Ellie’s Awakening

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Author’s note: All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

In this story I decided to take a little time to develop the characters and explore their motivations in an attempt to build a reasonably plausible premise. However, once you reach the second chapter, the focus is back to sex and things start moving faster and the pages are filled to the brim with hot, explicit, kinky, taboo sex. Hope you enjoy!


“Suck it, bitch, suck that cock!”

Ellie felt Josh’s hand on her head and suddenly she was choking while he was forcing his cock down her throat. Her saliva was dribbling down his shaft, her eyes started to tear up and she couldn’t breathe. She wanted to please her boyfriend; she considered herself a ‘pleaser’ when it came to sex, but this was anything but enjoyable. She started tapping his leg but he still wouldn’t ease up. She seriously considered punching him in his balls but instead she punched his thigh. While it did the trick, she kind of regretted not going for his most sensitive area.

“Ow! Shit! What the fuck, babe?” he complained.

Ellie, freed from his grip, was coughing and trying to get her breath back. “You’re such an asshole, Josh!” she said when she finally calmed down. “I couldn’t fucking breathe!”

“Calm down, babe.”

“Do not call me babe, you jerk!”

“I’m sorry but you looked so hot and it felt awesome, I didn’t think I was hurting you.”

He could definitely fool most girls with his pretty boy looks and fake honesty, but having known Josh for five years and having dated him for three months, Ellie could tell he was full of shit.

“Sure, as long as it felt good for you,” she replied as she stood up and started gathering her clothes.

“Oh, c’mon babe, don’t leave me hanging,” Josh said once he realized what she was doing. “I know you love my dick,” he added with a smug look while holding his still hard cock and pointing it in her direction.

“I’m never touching your pencil-dick again, you asshole. Finish off yourself,” she replied while she was getting dressed. It wasn’t really a ‘pencil-dick’, it was average sized, but that was the only lame insult she could come up with. She was so furious with herself.

“God, you’re being such a bitch, Ellie.”

Ellie came really close to punching him in the face right then, but she decided it just wasn’t worth it. She didn’t say another word; she finished dressing and let herself out.


Mary was just coming out of the shower when she heard her daughter come in.

“Ellie, is that you?” she called from the upstairs bathroom.

“Yes, Mom.”

“I’ll be ready in a few minutes. You’re still coming shopping with me, right?”


“What? I can’t hear you. Would you come up here so we can talk?”

Mary was in her bedroom, looking through her closet, when Ellie walked in. She’d thrown the towel on her bed and stood completely naked without a trace of self consciousness. Not that she had any reason to be, her body looked great. While she wasn’t particularly athletic, she led a very active lifestyle. She was one of those people with a lot of energy, constantly on the move, doing all sorts of activities. She was also always pretty disciplined with her eating habits, able to keep a very healthy diet most of the time. But in the end, her biggest ally were her genes, there was no way around it.

At forty-two she could still turn heads. She stood at five foot and five inches, with a slim build, still tight in all the right places, and smooth pale skin. She had the classic combination of light blonde hair and green eyes. She preferred the ‘bald look’ so she made sure to make regular appointments to wax her bikini area. It was painful but worth it for the smoother look and for lasting longer. The one thing she often complained about concerning her body were her breasts, which were barely a B-cup. She often talked about having them ‘done’ but both Bill and Ellie were always one hundred percent against it. However, whenever she mentioned it, it was mostly in a casual and playful manner, it wasn’t a serious issue for her and it never really affected her self-image.

“Hey, Mom,” said Ellie, completely unconcerned about her mom’s state of undress, as nudity around the house was never a big deal in their family.

“Ah, there you are, sweetie. So, ready to hit the stores?”

“I don’t know, Mom, don’t really feel up to it.”

Mary noticed the tone of her voice and turned to face her daughter. She could immediately tell by her expression that something was up.

“Ellie, what’s wrong, sweetie?”


“Don’t give me that, you know you can always talk to me.” After she received no reply she added, “Is it boy trouble?” Ellie still kept silent. “It is, isn’t it? I knew it! Is it Josh?”

“Boys are all such jerks,” she finally admitted.

“Oh, honey, I’m sorry. Look, all the more reason to go shopping with me! You can distract yourself and we won’t talk about it if you don’t want to,” Mary encouraged her.

“I don’t know…” Ellie hesitated.

“Come kaçak iddaa on, sweetie, I really need your help choosing a new swimsuit for the vacation. Maybe I’ll treat you one too!” Mary said with a hopeful smile.

