Amy’s Dawning Desire

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Well, here I am again with a tape recorder and several cassette tapes. At both Amy and Bob’s insistence I will be telling about how I first came to know Amy and some of our first sexual experiences together. Bob has asked me to finish this before he leaves on vacation and I suppose he will spend some of his vacation sitting in his motor home transcribing this for publication on the web.

A big Thank You to Bob for his efforts transcribing my stories. I assure you that I’m literate and can write, but this works much better if I just dictate.

Amy says to mention that she is trying to finish her story about how she and her roommate spent their time with a couple in a motel on their way to visit their families during a school break. She says to say she has been busy lately, so I am taking up the slack.

Now most of the stories Amy and I have told start out kind of slow and warm up from there. We both hate dirty stories told by the weak of mind. Stories with no romance, no plot, and characters that are simply props for descriptions of physical love. To this end, I urge the reader to pursue the entire story instead of just skipping to the hot parts. Get to know the characters, they’re real people.

While Amy Bob and I have a certain proclivity for mutual masturbation and teasing, by no means are these the only activities we engage in. I will say, however that we enjoy the mail from readers and on more than one occasion we have had a letter push us into that activity as we read and reread reactions our readers have to our experiences.

These stories are for man and women. In this case, the story heats up pretty fast and the romantic part happens later in the story. So ladies don’t despair, there’s romance in the air!

The reason this story is built this way is that’s because it’s the way it happened, life’s like that.

I guess the best place to start is the beginning. I met Amy at work and over time, started to spend lunch hours with her until I was transferred to another shift.

Amy stood about five foot four, had brown eyes and a really beautiful figure. Her legs were her best characteristic and she dressed to show them in a modest and utterly charming fashion, favoring skirted suits, which while understated, were very sensual.

She was the kind of girl you might see in any office walking down the hallway and wish you could reach out and touch. You would see her firm breasts wrapped in a form-fitting top, her smooth legs emerging from a skirt as she breezed past with a scent of soap and shampoo.

As I have already mentioned, we came to know each other at work and over a period of weeks developed a friendship, but not a romance. When my landlord sold the apartments I lived in to a developer, Amy offered to let me share her apartment, splitting the rent and other expenses. Often, such an offer is a come-on to romance, but Amy assured me that this was the furthest thing from her mind. Being a man, I believed her and being a man, I was wrong. I have always wanted to know, if a man is alone in the woods, miles from the nearest woman, is he still wrong?

I was concerned about invading her personal space, but because we worked different shifts, we were usually able to make do with our one bedroom. We were both seeing other people, but not seriously.

She had a one-bedroom apartment with a living room, a kitchen and a balcony that looked out on the twinkling lights of the city.

On the nights we were both at home, I used a fold out couch-bed in the living room.

We had lived together for about six months when we decided to throw a party. About thirty people showed up and jammed in to the apartment. We played music, drank and talked. At midnight there were still twelve or thirteen people remaining, most who had drunk too much to drive home.

Because of the crowd, Amy told me to make a bed in our room on the floor. I was very tired and a little drunk so within fifteen or twenty minutes, I was sleeping soundly.

I woke up in the middle of the night hearing the sound of a couple on the floor in the living room making love coming through the open door to Amy and my room. The apartment was not a large one and I could hear every sound from the living room quite clearly. They were trying to be quiet, but this only made the sound of their lovemaking even louder. They weren’t really doing it, just playing with each other.

As I lay in the dark listening to the sound of her hand sliding up and down his cock and his hand as it stroked her increasingly slippery pussy, I could feel my own erection straining inside of my underwear. Their gasps and whispers just made the whole experience more agonizing. I could hear Amy’s regular breathing and knew she was totality asleep.

Faster and faster their hands moved as they urged each other towards orgasm. Suddenly I heard the girl stifle a cry and then her boyfriends whisper, “You’re making me squirt!”, followed by the sound of sperm squirting hard against a blanket.

I was in seyranbağları escort total agony, my rigid cock straining against my jockey shorts, when in the silence that followed the couple’s passionate outburst, I heard the unmistakable sound of one of the guys lying on the floor nearby masturbating.

