A Summer’s Education

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In the summer of 1972 I was 19 years old and between my freshman and sophomore years in college. I always did well with my school work but was socially immature. I guess I would have been considered a nerd. It didn’t help that I had a baby face and looked like I was 15 or 16. I was sexually immature also, which wasn’t really a surprise. I was shy around people, especially girls. I knew about sex but at that point in my life I never figured I would ever actually fuck a woman.

Any sexual knowledge I had came from exploring my mom’s World Book dictionary. It was always exciting to follow from one word to the next. Reproduction led to copulation, which led to genitals, which led to vagina, which led to labia. Fuck didn’t appear in my mom’s dictionary. I was really excited when I discovered new words, like fellatio or cunninglus. I dreamed about “copulation” and at that point in my life always figured it would be just a dream.

I had a great summer job. I worked for a plumbing supply warehouse pulling orders and helping load trucks. The really great part was when drivers took their vacations and I got to drive truck. I loved to drive and our warehouse covered a couple hundred mile radius so I got to see a lot of new places.

In 1972 it was the second summer I had worked there. There were five truck drivers and 3 full time warehouse workers and I was one of 2 summer helpers. We all reported to the warehouse foreman, an old German named Ron Dietrich. The entire operation was run by the regional manager, Larry Wodell. There were also salesmen and office help. The office help included an older lady, Betty Jones, who was the receptionist and Jean Taylor a bookkeeper/accountant. Betty was about 55 and had two grown kids and a grandchild. Jean was probably in her mid to late 20’s and had a son that was 9 years old. She was very pretty. She had soft auburn hair that fell to her shoulders and was kind of fluffy with large curls in it. Her eyes were a bright green and seemed to twinkle. Her nose was a little large, but not too much so, and had distinctive somewhat elongated nostrils. And she also had very large breasts. When I had first started work there they both seemed to notice my shyness and both were nice enough to talk to me and draw me out a little. They were both easy to talk to and I enjoyed the times I had to go to the office. Jean in particular seemed to take an interest in me and we had quite a few conversations about college and what I wanted to do in the future. She told me stories about her son but never mentioned her husband much. She was easy to look at and I tried not to be too obvious glancing at her breasts. There really wasn’t much to see any way. She always dressed conservatively and wore blouses that never showed any cleavage and the curves of her breasts were always smooth with no bumps or other hint of nipples. There were just the big mounds that stuck out from her chest. I remember one time when Larry and I were walking in the same direction and Jean walked by heading to the office. After she passed Larry looked at me and said. “Man oh man! Do you think she has big nipples on those tits of hers?” I blushed and Larry just chuckled.

That second summer we got a new warehouse worker named Brian Hertler. He was 22 years old and the son of the owner of our largest customer and he really thought himself to be a ladies’ man. It didn’t take him long to recognize my shyness, particularly about women, so he took it upon himself to regale me about his conquests, probably to see how much I would blush. He was always making lewd remarks about Jean. He was sure she dreamed about fucking him and wanted his cock, first between her tits and then in her cunt. I just tried to ignore him but it did make me think more about Jean sexually.

Over the course of the summer I heard about him fucking his mother’s friend, roughly ending the virginity of an 18 year old on her birthday, taking two girls at once and how he gave a first ass fucking to a supposedly beautiful drunk while her boyfriend laid unconscious next to them. The latest conquest was how he promised this big titted woman that was cock sucking him that he wouldn’t cum in her mouth only to hold her head tight against him as he unloaded into her throat. A common theme was that they all loved it afterwards.

The summer was winding down and I had about 2 weeks before I went back to school. I had a couple of short delivery runs on a Monday and after the second one I took my delivery papers and invoices into the office. I didn’t see Jean but I handed them to Betty and we small talked for a couple of minutes. Then I went to the file room to check the inventory on an item I had to load for my truck the next day. The door was shut, which was unusual, but I didn’t really give it a second thought. I turned the knob and walked in. I was shocked to see Jean and Brian in the corner of the room in what looked to be an embrace. In fact it was more than an embrace. Brian had Jean up against the wall with his body pressed hard against her. His head was snuggled in her neck and he was gripping and squeezing one of her tits. I was shocked and my mouth fell mamak escort open. I couldn’t believe Jean would be doing something like that, especially with Brian, who from her previous actions toward him you would have thought she despised him. In shock I began to back out of the room. Suddenly I noticed that Jean was struggling to get away and I realized that it wasn’t a mutual embrace.

