Just Another Random Hookup Pt. 04

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Its been three weeks!

The club was closed a week after the last time I met him – and I’ve been a hot mess since. I only half thought Daddy meant it when he said the club was not safe, but what on earth happened?

I stumbled home after another night of hanging out at a different bar or club and just not being interested in anyone. Regular guys just seem to be boring in comparison to him.

Damn I’m pining for him.

It was past 2 am. I shut the door to my apartment, a little drunk and very horny, stripping off my shoes and clothes until I was just in socks and a pair of white cotton panties. Turning the lights off I collapse onto my bed and let out an annoyed sigh. Why can’t I just hook up with someone normal?

The room is dimly lit by the moon as I stare up at the ceiling and wonder if I should masturbate to yet another unsatisfactory end.

I’m just sliding my palms down over my tummy when I hear the buzzing of my phone. Probably one of my annoying friends, I think turning my head to glance at it.

Unknown number!

“Daddy?’ I whisper to myself and pick it up – staring at it. With a shaky finger I swipe to answer and say into it softly :


“Mmm, how’s my girl doing?” His voice is clear and teasing.

My heart starts to thud so loudly I wonder if he can hear it. It takes me some time to get words out, but when they do they come out in a rush.

“Oh my god Daddy, I missed you, I came to the club but didn’t go in, and then it closed.. and..” Voice trailing off for a moment then continuing “..and I missed you – a lot!”

He chuckles softly. “It sure sounds like you missed your Daddy.”

I can’t help myself, his voice sounds deep and rumbly – my palm slides down over my stomach. “So much Daddy” I whisper.

“Why don’t you come a bit closer to the window, and show your daddy, then.”

The what? Is he here?

The thudding in my chest grows louder. I get off my bed and walk to the glass door that opens to my little balcony, the moonlight tracing my goose bumped bare arms as I place a palm on the glass.

“There’s my little slut” His voice all growly. “Now open the door.”

Oh god, he can see me!

I slide the door open and I’m greeted by the soft chill of the autumn night. Feeling nervous and more than a little worried about my neighbors, I step out onto the balcony.

Another growl that makes me clutch the phone tighter in my hand. I survey the street, but can’t see anyone güvenilir bahis at all until suddenly two lights flash on a car across the street.

“Is that you?” I call softly into the phone, feeling increasingly breathless.

“Get onto the little table there” He says, ignoring my question.

I glance down at the table and the two chairs that fill up the tiny space on my balcony. The table is a little shorter than the railing and standing on it would lift me up onto full view of anyone on the street.

I take a deep breath and step onto one of the chairs and then the table, staring at the car that blinked its lights earlier.

“Good little slut” He says back, his voice sounds needy and insistent – I wish I could be there in the car.

“You can come inside? or I can come to you?” I say.

“No.” He replies and there’s a pause where I can feel him thinking. Then after a few more moments he says again, louder and almost angrily :

“Take off everything you have on slut. Strip off for your Daddy”

Oh God.

My fingers are shaking as I reach for the waistband of the panties and tug them off my hips and down to my ankles.. stepping out of them, I start on each sock one at a time and drop them all down to the floor – and then straighten.

I feel like I’m going to explode and my small cockette stiffens as I stand there. Trembling, naked on the table – wondering with terror if anyone else is watching me.

He takes a while to respond and when he does his voice seems softer.

“I missed you my little slut and while I can’t own you like I want to right now, you will do everything I say tonight.”

I nod silently, my body tense and burning up as another chill breeze runs over my bare skin.

“Do a slow turn for me, show me your tight little body.”

I do as he asks, turning slowly on the table, eyes fixed on the car. My fingers shake as I fight the need to slide them down to my stiffness, but something tells me I shouldn’t.

There’s another long pause and I can feel him taking in the sight of me turning slowly as I stand naked in the moonlight for him and the entire street to stare at.

“You’re such a good little princess… and I love when you give me your sweet slutty body completely.”

I’m swooning I could come right there if he told me to… but he doesn’t. Instead…

“Now come out to the street, I’ve left a little package for you. Come out as you are – naked”

I stare at the car in shock, güvenilir bahis siteleri its one thing to stand in the comfort of your own apartment and another to walk out onto the street with my little cock flopping around. Something drives me on, I could hang up and run back inside but I want this deeply, I want to do things for him.

