Bucks Night – Sex Games

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It was the week before my wedding and I was excited for the night ahead. My best man had planned my bucks night and had assured me it was going to be an epic affair, little did I realise just how epic he meant and just how much that word ‘affair’ would play a part.

I’m Billy, 28 years old from Australia, 5’8″ with an athletic build including well defined abs and a plump bubble butt that my fiancé has told me numerous times is the best he has ever seen. His name is Ryan, an American also 28 years of age that has tanned skin with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is taller than me at 5’10” but his body is more slender and less athletic than mine.

We had met 2 years before when I was travelling through Florida and since then had spent a lot of time together travelling and then moving in together back in Australia where he got a job at a big IT firm.

In the days leading up to the bucks night and the wedding I had ensured to have my body fully prepared, I wanted to be at my best for Ryan after all. This included an amazing spa day that my best man, Valentin, had arranged for me in which I had a full body wax treatment and body wrap causing my skin to be silky smooth and soft all over. The only hair now left on my body was my shoulder length blonde locks that hung down to my blue eyes.

Valentin was 28 like Ryan and I and we had know each other for almost 10 years, the two of us had also fooled around together back in our early 20’s and still enjoyed hitting the clubs together on the odd occasion where I’d act as his wing man. Valentin is a good looking guy, German, dark blonde hair, green eyes, a tanned muscular body as he spends a lot of time in the gym, and a nice thick 7 inch cock that I had enjoyed riding when we had been together.

I had great sex with Ryan and enjoyed getting my ass pounded by him but his cock was thinner and shorter than Valentin’s and there were times that I had found myself closing my eyes longing for his dick to be entering me instead of Ryan’s 5.5 inch member. I had never acted on these thoughts though and kept them in my head along with the memories of our highlight reel so to speak.

I was at Ryan and my apartment searching through my closet for what I could wear tonight. Valentin had given me specific instructions to wear something extra slutty telling me that the theme for the night was going to be fuck boys.

When I had told Ryan this he had grinned, ‘Well he did get that right, you are my little fuck boy now aren’t you Billy?’ And he walked over squeezing my ass cheeks as I stood naked looking through the closet.

‘Ohhh!’ I gasped as I felt Ryan’s hands pressing into my cheeks and pushed my ass backward into his touch. My eyes then fell on the perfect outfit choice and reaching down I picked them up and turned to show them to Ryan. ‘So…what do you think of these? Slutty enough to make me look like a fuck boy?’

I held out to Ryan a black thong, black shoulder harness and a pair of black tiny shorts that would barely reach to the bottom of my ass cheeks.

His mouth fell agape and I knew this was the perfect outfit, ‘Fuck babe, I forgot all about that one. You need to keep that on for after cause I want to tear that off you when you get back.’

‘Haha, we need to save something for the wedding night babe.’ I laughed.

I pulled on the thong, letting the thin material cup my balls and soft cock and the thin strap slide between my ass cheeks. Then I pulled on the tiny black shorts that only just covered my ass cheeks, unless I bent over and then they would slip out into view. Lastly the black harness was pulled over my shoulders.

It was a hot day so I didn’t need to be wearing a top and plus Valentin had told me the entire bucks night festivities would be taking place in the big fancy hotel suite he had booked. I looked myself over in the mirror and felt my confidence rise, after the spa day and in this slutty outfit I sure did look good and Ryan seemed to agree.

As Ryan leaned in and gave me a gentle kiss my phone buzzed announcing that the car had arrived to take me to the hotel. I kissed Ryan back and said bye as I left the apartment and went down to the car getting some glances on the way from those that saw me in my fuck boy outfit.

When I got down to the street there was a long stretch Hummer Limousine with the driver waiting by the door. He gestured for me to come and opened the door with a smirk. He looked older maybe late 50’s and seemed to enjoy looking over me as I approached. Then as I stepped into the car I realised fully why he was looking so pleased.

Inside the Hummer Limousine sat 5 other boys all in similar states of dress as me including Valentine my best man in the centre with a big grin spread across his face as he saw me and what I was wearing. He along with the other boys all cheered as I sat down grinning back at them and the driver closed the door.

I was immediately handed a tequila shot and then the 6 of us cheers and I gulped güvenilir bahis down in one sip feeling the smooth tequila flow down my throat and warm my chest.