I was too embarrassed by my own arousal to do anything but lie there and listen as his hand moved up and down a cock that was clearly slick with excitement. I could not really make out which one of the shadowy figures on the floor was doing this but I was able to hear his gasp and the sound, again of sperm as it hit the blanket that covered him.

As I lay motionless in the dark, I heard Amy turn in her sleep and reposition herself. Again from the floor of the living room came the sound of someone masturbating, this time I couldn’t tell if it was a guy or a girl doing it. It was across the room, but as I continued to listen to the sound, it became unmistakable that this time it was a girl.

I strained my eyes peering into the darkness, but no motion betrayed the guilty party.

All of a sudden, I became aware Amy’s regular breathing had stopped. I wasn’t sure but as the girl in the other room continued relieving her sexual tension, someone else joined her.

This was too much. Trying to be as nonchalant as possible under the circumstances, I slipped my briefs aside to allow my aching cock to spring free. It stood as inflexible as stone.

Trying to be as quiet and motionless as I could be, I began to stroke my rigid cock. I looked and saw that Amy had repositioned herself so he knees were raised under her blanket, I did likewise.

In the darkness, I heard a small liquid sound and then another coming from under Amy’s raised blanket. Despite my own caution, my cock made a slippery sound as I gently touched it. I backed off long enough to wipe the tip of my cock on the blanket and then I resumed touching myself.

We lay in the dark listening to the sounds in the darkness. Both the sounds coming from the living room and our own sounds which we were doing our best to conceal. I kept lightly touching my hard cock. Every minute or two, I would hear a slippery sound from under Amy’s blanket.

In the living room, we could hear a number of people either masturbating or fucking. Since we really couldn’t see, all we knew is that there were a number of people involved in sexual activity of some kind. There were whispers, little cries and moans as most of the room quietly worked at getting off together. In the darkness I heard Amy take a shuddering breath as the sounds from the living room grew gradually louder in volume.

I Heard Amy whisper my name and I responded, whispering back “What?”

“Are you awake?”

“Obviously yes, how long have you been awake?”

“I don’t know, a few minutes.”

“I wonder what’s going on in there?” I said.

“I don’t know, but I’m going to find out”. She pushed her covers down, swung her legs over the side and stepping over me, crept to the door and stood listening. I could see in the dim light that she was still dressed in the tank top and panties she had worn to bed.

Outside, in the living room, the sounds continued. I pushed my rigid member back into my briefs and slowly pushed the covers down and got to me feet. I quietly moved behind Amy, looking over her shoulder to see what she was looking at. She turned to look at me and put a finger to her lips, indicating I should remain silent.

On the couch, a short blonde girl sat naked from the waist down. One of the guys was kneeling between her legs and watching. As we stood there, the girl spread her legs wider to afford him a better view. I could see that he had pulled his underwear down and his erect cock bobbed as he struggled to get a better look.

The girl was openly rubbing her pussy, whispering to the guy between her legs, As we watched, he reached down and started to stroke his dick. At least two other people were masturbating or fucking in the darkness watching the man and woman at the couch.

As we watched, the guy on the floor slapped his erect cock. The sound caused Amy to jump a little. She looked back at me and smiled sheepishly. The girl leaned forward and whispered something to him. He stood up, his cock bobbing and dripping. She leaned forward and took the head of his cock into her mouth and sliding it out and back in, got half the shaft into her mouth as he cried out that he was going to do it.

The blonde never stopped and we both could hear her rubbing herself furiously as his shiny cock slid in and out of her mouth. Even across the room we could hear her swallowing as he came. Apparently she was unable to get it all. A long rope ran down her chin and landed on her leg.

One of the figures got up off the floor, a girl wearing a football jersey sat up and then walked to the bathroom and shut the door. As she made the walk, pale legs flashing in the dim light, the blonde finished herself up, sincan escort leaning back on the couch, fingers sloshing her sodden cunt arching and whimpering while her partner watched helplessly cream dripping from his softening erection..

Another figure got up off the floor and headed for the bathroom, a guy this time. The erection tenting his underwear was so severe it looked like it was about to tear the fabric. When he got there, apparently the door was locked so after fiddling with the knob he knocked on the door softly and a muffled girl’s voice from inside said that she’d be finished in a minute.

