Swimming with Mum Ch. 04

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Having a whole week to reflect on the situation played on my nerves. Firstly, I was paranoid about someone finding out. Maybe a neighbour would hear through the wall. Maybe Dad would find out, somehow. What if I talked in my sleep? Secondly, when I looked at the calendar, I was due to return to uni in three weeks. That meant just two more Saturdays at home with Mum where sex was on the table. I thought about trying to delay my return, but Mum would get annoyed if she thought I was hurting my studying just to be with her, plus I’d promised Lydia we’d move into the new flat on the same day. So I had to make the most of my two chances.

The first Saturday I woke up to Mum bringing me a cup of tea. She was wearing a dressing gown over her pyjamas, which she dropped on the floor as she squeezed into bed with me. My heart started racing, wondering whether this was when I was finally going to lose my virginity, but actually we just made out together while she stroked my cock. Being able to kiss her like this felt incredible, almost as good as her fingers on my cock, and when I told her I was going to cum she grabbed a couple of tissues from the box and used those to catch my cum. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting experience, and I wanted to do more for her, but she seemed happy with just making me cum. After that, we played around for the rest of the day, making out or grinding on each other. She let me grab her boob once, through her shirt, and I was desperate for more. We settled for another topless blowjob on the sofa, though, which at least I managed to make last for a few minutes.

With one day left, I wondered whether me being a virgin had put Mum off. Maybe she wanted my first time to be with a girl at uni, not with her, so she was sticking to handjobs and blowjobs for now. I wanted to talk to her about it, to tell her I didn’t mind, but during the week we didn’t talk about it. By Saturday, I was ready to explode, and as soon as I saw her in the morning I gently pushed her up against the kitchen wall and started kissing her.

“Take it easy,” she giggled, pushing me away. “I’ve got something planned for later.”

If there was anything which was going to get me even more worked up, it was that. I couldn’t take my eyes off her at the pool, fantasizing about her so much that I had to pretend I wanted to do a final length of the pool just to get my erection to go down. Nothing happened over lunch, then she said she wanted to go shopping in the afternoon so I watched TV and left her to it.

“I want to dust behind the TV so can you go up to your room for a bit?” she asked.

“But you always clean on Sundays,” I complained.

“I don’t care, shift.”

“Okay,” I said, heaving myself off the sofa I’d been sitting on for about four hours. “The next match isn’t on until five anyway.”

She nodded. “I should be done by then.”

If only I’d known what she had planned. I did some reading in my room for half an hour, and I was toying with the idea of booting up my laptop when I got a text from Mum.

Mum: All done, you can come down

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw when I strolled back downstairs into the living room. Mum had laid out some crisps and snacks instead of a proper meal, the TV was switched to the football, and there was a cold can of lager waiting for me, with a chilled glass of wine on her side. Mum wasn’t there, so I sank into my seat with a feeling of luxury.

When she pushed open the door, I said without looking, “Thanks, Cathy, this looks amazing.”

“Can’t you look away from football for five seconds?”

I turned my head and my mind was blown. Mum was standing there in the doorway, posing slightly, her hair wavy and cascading down to her shoulders. She was wearing a pale blue floaty summer dress which was struggling to contain her boobs, and when she turned slightly the skirt swished and showed off her legs.

“Wow, Cathy, you look incredible.”

She smiled and stepped over, sitting down on the sofa next to me and snuggling up, pressing my arm into her tits.

“Thank you, you’re sweet,” she said, lowering her voice. “I thought maybe you’d appreciate having a girl to bring you drinks and food tonight, since it’s our last Saturday together.”

“I definitely do,” I said, torn between football and boobs.

Somewhere about half time she pulled the straps of her dress over her shoulders during a makeout session and she watched the rest of the match topless. I tried a couple of times to slide my hand up her skirt, but she nudged my hand away, so I had to be satisfied with being able to touch a woman’s bare breasts for the first time. The softness surprised me, as well as how much she reacted when I slid my palms over her nipples.

The final ten minutes, she climbed onto my lap and sat facing me, kissing me, her hair in my face, while she rubbed herself on my bulge. To this day I have no idea how the match ended, except that at full time, when the whistle blew, Mum pulled away from our kiss and looked at me.

“Ready for your first time?” she said softly, and I could only nod. She climbed off, switched the TV off, grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. I couldn’t take asyabahis yeni giriş my eyes off her bum as we climbed the stairs and she led me to her room.