Looking up I was met with the sight of Valentin sat across from me, his muscular tanned German body on full display as he sat wearing just a white harness over his shoulders, a white thong and white sneakers. My eyes looked him up and down and I realised he must have used the same spa he had sent me as his skin was glistening from the lights inside the hummer. I couldn’t help but feel my dick coming to life between my legs.

Turning from Valentin I saw that also in the limousine were Teo, Hayden, Josh and Oliver.

Teo is a 27 year old Korean friend of mine, he has a very muscular build with a K-pop black hair cut and round black glasses over his deep brown almost black eyes. He used to be an underwear model in Korean before moving to Australia. Like Valentine and Ryan he is taller than me at 6’0″ and was wearing a black singlet and black shorts that barely contained his muscles.

Hayden is 28 years old and a friend of Ryan’s from Florida that was part of my bucks night group. He is 5’8″ like me and a natural body builder. He sat next to me wearing just black Calvin Klien briefs and he must have done a gym workout before coming as his chest and legs were bulging more so even than Valentin. I thought to myself, ‘Fuck Hayden is looking hot tonight’. His brown eyes met mine and I quickly looked on.

Josh was the shortest of us all at 5’6″ and the youngest being 23 years old and Chinese. He was a colleague of mine from work and had just finished his internship where he had been reporting to me. We had become friends as well and he was grinning as he enjoyed the tequila shot and sat on my other side wearing white briefs and white socks.

Lastly next to Valentin was Oliver my Swedish friend. Oliver is 26 years old, tanned skin, athletic build like me and blonde hair with blue eyes. He was wearing a red pair of briefs and a white tank top.

All of us enjoyed another shot before Valentin switched the music down and welcomed everyone to what was my epic bucks night.

Valentine – ‘All right boys all right, welcome to this lucky bastards official bucks night! The last night or week I should same that he’s a free man. Now, I’ve arranged an epic night for us in the hotel presidential suite so enjoy some more drinks and lets congratulate this lucky SOB.’

All the boys – ‘Yeah! Woop woop lets do this!’

We cheers again and I took my third tequila shot of the night which worked to warm my body and relieve the nervousness that any of us may have had at being so scantily dressed. In the group of 6 as we all took the fuck boy theme seriously it was just starting to seem normal by the time the limousine pulled into the hotel entrance.

The door opened and we all filed out in our slutty outfits following Valentin as he led us across the lobby and to the lift. The 6 of us squeezed into the lift and I was standing at the front next to Josh with the other 4 boys squeezed behind us. As we stood there watching the lift move up the floor I felt a hand press into my shorts and squeeze my left ass cheek.

It made me jump slightly and I looked back to see Valentin grinning at me along with the others. ‘Oops sorry Billy, I couldn’t help myself. Had to check that it’s still the best ass going round.’

I smirked back at Valentin, ‘Oh really did you, and?’

With a laugh Valentine high fived Oliver as he replied, ‘And it definitely is!’

I thanked him grinning and pushed my ass out to emphasise its plump rounded shape. The others couldn’t resist then seeing my bubble butt pressing towards them in the tiny black shorts and I felt two hands belonging to Oliver and Hayden reach out for a squeeze of my ass cheeks. I stayed with my ass thrust back towards them on full display while their hands didn’t just squeeze my ass once and then release but kept pressing against my black tiny shorts and continued to squeeze my cheeks over and over.

I was enjoying the attention and showing off my prime asset as the two now gave my bubble butt a full on ass massage. Then I heard Teo speak up, ‘Hey, my turn, my turn boys. Make room for me.’ As one hand was removed I felt Teo’s rushing to take its place and the squeezes continued till the elevator dinged and the doors opened.

We all stood up straight again as the doors opened directly into the presidential suite and it looked huge and very nice inside.

Stepping out with Josh followed by the rest of the boys I said, ‘Holy shit Valentin this place is incredible. You sure delivered for me, thanks!’

‘Haha don’t sweat it bro, anything for you. I wanted to ensure tonight was an epic affair for you and for all of us as well.’ Valentin grinned as he walked passed me kissing me on the cheek and leading us all to the main living area.

‘Fuck Valentin this is crazy.’ Oliver mentioned as he took in the huge suite.