A minute passed and then another as the guy stood at the door. He must have been listening to whatever she was doing inside because he pulled the shorts off and began stroking his dick standing at the door in full view of the entire room.

I heard Amy suck in her breath and became aware that my own erection was lightly touching her. I moved back a little. I didn’t know if she felt it or not, both our eyes were glued to the guy standing by the bathroom door stroking his engorged cock.

Just as his cock erupted, the door opened and the girl with the pale legs in the jersey emerged, brushing past him as he helplessly squirted stream after stream of come that spattered on the floor as he watched her make her way back to her place.

Amy pulled the door closed quietly, plunging the room into total darkness. She whispered, “I heard some people moving around out there, I had no idea they were having an orgy”.

She moved toward her bed saying to me, “Can you find your way back to your bed?”

I said that I could and slid back under the covers. I could hear Amy doing the same.

We lay there in silence for a few moments and then Amy said, “I’ll bet they’re going to be doing that stuff all night.”

I agreed that was probably the case.

“She’s a slut to act like that in front of a total stranger” Amy murmured.

“The blonde girl?” I asked

“Yes, sucking a total stranger like that”

“I guess” I said, without much conviction.

“I would never do that” she said.

“I guess it depends on how excited you were” I said.

“I don’t care how excited I was” she whispered, “I would never play with myself in front of a total stranger, let alone a whole room full of people”.

I said nothing. In a moment she continued, “It’s not that I’m a prude, but to play with my cunt in public like some kind of slut…” she trailed off.

“It sure got to me” I said with a catch in my voice.

“I noticed” she said, and then “If you need to deal with it, go ahead, I won’t mind”.

“What, like that guy?” I said

“I don’t think he could help himself”, Amy replied.

“I don’t know, I’d feel weird, just laying here and jacking off” I said.

“Why not”, she said, “everyone else out there seems to be doing it”

“You aren’t.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t”, “For heavens sake, don’t give yourself blue balls on my account”.

Our conversation had done nothing to diminish my excitement and despite myself, my hand began to tease my cock.

“Are you doing it?” she asked after two or three minutes.

“A little” I replied, You’re sure it’s OK?”

I’m sure” she said and then in a lower voice, “Are you thinking about those guys, the girl on the couch?”


“I am too”

My hand gently touched my rigid shaft as I asked, “Does thinking about them excite you at all?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment and then she said, “Not as much as what you’re doing right now”.

“Why is that?” I asked

“Because I know you can’t help it, just like that guy by the bathroom door”.

“Did you like watching him?”

“Oh yes, I felt like taking my clothes off and letting him look at me while he did it.” She said breathlessly.

“I wish you would have”, I said to her, now making no effort to conceal the fact that I was jacking off.

“I wish I would have too”. She whispered back quietly

“Why didn’t you?” I asked

There was a moment’s silence, “I didn’t want you to think I was some kind of slut like the girl on the couch.”

“But you liked watching them”. I said.

“It was very arousing to watch” she said carefully.

There was a minute of silence. I heard her turn over in her bed and then she asked me, “What do you think the most arousing thing was that they did?”

My hand started to make slippery sounds as my cock began to leak, “When he slapped his cock” I said

“Did you notice she started rubbing her cunt faster when he did that?” Amy asked.

“No”, I gasped, Did she?”

“Oh yes”, Amy murmured “Everyone in the room heard her, how slippery she was, how hard she was rubbing off, what a slut.”

I heard her turn in her bed and then she said, “I’m surprised he didn’t shoot sperm all over her legs right then”.

“Would you have liked that?” I said

Amy didn’t reply and then she said, “Why don’t you slap your cock like he did”.

I sıhhiye escort slapped, sending a jolt of excitement to the core of my being.

“Did you do it?” she said.

“Yes”, I gasped, “didn’t you hear it?”

“Sort of, are you doing it under the covers?”


I heard her moving around and then she said, “Do you mind pulling off the covers so I can hear better?”

“OK” I said, “it’s really turning me on having you listen to me while I do this” I said.