The full enormity of what was about to happen hit me when she reached into her bedside drawer and passed me a foil packet.

“Normally I’d suggest a little more foreplay but I don’t want you to cum too early,” she said, a little too matter-of-factly for my liking. I’d cum quickly before, yeah, but only because an incredibly hot older woman who happened to be my mum was sucking my cock. Who wouldn’t cum quickly in that situation?

Regardless, I sat on the edge of the bed and, after pushing down my trousers and underwear, I ripped open the condom and carefully rolled it onto my cock. It was the first time I’d ever had a condom on and it was a weird feeling, a little restrictive and tight. When I was satisfied, I glanced over at Mum who was sliding under the blanket, her dress now lying in a heap on the floor. My cock jumped a little when I realised she must be just wearing knickers under the blanket, and then I felt a surge of arousal when I finally realised that this was it. I was going to lose my virginity to my mum. In a few minutes, my cock would be inside her pussy.

“Don’t be nervous, honey,” she said, taking my hand and gently tugging me towards her. I leant in for a kiss as she helped me lie down next to her, getting under the blanket too. She paused to flick off the light, leaving the room dark except for the evening light coming through the curtains.

We lay there, kissing occasionally, for a minute or so. I think we were both trying to process what was about to happen and building up the courage. In the end, I felt Mum’s soft hand on my wrist and she guided my hand down over her smooth tummy and between her legs.

“Do you know how to finger a girl?” she asked, her voice a little breathless. My fingers were resting on the fabric of her knickers, on top of her pussy.

“I’ve never done it,” I admitted, my nerves rising.

“You’ll learn fast,” she said with a slight giggle, pushing her knickers down. Now my fingers were touching her wet pussy, which was a lot wetter than I was expecting, actually. Her bush rubbed over my wrist as she pushed my hand down to her opening and then gently pressed one finger inside.

I was a little overwhelmed. I was acutely aware of how much I had to learn, and at the same time I was trying to process the fact that my finger was inside my mum’s pussy. She kept up the pressure until my finger had slid all the way inside, surrounded by the tightness of her insides.

“Okay, now just start moving in and out gently,” she whispered, guiding my wrist to help me find the right rhythm. Maybe it was my inexperience talking, but each gentle touch she made on my hand helped me find the right thing to do and she seemed to know exactly what she wanted. I almost gasped out loud when I pressed my finger all the way back inside and she let out her first moan. A proper aroused woman moan. Not a fake, porn star thing, but a real noise which told me she was enjoying this. I was turning her on. My cock had never been harder.

“Are you ready to go on top?” she finally asked, between little moans. “I think I’m ready.”

I nodded and, a little too eager, pulled my finger out too fast, making her gasp.

“Slow down, no rush,” she giggled, kissing my chest. Her tongue poked out and flicked over my nipple, which was a sudden sensation I never even knew existed. She giggled again when she felt my reaction, then helped me to climb over her leg and lay between her thighs. She clasped my hand against her boob, my wet finger from her pussy sliding over her nipple and making her moan softly again.

“Slow and gentle to start off with,” she cautioned me, reaching down and taking hold of my cock with her fingertips. She guided me to her pussy, shuffling me into the right position, and then I felt my cock meeting resistance and pressing against her.

“Keep pushing,” she encouraged me when she felt me hesitate. “I’ll tell you if it’s too much.”

I did as I was told, and felt the tip of my cock through the condom slowly moving inside. It was a hard sensation to describe, but it felt amazing and I kept pushing until Mum gently pressed against my hip to tell me to stop. I was almost all the way inside her, my cock inside her pussy, and it was just as incredible as I’d imagined.

“Fuck me, in and out,” she said gently, pulling on my hip again to tell me to move.

I started slow, as she’d requested, and built up speed as I heard her moans and encouragement. She pulled my head down and we kissed, her tongue in my mouth as I slid in and out of her. I was definitely fucking her now and she was loving it.

“Oh fuck, Mum,” I whispered, my voice dry from lack of use.

“I thought it was Cathy?” she whispered back, playfully.

I could barely think straight. “Cathy, yeah,” I stuttered, trying to keep my focus on fucking her.

“Cum whenever you’re ready,” she said, squeezing my arm. “I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I didn’t need much else. I’d been on the edge of cumming since I’d put the asyabahis giriş condom on in the first place, and hearing her soft voice telling me to cum was too much. I grunted, pushing myself as deep inside her as I could, and felt my balls tighten and shoot my cum into the condom. She moaned too, holding me tightly in place, her fingernails digging into my shoulder as she held me.

