae’s hands moved against Ann’s naked body. His fingers now curled between the cheeks of her ass and Ann didn’t object. Now his hands moved over her upper thighs, over her lower butt, and between her thighs. His fingers must have been touching her pubic hair and on either side of her puffy pussy lips, but Ann still didn’t object. You could hear her moaning and sighing as his sensual strokes had their effect on her body. The pleasure was too good to object to. She was letting go…gradually.

Finally Bae climbed up on the table between Ann’s spread legs, removed the towel altogether and began long strokes up and down the length of her torso, her butt, her hips, and her thighs. As he pressed up towards her shoulders his thighs pressed against Ann’s naked thighs and then his groin began to press into the curve and crack of Ann’s naked butt. The cameras caught the fact that ever so slightly Ann lifted her butt up so that it came into contact with Bae’s body.

“Ms. Ann,” Bae said, “now I caress your skin with light touch. If tickle, let me know. This will bring blood to skin and warm you all over.” Clearly very relaxed and enjoying the sensuality of the massage Bae was giving her, Ann merely muttered, “Mmm-hhh.”

As Bae stepped down off the table from between Ann’s legs she left them open. Clearly Bae could see her pussy, but Ann was just enjoying the wonderful feeling of Bae’s massage technique. She was no longer so self-conscious about being butt naked and exposed in front of a total stranger who was a man.

Now Bae slipped his knit shorts down and stepped out of them. He was wearing a red, silky thong and was clearly very aroused by his contact with Ann’s naked body. His cock was stiff and straining against the soft material holding it in place.

Stepping to the side of the table Bae began to lightly caress Ann’s entire body with his fingertips. As so many before she began moaning as a pleasurable, erotic sensation filled her whole body. Almost involuntarily her hips lifted off the table as Bae’s fingertips caressed her bare bottom. And as Bae’s fingers traced lightly up the insides of Ann’s thighs she lifted her hips and opened her thighs indicating she wanted to be intimately caressed and fondled. Bae let it go several times in order to increase her desire to be touched sexually. And then he did it. His fingers stopped moving all over her body and instead moved between her legs. Soon Ann’s bare bottom was up off the table and Bae’s one hand was reaching under her to caress her bare belly while his other hand played with her pussy. Her sighs and moans became more intense and her body would quiver every so often.

On the cameras it was first visible as little shakes and jiggles of that soft, bare white bottom. Ann was opening herself up as Bae played with her so that now her anus was visible when she lifted her hips up. On the microphone Ann began to moan more constantly and then began to direct Bae to pleasure her in the way she wanted: “Yes, there, don’t stop. No, back up in that one spot. Yes, oh, yes.”

Then almost explosively Ann’s beautiful white bottomside clenched tightly, lifted off the table, and visibly shook violently as she had an orgasm. At the same time, she cried out, “Oh…god!! Oh…god!!!”

Bae didn’t let her stop there. He continued to caress her skin all over, now began to place gentle kisses on her skin all over, and now ran his tongue over her spine and down the crack of her butt to her anus. I could tell from the camera and where his head was on her butt, that his tongue was exploring Ann’s anus. Her orgasmic shudders continued, not letting up for a moment. More, “yes, oh, yeses.” More “oh gods,” more “don’t stops”, and more “please, don’t stops.” I guess Ann hadn’t had such intense sexual turangüneş escort attention in a while. The initial reservations slipped away like her towel had. She was naked and she was raw!!

This was my normally modest neighbor, whom I had fantasized about; and here she was tapping into her sexuality with a complete stranger. What an erotic rush!!

Bae leaned against her back with his chest and held her until her shuddering subsided. He asked, “Turn over Ms. Ann so we can continue with deep center massage.”