“By doing this do you mean jacking off?” she said softly.

“Yes” I said, “I like you listening to me jack off my cock”.

I heard her move on the bed as I pulled the covers down.

“Have you pulled covers down?” she asked.

“Yes”, I said, kicking the covers off my feet.

I slapped my cock hard, sending tingles coursing through my body, “Did you hear that?” I asked.

“Yes” she said, did that feel nice?”

“Oh yes” I gasped, “It felt so good”.

“Do you play with your cock often when I’m not here?”

“Sometimes” I admitted

“Do you slap it like you just did?”

I slapped it again and gasped “Yes”

“Have you ever thought about me when you jack off?” she asked.

“Um sometimes” I said

“Are you thinking about me right now?”

I slapped my cock again, “Oh yes, I am.”

I noticed unsteadiness in her voice as she asked the next question, “What are you thinking about us doing?”

I started to spank my cock lightly, loud enough for her to hear and said, “What do you think I think about?”

She was silent for a minute and I was afraid that she was ending the conversation when she spoke, “I’ve seen you looking at me when you think I don’t know. I think you think about looking at my breasts, maybe touching them while I play with your hard cock, is that what you think about?”.

I was leaking fluid badly and very close as I answered, “I’m thinking about that right now.”

There was a moment’s silence and then I heard her hiss, “Sometimes I think about YOU too, when I’m here alone. I think about you looking at my breasts and jacking off while I watch. I imagine you coming all over me and me letting you”.

This little gem pushed me almost to the edge as I imagined doing this.

A moment later she whispered, “I like telling you how to do it, do you like it too?”

“Oh yes, I like it so much” I gasped, nearing the end of my endurance.

“Then slap your cock again, hard.” Amy entreated, “Slap it for me, pretend it’s me slapping it.”

I slapped myself as hard as I could without really causing pain.

This was one slap too many. My cock thickened and a spasm of indescribable pleasure took hold as my orgasm washed over me like a tall wave. I felt any control ebb away as I shuddered feeling my stiffening cock preparing to ejaculate.

I said “Amy, I’m gonna do it”

“Wait, let me give you something to shoot into”

“I can’t wait, I’m doing it” I said. As my cock started to throb, I heard the rustle of clothing and felt something soft being slipped over my pulsing member. I realized she had taken off her tank top and was holding it over my dick as I shot jet after jet of hot cream into the soft fabric. All the time, she was crooning, “That’s all right, go ahead and do it now, squirt your sperm, I know you can’t wait”.

I felt the sopping tank top withdrawn. Relaxation flooded my being. Through the haze, I realized she was talking, saying, “Have you ever jacked off in front of anyone before?”

“Have you ever watched anyone before me” I said,

There was a minutes silence and I was fearful that I’d gone to far when out of the darkness I heard her voice, “Once, with a girlfriend in college, never with a guy.”

“Did you both do it or did you just watch?”

“At first, I just listened to her do it herself at night. I didn’t watch, I just listened.”

“Did she know you were listening?”

“Not at first, but later she did.”

Did you watch each other then?”

“For our first year as roommates, I just listened and then, later at night, I’d do it to myself after she went to sleep.”

“Did you ever wind up talking about it together” I asked, all sleepiness gone.

Another long silence and then “We went on a trip to visit our families. While we were driving across Kansas we started drinking beer and talking to each other. She started telling me about this thing she had done with her brother and his friend, it was really pretty hot in a perverted kind of way.”

“So what happened then?” I asked

“We stopped at a motel and got more beer. When we got to the room, we kept on talking and drinking and wound up masturbating together.”

“In front of each other?”


As I was imagining this, I realized that my erection was rapidly returning. She said, “I hope you don’t think I’m gay or anything, I really like guys.

“Do you still think about it?” I said.

“Yes, I’m thinking about it now”

“Are you?”


“What happens when you think about it?”

“Sometimes I do what you just did”

“You jack off?” I asked

There was a silence and then she said “I call it rubbing off”.

“Do you want to rub off right now?”

“Yes” she whispered, “I really want to, if you won’t think I’m some kind of little slut”

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