“Hey!” I yelled. Both of them looked up startled.

Brian said “Get out! And shut the door!”

Jean murmured “Oh Dan. Please help!”

I stepped in to the room.

“Brian! What in the hell are you doing?” I yelled at him.

Brian pushed his open hand hard against Jean’s chest just below her neck pinning her against the wall.

“This isn’t your business Dan. Get out!”

I walked further into the room and by that time Betty had heard the commotion and appeared in the doorway. She put her hand up to her mouth in shock but by that time Brian had backed away from Jean so she didn’t know all that had gone on. Brian glared at me and then suddenly pushed by me and walked around Betty and out of the room. Jean bent over and began to cry. Betty went to her and hugged her shoulders trying to comfort her. About then Larry walked into the room and asked what was going on. I told him what I had seen and he was incredulous.

“Jean. Are you all right?” he asked

Jean looked up with tears running down her face and said “I’m okay. It was just a misunderstanding.”

Both Larry and I simultaneously said in surprise “A misunderstanding!”

“Yes!” she said firmly. It was clear that she didn’t want it to go any further although she was very upset and shaken.

Larry looked at me with a look of puzzlement. Then he said “Dan, why don’t you drive Jean home in her car. I’ll send someone over to pick you up.”

I nodded. Jean looked at both Larry and me and said “Thank you.”

Jean stood up and began to collect herself and walked out of the room with Betty helping, holding her arm. Jean collected her things from her desk and then we both walked out to her car. I walked her to the passenger door and opened it for her and she looked at me and said thanks as she got in.

Her house was about 10 minutes away and we didn’t talk at all on the way over. She seemed deep in thought and upset. When we got there I parked the car and got out and walked around the car to open her door but by the time I got there she was already out. I walked beside her to her front door. She unlocked it and opened it and then she turned to me and smiled wanly. Then she hugged me tightly and buried her head into my shoulder.

“Thank you so much Dan!” She murmured.

Then she let me go and turned around and walked into her house, softly shutting the door behind her.

I kind of dreaded going into work the next day. I didn’t really want to see Brian and I wasn’t sure how to react to Jean or even Betty or Larry. We started an hour earlier than the office so Brian was going to be the first encounter. He was there when I got there and just ignored me, which was all right with me. He didn’t talk to me at all which as far as I was concerned was an improvement over most days. Everyone else seemed to be normal and maybe even a little solicitous to me.

Brian went out to check the load on his truck and when he left one of the other truck drivers, Mike, looked at me and said “I don’t know what happened between you two yesterday but I know Larry stayed late yesterday and was reaming his ass.” I didn’t say anything but was glad that Larry had done something.

The first trip to the office felt awkward but Betty greeted me warmly and Jean was at her desk and smiled at me as if everything was normal. By noon it seemed that the previous day was forgotten, except by Brian who continued to avoid me. All in all a net plus.

The next day, a Wednesday, I had a run that would take about 4 hours. When I got in my truck I checked my folder for the invoices and packing slips for my deliveries that day. There was an envelope with my name on it. Puzzled, I opened it. It was a note from Jean thanking me again for driving her home the other day and inviting me to dinner the next night. I had never met her husband and son and thought it was nice she was inviting me into her home to meet her family. I wasn’t sure I really wanted to do that but I had a long day to think about it.

When I got back to the warehouse I brought my papers into the office. Jean saw me right away and seemed to beam at me. She walked over to me looking around to make sure we were alone and asked. “Will you be there tomorrow?”

” I’m not sure Jean. I don’t want to put you out.” I answered.

She scoffed and said “You won’t be putting me out.” Her brilliant green eyes looked into mine and she grabbed my forearm squeezing it firmly. “Please?” My cock stirred with the attention she was giving me especially with her big tits just inches away from me. Don’t be stupid I said to myself.

“Sure, what time?” I replied.

“Right after work, about 5:15 or so.” She said.

“I’ll be there.” ankara masaj yapan escort I said. She seemed to beam again and said “Great!”

The next day after work I drove into Jean’s driveway. There were no cars in the driveway and the garage door was closed. I nervously went up to the door and rang the doorbell. Jean opened the door with a big smile on her face. She was dressed in very nice stretch slacks and a tight fitting blouse that actually showed some cleavage, something she would never wear to work.

