Over My Boss’s Desk

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I had to admit that my boss was right. For a whole day after our encounter with each other I could still feel him inside me. I could feel him when I sat down, when I shifted positions, even when I looked at him from my desk.

I tried to act as normal as possible, but I craved for him to be back inside me again pounding at my hole. It didn’t take long for my wish to come true because just two days later, right before my shift ended, Mr. Johan placed another large stack of folders on my desk.

“Second folder, eleventh page.” he stated before walking back to his office. I slowly looked through the folders thinking of what could be on the note this time. When I got to the second folder I found the eleventh page and looked at it.

“Meet me in my office for a round two at 8pm, if you’d like.” it read, and I felt my dick bounce. I was definitely going for a round two. When 8pm struck the clock everyone on our level was gone, so I stood up and knocked on Mr. Johan’s door.

“Come in.” He responded, and I walked in to him squeezing a yellow stress ball. He motioned for me to sit down on his desk, and I did so happily. “I see you came to join me.” he smiled as he leaned down to kiss my thigh.

“You sure do like to kiss, don’t you.” I hummed as he continued to trail kisses up my leg. He just looked up at me smirking as he unbuckled my belt and pants. I lifted my butt up, and he pulled my pants off revealing the wet spot in my jock strap.

He drummed his fingers over my restrained erection making it leak even more. I watched as he spread my legs as I sat on the desk placing himself in between them. He took his time sucking and nipping over my thighs making me moan and whimper.

“Mr. Johan your leaving hickey’s on me.” I blushed looking down at the multiple red patches of skin in between my legs. I guess he wasn’t in the talking mood because he just stood up and laced his lips on mine.

He kissed me passionately, and it made my dick throb as well as my heart thump. I loved his lips on mine. It made me feel like this was more than just a reoccurring one-night stand. He placed his large hands on my waist and humped softly as he sucked my bottom lip.

He pulled at it softly with skill and traced my lips with his tongue. I kissed him back gently as I rubbed my hands over his chest as I unbuttoned his white collared shirt. I felt his boner in his pants as he humped against me and I pushed into him with my own erection.

After he pulled away from my redden lips he worked his way down kissing and nipping my neck and collar. I leaned my head back in reaction to the pleasure I was feeling and moaned deeply.

Mr. Johan was so good at pleasuring me in all the right places that it made me wish that we had started this sooner. He then pulled off my shirt and licked over my nipples making me moan unexpectantly. “Did that feel good?” he asked, and I nodded my head yes.

He continued to softly bite and suck my nipple as he rolled the other in his finger. I whimpered and güvenilir bahis bucked my hips as my pre-cum spot grew larger and larger. “Please no more.” I moaned as I gripped his hair in my fingers.

“What do you want then?” He asked rubbing his hand in between my legs. “I want to choke on you.” I stated very much unashamed of the words that just came out of my mouth.

“I’m not inclined to deny you of your wants.” he smiled as I stepped down from the desk and to my knees. I pulled his pants down to find that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. “No undies Mr. Johan?” I asked licking from his balls up to his tip.

“I’ve been waiting for this, ok.” he moaned as I licked around his tip. I gently pushed him back letting him land in his chair as I pumped my fist up and down his shaft. He groaned when I took him into my throat as I suspected he would.

I loved when he pushed further into my throat allowing me to fully take in his manhood. I was able to take him to his base this time, and it made him moan gripping the sides of his chair.

He tightened his hands around my head and humped his thick hard cock into the back of my throat. Even though it was so far back I could still taste his pre-cum flooding the back of my windpipe. I couldn’t hold it any longer and started to gag and choke.

“Fuck your throat closing around me makes me so damn horny.” He moaned pulling out of me as I continued to search for air. Spit once again covered his dick as well as my bare chest and lips. He gripped my chin forcing me to look up at him and I stuck my tongue out.

“Your such a little tease.” he smirked rubbing his leaking fluids over my tongue with his firm dick. I flicked my tongue over his penis slit making him bite his lip. “Only for you boss.” I smiled slowly sucking my lips over his tip.

I then stood up and trailed my fingers up his thighs to his abs and over his bare chest. It was muscular and smooth. His chest was mostly hairless except for a few sparse ones. His abs underneath were three sets of parallel packs that beautifully complimented his chest.

“That feel good?” I asked seductively as I ran my fingers over his hard nipples. “Yes.” he moaned biting his lip. I ran my tongue over his nipple and he started rubbing his boner against my thigh. “This is too much of a tease.” Mr. Johan smiled looking down at me.

He then spun me around so that I was facing his desk and bent me over it. “I love that you wear a jock strap. It makes for such easy access.” He hummed rubbing his wet thumb over my awaiting entrance. I loved when he took the time to tease my hole, but it also made me really impatient.

“Frustrating isn’t it.” Mr. Johan chuckled pressing his middle finger just past my hole. “Please Mr. Johan. I need more.” I moaned pushing myself back. “Ah, ah, no moving.” He stated slapping my ass making me moan. “Oh so you like that? Guess ill just have to hit you a little harder.” he smiled leaning down whispering in my ear.

After he had pulled enough moans from me güvenilir bahis siteleri just by rubbing over my hole, he knelt down and spread my cheeks probing it with his tongue. He changed up his pace by licking quickly then slowly over my sensitive puckered hole and I couldn’t help but push myself back towards him.

