Widowed Mike’s New Appetite Ep. 02

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The following Tuesday I walked up to Jaynes front door and it opened as I got there. I stepped inside and kissed her gently on the cheek. Her long brunette hair was loose over her shoulders and the short, sleeveless, summer dress she had on showed her slender tanned legs to perfection. It wasn’t low cut but actuated the outline of her breasts and my cock was already beginning to twitch.

I’d thought a lot since our previous meeting and was pleasantly surprised that she had agreed to a further coffee and cake which I hoped would finish in the same exciting way. We sat and had coffee, both of us at ease and neither of us in a rush, we had the rest of the day and knew we wouldn’t get disturbed. Jayne picked up the coffee cups and plates and went into the kitchen and as she bent down to put them into the dishwasher I stood behind her and held her hips and gently pushed myself against her bottom.

“Plenty of time, Mike, don’t worry after last week we can take our time and enjoy each other more, lots more.”

Jayne turned round and looked me in the eyes and kissed me on the lips gently easing our mouths apart. It was wonderful and she took my hand and we went upstairs. Her bedroom was very tidy although I did spot a couple of items on the bedside table.

She saw me looking at them, “Just in case, a bit of lube might be useful and you never know when a toy might be needed.”

The toy was a 6″ vibrator and I would have no hesitation in sliding it wherever she wanted. My cock was hardening at the thought. We kissed again as we pulled each other tight. I moved a hand across back of her dress and the single bonus veren siteler clasp of her bra and then moved it back and gently positioned it against he bottom of her breast. I pushed gently and Jayne gave me room so that my hand moved up and caressed her and my thumb found the hardening nipple which I flicked a couple of times.

One of her hands slid down and rubbed against my cock, which was already hard and ready for action but I knew that we had plenty of foreplay to come. She undid the button of my shorts and eased the zip down then rubbed my length a couple of times before her hand slid inside my briefs and held my manhood. I quickly pulled my shorts off and then my briefs so my 7″ cock stood proud. Jayne gave it a few rubs then knelt on the floor and started to lick the tip. My cock twitched as she did and she soon had the first couple of inches in her mouth with her tongue playing with it. I stood there enjoying the sensations but hoping she would soon stop so that I could give her some attention and slow myself down.

Fortunately, she did and stood up kissing me on the lips so I could taste myself. She swiftly stepped out off her dress and then she turned round so I could kiss her neck while my hands caressed her breasts which were still inside her bra, which I quickly unclipped and let it fall to the floor. My fingers brushed over them which sent Jayne moaning and I moved one hand down to her hips and slipped a finger inside the top of her thong. I moved the hand lower and felt the top of her clit with one finger and she pushed against it. I rubbed her and she wriggled and bedava bahis I felt the finger slip into her folds.

Jayne stopped me and turned round, her hands whipping the thong off revealing her neatly trimmed bush and already wet pussy. She took my hand and held it against her and I needed no encouragement to play with her and glide a finger inside her willing pussy. She easily took one finger so when I pulled it out I slid 2 fingers in. She was a lot tighter now but didn’t flinch as I pushed them deeper. She quickly took both of them as deep as they would go and from the look of pleasure on her face she was clearly enjoying every minute.

After a few minutes she slowed me down and she turned round and climbed onto the bed, giving me a fantastic view of her tight bottom, as she spread her pussy lips. I quickly lubed myself from the bottle, got on behind her and with one hand holding her hips I guided my throbbing cock into her. Both hands on her hips I pushed into her and she moaned as she took my full length and thickness. I started to build up a good rhythm and speed as she took the fullness in one stroke then just the tip as I almost completely withdrew before plunging back in. I was getting close but knew she wanted more so I slowed down and withdrew and quickly turned onto my back. Jayne looked at me and without hesitating she swung her body across mine and slid her pussy down on to me. Her tits were swaying just a few inches from my face so I pulled her down and hungrily sucked and kissed each of them in turn, flicking the rock hard nipples with my tongue.

It was getting close to deneme bonus the point of no return, certainly for me, until Jayne slid herself off me and lay by my side, breathing heavily.

She looked across at me,” How do you want me? Being a full on slut on top of you or a submissive woman under you?”

I gave a small nervous laugh,” Don’t think you’ll be submissive so I think you best get on top and ride me for your pleasure.”

Jayne nodded, moved back on top of me and continued where she had left off. Her hands were resting on the bed as she pushed herself away from me then dropping back down giving both of us the desired effect. The couple of minutes had given me a chance to recover so I managed not to explode deep into her until I could feel her body starting to crescendo and then she shuddered as we came together and I pushed deep into her releasing my pent up energy as I held her hips and she squeezed me tight. She relaxed on top of me and we held each other until my cock was so limp it slipped out of her.

She climbed off the bed, my cum dripping down the inside of her legs and staggered to the shower. I knew her shower was large so I followed and wasn’t disappointed when she let me join her. I grabbed the soap and started to wash her starting with the cum on her legs and she willingly let me wash it off. I let a hand go close to her pussy and she didn’t stop me as I slipped a soapy finger into her. Naturally one finger became 2 and I started rubbing her again. She was moaning quite quickly and then I felt her clamp my fingers as I fetched her off.

My cock responded as well and was quite hard and Jayne took the soap and started giving me her full attention. I hadn’t come a second time for years but with her expert hands it was only a couple of minutes before I came again, not much cum but enough to show Jayne that she had had the desired effect.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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