“Hi!” She said and actually bounced up and gave me a quick kiss on my lips causing her breasts to brush against my chest. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable. I have a few things to do in the kitchen.”

“Hi!” I replied and looked around nervously, expecting her husband or son to come out. No one appeared and I sat down on the couch. I heard Jean rustling in the kitchen. After a moment I got up and went into the kitchen.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” I asked glancing around.

“No, I think I’m pretty well set. Dinner should be ready in a little while.” I looked through to the dining room and was surprised to see a small table with only two place settings at it.

“Where is Jim and your son?” I asked.

“Oh they took a few day father and son vacation before school starts up.” She said nonchalantly.

The implication of that statement stunned me. I was having what could only be considered an intimate dinner with a stacked, sexy MILF. It was just earlier that summer that I had learned that term from that asshole Brian. I smiled at the irony of the fact that it was because of him I was here.

Jean looked over at me smiling nervously. “You don’t mind that it’s just me, do you?”

I smiled nervously at her. “Of-of course not.” I stuttered.

“Good!” She smiled warmly. “Would you like some wine?” She seemed to notice my hesitation and said “I know you’re underage but I won’t tell anyone.” She hesitated briefly and continued. “About anything that happens tonight.”

My head was spinning now as she poured a glass of wine and handed it to me. If I was at home daydreaming about a scenario like this I would be rock hard and masturbating. As it was my cock was still soft and the reality was I was nervous as hell.

She had made a nice roast and I helped her get it and all the fixings on the table. I pulled her chair out for her and she smiled at me. “Thank you kind sir!” She said. As I sat down she raised her glass in a toast. “Here’s to a nice dinner and a wonderful evening.”

We sat and ate and conversed. Jean was easy to talk to especially after my tongue was loosened with a little wine. I kept glancing at her tits discretely. She looked up from her plate and saw my eyes divert. She smiled and picked up her glass and swirled her wine, her eyes looking directly into mine.

“I’ve thought about having breast reduction surgery.” she said. I turned beet red. “I get tired of the staring and leering.”

“Oh Jean! I’m so sorry!” I said.

Jean looked startled suddenly and reached across the table and grabbed and squeezed my hand. “Oh Dan! I didn’t mean you! I mean, I know you look but it’s never in a leering way. I mean assholes like Brian. Or even nicer guys like Larry and Mike. You’re always so sweet and gentlemanly and try to make sure I don’t notice.” She smiled warmly at me.

Her hand stayed on mine and I looked at her and said. “You shouldn’t let other people’s actions or boorish behavior dictate what you do.”

She let out a short laugh and pulled her hand back. She thrust her chest out smiling. “Well they do get in the way occasionally so I might enjoy it if they didn’t stick out so far.” I blushed and we each went back to our food. Suddenly she put her hands in her lap and lowered her head coyly. She raised her eyes to look at me. “Does your girlfriend have big tits Dan?” She asked.

I blushed again. “I – I don’t have a girlfriend.” I said. Then hastily I added “Not right now.” Trying my best not to sound like a loser.

Jean swallowed and persisted with the third degree. “Did any of your girlfriends have big tits.”

I turned red. Was she trying to embarrass me? If so she was succeeding spectacularly. Fuck it! Why should I lie. “Well, I’m kind of shy and not very confident around girls.” I blurted out. “I’ve never really had a girlfriend.” I confessed. “If I liked her, I know I wouldn’t care what size her tits were.”

She sighed and smiled at me. She reached across and held my hand, gently rubbing and caressing it. Her touch was stimulating and I felt my cock stir. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you Dan. Some day there will be a very lucky girl that finds you.” She pulled her hand back and redirected the conversation to more mundane things for the rest of the meal.

Afterwards we both cleaned up the table and got the dishes in the dishwasher. We were both at the kitchen counter doing the final cleanup. “Let’s go into the living room and relax now.” She said. “Would you like another glass of wine?” She asked.

“I better not, I’ve got mithatpaşa escort a long drive home.” I replied.

I could see her hand tremble slightly and she looked at me nervously. This time she stammered. “You – you really don’t need to drive home tonight.”

I was stunned and I’m sure it was obvious. She was seducing me! Although seducing would normally imply more subtlety. She gripped my arm.

