Carla and Rick

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(Present day)

I didn’t hear the door open, I was out cold. With a surprise New Mexico winter storm, I had made some soup and gone to bed early. I slowly woke up to the feel of him pressing his cock into my ass and lower back. He was grinding into me; I woke up more when he slipped off my sweat pants and undies.

“I should call the sheriff.”

“Say the word, and I’ll leave. I’m disciplined like that.” He slid his hand under my t shirt and gave my tit a hard squeeze.

“How do you know you’re the only one who might drop in tonight? Or any night?” I started grinding back.

He licked behind my ear, “I don’t.” I felt him flex his hard cock down under my ass, now grinding across my pussy. Oh Jesus, how I love that. I pulled his head into my neck. He didn’t shave today. Mm mm.

“Then I guess we should hurry.” I sat up and pulled off my t shirt, he reached up and squeezed both my tits as I did it. I pushed him onto his back and grabbed his cock. “And I suppose you have been pining for me, no sex all semester without me?” I started stroking his cock while he looked up at me and played with my tits.

“Only enough to know you are better than all of them. Girls. Not women.”

I giggled and leaned over to his cock. I pulled back his foreskin and swirled my tongue around the head. He responded by moaning and reaching to my pussy, flicking my clit and teasing me. I still can’t believe how fast he can move me from “dead asleep” to “If I don’t get someone in my cunt right fucking now I’ll fuck a priest.”

He worked my pussy with his fingers, and I felt heat spread through my body. I sucked on the head of his cock, pulsing my sucking slowly. I squeezed his shaft with my sucking. He started rolling his fingers in and out of me, and pressing and sliding his hand over my clit, and I licked down to his balls, and flicked my tongue over his taint. I felt my orgasm building up, and I knew I had to follow through as I came. I could hear and feel how sloppy wet I was, as he banged his fingers in and out against my G-spot. Good God, I had trained him well. I felt is starting and swelling hot inside me, I had to focus and push his cock to the back of my throat as I came, gushing all over his hand. His hand smacked louder against me with the wetness. Sparks flew through my cunt as he fingered me. And slapped his hand into my clit.

“Jesus Christ, how do the other girls handle you?”

“They mostly can’t.” I smiled as I lifted a leg over him, and realized, he wasn’t being modest. Most college girls would die if they got all of him at once. I teased the tip of his cock, bumping it over my clit a few times, getting an aftershock, and then slid down onto him, which made me come again. What I thought was a good orgasm before I had known him. I paused for a moment, and leaned over to him, first kissing him, and then forcing a tit into his face. He sucked on one, then the other, licking the underside and biting them gently. I started gyrating on his cock slowly. He put his hands on both sides of me, and forcefully grabbed my ass and made me fuck him and grind harder. It felt like his cock was bottoming out inside me. I started squeezing him with the rhythm I was fucking him, and time seemed to stop moving. He moved his hands down over my thighs and knees, and feet and toes alongside his legs. I leaned back and arched my back, and he flicked my clit with his thumb and slid up to my tits, squeezing them in rhythm. I felt us both breathing together. We continued like this for what seemed like eternity, but it was probably just a few minutes, leaning forward, then back, feeling his cock pumping up into me, and me squeezing it as hard as I could. He sucked on my breasts as if he was sucking orgasms through my whole body, making me come all the way through.

His breathing became ragged, and I rolled onto my back, pulling him with me. I heard myself say; “Fuck me like you own me.” He paused, then got between my legs, and entered me. Then he took my legs and squeezed them together in front of him, and started fucking me slow and hard, jamming into me with every stroke, like he was trying to stab me with his cock. I felt like I couldn’t stop cumming, and he just made me come harder. I felt him bite the edge of my foot and squeeze my tits cruelly. He started stroking into me with his full length, almost leaving and then jamming into me hard, hammering me with his cock. He increased the pace and suddenly cried out, and I felt his come inside me, spurting hot and stronger than anyone else I had ever fucked. I squeezed and milked his cock with my cunt until we both paused and just breathed. Finally he parted my legs and leaned in and kissed me, still pumping his hard cock into me, his cum dripping out of me. He pulled out of me and collapsed next to me. My cunt was still burning with want.

“You know you have ruined me, right?” I pulled him into me.

“What do you mean?”