“Okay, okay, whatever,” she finally gave up. New clothes was a hard offer to pass up.

“Ha! I knew a bribe would work,” Mary said, noticing Ellie trying really hard to suppress a smile. “I saw that, missy!” she called after her, as she made her way to her own room to get ready.


A couple of hours later they were walking down a side walk, holding a couple of store bags each, talking and giggling. Ellie realized she had completely forgotten the earlier incident with Josh, and felt grateful to her mom for the distraction.

“Thanks, Mom. I had a great time, I really needed that.”

“That’s what moms are for, silly!” Mary replied with a smile. “So, do you want to talk about what happened?”

“Josh being an asshole is what happened!”

“What did he do?”

“It was a sex thing…”

“So? We’ve talked about sex before, Ellie, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” Which was true, Mary always tried to be open when talking about sex – sometimes even a bit too open – and encouraged her daughter to do the same. She felt that they had the kind of relationship that helped Ellie feel safe to confide to her parents.

“Oh yeah, you certainly love talking about sex,” Ellie said with a knowing smirk.

“Shut it, you bitch,” Mary replied and bumped her playfully with her hip. “Seriously, though, I know that your dad and I are not your typical parents who go out of their way to hide the fact that they are also sexual beings. We are both people with a healthy sexual drive and it doesn’t feel right to me to try to pretend that sex is evil or that you should be afraid of it. That’s how I was raised and it fucked me up when I was younger, until I discovered everything on my own. I’d rather try to educate you so you’ll know how you can put yourself in the right circumstances to enjoy it.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem you’re doing such a good job. I always end up with complete jerks. Boys are so selfish and inconsiderate.”

“What the hell did Josh do?”

“He almost choked me with his dick!”

Mary couldn’t help letting a small chuckle escape her mouth, but she recovered pretty fast.

“Mom!” Ellie cried, surprised at her mom’s reaction.

“Oh, I’m really sorry honey, it’s not funny.”

Ellie kept silent pretending to be madder than she really was.

“So, you mean, like, he tried to force you to deep-throat him?” Mary continued.


“So you don’t like it rough then?”

“I do! I mean, I think I do. In theory. But I think boys don’t know how to do ‘rough’. I love watching rough sex in porn, and I fantasize about it, but in reality it doesn’t feel any good at all.”

“Oh honey, it feels amazing!” Mary said with a dreamy look on her face, “But it’s like you said, boys don’t know shit. If you find a man that knows what he is doing it can be…” Mary paused for a few seconds lost in her thoughts “… well, you’ll see.”

“When? I want to experience good sex but it seems l only end up with inexperienced boys or selfish assholes. I’ve had sex a few times but I still feel like I’m a virgin. I guess I could start approaching more experienced older men.”

“Oh, hell no! That sounds dangerous. Sure, an older man would probably be much better in bed, but you can’t just trust older guys who prey on eighteen year old girls! You’re still so young and innocent, why are you so impatient? Find a decent nice boy your age and learn together.”

“I don’t feel innocent, there’s so much stuff I want to try, and I’m scared I’ll be called a slut if people found out.”

“Oh, trust me, I know how that feels. It’s all a matter of being with the right person. Wanting to be sexually adventurous doesn’t necessarily make you a whore, but not all people understand that.”

“How the hell do I find the right person?”

“I don’t know sweetie, it will happen, trust me.”

“So, I guess Dad was that person for you, huh?”

“Absolutely. It wasn’t until a met your dad that I finally felt good about my sexuality and safe to explore it.”

“Sounds like you guys had quite a bit of fun when you were younger. I mean, you still do, judging from the sounds I hear coming from your bedroom,” Ellie said with a smile.

“Oh you don’t know the half of it!” Mary replied giggling.

“So is he good at rough… stuff?” Ellie asked hesitantly.

“Oh yes!” Mary replied enthusiastically.

“Mom!” Ellie acted surprised by her mom’s candour.

“What? You asked,” Mary said, still giggling. “Oh, look!” Mary stopped in front of a sex shop and pointed at the display window. “Maybe we could find you something to tide you over until you find your special someone,” she said smiling.

Ellie approached the display and looked through the assortment of dildos, vibrators, and other sex toys. “I already have a dildo, Mom.”

“What? Really? How did I not know about that? Which one?”