It had güvenilir bahis siteleri two big couches facing one another with a table in the centre and drinks all around. There were bottles of tequila, beers and seltzers and then in the centre of the table it looked like a board game. I thought that was strange as Valentin didn’t strike me as the board game type and I hadn’t thought that the epic night he had planned would include a board game.

My attention quickly moved back to the drinks as Oliver handed me a can of seltzer and we all began to take places on the two couches. I sat in the middle of one couch with Josh and Hayden on either side of me while across from us sat Valentin with Oliver and Teo on either side of him.

We sipped our drinks and all looked to Valentin as he cleared his throat ready to announce the start of the bucks night festivities.

‘Errrhmmm…alright boys welcome to the official bucks night of my best mate Billy. Who next week will be getting hitched to this guy’s best mate, Ryan.’ He reached over and pointed at Hayden before continuing. ‘Now we all know that Billy has one hell of a sexy ass and I for sure know he is one amazing bottom, so in that theme tonight we’re all dressed in our fuck boy outfits.’

The boys cheered on and as I took another big sip of our my drink my imagination went back to thinking of the times Valentin and I had fooled around.

‘Come on Val, tell us what we’re doing that’s going to make tonight so epic.’ Teo said.

‘Yeah come on Val spill the beans.’ Oliver encouraged.

Valentin’s smile widened as he looked across all our faces and leaned forward picking up the board game from the coffee table. ‘Tonight we’ll all be playing this.’ He held up the board game, it looked to be a gay board game but not just any gay board game, a sexual gay board game. It had a big heading on the front titled ‘Gaydom Nights’.

‘Thanks for the idea too Oliver.’ He said with a smirk over his shoulder to Oliver whose eyes gleamed over towards my direction as Valentin removed the lid to show us what was inside.

Lifting the lid he pulled out and placed the box onto the table, it had two decks of cards one blue and the other pink and then in another box there were all these sex toys including condoms, lube, butt plugs, blindfolds, handcuffs, body oil and a whip.

‘Oh my god, holy shit Valentin what have you boys planned for tonight?’ Hayden said.

Leaning forward I looked over the game and felt my cock beginning to stir as my mind raced over what scenarios this could be pointing towards. ‘You are one naughty best man Val!’ I exclaimed as I looked at the images on the box.

‘Haha you are going to love this Billy, as will all you boys I assure you. Tonight is Billy’s last night or almost last night as a free man so we’re all going to play this game and make it a real epic one. What do you say, are you all in?’

Valentin looked across the faces again, Oliver was quickest to respond, ‘Hell yeah I’m in!’

Followed by Teo then Valentin looked on to me his eyes boring into mine and I felt my cock pulse and body starting to heat up. I agreed I was in too with the help of my increased confidence from all the tequila shots which then made Josh and Hayden also agree now that they had seen I was ok with the nights activity.

Valentin then continued to explain the rules of the game, that you had to roll a dice that had blue and pink sides to it and if it landed on blue you picked up a blue card which were the foreplay cards, and if it was pink you picked up a pink card which were the sexual element cards. Once you picked up your card you then had to complete the task.

We were all intrigued by what the cards would have on them and which of us would actually go ahead with the tasks they told us to complete.

‘Before we get started I think we all need to take another shot, right Val?’ Oliver grinned.

‘That’s a brilliant idea Oli! Ok here we are boys.’ Valentin handed us all another shot.

As the tequila warmed my body I felt my chest puff out more and the straps of the black shoulder harness pressing tighter against my upper body. My nipples had become hard as well which I noticed from those without tops on around the room was the same for them. They all seemed like me filled with a nervous excitement for the game ahead. I could feel with each shot I took my inhibitions were faltering.

‘Ok, ok, so Val since you’ve arranged my bucks, whose going to be the first to roll the dice?’ I asked.

‘Haha eager to start huh Billy, well since it is your bucks night how about you roll first.’ He smiled back at me and reached across the coffee table passing me the dice.

I looked at it and it had 4 blue sides and 2 pink sides, not bad odds I thought if I wanted to roll for the more timid of the options with the blue foreplay cards. With all eyes on me and voices in the background mumbling for me to hurry up and roll, I moved my hand back and threw the dice iddaa siteleri forward onto the coffee table.

It rolled and wobbled for a moment then came down landing blue, I let out a breath of relief. Phew I thought and reached forward to pick up a blue card from the deck.