Dreamily Ann turned over. No self-conscious modesty now. After all she had just had two incredible orgasms in front of a stranger and was feeling quite excited and aroused all over. Bae grabbed a pillow for her head and tenderly lifted her head onto the pillow, placing a kiss on her forehead. Then grabbing another pillow he slid one hand underneath her naked hips, lifted them up, and slid the pillow under them. This lifted her hips up and opened her pussy a little. She left her legs wide open and bent at the knees. The pink inner lips were now visible and glistened in the light. Ann was sexually lubricated and aroused. She was ready for what would come next both physically and emotionally.

At the foot of the table Bae slipped off his thong and his huge member (9″ I learned later from Suki) popped up hard and at right angles to his flat stomach. He grabbed some oil this time, not lotion. He climbed up on the table between Ann’s bent legs and pouring some lotion into the palm of his hand worked it into Ann’s rounded belly, her stomach, and her breasts.

Ann closed her eyes and let what happened happen. Bae’s oiled fingers teased Ann’s dark brown nipples into tautness. He worked his hands back and forth across her stomach and belly. Ann’s thick triangle of black pubic hair covered the lower half of her groin and Bae’s fingers worked oil into her curls, worked oil around her clitoral hood, teasing her clitoral bud out, and worked up and down the slit in her womanly belly.

Ann’s chest was soon heaving as she got more and more aroused. Her nipples were tight little tips pointing up hard from her small white breasts. Her hips curled up to meet Bae’s fingers as they moved in her pubic region. Closer and closer Bae inched the tip of his enormous cock until it rested at the entrance to Ann’s pussy hole. I could hardly believe how quickly Ann had given into the erotic pleasure she was feeling.

Bae asked, “Ms. Ann, do you wish deep center massage? Full, deep center massage?”

Ann responded by moving her hips down so that her engorged and pink lips surrounded the head of Bae’s penis. Bae did the rest. Slowly he sank that huge member up into Ann’s lubricated and oiled pussy. After several long, slow, deep strokes his cock was fairly glistening with the oil from Ann’s pubic hair and her own lubrication. After fifteen or so slow strokes his cock was coming out all creamy white with Ann’s pussy juices. Ann never retreated from having delicious, illicit intercourse with this perfect stranger. She had become totally sexualized.

Bae’s hands caressed Ann’s naked, flushed breasts, caressed her flushed belly, and cradled her soft, full, white hips as thrust after thrust penetrated Ann deep inside. Soon she was letting out a long continuous groan and moan. The muscles on her stomach spasmodically tightened and released. She opened her eyes now and looked pained and out of control as she realized she was going to have an enormous orgasm. She was going to experience an orgasm like she’d never had and it was going to happen while riding another man’s dick. A big wonderful hot dick, but nevertheless a dick not belonging to Bob, her husband.

She held this bewildered look for only a moment and then she gave in to the erotic passion and reached her hands up to caress Bae’s face and chest. She slid her hands down to feel the rhythmic motion of his hips as they moved in and out and side to side inside of her. Finally she curled her bottom up so his penetration would go deeper inside of her vagina. Her eyes looked down to watch that shaved belly of his move against her pussy lips, and watched that wonderful dark tan member, all flushed and stiff with blood, push in and out of her. She started to smile and laugh with each thrust. You could almost see it on her face, “Fuck the guilt; this feels too damn good. Don’t stop, Bae.”

Bae, without hearing a word, understood what he needed to do. He controlled his own pleasure and carried “Ms. Ann” through three huge orgasms. Her sounds of pleasure were so loud that I was sure other customers must have heard her sexual, animal cries. It was only when Ann pleaded, “Please, Bae!” that Bae quickened his pace and with a grinding motion tight against her naked, hairy belly and with a shuddering butt released a load of semen up inside of Ann’s vagina.

Even after cumming he cradled Ann, kissed her forehead, her face, her lips, the tips of her nipples, and rested a warm palm on her belly, almost as if to hold the erotic pleasure and his seed in place in her womb. Ann caressed and cupped his tiny, muscular butt in her hands and ran her hands across his flat, muscular stomach, down to the base of the shaft still inside of her. She looked up at him and said, “Thank you.”

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