I step off the table and back inside, to the door of the apartment and then out into the common corridor. I take the stairs and rush down to the ground level, heart thudding as I peer around the corner at the door to the outside.

Its empty – its past 2am after all! Be a slut, go on!

I’m walking faster and turning the handle, and the door opens to the steps outside. Three of them and… then a few steps along a pathway to the street. I run down them too, and then outside onto the path until I see a small package on the ground.

I stop and pick it up – holding the phone to my ear.

“I got it.” I whisper and I know he can hear how aroused this has made me.

“Good girl, now back upstairs and onto your little stage.” He chuckles.

I don’t need to be told twice. I’m rushing back inside and up the stairs and into my room, excited to open the package and find out what is in store for me.

Once inside I start tearing at the packaging and find the small box that’s inside. It’s a vibrator! A funny shaped one too. I don’t bother with turning on the lights of the room to read more about it, instead I whisper into the phone as I step towards the open balcony door.

“Its a Vibe. I think I know what to do Daddy.”

I hold it up as I step onto the little table again, staring at my hidden audience in the car across the street.

“Not just any Vibe.” He says with a laugh, and suddenly, I feel it come alive in my hand, without any button presses it starts a low but powerful hum. “One that I control.”

I let out a moan, holding it against my tummy and the burning heat inside it.

“Put it inside you, I know you’re hungry.” He says and gives a soft groan.

My fingers shake as I reach it back behind me, bending slightly and holding one soft buttock open as I search for the tight little opening, with the tip of the vibe. It has a handle like base and I grip it as I push, applying pressure onto the ring and finally feeling it pop in.

I can hear his breathing as I clutch the phone with my other hand, sighing into it as I push the toy deeper into me. It feels like the perfect size iddaa siteleri – not too big not too small.

Vibrating goldilocks cocks.

I feel my knees twisting along with my ankles on the table, arching my spine girlishly as it pushes past the last tightness and seats itself inside me. The tip touching my little slut button that’s hidden deep inside my depths.

“Daddy, it fits perfectly.” I coo into the phone. Moaning a little as every little movement I make brushes my depths and makes me want to squirt wildly – but I hold on.

I hear him chuckle and then says. “Does it? How about now?”

It comes to life again, vibrating smoothly and I feel it hit deep inside me, in a part that makes me wail out into the night hardly caring about who hears me.

“That ones a freebie. Are you ready for your assignment my slut?”

I nod as I stare at the car.

“Every time I flash my lights, I want you to call out loudly ‘I belong to Daddy'”

I clutch the phone in shock. I don’t reply just breath harder into it – sobbing a little.

The lights flash.

“I belong to Daddy!” I wail out and it jumps inside my ass, vibrating and violating my depths, making me wail even louder – as if in reply to it.

I clutch the phone and pant and sob as I stare at the car.

The lights flash again.

“I belong to Daddy!” I call out again and the vibrator responds, awakening and shaking my core. I weep into the phone and cry out as I feel my knees almost buckling.

“Louder!” I hear him say through the phone, the lights flash again.

“I belong to Dadddyyy!” I cry out sobbing almost in tears as the toy starts to tremble and shake harder and more violently, hitting my girlie spot deep inside my soft pink depths.

I hear a dog bark and a light flickers on above me to the left – I turn away, nothing matters but performing for my man, for my Daddy.

The lights flash one last time.

I scream out the words and this time I lean over making the tip of the vibrator press tightly against that spot that makes me lose my mind. Suddenly in a rush my entire body goes warm and starts to shake… my thighs press together tightly and I squirt, coming in a wet sticky rush along my thighs – wet and warm and trembly as I hold the phone against my ear and sob out my bliss to the man.

“You are special to me princess.” He says in a soft kind voice. The words feel like a warm hug, as I shake and tremble and orgasm all alone on the balcony – watched by Daddy across the street.

I stand there shaking and hear the engine of the car come to life. It pulls out and drives away slowly down the street.

I stare at it longingly.

“Thank you Daddy.” I whisper into the phone.

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