“Wow,” I said when I was finished, trying to get my breath back.

“Wow,” she repeated, happily, kissing me again. “Felt good, huh?”

“Felt amazing,” I told her, and she gently guided me back out of her pussy so I could roll onto my back, panting.

“My baby’s not a virgin any more,” she said, moving onto her side and laying one hand on my chest, kissing my arm and my shoulder. “How’s it feeling?”

In reality, I had expected to feel more regret and shame about losing my virginity to my mum. Instead, I was riding high. I didn’t think of her as my mum, just as a sexy and amazing woman who I’d just fucked. Alright, it was only for a minute and she definitely hadn’t cum, but whatever, still good for a first try.

“Feels great,” I said as she rested her head on my chest. I stroked her hair gently, feeling her squishing her tits into me and sighing softly.

“Want to hear something kinda nasty?” she said after a few minutes, looking up at me.

“Will it ruin things?” I asked, laughing.

She nodded. “One hundred per cent.”

“Go on them.”

She took a breath. “The last penis I had inside me, before yours, was your dad’s.”

“Ew, Mum, you didn’t need to share that. I hope this was a long time ago and not last week or something.”

She giggled and slapped my stomach muscles. “No way.”

I had wondered if we might be able to do it again, or whether at least she’d let me sleep in her bed, but after she’d handed me a wad of tissues to clean my cock with, she pushed me into the shower.

“Showering after sex is important because it helps avoid infections,” she said, completely ruining whatever mood there might have been. “You go first because you’ll be faster.”

Once I was clean, I went back to my room after a final goodnight kiss. She’d put on a dressing gown, but she was still showing a lot of cleavage and she looked incredibly hot. Alone in my room, I silently celebrated losing my virginity at long last. I didn’t really feel very different, but it felt good to be able to say it. Mostly, I knew it was going to feel like a long time until I could see Mum again on a Saturday and try doing it again.

Saying goodbye to Mum was nowhere near as weird as it might have been because she kept her boundaries in place and, on the day I left, she was back to being normal Mum, not sexy goddess Mum. The only hint she betrayed of what had happened was when, while we were waiting for the train to arrive, she slid her fingers between mine and squeezed my hand.

“You’ll text me, okay?” she asked.

There was a definite implication in the words, since I always used to text her anyway.

“I will,” I promised. “Maybe I can show you how to use Facetime or video chat or something.”

She squeezed my hand again. “Maybe.”

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel when I saw Lydia again. I hadn’t really thought about her very much during the break, especially not after I started flirting with Mum, so I was surprised when I arrived at our new flat and she was already there, looking every bit as fit and desirable as ever. She had managed to get a tan during her holiday and that somehow made her even more sexy than usual, not to mention the tight t-shirt she was wearing.

“No Mark?” I asked, looking around the interior of the flat as I dragged my stuff inside.

“He’s already back at his uni,” Lydia explained, giving me a hug. “Plus, moving in is always a chore and I prefer doing it my way.”

I didn’t have much stuff so it didn’t take me long to sort my room out, and then I gave Lydia a hand fixing up the kitchen. The flat had a really good city centre location, so when we realised that neither of us had brought a colander, I was able to nip out and come back with a new one in less than twenty minutes.

At the end of the day, with everything unpacked, Lydia had cooked up bacon sandwiches for both of us and we were catching up on what had happened over the summer. I didn’t have much news, of course, which I was willing to tell her, but she did most of the talking about her scuba diving and lifeguard training. I had to admit, Lydia lived a really exciting sounding life which I wished I could do even a small part of. For me, football and studying ate up all of my free time, while Lydia seemed to be able to party, make tons of friends and still have time to excel on her course.

“Okay, one other thing I forgot earlier,” Lydia said, draining the bottom of her mug of tea. “You don’t have a problem with Mark visiting, right?”

I shook my head. “Of course not.”

“Sometimes he might be here for a couple of weeks, is that OK/”

“Yeah, ‘course.”

Lydia seemed relieved. “You’re welcome to have anyone you want round to stay, as well. Like, if you met a girl. Or a guy, if you prefer.”

I’d asyabahis güvenilirmi always semi-suspected that Lydia thought I was gay, and while I have nothing against gay people, it was pretty hard to hear it coming from a girl I thought might be into me.

“Actually, I met someone over the summer. A girl,” I said, quickly.

Lydia stared at me. “That’s awesome,” she said happily. “You’ve got to let me meet her.”