“I didn’t know I had to report kaçak bahis it to my mother,” Ellie replied laughing. She scanned through the various toys and pointed at a big transparent dildo, “That’s the one I have. Oh and the second one on the right.”

“Oh my god, Ellie, are you serious? Those are like eight inches at least, you’re barely five feet tall, seems like overkill.”

“Not really,” Ellie replied with a naughty smirk.

“Really, you can fit those inside you?” Mary asked genuinely surprised.

“To the hilt,” replied Ellie, strangely proud that she was able to shock her mother. “There’s about an inch left when I put it in my ass, but I’m still working on it,” she continued.

“Jesus,” Mary replied, then bumped her with her hip playfully, “you’re a size queen slut, aren’t you?”

“Maybe…” Ellie replied, trying to suppress her giggles.

“Aren’t you a chip off the old block after all…” Mary thought out loud and they both burst out laughing.


That night Ellie was in her bed waiting to fall asleep, but she couldn’t stop thinking about everything her mother had told her while they were out shopping. She’d admitted to her that she was what some people might consider a slut and that she had been able to fully express it only when she met her dad. She didn’t go into details but Ellie couldn’t help letting her imagination run completely wild, visualizing all sorts of things. She surprised herself when she realized how aroused thinking about her parents’ sexual adventures was making her. For the first time in her life she attempted to put her dad in a sexual context and she wasn’t grossed out. It was a shocking realization that was hard to believe, but the fact that her fingers were furiously rubbing her clit at the time was proof enough.

She tried to visualize her dad fucking her mother. She had seen him naked numerous times and while back then she only considered him as her cuddly big daddy, she could see now how he could be considered physically and sexually attractive. You could tell he was an athletic person by looking at him. During his 20’s and early 30’s he was very involved with sports, which included playing football in a semi-pro capacity, and kept himself amazingly fit. He didn’t really follow through as he got older though. He definitely didn’t let himself go completely, but he wasn’t as obsessed about his physical fitness as he once was or as disciplined with his eating habits as his wife. He still exercised but he had a lot less time for it ever since his business took off several years ago. He had a slight belly, but for the most part he carried any additional weight pretty good, having any extra fat evenly distributed over his towering six foot and two inches physique. He was forty-nine but he didn’t really look his age, and having a full head of dark hair with barely any grey in it also added to the effect.

Ellie had seen his penis several times but she had never taken the time to evaluate it physically. She only knew that he was circumcised. She had never seen it erect, but when flaccid it looked promising size-wise. His crotch, like his body, was covered by sparse hair. Nothing overwhelming, in fact she thought it looked quite sexy. He didn’t shave but maybe he trimmed the area a bit? ‘Maybe I should ask him,’ Ellie thought and found herself laughing at the absurdity of it all.

She was thinking about her dad having her mom pinned down on the bed and pounding her pussy, fucking her against the wall, fucking her in the ass doggie style, shooting his sperm all over her back… She was lost between all those arousing, explicit images when she finally felt herself reach her peak and have a very satisfying orgasm.

Lying on her back, surprised at what she had just done, she thought back again to the conversation with her mother and wondered if it was something that she could explore further.


It was two days later when Ellie found herself alone in the house with her mother. It was Saturday morning, her dad had left earlier to do some errands, and she was sitting at the kitchen table while her mom prepared breakfast. While she was hesitant to broach the subject again, the last couple of days felt like she was in a constant state of arousal as she was obsessing over her taboo thoughts and felt she had to do something about it. ‘It’s now or never,’ she thought.

“So, Mom… can you tell me how did you and Dad meet?”

“What do you mean, you already know that story. Met at a college party, started hanging out etc. etc.”

“No, I mean, yes I do know about that stuff but… I was thinking about our talk the other day.”

“Our talk?”

“About sex and stuff…”

Mary turned to face her daughter, sensing she was trying to talk to her about something that made her feel awkward. She served eggs and bacon to a plate in front of Ellie and sat across from her at the table with her bowl of cereal.

“Okay,” she said to Ellie, “what is this really about? Spit it out, you already know you can always talk about sex with me.”

“Well, I’m curious is all. Remember I told you illegal bahis that I feel like if people knew the stuff I think about they’d think I’m a slut, and you said it was similar for you.”

“Yes, of course. Look honey, you’re discovering that you’re a sexual person. That maybe you have a stronger sex drive than the average girl your age. It was the same for me, and I know it can be frustrating, but it will get better.”

