Badger’s Potting Shed

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“Coming in the mansion for a break, Pete?” Badger asked with that look I knew so much, the look that said he wanted me bad.

I first started befriending him working down at the allotment. Being interested in horticulture and living in a flat without a garden I was in my element working on my plot.

Badger was one of the nicest guys one could wish to meet and it was quite by chance we became sexually involved.

It would never have occurred to me at first having such a relationship with a guy 30 years my senior but still very sexually active as I was soon to discover.

He was married too but I discovered that although he loved his wife dearly, her sexual interests were no more since she’d had her menopause and that was the key to our affair.

We exchanged our lives with each other, he asking if I was hitched or had a girl friend, I said I’d had but somehow relationships with girls never somehow seemed to work out. At that time and perhaps naively I never really realised I was the other way inclined and I guess it was not until Badger questioned me more I began to realise a certain attraction for this attractive man, whether it was the father figure element or not I don’t know but for a man of sixty he had a good body on him.

I noticed first he often stood there when working on his plot adjoining mine seeming to watch me. He told me since he was attracted to me the first time he saw me, that I had a very attracting rear and looked good in my corduroy trousers, the away they were pulled up between my thighs and showing off my ass cheeks.

I laughed at first thinking he was having me on but after a while, and on talking with him more over kaçak iddaa a cup of coffee made on his stove we started talking about what turns each of us on and that’s when he said for him it was my ass when I bent over attending to the allotment, thinking he would really enjoy to be inside my trousers.

But it didn’t happen just like that at all, we’d had several weeks of conversation during our breaks, sat down on folding chairs in front of his ‘Mansion’ – that was his allotment shed of course.

Badger was very proud of his allotment cum potting shed, he even had pictures up and the inside was painted in nice bright colours, I didn’t have a shed so if the weather turned to rain, and it was a big shed, he invited me in to do those jobs that could be done inside like pricking out seedlings and the like. In fact I learned a lot from Badger about how to prepare seedlings for the garden and such like.

I was also to learn a lot more about the man whom I grew to adore very much. It was funny how it all started really, just the gentle touching of knees – I have since discovered that was Badger’s way of sensing if I wanted to go further and he has told me that when I didn’t react in a negative way it was one of the most memorable days of his life – why? Because although he had often thought about a homosexual relationship he had never ventured to start one, but because we had become do friendly it came better so long as he knew it wouldn’t ruin our friendship, with him making any bold suggestions. So it wasn’t like that at all; it was wonderful and so lovely as one thing led to another, the stroking of my knee, his eyes focussing on mine as he did that, then slipping his kaçak bahis fingers upwards along the inside of my thigh giving me wonderful vibrations.

The dialogue between us grew more intimate too as he told me what he would like to do with me and would it be alright, so when he unzipped me it felt wonderful and all I wanted it to be whatever he wanted me to be, I somehow grew accustomed to this, the smell of his pipe tobacco, the feel his mouth scrimmaging into my crotch, sniffing and licking me there, all so wonderfully soothing .

The first time he had me was across the potting bench on which, thinking of my comfort, he placed a cushion so that when I bent over, dropping my trousers and briefs down to my ankles, leaving Badger to take them off completely, I felt right for him.

He commented he loved the look of my tight young ass awaiting his pleasure like he was a King or something but it was all part of the Badger I began to discover from another angle, namely bent over to receive his stiff cock inside me,

I remember he seemed quite happy just to kneel at the back of me, coaxing my thighs apart as he stretched my cheeks wide apart, pushing his nose and his mouth into my ass, his tongue doping wonderful things with my anus, giving me all sorts of wonderful feelings I could never ever have imagined. Before yet feelings I so very much enjoyed, he thrilled me as his busy fingers wanked and squeezed my balls, all this as he continued to sniff and suck my ass like he was enjoying a dinner or something.

Then he stood up, dropped his trousers and pants for me to see him in all his glory. Wow! What a cock he had on him, at least eight inches, it was very illegal bahis big and very throbbing as he let me see him wank it off a little, prompting me to ‘;have a sniff and a taster’ he said and so I embarked on what was to be my very first oral experience with another guy, and doing it like that, smelling his rich earthy odour there, especially as he prompted me to stretch the sheath is back for him. It took me a little time to actually put it into my mouth like he was asking me to, but making up my mind I suddenly went for is and soon I was sucking like a natural. The taste of cock pungent and earthy buy=t for me that day, very exciting and thrilling.

So by the time he pulled it out of my mouth, turned, grabbed my buttocks tightly to press his throbbing cock into me. I knew I was being fucked well and truly. For a while it hurt like hell, but he garnished his cock with some kind of oil and put it into me again no messing, his length riding me to the limit, the thrusting of his fuck stronger, me gritting my teeth this first time holding on for dear life, this guy head such a steam engine of a cock on him he wanted my all, he thrust and thrust until I was breathless and then I heard a loud groaning as he suddenly stopped and I knew he had cum.

Afterward he was full of apologies for having taken me so rough. To be truthful I was hurting and it took me a day of two to recover – it felt as though he was still inside me for a while after and I was sensing his fucks constantly.

“Next time, Pete it will be okay I promise” Badger consoled but to be honest I was despondent and yet, when the pain went I had this strange wanting some over me, it was like a belonging feelings, that I needed his regular fuck to reassure me all the time, just to be wanted said it all in fact, so I responded to his further advances and he continued ton regularly fuck me in the allotment shed.

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