“I’ll invite her to stay sometime,” I said, trying to sound casual while internally freaking out and regretting saying anything.

“What’s she called?”

I had no other options. “Cathy,” I said, forcing a smile.

When I was alone in my room, I did quick work purging every possible link between me and my mum on social media. I didn’t have Facebook, since it was never popular at my school and I did all my socialising on WhatsApp. Mum was a big fan, though, so I double-checked what might link us. Obviously she’d told me she’d posted some pictures of us together and so on, but she used her maiden name online and I didn’t see how Lydia would find it. Plus, her profile was private. I breathed a sigh of relief. If Lydia had found out I was pretending my mum was my girlfriend, she’d think I was pathetic, and if she found out we were actually having sex, she’d freak out.

I owned up to Mum about what had happened when I rang her on Friday night, when Lydia was out partying.

“You’re overthinking it,” Mum reassured me. “You can always just say that you got dumped or whatever. It might even get her sympathy.”

This was true and I was pleased Mum wasn’t as freaked out as she might have been. “I could do that, yeah.”

There was a pause on the other end of the phone. “Actually, though,” Mum suddenly said, “I have wanted to visit you at uni, especially now you have your own flat.”

My heart sped up. “Um, that’s probably okay.”

“And if we were pretending to be a couple, I could stay with you instead of in a hotel.”

I wanted this so bad. I was desperate to sleep with Mum again and this would be perfect.

“I could make that work,” I said hastily. “We can pick a weekend when Lydia is away seeing her boyfriend.”

Mum let out a tiny laugh. “Okay, let me know and we can plan it.”

“If you’re coming all that way, though,” I said, suggestively, “Surely we’d have to extend the Saturday rule?”

Mum seemed to pause to think about this. “I think I could extend it to the entire weekend,” she said. “But, I still want you to look for a real girlfriend. If you find one, you can tell Lydia you dumped me and we can make a different plan.”

“Of course,” I said, almost beside myself with excitement. “I definitely will keep looking.”

In hindsight, if me and Mum wanted to have sex all weekend, getting a hotel room was a much better choice. But I think we both liked, deep down, the idea of at least once pretending that we were a real couple. A hotel room implied that we were hiding something, and we didn’t want to have to hide. Anyway, that was hindsight, of course. In real life, Lydia told me she was going to see Mark in two week’s time and, on Saturday, that was the first thing I arranged with Mum. She booked her trains and I punched the air. Finally, I could have Mum all to myself for as long as I wanted.

Being Saturday, though, Mum wasn’t Mum. She was Cathy, my sexy girlfriend, and after sending flirtier and flirtier texts all day, it finally came to a head after dinner, when Lydia had gone back to her room to study.

Mum: Can I call you? x

Me: Sorry, Lydia’s around, don’t want to be overheard…

Mum: That’s OK. I’m in the bath 😉 x

Me: What are you doing there?

Mum: Thinking about you

That was all it took for me to check my bedroom door was locked and strip naked, stroking my hard cock.

Me: I’m thinking about you too

Mum: What are you thinking about me?

Me: About joining you in the bath

Mum: Are you hard?

Me: Yes, really hard

Mum: Are you touching yourself?

Me: Yes

Mum: I’m touching myself too

Fuck, I loved this. I had to stop stroking to stop myself from cumming too fast.

Me: Are you playing with your tits?

Mum: I’m squeezing them and they’re very sensitive, they’re covered in water and bubbles from the bath

Me: That sounds so hot

Mum: Have you imagined fucking my tits?

Holy shit.

Me: I definitely have, they’re so sexy

Mum: Maybe we can try it when I visit you?

Me: I can’t wait

Mum: I want you to cover them in your cum

That was it, I was shooting my load into a tissue.

Me: You just made me cum…

Mum: That was my plan all along 😉 Let’s talk again next Sat x

The only way I could endure a whole week of uni, especially since it was Fresher’s week and it was basically non-stop partying, was by re-reading Mum’s messages over and over. I hadn’t forgotten my promise to Mum that I would look for a real girlfriend, and I had to admit, being in my second year gave me a certain amount of glamour that some of the fresher girls seemed to be into. On Wednesday we had a football social which ended up in a bar, and I got chatting to a cute blonde called Ffion who was from Wales and wanted to talk about her A-Level results. She was fairly flat-chested and her push up bra was working hard in her tight dress, but to be honest we’d both been drinking and the chance to get laid was overwhelming.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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