“No one else is good enough anymore. You make me come before you even get started on me. If I don’t come a dozen times or more, I feel güvenilir bahis let down.”

“You are insatiable, I never feel like it’s ok to quit.”

“That’s because it never is. You just keep fucking until I give you permission to stop.” We both giggled. He wrapped himself around me and we fell asleep. At about four a.m., I woke up as he was fucking me again from behind. This time I let him do all the work until he came, and we slept some more.

At about 8, he woke up and went to the bathroom. When he came back I opened the blankets to pull him back in. “I thought you weren’t coming home, you had some training to do over the break?”

“Ranger school. I was supposed to go, apparently some congressman’s son wanted my spot.”

“So you came over to my house before you went home?”

“My mom is at her sister’s house out of town, she wasn’t planning on me coming home. She won’t be home until late tonight.”

“Poor baby. If only you had a horny neighbor to cuddle up with?” He rolled me over on top of him. I felt his cock stirring again.

“I’m glad that no awkward explanations were necessary about why my car was parked here overnight.” He kissed me lightly.

“You don’t give her enough credit. She isn’t stupid, you know.” We kissed some more. I was sure she was onto us, I had been for months. “Let’s eat something.” I was pleasantly surprised when he resisted the urge to use that as a cue to start eating me out. Maybe he was growing up after all. I made coffee and breakfast, and we went back to bed and took a nap. We woke at about noon and took a bath together, and went back to bed, where he licked my pussy slowly and deliberately, taking turns tongue-fucking me and rimming my ass. It took me a long time to come, but I squirted all over his face, and he enthusiastically licked me clean. Then he stood by the bed, and lifted me up against him, leaned me over and entered me from behind. I was starting to get dry and raw from all of the sex, but it just made me feel it more. He fucked me hard until I thought I couldn’t stand anymore, and slowed down and hit me harder as he built up to come. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me back into him as he cried out loud, and I felt him filling me with cum. God how I love that feeling, I could never wear a condom with this boy. I had been cumming non-stop for minutes. I collapsed, and he fell on top of me, kissing my neck and shoulders. I rolled over to face him, and he kissed my collar bone and all over my breasts.

I had heard stories about people who stay in bed and fuck all day, but until now, I didn’t know people could actually do it.

We stayed in bed kissing for a couple of hours, and I told him that he should get home before his mother did. After a few failed attempts, he did manage to pull it together, get dressed, and go home. I knew I would get more of him between now and New Years’. I fell asleep until the next morning.


It was the summer of 1989, and I had waited until my two daughters were out on their own before I decided to move away from my ex and our divorced life. I had always loved the desert, and I was able to sell the house in Huntington Beach I had gotten in the divorce for enough to buy a house outside of Albuquerque and still have plenty leftover to live on. The houses were well spaced-out, many of them having a pasture or a barn behind them. Mine was large, new, and quite comfortable.

I met Janet and Rick, next door to me, because they had property that bordered mine, and it was easier to access it through a gate on my side. Janet was fortyish and pretty, tall with brown eyes and a dirty blonde ponytail. Rick had just turned 18 at the time, lean and a bit awkward, but tall and strong. I later learned that his dad had been gone so often for work, it stopped making sense for them to stay married. There was a sister in college in Denver as well.

I saw a lot of Rick working that summer, he was training up for his senior year of sports, and had plans for college and ROTC the next year. He was tall and lean, with great muscular arms, which was my favorite feature.

I was out early one morning mowing my back lawn, I had to because if I waited until the sun was up, the heat was already too much. And I love the feel of summer mornings in the desert, the moisture lingering for just a minute between night and sunrise. I turned a corner and I was startled because he was there, trying to talk to me. I cut off the mower and let him talk.

“Sorry, hi. I was trying to get your attention.” He was fidgeting a little bit, he was clearly nervous.

“Oh, it’s ok, what’s up?”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you, you don’t need to mow your lawn. We have an attachment, I can do it in minutes. It’s easy if I already have it out.”

“That’s really sweet, but I don’t mind. I don’t have a lot to do here, it gets me outside.” I smiled at him, and he actually blushed. Jesus, he has no idea, does he? “I did want to talk to you though. There might be something else you can help me with.”

“Sure, what is güvenilir bahis siteleri it?”

