Time to Pump

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“Time to pump, dear.” I could hear mommy calling to me up the stairs. So I paused my game, and dropped the controller. Even at 20 years old, I knew better than to make mommy wait. Ever since she had caught me jerking off with her dirty panties, mother owned my dick. Mommy was in charge of all my “naughty time” as she called it. I was never to touch myself without her permission. But she would allow me to stroke myself, under her supervision, about twice a week.

When mommy says the secret words “time to pump” I was to drop everything and jack off while she watched. No matter what. That was our arrangement. To keep me from making any more “messes” in her panties, I was only allowed to pleasure myself with mom watching.

I ran down the stairs and found mommy sitting in her usual spot, on the sofa, legs crossed, waiting for my performance. Mom is tall and slim, about 5 foot 9 with long luscious legs, and dark straight hair. Today she’s wearing a short black cocktail dress and sexy black wedge mules. She loves to tease me by dangling her shoe off the tip of her toes as she bounces her foot. “Strip.” she commands.

I remove all my clothes and fold them neatly in a pile on the coffee table. Mother points the long red nail of her index finger at the towel laid on the floor in front of her. So I drop to my knees and take my position at her feet. “Time to pump, honey.” she says softly.

I was in heaven, my heart was pounding in my chest. My 7 inch cock was already throbbing. I wrapped my hand around my erection and slowly started to stroke it. Mommy watched as I worked my shaft until the first drop of precum oozed from my head. “Awe, is my baby boy excited today?” she teased, as I stroked faster and faster. “That’s a good little wanker. Make mommy proud now, pump that dick.”

Mommy began to bounce her foot in bahis siteleri time with my strokes, my eyes widened. Her wedge heel dropped from her toes and hit the floor with a crash. “Pump for mommy…stroke that cock… good boy.” Her bare foot continued to bounce, her perfect pedicured toes were a tempting cum target, but that was only allowed on special occasions. “Cum for mommy now. On the towel.” she directed.

That was all it took. Mommy told me to cum, so I obeyed. I pumped jet after jet of white pearly jizz all over the towel at her feet. A wave of pleasure and satisfaction washed over me. “Good boy.” she purred. “Good boy. Now clean up your mess and get ready for dinner.” I got dressed, and put the soiled towel in the laundry. “Thank you, mommy” I said. She smiled and hugged me lovingly.

And that’s usually how it went. I was never allowed to masturbate without mommy’s permission, dating was forbidden, and sex was out of the question. But mama gave me everything I needed, and she loved to watch me pump and cum. My life is easy. I never have to think about what to say to a girl, or worry about where to take her on a date. Mommy regulates my orgasms, and I’m satisfied.

A few days later I was in my room playing my video game, when I heard mom’s familiar call “time to pump, sweetie.” I was losing anyway, so I switched off the console, and ran down stairs. But in the living room, I got a real shock! I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, dumbstruck!

Mom was sitting on the sofa as usual, but next to her was Mrs Haverstock from next door! I couldn’t believe it! Mommy had never shared our secret time with anyone else before. But the two of them were sitting cross legged on the sofa, looking at me, waiting for me.

Mrs Haverstock was shorter and thicker than my mom, but still gorgeous. The milf next canlı bahis siteleri door that every boy dreams about. Big tits, dirty blonde hair, nice ass, and always smiling. Mrs H is cute and sexy, but my mommy looks like a super model. No comparison. Still, the two of them side by side was almost too much to handle. My cock sprung to life and strained against my boxers.

“Sweetheart, you remember the neighbor, Mrs Haverstock?” mommy asked me. “Yea” my voice croaked “uh…yes, of course.” Mrs H was wearing a simple yellow sundress that showed plenty of cleavage, and flip flops which brought my focus to her perfect toes, with nails painted bright green. “Great to see you again” I managed.

Mommy wore jeans, a white off the shoulder blouse, and brown sandals. She winked at me and said “strip for us, baby.” I couldn’t believe it. Mom had never spoken those words unless we were alone, but I knew better than to disobey, or even delay. “Yes ma’am” I replied and got naked quickly, tossing my clothes on the floor. “Oh no, son. Fold those up neatly, we have a guest” mama insisted, in a stern voice.

I did as I was told, my cheeks bright red, a little embarrassed to have been in such a silly rush. Mrs Haverstock looked me up and down, and then smiled wide at the sight of my erect young cock. She cleared her throat “eh hem….it’s time to pump.”

Wow, my next door neighbor just said my mothers secret code words to make me masturbate. I was beside myself. “Yes, ma’am” I blurted and reached down to grip my throbbing dick. It felt incredible! My mommy and her cute friend were watching me jack off. I wanted it to last but it felt so good, and I was so excited.

I was starting to breath heavily, so Mrs Haverstock said “slow down, now. Not yet.” I released my grasp and my cock twitched, weeping a string of precum. canlı bahis “You mother told me I could command you to stroke, and choose when and where you cum.” I nodded “yes, miss.” She looked at my mommy, and then back at me. “Well, then… come closer and show me” demanded the busty woman.

I knelt in front of Mrs H, my cock twitched and leaked. Gently she kicked my swollen balls with her gorgeous green toes. Not too hard, just a firm slap. “Time to pump, mister” she repeated. I started to stroke my dick again, very slowly, afraid I wouldn’t last very long. With each stroke Mrs Haverstock gently kicked my taint with her toes. My eyes rolled back with the intense delight. Finally she smacked my nuts, hard with the top of her foot and simply said “cum.”

I think we were all surprised at how far my load shot out! Up Mrs Haverstock’s bare shin, on her knee, on the lap of her pretty dress, and the rest dribbled out onto her feet and flip flops. “Whoa! Impressive” the neighbor laughed. “Good boy, you made big sticky load for mommy and Mistress H” mama smiled. “Now get cleaned up, sweetie.”

Mommy turned to Mrs Haverstock “I think this will work out just fine while I’m away.” The buxom neighbor grinned and said “oh yes, I can see we’ll get along no problem.” Seeing my concerned face, mom turned her attention to me and assured me “mommy is going to the Caribbean with one of her boyfriends. I’ll be gone two weeks, and Mrs Haverstock will water the plants, feed the cat, and tell you when to stroke. Ok, baby? You’ll be in good hands.” she winked. “Yes mommy. I’ll be good, I promise.”

Four days later mommy went on her trip. She left in a taxi, kissing my forehead, reminding me to “listen to Mistress H.” Another two days passed. It had been almost a week since my last orgasm. Friday night several cars were in the Haverstock driveway. It looked like she was having a party, I watched as all the mothers in the neighborhood arrived to Mrs Haverstock’s house.

The phone rang. It was Mistress H. She invited me to come on over. It was “time to pump.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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