“I’m sorry I can’t help it.” I breathed heavily squeezing my hands into fists waiting for him to hit me. “I understand.” he said landing a firm hand on my right ass cheek making me yelp and reach back. “No, don’t touch it. Let it sting.” He hummed watching as my cheek turned pink.

“Your so horny.” he chuckled rubbing my penis through my pouch as he popped open a bottle of lube. “I won’t deny that statement.” I hummed in response. I felt the cold substance on my hole and my jock strap being pulled down and off me. “The tips of your fingers should be at the edge of the table.” Mr Johan stated pushing my back-down.

In this position I had to stand on my tip toes making my ass exactly where he wanted it. “Fuck, I don’t know if ill be able to control my self.” he moaned rubbing his tip over my hole. “Please just fuck me.” I moaned wiggling my butt. “Remember those fingers don’t move unless I say so. Are you ready?” he asked and at this point I don’t see how that was even a real question, but I responded with a verbal yes.

Finally, I felt him start to push into me with his hard on, and I wasn’t going to try to hold back my moans. I could feel every thick vein slid inside me, and it made me feel complete. “Fuck I’m not even halfway in, and you feel so damn good.” he moaned.

That made me feel a little concerned because I could already feel him inside me, deep inside me. I then felt his balls rest against my ass and Mr Johan rubbing down my back. “I bet you can feel me in your stomach.” he smirked laying all his weight down on me.

My waist was resting on a cushion so his weight didn’t hurt me. “More like the back of my throat.” I smiled feeling him kiss my cheek. He chuckled then leaned back up, and I could hear him take a deep breath. “I don’t see you walking straight after this.” he hummed sliding out of me slowly.

He held himself there then slid back into me slightly faster than the first stroke and I whimpered. “How’s it feel?” he asked rubbing my lower back. “It hurts a little.” I admitted honestly, and Mr Johan rubbed down the middle of my back. “Want me to pull out some or stop?” He asked pulling out of me again.

“No, please just fuck me Mr Johan.” I asked pushing back onto his poll. “Don’t be naughty.” He said slapping my ass and I whimpered again. I then felt him pick up the pace and started really fucking my ass. “Fuck your so damn tight.” He moaned holding on to my waist.

His strokes started becoming meticulous and seeming planned out. I couldn’t help but moan and whimper as I felt his cock rubbing over my most sensitive spot. “Sir your cock feels so good inside me.” I hummed feeling as he started getting even deeper inside me.

Then iddaa siteleri I felt his strokes getting out of rhythm and harder. “Fuck Mr Johan, your so deep.” I moaned feeling a bit of pain. It wasn’t bad, and I still enjoyed every stroke, so I didn’t say anything. “Can I go harder please? I’m so close it won’t be long. Your ass feels so damn good bent over my desk.” he moaned pulling my waist in closer.

He was now deeper inside me and I know for a fact my eyes crossed. “Yes, fuck me Sir.” I moaned feeling him waste no time grabbing a tighter hold on my pelvis. I then felt him pound his long, thick, inches into my ass hard. He stayed deep inside me and fucked upwards, and I started seeing stars.

I heard myself screaming as Mr Johan pumped his erection deep inside my hole. “I’m going to cum.” he groaned as he pushed harder into me. It started hurting more than I could handle, but I could feel my orgasm building. “I’m going to cum too.” I announced struggling to keep my fingers in place.

“I’m cumming Sir.” I whimpered as I felt Mr Johan pull out. “Did I give you permission to do that?” he growled slapping my ass hard making a tear fall. “I’m already cumming.” I moaned frustrated as my orgasm was ruined. “What a naughty boy,” I heard him say as he grabbed my sensitive penis, “you cummed on my floor.” he stated.

“I didn’t mean to Mr Johan. I’m sorry.” I stated as I felt him start rubbing his palm over my cock head. I whimpered and stood up grabbing my dick, and I instantly felt a pain in my rear end. “You moved.” he growled pushing me back down on the desk. “I’m sorry.” I whined again as I felt his penis ram back into me.

It didn’t take long for him to start getting close again. “Mr Johan.” I moaned out as he filled my anal canal with his hot sperm. I felt him pump stream after stream of semen into me and I screamed. “Damn your loud.” Mr Johan smiled as he collapsed on top of me while still inside. “I won’t be naughty anymore.” I stated breathing heavily.

“I know you won’t.” he breathed back standing up. “Stand up.” he stated, and I looked back at him. “Why?” I asked seeing his smug smile. “I want to watch gravity do its job.” he smirked, and I slowly started to stand. A pain went through my lower reign but more severe than before, and I doubled back over his desk.

“Mr Johan.” I teared up looking back at him. “It hurts I know, but you have to at least stand up. You’re going to be feeling me for a good while after this.” He chuckled helping me to stand up. I knew he was right, and my ass did indeed hurt like hell. “Thanks for the heads-up.” I smiled grabbing his cock.

“Let it go.” He warned looking over at me. “Not until you promise me no more ruined orgasms.” I stated rubbing my finger over his sensitive tip. “Ouuu, you’re making another mistake.” he winced smiling as he picked me up. “Ahhh my ass.” I cried as he gave it a spank. “Looks like your coming home with me.” he stated grabbing my clothes.

“Next time we do this I want to be in your bed.” I stated yawning as I started coming down off my high. “Tell me when, but I don’t think you’ll be wanting anything near that sweet entrance of yours for the next couple of days.” He chuckled putting his own clothes back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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