“I am finishing my basement in a couple of weeks. I am having a contractor do the wiring and putting in the sheetrock, but I was going to do the finish and painting myself, and it looks like a bigger project than I had planned on. If I pay you and give you some lunches, could you help me with that?”

“Oh sure, I have done a lot of that kind of work before, I would love to help out.” He smiled, maybe a little too wide. I grabbed his hand and shook it.

“Good, then it’s a deal. In a couple of weeks then?”

“Sure, I can come over at eight or nine most days, I am exercising with friends early.”

“That’s perfect, I will let you know.” He smiled again, and turned and jogged back over to his place.

As I restarted the mower and finished the backyard, my wheels got to turning. It was pretty obvious he was attracted to me. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I had left home to get a fresh start and try new things with new people, but this wasn’t what I had in mind. I was still hot. I was 38, and looked younger, half white and half Korean. I was wearing a pink tank top and black shorts, and white socks and tennies, and I was just starting to sweat, with my long black hair back in a ponytail. I guess that is the magic formula for teenage boy fantasies. As I finished up the lawn, I let my mind wander a bit, thinking about him. Part of me knew it was wrong, the bigger part of me didn’t care.

I finished up and went inside, and blended myself a tall stiff blender of pina colada. I took it to the bathroom and stripped and ran a bath. I paused to look at myself in the mirror. It could be worse. I’m pretty hot, and if I want to get drunk and masturbate all morning, there’s no reason I can’t. I slurped half a glass of the stuff, and got in the tub. I took my time and exfoliated, and took a razor and went to trimming my pussy. I had a tuft there, but I decided to shave it all clean. I finished that glass and got another, and I was starting to feel warm and fuzzy. I squeezed my tits and pinched my nipples a bit, and sighed with the shudders that went through me. I got good and warmed up fingering my pussy, squishing two fingers inside of me, I loved the clean, slick feeling. I got out of the tub and dried off, and put on some baby oil over the whole area. I finished off my drink, and took my towel to the bed and spread it out, and went to my toy drawer. (We didn’t have as many options then as we do now, but I still had a few.) I took a stout rubber one, and lay back against a pillow. I started to fantasize about Rick, working in the sun, getting sweaty, playing ball with his friends, with those arms and shoulders working hard. I got good and hot, and then plunged it in. Fuck that felt good. I worked it slowly for a while, enjoying the buildup, and then laid back, jamming it into me hard and fast, and fingering my clit, over my smooth, raw skin. Fuck yes. As I came, my whole body clenched, and I yelped out loud, burning outward from my pussy to my toes and fingertips. I let out a breath and put the toy aside, pulled a blanket over me, and went to sleep.

I woke up early that afternoon and decided to go out. I put on a yellow sundress and some sandals, and put my hair in a ponytail and drove into town. I did some shopping and got some dinner, and decided to check out a bar that didn’t look too dangerous. I bought some Camel Lights and ordered a Margarita, and sat on the terrace for a while. I watched people come and go for a while, and as it got dark, more people came in. I started watching a casually dressed guy who was alone at the bar. I caught his eye, and smiled at him. He picked up his drink and walked my direction. He looked half Latino with green eyes. Mmmmm. “Would you like some company?” He asked, and pulled out the chair and sat before I could answer.

I laughed and said; “Sure. Do you mind if I smoke?”

“No, that’s one of the reasons I came over, I wanted to as well.” He leaned in and lit my cigarette. “I’m Alan.”

“Carla.” I extended my hand, and he grasped it warmly. “I’m new here, how about you?”

“I am here for business, I have been here a few times.”

“Do you like it?”

“Sometimes more than others.”

“How about this time?” I exhaled smoke and laughed at him.

“It’s looking like the best so far.” I laughed again in spite of myself.

I heard myself ask if he had a place nearby, and he did. He took my hand, and we went to his hotel, half a block away. I walked with him to his room, and we didn’t waste any time. I pulled his head down and kissed him hard. He responded by grabbing my ass, and grinding into me. I helped him pull my dress off, and undid his belt while he was kissing me. I forced his pants down to his knees and grabbed his impressive cock. God I needed this. We both stripped the rest of the way, and he roughly pushed me back on the bed and forced my knees apart. He pushed his face into my cunt and started biting and licking inside my thighs. I grabbed iddaa siteleri his head with both hands and pushed his mouth into my pussy, with his nose grinding into my clit. I set my toes on his shoulders, and he licked and tongued me until I came, whimpering out loud. I pulled him up and licked my taste around his mouth, and he paused to put on a condom, and thrust his cock into me, fucking hard and fast right away. He rolled me over, while still inside me, and forcefully rode me up and down on his cock, and pulled me in to suck and bite my tits. I came over and over again. He finally moaned and grabbed my ass, pressing up into me, a few hard times, and cried out as he came.