Picking it up I read what it said and it also had a small picture showing what needed to be done, as I hesitated to read it out Oliver’s voice echoed over everyone else’s, ‘C’mon Billy, what does it say? You’re killing us here!’

With a smile I read the card aloud, ‘Remove a piece of clothing.’ I was glad it was a tame option in terms of what the game had sounded like it would be and as the 5 other boys looked at me to see what I would remove I knew I had only two choices. Either remove the harness or my tiny black shorts.

I decided on the shorts and reached down grabbing the waistband of the shorts and pushing it down my legs and off my feet, sitting back down between Hayden and Josh in just a black thong and black harness.

There were a few wolf whistles as the boys got a short glimpse of my smooth ass cheeks and the thin black strap that had slid up between my cheeks running along my ass crack. As I sat waiting for Josh who was next to take his turn I felt my cock coming further to life within the thong and slightly pressing forward against the thin black material that constrained it.

Looking across I saw Valentin looking over me and he sneered, ‘Looks like you’re getting comfortable over there Billy, hard nips and I’m sure I saw your thong move a second ago. Are we making you hot?’

‘Haha it’s the cold air Val, don’t give yourself that much credit.’ I grinned back.

Josh was reaching forward now and being the youngest of us seemed the most nervous about rolling the dice. He released the dice onto the table and it landed blue side, I felt relief coming from him as he saw the dice land and he picked up his card and read it out.

‘Lick your partners nipple.’ Josh said, ‘But how do I pick my partner?’

‘Oh woops, forgot about this part.’ Valentin mentioned as he reached back to the box and pulled out a spinning wheel. ‘You need to spin the wheel and whoever it lands on is the one you need to lick.’

‘Ah ok, then here it goes.’ Josh spun the wheel on the table, it spun around once, twice and then began to slow as it landed on Teo.

‘Oh yes here you go my little buddy!’ Teo exclaimed as he lifted up his black singlet revealing his muscular Korean hairless chest and left nipple.

Josh took a sip of his drink and walked the two steps across to Teo who was still seated and leaned his head down toward his chest. I watched as his tongue stretched out from his mouth and pressed against the bottom of Teo’s left pec and then he began to lift his head upwards causing his tongue to move up and over Teo’s nipple. It was a hot sight to watch as these two Asian boys interacted and I wasn’t the only one of us to whistle as it happened.

‘Yeah man that’s it, I’m loving this game Val.’ Teo said as Josh sat back down. ‘Alright now it’s my turn boys.’ He reached forward quickly and threw the dice, again it landed blue. Teo collected his card and read it aloud. ‘Kiss your partner with tongue for 30 seconds. Oh yeah I’m getting all the good cards huh boys, let’s see which of you is the lucky one that I get to pash.’

Teo was looking more and more confident as he leaned his muscular body forward and adjusted his round rimmed black glasses slightly. He spun the wheel and we watched on intently to see which of us it would land on, it spun and spun until it fell to a stop pointing towards Hayden.

‘Haha welcome to the party Hayden.’ Teo smirked as he stood up and walked around the coffee table past me to Hayden, my fiancé Ryan’s best friend. Looking at Hayden he seemed undisturbed as Teo leaned in and planted his lips against Hayden’s.

The two muscular boys started to then make out next to me, their lips moving against one another’s and as I watched their tongues darting back and forth between their mouths. It looked so hot and I was so close to this action between the two. They continued to kiss until what felt like an eternity had passed when Valentin announced, ‘Ok boys that’s 30 seconds, very nicely done.’

After that display with Hayden and Teo we all took a moment to sip our drinks and compose ourselves, it was getting hotter by the minute and all our sexual energies were starting to rise.

‘Before I take my turn lets set the mood a bit more don’t you reckon.’ Valentin said getting up and dimming the lights to the room and turning up the background music slightly with the bass beginning to strengthen with each beat.

‘Nice idea Val!’ Oliver said as he patted Val on his shoulder. ‘Now get this bucks really going pal, roll a pink card!’

‘Haha here’s to hoping!’ Val replied as he threw the dice.

I took another sip of my drink and held my breath as I watched the dice roll, it bounced across the table and fell to the floor between Hayden and my feet. We all looked down to see what it had landed on, Hayden and I were first to see and it was Hayden that announced it had landed on pink as he collected the dice and placed it back on the table.

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