“Dan. I have never done this before but I really like you. You’re always so nice and you don’t act like you’re better than anyone else even though I know you’re better than anyone in that warehouse.”

“Jean! I – I just don’t know.” I said blushing. And then I blurted out “I – I’m a virgin.”

She put her arms around my waist squeezing her tits against my body. She looked at me seriously. “I know or at least I suspected. Maybe you’re thinking you should save yourself. Maybe you’re thinking that first girl will be the one for a lifetime. But I can almost guarantee it won’t be like that.”

“It’s not that.” I said. “It’s just that I’m nervous. Why would you want to have sex with me. I won’t know what I’m doing.”

She smiled and caressed my back. “Let me worry about that. Would you like to have sex with me?”

“Yes.” I gulped.

“Oh Dan.” She murmured. Then while staring into my eyes she asked in a sultry voice. “Would you like to fuck me?!”

I was shocked now. “Ye-yes Jean I would!” I stammered.

“Oh Dan.” She brought her lips to mine and we really kissed for the first time. Her mouth opened and her tongue came out and she taught me how to French kiss. After a moment she pulled away. “Maybe you should put your car in the garage so the neighbors don’t ask any questions.”

We went to the garage and she opened the garage door. She watched as I pulled my car in and then shut the door. She had a big grin on her face as I walked up to her. She grabbed my hand and kissed me deeply. Then she turned and said “Come on.” and pulled me after her. She held my hand as she pulled me down the hall and in to her bedroom. She turned and faced me when we reached the side of the bed. She held both of my hands and looked at me. I was extremely nervous and my cock was erect and straining in my jeans. Jean was actually trembling slightly. We kissed again. “I’m so excited!” She whispered to me. “Me too.” I said

She brought her mouth up and kissed me and began to unbutton my shirt as she did so. I had my hands on her waist as our mouths explored each other. When my shirt was unbuttoned she pulled it up out of my pants and helped me get it off. She kept looking at me as she began to unbutton her blouse starting at the top.

“Would you like to help?” She asked, smiling. I started at the bottom and we met in the middle. I helped her pull it off and soon she was standing in front of me in her bra. Her large breasts were rising and falling as she breathed heavily. I reached up and caressed her breast through her bra. She thrust her chest forward.

“Hmmm.” She moaned. I squeezed her tit and her eyes closed and she moaned louder. She took in a deep breath and her body quivered. She stared at me as she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Her hands moved to the front and held the cups of the bra. She slowly brought them forward letting her bra slip off her tits.

My mouth dropped open. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed. The bra fabric must have been rather thick because it had hidden her stiff and protruding nipples. To me her tits were too big but I had never imagined that nipples could look like that. They were rising and falling on her large mounds as she breathed. Each tit was peaked by a thick reddish brown circle about 3 inches in diameter. There were multiple distinctive bumps of various sizes sprinkled on each of them and in the center was a large textured stiff knob. There were several faint outlines of blue veins running along the sides of her breasts converging on her nipples. It was the most sensuous thing I had ever seen. She was watching me as I took in the sight of her bare tits.

“Do you like them?” She asked with a worried tone in her voice.

I looked at her. “They’re beautiful!” I smiled, thinking about those erotic nipples. “Just like you!”

It sounded corny but she liked it and smiled brightly.

I returned my gaze to her tits. “Can I touch them?” I asked stupidly.

Jean burst out laughing. “Of course, silly!” She said and then grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast. “You can touch them all you want.”

I smiled and lightly rubbed my thumb over the knob of her nipple. Then I took my index finger feeling the bumps on her areola. She closed her eyes and moaned. I rolled the knob between my thumb and forefinger and gently tugged, pulling her nipple out from her tit. She twitched and quivered. “Ohhh!” She exclaimed.

She moved toward me and kissed me deeply. “Oh Dan. Let’s get naked and on the bed.” She reached down and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants while we continued to passionately kiss. She pulled my zipper down and suddenly stopped kissing me and looked at me with a furrowed brow. She looked down at the bulge in my pants and then back up to me with a look of wonder. She looked down again and then hooked her thumbs under the elastic of my underwear and began to pull my underwear and pants down struggling to get it past my hard cock. She pulled it away from my stomach and my cock sprang out. She gasped.

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