It was an early night, and we took our time, fucking several times, and pausing to smoke occasionally. We woke up and cleaned up, I drove him to Old Town for breakfast. I dropped him back at his hotel to get his things to catch his plane, I gave him my number, and we said good bye.

I drove home thinking it felt good to be able to do that. I had had a few relationships since the divorce, but nothing so wild and sudden.


Rick and I started working on the basement, and I was having a lot of fun with it. I knew he was off limits, but it felt good to get a little bit dolled up and tease him. I was getting ready for him to come over, putting on a little makeup, and using oils and lotions I knew would linger. He finally loosened up and quit being so jumpy around me, and we started to talk about a lot of things. How Janet went out on a few dates, but she was careful to keep it to herself. I decided that was a good thing, she needed to get out and move on like I did. He had a lot of great music, I was loving Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and Siouxsie & the Banshees.

One day Rick told me he was leaving early because he had a date.

I was intrigued.

Of course I figured he was a hot teen athlete and he did hot teen athlete things. But he had never mentioned a girlfriend.

I let my mouth run. “Someone you have been going out with for a while? Or a first date?”

He paused, and I laughed at him. “We went out last year for a while.” He kept painting.

“No way. Spill it, what happened?”

He started laughing, and took a breath. “We were each others’ firsts. For both of us.”

I ignored that part of me that was screaming to back off, because it was none of my damn business. “And, what happened?”

“She was weird about it. She is, really, I mean, her family is really religious, it was a big deal for her to have sex outside of marriage. I guess I didn’t know how to handle it, and I was a jerk to her.” We had both stopped painting.


“Because I didn’t get how hard it was for her to deal with it. We didn’t talk for months, I bumped into her last week, and we talked a lot.”

“What did she tell you?”

“Basically she said she is trying to grow up on her own, and she wants to see what happens. I told her that I really like her, and I was sad not being her friend and helping her through it, whatever she wants to do.”

“What if she still doesn’t want to?”

“It’s ok, I want to be her friend whatever she decides to do.”

I took a deep breath. “Wow, we just became better friends, didn’t we?” He laughed out loud.

“I just feel like I can talk to you like a normal person. I know you won’t judge me.”

“No, I won’t. If you want to talk to me about anything, you can.” It touched his arm, and he smiled at me. “Let’s take a break and go get some lunch.” We were both relieved to go outside and change the subject.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. It was unbearably hot, so I stripped down, and decided to play with myself for a while to get to sleep.

I woke up to him calling for me. “Carla? Are you here?”

“Yeah, I’m in here.”

A few things happened at once. The door opened, and he came inside my room. We both realized at the same time, I was naked, and there was a massive dildo on the floor.

We both said a few combinations of ‘shit and ‘fuck’, and he backed out of the door. I put on a robe, and went out to the kitchen and found him, smiling at me sheepishly. “Oh my god, I am SO sorry,” he was stammering,

I went over to him and told him to calm down. “I told you to come in. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He shrugged a little and fidgeted with his ball cap.

“Well, it doesn’t feel that way.”

I paused for a second. “I need some coffee. Do you want some?” He exhaled.


I put on a pot and went to get dressed. When I came out, he was getting us both cups.

“So. How did it go last night?” It was so cute to watch his brain shift gears so suddenly.

“Oh. It was great.” I looked at him. “No, we didn’t have sex.” We both laughed.

“Is that ok? Will you guys still be friends?”

“Yes, and yes. I told her it was ok if she needs to decide what she wants to do, and I won’t push her one way or the other.”

“Oh, I love to watch you grow up!” I said with mock tears. We both kept laughing. I tried to calm down and paused to get it together. “Look, we are kind of talking about things that might be over the line. I let you, and that’s my fault, I’m sorry. If you’re uncomfortable with anything, we can just relax and try to pretend it never happened.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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