“How though? You said for you it was Dad who helped you find your way.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“So, I mean, how? What did you guys do?”

Mary smiled, “What? You want details?”

“No!” Ellie replied, a little too fast. “Well, maybe some? I’m… I’m not sure my ‘urges’ are normal. I just want to hear how it was for you.”

“I really doubt you have anything to worry about, sweetie. You want to tell me about those ‘urges’?”

“No! I mean, you first.”

“Okay, what do you want to know? I’m an open book as long as you have no problem hearing about it.”

“No, it’s okay. I want to. I don’t know, tell me about the things you were fantasizing about and the things you did when you got together with Dad.”

“Okay, let’s see. For starters I always thought about sex. I don’t know if my fantasies were as extreme as yours might be now, since back then we didn’t have direct access to internet porn, so it was a bit different. I know your generation is influenced by it quite a bit. Basically, I just fantasized about guys fucking me. Sometimes more than one guy. Using me, feeding me their cocks and their cum. Ring any bells?”

“Well, sure,” Ellie said smiling, “that’s beginner’s stuff.”

“Yeah, sure,” Mary rolled her eyes. “I’m sure you get gangbanged all the time.”

“I wish. I’ve only had sex, and I use the term loosely, with four guys. Not at the same time obviously. So, what happened?”

“Well, like you, I had all these thoughts swimming in my head and, while I had a few partners, I never felt quite comfortable confessing any of it or acting them out while we had sex. It was different with your dad. I don’t know, we just ‘clicked’ sexually, he made me feel safe and that helped me open up. He helped me act out some of my fantasies and then we continued way beyond that.”

“Like, what?” Ellie asked, her curiosity peaked.

“Like everything. ‘Try everything at least once,’ that’s our motto,” she said with a smile.

“Everything? Like, everything everything?”

“Well, okay. Almost everything. Everything we cared to try.”

“So you’ve had threesomes with Dad?”

“Of course. I’ve even done them without him, he likes to watch.”

“Wow. How about group sex? I mean, like an orgy.”

“Sure. We got involved pretty early on in the swinging lifestyle, so there was plenty of that. Swinger parties where everyone fucked to their heart’s content.”

“You were swingers?”

“Still are, actually.”

“What? Bullshit!”

“Why would I lie?”

“Holy shit! What else have you done? Gangbang?”

“I’ve done a few of those, sure! Your dad arranged them for me.”

“No shit? Like, how many guys?”

“It varied. The most I’ve done was seven.”

“Wow. I… wow.”

Mary gave her a reassuring smile, “Are these the things you fantasize about?”

“Yeah… among other things,” Ellie replied with an suggestive grin.

“Ha! I’m sure you have plenty of depraved ideas inside that little head of yours.”

“So you’re still involved with swinging?”

“Yes, not as much as we once were, but we still have some fun.”

“Oh my god, is that what you guys will be doing on your vacation? Is that why you’re not taking me with you?”

“What? Didn’t we already ask if you wanted to come?”

“Yeah, but…”

“And to answer your question, yes we did a research and found a place there for swingers. But that’s not all we plan to do there!”

“Oh… okay.”

Ellie fell silent after that, she seemed lost in her thoughts.

“What is it?” her mom asked, sensing something was troubling Ellie.

“I’m… I’m so fucking jealous!” she replied and Mary could really see that her daughter felt distressed and sad.

“Ellie, sweetie, I told you, be patient,” she tried to reassure her.

“Mom, can I be really honest with you?”

“Of course, sweetie.”

“Please don’t be upset, but I have to tell you about this. I need to get it off my chest.”

“Ellie, you know you can tell me anything. Please, you’re scaring me.”

“After our talk the other day I was thinking about everything you’d told me, about how you found Dad and the amazing sex life you’ve had. I couldn’t get it out of my head.”

“Okay…” Mary said, still not having a clue where this was going.

“These past couple of days it’s all I can think about and it’s making me crazy,” Ellie continued, too embarrassed to meet her mom’s eyes.

“Crazy? I’m not sure what you mean, Ellie.”

“Making me crazy horny, Mom,” admitted Ellie.

“Oh?” Mary was trying to process what she’d heard, still not quite sure what it meant.

Ellie thought to herself that she’d gotten this far, she might as well go for broke. “I’m thinking about you and Dad in sexual situations. I’m fantasizing about you two having sex and how Dad is a great lover and how sex between you is amazing… and it turns me on.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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